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tv   News 6 at 7 pm  CBS  February 3, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> a scare at a wal-mart. how a shoplifting case quickly escalated into something much more dangerous and it is caught on camera. >> are also call him the caped crusader of crime. a man dressed as batman
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how you can help bring him to justice. good evening, even. this is news 6 at 7:00, getting results. i'm ginger gadsden. >> i'm lisa bell. >> and i'm julie broughton. but hear where universal just announced record profit and how it could break more records this year. we're not surprised by that. >> when sky 6 has to fly over the scene to give you a perspective of how crowded it is, that's an indication. >> we'll get to that in a moment. but our top story, still developing right now, we're learning more about how three people ended up shot after a confrontation at a tax office. news 6 reporter justin warmoth is at the tax office on clear lake road near eastern florida state college in cocoa. he spoke to an eyewitness. >> a man who works at this tax office here and is cousins with the owner told me a disagreement over a check triggered all of this. apparently a man came in and was upset at a fee he had to pay, so he pulled out a gun. it has yet to be confirmed by authorities who are still on
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but investigators told me there are not too many suspects in this and it appears to be an isolated event. >> he heard his cousin, the owner of the store, plea for help. he then heard gunshots and he ran inside and wrestled the gun away from the shooter. >> my cousin was holding the gun like this and i had to keep the head of the -- what do they call that, the muzzle of the gun from me and my cousin and the other guy. >> the sheriff's office says this all started around 1:30 this afternoon after folks in the shopping plaza heard the gunshots. when authorities got here, they say they found three people shot and wounded. the tax office owner, the gunman and an innocent bystander who was at the pawn shop next door. the owner and the bystander are expected to be okay. while we're told the shooter is in critical condition. we were there as he was airlifted to the hospital.
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hand. that's how he got shot. >> no word on any arrests will be made in this case. we'll continue to keep you updated and if you have any information for investigators, call the crime line at 1-800-423-tips. for now, reporting in cocoa, in brevard county, justin warmoth, news 6. >> thank you. they are frightening moments caught on surveillance video. two women pull a knife on a wal-mart security and then run off. this happened sunday night at the wal-mart on south kirkman road at metro west boulevard. news 6 reporter eric sandoval is getting answers from police. >> orlando police say witnesses told them they saw the women run across the parking lot and across the street into an apartment complex. investigators couldn't find them anywhere. that's why they need you to take a close look at these women tonight to help identify them and find them. >> this was something that did
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>> the orlando police sergeant wanda ford says what makes this more frightening is it happened in front of families and children. watch the two women who investigators say were trying to shoplift on sunday night. as they go to leave the store, security stops them and the women put up a fight. one of them pulls out a folding knife and jabs at one of the security officers. >> they were committing a crime, taking merchandise. but they took it to another level when they took out a knife and then went after security officers with the knife. >> investigators say wal-mart employees had actually been watching the women walk around the store sunday night shoving merchandise into their purses. they say there was plenty of evidence to prove they were shoplifting. now they're wanted for a much more violent crime. >> do you consider these women dangerous? >> i do. if you're going to use a weapon and try to harm someone and not just try to scare the security officers, but they were actually
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>> now the security guards were not hurt, but orlando police tell us they're worried the women may do this again or something even more violent. if you recognize these women, call orlando police or crime line. you can remain anonymous. in metro west, eric sandoval, news 6. >> thank you. again, police think you may help lead them to these women. spread the word and share the video with your friends to help police get results. it's easy. we posted it on 6. >> more surveillance video could also help detectives catch a robber who is giving batman a bad name. take a look. you can see him entering the dollar store on cimarron boulevard north of colonial. he pulls a batman mask over his face as he walks in. off camera, he demanded and got money from the clerk and then walked out. this happened around this time last night. about 90 minutes later, deputies think this same guy held up another dollar store on goldenrod.
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call crime line at 1-800-423-tips. >> orlando police are still looking for the suspect who shot two people, killing one of them. it happened overnight near the serrano apartments and the summer gate condos on cypress woods drive off conroy road. >> i was halfway down the stems and i heard five gunshots. >> the neighbor tells us he was down the street when he heard those shots. what he found minutes later was disturbing. >> i saw what looked like a body laying on the street. >> police say two people were taken to the hospital but only one of them survived. we were there as a black car was towed away from the apartment complex. police say the car is connected to the investigation but will not tell us how. call orlando police if you have any information. >> the man many people call the junk man is in jail again, months after the county carried out a major clean up. deputies arrested 61-year-old allen davis today during a traffic stop.
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littering charges. and say he was also driving on a suspended license. you may recall this scene back in september. crews spent nine hours hauling away a yard full of appliances, car parts, scrap metal and more. it wa the latest in more than a decade of run-ins with the law. davis will go before a judge tomorrow afternoon on the new charges. >> big news from universal. parent company comcast says its theme parks broke records in 2015, including record profits. it made $452 million in profit from october through the holidays, up more than 12% over 2014. for the year as a whole, profits were up 26% to nearly $1.5 billion. universal gave credit to the diagon alley expansion and the wizarding world of harry potter and crediting record attendance at halloween horror nights.
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attraction each year. universal also confirmed today it spent $130 million for 450 acres of vacant land near the convention center. comcast says it's too early to say what it plans to build on that land, insiders predict more hotels and possibly a third theme park. >> down the road, disney is doubling the size of what used to be called downtown disney. >> but the disney springs project is bringing pain for the employees. restaurants have warned the state they plan to lay off 214 employees from the popular fulton's crab house. the layoff will happen in april. we have to put calls in to restaurant and have not heard back. the sentinel says fulton is going down for a six-month rehab, similar to what is already underway at nearby planet hollywood. disney plans to finish disney springs by the end of the year. >> it would have been a perfect day to hit the theme parks today. >> yeah, but rain -- i'm so
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today -- but rain is on the way. let's get right over to chief meteorologist tom sorrells as we continue to smile about how nice it was and know it's coming to an end. >> it stopped you in your tracks. it would be great to go to disney. silence. silence everywhere. check out the radar. a touch of rain was falling in the area around alachua county into marion county. it went away. some false echoes are forming across the interior. right now, after a daytime high today of 84 degrees, we drop back into the 70's everywhere. 76 in gainesville. 75 in daytona beach. and 75 in leesburg. the tip in orlando is 75 in the next hour. 74, we slide on down to 10:00, at 69, the same at 11:00. we're talking about the arrival of big rumbling showers for tomorrow, here to pinpoint for you, meteorologist candace campos. >> well, yeah, we're going to say goodbye to the heat and the beautiful weather ginger has been dreaming about, but it
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that's exactly what we're going to be talking about here as we pinpoint your city right here in oxford. for tonight, temperatures will be in the upper 60's. is the cloud cover ahead of the front will be on the warm side. thursday, 75 degrees by noon. down to 71. rain-cooled air. you can see a good chance for rain and staying mild as we head into thursday night. i want to thank all the viewers for sending in your suggestions. we will probably be doing that again tomorrow and also pinpointing some rain. our news 6 pinpoint weather app is free for android and iphone users. all you need to do is just search wkmg in your app store. >> thank you. the countdown to the super bowl is on in minutes. it's not just fans from around the nation to california. why security will be tighter than ever. >> also, a spacewalk surprise. what two cosmonauts tossed into orbit during their trip outside the orbiting outpost. >> but new information on a rock
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had trouble and pulled out his phone and texted a friend. the advice that may have saved a life, next. >> we're getting results in the villages, apopka and all of central florida here on news 6 at 7:00 and on our free news 6 app. >> and join us on facebook during the break. just search for me at broughton
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>> a nerve-racking landing ended safely in merritt island today thanks to a pilot's skills. the sea plane he was test flying had not only landed on land, it ended up on its belly. a brake line got caught up in the landing gear so it wouldn't come down all the way. >> with his fate up in the air, he phoned a friend in california. >> take another look at the video. harvey cleveland says his friend told him to land on the grass as a precaution. but he chose a runway for the belly landing. despite this being a sea plane, he was told specifically not to land in the water. and for good reason.
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water into the cockpit and flood the cockpit and destroy the plane and i could probably die. >> as fire/rescue moved in, cleveland got out unscathed. they flew the plane yesterday and everything was fine, but today was different. to have the presence of mind, though, you're in panic mode, to call someone who clearly knows what they're talking about. >> that's the friend you want to have on speed dial, someone who can actually help you. >> but he was able to pull that off. it was amazing. >> there was a bit of mystery up in space. but tonight we're learning the full story. during a spacewalk earlier today, two russian cosmonauts released a flash drive up in orbit. it was the 70th anniversary of victory day for russia. it will not damage the space station and it will burn up in space. >> united launch alliance says
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will cooperate friday morning. the rocket will carry a next generation g.p.s. satellite for the air force. the 19-minute launch window will open at 8:38 friday morning. if it happens, we'll bring it to you live on news 6 and on >> the countdown is on. we're now just three days, 23 hours, and 14 minutes from super bowl 50. you can see our clock is counting down to kickoff with tens of thousands of people descending on northern california for the big game. security is certainly stepping up. >> it certainly is. while the super bowl is always taken seriously, recent deadly attacks from san bernardino to paris means even more security measures are taken. one road near the stadium is shut down to traffic. s.w.a.t. units from throughout the state are patrolling the perimeter 24 hours a day. one former f.b.i. agent says there are many challenges to ensuring safety citywide in a super bowl. >> in this line of work, there's no margin of error.
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of law enforcement. they have a very high expectation. they hold us to a very high standard. they expect the best whenever it comes to game day. >> yeah, the f.b.i. says one of its biggest challenges is actually getting all agencies to use the same radiofrequency. with so many people using cell phones, they're not as reliable. communication is definitely key. >> absolutely. >> our team coverage of the super bowl will ramp up until the big game kicks off. this sunday our morning news goes into overtime. first up, our regular newscast from 6 until 8:00 in the morning. >> then after that, ginger and i will help host a special game day edition at 8:00. we will magically appear along with justin warmoth and meteorologist candace campos. >> and cbs' coverage starts at 2:00, building up to kickoff at 6:30. >> i can't believe that. >> what's she doing there? >> i know, right? >> after the big game, a special live edition of "the late show with stephen colbert" and a super special edition of news 6
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lisa, tom, matt, ping, everybody will be here. >> we all had to hold the pom franz. it was like what do you want us to do with these? >> go back to your cheerleading days. >> way back. >> let's start out the big weather story tonight. we've got changes afoot. cloud cover is on the horizon. this is a beautiful shot from my man richard. isn't that beautiful? >> that looks like a water painting, a water color. it's beautiful. >> what about this one from grand island? >> i like that one a lot. >> >> download storm pins right now in your app store. we'd like to see what you're seeing in central florida. temperatures for today, we rock it all the way up to 84 degrees. 84. we missed the record by 2. the record of the day is 86. normals would be 72 and 51 for the highs and lows. we obviously crushed that today by 12 degrees. right now, 75 degrees in orlando. 74 in melbourne.
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villages. 75 in leesburg. 72 out at the cape. the radar, okay, we got it wide open, not picking up any radar echoes just yet. >> tomorrow, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being awesome, 6. it's going to be kind of tropical feeling in the morning. we do jump to a daytime high of about 80 tomorrow. but then the cloud cover takes over and then the rain arrives. take a look at the satellite and radar together here. see the big advancement of the cold front marching in? a lot of cool air on the backside of this, from chicago to the gulf. as long as we're in the warm sector, though, we'll have a pretty good start to the day. getting the kids out the door in the morning, fine, no worries. by midday, tomorrow, though, to the west, we'll be able to pick up a radar lock on some pretty decent showers coming through. here's tonight at 9:00. not a big deal. tomorrow at 2 a.m. you're good. safe overnight. no worries at all. by tomorrow morning at 6 a.m., the rain will be on radar. by noon, there come the showers rolling in from the gulf.
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by 3:00 in the afternoon from orlando to kissimmee, all the way to st. cloud getting some rain and more scattered showers developing behind that. by 4, 5 and 6:00, heaviest of the rain is from orlando to kissimmee, down to melbourne and then it pushes out to the east. most of the night thursday night will start to dry out. during the overnight friday -- excuse me -- thursday into friday morning, another round of showers coming through. >> by friday, during the day, we clear up and cool down. the weekend is totally different. >> overnight lows tonight 66 in ocala and same in leesburg. 65 in sanford. the overnight low in orlando is 66. here's tomorrow. >> first thing in the morning, 68. still warm. but showers on the way. by noon we'll be tracking them. 75. our daytime high tomorrow tags 80 before the rain comes in. rain coverage 70% on thursday. then friday, very windy. clearing up. daytime high on friday is 64.
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and sunday's daytime high is 63 degrees. >> i love it. >> thank you, tom. >> thank you, tom. >> bye. >> the orlando solar bears are getting cozy on cozy tv, our digital second channel. >> this saturday night, the greenville swamp rabbits head to the amway center to take on the solar bears. >> you can see the game live at 7:00 on saturday on our 6.2 digital channel. i blame ginger for all this. or catch the action in person for free. we're giving away four tickets to the game. head to 6. >> they're swamp rabbits, julie. >> yes, they are. we're going to be right near them. >> all eyes are on new hampshire with the iowa caucuses over. people are still talking about hillary clinton's razor thin win. >> hillary won by .3 of 1% or as it's known in iowa, carl. >> what colbert says one of the real stories from iowa came from donald trump.
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>> this is the line-up starting in about 30 minutes. it all leads up to news 6 at 11:00. >> at 11:00, one couple says all they wanted was a new bed. >> instead, they say they were out of thousands of dollars and got nothing. >> i have no electric bed, no mattress, i have nothing. but they have my money. >> a company accused of wrongdoing in the past has new complaints. we'll tell you about the state's investigation into the company and investigator louis bolden gets results by helping a couple get their money back, tonight at 11:00. >> after the news at 11:00, stay tuned for "the late show with stephen colbert". >> there was something for everyone to talk about in iowa, including hillary's razor thin win. >> if i thought the democratic caucus was a toss-up in some places, it literally was. >> the race came down to a coin
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>> in six precincts. the democrats picked the winner last night the same way roommates decide who has to drive to taco bell. >> on the republican side, one man trumped them all with a huge base, you're fired up, ted cruz. and cruz's victory means everyone is talking about one thing, donald trump. trump came in second with 24%. but donald trump is a winner. there's no way he would just humbly accept second place. donald, come out with guns blazing. >> we finished second. i want to tell you something, i'm just honored. i'm really honored. >> who are you? and what have you done with donald trump's body? even though iowa rejected him, trump is not giving up on the hawkeye state. >> we'll be back, many, many times.
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here and buy a farm. >> wow. i have to say i cannot imagine what donald trump on a farm would look like. thankfully, i don't have to. >> green acres is the place to be, farm living is the life for me. >> tonight colbert welcomes dr. phil. don't miss it at 11:35 on news 6. >> change in the forecast. >> a cold front is already spraying rain from new york city to d.c. down to atlanta. tomorrow, we get our showers. the daytime high tomorrow will end up dropping after we hit 80, we'll plummet all the way down with highs only in the 60's.
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