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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 27, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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nofor -- notorious, brutal and bizarre murders in maryland history. she stabbed her coworker more than 300 times last year where they work the. she then concocted a story that masked men attacked and raped them. it quickly fell apart, under mounting forensic evidence. >> with britney not being allowed to walk on the streetses, that -- streets, that is one person that as a society we don't have to worry about. >> reporter: murray's father told the. >> reporter: he will never forgive norwood, that he has not moved away from rage. he asked that norwood never be allowed to walk the street. >> it was absolutely the right sentence under maryland law. >> reporter: norwood was in tears when she addressed the court for the first time. she told the victim's family she was sorry. and she said she knew there was nothing she could do to take their pain away. as many in the courtroom wept, murray's mother described how the killing plunged her family into deep despair.
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and norwood's loved ones described how the murder shattered their families as they begged the family for leanience. >> i was shocked. and thought in light of the fact that they had actually admitted, to some extent, that she had done the crime, she virtually took no responsibility for this crime today. to me, that's another aggravating factor that makes the sentence from judge greenberg absolutely appropriate. >> reporter: and that was the state's attorney. he called norwood a path logical liar. the judge said he had few doubts she could be rehabilitated. that's why he sentenced her to life with no parole. norwood's brother also spoke at the sentencing today. and he said his sister was not a horrible person. he prayed for some glimmer of hope. but the judge did not show britney norwood any mercy. reporting live in rockville, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right. thank you very much, mike. murray's family said she will always be alive in their hearts
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and they miss her more than they can say. a former prince george's county corrections officer was arrested in connection with the death of an inmate. >> kai, a newly unsealed indictment accuses anthony macintosh of failing to help that inmate, after he was found unresponsive in his cell. 19-year-old ronnie white had been charged with murder in the hit-and-run death in the county police officer. the teen was later found unresponsive in has cell at the county correction center. and the cause of his death was world strangulation. macintosh was also accused of trying to cover up by falsifying reports. >> reporter: macintork -- macinkosh could spend life in prison if convicted. a teenager is seriously injured in cape st. claire. former broadnick high school student got into a fight with a 15-year-old. the victim was rushed with injuries to the face but is expected to survive. police hope to identify the victim tonight. we'll have the latest at 11:00.
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on her way home, an american aid worker rescued by navy seals in somalia, is expected to be reu92it -- reunited with her family soon. jessica buchanan is hoping to get treatment to help with the trauma. >> reporter: this naval air station is where american aid worker, jessica buchanan is undergoing a process the u.s. military calls phase 2 reintegration. doctors are treating the 32- year-old, helping her transition back to a life of freedom. it was early wednesday, when the same navy seals who killed osama bin laden, parachuted into somalia, where pirates were holding buchanan. the seals held all nine captors and rescued buchanan and her colleague, paul fisted. after months of captivity. today, their family issued a statement saying, we are grateful for all of the efforts that have been put into getting them safely back to us. and for the fact that a very difficult chapter in our lives is over. but the next chapter will have
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its challenges. buchanan is reported to have suffered kidney problems during captivity. the ohio native will also have to overcome the trauma she experienced. bob simon from cbs's "60 minutes ," was held captive during the gulf war and freed after 40 days in iraqi prisons. >> your head is in a million places. and none of them are good. and you shouldn't get back to real life right away. because you have no idea what's been going on with you. >> reporter: buchanan is free to leave italy, whenever she wants. and she'll fly back to the u.s. in air military -- a military aircraft. but for now, she's staying put. her family is happy she's one step closer to home. in italy, anna matranga, wjz eyewitness news. >> she was working in an area of somalia that is not easily accessible for most aid organizations. former county executive jack johnson can no longer practice
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law in the state of maryland. he was disbarred. last month, he was sentenced to seven years in prison for accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes from developers. johnson is scheduled to report to prison in one week. maryland's first lady, katie o'malley, issues an apology for calling colleagues in the house of delegates cowards for failing to pass same-sex legislation next year. political reporter pat warren has more on judge o'malley a statements. >> reporter: in a written statement, judge o'malley said she let her feelings get the better of her. >> reporter: sticking up for the governor's same-sex marriage bill, katie o'malley pointed to deligates who voted for a -- delegates who voted for a similar bill. they said, we didn't examine the things to happen to the house of delegates to occur, but sadly, they did. and there were some cowards that prevent today from passing. there are delegates taking exception to that. >> they're very angry.
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i can assure you. there are many members that are very, very angry. >> reporter: the first lady later criticized delegate don dwyer and others in the house. >> i'm not sure why it s. i hear a lot from legislators. they're like, well, i'm for it. but i might not get reelected. which i think is sort of lame. >> isn't every politician, afraid of being reelected? isn't that what most politicians live for, to be reelected? >> the first lady issued an apology today, saying, i regret my recent choice of words at the conference last night. i let my feelings get the better of me. i deeply respect that there are strongly held and different views on same-sex marriage. she may have alienated some of the people the governor was trying to woo. >> i can't believe it. honestly, i am shocked and anased that-- amazed that a sitting judge would make that kind of statement that would
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reveal her partialityity and judgment. >> reporter: one person has signed on to protect traditional marriage. pat war know, reporting live. back to you. >> governor o'malley is scheduled to address the lesbian gay, bisexual and transgender conference on sunday. mother nature is spoiling maryland with springof -- spring-like temperatures. people switched out their jackets for lighter fall choices. the sun has set. and breezier conditions are moving in right now. what does your weekend look like? bob turk is live in the first warning weather center, with that answer. bob? >> around the noon hour, we actually got into the mid-60s some areas. down in virginia. 71 in richmond this afternoon. take a look at temps around the area. yes, it was warm. right now, we're down to 48. still in the 50s south and east of us. out to the west, oakland is in the mid-30s now. but it was a lot warmer earlier. got up to 49 there. 68 at patuxent.
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we got to 63 degrees. and ocean city, also at 63 degrees. pretty amazing stuff. now, temperatures are going to be dropping somewhat. yes, over the next day or so. looks like the pattern for next week means after monday, we warm up once again. there you go. high pressure moving off the east coast, means the winds go back to the southeast. after a chilly start. it will warm up well above normal again for most of next week. denise? >> thank you, dobb -- bob. downtown towson has been hit hard by the economic decline. but it is about to get a big boost with a multi million dollar development. gigi barnett explains the plan to bring businesses back to the area. >> reporter: vacant and abandoned, the towson common theater was once a bright spot in towson. but a sluggish economy hit it hard. and the theater closed last year. >> every time, it was empty or never movies i wanted to see. and things like that. >> reporter: but today, county leaders broke out the popcorn to unveil this.
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a new -- multimillion dollar in towson. county executive kevin kamenetz says the new theater takes up about four acres, with 66 state -- six skate of the -- state of the art screens. the project had been in the works for years but stalled. now, the cordish company says it's time to build it, despite a sluggish economy. >> we think it's a terrific time. i think it's -- listen. our country needs more going on right now. we need the jobs. we think the market is there. >> reporter: the $85 million project will take up much of this parking lot. and so far, five restaurants have already signed on. some towson business owners say it's just what this area needs. >> i'm hoping that towson grows and becomes revitalized back to what it used to be years ago. >> reporter: he opened his crab ranch 35 years ago. it's right across the street from the towson commons.
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he says this will bring new customers to him. >> you need more business here in towson. only way to do is it to have other businesses offering more things. >> reporter: county executive kamenetz is calling this a coupe for towson because the theater has signed on for the complex. >> the new theater complex opens in 2014. ravens announce changes to their coaching staff, making adjustments after falling short of the super bowl. sports director mark viviano joins us with the latest. >> reporter: well, kai, it's one day after the departure. defensive coordinator chuck pagano. his replacement is named. and ravens decide to keep offensive coordinator, cam cameron on the job. >> reporter: the ravens' defense has been dominant for more than a decade. even under different coordinators. dean piece is the latest to take over. elevated from linebackers coach
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to coordinator. a position he previously held with the new england patriots. >> it's an incredible opportunity to be a defensive coordinator for anyone in this league. or at any level. but it's especially humbling to be one for the baltimore ravens. >> you're going to see a fiery dean pees. see a an aggressive defense like in the past. and we'll be getting after people. that's not going to change. we're going to bmed on that. >> reporter: -- build on that. >> reporter: what about building on the offense? the answer is, it will continue to be run by cam cameron. harbaugh announced he is keeping him after four years on the job. >> it was a foregone conclusion to me. you saw how we did. >> reporter: many have called for cameron to be replaced. as he stays on the job, cameron clears up any rumors about a strained working relationship with quarterback joe flacco. >> we have a great
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relationship. and joe has grown so much in so many ways. not only as a player issue as a man. -- player, as a man. i've said it and will continue to say it. you see greatness developing in this guy. >> reporter: cameron did not disclose the length of his new contract. he said details are being worked out. we'll hear more coming up in sports. >> the ravens' offense was ranked 15th out of 32 teams in the nfl this season. still to come tonight. sentence said to death. a convicted killer learns his fate for murdering his mother and two daughters. -- a mother and two daughters. the eastern shore commander in chief. one visit that locals say will change their lives forever. that story next. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, brewing beer to keep the family farm in the family. that story as eyewitness news continues. stay tuned. bob will have your updated,
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complete first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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president obama in maryland. the commander in chief came to meet with top democratic lawmakers. weijia jiang talks -- said he also talked about the upcoming election. >> coming to the eastern shore. >> i think it's great. i think it's wonderful. >> reporter: dozens waited for their own look to see the commander in chief. stacy miller brought her 5-year-
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old. >> this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. i've never done it myself. so we're sharing it together for the first time. >> reporter: just just before 1:30 friday, president barack obama arrives to the chesapeake bay. house democrats wrapped up a three-day retreat. to members of congress, he urged getting work done, despite what he calls a robust debate with republicans. >> i want us all to remember that there are folks out there that are still counting on us. >> reporter: president obama also addressed his upcoming campaign for re-election and how competitive it may be. >> a lot of people are still hurting out there. and a lot of people have lost faith, generally, about the capacity of washington to get it done. >> reporter: but locals could not hear the word for themselves. in fact, they couldn't even get onto hotel property, packed with secret service. catching a glimpse of the motorcade was enough. they even caught something else. >> he waved. he waved at us. he was in the third vehicle. he waved at us.
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>> i waved, clapped. brought tears to my eyes. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the local business community was also very happy to have has lawmakers in town. the retreat last year boosted the economy by 25%. and local business owners expect that number to go up even more this year. reporting on the eastern shore, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> reporter: and this morning, vice president joe biden also stopped by the retreat to address house democrats. a baltimore hospital is in the spotlight. mount washington pediatric is rated as one of the best places to work. it makes the top of the list for its care of children regardless of their ability to pay and superior employee benefits. the hospital's employees care for more than 7,000 patients a year. two high-profile outsiders are hired. as mike schuh reports, because they don't know how it's always been done in baltimore, there
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is hope things now will be done differently. >> reporter: the commissioner's two newest employees are civilians outside the department. input on their hiring came from outside the department. and that's no coincidence. here for their expertise and for the credibility they bring to the department. battled by the towing scandal. fresh from the dea, williams offers his assessment of corruption at bpd. >> is baltimore more or worse? no. baltimore is a big city department with big city issues. >> reporter: the commissioner wants more officers like williams. when he was 11, one night changed his life. in the middle of the night, a cop fixed a pipe flooding their home. >> i would argue that is the job of police. the job of the police is to serve the community. >> reporter: now, let's turn to the firing at city lounge. an independent review points to inadequate training. it's one of the reasons john
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king is hired. >> asang outside looking at it. we want to emphasize, not just a stand-alone cultural class or policing class, but really, integrate four tenets in every class we teach. that would be integrity, leadership, principles of community policing and cultural awareness. >> reporter: in essence, the hiring credibility. the internal affairs, both considered equal. but the outsider, he perceives, brings more credibility. >> we know we have, in some areas. and some communities and with some officers an estranged, broken relationship. >> the department also hopes to mend its relationships by seeking national accreditation, rewriting all of its rules, known as general orders, including how police shootings are reviewed and use of force complaints are handled. >> some exchanges they say will show up rather quickly. while others will take years to implement. at city headquarters, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. back to you on tv hill.
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>> and the accreditation they seek has been earned by over 700 government agencies nationwide. what a tale of two days. >> unbelievable. a week ago, we were looking at snow headed our way. in the 60s. let's take a look at temps and continues -- conditions right now. we are still mild for this time of year. 48. northwest winds at 8. a look at this weekend after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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if you were asleep for about three or four months and woke up, you probably thought today was like april 15th. based on the weather. thunder in some spots this morning. mid60s this afternoon. kind of crazy. we have cooldown. and we should be, of course. 48 now. 35 in oakland. 53 still in ocean city. 40 up in elkton. and d.c. locally, temperatures have dropped back in the 40s. if you're heading out. there's a breeze. it's going to feel chilly, compared to what we saw earlier today. still well above normal. our normal high is 42, 43 degrees. and 52 still in annapolis. 42, 25 are the averages. the record, 72. record the record low, 3. today, we were 63 and 46. by midnight, we were probably
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down about 38, 39. that will be our new low for later on. right now, winds are beginning to calm down. still 22 down there. 8 here. 15 in western maryland. but they'll be much lighter tonight. brought that dryer air in as the front moved off. takes all of the rain and showers with it. and thunder, particularly across virginia and carolinas. yeah, richmond got up to 71 today. all of that rain is well well off to the east. clearing skyless. a little snow shower activity in new york state. coming off the state. but not a whole lot with that. generally, for the weekend, except sunday night, late, things will be quiet. there will be a weak frontal system crossing the area on saturday. it will cool us down a bit. and sunday, a little stronger, a little colder air behind it. there may be enough moisture for a snow flurry or snow shower, particularly north of the city, sunday night, early monday morning. monday is going to be seasonably cool. and right after that, mild air. hidden right there. mild air going to be coming
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right back toward the region early next week. southwest winds on the bay. and a small craft advisory into 11:00 tonight. bay temp around 39 degrees. tonight, look for clear skies, dry, cooler. breezy for ray while. -- a while. 34. back up, still mild. 54 tomorrow afternoon. and won't be all that breezy. a nice start to the weekend. it will be cooler on sunday. but still, all in all, a nice weekend. >> thank you, bob. okay. still ahead on eyewitness news at 6:00. everybody bomb blasts mourners in iraq. dozens are dead, including police. what's behind the violence? fighting over the hispanic vote. the latest from the heated campaign. milder winter might be due to people staying outside, staying indoors less. >> milder flu season. why doctors are ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 5:28. 48 degrees and clear.
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good evening. thanks for staying with wjz. here are the are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. a car bomb kills more than a dozen people at a funeral in iraq. it is the latest in a series of violent attacks in the month after u.s. troops left the country. tina kraus reports for wjz, on the growing safety concerns. >> reporter: mourners carried coffins of the dead, after another suicide blast in baghdad. a bomber struck a funeral procession the night before. friday's explosion ripped through this shiite neighborhood, killing at least 31 people. half of them, police officers who were guarding this ceremony. it's not fair, this man says, these bombings happen every day. and the government does nothing. >> reporter: just minutes after the car bomb, gunmen opened fire, killing two iraqi policemen at a nearby checkpoint. >> reporter: authorities blamed sunni islamist insurgents for the escalating violence that
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has killed more than 400 people since u.s. troops left the country last month. militants often target iraqi security forces to make them look weak. we thought the situation would improve, this man says, but it's getting worse. the shiite-controlled government is locked in an intense political fight, with sunni opponents who want more power. there is growing concern the increase in militant attacks could put the country at risk of civil war. tina kraus, wjz eyewitness news. >> iraq's prime minister triggered the latest political crisis, when he sought the arrest of one sunni and wounded another. a connecticut man is sentenced to die for his role. >> reporter: jurors convicted
6:31 pm
joshua somarcajevk si. they tormented a family in a home before killing jennifer hawk petit. the only survivor, dr. william petit, was beaten with a baseball bat but escaped. he called it a personal holocaust as he testified am. >> steven hayes has already been sentenced to death. a cargo ship crashes into a kentucky bridge and destroys it. the 300-foot-long ship was too tall to fit under the structure, which caused the bridge to collapse. no one was hurt. state officials are inspecting the bridge, which was already in the process of being replaced. mitt romney and newt gingrich are racing for a win in florida. at a conference today, the two continued their immigration battle. danielle nottingham reports for wjz from jacksonville. >> reporter: mitt romney and
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newt gingrich are speaking directly to florida's latino voters. >> i would like to extend [ speaking in spanish ] to every american. >> reporter: the front runners attacked each other. >> those people who have come here illegally, should be given a temporary status, a temporary work permit, if you will. but at the end of the work period, they would return home. >> this is where i had a deep disagreement with governor romney. the idea that grandmother is not going to be supported, that she is going to self-deport. this is a fantasy. >> reporter: many don't agree with the candidates' position on immigration and want them to address other issues. >> reporter: the question is, do you believe that puerto rico can be a state or not? simple. >> well, i just said i object in -- what i believe. and if you don't like it, i'm sorry we don't -- agree.
6:33 pm
i believe that the people of puerto rico should decide. >> we will help cuba become free. >> reporter: the latino vote is especially important in south florida. and securing it may be critical to a win in tuesday's primary. danielle notingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> santorum and paul have little to gain in florida, where only the winner of the primary receives any delegates. santorum is going home for the weekend. and ron paul is campaigning in maine. secretary of state hillary clinton says she is ready to leave politics, citing political fatigue. that is despite a recent bloomberg poll that shows nearly two-thirds of americans have a favorable view of mrs. clinton. in recent interviews, she also shot down plans to replace joe biden in the 2016 presidential run.
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occupy protestors are getting the boot. police are warning them to stop campaigning or they'll risk arrest. two protestors at mcpherson square and freedom plaza. now, the notice says protestors must comply with regulations that prohibit camping at those sites by noon monday. time now for a quick look at the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. an historic baltimore church, the one in which babe ruth was baptized, is being sold by the archdiocese. find out how you can own a piece of a race horse for a $10 investment. and a preview of tomorrow's virginia tech basketball game. for more on these stories and more, read the baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast. locally grown most often means farm-raced food. one grower want to the expand that to farm house beer. alex demetrick reports, right now, it's an untapped market. >> reporter: adam fry's fry's
6:35 pm
market is globally owned. >> if someone in brazil can release a bushel of soybeans for 10 sends, you -- cents, you have to go against that. and we're trying to offset that. because on our farm, we're trying to do beer. >> reporter: a product not normally associated with farms. he's trying to convince legislators to allow breweries to be built and operated on farms. after all, in this part of frederick county, wineries are thriving. >> there are four within bike distance from here. >> there's not a whole lot of farm house breweries out there now. >> reporter: and making vineyards means growing a variety of crops. barley and wheat would be raised. and they wash into water ways and the bay. hops would also be raised. a tiny crop in maryland right now. but woon needed -- one needed by beer makers worldwide. >> reporter: his idea isn't to turn the farm into a brewery,
6:36 pm
but to create a beer to keep the farm. >> just give us a few extra options, as far as farming goes. it's me against the global market at this point. we need some kind of a buffer in there. >> reporter: alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> adam fry does have supporters for his plan. legislators who will submit a bill to open the door to farmhouse brewing. still to come on wjz eyewitness news. police in mississippi begin a nationwide search. but is a former governor to blame? shocking insight. new 911 tapes uncover about demi mao. cooler, nice weekend. i'll have the exclusive five- day forecast. for updates and all the day's day's news, and the updated forecast any time, log onto ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a section of floor collapses. at least 13 workers were injured after they were sent tumbling 30 feet from the ground. the damage comes on the heels of a similar incident last month, at a cleveland casino with the same developer.
6:40 pm
osha inspectors are looking into the accident. the search is on for a recently-pardoned murderer in history. his name is joseph osmond. police are trying to track him down. osmond was last seen in west north mississippi. he was among hundreds of recently pardoned former prisoners. and former mississippi governor haley barbour issued at the end of his torm. -- term. a recipe for disaster. 13 people are injured after trying to create churros, a popular latin american dessert, consisting of fried sugar. theyfield the recipe listed in the newspaper. and they sued the paper. the supreme court has awarded those hurt with a combined $1ict 80,000. the flu virus is keeping a low profile this season. but there's still time for the dreaded illness to make an appearance. ines ferre has more in tonight's health watch.
6:41 pm
>> all right. just relax. >> reporter: sierra nagy is getting her flu should the, even though it's been a mild season so far. >> i have two kids. so i figured i was better safe than sorry. >> reporter: the centers for disease control says even though flu cases are down this year, people should still get vaccinated. experts say it's not unusual to have a slow start to the season, then a dramatic increase in late winter. >> we have had heard reports from state health departments who help us track that information, that we're starting to see specimen. we might start to see an increase in activity shortly. >> reporter: doctors aren't exactly sure why the flu isn't spreading. but warmer temperatures may be playing a role. >> in the sense that a milder winter might lead to people doing more activities outside. staying indoors less. being around sick people less. it may have something to do with that. >> reporter: the low flu activity may also be a sign
6:42 pm
that people are getting vaccinated. dr. len says if you haven't had your shot yet, get it now. >> it's never too late to be vaccinated. >> reporter: nagy isn't taking any chances. >> hopefully i don't get the flu. >> reporter: because she can't afford to be sick this winter. >> reporter: ines ferre, wjz eyewitness news. >> reporter: according to the cdc, eight adults have died from the flu and pneumonia this season. as part of our continuing community commitment, wjz is teaming up with the american red cross to give the gift of life. come this saturday, that's tomorrow, to the crown plaza in timonium and donate blood. you'll get to meet marylander brian boyle, alive today only because of the blood donated by others. you'll also get to meet members of our wjz family and take home a copy of brian's book, "iron heart ." stein up at red cross . org. and show up any time from 8:00 to 4:00. scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. coming up, the u.s. economy
6:43 pm
starts picking up steam. but is it enough tol recover from the recession? plus, ever wonder what people will think about you when you're gone? steve hartman has his incredible story. coming up. and here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. ♪
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it was a wild night of weather last night. but sun cleared things up throughout the day. what can we expect in the weekend? bob has a look at your forecast. bob? >> pretty nice weekend. take a look at temps. tomorrow morning it will be in the 30s. which is well above normal still. but basically in the low to mid- 40s and 50s. it will get a little cool or sunday. and a little cooler yet on monday. sunday night, early monday morning, a front will come through the area and maybe a brief sprinkle in a couple of spots. otherwise, partly cloudy skies. much warmer right on tap there. but tuesday and wednesday. 54. and back up to 58. maybe a shower late wednesday. kai? >> thank you, bob. newly released calls showed
6:47 pm
that actress demi moore smoked something before calling 911. >> reporter: 911 tapes revealed that demi moore was shaking and having trouble breathing when she was rushed to a california hospital monday. her friends called for help from the actress's beverly hills home. >> tell me exactly what happened there. >> okay. she smoked something. it's not marijuana. but it's similar to incense. and she seems to be having convulsions of some sort. >> okay. right now, is she awake? >> yes. well, semi conscious. barely. >> reporter: the 49-year-old actress has appeared very thin recently issue as she goes through a public submit split with her husband ashton kutcher. the 33-year-old reportedly cheated on her. >> has she done this before. >> i don't know. there's been some stuff recently that we're all just finding out. >> reporter: in the roughly 10- minute 911 call, moore's friends do not reveal what that other stuff may be. but say the actress didn't
6:48 pm
intend to hurt herself. >> was this accidental or intentional. >> she smoked something. but the reaction was accidental. it's accidental. >> reporter: the l.a. fire department removed details of substances and medical conditions from the tape for legal reasons. by the end of the call, friends told the operator that moore had stopped convulsing and started sneaking again. in los angeles, bigad shaban, wjz eyewitness news. >> moore's publicist initially said her client was being treated for exhaustion. but she has no comment on the 911 call. on the day ravens name a new defensive coach. questions remain about the offense. what are the answers? mark has the latest in ,,,,,,,,,
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well, once we get past the super bowl, i think ravens fans can look ahead to next season. right now, it's a little bruised. mark is here with the fan sports report. the team has to do it now. now is the time. two teams play in the super bowl. 30 other teams. ravens among them. a dropped pass and a season that fell short of the super bowl. ravens now fall forward with the heartbreak. and they're dealing with necessary changes. defensive coordinator chuck pagano, as you know, left to
6:52 pm
become the head coach at indy. dime dean piece takes over now. head coach, john harbaugh, officially promoted piece today. he has been a member. ravens staff as linebacker coach for two seasons. he is elevated to defensive coordinator. that's the position he held with the new england patriots prior to coming here to baltimore. he is entering his 40th year as a coach. his is the fourth different defensive coordinator for the ravens in four season. cam cameron retains the position that he has held for the past four seasons. cameron's contract was set to expire. but harbaugh said it was a foregone conclusion that cameron would remain. he has been the subject of criticism from fans. while ravens haven't made it. and fell just short of the super bowl this year. many point to a drop in joe flacco's production. but cameroon says it's more the numbers when measuring the qb
6:53 pm
and the offense. >> we all want more stats out of joe. we live in a fantasy football stat world now, offensively. and i understand where all of that comes from. but joe has all of the major bases covered at this point in his career. i would just encourage, he's right on track. >> no receivers out there for the first time. new tight ends out there for the first time. left side of the offensive line was new for the first time in the season. i thought our players and coaches did a great job. >> reporter: now, the off season for some of the players means time in hawaii. ray lewis getting ready for the pro bowl all-staff game. joined by teammates. ed reed, and haloti ngata opted not to go to hawaii, even though they were voted in. ravens have reaped the benefits of homefield advantage. while in college park, the home court for the maryland basketball team is less of an
6:54 pm
adventure than it once was. comcast center was packed in loud for the terps game against duke two nights ago. but that was the first sellout in college park. the team's performances dropped. the players are aware and have rallied amongst themselves. they say whatever the crowd does at the river is just a bonus. >> we got a lot of energy. you know, all we got. pretty much the guys in the locker room and the coaches. our fans come out and do everything possible for us to get us going early in the games. and even later in the games when the games are close. you need that support. they're always there for us. and notice that it's important to have that home court advantage. >> the terps are back in action on the home court when they take on virginia tech at comcast center tomorrow afternoon. the loss to duke was maryland's third state de-- straight defeat. >> it's not hard to tell kids
6:55 pm
to be real loud. >> no. >> you gotta get more of them in there. >> then they'll even be louder. th,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
don't miss tonight's cbs primetime lineup.
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then stay tuned for eyewitness news at 11:00. finally tonight, ground control to lego man. you've really made the grade. the little plastic guy holding the canadian flag went on a space adventure, courtacy of two teenagers from canada. they sent legoman up in a weather balloon, equipped with four cameras and a gps device. he traveled 80,000 feed into the stratosphere before coming back down to earth as a hero. >> that's amazing. that's impressive. all right. >> or come apart. that's it for us tonight. i'm kai jackson. thanks for watching. much more ahead on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. we now take you to economy starts picking up steam. but is it growing enough to get unemployment down? anthony mason on the fragile recovery. profits are up, so we asked the
6:59 pm
man in the driver's seat why not hire? with businesses holding on to a trillion dollars worth of cash, what are you waiting for? jim axelrod is on cape cod where they're trying to solve a mystery. why are the dolphins stranding themselves? and "on the road" with steve hartman. a man who's lived by the golden rule gets something priceless in return. >> you can't buy the love that people have poured out for dad. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening, the latest report on the economy today looks like welcome news. it shows that the economy was growing in the final three months of last year at an annual rate of 2.%. that's the best showing for any quarter in nearly two years. but it's not enough to make a big dent in unemployment, and it's not the best we've done since the great recession.


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