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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Weekend  CBS  January 22, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EST

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>> good morning. coming up next on eyewitness news. >> maryland's first winter storm continues to create treacherous conditions on the road. i am weijia jiang with what you can expect coming up. >> and taking a live look outside after yesterdays snow. it's shaping up to be another cold day in our area. meteorologist tim williams has more in her first morning weather forecast. plus, next stop is florida. a happy morning for newt gingrich following a big win in south carolina. what is next for the rest of the field. >> good morning. this is mark viviano in foxboro with the ravens as they get set to take on the patriots in the afc title game. we will preview the game coming up when eyewitness news continues. >> and there is a big ravens exhibit at the sports legends
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museum has proven to be pretty popular this week. i am sharon gibala. coming up, we will tell you all about it. >> this is wjz tv, wjz hd, and wjz. com. baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's new station. >> good morning and welcome to eyewitness news this sunday. i'm gigi barnett. >> and i'm tim williams. winters are cold this morning, in the 20s across much of the state. good morning to you. i heard sharing talk about the cold. we just talked about the ice. sharon was talking about the cold. it's definitely a cold start to the day. temperatures in the 20s. we finally got up to about 34 degrees which was really only for a short time. anything that melted down yesterday has referrals and if it was on
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an untreated surface. anything treated yesterday is doing its job to clear up, but today we are going up to temperatures in the 20s and 30s across the area. of course, you're watching a very calm and cold and empty bank stadium. we were kind of fortunate that this game last week was not here. right now 27 degrees, 36 ocean city. they are some of the warmest spot in the map. 22 oakland, 23 towards cecil county. the immediate metro area, temperatures around 30 degrees. the forecast today it's pretty much like that. 34 today, mostly cloudy, a little mist ahead of the next system moving in. tonight we see a little bit of ice, no more really than we have already, but that's closer to morning. world grain. maybe even a thunderstorm as warmer air moves into the region. it's a mess. it's going to be honest. be careful out there. your complete updated forecast in a
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few moments. >> thanks. you mentioned, road crews had to work well into the night to make sure that road stayed safe. the biggest concern was the snow that melted during the day. that would turn into a slick sheet of ice as temperatures drop below freezing overnight. weijia jiang has more. >> good morning, everyone. it's extremely cold out here, and that's the worry. every bit of moisture on the road is turning into ice. at the falls road salt, crews are ready for a nasty roads across the city. >> if the back roads that are bad. >> the state's first winter storm already triggered one round of icy problems, and they could get worse. >> we will keep on eye on it. >> the biggest concern is that everything left over especially on side streets like this one will be free is as temperatures drop.
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>> in the overnight hours, that's when you start to see that the crews go out into the patrol into the icy spots that may start to rephrase. >> the state highway operations center is in full force as crews monitor roadways. several accidents were reported throughout saturday. >> people spinning now, accidents, you know, crazy accidents, bad traffic. >> spun out. went around the corner to take. >> officials warned low speeds are crucial until a meltdown happens if they even if the street looks clear, it's probably not. >> this is the middle of january. any moisture on the ground could freeze. >> cruiser also responding to 311 calls. that's the number if you have trouble areas to report. anywhere you in the state you can dial 5114 road conditions. weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> the weather and unsafe road conditions are causing a few
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delays this morning. harford county schools have canceled all sunday after that he is area charity community church of god has canceled its 8:00 a.m. service, and rising zion baptist church has canceled the women's fellowship meeting. the bjc 13 is always on for instant updates on the forecast for a live doppler radar and closings or delays also. log on to a developing story this morning where crews are on the scene of a three on fire. it happened out for a walk -- at 4:00 a.m.. more than 70 firefighters from three different counties responded. flames damaged at least three units before the fire was. no injuries reported. the red cross is on the scene assisting other residents who have been displaced. because of the fire is under investigation. presidential candidate newt gingrich has something to smile
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about as heat -- as he rises. the former house speaker overcame a double-digit deficit in the polls to overtake mitt romney last night. rick santorum came in third. analysts say gingrich won over many undersized voters with strong debate skills. he talked about that in his victory speech. >> people completely misunderstand what's going on. it's not that i'm a good debater. it is that i articulate the deepest held values of the american people. [ applause ] >> the candidate who wins the south carolina primary has gone on to win the party nomination for the last 30 years. more on last night's primary results and the road ahead for the presidential candidates coming up in the next half-hour. former penn state football coach joe paterno takes a turn for the worst as he battles lung cancer. his family is at his side this morning as doctors have
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downgraded into serious condition. >> reporter: doctors say joe paterno's health has taken a dramatic turn for the worse. the winningest major football coach of all time led penn state for 46 years. >> i've been to this place. >> the 85-year-old was fired in november after his longtime defensive or nader jerry santos was arrested for sexually abusing 10 boys. while the paterno firing outreach to students who rioted in the streets, during the scandal paterno said this to the victims. that same week he was diagnosed with lung cancer and now fans are praying for the football legend and his family. wjz eyewitness news. >> and yesterday penn state student run media organizations sparked a firestorm when it reported that paterno had died. that's not the case. the organization later recanted the
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story and apologized. onto the bed is where we are about seven hours away from the ravens showdown against the patriots. on the line is a spot in the super bowl. wjz is her home for the purple playoff run. sports mark viviano is there with more on what it will take for the ravens to expand. >> good morning. the ravens and their fans were not expecting a warm welcome when they got to foxboro, and they get nothing of the sorts as it is a full winter's blast, but it's it to be cleared off by game time today. winning road games in the games in nfl is tough, especially playoff games, but the ravens have won road playoff games each of the last three years. to do so for years in a row would mean a trip to the super bowl. >> reporter: the ravens did struggle on the road during the regular season. on this road trip, they face the best office he seen all year. tom brady and the new england
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patriots who scored more points than any team in the afc. the ravens go to foxboro believing they can win. >> get coach john harbaugh told me this week -- >> i like that we are the underdog. nobody expects that we can win the game. that doesn't detour us from showing up. the buses are going to pull-up, and the ravens are going to get off. whether we are the underdog or not. >> joe flacco is used to the underdog role, and so i ravens fans. and even away from home, he has no span in mind. >> you know the fans are going to be excited. i think it's pretty cool for us to see. we are going out there to win the game. >> crews have been working nonstop here at gillette stadium to clear the field and the surrounding area. all should be fine by kickoff time. back to you. >> all right, mark. let's hope. don't forget wjz is the only place to watch the afc championship today
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at 3:00 right here. of course, as you just saw, there was snow in that shot. it's going to be clear there, you said. >> the snow we had yesterday here cleared out, but they'd up there for most of the day. we had rain to the south. then we had snow to the north. so they have a snowmobile across. let's talk about their forecast. football forecast for foxboro, massachusetts. we give you an idea what it's going to be. for the most part, it's going to be a clear day but the temperatures have definitely taken a turn for the cold. last week at this time we were looking ahead. it looks like they were going to be around 45 degrees. we started to watch the system is playing out. it looked about 35 degrees. today it's 27. how about that. daytime high as about 29 degrees. that's going to happen just around their game time. we start to drop through the day. it will be dark before the game is over. the butchers in the low 20s
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before it's all said and done. a light wind and clouds increase, start. -- a pretty clear start. when you are watching the birds and they are having trouble holding onto things, give them a break. and we're looking at downtown. it's going to be a pretty cool day as well. temperatures not rebounding very much for what we had yesterday. today is really one of the coldest of five. temperatures trying to get above freezing. right now at 27 degrees at the wi marshall. relative humidity at 77%. northeast winds 10 miles per hour. 30.45 is the barometer reading across the state. temperatures ranging from about 22 degrees in oakland to 22 in cumberland. we gradually get in the mid-20s around central maryland and take a drop-off in elk thin at 21. 36 on the shore, 30 in dc where
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the winds are coming from the northeast as they are pretty much uniformly throughout the state. that's still bringing in colder temperatures. anything from the northeast, you saw what it was doing in new england. that's where that resist coming from. i bought a 10-degree differential between us and boston's three of foxboro on the out groups of the city there. that's what they will have today. we'll have another system moving in by late tonight into tomorrow. it's going to bring in some again. except a single for the rain gets here. the low will trek to the north. it's going to the front associated with it that will pull in moisture from the south. with that southerly flow we pulled in mild air. we get up to the 50s tomorrow which means mostly rain, but with a cold air and then mixing, believe it or not, you might even hear some rumbles of thunder. we could have thunderstorms completely with lightning right tomorrow afternoon.
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that track of the low is going to come in just pretty much to the north and northwest. the warm air ahead of it, the front associated with it pulls the moisture in. after it moves out of here, we say above freezing and definitely above our average height which is just around 41 degrees for the rest of the week. the overnight lows are down in the tricky parts. we are down to near freezing in the metro area and we start to see brief freezing. that is going to play out until most of the ice and snow is off the ground. the sunset today at 5:16, northeast winds at five to 10 knots three at 6:14 is your next high tide. so today 34 degrees, mostly cloudy, misty in the afternoon. that list could create a little bit of ice late tonight. dirty 2 degrees. tomorrow, rain, ñ in the afternoon, possibly 54, and for the next five days 52 on sunday. the overnight lows down in the 30s are going to be cold overnight
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and refreezing as possible. >> all right. still ahead on eyewitness news sunday morning, destroy buildings and downed power poles. the latest from storms in california. in it you will not believe what one little girl was playing with at her preschool. what happened and what the school is doing about it. >> enters a new super bowl exhibit here at the ravens sports legend museum. it will tell you all about it after the break. >> let's hope the ravens can >> let's hope the ravens can add on to ,,,,,,,,,,
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>> well, as we take a look at the out on a sunday, great second, you cannot get a shot more appropriate than that. a purple flamingo with snow on it. that's our raven symbol for our wjz outback. snow yesterday. they are trying to clear the field in the stands to get some of that snow auto there. of course, it will actively snowing today that the cold temperatures stay with them. temperatures dropping through each quarter. it's probably 20 degrees before it's all said and done. if you have fans making the trip,
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make sure they dress as well as they possibly can to become tool through the game. right now we have play 7 degrees at bwi marshall. 27 is the gametime temperature for them. 36 ocean city, 22 oakland. over on the immediate metro area everyone in the mid-to upper 20s. our forecast today only up to about 34 degrees. we will see a little bit of a meltdown, but that no phone turns into a refreeze overnight with a bit of ice and then some rain and fog late as we head into your money. the careful tomorrow morning for the rest because there could be. rain and thunderstorms. your five-day forecast coming up in just a moment. arafat to some of the other stories people are talking about. a major cleanup effort underway on the west coast following a powerful is. images workers say 90-mile per hour gusts down countless trees and power lines and damaged several homes. the wind also kicked a us
8:19 am
causing several car accidents. no word on the number of injuries so far. at one kit for around 30,000 people were left in the dark by the storm. >> if you are eating breakfast right now, you might want to turn this story down for just a second. preschool teachers in jersey city -- in new jersey say they thought that alito barba had a toy in her mouth, but when they looked again, they thought it was actually a mouse. the horrified teachers washed the baby's hands and mouth with soap and water, but her parents say that is just not enough. >> first of all, they should have been watching her more carefully. >> meanwhile, the newark school says it's working with the city health department and exterminators take care of its government problem. >> football may not be over, but orioles fans are already talking b aseball.
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hundreds flocked to the oldest fans fest yesterday. the band had a chance to get up close with current and former orioles players. they were also exhibits and interactive games for the whole family. as part of our community commitment, many of that wjz took part in the fun. -- many of us at wjz took part in the fun. >> we had a good time out there. reagan's first and then orioles season. they had a good time. you may have a ravens thing to room setup in your main cave or living room or whatever, but the sport legend museum probably has it he carried his image. >> sharon gibala dot i like to show us what's going on.
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>> good morning. as you can imagine, the ravens that has been extremely popular here. if they win today, it's only going to get our popular. they've added some new additions to their exhibit. they are hoping that the theme will continue. it is a super bowl addition that has been added. we are hoping, obviously, that there will be more in the future. we have john zemin here with us. it's also the bit about the new stuff. >> what we have is the actual game ball that's presented to the fans from the players and coaches to say thank you for the support of winning eight straight home games. then in the old section, we have the actual ring from super bowl xxxv which is a beautiful addition to our collection. >> huge. >> it's very. above that is actually playing card. and then we have a super bowl xxxv row graham followed by that, like i
8:22 am
said we have a super bowl patch. we have the old and the new and we hope to add much more in the very near future. >> so how much more popular would you say this exhibit has had with the winning streak click. >> well, you know, we always have the fans coming. going back to the roots of what we have here, but also the baltimore ravens exhibit new traditions. we are always adding to it. every time we turn around their something new here at sports legends are you we have the cooperation from the baltimore legends to make this outstanding. >> fantastic. see it yourself before the game because the museum is open until 2:00. game time is not until 3:00. back to you guys. >> thank you very much. live from sports legends. >> still ahead on eyewitness news sunday morning. >> it's something i needed to do to save my life. >> a revolutionary procedure saves the maryland man's life, and he's
8:23 am
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>> today's temperature going up
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to 34 degrees. expect rain tomorrow which hopefully watches all of this -- washes all of this again away. 52 thursday, 50 thursday, 53 on friday chance of rain by the end of the week in a maryland man alive thanks to a revolutionary procedure called trachea implant. >> christopher lyall crossed the atlantic for a surgery so where he's only the second person to have it. more on his incredible story. >> it's amazing that he's that pioneer. >> 30-year-old crystal told lyle sits in front of me -- christopher lyall sits in front of me with the windpipe implanted in him. >> unhappily cancer free. now it's just the daily routine of getting stronger and getting back together. >> christopher traveled to sweden
8:27 am
otter palmetto read he took out his cancer is trachea and implant it in the one made out of a stick and coated with his own stem cells. >> the stem cell technology used in his surgery was actually developed in the united states in boston. >> this really is the culmination of a lovely two decades worth of scientific and medical research that has finally allowed the field of regenerative medicine to be robust enough to treat a real patient. >> harvard bioscience crafted windpipe. then they mix it with his own stem cells. in today's the cells start to grow and form college in on the plastic. >> about five days after the procedure, the patient's own blood vessels have grown back through the scaffold to provide a blood supply to the all of those cells.
8:28 am
at that point, i think it's safe to call it an organ. >> christopher's body doesn't reject the transplant because it's made with his own stem cells. >> it's amazing how technology advances. who knows what will happen in 20 years. >> for no patient had to travel to have this transplant because it's not yet approved by the fda. wjz eyewitness news. >> if you would like to have more information about the procedure and christopher story or help with medical expenses, go to our website and look for this story on or you click on the news tab. >> much more to come on eyewitness news sunday morning. a come-from-behind victory in the south carolina primary. how the big win for newt gingrich is shaping up the race for the rest of the candidates. >> good morning. this is marked to the arnold -- this is mark viviano. we will preview the game coming up ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> this is wjz tv, wjz hd, and baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage.
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it's wjz, marilyn's news station. >> welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning on this ravens game day. i am gigi barnett. >> and i'm tim williams. temperatures in the mid to upper 20s around most of the area. we are still dealing with some brief reason from overnight with anything that melted down yesterday. we only got to about 34 degrees yesterday so there hasn't been much refreezing. the drill continues over the next few days. although the purple palace is sitting quietly now, you know the city is rocking and rolling waiting for the game to take place here in about six and a half hours about. >> yes. >> 27 degrees at bwi marshall, 36 on the shore, 21 tour to oakland. we've had all of the corners. around the beltway everyone is struggling to get up to about freezing. 30 in annapolis. you know you don't a lot to look forward to if you don't want
8:33 am
cold temperatures. mostly cloudy with a missed this afternoon. a next-door system that comes through late tonight and into tomorrow, 32 degrees tonight, and then for tomorrow. 54. your complete forecast coming up into. >> now here's what people are talking this morning. the bjp is following a developing story where crews are on the name of a three alarm fire. it happened at 4:00 a.m. in and rolling in the 3500 block. more than 70 firefighters from three different counties responded. flames damaged at least partner before the fire was put out just before 6:00 this morning. no injuries have been reported so far, and the red cross is assisting to place residents. the cause of the blaze is under investigation. a surprise and to the south carolina primary were newt gingrich overcomes a double-digit deficit in the polls to take first place. now all of the candidates are preparing for a big that all in
8:34 am
florida. susan mcginnis reports for wjz with more. >> reporter: republican presidential candidate newt gingrich is looking ahead to florida's primary next week after his come-from-behind win in south carolina yesterday. >> we proved here in south carolina that people power with the right ideas beats money. we are going to prove it again in florida. >> early polls in the state showed that romney with a sizable lead, but in the past week gingrich picked up considerable momentum. romney congratulated gingrich last night but also urged his supporters to look forward. >> our campaign is fought very hard here in south carolina. in the coming weeks and months, i will keep fighting for every single vote. i will compete in every single state. >> last nights results mean a different candidate has won each of the three contests held so far.
8:35 am
mitt romney easily won first place in the new hampshire primary, rick santorum was declared the winner of the iowa caucuses last week. >> three states, three winners. what a great country. >> ron paul had to get -- has yet to win a primary and finished last in south carolina but says he's not giving up. >> a total of 37 delegates have been chosen so far. less than 2%, mike 1.5%. this is the beginning of a long, hard draw. >> the fight moves to a state where big money and a well-organized operation could figure into the race because a florida size. in colombia, susan mcginnis or more wjz eyewitness news. >> so far all of the candidates have agreed to the debate in florida tomorrow night. yesterday was likely a night to forget for iowa caucus winner rick santorum after placing third in south carolina he got a rude
8:36 am
welcome to his own campaign rally last night. take a look at this. >> that was glitter that occupy demonstrators threw on santorum as he signed autographs. the group was protesting his views against gay marriage. at helicopter crash overseas claim the lives of a marine. 23-year-old corporal nc state was killed last week in afghanistan. cap didn't dare you was also killed along with four other marines. so far no word on what caused the crash. well, the death toll is rising in the tragedy in italy. today crews pulled a woman's body from the wreck off the coast. 12 people now are confirmed dead with 20 others still missing. a maryland woman and her
8:37 am
daughter or among the survivors of the tragedy created as mike hsu reports, she blames the ship's captain for the wreck. >> my daughter sent a text to the family saying the sick it -- saying the ship is sinking. >> she and her daughter were some of the last passengers on the ship to make it off to a lifeboat. >> for them the nightmare started when they felt the ship swaying violently. in their fifth floor cabin began filling with water. it was supposed to be an unforgettable vacation but for different reasons, but a different reason. a gift for her daughter who just graduated. the horror they saw and felt in the last hours of the trip was ... mother for ever. enormous fear quickly set in for someone who doesn't even know how to swim. >> i told my daughter, if something happens, we have to jump in the
8:38 am
water, we will go to the shore. >> a week later she's still in shock and suffering from a bad cold perhaps due to the frigid sea and being forced to sleep on a church floor overnight after being rescued. mostly feeling tremendous sadness and anger toward the ship's captain. >> he left. he left. >> wjz eyewitness news. >> so far i tell you police arrested the ship's captain and charged him with manslaughter and abandoning ship. onto reagan's news now where we are just about six and a half hours away from the ravens showdown with the patriots. underline is a spot in the super bowl. wjz is her home for the auto is in foxboro this morning and has a look at what it will take for the
8:39 am
ravens to advance and the road ahead. >> good morning. the ravens and their fans were not expecting a warm welcome when they got to foxboro. they get nothing of the source as it is a full winter's blast, but expect it to be cleared off by today. the ravens have one road playoff games each of the last three years. to do so for years in a row would mean a trip to the super bowl. >> reporter: the ravens did struggle on the road during the regular season, and on this road trip they face the best offense is the knowledge year. tom brady and the new england patriots who scored more points than any team in the afc. if ravens go to foxboro believing they can win, yet coach john harbaugh told that if we -- a. >> i like that we are going in as the underdog. nobody expects that we can win a game.
8:40 am
that doesn't deter us from showing up. the buses are going to pull up and the ravens are going to get off. we will play the game at three at half on sunday whether we are the underdog or not. >> joe flacco is used to the underdog role, and so are ravens fans. even away from home, he has no-space-on in line. >> you know the fans around here are going to be excited. they think it's just cool for us to see. we are going to go out there and win this game. >> cruiser than working nonstop here at gillette clear the field and this routing area. all should be fine by kickoff time. >> wjz is the only place to watch the ravens take on the patriots for a spot at the super bowl. of egypt games it is today at 3:00 right here on wjz-13. >> we are already here. , all of the superstitions there. ducky is all laid out in his gear. gg even has a purple mirror.
8:41 am
>> anything that would get us a win. >> the football forecast for the ravens up in foxboro. we are looking temperatures getting up only to about 29 degrees today. at 3:27, kickoff time just only a light breeze. all the snow we had yesterday, they were dealing with that and it's now moved out of here. the challenge will be cold temperatures. it's going to be dropping her yet we will look at temperatures just around 27 degrees at kickoff, dropping into the 20s heading into game time area. right now our temperature, ray rice. humidity, matt burke. wouldn't you like to see a score with new england at 10. that would be great. around the state right now, 21
8:42 am
oakland, 25 cumberland, 23 of 10, 36 in ocean city. around the immediate metro area we have 25 in westminster, $25 come a 30 on the island and 30 in annapolis. the winds are coming uniformly in from the northeast. that cold air dealing in foxboro we are dealing with now. i bought a 10-degree differential between us and boston. that's the difference in our forecast today. we are in the low to mid 30s. they will be in the mid-20s. we are going to have a low pressure system moved in tracking across the top tier of the country. it's going to pull in some moisture. ahead of that moisture we will start to see some missed. the low is starting to form. you see that disturbance out to the west with that moisture pulled in from the south all long with warmer air. amidst gets here later tonight. that could start to freeze and make things a little slick. as the rain moves in tomorrow, that warmer air comes in. the two pitchers go up. we are dealing with only rain tomorrow but potentially with
8:43 am
this cold air mixing with the warm air, a thunderstorm. two pitchers going up. some of that rain is going to watch the snow away but expect it or could be some refreezing north and west of the area tomorrow night. your sensitivity is at 5:16. no advisories on the math right now. 34 degrees is our daytime high. that's ricky williams. 32 tonight with a bit of fog as of late and 54 degrees and rain in a thunderstorm. 52 on tuesday, 40 eight, 50, and 53 with a chance of rain. >> still to come on eyewitness news sunday morning, it's the perfect food for the perfect ravens party. >> one of the best chefs in town is here to show us the do's and don'ts of comfort food. >> and the ravens exhibit here at the sports legends museum is extremely popular at the ,,,,,,,
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8:46 am
>> a live look over baltimore. 27 degrees and cloudy this morning at 8:46. welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning. >> well, call it the ultimate ravens fan x rains. a whole room dedicated to everything purple and black.
8:47 am
then it wjz is why that sports legends museum. sharon is out there yelling, what time is it? >> well, we are definitely getting in the spirit for the game. everything ravens here, and it gets really excited especially when you see the super bowl stuff from past. they have added that to the exhibit as they have also added some other stuff to the ravens exhibit. we have john zimmerman here to tell us a little bit more. >> good morning. >> tell us what you have. >> we have oj project and he played for the super bowl ravens. what a wonderful gentleman. he's still with the ravens organization. then we have a collection of gloves with is -- which is historic. they made significant contributions to the breaking records are yet also, we have matt stover's kicking shoe, which as everyone knows, he's in the ring of honor.
8:48 am
also february 10th 5:30 to 9:30, we are honoring matt stover here. it keys and won the babe ruth community service award. the public can buy tickets by going online to the babe ruth museum to order tickets. >> excellent. he's definitely a well deserving ravens. >> absolutely. i will be honest. many things are coming into sports legends. we are always updating our exhibit. >> that's the fun thing. i've been here before, but it's essentially almost a different exhibit because you've added so much more stuff. >> we will continue to add things. hopefully we add something after february 1st. >> wouldn't that be nice turned watch the ravens make their way to the super bowl today at 3:00 p.m. if you want to head here to sports legends museum, you still have time area they are open from 10:00 to 2:00. >> thank you very much. reporting live from camden yards.
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don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean.
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>> most people today at, all diets, all bets are off when it comes to food. >> our chef is here today to talk to us about how to do short ribs. tell us how to do it right. >> we have a beautiful red snapper and some fresh white shrimp. >> i'm thinking this would be great for a ravens party today. >> it would be fantastic.
8:52 am
>> so we are going to mix -- a. >> i'm going to turn you loose. >> we are going to mix a little bit of fennel. we've previously marinated this with lemon juice. we are just going to add the final touches to it. >> the first thing you put in was what? >> shaved fennel, a little bit of ginger, a little bit of shallots. we are just going to start us off. this would be great with some fresh tortilla chips. >> that has a kick to it. i took the seeds out of the pepper so it's not a spicy. >> what is the preparation of the shrimp and the fish and the snapper? >> you take a raw piece of fish or a raw ship and you marinate it. it's cooked by using the acidity. >> good enough. that's ready to go. >> correct. >> this is a dip for your
8:53 am
ravens party. >> yes. >> what we have is ribs. >> this is something you do the night before. it's great if you have a short ribs dinner the night before and you have scraps left over. what we have right here is a horseradish mayonnaise. >> and that's a crusty bread. >> i pretested it this morning. i added some caramelized onions to it. >> and you top it off with -- >> a little bit of cheese. >> we'd sure -- we serve ribs many different ways, but we don't serve it this way that much. >> let's see if i can do this without making a mess. this is what this looks like. you have a bit of a garnish. >> a little bit of roasted peppers and pickled shallots. it can be served with a sandwich. >> what's cool is they both seem very easy. so it's like, do the easy thing
8:54 am
today. >> i work in a restaurant and i always try to get things done at the restaurant when i have a party. i like to do this stuff a day ahead of time. >> so you can enjoy the game two. >> different restaurants, but yours is where? >> 22 lancaster street baltimore, maryland. >> anybody who has a full manchu today, wasn't there a deal going on? on? >> free french ,,,,,,
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> well, the football forecast. kickoff time temperature right around 27 degrees. still a light breeze, but it's clear of snow. when you are watching them, know that the temperatures dropping breakthrough game time. coverage is at 3:00 p.m.
8:57 am
are you. >> 5:30 we will know pretty much the results by the time we get to about 5:30 or so. hopefully, it will be good results. i'm getting ready for the game. >> he is already. that's our report. i'm gigi barnett. >> and until millions. don't ,,,,,,
8:58 am
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