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tv   News 6 at 7 pm  CBS  February 1, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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that's a great idea. ever notice how people always show up when you have free pizza? free pizza? hello? we get it after the super bowl. order now through super bowl sunday at starting the monday after super bowl. use promo code superbowl50. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. papa john' [real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> i was worried for my children.
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so did a thousand others. what started the scare and why parents say school leaders failed to keep them informed. >> plus, break-ins that could tourists. where dozens of cars were hit in the attractions area and why they may be linked to a much larger crime spree. good evening, everyone. results. i'm ginger gadsden. julie and lisa are off tonight. also, it was a showdown weeks in the making. >> if you refuse to go, then i have no other alternative than to make an arrest. >> three nights after being ordered to pack up, move out or be arrested, we're check in on the homeless at the heart of a showdown in daytona beach. did the forced exodus gets results? minutes. but our top story right now, a fight caught on cell phone video at an ocala high school prompts fears of a mass shooting. the fight started after some students brought a confederate
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but the fear of the shooting kept about 1,000 students from school today. the fight broke out thursday at west port high school. ocala and marion county sheriffs investigators spent the weekend trying to figure out if the threat was real. it was not. now parents are turning to news 6 reporter eric sandoval for results. >> parents tell us they're angry that marion county schools did not tell them about this threat or that it was given the all-clear over the weekend. they say they had to read about the threat for themselves social media. they say they're angry they were left in the dark. >> i was worried for my children. >> she says she was so worried about a rumored mass shooting happening at her kids' school today, she kept them home. >> school leaders tell us the rumors started after this cell phone video of a fight at westport high school after a confederate flag went viral over the weekend. they say that's all it was, a threat.
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and we put our children in that school and we assume they're protected while they're there. if there's a problem, why were we not contacted? that's what i'm really upset about. >> i don't really talk about what if's. we'd be here until the sun sets every day. >> we took her concerns to marion county school spokesman kevin christian. all the parents are dealing with what if's today. >> we have to deal with what if's, but if we do that, that's all we deal with. especially with social media. >> what about a call to parents saying everything is fine, despite what you may have read on social media? >> that's a conversation we're quite honestly i had several conversations with parents this morning who simply said why don't you just call us? that's something we're discussing. >> something else the school district is now taking another look at is whether today's absences are going to be unexcuse or not. at first they said they were going to be unexcuse but now they say students who miss today have the opportunity to make up class work and any missed tests. >> in ocala tonight, eric
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>> school leaders say four students are facing disciplinary action for taunting other students with the confederate flag. no one was arrested. >> it is video that is hard to watch. cell phone video has landed a daycare director in jail facing child abuse charges. a worker recorded the video at the children's palace daycare in clermont. clermont police tell us the video shows the 41-year-old kimberly reed hitting a boy several times with stuffed animals. she then appears to lift him several feet in the air and drop him on a mat. reed told police she was just playing with the boy. >> the report says she was basically rough playing. it does not appear that's the case at all once you view the video. >> clermont police say reed is already on probation for welfare fraud and grand theft in orange county. they're investigating whether she should have been working it at the daycare in the first place. they're also looking to see if there are any other potential victims out there. >> big developments on this arrest caught on video.
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involved in this case will not face charges. cell phone show -- video shows reed being arrested outside the retreat apartments. she says her shoulder was dislocated. a new internal affairs report says deputies were justified because she and her friend were resisting. trespassing charges were dropped against reed later on. >> new at 7:00, we're checking with detectives across central florida on the latest crime trend. car break-ins at hotels. most recently this weekend. 70 cars smashed in the tourist area. the vandals hit three hotels, the canada drive hotel, the monumental movie land hotel and the country inn and suites. news 6 erik von ancken is out with police tonight. >> these guys knew what they were doing. they were able to shatter window after window, some 70 in the middle of the night without anybody hearing it and they knew
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>> back is pretty well tinted but they got in the back. so what is in the bag? i don't know. is it worth breaking the window for? >> the sheriff was doing things thieves did over the weekend at three hotels smashing and grabbing when they spotted something. >> pulled the cover over. it's there for that reason. >> but the sergeant is doing it for the right reasons. >> if you leave things out that catch the eye, then you've got to figure whoever is desperate enough to do a crime like this, they're going to be desperate enough for that bag. that bag might not have anything in it. >> the sergeant and his international drive unit are making changes. here in orlando's tourist district, to get results. to catch the crooks and stop the break-ins. he won't say exactly what that is, only that it involves everybody from patrolmen to
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deputies in orange, brevard and flagler counties are also talking to make sure there's no connection with the break-ins. >> how does somebody hit 70 cars in one night? >> well, obviously it can be done, as you can see. however, i think it took some planning. i'm not going to give them that much credit but they obviously knew what they were going to go out and do and they were determined. just as determined as they are to do it, we're just as determined to go out and catch them. >> don't leave your i.d., your wallet, your driver's license, your social security card in the car because police say maybe you think it's not worth as much as your sunglasses or cell phone, but to identity thieves it is. on i-drive, erik von ancken, news 6. >> now, police believe someone must have spotted the thieves along the way saturday night or heard something. there's no surveillance video, so police need you to call crime
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the number is 1-800-423-tips. it was a showdown in volusia county. >> if you have somewhere where you can go, we'll help you gather your stuff and make it to that location. >> this time friday night, we brought you the breaking news as the daytona beach police chief ordered more than 100 homeless to move off the grounds of the county building or face arrests. the showdown was a climax to a controversial homeless camp that had been at the county's building for months. the salvation army offered those homeless people a place to stay. news 6 reporter loren korn looks into whether it got results. >> out of the 106 people who left beach street friday night, 96 people remain at the hands of salvation army. >> i couldn't wait to get away from the wall. >> he lived outside the volusia county administration center for almost two months and was ready for salvation army. >> i got up here as fast as i could. i got bunk no. 8.
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to be placed in a shelter or a hotel, even getting arrested for it. >> a lot of people suddenly wanted to be in our program after the situation from friday night and thankfully we had already done the foundational work with a lot of those. >> cornell says his staff placed 76 people in the shelter and 30 more in three hotels. he says no one will be getting kicked out. instead, they'll go through the salvation army's bridge bed program. >> our job starts now. we're transitioning them to permanent housing opportunities. we're here to transform these people's lives. >> hancock says he's ready to be a part of it. >> it's a totally different program from the existing salvation army, especially when you're thinking what are my options? what am i going to do tomorrow? >> in daytona beach, loren korn, news 6. >> chances are, today would have been a 10 out of 10 on the sorrells scale, but with the sun
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night could give way to foggy conditions in the morning. let's get right over to chief meteorologist tom sorrells who is pinpointing in the weather center now. >> i'd say it's about dead on right. today could have been a 10. if only i had to work yesterday, i could have given it a big 10. >> it's nice. tonight. we're cleaned out. we have no radar echoes to go tracking. the daytime high today hit 82. 80 in leesburg and 81 in ocala and gainesville almost hit 80. maxing out at 79. we hit 80 at the cape and 81 did it in melbourne. tomorrow is looking even hotter. i'll talk more about that in a few minutes. just know, if you have outdoor plans tonight, within the next couple of hours, it's down to 70. 10:00, down to 68. we keep dropping so much so that the fog will make a roaring comeback tomorrow morning. i'll be back to pinpoint the fog and how hot, i said hot, things are going to be tomorrow. >> indeed. thank you, tom. now for an on the ground, on the town perspective, meteorologist
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pinpointing beach weather from cocoa to daytona. >> well, what a gorgeous day it's been, to sit back and really enjoy this weather on the 1st of february. we started at the 4:00 show at the cocoa beach pier and we're now here in daytona beach, up and down the coastline, though. the sun was shining. folks all around town were saying they just absolutely love this weather. many folks visiting and many folks kind of playing hooky today just to enjoy the sun and sand. temperatures today warmed up into the upper 70's to low 80's across town, like tom's been talking about. but the one handy dandy thing to have is your pinpoint weather app with you at all times, although the weather has at times been looking nice and dry in the next few days. remember, before a storm hits, make sure you always have your radar right at your fingertips. for now, from daytona beach, i'm meteorologist candace campos. back to you. >> thank you, candace. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6
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store. >> well, if you're looking to get married at the last minute, you can tie the knot 400 feet in the air and it's free. the details, in minutes. also, one of the biggest bottlenecks in central florida is now toll-free. where you can keep on driving and why you still may end up paying the price, though. >> plus an exciting announcement from nasa as it's newest orion capsule arrives at kennedy space center. how its mission will help one woman make space history and shatter a glass ceiling. that's next. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store.
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>> and lift-off at dawn, the dawn of orion and a new era of american space exploration. >> still so cool to see that,
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historic lift-off from the cape, the next generational orion spacecraft just journeyed back to florida. the skeleton of the next orion capsule arrived today at kennedy space center. it will eventually take americans deeper into space than ever before. but a lot of work has to happen first. the skeleton of the capsule was welded together in louisiana. today, nasa teams put it on to a special cargo plane called the super guppy. the jet was split opened so large items like the orion could fit inside. it landed today at kennedy space center. up next, months of system installations and tests and next the new orion will be launched like this one was on december of 2014. it orbited the earth twice and went far into space before eventually splashing back to earth. the next launch is the most
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era. nasa just announced the em 1 mission's launch director. this is a nasa photo of charlie blackwell thompson, the first woman to oversee a nasa lift-off and launch team. em 1 will send orion around the moon for a three-week trip. that unmanned test is set for sometime in 2018. >> a big change on the beachline. you don't have to stop to pay the tolls at the plaza nearest orlando international airport anymore. the toll plaza will now be torn down. signs warn motorists to keep on driving. the three decades-old design is outdated and since it can't handle the 75,000 cars a day, back-ups are common. >> on the way back after work, usually there's probably a good war mile to half-mile back-up in the toll roads. >> a break from traffic does not
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the authority added new toll plaza ramps at conway road, tradeport drive and boggy creek road. the new ramps offer a small discount for e-pass drivers. >> you know, marriages can have its ups and downs. but if you've ever wanted to start yours 400 feet up in the air, now you have a chance. the orlando eye is hosting free weddings on valentine's day weekend. couples must bring a priest or notary and can have up to six guests in their wedding capsule. in all, 30 couples will be added to use -- will be able to use the complimentary capsule on saturday the 13th. after the ceremony, the couples and guests can share a special sunset reception at i-drive 360. to be considered, couples must post a youtube video explaining why they deserve it. the selected couples will be notified one week from today. you don't have a lot of time to plan that. >> the countdown is on. we're less than a week away from
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you can see our clock is counting down to kickoff. the denver broncos and carolina panthers are about to hold the first official super bowl week appearance at any moment now but people are already talking about panthers quarterback cam newton, and you can probably guess why from this video. newton made a fashion statement as he got off the plane in san jose. the internet just went nuts. he showed up in a pair of tiger zebra print versace pants, what tom sorrells usually wears on the weekend. >> uh-huh. >> they cost just under $900. versace has already sold out of them according to some reports. security is already being stepped up around levi's stadium. officers with long guns and dressed in s.w.a.t. gear are out and so are the fans. >> this will see tens of thousands every day, a million or more throughout the entire region of the super bowl week. >> the media event is due to start in less than an hour, held
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time. reporters from around the world will ask players and coaches just about anything they want and, boy, do they ever. jamie seh will have highlights tonight at 11:00. since news 6 is your home for super bowl 50, our team coverage will ramp up until the big game kicks off. this sunday, our morning news goes into overtime. i'll host a game day edition at 8:00 along with justin warmoth and candace campos. after the big game, a special live edition of the lateshow with stephen colbert and a super special edition of news 6 at 11:00 with tom sorrells, matt austin, and lisa bell. that should be a good time. >> yeah, man. super bowl, yea. >> we get excited. >> back to his britches, they're versace. they're high fashion. did you really like them? >> i like them in the sense that he's wearing them.
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>> he makes them special. no one can wear those pants like cam newton. >> come on now. take a look at radar before we get ourselves into big trouble. the radar tonight is clear as we go looking across the state. there are no echoes. high pressure is in control. dry air is taking over. temperatures for today reflected that fact. it was dry so it warmed up just like that. we shot all the way to 82 for the daytime high in orlando. it's 10 degrees above normal for this time of year. we didn't break the record. the record is back from 1985 of 87, but we got within five degrees of it. it's mighty impressive. daytime highs in other spots, 81 in ocala, 82 in the villages. 81 in sanford and palm coast and daytona beach, right on the coast, got back to 77 degrees today. so you were way above normal as well. and 80 out at the cape. right now, temperatures are on the way down. we've stopped at 74 in orlando. 72 in ocala. 69 in gainesville.
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cocoa beach, 68 as well. >> tomorrow, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being awesome, tomorrow's an 8 on the sorrells scale. 8, it's going to be foggy early on. we'll have to battle that. and b, we're going to 85 degrees for a daytime high tomorrow which means we're even hotter than we were today, which is weird for february. so, yeah, it's a good day. any day it doesn't storm is a good day, but it's way too hot for this time of year. satellite and radar shows what's going on. no relief in sight until this pocket of low pressure which is a huge snowmaker and blizzard maker in parts of the nation's midwest. tonight, no worries until tomorrow morning when the fog will be there at 8 a.m. patchy to dense fog. by noon, it's all just broken cloud cover and the sun takes over. much of the rain you're seeing forecast for tomorrow, i really think it's oversold. even into wednesday, not much happens. but by late wednesday into
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big time cold front is on the way for us on thursday. which will drop our temperatures and bring in the rain. 50's. low 60's. i'm going to call the low in the city beautiful, 62. with fog late. here's tomorrow. first thing tomorrow morning, 66 with fog. by noon tomorrow, 78. the daytime high, 85 degrees, 2 degrees below the record. come wednesday, 81. on thursday, we're cooler because the clouds increase. the cold front gets here and the rain rumbles through. a high on thursday is 73. friday's high is 63. saturday is good. 68 and sunday, for super bowl sunday, it will feel like super bowl season.
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>> well, if you have ever driven a rental car before, you know it can be stressful driving around, hoping it doesn't get damaged. but when it happens, it can be tough to prove it wasn't your fault. >> determining who did it, who is responsible for it, who is going to pay for it is really problematic.
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sure you don't end up on the cause. news 6 investigator louis bolden takes us through the new way to settle damage disputes, tonight at 11:00. after news 6 at 11:00, stay tuned for "the late show with stephen colbert". he welcomes john travolta. >> we're going to threaten the records tomorrow. >> let's not break it, though. thanks for watching.
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