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tv   News 6 at 6 pm  CBS  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> now at 6:00, brainstorming how to solve the homeless problem in volusia. what we know about short and long-term plans. >> first, though, two men shot inside a tax office. another by a stray bullet. now deputies are trying to piece together how it all happened. right now, the exact circumstances surrounding the shooting are unclear. this is news 6 at 6:00, i'm matt austin. >> i'm lisa bell. we do know one of the men is in critical condition tonight. news 6 reporter justin warmoth joins us live outside the tax cocoa. i understand you just got some new information from an eyewitness. what did he tell you? >> yeah, he was actually working inside the tax office here and shot.
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check triggered all of this. apparently a man came in, he was upset about a fee he had to pay and pulled out a gun. that has yet to be confirmed by authorities who are still on scene investigating. but they did tell me they're not looking for any suspects and this appears to be an isolated incident. >> deputies say around 1:30 this afternoon, shots were fired inside the tax office. we're told three males ended up with gunshot wounds. the shooter, the owner of the tax office, and an innocent bystander at the pawn shop next door. one of the men was airlifted to the hospital in critical condition. the other two are expected to be okay. detectives gathered evidence and spoke with witnesses, trying to find out what sparked all of this. but at this point, very little information about what led up to the shooting is being released. however, a man who works at the tax office and is cousins with the owner says he wrestled the gun away from the shooter who
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>> my cousin was holding the gun like this. i had to keep the -- what do they call that, the muzzle of the gun away from me and my cousin and the guy. because we were tussling the gun, trying to get it out of his hand. that's why he probably got shot. >> pretty wild there. he went on to tell me his cousin is expected to be okay as well as that innocent bystander. the other man at last check was in critical condition. no word on if any arrests have been made. we will continue to ask investigators and keep you posted. >> thank you, justin. >> well, the homeless problem is taking center stage again in volusia county. right now, local leaders are meeting, talking about all their options to make sure something like this doesn't happen again. news 6 reporter loren korn continues to follow this ongoing issue. she joins us live in volusia now. what ideas are they throwing around tonight? >> well, tonight they'll be
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long-term goals. they said they would like to get businesses, local community involved to try and provide either services or donations to the homeless, their long-term goal would be to provide or build a shelter, not just a shelter but it would also have medical and social services. but they said the end goal is to get everyone off the streets and into a home. >> county and city leaders are spending the evening brainstorming how to solve the homeless issue in daytona beach. last friday, police and salvation army moved more than 100 people from the county administrative center into temporary shelter, but officials there. news 6 got ahold of this letter that the mayor sent to county commissioners, talking about short-term and long-term goals, saying in part, "we'll coordinate and leverage the current resources in our community
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the county offered to pay $4 million to build the 24-hour shelter and services center and asked for the city to pay for operational costs. >> there is no short-term fix for the city of daytona and for volusia county. >> andre bailey, c.e.o. of central florida commission on homelessness says the reason why orlando doesn't have the same issues is because they have the financial support of community leaders and businesses to provide housing. >> i would urge anyone in a situation where homelessness is rampant, don't take the shortcuts and the roads that some communities have taken that winds you up in a continual homeless crisis. you've got to commit to a long-term plan and housing first is the only plan that works. >> now, the city says they're already off to a great start, receiving $110,000 in donations at this meeting tonight. and pam woods, the city commissioner tells me that what happened here in daytona beach
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they just want to move forward as quickly as possible. >> loren korn, live. thank you. >> tonight we're learning more about an orlando woman's death. news 6 went through sasha samsudean's autopsy report which shows she had injuries to many parts of her body, including face, chest, neck and hands. investigators spelled bleach in the apartment and noticed the bedding around her body was discolored and also poured on her. sasha samsudean had a blood alcohol level almost three times the legal limit. she did not have other drugs in her system. yesterday, a grand jury indicted stephen duxbury with first-degree murder and attempted sexual battery. surveillance video shows her walking with duxbury before her death at the uptown place apartments. he was the security guard there. >> a crime tracker alert in orange county tonight.
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at a wal-mart pull a knife on the store security guard. they got away and police need your help finding them. eric sandoval found out today it happened in front of families and children. >> it sure did. we're at the wal-mart on south kirkman road. right at the corner of metro west boulevard here. orlando police say this happened actually right at the front doors right behind me here, about 8:00 on sunday night. this is the time when families were here buying things, getting ready for the workweek. tonight orlando police are asking for your help in figuring out who these women are. >> orlando police say the video doesn't lie. watch as these two women, suspected of shoplifting, try to casually walk out of wal-mart on sunday night. they put up a fight with store security when they stopped them at the front of the store. and you can see one of them pulls out a folding knife, lunging at the officer. the women run out of the store
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>> they were there, committing a theft. but they took it to another level when they decided to use a weapon. >> orlando police sergeant wanda ford considers the women around and very dangerous, especially since the wal-mart workers say they were only trying to steal $100 worth of merchandise. the workers say they watched them roam the aisles and stuff items into their purses. they closed all the other exits in the store, forcing the women to leave through the main entrance. it's there they pulled the knife. >> does it speak to some degree of desperation on behalf of these women? >> i guess so for you to take out -- for you to make that choice to take out a knife and then to actually go after the two people, the two security officers who are just trying to do their job. it does speak volumes. >> now, the good news is the security guards were not hurt in this. witnesses say they saw the women run across this parking lot, go across the street here across
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complex. but police never found them. that's why they need your help. if you recognize either of these women, you're asked to call police or crime line immediately. >> thank you, eric. >> right now, police are searching for people wanted in connection to an early morning shooting. orlando police say someone shot two people near two apartment complexes off conroy. a 19-year-old died in this. police are not saying how many people they're looking for. we know it's at least two, though. a witness tells us he heard the gunshots. >> immediately afterwards, i heard a woman screaming. i didn't know where it was coming from. i thought it was in my complex or across the street. >> we also watched as a black car was towed away from the serrano apartments. police say the car is connected to the investigation. they will not say how just yet. >> he is known as the junk man. now the altamonte springs man is in jail. deputies arrested 61-year-old
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he is charged with felony littering and misdemeanor nuisance. back in september, crews spent nine hours cleaning up his property. they hauled away appliances, metal, lumber, glass, tires, auto parts and more. it was declared a health and safety concern. after the clean-up, the sheriff's office sent the case to the state attorney's office and today a warrant was issued for his arrest. davis will appear in court tomorrow afternoon on the charges. >> an awkward landing in merritt island after a gear malfunction. take a look at this video. it shows the sea plane coming in for an emergency landing earlier today. the plane bounces on its belly, you see it right there, before wobbling to the right and sliding to a stop on the runway. he was told to land in the grass as a precaution but ended up on the concrete. the fire/rescue rushed in as the pilot made his way out. he was not hurt in this. >> now to a top story on homeowners finding catfish inside their mailboxes.
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will be charged with this. st. cloud police tell us they cannot investigate until a formal complaint comes forward. we found out the victim of the catfishing is planning to make that formal complaint and we'll keep you updated. >> taking a walk in space. >> yeah, today two astronauts stepped out of the i.s.s. what experiments they did in outer space and why. good view there. and coming up -- >> plus a new way to get around. zip car is now in central florida. how the car sharing program works and what's different about it. >> and i'm news 6 meteorologist candace campos. we're pinpointing your forecast down to street level. at 6:10, we're talking about malabar. temperatures are going to continue to drop into the low 70's, a little warmer because of the cloud cover. but get ready for the rain. it will be coming in on thursday, between noon and 4:00
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>> a popular car sharing service is expanding its reach to drivers in central florida. today, orlando city leaders welcomed zip car. >> the goal is to reduce the number of cars on our roads. news 6 reporter mark lehman explains how this service works. >> two of the cars opened this year are available here near lake eola. the mayor saying this is another welcome option for traveling around the city. >> the car sharing service is called zip car. differing from ride-sharing options like uber, it let's drives rent a car for an hour or a day, gas and insurance included. >> we have been adding to our array of transportation options in and around the downtown area. >> buddy dyer says the service is a way to easily get around the city and counts toward reducing the number of cars on the road. >> each zip car we put on the
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>> first you apply for a zip card through the company's website. after receiving your card, you can book your car through their mobile app. when you're ready to pick up, tap the car on the windshield, the doors unlock and you're ready to go. >> the expansion brings 12 new locations to central florida, including winter park and disney springs. a car can be picked up at ivan ho village, orange county courthouse, city hall, thornton park and two spots near lake eola. two years ago, the city experimented with a similar car sharing service but that failed. today dyer focused on zip car's brand recognition as a recipe for success. >> i think it elevates the program. >> it's an interesting idea. once the drivers are done using the car, you have to return that car to the same reserved parking space. you can't just leave it anywhere.
6:14 pm and we have the story on our home page. >> some new experiments were installed outside the international space station today. two russian cosmonauts also gathered biological samples that have been outside the i.s.s. for seven years now. they want to see what happened to the samples in outer space and they also tested a new glue that might be used in the coming years. nasa says it's still trying to understand why water leaked into an astronaut's helmet last month during the last spacewalk. the russians use different space suits today. >> fascinating about the glue, too. >> no kidding. >> the caped crusader may have turned to a life of crime. >> but make no mistake, this guy is no superhero. all new at 7:00, video just in to news 6 shows a man dressed as batman committing a crime. you see him right there. his dirty bat deed and how you can help bring him to justice. also more big news from the boy who lived. hear why harry potter wasn't the only reason universal just
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and why it could break more records this year. see you at 7:00. >> they're selling a lot of that. >> did you say the boy who lived? >> we haven't read the book. >> i had no idea what you meant. what do you mean the boy who lived? >> you muggle. called me. >> chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us now. it's appropriate. don't worry about it. >> we've got some great storm pins. we have to pick a winner. let's get to it. >> give it to us. >> isn't that awesome? >> here's the winner of the day. >> ooh. >> very nice. >> ah. i'm telling you straight up, one stop, thank you for sponsoring. we love you. the palm tree is beautiful, the sight of the sun and the surf.
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we'll be contacting you and giving you an umbrella. we'll be in touch within 24 hours, >> download storm pins right now in your app store. we'd like to see what you're seeing in central florida. tomorrow we're going to have opportunities to get decent shots with storms building on the horizon. it shouldn't go severe. it will be rain and clouds and sun and make for a great photo day. >> radar tonight, we've wrapped the rain up for the moment. still waiting for bigger showers to roll in tomorrow. nasty stuff up north. as this jets to the north, most of what we're going to get is it not that heavy tomorrow. there's every real possibility we'll get definite appreciable rain. it was 84 degrees in orlando. we missed the record by 2 degrees today. the record is 86. we didn't make it. daytona beach right now looks great. a little bit of cloud cover. some waves. beach. with wind from the south-southeast at 7 miles per hour. other spots around orlando, 78.
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ocala is supposed to be like 72. 81 degrees right now in the villages. it should be 82 right there in ocala. 78 in gainesville. 78 in leesburg and 80 in sanford. here's what you really want to see. satellite and radar together showing you the location of the frontal boundary. it's right here, draped across the eastern half of the country with the cooler, drier air, ready to pour in here behind it. it's just going to take hours for that to happen. tonight, by midnight, 1 a.m., not much happening. by 2 in the morning, nothing. it is a peaceful, calm overnight. you don't have to worry about that. first half of the day tomorrow, i still think you're good. by 11 a.m., looking to the west, watching for the showers to roll in. by 2:00 in the afternoon, thunderstorms rumble from sumpter county all the way into orlando. by 4 and 5:00, it's pushed east of orlando and out to the open waters past melbourne. tonight at 11:00, i'll have a brand-new model run to pinpoint what's going on with all the changes expected tomorrow. low tonight, in the 60's everywhere. the overnight low in orlando is 66.
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>> daytime high tomorrow hops it back to 80. we get really warm for one more day. not 84, 85, but 80, still well above normal. then the storms roll in by midday into the afternoon. we get cooler and windy by friday. friday's daytime high is 64. saturday, 70. super bowl sunday, the high here will be 63. look how much cooler we are one week from today. >> oh, yeah, good stuff. >> ping is in. >> what do we got? >> it's a big day for high school athletes >> >> this guy smiling ear to ear. >> feels good. >> signing day. look at this kid right here. you'll never believe where
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it expected that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping
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>> big day for all college coaches, especially the new one at ucf. >> scott frost making a big splash, tommy, watch out for those knights. >> national signing day has been
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all sports are involved but as many of you know, football becomes the top story. florida and florida state having good days as well as ucf. but florida state, matt, now the top ranked school in the recruiting world. kissimmee, osceola, he committed to florida state. he was going to go to the gators but jimbo picked up a talented quarterback. scott frost at the press conference got a commitment from milton. he will fit the bill, what frost wants to accomplish, high paced offensive attack. he might have been going to oregon where frost came from as the ucf head coach. this kid is quick and quite accurate. >> my opinion, if mckinsey was 6-4, he would be one of the top two or three quarterbacks in the country. he's not. he's about 6 foot.
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and he was far and away the best player. >> we all know how central florida is a hotbed for football. prominent young men signed their name to paper for the next level. >> i made my decision back in february. i got back from michigan and the next day i told notre dame where i was going. it was not that the trip to michigan was bad or anything. i just felt like that's where god was leading me, so that's
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>> it's awesome. we're a big family, real close together. you know, we couldn't have finished it better than a state championship. >> it's hard to be a group of athletes together buying into what the coach is saying and not get our egos involved. >> a good day. do not forget the countdown to super bowl. we're just a matter of days away. carolina against the denver broncos. >> it's quiz time to get ready for the super bowl. here's your question. how many super bowl games have gone into overtime? tommy, what is your choice here? you've got a multiple choice. what are you going with? >> 4, 1, 0, 6. >> i think just 1. >> really?
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>> i'm with him. i think the answer is just 1. >> the answer is you're all wrong, but thanks for playing ping's top quiz.
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