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tv   News 6 at 5 pm  CBS  January 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> now at 5:00, a mystery has yard. news 6 talks with a neighbor who lives where deputies found an abandoned car. >> but first, a cold front brings freezing temperatures to parts of central florida. news 6 is getting you ready for the cold nights that lie ahead. results. i'm lisa bell. >> coldest of the season. good evening to you. austin. our team coverage begins with chief meteorologist tom sorrells
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how cold will it get? >> it's going get into the 30's in some spots tonight and it's going to be really, really cold and colder by this time tomorrow. we've gotten rid of the stormy stuff that came through with the cold front. this is the last time i can use the visible satellite. if you're in the corner, you can see it fading away as the sun is going down. this is colder air funneling in, causing the cloud streaks to set up over the warmer waters of the atlantic. compared to the atmosphere, the water is really warm. the colder air is funneling in right in. daytime high today, we rebounded to 60 in orlando. 60 did it in sanford. we hit a daytime high of 61 in ocala and 61 in the villages and 51 in leesburg. we're 2 degrees off the mark. we have tumbled from 60 to 58. we're not going to stop there. we're going to continue to fall right on down as we roll into the evening. should drop to 57 degrees by 6 p.m.
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54 degrees and we don't stop there. the overnight low tonight in orlando, at least 40. and 33 in ocala. i'll be back to pinpoint the overnight low where you live in a few more minutes. >> our team coverage looks at how cold it's going to get in seminole county. >> candace campos shows us how some people are looking forward to the cold weather in seminole county. >> we made it to downtown sanford, overlooking beautiful lake monroe. the wind is picking up, making it feel even colder. not the best day to be on the boat but a great day to walk around the lake. we spoke with some people who are excited about later on tonight, enjoying the cold weather treats around the fire. >> so you know it's going to get even chillier tomorrow, too. love it. make an outside fire. a fire in the backyard. his little brother makes s'mores in the fire out back and cooks
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tonight. >> we'll let him know to get everything ready. >> there you go. thank you very much. appreciate it. let's pinpoint the forecast right here in downtown sanford. overnight lows tonight, back into the low 40's and we're only going to be warming up to 54 degrees by 4 p.m. tomorrow. it looks like overnight lows by tuesday night, back into the upper 30's, low 40's. it looks like the cold snap will continue. our next spot, deltona, coming up at 5:30, for now, in sanford, i'm meteorologist candace campos, news 6. >> thank you. our coverage of the cold weather continues. you can also keep track of the falling temperatures on and our free pinpoint weather app. >> well, human remains found buried in a man's backyard. tonight investigators are trying to determine if they belong to the man who owns the home and, if so, how he died. >> deputies say the 61-year-old dennis jones hadn't been seen in more than a month and last night neighbors called for them to
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pennsylvania street in the lake county town of paisley. they eventually found human remains buried in the man's backyard. news 6 reporter eric sandoval spent the day with investigators. you actually tracked down some evidence in this case, a block away. >> absolutely. you know, neighbors say they had seen jones' truck driving throughout the neighborhood. we actually found that truck just a couple of blocks away today in a neighbor's yard. that neighbor tells us the truck had been abandoned in the middle of a roadway. the deputies you see behind me are trying to piece together these two incidents. >> sky 6 captured lake county crime scene investigators as they discovered the human remains found in this backyard. it's a house that belongs to this man, 61-year-old dennis jones who's had a history of arrests for driving under the influence. deputies responded to calls from neighbors last night who said they haven't seen jones in more than a month.
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sign of him, his car was in the driveway. they began to look around the residence. >> we found his truck two blocks away in the front yard of neighbor jim gorton. neighbors say they saw it there on a number of occasions. >> i had nothing to do with it. >> jones' girlfriend was driving it and living inside the house. he says the truck was found abandoned in the middle of the road last night and he helped get it here to his property. deputies regarding that truck all afternoon. they tell us they're looking at all possibilities. but first, they want to identify for certain whose remains were found buried. >> at this point it is a suspicious death investigation and that's what detectives are working right now. >> once again, i asked deputies about jones' girlfriend. they say they're looking at everybody, asking everybody questions about this, but that's all they would say right now. we also found out that jones has actually been in the news before. find out why in a story i'm putting together right now for 6:00.
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paisley in lake county. eric sandoval, news 6. back to you guys. >> thank you. right now we're getting a closer look at the devastation in southwest florida and you can see the damage that a deadly tornado caused. this is just south of tampa. emergency managers in manatee county say a couple died as the tornado ripped through their home yesterday. their son and his four kids had to be hospitalized. winds up to 125 miles per hour picked up the family's home and carried it across the street. this is what's left of it now. a neighbor who knows the victim says it all seemed to unfold in the blink of an eye. >> we get a lot of heavy winds and storms and it just blew like crazy and it was here and gone quick, very quickly. >> well, that same storm brought heavy rain and wind to central florida. you were here with us. thousands of people lost power during those storms and many, many of you counted on your
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let you know about the watches and warnings especially if the tornadoes had spun up here. >> but there was a huge problem. they didn't work. news 6 started getting results yesterday, asking why the transmitter was down and new at 5:00, reporter troy campbell has learned it has to do with a phone line and has since been repaired. right, troy? >> yeah, as of about 9:00 last night, we spent the entire day asking questions from the national weather service to the two different phone companies who work on that line. since that radio went down at a time when many people here in the orlando area were relying on it most, we're asking the question how could this happen? >> the sound of static, from 2:45 in the morning sunday until 9:00 at night, the noaa weather radio channel for the orlando area, offline, as heavy rain hit central florida. we stopped by the national weather service in brevard county, asking how this could happen. but we were told because of the holiday, no one was able to
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but it did release a statement saying their equipment wasn't the issue. instead, a phone line owned by verizon and serviced by at&t were down. >> the problem was due to a hardware issue caused by another provider. the national weather service says it assumes the issue was with verizon's equipment. >> there are things you can do to take matters in your own hands. if you have an iphone, go into your phone's settings and click on the notifications and scroll all the way down, past all of your apps and turn on your government emergency alerts, that way the cell phone provider can send push alerts right to your phone. >> another option, search wkmg in your app store, download the
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access to weather throughout the country. >> the national weather service has transmitters across central florida. it just so happened the orlando area transmitter sits atop the wkmg news 6 tower. they rent the space like broadcasting companies and wireless services and other federal agencies. we reached out to verizon and have yet to hear back if in fact it was their equipment that malfunctioned. >> thank you, troy. >> tonight we've learned the name of the suspected burglar who orange county deputies say was killed during a break-in. deputies tell us 24-year-old michael degracia broke into eight apartments in winter park on friday. we're told a man stabbed him during his last burglary attempt. deputies tell us da gracia and the man who killed him knew each other from a previous break-in at that same apartment. nobody has been charged. >> a car crashes into a pole and a tree outside a church.
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for the people still inside the car. this was the scene last night on kennedy boulevard. the building was not hit or damaged and there were no witnesses. the car was abandoned when officers arrived. if you have any information about this, call eatonville police. >> coming up, a day to honor the nation's most famous civil rights leader. >> next at 5:00, we'll take you to some of the biggest events of the country honoring martin luther king, jr. >> temperature readings this morning, a little on the nippy side. we dropped to 43 in orlando and 34 in gainesville. 36 did it this morning in ocala. tomorrow morning, we'll be one step lower and even colder. i'll be back to pinpoint the overnight lows where you live and talk about just how cool we're going to be all day long tomorrow. >> you're watching news 6 at central florida. >> we're talking about a cold morning drive tomorrow. this is what folks in some part of the country are dealing with. coming up, i'll show you where
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subfreezing temperatures. >> and here's a live look at the 408 and alafaya trail in orange county. traffic is moving smoothly right
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>> well, it is a special day of remembrance for people all across the country. >> events commemorating martin luther king, jr. have taken place all day long. one of the biggest ceremonies took place in the nation's capitol. f.b.i. director james comey placed a wreath at the memorial in washington. and a bigger event took place in south carolina earlier today. people marched through the state's capital. it's the first time since state leaders agreed to remove the confederate flag. three democratic presidential candidates including frontrunner hillary clinton were also there. they say today is a landmark moment for the state. >> how wonderful it is to be here together without the confederate flag overhead! that flag always belonged in a
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>> dr. king would have turned 87 years old last friday. >> in just hours, the man thought to be the prime suspect in the disappearance of a florida toddler is going to be back in court. >> this comes a week after police say he led them to what is strongly believed to be lonzie barton's remains. tomorrow. he was in court last monday when he reportedly led investigators to the 21-month-old's body. he was set to go on trial for child neglect. he now faces additional charges. lonzie's remains were found nearly six months after he disappeared. detectives say ebron originally told them barton went missing after his car with lonzie inside was stolen. ebron was dating the toddler's mom at the time. >> more protests in downtown orlando today. >> this, as the circus performed
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stop at the amway center. groups have been protesting the use of animals during the circus. they say the use of live animals in performances is cruel. >> a few minutes of live entertainment is hardly worth the lives of these animals. >> the group's protest comes just days after they announced they will retire all elephants from the circus in may. the organization calls it a step in the right direction, but leaders say they want to see more progress. >> well, it feels like a florida winter outside right now, it is nothing compared to other parts of the country. >> we're talking about what the other folks got to do, dress in heavy layers, shoveling piles of snow. we don't have that here. but news 6 anchor julie broughton takes us to some of those areas dealing with the bitter cold. >> i think it's always a good reminder to kind of check out some other parts of the country and really see that even though we've been cold, we've been
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it's not as bad as it could be. let's start out with what's going on in cleveland. this is the scene from cleveland this morning where the temperature was about 10 degrees. look at all the snow with very strong winds blowing that snow that made for a dangerous drive visibility. and lake-effect snow warnings remain in effect through tomorrow morning there in the cleveland area. elsewhere, we're also talking about some rough weather for folks in duluth minnesota. here's how it looks there. that really is a gorgeous sight. subzero temperatures there. notice the steam rising off the lake there. that is lake superior, and that is the longest vessel on the great lakes arriving in port today in duluth minnesota. very chilly. notice not a lot of people hanging out and standing on the vessel, maybe because it's just so cold. it's certainly a beautiful sight and cool sight. now taking you into the upper midwest, the northern plains. this is north dakota.
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this morning. look at that. you factor in the winds and it actually felt like 13 below 0, but good news for those folks, they actually have a warm-up on the way. i want you to pay attention to what their warm-up is and it will give you a little bit of a perspective. by the end of the week, their afternoon highs should be up near the freezing mark. overall, we're doing well but a couple of cold nights ahead for us. when you are getting chilly, remember these folks and why we all moved here to central florida. >> as if we needed a few more reminders. thank you, julie. >> i haven't forgotten. i lived in the great lakes states for 10 years. see ya. >> miserably cold. it chills you to the bone. >> so bad. i had an automatic starter for the car so i could start it from inside my house. >> this is real for us. we take this seriously. >> this is the kind of winter we were hoping for. everyone likes a little bit of a florida winter. we don't want record heat like
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that's not right either. >> right. tonight. we've gotten rid of the rain and forward. radar is looking good, dry as can be. the big cold front pushed through and cold air has surged in from the north and totally taken over from memphis, tennessee to atlanta, all the way down to central florida. temperatures across the country, bismarck, 3. minneapolis, 1. 6 degrees right now in chicago. and 15 in detroit. all across the southland, it's really cold, too. look at atlanta. a lot of folks moved down to atlanta from up north to avoid the winter. that doesn't cut it. 35 right now in atlanta. 25 in nashville. they're not expecting to get above freezing for at least another 48 hours in nashville. 35 in charlotte and 46 in myrtle beach and jacksonville right now is 54. compared to that, we're doing a whole lot better than that. our readings are at 58 degrees from sanford to orlando, out to leesburg, still 59 in the villages.
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beach, 58. 57 at the cape. in melbourne right now, 58 degrees. the water vapor loop tells the story of how dry things are. you see the orange and the dark colors. we've got dry air from atlanta to memphis. you have to go back up to wichita, way back to the north and west to come up with any big moisture going on. down south in miami into the keys, that's where our moisture was scoured away to. tonight there may be a thin veil of clouds at high levels but there's no low-level moisture and no low-level cloud cover and no chance for rain tonight or tomorrow. what we're dealing with by wednesday morning is another cold night tomorrow night. by tomorrow morning, it's going to be even colder than it was today. heading into wednesday morning, it will be colder than tuesday morning. we'll have a freeze watch in effect for flagler, marion and morning. tonight, i don't have any freeze warnings for you, but i have a whole lot of cold coming your way and no way you're getting
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38 does it for the low tonight in daytona beach. 37 in de land. 38 in sanford. 40 in oviedo. 34. 36 in leesburg and 33 in ocala. titusville tonight over by the water, you'll be warmer at 40 but 42 will do it for the overnight low in melbourne. the forecast in orlando, clear and cool. winds still pushing in, not crazy but a nice little breeze steadily from the north-northwest, 5 to 10 miles per hour. here's tomorrow. >> in the morning, 41 degrees. by noon tomorrow, 52. the daytime high, about 58. so we don't even make it back to 60 tomorrow. overnight low tomorrow night is 38. come wednesday, the high is 63. thursday, we're warmer. 70. 72 on friday. and rain chances are here for friday, though, as the next system rolls in. it shouldn't explode, i don't believe, yet. if that changes, we'll let you know.
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sunday's high is 65. >> keep those coats handy. >> 38 is cold, tom. thank you. >> gas prices keep dropping. it seems like we're doing well here in central florida. right? but it's even lower, a lot lower, in other parts of the country. >> next at 5:00, you won't believe how much. more like how little one store owner is charging drivers at the pump and a daring rescue in harsh conditions on the water. why the coast guard says boaters encountered some dangerous seas. >> and are you worried about your car in this cold? ahead at 5:30, we talked to an expert to help you prepare for tonight's chilly temperatures. yes, your car does need a little preparation.
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in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, steakburger. >> we're getting a closer look at a dramatic rescue on the high seas. you can see crews rescuing two men in rough water. their boat started taking on water. crews battled 20-foot seas but they finally were able to hoist them you see to safety into the helicopter. the coast guard says the sails
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in the hull of that boat. >> some big trouble tonight for a famous musician. >> police in maine say don mclean is facing domestic violence charges. investigators say he was arrested at his home early this morning. mclean is best-known for his 1971 hit song "american pie." police have not given many details about his arrest. he is out of jail on bond tonight. >> as the price of oil continues to drop, so does the price of gas in many parts of the country. >> including here in central florida. aaa says the average price for a gallon of regular in metro orlando is now $1.91. sounds pretty good, right? well, until you see this. take a look. this picture comes from a gas station in michigan and this is not a joke. this store is charging 47 cents a gallon. so apparently the store and a nearby competitor engaged in price wars, and once both stations dipped to less than a dollar, this one just went for
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analysts with gas buddy say more areas could see gas less than a dollar per gallon soon. >> i wonder how long the price war is going to last. >> 47 cents, though. can you imagine? >> we could use those price wars here. >> coming up on the news at 5:30, why deputies say some vandals are to blame for a new boil water notice for an entire central florida neighborhood. >> and martin luther king, jr. day is a day off work for some, but we show you how it's so much more than that for volunteers and our local veterans. >> and if you've gotten a letter from the federal government saying your information may have been hacked, tonight's "schemes and rip-offs" explains why you want to pay attention to that >> you're watching news 6 at 5:00, getting results for central florida. this is a live look at blue springs state park in volusia county. a lot of manatees out there on this cool day, warming up in the springs. it's about to get a lot cooler.
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