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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 28, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs it's thursday, january 28th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." donald trump tries to steal the spotlight from his republican opponent. the gop front-runner won't be at the final debate before the iowa caucuses because of his ongoing feud with fox news. the standoff between armed protesters and federal authorities intensifies in oregon. three more members of the group are arrested, while others
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refuge. a crash landing is caught on camera. a helicopter pilot and his student somehow walk away when their chopper falls from the sky. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. tonight, republican presidential candidates hold their last debate before monday's iowa caucuses, but the focus who won't be taking part. donald trump locked in an explosive feud with fox news still says he is still boycotting the debate. marlie hall is in des moines and has our report. >> reporter: with the debate just hours away, donald trump is still refusing to attend. a point he made clear wednesday night in an appearance on fox news. >> will you just consider? i want you to consider, all right? think about it. >> bill, this is much tougher
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frankly, you're smarter. this is much tougher than doing the debate with megyn kelly, believe me. i got a very unfair question from somebody but we don't even talk about that. >> reporter: at an event in south carolina earlier, trump continued to take aim at the fox news host moderating the event. while in des moines, chief rival him one-on-one. >> i'm going to propose a venue. western iowa, saturday night, sioux city. we already have it reserved. >> reporter: while his republican counterparts are on the debate stage, trump will be here on the campus of drake university. even students who don't support the outspoken candidate are excited what they are calling the anti-debate event. >> you know, as an american citizen, it worries me if he is unable to stand up to one reporter or one moderator, how he is going to attempt to make america great again. >> reporter: trump's camp says
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forveterans on the campus of drake university tonight. at least one veterans group, the iraq and afghanistan veterans of america, announced they will decline donations from the event. marlie hall, cbs news, des moines, iowa. hillary clinton says that she wants another debate before next month's new hampshire primary. clinton is pushing the democratic national committee to add the debate, but the dnc says it's sticking to its schedule. bernie sanders' campaign says he'll participate in another pre-new hampshire debate if clinton agrees to three more debates later this year. three men who had been occupying a federal wildlife refuge in oregon surrendered to authorities late yesterday and they apparently heeded the advice of the leader ammon bundy who urged his followers to go home. last night, a vigil was held for robert lavoy finicum. he was shot and killed when bundy and others were arrested
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there are conflicting accounts of the shooting. one protester says finicum charged at the officers. the militants have occupied the refuge for more than three weeks now. it's estimated that as many as three dozen armed protesters may still be there. meanwhile, bundy made his first court appearance. danielle nottingham reports. >> reporter: ammon bundy and several of his followers are facing a federal magistrate for seizing a federal nature reserve. they are charged with a felony offense of conspiracy to impede officers from discharging their official duties through the force, intimidation, or threat. >> these individuals have chosen to threaten and intimidate the america they profess to love. >> reporter: the judge ruled the eight militia members were a flight risk and ordered them to remain in custody until a second hearing on friday. they were arrested tuesday night when fbi agents and police intercepted them on an oregon highway. bundy's brother ryan was shot
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killed. bundy said finicum was shot several times on the ground. >> what kind of a human being is that? they walk up and shot them. that is the kind of people we are tired of dealing with. >> reporter: prefers have been refuge since february 2nd to appeal land policies. >> we don't arm up. channels. this can't happen any more. >> reporter: many in the area want bundy's group to leave. >> i've been ready for them to leave for -- for several weeks. >> reporter: federal agents have set up roadblocks and surrounded the refuge where the remaining armed occupiers are refusing to end the siege. danielle nottingham, cbs news. the world health organization meets in a special session to discuss the zika virus that has spread to the 24 countries and the americas and the caribbeans and africa. thousands have been affected and
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with more. >> reporter: there is no known treatment or cure for the virus. the hunt for the vaccine is on, but could take years. steps are being taken in the u.s. to prepare and stop the potential spread of the virus. the virus is spread by mosquitoes. so far, it has not been found in any in the u.s., but there have been cases in this country of people who had traveled to infected regions. during warmer months, the mosquitoes that carry the disease can be found in areas where 60% of americans live, affecting about 200 million people. the virus is apparently linked to a birth defect which causes babies to be born with smaller heads. it first came to the attention of health officials in brazil where there are thousands of suspected cases, but only 270 have been confirmed. doctors in this country are preparing for the likely arrival
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>> out of five women, only one exhibits symptoms, so the other four don't have symptoms and may still have been exposed and may still develop microencephaly in their fetus. the transmission from the mom to the fetus, we think, is relatively high. >> reporter: the centers for disease control has told pregnant women not to travel to countries affected by the zika virus. both united and americanairlines are allowing pregnant women to postpone travel or receive refunds for flights to affected zika countries and some have already cancelled travel plans. >> even some of the countries we were considering that weren't on the travel ban list, i felt like by the time of our trip in march, it seemed like the list was rapidly growing. >> reporter: now, it's still not known how common zika infections are in pregnant women and more research is needed into the link between the virus and birth defects.
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zika virus have no symptoms and that makes it difficult for pregnant women or anyone else to know if they have been infected. >> thank you, don champion in new york. we will hear from the government's top infectious disease expert on what is being done to stop the spread of the zika virus. that is coming up on "cbs this morning." three dangerous inmates who escaped from a california jail are still on the run, but five people who may have been involved are under arrest. none are jail employees. but had some connection to the inmates. the inmates escaped from the orange county jail friday after cutting a hole in a metal grate, crawling onto the roof and repelling to the ground using a rope made of bed sheets. a potentially dangerous situation at miami international airport when a drone crossed the flight path of an americanairlines jet.
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the jet was traveling from chicago wednesday morning. the crew did not take evasive action and the jet landed safely. duke university has partially lifted a ban on sorority activities imposed. after a possible hazing incident involving alcohol. university officials implemented member was hospitalized on critical condition. the student is expected to make coming up on the "morning news." a nanny found murdered. a 25-year-old american woman in vienna is brutally killed. and later, a flurry of fines. d.c. hands out thousands of parking tickets after last weekend's blizzard. this is the "cbs morning news." n later fines. d.c. hands out thousands of parking tickets after last weekend's blizzard. de later fines. d.c. hands out thousands of parking tickets after last weekend's blizzard. later fines. d.c. hands out thousands of parking tickets after last weekend's blizzard. , fines. d.c. hands out thousands of parking tickets after last weekend's blizzard. if you're running a business, legalzoom has your back. over the last 10 years we've
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you can see the drug lord being fingerprinted and blood tested and photographed. he is awaiting extradition to the united states. the east coast blizzard sets off a parking ticket blitz. and the case of a murdered american nanny. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. the "daily mail" reports on a colorado woman found murdered inside her apartment in vienna, austria. the 25-year-old nanny was found half-naked and surrounded by blood on a mattress on the floor tuesday. police are searching for an illegal immigrant who lived with her. cause of her death is under investigate. the "chicago tribune" reports a grand jury indicted the wife of a police officer who staged his suicide to appear as though he had been murdered. melody gliniewicz is accused of money laundering and misusing charitable funds. prosecutors say her husband charles gliniewicz feared the discovery of his embezzlement from a police youth program.
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mississippi may join two other states in allowing the use of the firing squad as a method of execution. the state's attorney general wants lawmakers to approve the firing squad, electrocution or nitrogen gas as backups to lethal injection. utah and oklahoma allow the use of a firing squad as a last resort. the "sidney morning herald" reports an australian teen allegedly plotted to attack police with a kangaroo packed with explosives. the 19-year-old is accused of much planning an april attack in melbourne that would including running over and beheading a police officer. charges. the seattle times reports that michael allen's mega yacht might have destroyed most of a protective reef. caiman islands said the yacht destroyed 80% of the reef there this month. it's unclear if allen was aboard
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and "the washington post" reports all of the snowfall in d.c. turned into a ticket windfall. a parking ticket windfall. the district issued a snow emergency on friday to keep parked cars off main roads. the city issued 1.3 million dollars worth of tickets for people violating the parking ban. still ahead, some strange reasons workers have for being late. first, a blast from the past. deloreans are roaring back from the '80s! and later, air scare. a helicopter pilot is caught on video crash landing in a quiet neighborhood. video landing in a neighborhood. for a dramatic transformation without the need for fillers your concert tee might show your age... your skin never will.
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[ chuckles ] wait. uh-oh. here's a look at today's here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. it's the car that traveled through time in "back to the future." and pretty soon, you might see more of them on the road. delorean motors says it plans to make about 300 replicas of the stainless steel sports car. it hasn't been produced since 1982. the new delorean will cost about a hundred thousand dollars and will be on sale sometime next year. on the cbs "moneywatch," facebook taps into huge profits and some strange excuses that people make when they are late for work. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and
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>> reporter: good morning. the federal reserve says u.s. economic growth slowed late last year and it's worried about how the global economy may affect the u.s. economy. in its latest policy statement, the fed hinted it may reduce the rate of future interest rate hikes. that sent stocks lower. the dow lost 222 points. the dow had been up slightly before the fed issued its statement. s&p finished down 20 points. the nasdaq lost 99 points. facebook posted record fourth quarter project. the social media giant made $5.8 billion from october to december, that is up 52% from a year ago and the number of active users jumped 14% to 1.6 billion. facebook shares jumped 12% in after-hours trading. california is setting new l.e.d. light bulbs used in home and the first state to do so. the new requirements apply to
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lighting used commercially. the mooch is expected to save billion in utility bills the it is likely the government federal government will adapt the latest standards. we have all been late to wrk. wrk work. what is your excuse? here are the latest reasons by career builder. someone said that a vaseline truck overturned on the highway, causing cars to slip. another said a bear was taking a and another -- my lizard needed emergency surgery. 1 out of 4 workers admit they are late to work once a month and 13% say they are late once a week. i know you're with me, we are never late for work. >> not at all! we can't afford to be late for work. if you are late, you might as well have an entertaining story, right? >> absolutely. >> jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot, jill. still to come, a lucky landing. a helicopter in distress uses a residential street as a landing pad.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. u.s. customs agents seized as many as 40,000 knock-off hoverboards in a shipment from china. the boxes containing the potentially dangerous boards are held at a warehouse near o'hare, airport. even authentic hoverboards have problems. dozens have burst into flames. a helicopter came crashing down in a long island neighborhood when its engine failed. tracy korosko of our new york station wcbs station has the dramatic video. >> how did you manage in like the most perfect place? how did you not hit those wires? >> because i saw them. >> dude, geez. how long have you been flying? >> two years. >> reporter: confident words
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the video shows the inside of his downed helicopter after a crash landing in the middle of a neighborhood around noon. >> i looked to my left and i see the helicopter right next to me and i thought i was seeing things. i saw it go behind the trees and under the power lines and just tip right over. >> reporter: explosive surveillance video shows when the helicopter of the experienced 26-year-old pilot and his first time student falls out of the sky. residents heard the failing engine overhead. >> all of a sudden, the puttering got worse and i watched the propellers actually stop. i saw the man's face in fear. and i started going like, just land! just land! >> reporter: air traffic controllers knew the chopper was in trouble from this may day transmission. lombardo managed to land the chopper in the intersection, avoiding any homes, electrical
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miraculously, he and the student walked away uninjured. remarkably, only this street sign was clipped during the accident. right now, the fa and ntsb are investigating exactly what happened here. >> that was tracy korosko reporting. i'm anne-marie green. and this is the "cbs morning news." denture adhesive seals. holds stronger than the leading paste all day... without the ooze. feel secure. be yourself. x with stronger, clean sea-bond. this is the joy for me. i love bread! i love bread. i now just manage it, so i don't deny myself bread, i have bread everyday. that's the genius of this program. i lost 26 pounds and i have
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florida. it is 4:56 on this thursday. i'm bridgett ellison. >> i'm david hall. here are the headlines. first up, breaking overnight, only news 6 was there when zenaida gonzalez bondened out of jail. we'll show you exclusive video you'll see only here. >> six people hospitalized after a potential deadly gas leak at a condo complex. we are live at the scene. the story and more in a moment. >> let's say good morning to troy and amy. >> how are we looking outside? >> i'll be listening to troy carefully, finger crossed, that the rain is not an issue. >> glad you'll listen to me closely. not everyone does. my teammates here, you always do.
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rain again today. i know i sound excited about it, i'm not. we'll be drying out tomorrow. tomorrow looks better. the good news, we are not seeing as much rain this morning as we did yesterday. we will see more rounds of showers. most of the rain to our south. more rain and the severe threat really well south of central florida. our main concern will be flooding with more of this rain adding up. we had record totals yesterday. we'll be talking about that. many areas getting more than two inches of rain including daytona beach. you can see fort myers down into miami, that area is seeing a chance for strong storms once again, once again the risk for tornadoes there. back through the panhandle, more of this rain that will be moving in in waves. rain in southern brevard county, for palm bay, floridana beach, mico. much of this moving out to sea.
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light drizzle you are not even see on the radar for many other areas. light rain moving out of rockledge. that's the good news at least for now. through the day it looks like this. temperatures at 71 at noon. 73 at 4:00 with a 70% coverage of rain. that doesn't mean it will rain all day all the time. we'll see waves of rain coming in. a lull and then another round coming in through the afternoon today. we are at 62 in orlando. 61 in ocala. 61 in daytona beach. 64 at cocoa beach. there's the clouds and rain forecast. watch the clock, there's 10:00 in the morning. another round moving in with some heavier downpours. it continues with more waves through 1:00 this afternoon. not letting up, even through 4:00 this afternoon, pinpointing more showers. there is friday, midnight through the early morning hours. drier air works in. by the end of the week on friday we are looking good but cooler.
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you can expect trath ahead. first let's check in on the roads with amy in the napeleton traffic center. >> it looks like the rain from overnight has helped us a little bit this morning. we do not have the full schedule of construction projects. we are very quiet by fairbanks. this is a hard hit stretch. i-4 moving along very nicely right now. speaking of which, your drive times, no major slowdowns, 408 east and westbound. a nice clear on time ride. we'll be checking traffic again in a couple of minutes. first, your morning news begins right now. now. >> breaking overnight, only news 6 gets answer from ze 90da gonzalez. find out what the woman who once sued casey anthony is saying now, after police say she ripped
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