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tv   News 6 at 7 pm  CBS  January 18, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> it is a cold weather alert. the sun is down and some parts of our area could flirt with a freeze. chief meteorologist tom sorrells pinpoints what it means where you live and why tomorrow will be even colder >> and a police dog leads detectives to buried human remains. why neighbors think the missing
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good evening, this is news 6 at 7:00, getting results. i'm lisa bell. >> i'm julie broughton. ginger gadsden is off tonight. also on this day, honoring martin luther king, jr., central floridians are getting results. >> it feels good to have people come out and show their appreciation by volunteering on their day off from work, on a holiday. >> how the hard work of complete strangers is helping that veteran build a home of his very own. that's coming up in about 12 minutes. a lot of people are saying a day off is now a day on. it's nice to see all those people getting results. >> a lot of projects underway today. we'll have more on that coming up. also news 6 is asking why weather radios failed to warn you during sunday's storms. we'll have a getting results update for you in minutes. >> but first, we start with the cold weather and a cold weather alert. >> let's get right over to chief meteorologist tom sorrells. >> we've cleaned out much of the cloud cover tonight. there's a thin veil of clouds
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overall is the big story of cold invading air. we'll drop colder than 43. we have no scattered showers anywhere in the state of florida. 48 in ocala and 42 in gainesville and 53 into leesburg. we're tumbling into the 40's in orlando for the overnight lows. coming up, we'll talk about how much warmth we don't pick up for tomorrow and when we'll get back to normal and the next best chance for rain. >> in brevard county, emergency leaders have opened three cold weather shelters. >> homeless shelters are capacity. >> candace campos is pinpointing the weather from city to city. >> what a day it's been.
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weather down to street level. literally street level. we hit orange county, seminole county, volusia and finishing up this evening in flagler county. it was a beautiful day, but temperatures are going to continue to drop. >> with temperatures dropping into the 30's in some spots tonight we spoke to a mother and son who are loving this cold snap and planning on making cold weather snacks later on tonight. >> you know it's going to get chillier tomorrow, too. >> i love it, love it. >> making outside fires? >> a fire in the backyard. >> his little brother makes s'mores in the fire out back. >> s'mores and hot chocolate. >> and cooks hot dogs. >> while you're planning on sitting by the fire or adding a few extra blankets tonight, remember the four p's, people, pets, plants and property. >> orchids and other true pots could be brought inside if it's
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you should cover it if it's impossible to move. >> you have the news 6 pinpoint weather app on your phone and it g.p.s.' you where you're at, giving you the exact temperature on how chilly it really is. i'm candace campos for news 6. >> thank you. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. >> still developing right now in lake county, deputies wanted to know if human remains found buried in a man's backyard are that of the missing homeowner. the remains were found this morning after deputies went to check on 61-year-old dennis jones at his house on pennsylvania street in the town of paisley. eric sandoval was on the scene answers. >> neighbors tells they've seen jones' truck driving all through this neighborhood but they've only seen his girlfriend at this house and not him.
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found remains buried in his backyard. now the medical examiner is jones'. >> lake county sheriffs investigators say they made the discovery this morning. >> human remains have been found. >> sky 6 flew over the scene just as the remains were found, buried in the backyard of a home belonging to the 61-year-old dennis jones. detectives tell us they responded to jones' house last night on pennsylvania street in the small town of paisley. they said they wanted to check on him after neighbors noticed they hadn't seen him. they say no one came to the door last night. so they brought in a cadaver dog and it found a grave in the backyard. >> at this point, it is a suspicious death investigation and that's what detectives are working right now. >> neighbors tell news 6 they hadn't seen jones in a month. some say it was even longer. >> they found human remains in his backyard. >> oh, my goodness. i didn't know nothing about it until i saw all this. >> what if the remains are that of this missing homeowner?
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we asked the lake county sheriffs investigators. >> they do have information they're working on. i'm not at liberty to release the details at this point but they're working it and hopefully we'll have a clear picture of what took place soon. >> now, we asked deputies about the truck and about jones' girlfriend. they confirmed it was his truck found on that property but they wouldn't say much more about his girlfriend. all they would tell us is they have more information they're working on. >> in paisley, eric sandoval, news 6. >> thank you. a crime alert now in orlando where police say a mother and her children were targeted by home invaders, bad guys who had the wrong address. it happened just after midnight on harwood street off john young drive. >> they terrorized us and i was like, please, don't kill me. don't kill me. i'm a mother. i'm a mother. please don't kill me. >> the victim who wants to remain anonymous tells news 6
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thinking she heard her neighbor's voice. instead two men barged in demanding money and threatening her children. >> they said you know what i'm talking about. they had the gun to my baby and said i'm going to kill her. the man in the kitchen said kill the baby, kill the baby and i hovered over my baby and said, please, no, no. >> moments later the victim says the suspects realized something was not right and took off in a gray impala. if you have any information, please call orlando police. the suspected burglar who was killed during a break-in. investigators say 24-year-old michael degracia broke into eight units on friday at the oak reserve complex in winter park. the man in the last apartment recognized him and says he recognized the burglar from another break-in. no one has been charged. >> in flagler county, 1700 families are being urged to boil their water because of vandals who drained 400,000 gallons of
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bay water system. 20 water lines were opened up off old dixie highway near i-95. a boil water notice will be in effect for a couple of days. if you know anything about who did this, please call the flagler deputies. >> in orange county, firefighters say a small brushfire is now out. sky 6 flew over the scene late this afternoon in the waterford lakes area. the one-acre fire broke out behind homes on island bay drive between waterford town lakes town center and discovery middle school in east orange county. no one was hurt and no word on what caused that fire. >> tonight we're learning more about the two people killed in tornadoes from this weekend's severe weather >> at least two tornadoes touched down in sarasota and manatee county. the couple died when one of the tornadoes picked up the family's home and carried it across the street. their son and his four kids had to be hospitalized. a neighbor who knows the victim says it all happened in the blink of an eye. >> it was just we get a lot of heavy winds and storms and it
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very quickly. >> when that same storm system brought heavy rain and wind to central florida, news 6 got results with nearly four hours of continuous coverage. >> but a crucial lifeline, the national weather service weather alert. news 6 reporter troy campbell has been pressing all day to find out why. >> we spent the day asking questions, trying to figure out how the emergency weather radio could go down in the orlando area during a time many needed it. tonight, it appears that it all comes down to an error with a piece of phone equipment. >> the noaa emergency weather radios were down in the orlando area from 2:45 early sunday morning until 9:00 at night. we stopped by the national weather service in brevard county, telling us no one was available because of the holiday. in a statement, the national weather service says, quote, "national weather technicians
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personnel approximately every two hours for status updates and a return to service as soon as possible. the national weather service says the phone line used by the emergency radio transmission is owned by verizon and serviced by at&t. the phone line was down because of a hardware issue with another provider. weather officials say the error was a verizon equipment issue. the orlando transmitter just so happens to sit atop the wkmg news 6 tower, renting the space the same way other companies and government agencies do. this is not the first time of an outage for noaa weather radios. >> we're expecting several more storms during the el nino wintertime. you can take matters into your own hands and take your smartphone, go into your app store, simply search wkmg and download our pinpoint weather app, giving you live weather to anywhere in the country.
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as a back-up to your weather radio, download our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. we'll send you weather alerts to your smartphone or tablet. search wkmg in your app store. >> today the nation honors the legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr. in minutes, how people locally honored the dream and got results. >> and also with the mercury falling, local you -- local zoos are scrambling. what they are doing to keep the animals warm in the cold. >> and why the latest spacex attempt to land a rocket at sea went wrong, next. 7:00, getting results for de bary, daytona beach and all of central florida. during the break. broughton
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>> there's another explosive failure at sea for spacex. last night, founder elon musk
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falcon9 rocket landing on a robot barge off california. it looked perfect until the rocket tipped over and exploded. musk said an automatic clamp didn't latch down on one of the four legs. ice built up after heavy fog from lift-off. >> it does not even look real. >> this was their third time at landing at sea and third failure. this came close, ending up less than four feet from the exact center of the barge. >> the setback came less than a month after this successful landing on land at cape canaveral. spacex says the physics makes trickier. >> i guess so. >> you would think. he says both and ground and sea landings are crucial to using the rocket's first stage which costs as much as a jumbo jet.
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i guess they'll try again. >> erik von ancken was telling us earlier the seas were 10 feet when they were trying to do this. >> a little choppy. >> yeah, just a little bit. in honor of martin luther king, jr. day, nearly a thousand people gathered to remember a local civil rights hero. >> the 25th annual arthur pappy kennedy prayer breakfast was held today. he was orlando's first african-american city council member in 1973 and re-elected by an overwhelming majority in 1976. many call his lifetime and achievements a perfect example of the change martin luther king, jr. hoped to see. >> what he was in public is the way he was in private. and to me, that's a lesson that you really can't teach by words or by lessons. you have to live that. >> pappy kennedy was also a
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the ymca continued the breakfast since his death in 2000 to keep inspiring people to serve. that's exactly what happened today here and nationwide. many have turned martin luther king, jr. day into an annual day to get results for people in need. >> news 6 was there as 60 employees from wells fargo got their hands dirty, partnering with habitat for humanity to build three homes in daytona beach. it's all part of the veterans build where volunteers help u.s. military veterans build their future homes. >> it feels good to have people come out and show their appreciation by volunteering on their day off from work, on a holiday. >> i'm looking forward to having the house finished and, you know, getting my family into it, a nice stable environment and i'd like to continue on, helping other veterans get into housing and other single parents as well. >> his home should be ready by the end of march, but plans to continue volunteering with habitat.
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they're saying not a day off, a day on. lots of people doing cool volunteering work. it's not just humans looking for a little bit of warmth tonight. zookeepers at the central florida zoo are taking extra precautions to keep the animals warm. outside animals, zookeepers are adding extra hay to their beds and extra food to their diets and wind blocks to help them stay warm. >> the biggest challenge is florida is a warm weather state. so during the cooler temperatures, it's a matter of our animal care staff kicking into high gear and it's an all day effort getting the animals ready for the cooler nights. >> each animal's care is tailored for their needs. >> we're going from the 70's this weekend to the 30's overnight. >> tough for everybody. >> big change. >> in the meantime, manatees are also taking precautions.
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this afternoon, we checked in on the save the manatees webcam. they spotted nearly 400 sea cows at blue springs state park last friday alone. we're waiting to see how many show up tonight. maybe more. >> it's a constant 72 degrees in the water at blue springs state park. >> i find it shockingly cold when i go to any of those springs and attempt to get in. it's cold for a person to hop into. it's perfect for a manatee. >> nice and cozy. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us, pinpointing the near freezing temperatures. >> marion county is going to get cold tonight and probably freeze overnight and into tomorrow. >> we love the storm pins. >> we've had enough of the storm pins. you can see the cloud cover there. they keep referencing a thin veil of clouds. that's what it looks like for her.
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the sunset over the lake. here we go. richard from alachua springs shot that one. >> richard does good work. >> is that a filter alert? >> it's so blue. does that bother you? >> it doesn't bother me. whatever makes it so blue, i >> download storm pins right now in your app store. we'd like to see what you're seeing in central florida. radar tonight, i don't have any rain to track. let's talk about the clouds and the cold. you see how far down to the south the cloud cover has gone. but they're still lingering parts of the cloud cover that is there. as evidenced by our storm pins that you just saw on the screen there. there's a little bit of cloud cover left. the colder air is marching on in. it's cold all over from memphis to atlanta, all the folks up north are going to freeze tonight. we'll get close in spots. almanac page for today, we hit a daytime high of 61, versus a normal of 71.
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tomorrow, we'll be even colder. right now, it's already 42 in gainesville. 49 in palm coast. 52 in the villages and 54 in orlando. temperature change in the last 24 hours, gainesville and ocala are both 9 degrees colder than you were 24 hours ago. only 2 degrees colder at o.i.a. and 7 degrees colder at the cape. wind speeds tonight, it's not direction. it's all coming from the north or the northwest or the west for a while. we still have a 13-mile-an-hour wind out at cocoa beach. clouds and rain forecast, a touch of cloud cover at times, but no rain. none. tomorrow will be a very cool day. we don't break 60 for a daytime high tomorrow, which means by wednesday morning, we're even colder than we're going to be on tuesday morning, although wednesday afternoon we finally start to warm back up. overnight lows tonight, i'm going 38 in daytona beach. calling it 38 in sanford. the overnight low in ocala tonight, 33. colder tomorrow night but
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in titusville tonight, your low is 40. the forecast for orlando, mostly clear and cool. the low is 40. here's tomorrow. first thing tomorrow morning, 41 degrees at 8 a.m. by noon, 52. the daytime high tomorrow is 58. the overnight low, 58 in marion county. freeze watch overnight from tuesday night into wednesday. we'll be doing much better on thursday with a high of 70 and rain comes to see us on friday. i'll be back here at 11:00 tonight with an update on the cold. >> thank you, tom. >> astronaut scott kelly is spending a year in space. his twin brother, mark, is staying here on earth. >> it leads to one obvious question. >> which of you two is the evil twin? >> oh, in minutes, kelly's
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11:00 and afterwards "the late show with stephen colbert". >> you've been in space longer than any other person. >> it is true i have spent the most time in space for now, but there will be people who beat me in the future. these records are made to be broken. >> how do you know when it's time to go to sleep? >> we just use a watch to tell the time and when it's around 10:30 at night, it's time to go to bed. >> that was less impressive than i'd hoped it would be. your brother, mark, is back here experiment.
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you bragging rites over your brother, which is a valid reason to spend a year in space. >> i guess i'll have some bragging rites when i get back, having spent time up here and i might take advantage of that a little bit. >> which of you two is the evil twin? >> well, that would certainly have to be my brother. >> tonight, colbert welcomes quincy jones and others. don't miss it at 11:35 on news 6. >> he always has the best guests. even when they're out of this world. >> that was cool. >> really cool. >> that was good stuff. >> take a look at what's going on for the overnight low tonight in ocala.
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