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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 19, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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for vic tonight. >> the play-off champion someones are -- championships are just three days away. wjz is your home for complete play-off coverage. gigi barnett has more on the rush for play-off gear. but first, mark viviano joins us for coach john harbaugh's one and only mission. >> i had an extensive chat with the coach today. he spoke repeatedly of his desire to deliver a super bowl trophy to baltimore. he's very much in touch with the fans and feels in his heart that a championship is something this area truly needs. >> reporter: the full roster participated in thursday's practice. no injury issues for the ravens. all effort and concentration going into a game plan to beat the patriots. and coach john harbaugh took time from his busy schedule to talk about his team and the opportunity to reach the super bowl with one more win. >> we joke in the office a lot of times, if we can just get this one, if we can just get this one, if we can just get
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that one. we say that every week. and here we are, saying the same thing, if we can just get this one. because if we can get this one, then we'll be saying next week, if we can just get this one. it's an opportunity to play for the world game. a chance to play for the championship. >> reporter: i have people telling me they have trouble sleeping because they're so excited. what's it like for the coach? there's a lot of excitement with you and your players. >> i'll borrow a line. i sleep like a baby, waking up every hour, crying. [ laughter ] >> reporter: fans see you on the sidelines. you'll hug a guy after a big play or something. but i'll observer -- observe you here after the game, there's a big hug between you and ray. >> i appreciate you noticing that. to me, it's why you do it. why you coach for sure. a chance to be around guys,
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build a team, build relationships, build bonds. our guyless are close. we -- guys are close. we have good people. and i love being around them. i think they feel that way about each other. >> reporter: and speaking of bonds, across the country in san francisco, john's brother jim, is preparing the 49ers for the nfc title. john says there hasn't been much time for family talk. but in john's words, prepare now, hopefully celebrate later. more on the ravens' celebrations coming up. >> complete coverage continues now with gigi barnett, who has more on the search for play-off gear, and also talks with patriots fans. gigi? >> reporter: well, the patriots fans have a reputation for being on the mild side when it comes to cheering for their team. the ravens fans say that's not their style. they're ready to celebrate and shop. [ cawing ] >> reporter: this is the sound of ravens fever. [ cawing ] >> reporter: at this tent in
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rosedale, baltimore county, the call is clear. it's where ravens fans gear up for sunday's showdown against the patriots. >> they don't have a solid defense. but our offense is questionable at times. so it's going to be a battle back and forth. >> we're going to sweep them. double their score. whatever it is, we're going to double it. >> reporter: this weekend, the tent stays open 24/7, for any last-minute ravens fans. >> my husband got me one of the ray lewis shirts last night and my son was upset he didn't get him one. so i'm here on my lunch break. >> he says yes, there are ravens fans looking for gear at 3:00 in the morning. >> when are you going to get some sleep? >> i'll get some sleep after we win the whole super bowl. then i'll be fine. >> anything and everything ravens is in this tent. they've got ravens toothbrushes, ravens slippers. and of course, the famous flacco fuman choo because if you can't grow it, buy it. >> i'm telling you, the super bowl belongs to baltimore this year, without a doubt. >> reporter: ravens fans have
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some predictions of their own. >> i think the ravens are not going to be able to hold them down. >> i'd say at least 34. i think so. and probably zero. >> reporter: there are some ravens fans who are saying, no, no, no. >> anyway. dan the t-shirt man tells wjz, that he believes the demand for ravens gear is higher than it was the year that the ravens went to the super bowl. so how is that for size? back to you. >> i love it, gigi, thank you. you can see the ravens face the patriots live on wjz. the afc championship game starts sunday at 3:00. and wjz is your home for all of the ravens' excitement. don't miss the seasons pizza championship special. get fan reaction, updates and a hometown sendoff. watch us live, tomorrow night at 7:30, here on wjz 13. well, we may timely be in store for -- finally be in store for a taste of winter weather. live look outside right now. cold front may blow in snow or
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other frozen precipitation. bob turk is in the weather system, tracking this. >> tonight, maybe a few flurries late tonight. take a look at radar. there's activity going on across pennsylvania now. and it's moving generally to the east. and a lot of it is drying up. but i think after 10:00, 11:00, you might see a few snow showers or flurries tonight. but that's not the system we're talking about. for tomorrow night and saturday morning. that is going to bring us some snow, sleet. and yes, even some freezing rain. maybe as much as an inch accumulating by saturday morning. before we see it change to rain. this is after midnight tomorrow night. north and west of us, maybe an inch or two of snow. then some freezing rain, probably continuing into saturday morning. maybe even into noon. may not get above freezing, north and west of hagerstown. south and east of the d.c. area. we're looking at a rain picture now. across the region, for friday night and into saturday, we have already issued or going to issue, beginning that really
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late tomorrow night. a winter storm watch for areas. it's not for snow. but it's for ice accumulations. smab -- maybe as much as a quarter inch. in those areas you can see highlighted to the west. the main storm passing to the north. up in foxboro, if you're heading toward that region, may see 1 to 3 inches of snow. even from new york city north, on saturday. you may run into that snow. if you're driving in that direction. for us, mixed precip. and a change to rain as it warms up by saturday afternoon. could be dicey conditions early on saturday morning. particularly, north and west of the region. denise? >> thank you, bob. wjz 13 is always on. you can check in for first warning weather coverage. for updates on the forecast any time, and live doppler radar, log onto >> bold and potentially explosive crimes. people having their gas stolen right out of their gas tanks. wjz is live. derek valcourt has more on this growing trend of fuel fests.
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>> it's an elaborate gas station ripoff, to car tanks, draining gas is increasing. and you can blame it on the price at the pump. >> reporter: more than 900 gallons of gas stolen after thieves tampered with gas pumps, literally prying them open. this video shows the coordinated heist, with car after car, then fueling up at the broken pump, without paying a dime. >> these gas prices, you never can tell what people are doing. >> reporter: several other gas stations report similar large- scale ripoffs. police there, aware of the gas theft problem and say they have made arrests in similar cases before. >> reporter: and it's not just the gas station thieves are targeting, some of them will steal the gas right out of your car's tank. and you won't believe how. yep. thieves are literally drilling holes directly into gas tanks. >> it made me feel really bad about people. >> reporter: it happened to betty thompson, her hyundai
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sonata, left empty. >> i don'ti can't believe that. it seems like a lot of trouble to get gas. >> she isn't alone. police say holes were drilled into cars. and at atoyota dealership, a dozen small trucks have been targedded in -- targeted in the last week. mechanics point out drilling into a gas tank is a potentially explosive situation. >> i think they're stupid. because you know, one of these days, it's going to blow up. and it's not going to hurt one person. it's going to depend on where the area of the tank is. >> reporter: if you're a victim, not only are you out of a tank of gas, but the car repairs won't be cheap either. most mechanics say when you have a hole in your tank like that, the best bet is to replace the entire tank. that can run you $500. >> police in several other states have reported similar incidents of people drilling holes into gas tanks.
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harsh words and new revelations from the parents of a dead teenager found in southeast baltimore. wjz and mike hellgren are live with the new twists in their daughter's mystery mysterious death. mike? >> they do not believe the police explanation that she killed herself. they announced they plan to file lawsuit against the state over their daughter's missing organs. >> reporter: the anguished parents of annie mccann, lashed out at police and prosecutors for the handling of their daughter's death investigation. >> can you accept accountability, as easily as you cash your paychecks? have you no shame? >> reporter: police found the teen's dead body, near a housing project. detectives believe she killed herself by drinking bactine. but her mom and dad don't buy it, and say after a promising new meeting with the head of homicide, relationships with the cops again turned sour. >> baltimore police never honestly investigated annie's death. >> you can't even pretend to imagine what this family is
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going through. in terms of the investigation, officially, the investigation is listed as "open." however, there is no evidence, physical or otherwise, to suggest that annie mccann was a victim of homicide. >> reporter: the mccanns have spent countless hours and thousands of dollars to investigate this. and they came here to try to invigorate interest in their daughter's story. >> reporter: they also claim the medical examiner lost their daughter's organs. >> reporter: the state has no right to take away our christian burial by losing annie's heart and brain and her very essence. >> reporter: they said they identified this woman's sketch last seen with the woman in baltimore. and believe more questions should be done of the teens who they believe dumped her body out of their volvo and took the car for a joy ride. one has been charged for murder. >> we will never stop. the pain will never go away. the grief will never go away. >> reporter: and the state
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medical examiner's office says they can't talk about annie mccann's case. sometimes organs are retained for further but they're disposed of properly. >> mccann's parents also say there was blunt-force trauma to their daughter's head. police say they spent thousands of hours on this case, and a review turned up no new information. a disturbing incident in howard county. now, a man is facing charges. mary is in the nawz room with the late -- newsroom with the latest on this case. >> reporter: one man saying another fired gunshots at his car. state police say the drivers began cutting each other off near route 152. and exchanging rude gestures. it ended with a 34-year-old man, allegedly firing shots at the second car. he faces first-degree assault charges. police say the person who was shot at was able to get the suspect's tag number and call police. jess? >> reporter: mary, thank you. police are still trying to
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determine if shots were actually fired. rick perry is out. the texas governor abandons his white house hopes, just two days before the south carolina primary. as danielle nottingham reports for wjz from charleston, the candidate he is now supporting is under fire for a new reason. >> reporter: rick perry is headed back to texas and throwing his support behind newt gingrich. >> and newt is not perfect. but who among us is? >> reporter: perry's exit from the race, and his endorsement, came just minutes after abc news, released an interview with gingrich's second ex-wife, mary ann. she said gingrich asked her if they could have an open marriage, so he could carry on an affair with his current wife, calista. >> i said to him, newt, we have been married a long time. and he said, yes, but you want me all to yourself. calista doesn't care what i do. >> reporter: on the campaign trail today, he refused to
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comment on has ex-wife. >> both of my daughters are prepared to speak on the record with any of you who would like to talk to them. several other people who knew the situation are prepared to speak on the record. i'm not getting involved. >> reporter: it's now a fight between newt gingrich and rick santorum for south carolina social conservative voters. rallying supporters here in mount pleasant, to say they like their chances in saturday's primary. sneeze doing -- >> he's doing a lot better than everyone thought he would. >> reporter: today, rick santorum, got word that he actually did better than mitt romney in the iowa caucuses. a new poll from the american research group shows romney, neck and neck with gingrich, with only one more day to turn the tide of momentum. in charleston, south carolina, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, all of the candidates will debate each other this evening, before voters head to the polls on saturday. still to come tonight on
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wjz eyewitness news. monumental repairs. the east coast earthquake caused major damage to the washington monument. the maryland man who is stepping up to pay for repairs. those against the gas tax, worry about filling their tanks. those in favor. it, however, say they're looking under the hood. i'm pat warren, coming up on eyewitness news. the pros for a gas tax increase. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, millions are dead. and more are dying. this catastrophic for bats and it's bad news for us. that story as eyewitness news continues. and a nasty winter mix headed our way. don't miss the updated first warning weather forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the prospect of a gas tax hike this year, spurs marylanders to action. political reporter pat warren explains, demonstrations on both sides have already started. >> reporter: the opposition rang in the new year, with its message, loud and clear. >> how is anybody supposed to pay for anything, if you keep raising taxes? >> reporter: opponents of the gas tax hike, taking it to the streets. >> this one is mine. but help yourself. grab a sign. let's get on the corner, start waving. >> reporter: marylanders have started paying 23 and a half cents a gallon. >> a lot of other states have a hybrid approach, where they do a flat, and then they also index it. so we'll have more on that, as we search for consensus. >> reporter: a search that may
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have received a boost today, as those in favor of the gas tax increase got their start. the statewide transportation alliance to restore the trust. the transportation trust fund. angie johnson works for a paving construction company. >> i know it's hard to put extra money in your tank, but if it grows jobs and fixes the roads, it's a no-brainer. >> reporter: according to the state transportation funding, maryland has $12 billion in transportation needs. projects that mean jobs and less time going nowhere fast, in traffic congestion. >> we're ejecting money out of our tailpipes that could be spent on building these roads and transit systems in the state. >> reporter: the o'malley administration has not announced when exactly it will have a proposal to present to the general assembly. but when it does, that's when the real fight begins. reporting live, i'm pat warren. back to you on tv hill. >> the star coalition includes 90 organizations and businesses. howard county police and
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animal control officials continue to look for the woman they want to question about a gruesome discovery. dozens of dead animals were found inside this townhouse. police are investigating whether the woman staying in the home had been involved with a nonprofit animal rescue group. so far, no charges have been filed. it has killed millions of bats and threatens to kill more. a lethal fungus, unheard of just a few years ago, in the u.s., continues to spread. alex demetrick reports, maryland is now right in the middle of it. >> reporter: bats that thrived in american caves, suddenly start dying in hibernation in 2006. by 2010. >> some of those areas, where it was first discovered, they're finding complete devastation. >> reporter: the killer is called white nose syndrome, for the fungus that forms around a bat's nose. for unknown reasons, bats stop hibernating and start flying in winter. without insects, they starve to
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death. it is now seen in the north and south. bats are now dying in sean 16 -- 16 states, including maryland. >> we've discovered white nosed syndrome in a number of caves in maryland. >> reporter: but are small compared to indigo tunnel. >> if you want to go there. >> it is closely monitored by biologists. >> and they're dead bats, which is a very good sign. >> and still, no sign of the fungus there today. >> we're extremely hopeful that we can keep it there today. >> u.s. wildlife officials estimate as many as 7 million bats have died. there's no way to stop it. and as bats vanish, insects that eat crops and spread disease will increase. >> they can lead up to about 1,000 mosquito sized insects an hour. >> reporter: it leads to hope that they will lead to the fungus, if enough survive. >> i think it's early to talk about an extinction event.
6:21 pm
but it is a catastrophic event. >> reporter: for bats and people, alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> reporter: now, in agriculture alone, it is estimated that bats save u.s. farmers a billion dollars a year in insect control. hate -- eat those mosquitoes. they're our friends, the bats. winter weather headed to our region. some of you are happy about it. let's take a look. we've had no winter so far. i guess we deserve something. 37 now. dew points quite low. humidity still quite low. south winds at 5. barometer just beginning to fall. come back and take a look at the end of the week and weekend forecast after this. ,,,,,,,,
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all right, late tonight, may see some flurry activity it in the region. light flurry activity around pittsburgh. and up near johnstown, pa. not too far from cumberland, a few flurries. but not much expected here. a lot of it is going to pass to the north. still above freezing. but the dew point is quite low. any precip tonight is going to take a while to reach the ground. even though radar may be showing it. 31 in oakland. oakland will see a little snow tonight. and again, friday night, into saturday. that's when we expect the main area of low pressure to affect our region. 34 in hagerstown. 39 still. kind of mild over in washington.
6:25 pm
and 34 in westminster. and in bel air. these areas north of the city, boy saturday morning. that's where we could see a little more extended period of some freezing rain, after we see a period of some snow. we'll talk about that in just a minute. 40 in annapolis. and 40 in kent island now. two systems. the first coming in late tonight, with that front. maybe a few snow showers. the bulk of is it passing to ohio. we're on the southern fringe of it. we might see a few snow showers later tonight. although at this point, it doesn't seem too like -- likely. but there's still a risk that we might see a few snow showers or flurries. after that, another system coming in from northwest, will bring us an area of low pressure that looks like mild air overrunning the cold air. precipitation breaks out, late friday night, around midnight or so. and during the morning on saturday. the problem is, or the issue is, the cold air may stay quite a while, north and west of the city. and that can produce freezing
6:26 pm
rain. maybe as much as a quarter inch. here's what we expect from that system. across north central maryland. rain, sleet and snow. maybe as much as an inch before it turns to just rain on saturday. now, to the north and west, maybe an inch or two of snow. then mainly freezing rain into saturday afternoon. that's where we could see some icing problems on wires and roads. even in the baltimore region, early saturday morning, things can get quite slick for a while. south of us, we're talking mainly rain, as temperatures will be just too mild. north winds on the bay, 5 to 10 knots. the bay temps still there, at 40 degrees. tonight, look for a few flurries and snow showers late tonight. 28 by morning. tomorrow, back up in the mid- to upper 30s. we'll see sunshine. then clouds increase. and after midnight tomorrow night, a mixed mess moves in for a few shower hours. then freezing rain can last for a little while. and just plain rain by saturday afternoon. could be slick in the region on saturday morning. if you're heading up to
6:27 pm
foxboro, 1 to 3 inches of snow there on saturday. but it should clear up on sunday. >> they're used to it up there. >> very used to it. >> yeah. thank you, bob. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. i'm mike schuh. these idle snow plows all across the state, mean that millions aren't being spent. who benefits from this mild weather? when eyewitness news continues. saving thousands of lives, with a shock. why baltimore county's fire department is one of the few across the country that will receive dozens of new ekg machines. i'm andrea fujii, in parkville. that story is just ahead on wjz eyewitness news. tragedy at sea. new audio, from just after an italian cruise ship rammed into a reef. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 6:30. cloudy and 37 degrees. good evening, thank you for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. rough weather could complicate the search for victims of the italian cruise ship disaster.
6:31 pm
11 people are now confirmed dead. and investigators are trying to piece together exactly what happened. anna metranga reports for wjz, from gig lio, italy. >> reporter: the italian coast guard called the costa concordia, to ask about trouble on board, after the ship ran aground. a crewmember does not say the ship has hit a reef, only, we've had a blackout, we are checking on conditions. the coast guard asks if passengers have been told to put on life vests? the answer, i repeat, we are checking the conditions of the blackout. >> reporter: family members continue to arrive in gig leli -- gig lio, as they release passengers. four french passengers, one french, one italian. plus a retired couple from minnesota is among the 21 still missing. >> reporter: italian officials are worried about the weather forecast. rough seas are expected.
6:32 pm
and the ship could slide off the rocks and sink. if the fuel tanks break, the 500,000 gallons of fuel on board could cause an environmental disaster. rescue crews set off controlled explosions, trying to open more areas of the ship for divers. >> our intention is still to find someone alive. and any way we are going to find everybody to give them back to the family. >> reporter: crews are racing to complete the search, before bad weather sets in. in jig lio, italy, anna metranga, wjz eyewitness news. >> the ship's captain is under house arrest and could face charges of manslaughter, causing a shipwreck, and abandoning ship. where is casey anthony living now? we may finally have an answer to that question. mary is live in the newsroom with the new information. mary? >> well, jessica, there is speck speculation that anthony may be living near a church.
6:33 pm
if you look closely at this video, you see a woman with blond hair and a short bob, walking by a window. she has the same look anthony recently debuted in her online blog. neighbors report rumors that anthony is participating in counseling and church outreach programs. she made national headlines, of course, after the jury found her not guilty of killing her 2- year-old daughter jessica. >> that crime remains unsolved. bradley manning is one step closer to a court-martial. the former army intelligence analyst is charged with leaking classified information to the website wikileaks. a second officer just recommended the court-martial. a major general in washington will make the final decision. the first hearing in the case took place at fort meade. >> reporter: yes, it's been cold lately, with cold temperatures predicted through tonight. but one thing has been missing so far this winter. snow. now, as mike schuh reports, from a financial perspective, that's good news for all of us.
6:34 pm
>> reporter: bright sun, cold air. bare trees, hanging over bare streets. snow plows lie waiting for their trucks to pull up, a huge stockpile of salt, stashed around the state. in 2010, we broke records. remember the term, snow- mageddon? now, we can't find the flakes. >> well, that has been the topic of conversation recently. >> reporter: and with our roads not in the winter weather crosshairs, the snow hasn't been missed here, at least by this barber. >> i don't want to see it. don't want to. >> not good for business. you know? >> reporter: passable streets don't get this way with salt alone. it takes money. and a lot of it. >> said, it will be nice to have a little snow. and i go, no, it really wouldn't. >> reporter: two years ago, the county spent millions to clear that. last year, 11 1/2. this year, 6 million is budgeted. >> reporter: the good news is, so far, we haven't spent any of that six million. >> reporter: but just because the city and county haven't
6:35 pm
yet, that's not true of the state. >> already, western maryland has needed the salt and plow trucks. >> we've had a few callouts, where it's been possibly ice and snow. so it took about 4 million. >> it took 70 million last year. and this year, 36 is in the budget. >> in this case fwe, knock-on- wood, don't have any of that, we could put it towards some paving projects or other safety repairs. >> reporter: should the weather pattern change, everyone that we talked to said they have the salt and the budget to get the job done. in baltimore county, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. back to you on tv hill. >> mike, thank you. the snow budget may take a bit of a hit overnight. we could get some freezing rain, sleet, or snow friday, or a mix of all three. first warning weather coverage continues with bob turk, with more on this. bob? >> i'm sure they'll be putting lots of salt out on saturday morning. that's when we expect to see the situation that could be a little dicey, particularly north and west of the city. take a look at radar.
6:36 pm
right now, it's pretty quiet. to the north and west, some snow shower activities, flurries. got about an inch, reported in the pittsburgh area. doesn't mean we'll get that much. but we could see some flurries developing in the area late tonight and into the early morning hours. i'm talking after 10:00, 11:00 tonight. but tomorrow night, very late tomorrow night, here's what we expect to develop across the region into saturday morning. across north central maryland. rain, sleet and snow as well. mixture of mix mixed-- mixed mess. a trace to maybe an inch. to the west, north, an inch or two of snow. then mainly freezing rain into early saturday afternoon. south and east of us, generally just all rain because it will be just a little bit too warm down there. and this is all going to be happening after midnight tomorrow night. essentially, saturday morning, to about noontime. now, for western portion of the region, they have issued for saturday morning, and late, late tomorrow night, a winter storm watch, not for heavy snow, but for icing on the
6:37 pm
roads and wires up in that direction. now, to the north of us, good chance we'll see some accumulating snow across pennsylvania, new york, and new england as well. up in foxboro, 1 to 3 inches expected on saturday. in our region, that mix and it changes to rain as it warms up by saturday afternoon. looks like a slippery situation, perhaps, north and west of the city, early on saturday morning. denise? >> thank you. time for a quick look at the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. the state acts to rescind millions of dollars worth of unqualified homestead tax credit. on the comeback trail with baltimore's popular '90s singing group, drew hill. and everything you need to start getting in the mood, for sunday's afc championship game. for these stories and more, read the baltimore sun. and remember, you can look for the updated forecast, from wjz's first warning weather team. the earthquake that violently shook the east coast in august, caused significant damage to the washington monument. now, a washington billionaire
6:38 pm
is stepping in to help pay for millions in repairs. >> reporter: on august 23rd, an earthquake shook the east coast. this is what it looked like inside the washington monument. >> i began to hear noises coming from the elevator, noises i've never heard before. and i feel the public start to look at me and wonder what's going on. and the walls of the elevator are metal. so they start to shake. >> reporter: chunks of stone crumbled. numerous cracks formed. the largest reported to be 4 feet long and an inch wide. now, a washington businessman is stepping in to help. >> david rubenstein has agreed to do fate $7 -- donate, $7.5 million, to make it possible for the national park service to repair the damage to the washington monument that occurred from last august's earthquake. >> reporter: rubenstein, who runs a private equity firm, said he was inspired to help when he saw the amount of damage. >> it's really my pleasure, and my honor to help. and i hope that we reopen this monument as soon as possible so
6:39 pm
everybody who wants to pay homage to our first president and see this historic building, can do so. >> reporter: funds will go towards repairing damage and strengthening the structure against future earthquakes. >> reporter: with david rubenstein's gift, and with matching federal funds that were approved by congress in december, we now have the funds necessary to repair this damage. >> reporter: rubenstein has also made large donations to the smithsonian and national zoo,-ing to fund its giant program. he is the son of a postal worker. he graduated from city college. >> aren't we proud? still to come on eyewitness news. taking no chances. see the high-speed trils -- drills to keep terrorists off the water. caught on tape. a woman trapped in a burning building. see the incredible rescue. i'm bob turk in the first warning weather center. some winter coming back. i'll have the exclusive first
6:40 pm
warning five-day forecast. and wjz wants to see your purple pride. here are some of your favorite purple and black photos. to see the complete slide show, go to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a daring rescue caught on tape in china. two fighters used a ladder to save an elderly disabled woman, who was trapped inside a burning apartment building. officials say the 70-year-old lives with her two daughters, but they weren't home when that fire broke out. the woman is now being treated for some minor injuries. no one else was hurt. security teams in london are training for a possible terror attack during the olympics. police and military boats are sweeping across london's river tems. they are drilling to keep high- speed terrorists off the water. authorities say there is no specific threat to the river. it stretches 210 miles across england. but they are not taking any chances. using state of the art technology to save lives, the baltimore county fire department is receiving nearly $2 million in cardiac arrest equipment. andrea fujii reports from parkville. this grant was competitive to
6:44 pm
get. >> reporter: it's emergency situations like this, in which many times, ekg machines are essential in saving liveless. and now, -- lives. and now, baltimore county will buy 60 new ones, thanks to a $1.75 million federal grant. >> this will allow us to update our career stations. and many of our volunteer stations are with the latest technology, as it applies to really bringing people back to life with cardiac monitors. >> reporter: bill hatter's heart stopped beating on the basketball court. and is alive today because of an ekg machine. >> i was very fortunate that the right people and the right equipment was available when it was needed. >> reporter: the county's older models have saved thousands of lives but are now 10 years old. the new ones are state of the art. and this new machine will send critical information to the emergency room before the patient even arives. >> reporter: hundreds -- arrives. >> reporter: hundreds of fire departments across the country
6:45 pm
applied for the grant. >> the entire budget had $675 million in it. you've won over a million and a half. >> reporter: giving new life to life-saving equipment. >> reporter: andrea fujii, wjz eyewitness news. >> the county is expected to purchase all 60 machines before the end of the year. well, scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the "cbs evening news." did the rules of war result in the death of an american soldier in afghanistan? and should those time-honored rules be changed? that story tonight on the cbs evening news. thanks, scott. here's a look at tonight's tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. does your cable company keep charging you more...
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[ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity: the subway big hot pastrami melt. dive into piled-high pastrami, spicy mustard, pickles and melt-a-licious cheese. treat your taste buds to a fresh toasted subway big hot pastrami melt. subway. eat fresh. another chilly night on tap. a live look outside right now. what's in store for the weekend? bob is in the weather center with the updated forecast. a mess coming late tomorrow night, early saturday morning. tonight, flurries coming in, late, late tonight. and possibly, you know, a light dusting across the pennsylvania border. now, during the day tomorrow, sun comes back. temperatures in the mid- to upper 30s. late tomorrow night, we get back in the low 30s. and after midnight, maybe some
6:49 pm
snow, sleet and freezing rain for a while. before we see a change to rain, getting up to 40 on saturday. as it ends with some drizzle. 41, a little warmer, with partly to mostly cloudy skies with the ravens. however, in foxboro, looks like it will be partly sunny and temperatures in the mid-30s. 54, some rain here on monday. and 48, partly cloudy skies here on tuesday. denise? >> you know, at first, i thought that insignia on sunday was a black cloud. then i realized, that's a raven. need to get my eyes checked. ray rice talks about what the ravens offense has to do on sunday in order to beat the patriots. >> mark was with the team at owings mills today. owings mills today. he has the very latest ,,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
where everyone has been unbelievably nice. mornin'. i guess i'm helping them save hundreds on car insurance. it probably also doesn't hurt
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that i'm a world-famous advertising icon. cheers! i mean, who wouldn't want a piece of that? geico. ah... fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent oh dear... or more on car insurance. they're bragging up in new england. what do they know? >> in owings mills. i don't know if you saw my conversation. >> yeah, lovely conversation. >> laser focus there in owings mills. they're getting ready for this one. cam cameron admits the ravens are more gritty than they are pretty. the ravens' style of offense suits the division they play in. fuman choo stale, they say. that's a reference to qb joe flacco's mustache. but the ravens's' offense is
6:53 pm
centered around this running back. ray rice is a multiple threat and will be a key figure in the ravens' game plan against the patriots. >> i think so we have a great balance on this team. i think when we run it effectively, it sets up the path. when we pass effectively, it sets up the run. so in order to keep tom brady off the field, i'm going to say we simply have to execute at a high level. >> brady and the pats love to air it out. ravens' defense will be tested. and you can see the afc title game here, coverage kicks off sunday at 3:00. and we will get you ready for the game tomorrow night. join us for our championship special, all here on wjz at 7:30. well, tom brady is the most prolific passer in nfl play-off history. it was 10 years ago today that he played has first post-season game. and with the benefit of a controversial call, a dynasty and a hall of fame career were launched. i had a front-row seat.
6:54 pm
>> a snowstorm and a storm of controversy, a patriots' comeback over oakland, a young quarterback questioned afterward. >> tom brady, your first-ever nfl play-off game. snow falling, team behind. there's going to be a lot you'll remember about this. >> reporter: what brady and everyone remembers is the ruling, the tough rule, no fumble, an incomplete pass. a call that enabled the first of three championships. >> looked like i was throwing the ball. and he hit the ball out. so i'm glad they ruled in our favor. and they got a second chance. >> you have a grin when you say that. >> i think i am always grinning. we take advantage of our opportunities. >> bull [ bleep ]. that's exactly how i feel. i thought it was a bull [ bleep ] call. >> and 10 years later, defenses still swear. tom brady gets preferential treatment. the ravens get a shot at him sunday. snow in the foxboro forecast this weekend. speaking of qbs.
6:55 pm
eli manning back today, recovering from a stomach ailment that caused him to miss the team workout yesterday. manning says he's 100% healthy and getting ready to face the 49ers in the nfc title game sunday. manning threw for nearly 5,000 yards this season. best in his eight-year career. history on a squash court in new haven, connecticut. the end of the longest winning streak ever in college sports. the team from trinity university had won 252 consecutive matches. but yale beat them. trinity loses a match for the first time in 14 years, igniting this yale celebration. now, if we can only get towson basketball to win. >> yes. >> then we'll have something to talk about. >> thank you, mark. we'll be ri,,,,,,,,
6:56 pm
okay, that looks great. were you profitable last month? how much money is in your checking account?
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don't miss the cbs primetime lineup tonight at 10:00. it's a new episode of the hit drama, the mentalist. i'm jessica kartalija. >> for bob and mark, i'm denise koch. thanks for >> pelley: tonight it's a battle for the nomination. romney's lead evaporates in south carolina. but could an ex-wife stop the
6:59 pm
gingrich momentum? reports from dean reynolds, jan crawford and john dickerson. allen pizzey at the italian cruise ship disaster. new audio tape raise sz more questions about the captain. new guidelines for heart patients, dr. john lapook with everything they need to know about sex but may be afraid to ask. and did the rules of war cost a wounded soldier his life? >> my husband laid there, wondering why nobody is coming to get him. >> pelley: david martin on whether changing those rules could save lives. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. mitt romney has just found out that you can't count on anything in politics, not even the elections you win. today iowa republicans took away his victory in the


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