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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  January 27, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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somalia. >> how is that for just the first part of jessica buchanan's rescue? >> i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >> three months in captivity. an american aid worker rescued by navy seals in somalia is expected to be reunited with her family soon. anna matranga reports for wjz. talking about the process to help her deal with her trauma. >> this is where american aid worker jessica buchanan is undergoing a process the u.s. military calls phase 2 reintegration. doctors are treating the 32- year-old, helping her transition back to a life of freedom. it was early wednesday when the same navy seals who killed osama bin laden, parachuted into somalia, where pirates were holding buchanan. the seals killed all nine captors and rescued buchanan and her danish colleague, paul fisted, after six months in
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captist. today, their families issued a statement saying, we are grateful for all of the efforts that have been put into getting them safely back to us and for the fact that a very difficult chapter in our lives is over. buchanan is reported to have suffered kidney problems captivity. the ohio native will also have to overcome the trauma she experienced. bob simon was held captive and freed after 40 days. >> your head is in a million places and none of them are good. you shouldn't get back to real life right away. because you have no idea what is going on with you. >> reporter: buchanan is free to leave italy whenever she wants. and she will fly back to the u.s. in a military aircraft. but for now, she's staying put. her father has plans to visit, happy she's one step closer to home. in milan, italy, anna matranga, wjz eyewitness news.
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>> but danp -- buchanan was working in a region that is not easily accessible for most aid organizations. a family of a woman killed inside a yoga store, right now, her killer is being sentenced in court. denise has new details for us. >> reporter: wjz is in the courtroom, as britney norwood waits to be sentenced for beating jayna murray to death. right now, murray's family is giving victim impact statements. her father took nearly an hour to read his letter. and her brother broke down in tears. once they finish their statements, they will move to statements from norwood's family. the convicted killer's family has asked the judge for mercy and asked norwood to go on parole after serving 25 years. >> wjz will bring you the sentence as soon as the hearing is over. what a wild day for weather. starting with january thunderstorms this morning. wjz found people wearing light jackets, out for a jog in the
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mild temperatures you see right here. this is roman park. a great day for a job. now, blustery winds seem to be blowing the mild air away. but the sunshine is bright, as you can see. bob turk is here with the updated numbers from first warning weather. hi, bob. >> the front moves through this morning. might see some downpours. had thunder and lightning to the south of us. around the region, it's clearing out nicely. nice breezy. -- breeze. 54 degrees now. cool air to the west. south of us, pretty warm. 59 in pax river. and 58 in ocean city. now, for a few minutes this afternoon at the airport, they actually got to 63. the computer there at 62. still this afternoon, much cooler air out to the west. 39 was the high in the last 24 hours. in oakland, most places, look at that. pax river, almost at 70 degrees. now, it's going to get a little cooler tomorrow. a little cooler again on sunday and monday. and then next week, another warmup will be moving into the eastern -- actually, the
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eastern two-thirds of the united states, running again above normal, as we end january and start february on a mild note once again. mary? >> all right, bob. sounds great. thank you. a visit to maryland's eastern shore, president obama spent the afternoon in cambridge. he's wrapping up a three-day, five-state trip, promoting the proposals from his state of the union address. randall pinkston reports for wjz, from washington, d.c. >> reporter: president obama returned to washington after a three-day, five-state swing. the white house billed it as an official presidential trip. but rallies like this one, at the university of michigan had a campaign feel. >> reporter: the president repeated his state of the union proposal to keep college affordable. >> i am only standing here today because scholarships and student loans gave me a shot at a decent education. >> reporter: he also reminded the michigan audience that his administration pumped federal dollars into america's america's ailing auto industry.
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>> we placed our bets on the american auto industry. and today, the american auto industry is back. jobs are coming back. >> reporter: before returning to the white house, president obama dropped in at a democratic congressional retreat in maryland to fire up the troops. >> i believe in you guys. you guys have had my back through some very tough times. i'm going to have your back as well. and together, we're going to move this country forward. >> vice president joe biden gave his own pep talk to lawmakers who will also be fighting for re-election this fall. >> and our campaign, if it helps to be against you will be against you. we cannot succeed unless you all come back. >> reporter: the vice president also said he thought rock solid opposition from republicans could help democrats win in november. but it will make it difficult for any of the president's proposals to pass congress. at the white house, wjz eyewitness news. >> the president called out
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democrats to democrats to call out republicans if they try to block him on capitol hill. a comment first lady made -- first lady o'malley said. she said the same-sex marriage bill was derailed by, quote, cowards in the legislature. but she apologized today, saying i regret my words at the creating change conference last night. i let my feelings get the better of me. i understand there are other views. governor o'mal sepushing to allow same-sex marriage in maryland. the job for defensive coordinator is filled. >> reporter: today, jiang har -- john harbaugh nounced the linebackers coach.
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dean piece is being moved. their defensive coordinator chuck pagano took the job as head coach of the indianapolis colts. harbaugh also said cam cameron will remain as the team's coordinator. harbaugh says he's confident the ravens' third-ranked defense will flourish under his tutelage. >> hear from coach harbaugh and get reaction to the move, coming up new at 5:00 and 6:00. the flu virus is apparently keeping a low profile this season. but there's still time to plaque make the dreaded appearance. ines ferre has more inside healthwatch. >> all right. just relax. >> reporter: sierra nagy is getting her flu shot. even though it's been a mild season so far. >> i have two kids. so i figured i was better safe than sorry. >> reporter: the centers for disease control says even
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though flu cases are down this year, people should still get vaccinated. experts say it's not unusual to have a slow start to the season, then a dramatic increase in late winter. >> we have heard reports from the state health departments who help us track that information that we're seeing more positive specimens. we might start to see some increase in activity shortly. >> reporter: doctors aren't exactly sure why the flu hasn't been spreading. but warmer temperatures may be playing a role. >> in the sense that it might lead to people dog more activities outside, staying indoors less, being around sick people less, it may have something to do with that. >> reporter: the low flu activity may also be a sign people are getting vaccinated. dr. len harvits said if you haven't gotten your shot, get it now. >> it's never too late to get vaccinated. >> and megan is going to take advantage because she can't afford to get sick this winter.
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top honors today for one baltimore hospital. mount washington pediatric hospital is voted as one of the top 25 best places to work in baltimore magazine. the nonprofit children's hospital makes the top of the list for its care sick children, of course, regardless of their ability to pay, though, as well as superior employee benefits. >> time now for a check on the rush hour ride home. here's kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. well, definitely some slow spots to watch out for on the beltway, all the way around. as far as the east side of the beltway goes, on the inner loop, slowing there. on the north side outer loop, stop and did there from dulaney valley road, past the harrisburg expressway. and the delay is up to 20 minutes on the west side inner loop, from washington boulevard to security boulevard. traffic moving at about 40 miles an hour. northbound 95, you will see some slowdown there, from 32 past 100. that's due to an earlier accident that they have just
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cleared. accidents include in harford county, mountain road, between singer road and old mountain road. northbound 97, some debris in the road there, blocking that right-hand lane at the beltway. and taking a look at travel times, if you are traveling on the inner loop, from 95 to 795, 34 miles per hour average. and 19 minutes to get through. let's now take a live look. as you can see, things are moving very well there. that's a look at harford. this traffic report is brought to you by disney on ice. doises on ice is -- disney on ice is celebrating 100 years of magic. you can get your ticket today. back over to you. >> all right. thank you, kristy. still ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00. the dramatic 911 call, on the night demi moore was rushed to the emergency room. he definitely made everybody laugh in the '70s. hear about this. and are your tweets bringing answers? it's sunny and a little
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a rough day of work for about a dozen construction workers in cincinnati, ohio. workers fell 30 feet to the ground, after the floor of a new casino collapsed. we're told the crew was pouring a section of a concrete floor, when an underlying support beam gave way. luckily, nobody was underneath at the time. the injured were sent to the hospital with mostly bruises and bumps. some, though, had broken bones. one of the stars from the hit 70s show, welcome back kotter, has died. the one known as juan epstein passed away yesterday after suffering a heart attack. you can only look at him and smile. he was only 60 years old. >> what a classic show. stair a newly --
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a newly released report says that demi moore smoked something before she was rushed to the hospital. >> reporter: 911 tapes revealed that demi moore was shaking and having trouble breathing when she was rushed to a california hospital on monday. her friends called for help from the actress's beverly hills home. >> okay. tell me exactly what happened there. >> okay. she smoked something. it's not marijuana. but it's similar to incense. and she seems to be having convulsions of some sort. >> okay. right now, is she awake? >> yes. well, semi conscious. barely. >> reporter: the 49-year-old actress has appeared very thin recently, as she goes through a very public split with her husband ashton kutcher. the 33-year-old actor reportedly cheated on moore. >> she's been having some issues with other stuff lately. so i don't know what she's been taking. >> has she done this before? >> i don't know. there's been some stuff
4:16 pm
recently that we're all just finding out about now. >> moore's friends don't say what "that other stuff" may be. but says they believe this to be an accident. >> was this accidental or intentional? >> she smoked something. but the reaction was accidental. >> they removed details of the substance from the tape for legal reasons. by the end of the call, friends told the operator that moore had stopped convulsing and began speaking again. >> reporter: moore's publicist initially said that her client was being treated for exhaustion. but she has 92 comment -- no comment on the call. dow, stocks drifted lower today after new reports showed the u.s. economy growing at a slower pace than expected. dow is down 74. s&p off 2. nasdaq is off 11. let's go to nasdaq now. alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch
4:17 pm
update. >> reporter: stocks lost ground on news the u.s. economy grew at a slower pace than expected late last year. the economy grew at a modest 8.3%. economists were expecting 3% growth. the fitch grading is downgrading ratings. the ratings for all five dropped a notch. and fitch placed a negative outlook on all of them, as well as ireland. earlier this month, standard and poors cut the credit ratings of several european countries. chevron oil giant came in well below what analysts were looking for. and ford disapope -- disappointed wall street. they blamed the poor results on weak sales in europe. starbucks is warning that results will come in less than
4:18 pm
expected. and proctor and gamble, which makes tide and crest, cut its earning outlook. and more troubles for hostess. the bankrupt maker of twinkie and other goods, is asking to cut its obligation to its work force. they say it's the only way they can stay in business. that's your money watch. for more, go to cbs at the new york stock exchange, i'm alexis christoforous. the mystery surrounding a winning lottery ticket in iowa deepens. lottery officials in new york. a new york attorney, crawford shaw, is abandoning his claim on the $14 million hot lotto prize. shaw claimed the ticket last month, less than two hours after the deadline expired, on behalf of a trust, reportedly in beliz. coming up on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00. banning a popular boot. we'll show you what middle school is doing it and why. they give you energy that lasts all morning. >> suspect heading south.
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all right. our cameras are shaking a little bit. >> wind gusts to 45 miles an hour. >> wow. >> around the noon hour. this day. but it will be calming down tonight. still breezy, but still mild out there. now, with the breeze, it feels a little cooler. take a look at temps now. we're still in the 50s right now at 54 degrees. west/northwest winds, 15, gusting to 24. barometer on the way back up. 29. sketch. -- 29.67. humidity. rain is gone. heavy, brief showers through
4:23 pm
the area. and wind gusts and thunder around the d.c. area as well. 46 in hagerstown, just west of us, it really does cool down. 36 now in oakland. and 59 still in pax river. they were just about 70 degrees this afternoon before the front came through, with the showers and changed the wind direction. so we'll be drying out tonight. it will be back in the 30s, which is still well above average. so if you're heading out later with the breeze in the 30s and 40s, it's going to feel chilly. 56, annapolis. kent island. and over in rock hall at 55. 63/46 today. 63 is normal for the middle of april. yes. 46, the low. 42, 25 are the normals right now. they just come up one degree again. 72, the record high. 1974. and 3 degrees in 1987. right now, there's the breeze. 21, 32, 23, 15. with higher gusts over the next hour or two. now, the rain we saw last night, just a little bit.
4:24 pm
most of it fell really early this morning. some areas picked up a half inch. most areas are only about a third of an inch. the bulk of it offshore. to the north and northeast. it will be cooling down. a little snow in the extreme northwest. not much. there goes the storm. sunshine, clear conditions. looks like a great start to the weekend. it will cool down a little bit on saturday. and a little cooler on sunday night. sunday night, the second front coming through. maybe, maybe kicks up a brief sprinkle or flurry of snow, mainly to the north of the city. maybe just totally enough for that. southwest winds at 5 to 10 knots on the bay. small craft advisory, until 11:00 tonight. forecast, then, tonight. generally clear. yes, dry and cooler. still breezy. 34 by morning. 54. nice day. enjoy your weekend. thank you. >> bob? you are dismissed. thank you. >> for just a little bit. don't miss the cbs
4:25 pm
primetime lineup tonight. then stay tuned for eyewitness news at 11:00 tonight. >> scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. >> in one town out west, they are mourning the loss of their most beloved resident, woody davis. the weird thing is, woody is still alive and well, and talking to our steve hartman. steve explains on the road, tonight, on the cbs evening news. disturbing disclosures. what lawmakers are doing to ensure the remains of veterans and their families are correctly marked in cemeteries. it seems trivial to passengers. find out just why flight attendants might want you to turn off your computers and cell phones on planes. sectarian flares in iraq. leaves behind a suicide bomb that killed dozens. eyewitness news at 4:00 continues with denise after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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54 degrees, with clear skies. hello. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm denise koch. vic is off today. and here's what people are talking about. emotions are high inside a montgomery county courtroom right now. impact statements are being read at the sentencing hearing for britney norwood. she is accused of beating jayna murray to death inside the lulu lemon store last year. today, eight friends of murray told the judge how their lives have been affect the by the murder. wjz is live inside the courtroom, waiting for the sentence. we will bring you the latest tonight at 5 lock -- 5:00 and 6:00. today, a car bomb kills more than a dozen people at a funeral in iraq. tina kraus reports for wjz, with growing safety concerns. >> reporter: mourners carried coffins of the dead, after another suicide blast in baghdad. a bomber struck a funeral procession for victims who died in an attack the day before. friday's explosion ripped through this shiite neighborhood, killing at least
4:30 pm
31 people. half of them police officers who were guarding the ceremony. "it's not fair," this man says. these bombings happen every day and the government does nothing. just minutes after the car bomb, gunmen open fire, tilling -- killing two iraqi policemen nearby. someone blames sunni for the violence. militants often target iraqi security forces to make them look weak. >> we thought the situation would improve, this man says, but it's getting worse. the shiite-controlled government in iraq is locked in an intense political fight with sunni opponents who want more power. there is growing concern the increase in militant attacks could put the country at risk of civil war. tina kraus, wjz eyewitness news.
4:31 pm
>> iraq's prime minister triggered the latest political crisis when he sought the arrest of one sunni politician and the removal of another. that happened just after troops left the country, december 18th. grave mistake. lawmakers are calling on the veteran affairs office to audit all of its cemeteries. >> after remains were uncovered, they want to make sure the remains of veterans and family members were interred and correctly marked. they found problems with 123 gravesites. in eight of those cases, people were buried in the wrong place. most of the trouble was a result of graves that were moved or mislabeled after renovations by contractors. denise? >> thank you, kai. the via is trying to contact all of the families involved to apologize. but some of the graves go back
4:32 pm
decades, making them rare to find. we started off with a rare january thunderstorm. but it turned into an unusually warm afternoon. perfect for shining up this man's car in pikesville. outside now, it's partly sunny, with the occasional gust of wind. but it's beautiful. let's check in with bob turk. he's updating our weather conditions. >> 12:58 this afternoon. 63 degrees right after lunch. it's been dropping a little since then. but really, well above average for this time of year. ridiculous. take a look at temps around the area. it's still in the 50s. 54. it has cooled considerably to our west. oakland is now at 30 degrees. that is headed our way. 58 in ocean city. still 59 in pax river. we have dropped about 8 or 9 degrees this afternoon. earlier today, actually got to 63. 60 in d.c. almost 70 across southern maryland. oakland was in the chilly air earlier. we only got up to 39 and 50 in
4:33 pm
cumberland. but after a cooler weekend, next week, it may get a little chillo sunday night and monday. but after that, high pressure once again builds into the southeast. and another mild air mass headed our way for the middle and probably most of next week, as we start february well above normal as we've seen most of january. denise? >> thank you, bob. more charges for a pan accused in the -- man accused in the fire bombings of two new jersey synagogues. charges say this comes after the discovery of a new facility that investigators say was targeted by 19-year-old anthony graziano. graziano has pleaded guilty to nine counts of murder, as well as bias intimidation and arson for two attacks earlier this month. it is one of the mysteries of travel. is it really dangerous to leave a cell phone turned on during takeoff and landing? we have information every airline passenger should know. >> reporter: we hear it every time we fly.
4:34 pm
>> your mobile phone and other electronic devices should be turned off. >> it's kind of frustrating. because i'm usually in the middle of an e-mail or game of solitaire or something. >> electronic devices do need to be turned off when the electronic device sign is on. >> reporter: when alec baldwin got thrown off a flight last month for refusing to turn off his cell phone, he became an icon for all those who think the rule is outdated. >> people think, it's no big deal. and i think for the most part, it isn't. >> reporter: but captain sully sullenberger knows, better than most, that every once in a while, something quite unexpected can happen on an airplane. >> the bottom line for us is very simple. none of us have the right to put others at risk for our own convenience. >> the fact that nothing bad has happened has convinced people that the rule isn't necessary anymore. >> it seems like the documented information is little but there
4:35 pm
is some. >> reporter: all communications on the air traffic frequencies were totally blocked by a passenger cell phone searching for service. when the phone was turned off, the problem stopped. a half dozen similar incidents have been listed on nasa's aviation reporting system since 2004. >> the ones that concern me, and they're rare, are where there are navigational radios affected when you're trying to land. >> that was john blackstone reporting. experts say a phone signal on the ground usually reaches just one or two cell towers. but from the air, one flown can blanket hundreds of towers, potentially disrupting the entire system. free expression on the popular social media site twitter, could soon be hindered by governor censorship. >> reporter: twitter has developed new technology that allows it to censor tweets. the move comes as the companies
4:36 pm
try to expand around the globe. blocking tweets would help them to adhere to others. but some users worry the company could end up honoring sensory request from repressive regimes. >> twitter has been used as a tool for social uprising around the world, including the occupy wall street movement. and the arab spring protest across the street. let's check in with kristy breslin now with traffic control. >> hello. happy friday. the beltway a little lighter than normal. although we do still have some delays. west side inner loop, heavy there from washington boulevard. around to security boulevard. about 15 minutes to get through. and if you are traveling on the east side of the inner loop, because of the earlier accident, you'll still see brake lights there from hawkins point to richie highway. on theerth north side inner loop, stop and go there -- north side inner loop, stop and
4:37 pm
go there. and pretty jammed up from 32 to 195. as far as accidents go, in glen burnie, tranton road, at west furnace branch. and in baltimore city, we have a vehicle fire we're watching there. south conkling street at eastern avenue. let's take a live look. things are beginning to slow down just a bit there. and we'll take another live look, not a bad drive at all for you. 95 at route 100. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. if you or someone you know has suffered a personal injury, call 1-800-the firm. or visit them online at for your free consultation. it's a fun day for the family, including four-legged friends. and it's back in town this weekend. all right. looks like my dog. the 11th annual world pets expo is taking over the maryland state fairgrounds. this year, there will be pet care demonstrations. training, workshops and even live, as you see, performances.
4:38 pm
owners are also invited to show off their pets in the parade of breeds. the pet expo runs through sunday. well, straight ahead on wjz's eyewitness news at 4:00. dangerous plot foiled. how lawmakers plan to show that a teenager set off a bomb at school. >> i want to make sure you're okay. and nobody is in the room with you? >> yeah. a 5-year-old boy left alone in a hotel where his mother was. and it's friday. and bob will be back with the weekend forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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a jail break. one of the three do doherty siblings attempted to escape. 26-year-old dylan passed a note to his sister, telling her he was going to break free. but deputies stopped him in his tracks when he discovered footprints. you may remember doherty and his siblings were part of a
4:42 pm
crime spree and nationwide manhunt. >> a school bomb plot is outed by one brave student in utah. a 16-year-old girl shared a suspicious text message with school officials. two of her classmates were apparently plotting to set off a bomb during a school assembly. the suspects had looked into the 1999 columbine case and were working on creating bombs with gun powder and rocket fuel. both teams are under arrest. and the fbi is investigating. a man is sentenced to death for killing a woman and her two daughters during a terrifying home invasion in coact connect. mike -- in connecticut. >> reporter: they tormented a family of four before leaving them to die in a fire. hayes was convicted in 2010. now, camarsajeski was also convicted. the girls were tied to the bed and doused in gasoline before the house was set ablaze.
4:43 pm
they died. >> the state's last execution was in 2005 and was the first since 1960. an infant is duct-stape taped to the floor. police say 24-year-old alicia lyons admitted to taking a nap. she is facing criminal abuse charges. the day care says the incident was isolated. police and state officials are investigating. a 5-year-old is left alone at a hotel in connecticut while his mother goes to gamble at a casino. >> i just want to make sure you're okay. and nobody is in the room with you? >> yeah. >> okay. >> reporter: a 5-year-old boy, all alone in the hotel room, at the mohigan sun casino got himself out of a jam. and his mother is now in trouble. 38-year-old wuzow shu is charged with, among other things, risk to a minor.
4:44 pm
investigators say she left her 5-year-old son napping alone in the hotel while she went gambling. when he awoke and didn't see his mom around, the 5-year-old called 911. >> does she usually leave you alone in the room? >> huh? >> does she usually leave you in the room by yourself? >> yeah. >> investigators found a cell phone number on the night stand, called her and asked her to come back to the room. shu initially gave her another name, learning that there was a warrant out for her for possession of fake handbags and shoes. they also say she was in the country illegally. investigators from the state police unit said that shu felt that there was nothing wrong with what she had done. but those familiar with the indan casinos properties say shame on her. >> she brought it on herself. there's plenty of places at the casino. if you want to gamble, you bring your kids there, and they'll watch them. >> it's sad that there's kids
4:45 pm
that have to be put through stuff like that. >> how old are you? >> uh, 1. >> you are not 1. >> maybe 2? >> still too young to be left alone. the child has been taken into custody. a trial for the mother is set for february 24th. an unlikely place for a fire in virginia. a fire breaks out at a fire station. the flames broke a new truck. the damage is estimated to cost $500,000. not clear what caused this fire. but nobody was hurt. a cargo ship crashes into a kentucky bridge and destroys it. the ship, over 300 feet long, was too tall to fit under the structure. and the steel bridge collapsed. no one was hurt. state officials are inspecting what is left of the bridge. it was belt in -- built in the 1930s and was apparently already in the process of being replaced. a 68-year-old pilot in wyoming, running low on fuel with nowhere to land.
4:46 pm
jeff dubois explains how traffic controllers helped him to safety. >> maybe you can help me. >> reporter: over the radio, 68- year-old pilot jim lawson of wyoming, didn't know how much help he'd need to land his mooney 120c. flying from the east into the puget sound area, the four- seater was low on fuel. with seemingly nowhere to land. >> everything is locked in. >> reporter: he told kevin greenwood, he was out of practice. so greenwood and fellow controller ryan harrick did what they could. >> we decided to send him down through the clouds. >> reporter: but halfway down, blinded by a wall of white. >> i think i just ran out of fuel. >> reporter: serious trouble. both tanks were empty. lawson was gliding at 5,000 feet. originally heading for the airport in arlington. the controllers rerouted him south to renton airport. things were getting intense.
4:47 pm
>> the thought did go through my mind that this could be the day that i leave this earth. >> reporter: over skype, pilot jim lawson told me, they were giving him instructions when the plane suddenly broke out of the clouds at 2,000 feet. all lawson saw was houses. he worried about killing people on the ground. then, ken greenwood helped him find the runway at renton airport. >> i didn't know what runway it was. i didn't care. >> with safety inside, lawson radioed back to the controllers. >> any time, sir. >> cowboy is a cowboy. air traffic controller is performed by the federal aviation administration, which provides service to much. one school is laying down the law with a new boots allowed rule. the middle school is banning ugg-style boots. but it's not about a fashion statement. it's about cell phones. school officials say students are using the ugg boots to hide
4:48 pm
their phones and bring them to class. according to the principal's rules, they can change into the shoes but must wear other shoes going to class. keeping his spirit alive. michael jackson's children take part in a ceremony at grauman's chinese theater. . >> reporter: michael jackson's signature glove is taking its place in music history. at a ceremony outside of grandmaan's chinese-- grauman's chinese theater, jackson's children, blanket, paris and prince, pressed in fingerprints with the gloves. >> this is what he strived to get. and this is what we are giving him now today. >> reporter: the ceremony called michael jackson immortalized, include music and dance, to honor the man who made both look easy. >> reporter: it will now take several weeks for the prints to officially settle. and when they do, they'll be placed just a few feet away,
4:49 pm
off hollywood boulevard, for the world to see. [ singing ] >> the ceremony also included tributes from smoky robinson, dplee star harry shum junior, and quincy jones. [ singing ] and justin bieber paid his own respects to jackson. >> he was more than an entertainer. he was an inspiration. >> jackson fans waited in line since 5:00 a.m. >> he was already immortalized in our world. but now it's been -- done. i can hang pictures on my wall with the thousands of pictures i have of michael. [ laughter ] and the cirque du soleil world tour of michael jackson immortalized opens in los angeles today. we're getting a preview of what you can expect during the commercials at the 2012 super bowl. >> suspects heading south. >> freeze!
4:50 pm
>> you don't gotta do this. >> steady. >> stand back, kids. [ siren ] >> okay. get the candy. >> this comical advertisement for velvetta-- velveeta breakfast biscuits is expected to run during the game. they're well, it feels like april outside. will the weekend be as warm? bob turk has the updated first warning forecast next. ,,,,,,,,,
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
is it winter? i don't even know -- this is the mildest winter i ever remember. >> so far, december was 5 1/2 degrees above normal. january, as of today, is running about 5 degrees above normal. >> so happy. >> most of the month has been between 45 and 55 degrees. >> amazing. >> we've had like 5 or 6 cold days. that's about it. looks like it will get cooler this weekend. by sunday night and monday, it will feel more like january. might even be a snow flurry. but then did will it will warm up again. take a lock at temperatures. 54 right now. 35, dew point. drying out quickly.
4:54 pm
west/northwest winds. 15. gusts to 25-mile-per-hour range. barometer on the way back up. right now, it's much colder out to the west. oakland is down to 30. 43 in cumberland area. still in the upper 50s south and east of us. the cool air coming in over the mountains. so tonight, it will be back in the 30s most places. low to mid-30s. normal low is at 24/, 25 degrees. 48, westminster. as you can see, it's already dropped 10 degrees out there, to the northwest. 56 in kent island. d.c. at 53. 63 at the airport today. not a record, but not that far from it. 46, the low so far. by midnight, it will probably be down around 39 or 40. 42, 25 now, the averages. the average low, just came up. 1 degree, as. today. 72 and 3 are the records. right now, we still have a breeze, anywhere from 15 to 20, 25, 32 miles an hour, up in elkton. that will calm down tonight, as low pressure moves east of the
4:55 pm
region. our winds will relax. you see all of the rain offshore. it will get cooler for the weekend. tomorrow is still nice. basically in the mid-50s. and another cool front coming up tomorrow night. monday, cooler. as that front comes through on sunday night. it r it may kick-- it may kick up a few showers. it's possible a flurry could occur in some areas sunday night, north of the city. southwest winds tomorrow, at 5 to 10 knots. the bay temp around 39 degrees. tonight, clear, cooler and still breezy for a while. but it will be dry. 34. tomorrow, lots of sunshine. a few clouds here and there. but still mild again in the low, even mid-50s to start the weekend. not bad. >> not bad at all. >> it's great. >> wonderful. thank you, bob. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. she stabbed her cocoworker more than 300 times. now, britney norwood learns her fate. i'm mike hellgren in montgomery county for the lu,,,,
4:56 pm
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breaking news. coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00. sentence is in. for the woman convicted of murdering her coworker at a bethesda boutique. wjz is live with the details. the road home, after three months in captivity in somalia, an american aid worker begins her transition. and one moment that locals say will change their lives forever. that story is next. check in for more on these stories and all the day's breaking news. eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now.
4:59 pm
plea for justice. heart breaking testimony from the family of a murdered bethesda yoga shop employee. >> the latest on her killer's sentencing. >> i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. we begin with breaking news. it's a woman convicted of murdering her coworker at a bethesda yoga store, learns her sentence. mike hellgren is there with the latest developments. >> reporter: kai, the big question is, would britney norwood get life with parole or without parole? the judge decided to give her a life sentence without parole, basically putting her in jail and throwing away the key. he said that there was very little opportunity for her to be rehabilitated. he called her a hell of a


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