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tv   News 6 at 5.30 pm  CBS  February 2, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> now at 5:30, homeowners find fish in their mailboxes. >> and tonight, they're trying to figure out if this was a prank or something more serious. but first, we are following breaking news for you right now at 5:30. a downtown orlando apartment complex security guard has been indicted by a grand jury. he is facing charges of first-degree murder and sexual battery. stephen duxbury is accused of killing 27-year-old sasha
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apartments last year. eric sandoval will have much more on this story for you coming up at 6:00. thank you for joining us this evening. i'm lisa bell in for ginger tonight. >> glad you're with us. i'm matt austin. it was a warm groundhog day for us in central florida. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is much more accurate than a groundhog. how hot did it get out there today? >> 84. missed the daytime high of 85 by 1 degree. >> i'll still give you the win. >> thank you. w's matter in my business. they really do. we're talking about a few speckles of rain on the radar. nothing problematic compared to what you went through this morning with all that fog. we're not getting much rain. speckles of rain 14 miles off the coast drawing a bead on a1a, but as they come closer to land, they lose their mojo and steam and falling apart. everyone from orlando to the north has been dry. future radar is much more impressed with it than it
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we simply don't have that much moisture. it's 84 in orlando and the villages and ocala. 82 in gainesville. the high in cocoa beach was 77 and 75 did it in new smyrna beach. on-the-town forecast for tonight, 74 degrees by 8:00. by 9 p.m., 72. come the 10:00 hour, 71 degrees. i'll be back to talk about why tonight may have fog but will be nothing like yesterday or like this morning was. and tomorrow, just how much warmth can we squeeze in here before the big cold front arrives on thursday. >> thank you, tom. developing right now, a strange mystery in a local neighborhood. what would you do if you found a dead catfish in your mailbox? >> i wouldn't be happy. but that's exactly what several homeowners are dealing with tonight in st. cloud. now they're trying to figure out if it was a joke or something more serious. amanda castro is in osceola county with a story you'll see only on 6.
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quiet family friendly neighborhood which is why she was shocked when she opened up her mailbox and found a dead catfish inside. she's not the only one. incidents like this have been happening all over osceola county. >> it was an unusual delivery monday morning. the postman opened the mailbox to find a large surprise. >> he was like, here, i thought i'd bring you your mail. somebody put a big catfish in your mailbox. >> it was 12 inches long and she had to use a stick to pull it out. she thinks the fish was still alive when it was put in there. >> it looked like it was a live fish someone stuck in there and it flopped around like fish do because my whole mailbox is still dirty. >> she's not the only one to get the unwelcomed mail. for osceola county residents, two other people reported similar incidents this week. another catfish was found in a mailbox and one was thrown into a yard.
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do that. it's not something that you hear of every day. >> she thinks she was a random victim. no one else on her street was targeted. she believes this could be kids playing pranks, but she's worried the silly stunts could turn into bigger potential crimes. >> it starts with the catfish in the mailbox and then goes to breaking into a car. you never know where things escalate to. >> she plans to file a report and keep an eye out for anyone else who receives a fishy delivery. >> thank you. we're told the pranksters could actually be breaking federal law by putting something in the mailbox if they're not a mail person. >> the principal at maitland middle school addressed several threats today made against the school in the last week. >> right now, though, investigators say they still don't know what prompted those threats. we also don't know what kind of threats were made, but it was enough for the principal to send out two separate messages.
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followed up on the threat and school leaders say they took extra precautions to make sure the students were safe. while parents say the lack of information is concerning to them, they've been happy with the response from the school. >> they're doing everything they can to protect the children, and i feel safe bringing my daughter to school. >> the principal does say they're reinforcing the dress code for all students. she went on to say any and all concerns about the threats will be addressed in a previously scheduled pta meeting, starting at 7:00 tonight. >> scary moments for some students on their way to school in brevard county this morning. police in melbourne are looking for answers tonight after a crash involving a school bus that was carrying kids. no one was hurt when the accident happened just before 7:30 this morning. 12 students were on the bus when it crashed. no word yet on what may have caused the crash or where the
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>> covering marion county now, deputies say they arrested the man accused of stealing a 71-year-old woman's purse in a store parking lot. >> deputies say they used their canine to track down the man through a wooded lot to a camper trailer parked on southwest 60th street. he stole the victim's purse as she was trying to get into her car at the dollar general on southwest 56th lane. he's in jail tonight on a $5,000 bond. >> let's get a check on the roads with julie broughton. >> we're watching a few slowdowns out there for you. this is what's happening right now. this is where we're looking at where the beachline, the on ramp to get on to i-4 westbound, you can see a stalled vehicle there, a truck pulling a boat. there blocked. traffic is getting around that. keep in mind if you're heading out, you may see some slowdowns. elsewhere, no major delays, just the typical afternoon drive slowdowns.
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to state road 408 where the hour. definitely a slow go through the downtown area. i-4 westbound, you're pretty slow right now from lake mary boulevard to colonial drive. if you're getting ready to head out or waiting for somebody to get home, it's 10 minutes slower than normal. that's a 24 minute ride. >> thank you, julie. it's been a hot day that started out with some heavy fog. we have some rain ahead before the week is over. news 6 meteorologist candace campos is joining us now in the newsroom pinpointing your weather in zellwood tonight. >> we've been going around town throughout the last couple of hours. we figured zellwood is a nice middle spot ground. it's not along the coast but not too far inland. it's going to be a very nice, clear evening as tom's been
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threat, though, of seeing patchy fog. be aware of that as you head out the door tomorrow morning. look at the temperatures. not too warm, not too cold. 68 degrees by midnight. look what's in store as we head into wednesday. temperatures are topping off again up to about 81 degrees. can you believe that we're still in the first week of february? as we head into wednesday, you can see here the clouds are slowly starting to build back in, ahead of the next system that's expected to roll in come thursday and even into friday. if you have any outdoor plans tonight, wednesday and even through wednesday night, you should be good to go before the next round of rain rolls in and brings cooler temperatures for the weekend. >> thank you, candace. sounds good. >> we're just five days away from the big game. but when the broncos and panthers take the field on sunday for super bowl 50 here on news 6, by the way, two very different players will be leading each team. here's the tale of two quarterbacks.
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newton is brash, bold, with a unique style. fans of the 26-year-old love his signature celebration. detracters claim he's a showboat. newton is unapologetic. >> from being labeled this player, that player, for me, i've always viewed things differently, played differently, not in the typical way. >> at 6-5, 245 pounds, a deadly combination for defenses. >> hopefully i get the better end of the stick on sunday. >> this is newton's first super bowl, peyton manning's fourth and it comes off a challenging season for the 18-year veteran. >> mid season he was benched for poor play and injuries. the 5 time league mvp is the comeback kid. >> even with all the different challenges, i feel like i had a peace about it the whole time. >> just a month away from age 40, manning has not decided if
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the super bowl. but he will have to deal with a possible nfl investigation over a media report linking him to human growth hormones. >> i welcome that investigation. but i can tell you what they're going to find. a big fat nothing. >> despite their different styles, there's a mutual respect between manning and newton, a shared love of the game and talent few others will ever know. >> some great storylines this year. manning says he believes newton should be named league mvp this year. for his part, newton says it's just an honor to have his name associated with manning. lady gaga has been chosen to perform the national anthem, just announced. be sure to tune in to news 6 early on sunday. our coverage begins at 6 a.m. with a special coming up right after that, at 8 a.m., featuring, ginger, justin, julie and candace.
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super bowl all day sunday and all week online, go to and click the sports tab, the sports social right there. the big game kicks off at 6:30 in the evening. they sent us one of the legit 50 super bowls. i think it's the boss', though, so don't mess it up. after the super bowl, "the late show with stephen colbert" and a special edition of news 6 at 11:00. we hope you'll join us for that. >> budweiser has released the commercial it's releasing during the super bowl. >> and are you still trying to decide what to have at your super bowl party? pizza hut may be able to help you out. the interesting way they're going to celebrate the golden anniversary of the big game. >> i guarantee you will not order that.
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>> well, a relatively new program in seminole county is
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students are prepared as they head to kindergarten. >> morning anchor bridgett ellison shows us more in tonight's "getting results for our schools". >> this week, we're in sanford at a great start class. this is a program that launched in seminole county public schools two years ago, helping prepare young children to go to school. >> with 80 to 85% of core brain structure formed in the first three years of life, the great start program is helping seminole county babies and toddlers develop the early literacy skills they need. she's been bringing her babies to great start. she's a better mom too for it. >> overall, developing them and showing me how to help them develop by learning different words. we get books every time we come, which is awesome.
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better parent to her own 10-month-old daughter as a result of great start's curriculum. >> the changes are being made and how i present the books to her and the stories and the animation, the tone and certain words. >> the brain child of seminole county school superintendent walt griffin, great start is a free program that bridges the education gap between birth and entry into vbk. >> there are so many neuroconnections being made from birth to 3, that that is a critical time. we're looking forward to having a really good investment pay off for us. >> there are great start play dates happening all over seminole county. it's open to children, birth to 3 years old in seminole county. for more about great start, look for a link on my facebook page. i'm bridgett ellison, i'll see you in the morning. >> so great start is funded through county millage dollars and private donors.
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getting results in our school, head to, powered by news 6. >> well, if you google the most valuable company in the world, you'll now find you don't even have to push enter. you just look up because it's right there. google. >> it's only if you google it. don't bing it. >> that would be wrong, yeah. >> at the end of trading yesterday, alphabet took over, the search engine's parent company, worth $571 billion at the end of the day. experts attribute the changing of the guard to soaring online advertising business for google apple. >> if you're still trying to decide what to eat this sunday as you watch the super bowl on help. >> the chain is putting in an expensive twist on its new stuffed garlic knots pizza. it's sprinkling $100 worth of edible gold shavings >> since the golden anniversary
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the golden state, what else were they supposed to do? they thought it would be appropriate. this is a limited edition meal. customers in select cities have the chance to win one of 50 golden pizzas and a chance to win a $100 pizza hut gold card. >> the collective we are dumbfounded that people still drive drunk. >> okay. moving on. as companies put the finishing touches on commercials for sunday's big game, budweiser is doing something it hasn't done in more than a decade. one of its ads will be a straightforward campaign against drunk driving. it features english actress helen mirren throwing out some rather unique insults for people getting behind the wheel after drinking. the company will run a spot featuring, what else, of course, the clydesdales. >> an interesting take. >> it's an important message in front of a huge audience. >> i love her, too. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us now.
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and it was 84 today. >> what a drag, man. i hate when i miss it by one. the record is 87. the record is safe, like we thought it would be. did you see fog this morning? >> yes. >> yes. >> it was crazy. visibility was down to 0. i want to start out the weather story tonight -- >> that's a cool picture. >> isn't that awesome? -- with this beautiful storm pin from daytona beach. that was at 10:00 this morning. >> that's one of the coolest ones you've had. >> that's how thick it was at 10 a.m. it was very thick. but the day went the right way. elliot in orlando shot this one. still a lot of cloud cover throughout the afternoon and still i love that one, too. i showed both of your storm pins and we're >> download storm pins right now in your app store. we'd like to see what you're seeing in central florida. it's going to start storming as early as tomorrow night into thursday. i'd love to see the storms rolling through your neighborhood. >> tonight, i don't have any
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pockets of rain, though. see these, cruising out of the viewing area, making our way across the county line, there's the county line right there, between osceola and polk county. when i say big rain, i say big because it's the only rain that i have to show you tonight. futurecast keeps trying to show more rain rolling in. if you live on the coast, i can't promise you that you're not going to get tagged by one of those little pockets of rain that you just saw. other than that, i think we're done. daytime high today has been bounced to 84 in orlando. 84 in the villages and 84 in ocala. everywhere else, you're just below that, from 77 in palm coast, 75 in new smyrna beach and 82 for the daytime high today in sanford. beautiful sunshine shot above the amway center right now. it's 78 in orlando. melbourne, 76. right now in ocala, it is 82 degrees with winds from the south-southeast. other temperatures, 79 in the villages. 75 palm coast, daytona beach.
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77 in sanford and melbourne. still 76 now. here's the wind support tonight coming from the east for the moment at 13. that kind of wind is way too stiff to let big time fog develop. what we're going to watch for big changes in the coming day is the pocket of low pressure that's cranking a big winter storm across the nation's interior, spraying thundershowers from cincinnati down to the gulf, when does it get to you? not so much tomorrow. but during the day on thursday. here's wednesday night at 10:00. that's tomorrow night, 10 p.m. a touch of cloud cover. we've had a good warm day. on thursday, by 11 a.m., the cold front is knocking on the door and the showers are rocking. meteorologist troy bridges will track that. i'll be here to watch it go into the afternoon. by thursday night, we're wrapping it up. lows tonight in the 60's all over. 66 in ocala. 67 in leesburg. 68 in titusville. and in orlando, 67. here's tomorrow. >> by noon tomorrow, we're back
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our high goes to 83, at least, and then the rain chances really thursday. tomorrow. thursday. by the weekend, big stuff is gone and we're all talking peyton manning. >> as we should. >> and super bowl sunday. >> thank you, tom. we appreciate it. another big game this weekend. game. if you want to watch it at home, it's 6.2 on your cozy channel. if you'd prefer to see the game in person, head to our news 6 facebook page. you could win four tickets to check it out live for yourself. it's always fun going to the solar bears game. >> coming up, we'll take you to the hard rock cafe universal where they've made big changes. >> and coming up next, we'll take you inside a happy ending
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>> a story that sparked outrage on social media has come to a happy conclusion. >> a police officer in ohio became very close to his canine partner, ajax, during the three years of working and living together. the department said he could not keep ajax as his pet when he's retiring. ajax belonged to the city, under state law, so in order for him to leave the department, he would have to be sold at auction. a gofundme page raised more than $60,000 to help hickey buy ajax, which was far more than needed. solution. hickey has been appointed as an auxiliary officer which will allow him to keep ajax. >> it's just one of those you knew something had to happen. >> right. >> if you're heading to universal studios this weekend, check out a brand-new collection rock hotel. >> restaurant leaders say they brought in items spanning several decades, from the
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beatles, rihanna, lady gaga, santana. the reveal of the new collection is the finale to the hotel's multi-million dollar renovation and included is the new display qr code you can scan with your phone to learn more about the history of each piece in that collection. >> i love that. it's a museum. you're learning something while staying there. >> plus, if there's a wait or something, you have something to look at. which is nice. >> there you go. here's what we're working on for news 6 at 6:00. more indicates of the zika virus are now confirmed in florida, but they're still only among people who have traveled overseas. still, when doctors say we could start seeing locally transmitted cases. >> and we continue to follow a breaking news alert. a security guard indicted for first-degree murder.
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