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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  January 18, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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survivor search suspended, as families hold out hope their loved ones are still alive. >> hi, everybody. i'm mary bubala. kai is off today. here's what people are talking about. the death toll stands at 11, with nearly two dozen still unaccounted for. but rescue work on the ship is suspended. anna metranga reports for wjz. the probability of finding survivors on board is very, very low. >> reporter: rescue workers say the chances of finding anyone alive inside the wrecked costa concordia are slim. >> it's 5 to zero. >> reporter: corado is in charge of a special cave rescue team, brought in to navigate through the murky water, inside the ship. >> you can see your hands in
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front of your mask. nothing more. >> reporter: rescue efforts stopped wednesday. officials say if the ship slips off the rocks, fuel could leak. >> reporter: this barge is loaded with equipment that will help dutch crews drain 500,000 gallons of fuel from the cruise liner. >> reporter: that process is not expect to begin until rescue and recovery efforts are over. one of the 11 victims has been identified as a hungarian musician who worked on board. he went back to his cabin to get his violin. family members are arriving on the island, looking for their loved ones. >> i hope i find some more information. i know that the rescue team is doing their jobs. they doing good jobs. >> reporter: kevin ribellow says he's more concerned with finding his brother than pointing fingers. >> reporter: the captain of the concordia, francesco scatino is
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under house arrest and faces charges, regarding the shipwreck. prosecutors are asking a judge to change his mind and send scatino back to jail. lawyers for the captain say he's shaken by what's happened. arrested in maryland for abducting his daughter, today, the man known as clark rockefeller is wanted in connection with a shooting to 1985's murder. >> today, los angeles prosecutors hope to convince a judge, there is enough evidence to try christian gerhartsreiter to the killing of john sohos. he is now charged with killing the son of his former landlord in san marino. john sohos' remains were found 26 years ago. gar hart streeter is currently serving a five-year sentence. >> police also couldn't find his wife.
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but he is not being charged. occupy protests outside the gate. a portion of pennsylvania avenue was shut down, while d.c. police investigated. no arrests were made. the president was outside at the time, celebrating the first lady's 48th birthday. governor o'malley looks at thousands of families he considers to be high earns. capping their tax exemptions is just one of the items in the spending plan. >> some cuts will be made. some jobs eliminated. the governor wants to collect taxes on internet sales. and no, not everybody's kitchen table will be spared either. >> reporter: in years past, the o'malley administration has steered away from direct hits on state income taxes. but this time, families he described as high earners are in the cross hairs. >> a family of four, earning $150,000, would pay $191 more.
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or see $191 less coming back in their state refund check as a practical matter. i don't like asking for this. i don't like doing this. there are many unpleasant aspects of this responsibility. but in order to get us through this recession, in advance of other states, and in order to protect the priorities of the people of our state, and the futures of our children, they're difficult thirngs we need to ask of one another in these difficult times. and this is one of them. >> reporter: another tough choice, as the governor calls them, is his decision to require local governments to share the costs of teacher pensions to the tune of $440 million. the general assembly can cut the governor's budget, but it can't add anything to it. reporting from annapolis, i'm pat warren. back to you on tv hill. >> and the government did not talk or elaborate on a potential gas increase, telling reporters he's saving that for another day.
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good news for governor martin o'malley, a new poll shows republicans are behind him on several issues. >> the gonzalez group polled hundreds of marylanders about some high-profile issues. the poll of likely voters found 49% are in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage. governor o'malley also supports same-sex marriage. now, if the issue was shot down during the general assembly, it could wind up on the november ballot. the poll also find pitch% of marylanders approve of the job president obama is doing. that's up from 49% in september. job approval for governor o'malley is up 53%, up 1 percentage point. the survey finds marylanders still say the economy is the most important issue facing the state. but the percentage is down for the first time in two years. >> the telephone poll of 808 registered voters was conducted between january 9th and 15th. a midnight dreary for those who seek the signs of the
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elusive poll toaster. the tradition may actually be over. for decades, a mysterious cloaked figure would leave a half bottle of cognac do you want. but for two years, nobody has arrived. tonight, fans will hold one final vigil before calling an end to the tradition. we'll let you know what happens tomorrow. the poe fans are going to have to layer up. sun is shining. but it is chilly. and when the wind gusts, it's even colder. bob has the updated numbers. yesterday afternoon, at this exact time, it was around 58 degrees. remember? take a look at temps now. 20 degrees. colder at 38. but that's just about normal for this time of year. that in cumberland, hagerstown and the warm spot, ocean city at 42. the dew point, way down to 12 degrees. very dry arctic air in the region. but we still have that breeze. it's a lot less now than it was earlier.
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15-mile-an-hour wind now. 25 in elkton. and 10 out in oakland. tomorrow, low pressure pass to our north may kick up a few snow showers to the west of us. tomorrow evening, we may have a few flurries across baltimore and north central portions of maryland. maybe enough for a light dusting along the maryland- pennsylvania border. that would be tomorrow night. mary? >> all right, bob. thank you. seattle is known for its rain, not snow. but not today. an unusual snowstorm is brewing there. ben tracy is reporting for wjz. the mayor is telling people to stay off the roads. >> reporter: snow has been coming down across washington state for the past four days. from puget sound to the cascade mountains. an icy blast is blanketing the area. slick roads are making driving treacherous. >> all kinds of conditions. ice, cold, frozen. people sliding all over the place. it's pretty bad out there. >> reporter: snow plows, not often seen here are working overtime all over the state.
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>> we've handled about 160 collisions. that same time period last week, we handled 14. >> reporter: according to the national weather service, the city of seattle is bracing for as much as 6 inches of snow they normally average 8 inches for an entire winter. its drivers are not used to icy roads. back in november 2010, a crippling snow paralyzed parts of the city. city officials are are taking this storm seriously. the emergency command is already moving. >> we're going to focus on priority routes. on ones the police and fire department need. ones that need to get to the hospital. >> reporter: since the big snowstorm in 2008, the city has purchased more plows. and they now salt the roads. let's check in on our roads now. salt-free, snow-free. it's so nice. here's kristy breslin at wjz traffic control.
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hi, kristy. >> hi, mary. hi, everyone. let's hope the roads stay this way, snow-free. but if you're traveling on the beltway, north side inner loop, we have slowing there. west side inner loop, stop and go there from 70 to liberty road. and we have an accident, northbound 795 at franklin boulevard. other accidents include bedford avenue at mchenry in the pikesville area. dennison street. also, west mulberry at cathedral streets. now, let's take a live look. as you can see, not a bad drive there. this traffic report is brought to you by subway. introducing the new hot pastrami melt. pickles, mustard, and bubbly cheese. to satisfy the biggest appetite, only from subway, eat fresh. it is purple in maryland, almost everywhere you look. and ravens' fans are counting the days until the afc championship game. wjz is your home for complete coverage of the play-offs. while you were sleeping, the ravens painted more stencils around the state. and this time, they are in
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gold. if you see one, take a picture, send it to the ravens' twitter or facebook pages. one lucky fan will win a trip to this weekend's game for two against the patriots. we put a link to the contest at just click on the newscast. and you can only watch the ravens play the patriots here on wjz. the afc championship game kicks off sunday at 3:00. and don't miss our live championship friday night. get fan updates. watch it friday night live at 7:30, here on wjz 13. and still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00. a world-class skier, in critical condition. just one of several recent injuries, why they take the risk. no secret that drinking while pregnant can lead to birth defects. squirmish at sea. whalers and activists get physical. you'll have to see this video.
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and short sleeves to hats and gloves, bob is updating your first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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anti-rallying protestors rallied with japanese whalers in the arctic. video shows a water cannon being fire by the protestors, while unidentified projectiles appear to be thrown by the ship. the anti-rallying group says three of its protestors were injured. extreme sports continue to explode in popularity across the country. but when things go wrong, these daring athletes pay a heavy price. jeff gold reports with more on a recent rash of devastating injuries in the extreme world. >> reporter: humans aren't supposed to fly. but jeff corliss comes close. his huge exploits have a huge
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following. this video alone, almost 9 million views. but on monday, corliss was seriously injured on table mountain in capetown, south africa. that's him in the black fly suit. 3500-foot drop, he hit the wall. he broke both of his legs and was medivacced to the hospital. only one day before that, another extreme athlete, ice climber john roberts, died, after a 60-foot fall in colorado. and last tuesday, free skier, sarah burke, was critically injured during a training run in utah. all of these athletes take risks. all of them at the leading edge of extreme sports. a one-time bit player on the scene that has exploded in recent years, thanks in part to social media, and tv coverage. the birdman even attracted the attention of "60 minutes" in 2010. >> how long have you been doing this? >> five years. what's special about the wing
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service? >> you know, it's -- it's just like so many children dream. it's flying. >> you feel like you're flying? >> well, i am flying. >> reporter: corliss jumped without permission. a jump that not only put him in danger, it also put his rescuers at potential risk. >> and right now, skier sarah burke remains in a coma, following that crash during a training run in utah. well, some good news from wall street today. the markets have been building since the opening bell. the dow is up 97. s&p up 14. nasdaq up 42. let's go to new york right now, where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. seven people are being charged in an insider training scheme, that prosecutors say netted in illegal profits. it's the second biggest insider trading case uncovered by investigators so far.
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one-time billionaire and hedge fund tycoon, raj raja ratnam, was convicted in a $75 million scheme. he's now serving an 11-year prison term. the world bank is in recession. the bank lowered its economic growth by more than 1%. it says this could put the brakes on the economy around the world. goldman sachs is reporting earnings that beat the estimates. ceo lloyd blank fine says he sees encouraging news in the markets. cofounder jerry yang has resigned from the board of directors. and carnival corpses' stock rose modestly. the cruise line said it may suffer a hit to its profit. from the grounding to the costa concordia off the coast of italy. that's your money watch.
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for more, stay with in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. ll bean is taking its most famous product on the road. the boot mobile is making its debut, as the company celebrates 100 years in business. the boot on wheels made a stop tuesday at the company's flagship store in maine. before hitting its next deftination. it is 13 feet high, 20 feet long. and they tell me a size 747, which sounds like a plane. let's just go with a size 13. all right. coming up on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00. gulf spill disast er. why the federal lawsuit may not make it to court. are you sick of telemarketers? the supreme court now says you can do something about it. and it's a nice winter day, when the winds are not blowing. stick around for your updated first warning forecast. and we have been telling you, wjz wants to see your
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purple pride. there it is. here are some of our favorite purple and black photos. to see the complete slide show, go to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this just in. cold, fresh, nice canadian air. >> thank you. >> she said it just like i told her to say it. >> i listened. >> you can tell, it smells like an evergreen forest out there. this area came. so much colder, dryer. yesterday was a fantastic day. upper 50s in the afternoon. we were in the upper 30s. so a 20-degree drop. that's where it should be this time of year. dew point is down to 12 degrees. humidity only 32%. a lot of static electricity out there now. so when you walk across the red carpet and you touch something, you're going to get shocked. northwest winds, 15. the the barometer on the way back up. 30.09 inches. right now, 24 in oakland. had some snow showers this morning. 32, cumberland.
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hagerstown, d.c. locally, low to mid-30sto the north. 40s still, annapolis. kent island and over in washington. 38, 33. just above freezing in westminster. 57. that occurred after midnight. obviously this afternoon, 38 is where we have been, pretty much all afternoon. 31, 24, the normals. and the record, 68. in 1957, 4 below zero on this date. we had that shower activity, moved offshore. causing the storms across the southeast. it's all moved off to the east. a lot of dry weather to the east for the time being. a few snow showers dying out across the great lakes. you see those streamers right off the lakes. but they're pretty much done. now, tomorrow night, a second front is going to come across the great lakes. it may be just strong enough for our region. garrett county, we see some snow showers. just across northern sections of our region, there may be enough moisture for a brief snow flurry tomorrow evening.
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and across the southern pa, maybe enough for a dusting, on the grass, on the streets. perhaps we're talking late tomorrow night. just possible. now, friday night, milder air is going to be running over this cold air. so we are looking for some kind of precipitation and low pressure to move toward our region, late friday night into saturday. maybe a period of snow and sleet early for a little while saturday morning. and as it warms up, we'll just see some rain here and milder temps on saturday. south winds tomorrow. and a small craft advisory tonight, until 6:00 p.m. obviously because of that wind. so tonight, generally clear, just a few clouds. colder than last night. 22 by morning, which is close to normal. 41 tomorrow, right on the money. sunshine, then some clouds. maybe a flurry in the area tomorrow night. mainly north of the city. >> all right. we'll watch for it. thanks, bob. don't miss the cbs primetime lineup tonight at 10:00.
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it's the second to last episode for mark healthen berger. that's followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. and scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. another major corporation is closing a midwestern plant. meaning thousands of jobs lost. an 85-year relationship that the city feels has ended in betrayal. we'll tell you why tonight, on the cbs evening news. trying to drum up votes. we'll have the latest from south carolina, as the remaining five gop presidential candidates work to get ahead of mitt romney. fans are relentless for ray lewis. and now, there's a t-shirt dedicated just to him. i'm andrea fujii, in columbia, how businesses are cashing in on the ravens' praise. that's just ahead. pipa says leave me alone or else. who she's referring to. eyewitness news at 4:00 continues with denise and vic after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 4:28. 38 degrees and sunny. hello. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm denise koch. >> i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about. >> back off or else. that's a warning from pipa middleton to the paparazzi. as tina kraus reports from london, lawyers for the new sister-in-law. >> pippa nearly stole the show. but kate's maid and her honors say the show is over. it's more than a royal request. they're threatening to get a court order to force the paparazzi to stop snapping. unlike her older sister, pippa didn't choose the spotlight that comes with marrying a royal. >> it's not what she asked for,
4:30 pm
it's not what she wants, and the she's not happy about it. >> reporter: before getting married, kate hired the same lawyers. >> reporter: since pippa is not a member of the royal family, she doesn't get the same security or the ring of respect that comes with it. >> reporter: some say they don't care what pippa's lawyers say, when she's in public view, she's public property. tabloid editors say they get about 400 pippa pictures every day. royal followers say they should tread carefully with the media, especially since she has a book coming out later this year. >> she's going to need that press when she comes out with the book. so she needs to be careful to avoid a backlash. >> reporter: although few believe tabloids would turn on the royal relative they affectionately dubbed, her
4:31 pm
royal hotness. >> the lawyers sent a letter warning them to stop using them or face a possible lawsuit. millions of americans will have to answer questions about wikipedia. >> the website is going to the extreme measures to protest a bill before congress. this is what you will see when you log onto the internet encyclopedia today. at issue, two bills intended to this. users can download copyrighted material. past search engines would be prevented from linking to the site. officials at google are applauding wikipedia's move and have blacked out its logo in support. wikipedia says it goes to censureship and blocks the basic first amendment right. three days and counting until south carolina head to
4:32 pm
the polls. mitt romney enjoys a solid lead. but his taxes have become a solid line of attack for his opponents. >> reporter: mitt romney had reason to smile as he rallied supporters at a south carolina college. a new cbs new york times poll shows romney pulling ahead of the competition, ahead of republican competition worldwide. >> if there's ever been a time the nation needs a real leader who knows how to turn things around, it's now. >> reporter: with just three days until south carolina's republican primary, the candidates are running out of time to catch the front runner. >> reporter: they're taking jabs at the multimillionaire's admission that he pays an income tax rate of about 15%. >> we're going to name our flat tax, the mitt romney, 15% flat tax. >> reporter: others also argue mitt romney is not good enough to beat president obama. and as they try to win over conservative voters, they are beating up on each other.
4:33 pm
>> reporter: mittmitt romney said it would be helpful. >> if conservatives come together, we beat romney decisively. if conservatives are split, he might squeak through with a plurality. >> the arrogance of speaker beginning -- gingrich to suggest that i don't have the experience to run a campaign, to finish a national campaign. i finished tied for first in iowa. he finished fourth. >> reporter: rick perry says he isn't going anywhere either. they met thursday for a time debate for the final primary. in washington, susan mcginniss, wjz eyewitness news. >> they returned to the house for a vote on the debt ceiling. who is responsible for the 2010 gulf oil spill? all of the parties involved are
4:34 pm
in talks. the trial to determine who is at fault begins in new orleans next month. gulf states and the federal government are suing bp and other companies involved to recoup millions in damages and losses. we've all heard that a glass of wine for a pregnant woman may not harm the baby. >> reporter: the study in the journal "alcoholism" finds that no amount of alcohol is safe for women and their babies. that's because the level varies from woman to woman. it also points out the latter half of the first trimester is a critical time when the babies can develop fetal alcohol syndrome. the study found that even small amounts can cause problems, especially during that first trimester. vic? >> fetal alcohol syndrome can result in physical, behavior and learning problems. are you tired of getting telemarketer calls during dinner? the supreme court may give some
4:35 pm
relief. the supreme court has ruled that they can be sued in federal, as well as state court. the case stems from a lawsuit against a florida debt collector that was tossed out of an appeals court. a famous symbol will soon be a thing of the past. baltimore city has terminated its lease with the inner harbor carousel, ordered them to stop giving rides by february and to remove the structure. the city did not give any reason, other than it hinted it needs the space for other uses. what a difference from just 24 hours ago, when it was mild and calm. it's now cool and breezy. wjz has weather and traffic together. bob is here with the updated numbers. >> went from april, back to really mid-january, the way it's supposed to be. take a look at temps now, with bright sunshine. 38. exactly 24 hours ago, we were 58 degrees at this hour in the afternoon. 21 in oakland. 42 in ocean city. the dew points, way down.
4:36 pm
very dry air. down to 12 degrees. the winds have calmed down quite a bit. to the west of us, already under 10 miles an hour. and the winds will be light tonight. right now, still 15-mile-an- hour winds here. 20 in elkton. and 18 in pax river. tomorrow, a weak system passing across portions of ontario and quebec and great lakes. we'll drag a front across our region tomorrow evening. maybe kicking up a few snow flurries, across north central maryland. maybe enough for a light dusting. and across southern pennsylvania. and another cool shot coming in for friday. vic? >> okay, bob. thank you. let's check in on the roads now with kristy breslin. >> hi, vic. hi, everyone. a couple of accidents to update you on. we have an accident at franklin boulevard. it's going to catch your eye. another crash we're watching, 100 eastbound. on the north side outer loop, stop and go there to the harrisburg expressway. and the west side inner loop,
4:37 pm
just crawling along there from 70 past security boulevard. average speed, about 30 miles per hour. as far as accidents go, quite a few there. east lom ward at south street. and east preston at monford avenue. let's take a live look. as you can see, a lot of congestion to watch out are for there. this traffic report is brought to you by the progressive insurance baltimore boat show. it's coming january 19th through the 20th. you can get ticket information at baltimore well, with just days until the afc championships. >> he's a legend. 16 seasons, ravens linebacker ray lewis. now he has a t-shirt, dedicated to him. celebrating his relentless physicality. >> only reason you play this
4:38 pm
game is for an opportunity to go to super bowl. and we did it. we have that opportunity now. >> reporter: and fans couldn't agree more. >> ray lewis, me, tough, represents baltimore great. >> reporter: the adoration for lewis is why the shirt's creator says maryland needs one. >> i wanted to do a t-shirt of a warrior king, which is pretty much the way i see ray lewis. >> loved him. i truly, truly, i think he's great. >> reporter: and the ravens success has helped businesses did online. roberto cortez is one of 20 sports store owners, picking up the new shirt. >> very busy. very busy. this past couple of weeks, which is coming in here, picking up more shirts, trying to fill out. >> this machine prints 500 t- shirts an hour and they'll keep printing in the will super bowl. >> with hundreds of shirt already on store shelves, at $20 a pop, fans and
4:39 pm
entrepreneurs hope the ravens go all the way. >> he will knock the mess out of somebody. we're going to the super bowl. ravens, number 1. >> andrea fujii, wjz eyewitness news. >> and the excitement is building for the afc championship game. the only place you can watch the ravens tick taon the-- take on the championship is here. wjz is your home for all of the ravens excitement. don't miss our live championship special. get fan reaction, team updates and home team sendoff. watch it live here on wjz 13. and straight ahead on wjz's eyewitness news at 4:00. elderly women, searched. a true hollywood mystery. dog walkers find human heads near the dog walk sign. and the sun is setting on mostly clear skies now. will it be a three-dog night? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a new york city killer is sentenced to life behind bars. 24-year-old maxim gillman, admitted to killing four people and stabbing and carjacking, and other crimes last february. the two-day killing spree started during an argument over using the family car. he was given a maximum sentence for each of the 13 counts. human head is found on a popular hiking trail in hollywood. the skull was discovered by two dog walkers when one of the animals pulled a plastic bag with the head out of a brush. the man has not been identified. homicide detectives discovered the human hand today, 50 yards from where the head was found. the investigation is ongoing. investigators in california say they have caught a serial killer preying on homeless men. a former marine is now behind bars. >> iraq war veteran stalked
4:44 pm
homeless men in los angeles and then killed them. and he apparently had picked out his next victims when police arrested him. >> this 23-year-old man was a vicious killer that he had in his mind a desire to kill people. and that he definitely followed through with that. >> authorities showed off the military knife. they say the vet used to murder four homeless victims. district attorney caucus said with each, he stabbed him more than 40 times. >> 40 times, 50 sims, -- times, 60 times. >> police have ocampo under a psychological hold in jail. so his father and mother have not been able to see him. refugelo campo says his son is not a serial killer. >> ii feel the authorities basically have been criminalizing and make my son to look like he's a criminal. but he is -- that hoo -- he is
4:45 pm
a monster. >> district attorney says bloodhounds led police to ocampo. >> the defendant, when he was contacted by the police, had blood on his hands, and blood on his face. >> reporter: investigators also found bloody clothes and this knife near ocampo. he faces four counts of murder. if convicted, he could face the death penalty. in anaheim, edward lawrence, wjz eyewitness news. >> an arraignment is set for today. a motive for the killings remains unknown. the pilot that killed that online fashion magazine blogger said he warned her to be physical. the pilot said he guided lauren scruggs away from the propeller. shrugs was hit by the plane when she was getting off after a flight to see christmas lights. she lost an eye and her hand in the accident. her parents say she is recovering well, given the circumstances. two elderly screenings.
4:46 pm
monique griego has more. >> reporter: two women in their late 80s claim they were humiliated by illicit strip searches. one claims she was taken to a private room and ordered to take off her clothes after she didn't want a screening, worried it would hurt her defibrillator. and another said she was worried about her colostomy bag. the tsa denies any strip searches were conducted. >> the tsa says there is no evidence to support the strip search claims. officials say a woman had a dagger disguised as a hair brush, hidden in her carry-on bag. experts revealed the scanner. the woman was stoped and surrendered the blade. she was not arrested. while the national unemployment rate remains around 10%, it significantly
4:47 pm
higher for vetterra -- veterans in the war in iraq and afghanistan. the veterans administration hopes to change that with a series of job fairs like the one today. iraq war veteran, brian harley, is fighting. >> it's kind of a shame anyone has to, let alone a veteran. >> he's been in and out of work. right now, he's unemployed. >> i have three degrees in professional cooking, baking, and marketing management. but after -- >> and after all of that, you still are having a hard time. >> yes. >> according to the vet erans administration, more than 13% of those who serve in iraq and afghanistan, are currently unemployed. the obama administration is offering tax credits to employers who hire veterans and hosting job fairs like this one. >> about 6500 jobs are up for grabs with this event. veterans are offered one on one career help and counseling.
4:48 pm
>> reporter: the vz has a few website designed to have veterans explain their military experience. >> the little side skills that i have, i can't really translate that over because that wasn't really my primary focus. >> reporter: harley says he'd like to find a job doing something he's passionate about, helping other veterans. >> reporter: and the via is ready to -- va is ahead to help, too. they're planning to hold job fairs like this one, from coast to coast in the months ahead. now, more than 20 private companies and dozens of federal agencies were on hand at today's job fair. pop star, katy perry is going virtual. she is working with e.a. to kick off a special collection for the game sims 3. she's will include fashion, hair styles and other goods. ads for the brand will also
4:49 pm
feature her piewsk. -- music. >> smithsonian, launching the art of evolution of video games. it will focus on the graphics and story telling, for 80 games selected. the exhibit opens march 16th and will be on view in d.c., through september 30th. take a look at this bling. it is the world's largest cut emerald. this massive stone was mined in brazil. it is 57,500 carats. appraisers were skeptical at first because any stone this large, occurring in nature, is extremely rare. it's worth just over $1 million. >> you would think a lot more, wouldn't you? >> yeah. because you would never wear it around your neck. >> well, you could try. >> worth a try. cool, clear. dry tonight. will the winds die down soon? >> bob turk has the updated
4:50 pm
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here's a live look outside right now. courtesy of sky eye chopper 13. clear, clear skies and not a bad day. >> you can see, literally for miles and miles. >> in frequent, if you had a really good pie eye, you can see the washington, d.c. monument. in the blue ridge mountains to the west. clear, cool, canadian air that came in. with the front that went through last night. temperature dropped. wind picked up. it's with us most of the day. it's beginning to calm down now. but look at temperatures. took a nose dave dive. 38. -- nose dive. yesterday, we were at 37 degrees. barometer is rising. and the dew point is way down to 12 degrees. very dry air. humidity 21 up in oakland now. 41 in patuxent. and 36 in elkton. 32, freezing in hagerstown. and just above that, north of the city. and 40 in annapolis. and over on kent island.
4:54 pm
57. that was after midnight last night. that was not this afternoon. but that goes in, as the official high, during this 24- hour period, midnight to midnight. 38. that's our current temperature. by midnight tonight. probably be down to about 28 or 29, something like that. upper 20s. 41, 24, the averages right now. and the records, 1990. 68 degrees. 1957. 4 below zero on that date this morning. all right. the front off the east coast. it continues to move away. still warming farther today. but cooling off a little bit. the big weather maker is this snowstorm in the northwest. seattle, tacoma, poarldz area, getting snow. even with the snow levels there, like 200 feet, below that, it's rain. most of that region, close to the puget sound is getting snow, except right down by the sound. areas east, the mountains could get lots and lots of snow. even into portions of montana. that is really going to cripple
4:55 pm
seattle. they could get as much as a foot or more out of that storm. the rest of the country, pretty quiet. there's a weak front that is going to start to move into the great lakes. may bring us a few flakes of snow tomorrow night. maybe enough for a light dusting across southern pennsylvania. kind of a reenforcing shot of kind of cool air. for friday. but friday night and saturday. mild air comes right back into the region. and because of that, maybe a little bit of wet snow, sleet mixture, early saturday. and just rain on saturday afternoon. south winds on the bay, 10 to 15 knots. small craft advisory, until 6:00 tonight. so overnight tonight, clear, chilly at 22. but the winds will be dying down. and then tomorrow, lots of sun, increasing clouds in the afternoon. 41, right on the normal. a few flurries possible, particularly north of the city, by tomorrow evening. but no big deal. expect it at this point. >> okay. thank you, bob. still to come on eyewitness news tonight.
4:56 pm
dozens of animals found dead. some stuffed inside a freezer. i'm derek valcourt, in howard county, with an update on this bizarre case of animal cruelty. that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
stir a case of hoarding. who is responsible for dozens of dead animals, inside a home. plus, an update on the pets that survived. do the dollars make sex? find out what governor o'malley could do to change what's in your pocket. why this ravens logo could be your ticket to the play- offs. >> check in for more on these
4:59 pm
stories and all the day's breaking news. eyewitness news starts out. disturbing abuse. dozens of dead pets discovered inside a maryland home. >> the condition of the surviving animals and the search for the homeowner. >> hi, everybody. i'm mary bubala. >> and i'm vic carter. kai is off tonight. here's what people are talking about. >> police are waiting to question the person who left 40 dead pets. and there's new information about the animals that were found alive. wjz stays on the story. derek valcourt is live with an update for us. derek? >> it is not good news for those four animals found barely alive. they were emaciated


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