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tv   News 6 at 5.30 pm  CBS  January 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> fun spot america making some big changes to its master plan, including adding jobs. >> but we asked orlando police could more people in the area lead to more trouble? thank you for joining us tonight. i'm matt austin. >> i'm ginger gadsden. we will have that story for you
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but first, winter weather has officially come to central florida and we have a cool, dare i say, cold week ahead? chief meteorologist tom sorrells is here with your pinpoint weather first at 5:30. >> anytime it's below normal, that's cool. >> i like it, yeah. >> anytime it's 9 degrees below normal, that's cold. >> that's cold. officially cold. >> agreed? >> yes, that's cold. >> here are the readings right now. our normal temperatures about now should be about 68 or 70. we're way below normal, people. it's 52 right now in palm coast. here the bottom line. freeze warning from flagler county to putnam around to marion county. you guys up north are going into the 30's before it's over tonight. on-the-town forecast this evening, we slide to a reading of 49 degrees at 11 p.m. i'll pinpoint the overnight lows where you live. we'll talk about how long the chilly air stays in place. >> thank you, tom. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app.
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store. >> we've learned tonight fun spot america in orlando is making some major upgrades to its park. >> more importantly, the changes are going to require a lot more employees. news 6 reporter eric sandoval joins us live from fun spot america. we're told this is going to bring more jobs but it's going to bring more tourists to the area. are police at all concerned about that? >> well, you know, i talked with orlando police this afternoon, matt, and they tell me they're actually working with fun spot on this master plan right now. this plan is pretty ambitious. you know, you've seen the fun spot america park here with the wooden roller coaster. well, follow me. this expansion is going to bring it across the street and into the vacant lot here on land they already own. they're going to clear the trees, mow the grass and replace it all with new rides and attractions. >> ask any of the people going through the turnstiles of fun spot america why they chose this orlando amusement park.
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much the same as liam murray, visiting from the united kingdom. >> the kids have to sit around waiting for hours and hours and the more you've got here, the better it is for the kids and for us. >> fun spot america says they're about to give liam and all the other visitors more when they visit. news 6 got ahold of these conceptual drawings today that show a big, multi-year expansion. park leaders tell us there will be six new themed areas. all of them with some kind of american theme. >> fun spot's news comes just months after county commissioners approved the construction of skyplex down the street, which will feature what could be the world's tallest roller coaster. fun spot officials tell us it's time to stay competitive and that's why the first featured open is part of their newest expansion will be a water park, set to open in the spring of next year. >> it's a bit cold now for the water park. but when we come back here in the summer holidays to see the
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great to come to a water park, yeah, for sure. >> back out here live, as for the crowds, orlando police tell me they are already working with fun spot america to make sure everybody is safe. they already have officers in patrol cars, patrolling this area. officers on bikes. they even have officers inside the park in regular street clothing to make sure everybody is safe in there. they say there's still time in this development process to make adjustments, if any are needed at all. we're live at fun spot america in orlando tonight, eric sandoval, news 6. >> it's hard to think about a water park at this particular time but you say that's going to open next year. how about the other new rides? when can we see those? >> this is part of a master plan they want to develop over the next few years. i talked with a fun spot spokesperson and he says the new ride on the vacant land will
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years from now, not that long. >> yeah, in the scheme of things. eric sandoval is live for us outside fun spot america. thank you. >> a judge is expected to issue a decision soon on whether a teen will be released from jail before his trial. >> the teen is facing attempted murder charges. the 17-year-old edward kelty is accused of being behind the wheel and running down an orlando police officer william anderson during a traffic stop last year. you can see in this dash-cam video anderson approaches the car with his gun drawn but when one of the suspects gets out of the car, he tries to chase it and he gets run over and dragged. officer anderson suffered a traumatic brain injury in this incident. mark lehman was in court today when the officer's wife testified. >> escorted by several other officers and show of support, william anderson was in court for today's bond hearing. he watched as the man accused of running him over asked to be released from jail. >> with her husband by her side,
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anderson sheds tears as this video was played in court. jessica anderson saying the dash-cam video is traumatic for her because of the life-changing injuries her husband received after a traffic stop. >> he suffered a bruised retina after his brain struck the back of his eyes. >> the now 18-year-old is asking a judge to grant bond in this case. his attorney arguing that the intention to hit the officer is purely circumstantial. >> you can't say to moral certainty that mr. kelty committed the offenses he's charged with. when you look at those videos. >> the state disagrees. it shows the intention to run over officer anderson. his wife telling the judge her fears if he's released. >> i fear who else that individual will hurt if he's willing to hurt a police officer. >> the judge says she'll be
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into consideration and will carefully review the dash-cam video before making a decision. she could rule on kelty's bond as early as tomorrow. >> detectives asking for your help tonight to find the person who robbed a family dollar in titusville. investigators just releaseed this video today. it shows a guy who appears to have blonde hair, blue eyes, going into the family dollar on garden street last tuesday around 4:30 p.m. he went up to the clerk, showed her a knife. he grabbed the register drawer and ran out the store. >> the suspect was wearing camouflaged shorts, black shoes and a light blue hooded sweatshirt there that says d.c. on it. if you recognize him, call police or crime line right away, 1-800-423-tips. >> covering orange county, this dad is behind bars tonight. deputies say he was riding his motorcycle recklessly with his young son on the gas tank in front of him.
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investigators tell us brian sanchez admitted to not even having a driver's license. he started yelling threats while they were arresting him. his charges now include threatening an officer as well as child abuse. >> all the roads out of cape coral is reopening this morning after an ef-2 tornado hit the area over the weekend. >> city leaders spent the day looking for debris that could damage the waterway. the storm knocked out power to 10,000 people at one point. city leaders are asking people who live in areas hit by the storm to stay away from downed trees and power lines and let the professionals take care of the clean-up. cape coral police say early estimates for repairing costs from the tornado are as high as $6 million. >> time now to see how traffic
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let's get a check on the roads with julie broughton. >> we're seeing some slowdowns. this is what's happening for you. this is i-4 at kirkman. the cars moving away from me are heading eastbound. we were watching a crash earlier. you can see a police officer out there causing some slowdowns. do keep in mind we're talking about a slow go on i-4 eastbound there through the attractions area. here's a look at the map for you. this gives us a better idea of actual speeds. this goes closer from i-4 eastbound toward the turnpike. you're seeing things pretty slow. once you get past the turnpike, it picks up a little while and slows down again as you approach state road 408. we're keeping an eye also on what's happening in seminole county as we're hearing reports of a crash on sanford on w.p. ball boulevard as you approach i-4. you may see slowdowns there. i-4 westbound slowing down from seminole county to the lake mary boulevard exit to colonial, which takes 21 minutes.
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road 408 takes 22 minutes. >> the powerball jackpot has grown yet again, after no one drew the winning combination of numbers on saturday night. >> i'm waiting for it to get to a trillion before i buy. >> good luck with that. >> now it's up to at least $1.4 billion. it could keep growing before wednesday. i think you could almost count on that. could you guarantee a winning lottery ticket? one group says you could in theory spend $584 million, which i'm sure you have laying around. buy every possible combination of numbers for the powerball drawing with the current estimated payout, you would make out with a handsome $284 million profit if you bought every ticket and won. you still have to pay taxes. >> you're not making out like a bandit. now? >> i don't know. because we need an excuse to say
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if you flood the system with the tickets you purchased, the lump sum payout would rise by $200 million for a $576 million profit. you can catch wednesday night's drawing here on news 6. tune in for news 6 at 11:00. i promise i will not do any more math for you. the drawing happens at 10:59. >> right now, there's a lot of bad math on facebook. >> someone said let's just spread it throughout the country and give everyone $4 million. >> we need some refresher courses on the old algebra. >> chrysler has a plan for the future and it wipes out some of the best-selling minivans on the market. the change they're making, coming up next. >> plus, millions of people tried to get money from facebook's c.e.o., mark zuckerberg, tried, during a supposed lottery on the social networking site. mike holfeld breaks down the latest scam in tonight's "schemes and rip-offs". >> take a look at temperatures
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it's not just us. these folks are frigid up north. it's 5 in minneapolis. 18 in chicago. 43 in atlanta. we're going to lows that are going to be super cold for us. i'll be back to track the overnight lows and talk about the freeze warning that is in effect. >> and a name we've been seeing since the invention of the cell phone is soon to be no more.
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>> text messages from facebook creator mark zuckerberg is showing up on smartphones across central florida. >> they sure are. those messages announced you have been chosen to receive more than $1 million. but here's the catch. it's a scam. news 6 investigator mike holfeld explains in tonight's "schemes and rip-offs". >> the money is in south africa, which was kind of interesting, and that i will have a representative to contact. >> it was a text message, straight from facebook guru mark zuckerberg to news 6 viewer
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or was it? >> congratulations, we are pleased to inform you of your price release this new year. >> she's reportedly one of 14 facebook members chosen to receive $1.2 million in the facebook online cash splash promotion. >> it continued on, telling me how i was selected, that it used my facebook number, which was my cell phone number. >> angela knew it was a scam, but she didn't like the facebook connection. she's had that private account for the last six years. >> knowing that they had somehow hacked that information from facebook leaves you very vulnerable. if they have mine, they have others. >> now the facebook money giveaway alerts can be found on any internet search. a litany of reports of too good to be true facebook cash lotteries, linked to zuckerberg, all scams. >> then it asks for personal information, my name, date of birth. >> why have you decided to go public with this?
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>> variations of the facebook splash lottery have been going around since 2011. to get that money, it's an absolute scam. >> now to see all of mike's "schemes and rip-offs" reports, go to our website at, powered by news 6. >> it would be cool to get a text from mark zuckerberg. >> not happening. a major name in electronics will soon be gone. >> while once popular motorola is not shutting down, you won't see that name on phones anymore. they're changing the name to moto by lenovo. it was bought from google for $3 million. motorola was responsible for the first-ever walkie-talkies and
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do you remember the motorola razor? i had a pager that's a motorola. chrysler is announcing it's releasing an all new minivan. the new model, the pacifica, is replacing two models. both will be on sale later this year. other features include panoramic sunroof and self parking. >> that's key. >> we're seeing that more and more. it used to be just in high-end mercedes. but no -- >> the average joe can have it now. after a bumpy road for cars this year and a troubled past for this particular car, the honda civic is back on top. >> who knew a sporty redesign put it in the good graces of automotive journalists in the u.s. and canada? the honda civic was just named the 2016 north american car of the year but the model has seen its ups and downs throughout its lifetime. the 2011 design was blasted by critics, but a complete
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back in the spotlight. sales fell last year, though, while rivals like toyota corolla and hyundai elantra had great years. the civic also won this award back in 2006. >> could unlimited data plans be making their way back into the cell phone industry? at&t announced today it plans to bring back unlimited data. this is the company that promotes its newly acquired direct tv service. the unlimited data deal will run you $100 per month for a single smartphone and $40 for each additional phone. however, you have to be a directv or u-verse subscriber to use this deal. >> see, fortunately, there's wi-fi almost everywhere now. i don't think you need an unlimited data plan anymore, hopefully. >> the kids are wrecking your plan. >> the kids have not jumped on the cell phone plan just yet. >> talking to a man who knows. >> chief meteorologist tom
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a cold day for sure. >> chilly, going down to 41 in orlando and freeze warnings to the north. beautiful sunset shot tonight. the blue sky really helps out with the orange and yellow down low. isn't that pretty? that's ormand beach. it's beautiful on the coast. beautiful shot there, ponce inlet, guitar man. i love it. you can see the birds in the distance. >> temperatures are going to be the star. we don't have a lot of cloud cover or storms yet. but we have cold air settling in. it's really cold up north, surging to the south. it's 43 in atlanta. 44 in charlotte. 52 in jacksonville. temperature readings across the interior in the orlando area, 57 right now in leesburg to 54 in ocala. it's 5:50 now. these are going to drop in the next five or 10 minutes before i
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we'll be down lower than 59 in orlando. daytona beach is 10 degrees colder right now than you were last night at the same time. a 4-degree difference in orlando. 5 in kissimmee. here's the bottom line. here's the big news really. freeze warning, flagler county. freeze warning in putnam and marion counties, too, from 4 a.m. to 9 a.m. you'll be right at freezing and some of you maybe even below. >> a big ridge of high pressure. you saw how chilly it was in atlanta, drawing the cold air into the heart of central florida. cloud cover, not much. absolutely no rain during the next 24 hours. by tomorrow afternoon, a sun filled day. beautiful day, cold night tomorrow night. by wednesday, a few little speckles of cloud cover will begin to show up. they're not going to make much of a difference for us early on but they will help us hold on to our warmth overnight.
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marion county and ocala. 35 in palm coast. 38 in sanford. and an overnight low tonight in orlando of 41 degrees. clear and chilly. here's tomorrow. >> it ought to be pretty. there will be a lot of bundling up to do tomorrow morning. by noon, 59. daytime high tomorrow, 63 degrees. then 64 on wednesday. come thursday, a high of 67. thursday night into friday, we get enough of a lift as a low comes in that we get some storms going on in central florida. a high of 74 on friday, 76 on saturday and another cold front to start the next workweek. >> a nice taste of winter, we'll take it. >> thank you, tom. coming up next, we'll show you how people in new york are honoring the late david bowie after his death yesterday. >> plus one driver is having a
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again! r again! again! again! again?
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general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again! >> music icon david bowie died of cancer at the age of 69.
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yesterday after an 18-month battle with cancer. in a career spanning more than five decades, bowie was an innovator in music, film, fashion, and theater. his career launched back in 1969 with the hit "space oddity." he continued working all the way up until his death. his latest album "black star" came out in friday. in just 18 months, it all comes to an end. >> bad enough when you're supposed to be heading to work and you can't get your car started. >> but it's even worse when you can't even get to your car door and here's why. a sinkhole opened up under this car in missouri in a town north of kansas city. the rear wheels, as you see, stayed on the road but the rest of it went into the water. city engineers say it was caused by a nearby water main breaks. no one was hurt when the car sank. but a crane was needed to get it out of the hole. that's a bad day.
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you're driving down the road and all of a sudden the road gives way. >> swallows your car. >> yes. >> if you think it's chilly here, imagine what it would be like to be in the midwest right about now. >> commuters walking to work in chicago this morning had to brave temperatures as low as 8 below in some areas. it just looks so painful. in the city, temperatures stay above 0, but at o'hare international airport, the official low temperature for today, 1 below. these are the lowest temperatures the city has seen in almost a year, and it's been so nice and warm until this point. >> this is why you should not live at the airport where the official temperature is taken, 1 below. oh, my gosh. >> plus it's very busy. >> exactly. coming up on news 6, powerball mania continues. we break down what you can buy with all that cash, if you win the huge jackpot. >> and we continue to follow breaking news. investigators say they believe they have found the remains of a missing toddler. what else we're learning about the case. in 1934,
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the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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