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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  May 27, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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burl brewing, the tropical storm set to make land fall. where it will hit and the path it's set to take. good evening everyone thanks for joining us i'm adam may. the southeast part of the country is already preparing for burl. duarte j era ldino is reporting that it's packing a punch and it's bringing surf. >> reporter: tropical storm burl gets close to shore, the surf is getting so rough officials shut down the beach. >> this storm has a potential to produce localized flooding, downed trees and power lines that can impact the public safety. >> reporter: berel is expected to make land fall late sunday into monday and hit parts of florida and georgia. five to 6-inches of rain could
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fall in some areas. the storms started causing dangerous conditions saturday reds flags went up in flagler beach florida. the waves were treacherous. >> whenever you're paddling out there and those waves are just crushing you it's tough to get out. that's when i know. no time to go back in. >> reporter: forecasters say berel will likely flush out memorial day beach plans before it moved on. >> here it was a nice warm day. berel is not impacting our area. bernadette woods is tracking the storm. is it headed this way? >> eventually it's going to factor into our forecast. we're going to show you first doppler radar. it's really coming together pretty well. it's tightening right in there.
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that's the center of this and as it is strengthening, making land fall that's usually not a good scenario. winds are about 65 miles per hour and the thing is, it only has to get to 74 miles per hour before it becomes a hurricane. it still has that chance. we're going to switch it over and show you what we have going on, eventually making land fall and sort of hanging out for about a day or two over land before turning around to the northeast. that's when it factors more into our forecast. tuesday into wednesday. some of that moisture is move in our direction. the forecast has it passing south. >> all right, bernadette, thanks so much. stay with wjz for complete coverage at any time log on to he is the million dollar man. center fielder adam jones
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signed an historic contract with the orioles. mark viviano makes it official today and he opens up about the deal. >> reporter: for five years adam jones has been an orioles rising star now he has a pay raise to go with it. a six year contract extension worth more than $85 million. seated between manager buck showalter and dan ducket adam jones talks about becoming the highest paid oriole in franchise history. he becomes a baltimore mainstay and says it's more than just money. >> there's a bigger goal here. and that's winning games. that's the ultimate reason i signed on. i believe in what showalter and duckett believe in and they believe in winning >> we're committing to providing help to rebuilding our fan base. >> reporter: on the field as a player and off the field as a
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role model, jones talked about his bigger goals. >> i definitely want to make a mark in this city as someone who played -- who's going to go out there and play hard on the field but in the community he's going to give 100% to make a difference. >> in my household we're all orioles fans, we brought about 10 people down here today. we're excited jones is back, that's great so let's keep going. >> reporter: adam jones cashes in, now the orioles hope to follow up that investment with a winning season, something they haven't had in 15 years. >> now to find out how jones and the orioles faired, stay with us. we have breaking news to tell you about, in fact, we just got an update on it. amtrak service is now restored after being suspended for several hours today but serious delays are still expected between washington, d.c. and philadelphia. crews have been dealing with
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problems regarding overhead wires. we'll have the latest on these delays later on. if you're waiting for anyone to get off the train tonight, do expect hours of delays. an investigation is under way after a barricade situation in northeast baltimore. you can see a large number of police here. they say that a woman got into a fight with her boyfriend then he hit her in the head with a gun. the woman was taken to shock trauma, we don't have an update on her condition tonight. they're searching for answers, an investigation is under way tonight after a man is shot and a woman is stabbed. wjz is live, derek valcourt has the latest. >> reporter: it happened right over here at 7:05adworth. police have been in and out of here all day. there's a detective right now talking to someone who's at the house. police have a lot of questions as they try to figure out who
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attacked a man and woman who live inside. >> officially investigators were labeling what happened inside this home on adworth home as a possible attempted home invasion robbery. neighbors say a couple lives here with their young daughter. >> they're very nice people, i'm worried about them. >> reporter: someone shot the fire who lives here and stabbed the mother. no word if the daughter was home at the time. police aren't releasing many other details but some neighbors saw two suspects enter the house from the back door. >> when i came home the neighbors who had witnessed it told me. they saw him running through my alley and down the street into apparently the get away car. >> reporter: right now police have no descriptions of the suspects. it's very upsetting for those who live in this neighborhood. >> our kids are out here playing in these streets all day, and it's sad. >> just makes you really nervous for the children.
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for anybody really. i hate to hear this happen here. >> reporter: the woman and man were flown to the hospital, both are expected to survive their injuries. derek valcourt, wjz news. >> police are actively investigating the incident. we'll have the very latest tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. authorities in kent county tonight are searching for a missing boater. they say a 21-year-old man jumped off a boat for a swim and never came back. it happened near howell point. we'll let you know if we get new information. it is a weekend and i know a lot of you are watching us from the beach and basics include a towel, some sand and great food. a weekend like this brings out the foodie in people. >> reporter: of course shoppers come for the souvenirs and summer sales, but what they
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can't leave without -- the food. >> palooza pizza is really good. >> ice cream, doesn't matter, all the stuff on the boardwalk for the last 40 years of coming down here. >> reporter: the boardwalk boasts just three short miles but the food goes on and on. >> reporter: of course, calories don't worry on vacation. >> reporter: there's one way to classify the food on the boardwalk and that is, childhood memories. >> candy apples, cotton candy, carnival food. >> we're ready. >> reporter: that means this will be one sweet holiday weekend. in ocean city, i'm gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news. a little vinegar on those fries, they look delicious don't they. if you do have plenty of options for places to eat on
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the boardwalk, it has more than 100 restaurants. i'm sure a lot of people are trying a lot of them this weekend. we have a lot more to come, including shock in syria. the government denies a role in the massacre of thousands of childrens. nowout rage is roaring around the world. friends and family honor the georgia woman who's fighting for her life against a flesh eating bacteria. it's a death defying stunt nick rolenda is adding some crazy elements. we'll tell you what he's preparing for coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a few clouds out there, lots of sunshine and 84 hot degrees in central maryland right now. syrians take to the street over a massacre that left dozens of children dead. a un official says 85 people were killed during mortal shelling and several were children under the age of 10. in a vote just about an hour ago, the un council blames the syrian government. amy copeland used to work at a bar here and now her
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coworkers are holding a fundraiser to help. she contracted a rare flesh eating bacteria. >> we were there for an hue, and -- an hour she said, what did you bring me. she mouthed it but still she's alert. >> the bacteria is completely out of copeland's body but she does remain in critical condition. that high wire daredevil increases the intensity. he walked across a suspended wire with a wind turbine swirling water from the engine so it sprung a mist on him. the simulated training is supposed to better train him for the walk across the niagra falls. just you know for a little bit
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of practice. the orioles are honoring memorial day on the field as part of military appreciate day. the scene sported camo jerseys. the online auction started today it's going to run through next sunday. if you want to bid on these we have all the information there on our website, just look for the story on hot day out there at the ballpark. there's the beer walking by. i had to bet people were drinking some hot beer on a hot day like this. >> it's nice to remember memorial weekend. it's going to remain hot during,
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welcome back everybody and take a look at this on first warning doppler radar. not that far away. look at this huge cluster of thunderstorms and it's marching off to the southeast. there's a severe thunderstorms warn in effect and there's been numerous warnings for gusty winds along the sign of thunderstorms. it will weaken significantly by the time it gets to maryland but we do still have a chance for showers and thunderstorms before this completely winds down. we have seen a couple already in the afternoon. we'll switch it over and show you. most gave way to clouds, a few thunderstorms that are out there. it's not that far away that line of thunderstorms. wind wise there's not much of it it's been coming out of the south and it continues to bring all that moisture that's out
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there. add to that the temperatures 84. so right now in baltimore 85 in dc. we topped out at 89 degrees. way above the averages that are still in the 70s. so we're running pretty high right now and it's not just us. look at this, 90 degrees in minneapolis this afternoon. 97 in chicago. all the way down to texas and all the way over to the southeast. but then it hits the wall as soon as it encounters the clouds and thunderstorms that are coming from the tropical storm. that front is going to pass by to our north, there's that chance for that shower and thunderstorms. then again tomorrow with that front passing by. tuesday is when things start to change for us. the front comes our way with the cold front part of it. that's going to draw moisture up from the south. moisture from barel so we're going to see more scattered showers and thunderstorms starting tuesday that will continue into wednesday morning
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before all of that gets out of here. here's the latest. tropical storm wait about 65 miles per hour. that's significant because at 74 miles per hour it would become a hurricane and that is still possible. this storm is strengthening as it heads toward the coastline. it drifts into north florida, south georgia coastline, hangs around for about 24 to 36 hours then it's going to make a turn and come back over the water. and you see this track takes it south of maryland and that's when nothing is going to happen but we will keep a track on it. the general consensus has been to stay south of it. much calmer, there's winds diminished out of the south tomorrow. another warm one, any thunderstorms that are out
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there will die down overnight. we'll see fog, only about 68, 49 degrees for our high tomorrow, it'll be another hot one with a chance for showers and thunderstorms. over the next couple of days we hang out to shower chances. we cool down for the second part of the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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stan is here with our wjz sports report. did adam jones earn that paycheck today? >> he did all right. everybody is talking about they
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hope he doesn't get jinxed. but the pitcher, pulled an oblique, will probably go on to the dl list. kansas city winning the game. but the orioles still share first place with tampa bay who beat boston 4-3. today on military appreciation day. that's with a capital a. downtown in camden yards, casey ahead, but there's a trouble trio right there. that's jeff francoeur, and johnny diafatela. nonetheless nobody is hurt. nick markakis blows the chance to stay alive. madison three game streak is broken. >> you walk through the tunnel every day and you see what's in store for you. we'll make an adjustment to get another dl and see hopefully
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we'll get some of our people back. men's collegiate division three championship game score. salisbury over portland state of new york. salisbury wins the state championship. all set to tango in collegiate lacrosse national one championship. from foxboro massachusetts, top seeded layolla representing baltimore, taking on the terp. >> it's emotionallal. they're a special group. >> ought to be a good match. auto racing today sets the true grit. indianapolis 500. mike conway flying the friendly skies. or at least he didn't follow the bouncing tire. trys to pass leader frankiti. that allows him to win the indy 500 under the carson flag.
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french open, unknown unseeded nicholas manhoot. 6-3, 4-6 and 6-2. in paris, on the prettiest side featuring the ladies. williams 4-3, 1 and 6-3. in case nobody heard last night, the celtics won the 76ers. so the celtics and miami for the conference finals. >> i heard from denver in new england from my inlaws. >> oh, man. stay tuned for csi miami. bernadette will have the very latest on tropical storm burel. finally tonight this is like a scene out of that hitchcock film the birds. people in oregon are having trouble with a crow that is sweeping down and hitting people in the head. it's successful of getting
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reactions from folks and dodging the bird has become a spectator sports for people in that neighborhood. they think there's probably a next up there in those trees some where. i would imagine. birds just you know isn't crazy or something like that. >> every once in a while we get these crazy bird stories. >> yeah there's a lot coming ♪
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