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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 8, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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sifting through the rubble. >> investigators piecing together what caused a deadly plane crash in san francisco. >> hi, everybody. i'm mary bubala, in for vic carter inform -- carter. >> and i'm denise koch. the investigation continues into the deadly 737 crash in san francisco. tonight, new details are emerging about the crash itself and how one of the victims may have died. translators are helping federal investigators interview crewmembers. wjz is live in san francisco tonight. reporter bigad shaban has the latest this complex investigation. good evening, bigad. >> reporter: investigators are not only working to determine a cause of the crash. but also whether a second accident may have led to the death of one of the teenage passengers. >> reporter: for passengers flying into san francisco international airport, the wreckage of asiana flight 214 is a difficult sight to miss.
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federal investigators are interviewing all four pilots who were on board. , including the man reportedry at the controls when the plane made a crash-landing. according to asiana airlines, he's logged close to 10,000 hours as a pilot, but just 43 hours on the boeing 737. and it was his first time landing that type of plane at this airport. >> when we interview those four crewmembers, we're going to get a lot more details about their activity, about their work, about their training, about who was the pilot flying, who was the pilot in command. >> reporter: data recovered from two flight recorders showed the plane came in too slow and too low, before the tail hit a sea wall along the runway and broke off. passenger benjamin levy thought the landing was being aborted. >> i thought maybe we would go back up and start flying again. we went back down again. as i say, it felt like slow motion. >> reporter: family members of the two teenage passengers who died, are coming here from san
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francisco. the two girls were found outside the plane. but investigators say the crash may not have killed one of them. >> reporter: autopsies are being performed to determine if an emergency truck hit one of the girls as it raced to the scene. >> as you can imagine, it's a very dynamic environment, dealing with an active aircraft fire and trying to rescue somewhere in the realm of 300 victims. >> reporter: federal investigators will be at the crash site all week, trying to piece together the cause of the accident. >> reporter: and autopsies for the two teens are set to take place today. and already this afternoon, a representative with the san francisco fire department acknowledged that some kind of safety apparatus may have struck one of the victims while on the tarmac, but he wouldn't offer any more information. live in san francisco, i'm bigad shaban. now back to you. >> all right, thank you very much, bigad. and federal investigators say there was nothing unusual about the airplane's descent before the crash-landing. new at 6:00, a shacking twist in what appears to be a case of animal cruelty in the
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city. jessica kartalija is live in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: a woman accused of leaving her two dogs in a hot car for nearly two hours died while in booking. she was heading home to virginia when she suffered a severe attack of colitis. well, her lawyer says she checked into a hotel room to quickly clean up, but her dogs weren't allowed in. in the hotel room, he was apparently passed out and found by police, while someone reported the dogs in the car. mull kay cahe -- mull cahe slipped into a coma while in the hotel room and died as a result. >> lawyers will use the time to further explain exactly what happened. baltimore county police arrest a man for a murder on a fourth of july. seiko harris reportedly stabbed
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antoine to death. investigators believe the argument centered around a woman. harris is being held without bail right now. jazz a peace rally is under way in north baltimore. in response to the recent shootings. several of these rallies are held across the city and it does not appear they will let up any time soon. wjz is live in east baltimore. rochelle ritchie has more on the message local ministers and a university of maryland medical student are sending. rochelle? >> reporter: hi, denise. the organizers of this event says this is more than just about having great time and great food. it's about breaking the code of silence that had plagued so many baltimore neighborhoods. [ sirens ] ? the streets of baltimore, riddled with gunfire and crime tape is now being replaced with the voices of fed- up residents. >> i have kids. and since the very first week i moved in, there's been a lot of things that's happened. >> reporter: at apples and oranges market on north broadway, marcus stent, a community activist, is hoping
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that today's peace rally will break the code of silence in the community. >> watch baltimore be redestroyed by violence. >> reporter: since june 21st, baltimore's crime rate has spiked with more than 40 shootings and 15 homicides. littered with shell casings. and homicide detectives say their desire has been replaced with a fear of being shot. >> it's kind of scary for little kids to see. for like yeah, for little kids to see it. because yeah, it's not good. >> reporter: there the baltimore area. >> reporter: police commissioner anthony bats blames a notorious black guerrilla gang. >> we believe that there is a connection that is spilling onto the street. and we have to validate that. but that's what i'm hearing on the front end. >> reporter: local churches who have rallied with community leaders and the baltimore city police department say people simply don't feel safe reporting crime which contributes to the number of unsolved murders and shootings. >> if the police department and the state's attorney's office
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would do their job, for protection. then that code can be broken even more. >> reporter: it's this generational curse of not snitching many say contributes to the crime rate. residents say if people would start talking, they can take back their neighborhood, one block at a time. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: and in response to the recent crime, baltimore city police have stepped up their patrols and added additional officers to the streets. we're live tonight, i'm rochelle ritchie. >> mayor stephanie rawlings- blake is participating in a peace walk now in the western district. updating the pair of breaking stories wjz has been following tonight. a tanker catches fire on i-95, in the city, prompting hazmat concerns. sky eye chopper 13 was over the scene in caton avenue. fire officials say it looks like the wheels of the truck caught fire around 3:00 this afternoon. they say hazmat was called to the scene as a precaution. and meantime, another crash
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on i-95, northbound. we showed it to you live. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene. it appears the crash involves four cars, including an mdta vehicle. no word yet on any injuries. the temperatures were a little more pleasant today. many people taking advantage of the 80-degree temperatures by going outside. maybe watering their flowers. but definitely after many days of those high temperatures. and taking a live look outside now. we are dry but there is still a chance for a pop-up shower or storm. as hello, everyone. they wave to us. just taking a dip outside their pool -- or outside their boats, rather. that is their pool, the entire bay. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologists chelsea ingram and bob turk are tracking radar and tracking a new tropical storm. first to bob. >> kind of quiet around here. we had one little shower east of the city about an hour ago it's pretty much dissipated.
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that wong shower moved into southern cecil cowntzy. and it's just about gone. you can see, not luc left to it at all. just a brief little shower. right near earlville and just between chesapeake city and galena, moving off toward delaware. rest of the city, not really looking at anything in the way of showers. might still see a pop-up shower. but with sun setting, we'll start losing the energy from the sun. temperature-wise, sufficiency certainly cooler today. normal high was 87. only got to 86. no more 90s. although it will probably get close to that the next couple of days. 75 in oakland. 85, ocean city. elkton had should showers. they had dropped down to 79. 87 over in d.c. they got up to 87. that's pretty much as warm as they got. now, we do have a new tropical system in the caribbean, way out there. and chelsea has a look at what's going on out there. chelsea? >> that's right, bob. our third named storm of this tropical season, tropical storm chantal. take a look at this graphic.
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this is going to show the projection throughout the cone of uncertainty, all the way up through the united states. you can see around tuesday. it will be lesser antilles. and by saturday, projected to land somewhere close to florida. winds now around 45 miles per hour. though there is still some uncertainty with its track. the general trend is showing it, moving closer and closer towards the southeastern united states. the first warning weather team will be updating ow this storm day by day. and bob will have more on your complete updated first warning forecast coming up. now, back inside. stoz snors check live doppler radar any time, go to the major league baseball all-star game is next week. and the baltimore orioles will have a strong presence on this year's team. wjz is live in camden yards. sports director mark viviano has more on what the players are saying. >> reporter: well, denise. proficient on the field and
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popular with the fans. that's a combination you need to be recognized as an all- star. well, the orioles are well represented. they take on the texas rangers here tonight. the rangers are from the lone star state. the orioles have multiple stars. in fact, four birds will represent baltimore and the lietion at the all-star -- all-star games next week. >> reporter: adam jones is the most decorated of the current oriole all-stars. he came through like a star with his dramatic 9th inning run to beat new york saturday. jones is an o's all-star their for the third time. >> kind of surreal, you know. we have three starters. you can name the last time that happened. but we have a great group of guys that are deserving. >> reporter: jj hardy received the most votes among american league short stops. he's an all-star for the second time, first as an oriole. and the brightest of the stars this year is slugger chris davis. he received more fan votes than any player in the american
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league. the leading home run hitter in the majors, he's an all-star for the first time. >> thought for a while, we might have nine starters in the all-star game, the way the fans were voting. and we appreciate that. that means a lot to us, knowing that our fans are behind us. >> reporter: the youngest of all stars is manny machado, who made this brilliant play on third base sunday. machado just celebrated his 21st birthday. he was voted in as an all-star reserve by the players. orioles fans are enjoying another winning season. and one of the by-products of that, players being recognized for outstanding play on a contending team. >> i think it's wonderful. because it's been a really long time since we've had a team that was able to actually get into the all-star game and represent our city. and i think that's a wonderful thing. >> reporter: it is a wonderful thing. and word of additional honor coming up at any moment, as dris davis is -- chris davis is expected to be a participant in home run
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derby. i'll have more on that and reaction from chris later in sports. back to you for now. and four birds going to the all-star game, that is the most the team has sent since 1997. >> when they were last really, really good. so it makes sense. still to come tonight. train disaster in canada. how many people remain missing after a runaway train levels an entire town? i'm alex demetrick. coming up, lighting up the sky. that story as eyewitness news continues. a bear darts across a maryland interstate, right in front of drivers. i'm lynn bui. coming up, why bear sightings peak during summer. and taking a live look outside. there they are in their pool, mary. your first warning weather forecast is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is beautiful out there. 84 degrees and partly cloudy. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. it is that time of year. bear sightings are much more common during the summer than over the weekend. one bear startled maryland drivers on a busy interstate. wjz is live. lynn bui explains what to do if you have a close encounter with one of these bears. hi, lynn. >> reporter: like you said, mary. this time of year, the bears move closer to cities and suburbs. now, this most recent sighting in montgomery county has a sad ending. jazz a car struck this juvenile black bear sunday, on 270 in
6:16 pm
germantown. the young male was halfway across the interstate. his injury so severe, officer has to euthanize him. >> reporter: the whole back end of the bear wasn't moving. you could see that there was damage. so the decision was made then to go ahead and put it out of its misery. it was suffering. >> reporter: biologist jonathan mcknight says maryland's bear population is expanding. and right now, the bears are looking for new habitats. they can travel up to 50 miles a day. >> reporter: there are a number of bears that are moving on the edge of the cities. and our season hasn't really peaked yet. so we anticipate we'll see more. >> reporter: last month, this bear was captured in a d.c. neighborhood, after a woman saw it outside her window. it was released in western maryland. >> reporter: also, in june, this bear visited a gaithersburg home. he munched on bird seed for 30 minute. mcknight says absolutely do not feed them. >> it's especially bad to do things like to leave food out or to feed them. once bears get acclimatized to
6:17 pm
feeding and acclimatized to people, they become dangerous. and that becomes dangerous for them. >> reporter: put trash cans in the garage, bring all food inside, and empty those bird feeders. but the black bears are typically not aggressive. >> reporter: now, even though these are young bears, they're big. they can vary between 65 and 200 pounds. >> reporter: the best thing you can do is leave them alone. >> they shouldn't present danger to people. just stay away from them. give them respect and give them distance. >> reporter: mcknight says if you are, quote, lucky enough to see a black bear, just treat it like you would a stray dog. give it space. reporting live, i'm lin hbui. >> and according to the dnr, you can make noise to scare the bear away. shout, bang pots, blow a whistle, something like that. a new report finds that states within the chesapeake water shed are making reduction
6:18 pm
in pollution. but none are on track to their commitment. the mixed report was presented by the chesapeake bay foundation and the choose clean water coalition. the restoration plan is expected to cost billions of dollars with a focus on keeping the nation's largest estuary clean. well, the high heat in this area has proven to be deadly. but there are precautions that everyone can take. wjz is live at druid hill park in west baltimore. monique griego has more on how dangerous these temperatures can be. >> reporter: doctors say it's all about the basics. you gotta stay hydrated. if you feel like your body is overheating, take a break or find a place to cool off, because this heat can sneak up on you. >> reporter: as baltimore's highs hang around 90 degrees, being out in the sun can be unbearable. >> sticky, drenched. sometimes it can be uncomfortable. >> i don't go outside. i -- yeah. i just can't stand the heat. >> reporter: yvonne cortez did
6:19 pm
finally venture outside, thanks to afternoon cloud cover. it made a trip to the inner harbor, a little more tolerable, for parents looking for way toss cool off their kids. still, health leaders warn, this summer heat could heat -- hit you when you least expect it. >> not thinking about it, then all of a sudden, boom, you're down. >> reporter: i was tut -- >> i was cutting my grass yesterday, and i thought, can i do this? am i able to do it? it's just too much. it's too hot. >> reporter: doctors say the most important thing is to stay hydrated. and while ice cream may taste good, plain old water is always the best bet. >> alcohol dehydrates you. sodas dehydrate you. >> reporter: skyrocketing temperatures and high humidity can easily lead to heat stroke. e.r.s already seeing an increase in cases. >> yeah. we've just been seeing it, time and time again,ault day -- all day and night. >> reporter: when exercising and doing outdoor activities, stop and rest, when you feel dehidrailted. -- dehydrated.
6:20 pm
>> headaches, nausea, vomiting. feeling very tired to. even getting confused and disoriented. >> but if buzzing in the sun is something you can't afford not to do, find a place to take a break and chill out. >> reporter: centers say the most severe signs of heat stroke are someone who starts to pass out or starts to feel confused. it could be time to head to the hospital if you feel those symptoms. >> good advice for the summer, monique. but temperatures today were not high enough for cooling temperatures to open. >> it's actually nice out today. >> by 1 degree. >> wow. >> normal high is 87. today's high was only 86. and the dew point has come down. right now, it's each -- even colder than that. warm, july day. 84. 48% humidity. barometer holding steady. come back and take a look at another chance of scattered storm activity over the next few days. ♪
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it is almost mid-july. normal high is 87. downtown, still 87. 70 in oakland. that's it. ocean city at 85 by the water. in elkton. there were showers earlier in the day. they have so dissipated. really nothing right now. 84 west minister. and 85 over in columbia and annapolis. west wind has dried the air out
6:24 pm
somewhat. if you go out this evening, certainly more comfortable than it was, let's say, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 this morning. dew points back in the mid-60s. , which is not all that bad for middle of jool july. west/southwest winds in d.c. for now. little areas of showers moving through the region. not really developing. but most of the activity held to the south of us. kind of in between. there's another batch in ohio. doesn't look like it's going to make it through the area tonight. but tomorrow, we'll see more activity, moving across the mountains. we'll see a chance of scattered thunderstorm activity. particularly, we think, wednesday and thursday, as a frontal system, actually a cool front will approach the area from the northwest. in the meantime, still humid and slightly above normal air mass the next couple of days. tomorrow, our average high jumps to 88. and for the next nine days, the average high is 88. that's the warmest it gets all year on average here in the baltimore region. so it will stay in the humid side for a few more days.
6:25 pm
scattered thunderstorm activity, certainly likely. particularly on thursday. the front approaches. scattered thunderstorms. could become pretty strong late in the day thursday. then the cooler air begins to move in for the end of the week. south winds at 5 to 10 knots. and the bay temp has shot up at thomas point. 83 degrees. wow. that's toasty. 68 tonight. maybe a brief shower in a couple of spots. otherwise, partly cloudy. 90 tomorrow, if we have clouds early, it may keep us down to the mid- to upper 80s as we saw this afternoon. so back into middle july, temperatures very, very normal. >> all right. thank you, bob. well, making the most of a monument under repair. two years ago, an earthquake damaged the washington monument, closing it off to visit are ons. alex demetrick reports, starting at sunset tonight, the washington monument will glow blue. >> it took five months to do it, but scaffolding now totally encloses the washington monument. it's necessary to repair damage
6:26 pm
from 2011's five.8 magnitude earthquake. ranger nicollette williams brought tourists down from the top. >> it was absolutely terrifying. it was shaking so violently. to have the mortar falling on your head. the fear was so high that i was sure that we were under attack. i didn't realize at first that it was an earthquake. >> reporter: it's been closed to tourists ever since. although it's still news to a lot of tourists. >> around new jersey. we're kind of disappointed a little bit. >> we understand they're disappointed. and we wanted to make it a little better looking than just scaffolding. >> reporter: so the park service commission designed special blue scrim in the pattern of the monument's stone work. 400 lights will turn on. >> it has sort of a blue cast, it's going to be pretty. >> reporter: a kind of lemonades from lemons scenario. but the monument is pretty impressive on its old. -- own. >> i told my wife, the picture
6:27 pm
with scaffolding might be more valuable than without it. >> reporter: inside, work is also going on. >> reporter: some of these go all the way through the marble. so if they're going to inject epoxy, they have to make sure they have one person on one side and one on the other. so it doesn't go out and stain the stones. because they're culturally and historically significant. so we want to get this straight. >> reporter: alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> and the monument's blue lights will turn on every evening through winter. repairs should be complete by spring 2014. >> we'll see how it looks in the wintertime since it will take a while. >> yes, it will. still to come on eyewitness news. >> a tragic accident claims the life of a ravens' cheerleader. tonight, the team's reaction. >> i'm gigi barnett. constant medical research. i'm mike hellgren, the big immediate -- maryland institutions being hit hard. and what one senator is planning to do about it.
6:28 pm
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it is 6:30. 84 degrees and partly sunny outside. good evening. thank you for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. george zimmerman's defense attorneys call friends to testify on his behalf. and they listened to a 911 call that could be crucial to the outcome of the trial. susan mcginnis has the latest from wjz from sanford, florida. >> reporter: the defense called several friends of george zimmerman. each one took the stand and each said they believe it's it's his voice on this 911 caught, screaming for help. [ screaming ] >> do you think he's yelling help? >> yes. >> what do you think that is? >> definitely georgey. >> i thought it was george. >> don wiped away tears after hearing the tape. >> no doubt in my mind, that is george zimmerman.
6:32 pm
>> they claim george zimmerman screamed after trayvon martin attacked him. the defense attorney called martin's father who said at first, he couldn't identify the voice. >> after listening to the tape maybe 20 times, i knew it was trayvon's voice. >> reporter: last week, martin's mother testified she knew it was her son's voice. >> reporter: during cross- examination, prosecutors pointed out that sandra osar -- osterman and her husband mark wrote a book about the case, with the proceed going to george zimmerman. arth another couple spent thousands supporting his fund. >> since you contributed on his behalf, you want to believe it's george zimmerman, correct? >> it is george zimmerman. >> reporter: he helped choose the gun used in the shooting. the federal marshal told zimmerman to buy the weapon
6:33 pm
because it could be fired easily if he needed to defend himself. >> now, zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder. and he faces life in prison if convicted. nsa leaker edward snowden remains a man without a country. but maybe not for much longer. linh bui has more on this. >> reporter: it appears that edward snowden has several options. venezuela and bolivia have offered him asylum. and nicaragua said it would consider it if the circumstances permit. at this point, snowden has not decided where he's going next. he's still hiding out in the transit area in the russian airport of moscow. he's actually been hiding there for two weeks now. u.s. officials have invalidated his passport. mary, back to you. >> snowden faces espionage charges in the u.s. the group, wikileaks has been hiding him out in russia and searching for
6:34 pm
asylum. fighting back against what they call devastating cuts to fund new research as well as medicines to treat common and rare illnesses. as mike hellgren explains, the cuts are due to sequestration. >> reporter: researchers are working around the clock to make breakthroughs in the treatment of everything from cancer to the flu. breakthroughs that save lives. but in maryland, federal funding to continue that has been slashed by millions of dollars at johns hopkins and by almost $2 billion at the national institutes for health, angering joe maldonado, a stroke survivor, who says that crucial research is why he's alive. >> haven't have to be up here. i don't know what the heck these people are thinking. >> reporter: the institution warns continuing losses that big could stall progress on cancer drugs and the treatment of rare diseases. >> they're deeply troubled about the direction they taking us as a nation am a nation that will be judged, hult matily, -- ultimately, on whether or not
6:35 pm
we have set our priorities to trying to alleve suffering. >> reporter: while it is necessary for a government spending out of control, senator barbara mikulski says there are smarter ways to slice, getting rid of tax loopholes, instead of medical research grants. >> right now, our goal is to fund n.i.h. and cancer sequester so that it is not the new normal. and most of all, we want to make sure that america continues to move ahead. >> if anybody wants to have a debate about whether there sequester is good or not, you know, come and see me. >> reporter: mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, it appears young scientists could go to other countries to find work and that institutions could not withstand years of cuts. teresa heinz remains in the hospital tonight. but her condition is improving. heinz, the wife of secretary of state john kerry, has been updated to fair condition. the 74-year-old was rushed to
6:36 pm
massachusetts general hospital, after showing signs of seizure. she was reportedly listed as critical condition. her husband and other family members are with her in the hospital. since 1996, the ravens have been the only nfl team with a coed cheerleading squad. tonight, though, the teen is mourning one of its male cheerleaders who died in a motorcycle accident over the weekend. gigi barnett has more. >> let's go, let's go! >> reporter: on the sideline, cheering for the ravens, this was 27-year-old deon bagby's passion. but tonight, the nfl's only co- ed squad is mourning the male cheerleader who die in a tragic collision friday. >> it's a devastating loss. >> reporter: he worked at the all-star gym in vienna, virginia, where he was a coach. she said he was on his way to a camp to visit some students. she got the phone call, shortly after the accident that killed him. >> i literally was screaming. there's no other word to
6:37 pm
explain. you know, it's such a devastating loss because he's such a special person. >> reporter: police say bagby was riding his motorcycle on route 15 in frederick, when he collided with a car making a left turn. medics on the scene couldn't save him. >> he did have another vehicle. he had a truck. and that, of course, is one of those things, like oh, my gosh, what would have happened if he drove his truck? >> reporter: bagby made the team twice, but turned the team last year, because his schedule conflicted with the infinity's practice time. but this year, he decided to go for it again and made the team. he would have been an nfl cheerleader for the first time in the fall. >> he is beyond awesome. an incredible talent. >> reporter: and the ravens know it. in a statement to eyewitness news, ravens' spokesman kevin burns says this is some sad news. and the entire ravens' family is in mourning. i'm gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news. >> and bagby will be laid to
6:38 pm
rest in oklahoma, where he's from. after his funeral, the infinity all-stars are planning a memorial service for his friends here. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. a baltimore man finds $10,000 worth of treasury bonds in a house he's renovating. now, he's trying to find out who they belong to so he can return them. catching up with ravens' nose guard, terrence cody. and how pastorals have faired in the home run derby. for these stories and more, read the baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast, from wjz's first warning weather team. a little news from hollywood, with a local twist. actress and maryland native stacy keebler has split from george clooney, after two years of dating. the rosedale native was recently in town for the start of table games at maryland live casino. sources tell "people" magazine, keebler is the one who broke things offer with the oscar winning actor and director, reportedly because she was
6:39 pm
ready to start a family. the source adds, the two remain on good terms. two years is a long romance for george clooney. >> exactly. we'll see who is next. >> all right. he's eligibility again, ladies. >> yeah. still to come on eyewitness news. it's the second day of the running of the bulls in pamplona spain. violence continues in egypt tonight. the latest on the unrest there. how many lives have already been lost? i'm bob turk in the first warning weather center. more on the shower possibility and kind of high humidity for a while longer. we'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. and wjz 13 is always on. here are the top stories on for these stories and all the day's news, and updated forecast, log onto ,,
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violent clashes in egypt has left dozens of protestors dead. both the military and supporters of former president mohamed morsi say the other side is to blame. the fighting has killed at least 51 people and government officials say hundreds more are injured. members of the muslim
6:43 pm
brotherhood stand behind the ousted leader and say they will nol recognize the new temporary leaders. the white house maintains it is not aligned with either side. >> reporter: well, the death toll in quebec's oil train accident jumps to 13 people today. about 40 more are still missing. dozens of train cars derailed on saturday, sparking an explosion and fire. several homes were evacuated. some of the train cars were carrying crude oil, posing a threat for more explosions. the accident could be the worst in canada since the swiss air crash of 1998. pope francis pulls a mass in sicily, during his first pastoral visit outside. rome. pope francis visited to lampedusa, experts say this first -- trip is symbolic in showing pope francis is a pope of the poor in distress. it is day 2 of the running
6:44 pm
of the bulls in spain. ♪[ music ] >> thousands of daredevils raced through the streets of pamplona in a relatively clean second run of the famous event. a local hospital says there were no gorings to report in today's run. but four people were treated for injuries after they fell down. early-morning race lasted for just over two minutes. the party will last for a full nine days, after they all survive. the party ends, though, for the bulls. >> i was going to say, they survive. but not the bulls do. not a one. scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. dozens have been killed, protesting the ouster of egypt's president. we'll take you to cairo for more on this deepening crisis tonight on the cbs evening news. and here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,, mom...
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[ dad ] jan? aching-- taking a live look outside another nice night. let's start with chelsea ingram outside. hello, chelsea. >> hi, denise. for tomorrow, we can expect much of what we saw today.
6:48 pm
temperatures will start around 75 degrees. as we head into the afternoon, we'll be in the upper 80s, to near 90. chance of thunderstorms will roll in. and by evening time, temps will drop a little bit to around 84 degrees for dinner. and a chance of thunderstorms still lingering around. bob has what you can expect for the next five days. bob? >> once again, over the next couple of days, chances of afternoon showers showers and storms. some areas will get them. some areas will not. 90, 90, 86. good chance on thursday, as the front comes through. dropping to 85. drying out a little bit friday afternoon. and looks like you start the weekend. partly sunny and 85 on saturday. denise? >> thank you, bob. and still to in on eyewitness news tonight. the orioles come back home. thrilling win over the yankees. >> yeah, mark is live with reaction from manager buck showalter. [ male announcer ] you know what's so awesome about the internet?
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we're flying high, boy. coming back. and the all-star game. looking good. i think it's going to be filled at camden yards this week. >> mark viviano is down at the ballpark won't -- tonight, with the wjz the fan sports report.
6:52 pm
mark? >> yes. the orioles certainly glad to be back in baltimore. it was a rough road trip for them. they lost two out of three to the white sox in chicago. then two out of three to the yankees in new york. now home to take on the tough texas rangers. but as bad as that road trip was for the o's, it certainly did end on a very good note. adam jones saved the note with a two-run home run, off yankees ace closer mariano rivera in the 9th inning. they were enough for a 2-1 victory. i asked buck showalter about the uplifting potential of such a win. and ever grounded in reality, buck does not buy into the notion of added boost or momentum. >> it doesn't mean much. except that you felt good about the end of the game and you won. we face some real good pitching on the road and didn't particularly present ourselves well offensively. so that was a bad combo. you're fixing to see one of the best pitchers in the american league tonight. ask a kid tomorrow i like a
6:53 pm
lot. and of course, darvis might win the cy young this year. doesn't get any easier. >> reporter: buck talking about starting pitchers. he's got scott feldman, making his orioles home debut tonight, acquired in that trade with the cubs last week. feldman, facing the texas rangers. that's a team he played for for eight seasons. orioles take their swing at lefty derek holland. they come to town in second place in the a.l. west. see the game tonight on masn. earlier in the news, we heard from the oriole all- stars, chris davis, adam jones, manny machado and jj hardy. they're all picked to represent the o's at the all-star games in new york next week. and tonight, news of additional honors for chris davis. he has been picked to participate in the home run derby contest, one week from tonight othe eve of the all- star game. he'll swing from the fences at city field in new york. one of four looking to outslug the national league. davis have does have the most
6:54 pm
home runs in the league this year and can't wait to take his swing on the big stage. >> i think as a power hitter growing up, it's one of the things you look at, as one of the special things about the all-star game. the fact that so much attention is paid to the home run derby and there's so much hype around it. and for me, it's something i've always looked at as something i'd really like to do. >> reporter: yeah, davis, 33 home runs so far. they still have 90 games to go. and already, he's reached his career high. he's going to join prince fielder and robinson sano on the american league home run derby team. one more participant will be named tomorrow. a 10iss star has risen to new heights in great britain. andy murray, who won the wimbledon title. had the honor of meeting with british prime minister, david cameron. murray is the first brit to win wimbledon in 77 years. now, the prime minister went so far as to endorse murray for
6:55 pm
knight hood for his championship victory, over top side, novak jocovich. came game 1 of 4, home stand leading up to the all-star games, highlights tonight at 11:00. we'll see you then. back to you. >> all right. thank you, mark. >> i think buck showalter wouldn't even be excited by knight hood. he is very even. ,,,,,,,,
6:56 pm
mom... yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan?
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new york state beaches are back and open for business. with over a hundred miles of waves to surf. fleets of fishing boats to reel in the big one. more than enough wineries to please every palate, and brand new attractions that will have you screaming for more. we're ready to make your new york state vacation perfect. there's never been a better time to vacation in long island and new york state beaches. plan your vacation at the new state of new york. welcome.
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don't miss tonight's cbs primetime lineup at 10:00. it is under dome. then stay tuned for eyewitness news at 11:00. finally tonight, the taipei zoo in china is showing off its newest edition. take a look at their new baby panda. 9-year-old yuan yuan delivered over the weekend. they say they can't wait to see the baby when big enough. they hope to name her soon. so we at least know that much. >> that's it for us tonight. we'll be back at 11:00. i'm mary bubala. >> thanks for watching maryland >> pelley: tonight, the final seconds of flight 214. why was the plane flying so
6:59 pm
dangerously slow? john blackstone on what we've learned about the pilot. analysis from veteran captain sully sullenberger, and anna werner on the rescue. >> when i got out of the plane, people were saying "run, run, run." and we just ran. >> pelley: dozens are killed protesting the ouster of egypt's president. clarissa ward in cairo on a deepening crisis. mark strassmann on the zimmerman trial. who was that screaming on the 911 tapes? trayvon martin's father takes the stand. and the war winds down but americans are still dying in afghanistan. elaine quijano with a father's story. >> i am thankful that i was over there to be able to escort her home. to bring my little girl home. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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