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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 25, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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alcohol-related deaths. alex demetrick is in court when the sentence is imposed. alex? >> delegate dwight dwyer is looking at 60 days in jail and maybe as much as a year if he goes anywhere near alcohol. >> reporter: when delegate don dwyer's boat collided with another in 2012, people were hurt, including broken bones and a confusion to -- concussion to a 5-year-old girl and her 7-year-old brother. >> it is true, i was drinking on my boat. >> then it past august, he was pulled over for drinking and driving. in court, he was sentenced to 30 days in jail for each conviction. a total of 60 days behind bars. >> bare minimum of a sentence, compared to what i think he deserves. >> reporter: mark harbin was piloting the other boat with his grandchildren. and in court, dwyer's attorneys said it was mark harbin's fault for the accident. >> being drunk and speeding, seems to me to be ray crime.
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>> it would have been nice for him to acknowledge what happened and stop denying. acknowledge. stop denying. had he not been driving drunk, the accident probably would not have happened. >> once you admit you're an exactly alcoholic, it doesn't ga. -- go away. >> hey will take judge cliff's words and put them into action by making sure that he remains sober for the rest of his life. >> reporter: or at least the next three years he's on probation. the judge ordered him to stay out of any place that serves or sells alcohol. step inside. the judge said he will sentence dwyer to a year in jail. >> reporter: well, dwyer will be allowed to serve his 60 days on weekends, beginning next mont. and he must also continue using an alcohol sensor tied into his ignition. as for his political future, his lawyer says he plans to continue serving out his term as a delegate to anne
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arundel county. for the second straight day, the democratic governor tackles issues about attending a party where underaged drinking may have occurred. hi, pat. >> hi, kai. and you're absolutely right. it is the second day. and today the important thing is, doug gansler is trying to steer this away from the field of politics and more into the realm of parental responsibility. >> reporter: attorney general doug gansler, pictured at this teenage party, where underaged drinking may have been going on, triggered a firestorm of questions about what he should have done. what he did do was speak to his son ask leave. >> how do you react? what's the appropriate thing to do in that situation, where there's 19, 20-year-old kids that are having fun, having a party. and some of whom whom may be drinking at the party. >> we were in charge.
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>> it's your child. nobody is responsible for your child but you. >> me, personally, i would definitely stop it. >> to the extent that people are looking at this as an issue, i think it's a good thing. because i think it confronts every parent that has, you know, 19 or 20-year-old kids. >> reporter: clinical psychologist jim dassinger says parents face tough questions. but the responsibility is there. >> to contact the chaperones who are there. to reassure. i'd probably do it to reassure myself if things were going well there. >> in a statement today, gansler says you always try to make the best decisions. in this case, maybe i should have done something differently. the head of the group that created a public service announcement, in which gansler cautions against teenage drinking agrees. >> we know that parents don't want other adults providing alcohol to their kids. so at that point, i think you do have a moral responsibility. and gansler has said that he believes he might have made a mistake and that he does have
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a moral responsibility, not only to his kids but to his friends' kids. i'm pat warren, reporting live. now, back to you. >> pat, thank you. the party took place at a beach house in delaware in june. disturbing allegations against a baltimore man tonight, accused of sexually abusing children ask recording it. mary is in the newsroom with more on the suspect in custody. mary? >> denise, preston lamont scott ii, is being held on $22 million bail tonight. anne arundel county police say he sexually abused two children known to him over a six-year period. in addition, he recorded the sex acts, according to police. scott is charged with multiple counts of child sexual abuse and filming sex acts. anyone with information is encouraged to call police. back to you. >> thank you, mary. scott was previously an administrative member of the ferndale volunteer fire department. there is no indication he had any inappropriate contact with children while working there. behind bars.
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the man accused of shooting a howard county police officer is now in the hospital and now in jail. it comes as wjz learns more about the moments before that gun battle happened on route 1 in laurel. wjz is live at shock trauma, where that injured officer is being treated. meghan mccorkell is there and has the latest details. good evening, meghan. >> good evening, kai. charging documents just released to wjz, reveal new insight about the minutes leading up to that shooting. >> reporter: this is a surveillance photo of stefan prather, moments before he open said fire on howard county police. practical sirens ] >> reporter: according to court documents, it was an employee, inside an auto max that first called 911. prather had come into the store to test drive a car. but the employee noticed a gun in his pocket and worried he was about to be robbed. when three officers confronted prather, he pushed one of them, then pulled out the gun. >> the shooter, i mean, he wasn't yelling. he wasn't anything. it just seemed odd. >> reporter: aaron lajoiea was
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driving down route 1 at that time. he watched as prather opened fire, hitting officer steven hawk, who collapsed in the grass. >> he was laying face down. then the ambulance got here. >> reporter: officer hawk was shot once in the torso. he's still recovering here at shock trauma. >> reporter: prather ran into the woods. and officers fired at him for 17 hours, police combed this area, searching for the gunman. early thursday morning, he was spotted along route 1, by a man working nearby. >> i stopped right there. and i saw one of the cops in the street. and i was just like, hey, it's him. it's him. >> reporter: prather was taken to the hospital, shot in both legs. >> clearly he knew the heat was on him because he eventually walked out and surrendered, knowing that officers had surrounded him. >> reporter: tonight, stefon prather faces multiple charges, including three counts of first- degree attempted murder. >> reporter: ask prather does have a lengthy criminal record, chgdz another attempted murder charge in prince george's county. live at shock trauma, megan
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mccorkell, wjz eyewitness news. >> look with the -- along with the attempted murder charge, prather has been charged with assault and fire arms violations. let's update a chaotic situation at howard county university's homecoming in washington, d.c. several people are hurt, apparently rushing into a concert, after the gates were opened. it happened a short time ago, as the university is holding its outdoor concert, known as yard sales. the most serious injury seems to include a broken leg. the situation is now under control. a freeze warning is set to go into effect in just a couple of hours. temperatures are calling. it's important to dress warmly, as a mother bundles up her little one in north. baltimore. and commuters waiting in the cold. hoping buses have the heat cranked up, i would imagine. and look. gorgeous. i guess sunset.
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sights and sounds of fall in full swing. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist tim williams is at the sill burn arboretum. but first is bob with an update at the temperatures. >> the sun is really bright, i'll tell you. still warm this time of year to get some sun. but in the shade, yeah, we've hit very chilly temperatures. we've hit 51. back to 32 in oakland. they did get up to 34. we did have a high of 56 this afternoon. 53 in d.c. now. and 54 over in easton. and this morning, the airport dropped to 36. they did stay above freezing, except north and west of town, where we did have some frost and freezing editions. 28 this morning in oakland. and 33 at ocean city. and at salisbury airport. they were pretty chilly. now, overnight tonight, we do have once again, reissued a freeze warning for all of those areas you see. from midnight to 9:00 a.m. portions of jersey there, under
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frost razory. -- advisory. looks like many places that missed the frost and freeze will get these locations tomorrow morning. except for downtown areas of the city, by the bay, and d.c. as well. most areas, however, will probably wake up to frost. with more on what's happening over the weekend, let's send it out to tim williams, live with the wjz mobile weather lab. at the sill burn arboretum in northern baltimore. >> that's exactly it. it has been a tongue twister all day for us. we are here in northwestern boulevard. a little chilly here. you can see, this event has started the first year for the civil burn arboo-retum. you can bring the folks out. it is a little chilly here now. attaches are just around 49 degrees here. and thoasht west baltimore. 49.2 degrees. a little bit of a wind chill, when we're talking about the winds blowing. they have been coming in at about 5 to 10 miles an hour. take a look at some graphics we have for you. 32 degrees is where we expect
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to drop down to. that's why the freeze warning is in effect. normal is 42. but we're nowhere near the record. actually, we are kind of close to the record of 28 degrees. and there are some spots out in far western maryland that could really hit that benchmark. we'll keep an eye on that for you in the overnight hours. as far as high pressure in control of our forecast. it's doing two things. gives us these nice blue skies. but directing the cooler temperatures. winds coming from the northwest. high is going to ease off to the east. and allow for a bit of a south southerly flow. that will get temperatures closer to normal which is about 64 degrees. it will be a little milder, heading into saturday and sunday. if you plan to use this weekend to take a look at the fall foliage, just know that you're starting to see a slight change on the lower eastern shore. we're going to start to see a little better change heading into the 95 corridor. start to see 70 west. and you'll start to see a bit better change. and we'll start to get a better idea. we'll come here real quick. want it show you big bend. this is big bend.
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and this is what is going on here. there are carriage rides, pumpkin carving, a haunted house. all kinds of activities going on. and there big ben the horse. big ben. and phobes out here for the -- folks out here for the carriage rides. a lot of festivities here until 10:00. we're live here at the sillburn ar-boo-retum. >> thank you, tim. you scared me. the man hired to oversee the fixes to the obama care website has set a date to have the glitches fixed. businessman jeffrey swreets, appointed by the president to fix the website says most problems will be fixed by the end of november. dozens of world leaders outraged by the revelations of the extent of u.s. surveillance. now, the omobama administration is doing damage control with
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the leaks. tina kraus reports with the fallout from london. germany and france are demanding the u.s. agree to a no-spying deal with their countries by the end of the year. the national security agency reportedly tapped german chancellor angella merkel's cell phone. and accessed tens of thousands cell phones. merkel said trust between the u.s. and germany has been shattered, despite reassurances from the white house that the united states is not and will not monitor her calls. u.s. intelligence chiefs will travel to washington as early as next week to find out how many leaders and citizens u.s. agents may be listening in on. spain is asking the u.s. ambassador to find out if it's being spied on, too. former nsa contractor, edward snowden, leaked a memo, suggesting the agency was able to monitor the calls of 35 world leaders. britain's prime minister slammed snowden, and newspapers
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reporting his intelligence leaks, saying exposing state secrets only helps terrorists. >> that is not going to make our world safer. it's going to make our world more dangerous. >> e.u. despite anger over the claims the u.s. is snooping on then. -- them. tina kraus, wjz eyewitness news. >> they have a no-spying agreement. >> it's an annual tradition at the maryland zoo in baltimore. and children love it. oh. [ laughter ] you can hear them scroosm r screaming. children watched in awe. as the elephants did the annual pump skin smash. the pumpkins are an annual treat. only available this time of year. you can see, they love them. first, they smash them, lift them up, scoop them in their mouth and enjoy them. >> they're strong. it's amazing how easily they
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crush those things. >> yeah. nothing to it. still ahead on eyewitness news. unsolved mystery. nearly two decade the later. unsealed documents reveal who a garage wanted to charge in the murder of jonbenet ramsey. wrong side. law. a city police officer, heading to jail. is it part of a bigger problem? we are giving our children, our students, and adults, a way to report bullying, wherever it happens. and there's an app for that. the new way to fight bullying in howard county. and if you haven't already, get the heavy blanket out tonight. bob is back with the updated first warning forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is clear and 51 degrees at the arboretum, the wjz mobile weather lab. the complete first warning forecast is coming u. a corrupt baltimore city cop this week is sentenced for his role in what prosecutors call a series of criminal acts. wjz is live. monique griego has more on the case being investigated by the fbi. monique? >> reporter: kai, 36-year-old kendall rich burg was part of a special violent crimes unit. this week, he was sentenced to eight years in prison for drug and weapons charges. >> reporter: federal prosecutors say former baltimore police officer kensal rich burg used his authority in the northwestern district to take part in a list of criminal activities. >> he was trafficking in stolen
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property. secondly, he was conspiring to protect the drug dealer. and third, he was falsifying police reports. >> reporter: investigators say rich burg acted as a lookout, letting a local heroin dealer know when and where to sell in exchange for information. this weekend, a judge sentenced him to eight years in prison, and four years supervised release. investigators said he believed other officers had lied on their reports. but rosenstein said they did not find widespread corruption. >> our investigation did not uncover any evidence of a widespread practice. we did find two instances in which there was reason officers did have included false employation in their reports. >> we're going -- information in their reports. >> we're going to make sure our officers are doing the right things for the citizens of baltimore. >> reporter: despite the fact that they believe he acted alone, law enforcement officers say his conviction sheds a bad light on the entire department. >> trust is always an issue.
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and any time an investigation like this is thrown out into the court of public opinion, police departments have to work that much harder to earn the public's trust. >> reporter: and again, rich burg of was sentenced to eight years in prison, with four years ofion supervised-- of supervised release. >> monique, thank you. the two other cases of false reports have been turned over to the state's attorney's office, to determine if charges will be filed against the officers. there's an app for that. students and parents in howard county will now be able to report bullying with their phones. christie ileto shows us how the program works. >> reporter: need to report bullying? well, there's an app for that friday. it's part of the standup as bullying goes online and protecting the individual reporting it. >> we are giving our children, students and adults a way to report bullying, wherever it happens. >> just go online. with the click of a button, fill out this form and submit what you saw. >> it has great possibility to
6:20 pm
protect children. >> the 15-year-old committed suicide last easter. after repeated attempts to stop taunts from bullying. prior to the apps, students say a green form is what students filled out to report being bullied. >> and because she wasn't willing to fill it out, there wasn't action taken. and you know, it accumulated and it's damaging. >> reporter: and online reporting isn't the only way to crack down on bullies. take a look here. these cameras are coming to all howard county school buses as a way to catch bullies in the act. >> there's a lot that happens on the bus that people don't hear about. >> and with over 400 buses in the fleet. the school district says each bus will now have four cameras. kylie is part of group are if change. >> we found this almost all of the kids who have been bullied have reported at least once or twice that they were bullied on the school bus. >> reporter: this community can stop students from falling victim to a bully.
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>> now, the system is already used in about 25 other states across the country. >> wow. all right. all right. let's take a look at temperatures. we have a cold fight again. -- night again. but a milder weekend. 51 now. northwest winds, finally calming down at 10. humidity, still quite low. dew points at 26. between some neighborhoods, may get down in the upper 20s tonight. the barometer, 30.26. and still rising. come back and take a look at the weekend after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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here's live at the wjz mobile weather lab, at the sillburn, arboo-retum. a lot is going on. we've had ironman here, ghosts and goblins. harry potter. a lot of activity going on. they have a haunted house pumpkin carving. a lot of things going on. and if judy, our photographer can come here, that is big ben coming around. they have carriage rides as well. big ben is a part clydesdale, part quarter horse. and he is gorgeous. and a lot of folks are riding him around for that as well. a lot happening here. this is one of the first halloween festivities we've seen. for now, we're sending it back to you on television hill. for bob turk, to tell us how it is going to be.
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that will be a lot of fun. but dress for the weather. it's going to be in the 40s most of the evening. and by later on, it will be quickly in the upper 30s by about probably 9:00, 10:00. take a look at temps now. we're down to 51 and will continue to drop as the sun sets shortly. 32 in oakland. they did get up to about 34. 53 in d.c. and 50 in ocean city. 45 in cumberland. and locally, temperatures upper 40s to the low 50s. still a bit of a breeze. but later tonight, as the wind quits, the temperatures will drop. when we have clear skies and lighter winds, any heat that accumulated during the day today, reradiates in the atmosphere. and temperatures at the surface get quite chilly. that's why we'll see frost in the morning. to the west of us, however, it's warming up. 61 in bismarck. even winnipeg at 50. there's milder air. minneapolis, 55 now. so that milder air will be in our direction. for the weekend and into next week, we might even get close
6:26 pm
to the upper 60s by the middle or end of next week. milder weather coming our way. although we have a very whiley night tonight. with the clear skies and lighter winds. lots of frost and freezing conditions overnight tonight. and that's why they have issued, once again, second night in a row. because a lot of folks didn't see the frost and freezing temps this morning. they reissued this freeze warning tonight. because we've got still the same kind of conditions, but lighter winds. so this whole region could see frost or freezing conditions. not by the bay. not in downtown areas of baltimore, washington, or any of the potomac. but many of the area, just away from the water. many will see frost or freezing conditions by morning. high pressure, eventually moving off to the south, brings us milder air over the weekend. temperatures get back up close to normal. southwest winds, 10 to 15. bay temp, around 62 degrees. looks like a sunny, nice fall weekend. tonight, it will be cold.
6:27 pm
frost. many spots by morning, 32. probably 38 by the inner harbor. 59 degrees tomorrow. that's warmer than we are today. and a lot of sunshine. but there will be a breeze once again in the afternoon. have a good weekend. >> all right. you, too, bob. thank you. still ahead on eyewitness news tonight. mystery solved. dna tests confirmed, the parents of this little girl, found. what happens now? state fair terror. the accident on this ride that left several people injured. it makes me proud, but it also scares me to death. that something like this could happen. >> opening fire on fellow guardsman. new information on a ,, avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive" sales event is back. which means it's never been easier to get a new passat, awarded j.d. power's most appealing midsize car, two years in a row.
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it is 6:30. 61 degrees and clear with the wjz mobile weather lab. good evening. thanks for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. nearly two decades after 6-year- old jonbenet ramsey was savagely murdered, a colorado court releases surprising new documents. and for the first time, we learned that a grand jury wanted charges against her parents.
6:31 pm
bigad shaban has more. john and patsy ramsey never faced murder charges in the death of their daughter, jonbenet. but new rely -- newly-released documents show that the grand jury wanted to charge her. but the then-district attorney refused to press charges citing lack of evidence. the grand jury charged that the ramseys allowed their daughter to to be in unnecessary risk. in another count, the couple was accused of accessory to crime, for trying to delay the capture of their daughter's killer. while that person is never named, the ramseys are cited for rendering assistance. >> please, if you know anything, i beg you to call us. >> reporter: the ramseys always maintain their innocence. jonbenet's mother died of cancer in 2006.
6:32 pm
two years later, another district attorney publicly exonerated the couple, saying new dna testing proved the killer was a stranger and not a family member. the court only released a small portion of the grand jury's record. john ramsey believes those four pages tell just part of the story. and he's now demanding all of the documents be made public. bigad shaban, wjz eyewitness news. >> jonbenet's murder remains unsolved. a judge ruled to release the grand jury indictment after aol coljournallist sued for the documents. we're learning more about the motive behind the latest shooting at a u.s. military facility. mare sein the newsroom with more. >> first class amos patton was told to report to the national guard armory in millington, tennessee, to be told he would be relieved of his duties. patton was ordered, when he pulled out a gun. three fellow guardsmen were shot when another subdued patten and held him.
6:33 pm
the national guard is not going into any more detail about it. back to you. >> all right, mary. thank you. two of the three men who were shot, both superiors to patton were out of the hospital. patton faces a number of charges. california police say proper policy was not followed in a troubling school incident at a school in chino. a police officer pulled the trigger on a police officer's ar-15 rifle, that was mounted to his motorcycle. police say the officer should not have had any ammunition in the rifle. he was at the school to give a speech on drug safety. ride started off as passengers were trying to get off. tara lynn has more on the accident. >> reporter: state inspectors are checking out an amusement ride that left several people injured. some critically at the state
6:34 pm
fair. the ride called the vortex came to a sudden stop. witnesses say several people were knocked unconscious. >> we did have one complaint monday night. the ride inspectors did what they were supposed to. they went and checked it out. and everything was working properly. >> reporter: the vortex spins, twirls and flips riders upside down. the rides are supposed to be inspected three times a day. and officials want to know if the vortex got regular inspections. >> it would be great if we could stand up here this morning and tell you exactly what happened. unfortunately, we're not to that point yet. >> reporter: a company in georgia owns the vortex. but another company was in charge of managing the rides. despite the accident, the fair is open and people are here today. in raleigh, north carolina, i'm tara lynn, cbs news. >> the injured rider range in age from 14 to 39. a prince george's county man facesar son charges for
6:35 pm
allegedly setting a fire that damaged homes in bowie. investigators say he set the fire that caused this damage. two dogs had to be reduced from the house. no word on why messiah allegedly set that fire. annapolis police arrest a man suspected to be behind a string of indecent exposure incidents. eddie strang, jr., exposed himself. he is now charged with 10 additional peeping tom cases, dating back to may of last year,ula in the same area of annapolis. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in tomorrow morning's edition of the baltimore sun. a look at ravens' linebacker brendan aian badeo. a tribute to late photographer, bill epiridge, boast known for his tragic photo of bobby kennedy, seconds after he had been assassinated.
6:36 pm
and a preview of saturday's football game between maryland and clemson. look for the updated forecast from wjz's first worning -- warning weather team. scores of volunteers around the state took a day off to give back. it's part of the united way's day of action. the service day comes with a free gift. gigi barnett has that story. i heard somebody cough. did somebody have a little cough? >> it's a sound dr. patty vining knows well. she spent the last 45 year the, treating the youngest patients at johns hopkins hospital. back in june, she retired. but today, vining surrounded herself with children at moravia park elementary school. volunteering in the united way's annual day of action. >> it's fun to come play with them. >> reporter: volunteer readers is one of different community service projects. and each first and second grader here gets a book to take home. >> it's important to see that
6:37 pm
someone else, outside of their teacher is talking approximate reading is very important. it helps that they're also getting a book to take home. so they're super excited about that. >> this group of children reads superbly. for first grade children, they're remarkably good. and they love it. you can feel it. >> reporter: but how do these first graders feel about their volunteer readers? >> i like her voice. she read the book nice. >> reporter: and about 150 volunteers participated in the service day across the state. i'm gigi barnett. wjz eyewitness news. >> reporter: the first and second gradersa the moravia park elementary, receive free books thanks to the weinberg foundation. still to come on wjz eyewitness news. >> i don't remember my daughter playing soccer. youth soccer. i don't remember that. >> health concerns for an nfl legend. what brett favre is saying about his memory. up in flames. what caused this mess in a chicago suburb.
6:38 pm
meteorologist tim williams, along with bob turk, as we head into the last weekend of october. we're putting the finishing touches on your exclusive first warning five-day forecast. it's coming up in a few moments. and wjz 13 is always on. here are the top stories on at this hour. for updates on all the day's news, and the updated forecast any time, log onto ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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toyota is found at fault in a crash. a jury ordered the car maker to pay $1.5 million. and $1.5 million to the family of barbara schwartz. the passenger who was killed. the incident is one of more than 700 unintended acceleration cases that toyota is facing. people living in a quiet, illinois suburb, get a rude awakening, when an suv slams into a town house. take a look. the accident caused a break in the gas line. caused a vehicle and town home to go up in flames. the fire destroyed the suv. caused damage to both vehicles. but everyone inside did make it out safely. darn tests confirmed, a bulgarian gypsy couple are the
6:42 pm
parents of a mystery child, discovered in greece. lucy mcdonald has the latest for wjz. >> reporter: bulgarian authorities say dna tests confirmed this 35-year-old woman is a biological mother of maria. she's the little blond girl discovered at a gypsy camp last week. she said she had a baby girl four years ago in greece, but she and her husband gave her away, because they were too poor to care for her. she says, yes, i gave birth there. i gave the baby to a woman to take care of so i could come back here and take care of my other children. >> reporter: police in greece triggered an international search. they questioned the couple looking after her, because they looked so different. >> reporter: when dna tests confirmed in maria was not their daughter, the couple was arrested and charged with kidnapping. now, maria's biological family, who live in neighboring bulgaria. the 4-year-old girl back. >> i'd like maria to come here.
6:43 pm
she's my sister. but it's not that simple. police are investigating if the biological parents sold their child. if so, they face up to six years in jail and thousands of dollars in fines. lucy mcdonald, for wjz eyewitness news. >> reporter: the greek couple who have raised maria for the last few years, claimed they received the child after an informal adoption. and say they plan to fight for custody. the two little kittens who cause the major headaches for commuters in new york city, have a new home tonight. back in late august, they were spotted running on the tracks on the subway. remember that? service was halted on the subway for about 90 minutes, frustrate something commuters. the kittens were eventually wrangled by animal control. and a family from brooklyn heights has adopted them, naming them arthur and august. they look perfectly happy. >> absolutely. scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. for the first we want to
6:44 pm
know why a grand jury wanted to indict jonbenet ramsey's parents. we'll have the newly-released secret documents tonight. on the cbs evening news. and here's a look at tonight's closings numbers from wall street. wall street. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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a chilly october evening. live look outside right now. much the same this weekend. meteorologist tim williams is live with the wjz mobile weather lab, updating what we can expect tomorrow and that scary halloween world. but first, bob is updating the five-day forecast. let's go to tim, before he gets carted away by some ghosts or goblins. >> some goblin or something. it just says that you probably will want to bundle up, even with your costume on, if you're coming out in some of these early halloween events. tonight, we're going down to about 32. that's why the freezing warning is going into effect. then tomorrow, we start off just around 33 degrees. it will be a little less windy than today. temperatures in the middle of the day, midday, about 51 degrees. up to about 59, before it's all said and done. looks like we'll start to see those 60s heading into the week. for the next five days. sending it in to bob.
6:48 pm
59. 41 tomorrow night. 59, 36 sunday night. but mainly dry the whole period. up to 62 monday. 58 tuesday. a little bump. back up in the mid-60s wednesday. may get the upper 60s by the end of next week. denise? >> thank you, bob. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. >> here's luis cruz. he has flied out and struck out. manny machado. fouled territory. >> a half dozen orioles are finalists for gold belove glov i didn't know they made chicken. crunchy taco or four cheese lasagna? can i get another one of those actually? [ superfan ] hey, america, we're here to help. ♪ this is the creamy chicken corn chowder. i mean, look at it. so indulgent. did i tell you i am on the... [ both ] chicken pot pie diet! me too! [ male announcer ] so indulgent,
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some possible post season honors for the orioles. >> reporter: jessica kartalija explains in tonight's wjz the fan sports report. hi, everyone. the orioles were the best fielding team in baseball this past season. so it's really no surprise that six players are timists for the prestigious gold gloves. >> reporter: manny machado is one of the finalists. seemed like every week, he made a spectacular play. if he were to win, it would be manning's first -- manny's first. adam jones won last year.
6:52 pm
and if he were to win again, it would be jones' third gold glove. also finalist, catcher matt wieters, jj hardy, and chris davis. the winners will be announced tuesday night. world series is now tied at one game apiece. and it was bad defense that cost boston the game. red sox were leading 2-1 in the seventh. when a sacrifice fly scores one run. ask craig brez low throws one ball away. game 3 is saturday night in st. louis. homecoming in college park saturday, as the terps host 9th- ranked clemson. maryland needing just one more win to become bowl eligible. the terps are dealing with an overwhelming number of injuries. sefon digs and dion long are out with broken legs. as is starting running back brandon ross and j brown. head coach, randy edsel says the team is up to the
6:53 pm
challenge. >> it's unfortunate. but we have to continue moving forward. and everybody has to step their game up. you know, we gotta step it up as coaches. players have to step it up and we have to deal with it. >> the terps will honor former all american. and coach edsel said he might just need a few of them on help out on the field. >> terps are undefeated at home so far this season. so we'll see what happens. >> well, that's good. one of the most successful quarterbacks ever to play in the nfl says he suffers from memory loss and believes it may be the results of concussions. 44-year-old brett favre says he can't remember some personal family moments and says that's got him scared. jarica duncan reports for wjz. >> reporter: for 20 seasons, brett favre stared down some of the biggest, meanest players in the nfl and won. now, retired, favre says something else has him scared. >> i don't remember my daughter playing soccer.
6:54 pm
youth soccer, one summer. i don't remember that. >> reporter: favre told washington sports radio station, wfpv, he's experiencing memory loss. >> that's a little scary to me. >> yeah. >> for the first time in 44 years, that kind of put a little fear in me. >> reporter: favre said that fear is that he has been affected by concussions during his long career. it's not a new problem facing pro football veterans. in august, the nfl agreed to pay $765 million to settle lawsuits for more than 4,000 former players who claimed their conditions were caused by repeated concussions. dr. robert gladder, a former new york jets sideline physician, said symptoms are typical. >> often ct scans are what we do after an initial suspected head injury are severe. but there's changes involving memory. >> reporter: favre says he knows his career has taken a toll on his body. >> after 20 years, god only knows the toll. >> reporter: favre says for
6:55 pm
now, he's trying to enjoy his retirement with his family. jarica duncan, wjz eyewitness news. >> favre played an nfl record 297 regular season games in a row. >> a lot. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:56 pm
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don't miss the cbs primetime lineup. tonight at 10:00, an all new episode of the drama blue bloods. followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. finally tonight, a u.s. navy officer surprises his family by coming home to indiana, nearly a month early. his homecoming tour started at a south bend hospital where his wife works. then he visited both of his children while they were in class. it was the first time seeing his family in 8 months. now he's home for ,, >> pelley: tonight, turns out, you were right.
6:59 pm
after 25 days of excuses, the obama administration admits what millions of americans already know-- is fundamentally broken. sharyl attkisson on what happens next. for the first time, we know why a grand jury wanted to indict jonbenet ramsey's parents. barry petersen has the newly released secret documents. charlie d'agata on patrol with easy company in afghanistan. can the american mission wind down as planned? and how did the jocks treat the learning disabled boy? steve hartman "on the road" with the football players who ran a remarkable rout to compassion. >> he went from being pretty mump a nobody to making everyone's day. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. it all sounded pretty good the


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