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tv   News 6 at 4p  CBS  February 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> breaking now, major traffic trouble on the turnpike. this, as we begin to pinpoint wet roads. >> chief meteorologist tom sorrells is with us in seconds with where the storms are hitting right now. >> and a breaking health alert as governor rick scott declares a fifth county under a zika virus emergency. good afternoon, everyone. this is news 6 at 4:00, getting results. i'm ginger gadsden. >> i'm lisa bell. thanks for joining us. >> and i'm julie broughton. news 6 investigates a major computer hack at ucf, we're talking personal information and tens of thousands of people
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if you went to ucf or go there now, stick around to see what you need to know to stay protected. it's certainly some important information. eric sandoval will be live with that story. >> he's asking what they knew and when they knew it and it may surprise a lot of people out there. >> a lot of important information on that coming up. first, a weather alert and video just in of the storms moving through the heart of the tourist district. you can see how hard the rain was coming down about an hour ago. it is just getting started. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing hour by hour where it's heading. this could be bad news for the busy drive home. >> oh, yeah, it's going to be kind of rough and rocking for a while. i don't expect a lot of severe weather, but the rain, any rain, is a really big problem for drivers along the i-4 corridor. it's starting to arrive in southern lake county and a few lightning strikes out there with it. take the video full there of the radar and show the folks at home what i mean.
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embedded right there, along the turnpike in lake county. first in marion county, here's ocala and redick, getting wet early on. farther to the south in orlando the heavier rain has popped up in the last 20 minutes. this is highway 17 and the 527, raining at an inch and a quarter right there. it's racing this way to the north and east at better than 20 miles per hour, putting it in downtown orlando in the next five minutes and winter park 15 minutes from right now. farther to the west, around clermont, there's your heavy rain, an inch and a half per hour and a few lightning strikes as well. you can see how all this energy has been racing to the northeast and gradually marching on over. we told you last night the rain will be here on the county line by 3:00. it ended up being 30 minutes later than that, but the heavy stuff is still ready to roll on in as the evening wears on. this is future radar. you can see how it goes with the
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i'll be right back to talk about what happens tonight and the big change coming for tomorrow. meteorologist candace campos is going to be here throughout the afternoon doing rainfall totals the next time i see you. right now, let's talk to julie. >> thank you, tom. see you in just a few minutes. we're already seeing major trouble on the roadways, starting along the turnpike in orange county. you can see right here, this is a crash involving a semi. it is causing big delays. this is impacting traffic along northbound ramp near 441 and the turnpike, and that's not far from the florida mall. orange county fire/rescue tells news 6 a pickup with a trailer collided with another vehicle. you can see the damage there it left behind. two people were taken to the hospital. right now, the extent of their injuries is not known. >> the roads are going to continue getting wet. so, remember, you can pinpoint the forecast zones with the live radar right on, powered by news 6. plus the news 6 pinpoint weather app. >> we're following breaking developments in the zika health emergency.
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added to the list. governor rick scott addressed the virus concerns in a news conference just a few hours ago. >> yesterday we had nine cases. the counties were hillsborough, miami-dade, lee, and santa rosa. today we find out we have a fifth county, broward. so we'll be amending the executive order. >> so here is the latest information. at least 12 cases of the mosquito-borne illness have now been reported in florida. health leaders believe all of the cases are from people who contracted the virus while traveling to affected countries. in response, the c.d.c. has issued a travel notice for people going to areas where zika virus transmission is ongoing, including areas in south america and the caribbean. the virus is spread to people through mosquito bites. we're going to continue to monitor the situation and bring you any new developments throughout the night. >> and, of course, our coverage of this story continues online. there you can get up to the minute notices about travel warnings and more information on how to keep mosquitos from
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powered by news 6. >> this afternoon, news 6 is getting to the bottom of a massive computer hack at the university of central florida. we have learned more than 63,000 names and social security numbers have been compromised. news 6 reporter eric sandoval is getting answers from university leaders about this huge hack. what in the world happened here? >> you know, that is exactly what university of central florida officials are trying to get to the bottom of right now. it looks like these hackers actually targeted specific groups, including student athletes that play on the field right behind me. >> i work hard for what little money i have. >> and because of that, the ucf student shaun casey says he's outraged his personal information may have been stolen right off the university's computer system. >> we found out today 63,000 names and social security numbers had been hacked. that includes current ucf students, former students and
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the 1980's. specifically targeted, student athletes from this year and last year. >> current and former student government leaders were also targeted. >> to see something as big as ucf be able to be breached so easily and lose 60,000 social security numbers, you would defenses. >> we brought casey's concerns to the university today. >> a lot of people would think the university of central florida is pretty tech savvy. how does a hack like this happen? >> clearly, it's part of our investigation, still, to look into exactly the origins of what happened. >> now, get this. we also found out today that the university realized what happened back on january 8th and they waited a month to tell anybody what had happened. we asked university officials why they waited a month, coming up at 5:00. for now, we're live at ucf, eric sandoval, news 6. >> no doubt a lot of people will be interested in hearing their answer to that question.
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>> ucf is just the latest data breach over number of hacks over the last year or so. >> there have been plenty. we counted at least four major breaches in 2015 alone. >> in july of 2015, a hacker group stole information from 37 million users from the adult website, ashley madison and anthem suffered a data breach of 80 million records and wal-mart may have leaked credit card information affecting millions. we have in-depth coverage on the latest hack and a link to ucf's page if you have any questions and think your information may have been compromised. >> in marion county, we're learning more about a shoot-out that put a local deputy in the hospital and left a suspect dead. it is a story we brought you as breaking news last night, live at 11:00, at a gas station on southeast 58th avenue near silver springs. now all new at 4:00, the marion county sheriff's office released new video on their facebook page
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>> in contact with the subject, he raised one of the handguns to his head. deputies began to negotiate with him, trying to have him put down his weapons for the safety of himself and others. >> news 6 reporter kirstin o'connor spent the day getting answers in marion county. she tells us what happened next. >> this fence is the only thing separating the gas station from a neighborhood. but it didn't stop bullets from coming straight through the wood. >> it was like a movie theater out here, you know. >> this cell phone video shows the perspective across the street as a crowd watching from the local bar and barbershop watched dozens of officers in a standoff at the marathon kangaroo express gas station. >> i just turned around. i was fixing to go inside, you know, just to sit down. i got tired of seeing it and the next thing i know, just probably 20 or 30 shots. >> marion county deputies say they were trying to talk the man down. now identified as 31-year-old
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gun to his head and another to his side. when he pointed the gun at officers, there were a shoot-out. the man and a deputy were rushed to the hospital. the suspect later died. a sergeant was shot in the leg but is out of the hospital. as investigators gather more information, people in the area are stunned. >> it's pretty scary, you know, very close to home. you know, typically we don't have a lot of this stuff happening around here. >> i don't understand why things like this happen, you know. it's hard to soak in. >> the florida department of law enforcement is now leading the investigation. >> there are breaking new developments in the flint, michigan water crisis right now. we learned an e-mail warned the governor's aide early on about a possible link between legionnaire's disease and the water supply in flint, michigan. now, that's on top of the risk of lead poisoning.
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ranking officials in michigan were aware of a surge in the disease potentially linked to the water long before it was reported to the public. in january, governor snyder said he just learned about the spike a couple of days earlier but the e-mails show he was aware of the outbreak since last march. a spokesman says he never knew about the outbreak despite an aide knowing about it 10 months earlier. >> just in, the big super bowl reveal. >> the ads that have taken over the most coveted commercial spots on game day. >> then an alert for shoppers. what police want you to know about these suspects and their spending habits. >> take a look at the big rain rolling in right now. heavy showers from orlando to winter park. big time rain in central lake county and big lightning strikes in ocala. i'll be back to pinpoint it all and how it messes up the night and the big changes that are knocking on the door. >> the way i see it, you can go
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boy for greedy drug company executives. >> and he doesn't stop there. the heated exchange on capitol hill and what ex-c.e.o. had to say about lawmakers after he left. getting results on news 4 and the news 6 app. we'll be right back. . >> and during the break, we're
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>> the ex-c.e.o. dubbed the most hated man in america got grilled by congress today on drug pricing. >> he's facing federal charges for securities fraud. >> but he may be best-known for hiking the price of a drug used to treat a.i.d.s. in cancer patients by more than 5,000%. lawmakers didn't let him off the hook easily.
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32-year-old declined to answer questions and his response caused some lawmakers to become irritated. >> are you listening? >> yes. >> he's not a villain. he's not the bad boy. i think at the end of this story, he is a hero. >> so that was the response from his lawyer after the short hearing. it wasn't long after the meeting that the man took to twitter and wrote, "hard to accept these i am be -- i am >> today's hearing was unrelated to those charges. >> well, the site of this year's super bowl is the newest stadium in the league. >> and for $1.3 billion, you can expect it's going to be high-tech. after all, ginger, levi's stadium is in the heart of
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>> you know it. with all the football fans, crews worked every hard to make sure every gadget can capture all the action happening on the turf. >> it opened in 2014. it's the most high-tech nfl venue. it is wired with 70 miles of wi-fi cabling, enough to go from orlando to ocala national forest. there's one internet access point for every 100 seats. the stadium has 10 times more bandwidth than the nfl mandates at other stadiums. and it's not just about social media either, guys. you can also tap into the internet while you're at your seat to order, say, a drink. there's an app where fans can pick out their beverage and have it delivered right to their seats. that is service with a smile. >> that's nice. >> no kidding. for fans watching at home, it's of course often all about the commercials. >> oh, yeah.
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fill the coveted a-one position following the kickoff and airing live right here on news 6. >> michelob ultra-is returning to the super bowl after a six-year absence. the 30-second spot titled breathe will set the tone for the game and apps to follow. the ad highlights many ways the michelob michelob ultra-drinkers live an average balanced life. >> i wonder how much that ad cost. >> millions of dollars. >> they're getting more bang for their buck. we showed it right there and we'll see it again and again. >> you can start your super bowl party early with the special edition of the morning news at 8:00. we'll have everything you need to get ready for the big game. we've also got you covered on our website, just click on sports social
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i really am excited about it. i think it's going to be an excellent game. >> we're starting the party at 8 a.m. >> starting with coffee. >> we'll start tailgating that early. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us any. you're helping us get in the mood for the super bowl as well. it's going to feel a little -- >> it's going to feel like football in here. >> thank goodness. the last two days have been kind of weird. >> take a look at radar right now, we're tracking big rain rolling our way in central florida. the heaviest of the showers are up to the north. the activity that you're seeing here on radar is doing its thing the other way. there you go. big rainfall counts, currently way back to the west, big time rains from downtown orlando to
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and hunters creek, it finally dried out. what you're seeing now is a big bulk of activity from redick to ocala to bellevue. we have lightning strikes embedded in there, 12 strikes in the last hour alone in the marion county area. this is 75, raining about an inch per hour there. .42 of an inch in bellevue. rain in sumpter county is heavier and jetting that way. some of the heavier showers are on the way for you. here's a quick look at future radar. you can tell the heaviest bull's-eye stuff is coming this way in the next couple of hours until about 6:15 or 6:30. we'll be here to keep track of that into the evening. how much rain have we picked up already? how much damage has already been done? standing by in the weather center is meteorologist candace campos. >> well, tom, it looks like most of the heavy rain is still sitting up towards the north. that's where most of our rain totals are at. these are rainfall estimates, the most recent update as of a
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redick, .7 of an inch. clermont, just over a half-inch and near half inch in silver springs and ocala coming in just under that. if you're city is not on this list, not to worry. you'll be dealing with the rain for the next couple of hours. >> let's talk temperatures right now with all this rain. we're cooling off in spots, down to 66 in ocala and 70 in the villages and 78 in orlando. the visible satellite is showing the progress, cooler drier air is back here. all this moisture still has to roll through. we're going to be dealing with the rain for the next several hours. it's going to take a long time for the scattered showers to make their way through central florida at times, heavy downpours and lightning strikes, too. >> here's the hour-by-hour forecast. by 6 p.m., a big slug has made its way through volusia county. lingering showers hang on. 7:30, 8:00, it will still be raining. lighter, patchy, pockets of rain
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they won't be heavy at all. by tomorrow, at 3:00 in the afternoon, look at the cloud streaks developing over the warm water because of all the cold air funneling into central florida. we'll go back to a chance of rain on saturday. overnight lows tonight -- that's the wrong overnight low graphic. let's go ahead and talk about overnight lows tonight in orlando. the overnight low in orlando will drop down to about 48 degrees. what a change, huh? 41 will be the overnight low in palm coast and 40 in ocala. here's the official forecast for tonight. storms early and chilling out with an overnight low of 48. the hour-by-hour forecast for tomorrow, 57 tomorrow, 61 by 4:00 and 61 is the daytime high on friday. 67 on saturday. and sunday, 62. check out my overnight lows on the seven-day. >> ooh, thank you. >> that's crazy cold. >> thank you, tom. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app.
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store. >> well, ahead at 4:00, a possible break-in. a local shoplifting ring. the photos police want you to see. >> and a deadly school bus crash. what we know about the students on board. >> and the woman who sued president clinton for sexual headlines. what she's now saying about his wife. a look at her exclusive "inside edition" interview straight ahead. getting results on a rainy thursday. look at our cameras over downtown orlando, very wet out there.
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>> remember, news 6 is always on, your smartphone and your tablet. take us with you. >> we're catching up with debra norville from "inside edition" today. thank you for joining us. >> thanks, julie. >> we've got a lot of exciting stuff coming up tonight, including the interview with paula jones we were talking about. >> she recently became a part of the political discourse because of donald trump during the iowa campaigning. here you see hillary clinton on
4:24 pm
with her family and this is paula jones today. looking at a moment in an interview we did back in 1998 when she blew up on me when i asked her a question about why bill clinton would have taken action to make her jobless exciting when she was an arkansas state worker. she's back in the public eye because donald trump invoked the name of paula jones while he was campaigning. he said hillary clinton should not be allowed for presidency because of donald trump's -- because of bill clinton's misgivings. we reached out to her and she said actually, i don't think hillary clinton should be qualified for president. a very interesting interview, coming up on "inside edition" tonight. >> catch "inside edition" here on news 6, weeknights at 7:30.
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that's coming up for you ahead at 4:30, a change of plans for this orlando flight. what forced the pilot to make an emergency landing. >> i'm matt austin. coming up at 6:00, you'll want to stick around for my getting results award segment. we'll introduce you to a guy who uses his crowded wood shop to help veterans across the country. how he's making canes and giving support to those veterans in more ways than one. >> but first, crooks targeting shoppers to go on their own spending spree. what police want you to know so you don't become the next victim. >> getting results on news 6 at keep it here.
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>> >> take a look at this. time lapse video shows the storms starting to move in over downtown orlando. now, we started recording this video right when our newscast started at 4:00. >> yeah, and you can see that it is moving quick and the storms are not over yet. >> you need to pack your patience.
4:29 pm
is pinpointing where it's coming down right now. it's coming down quickly out there. >> pack your patience. i love that. good job. here's the storm that caused the video lapse that roared in here quickly. it's now working its way into seminole county from heathrow along i-4 to the east of there, heavy showers rolling all the way to sanford right now. it is raining in oviedo. it is raining east -- on the east half of winter park, all the way out to goldenrod along the 551, big time rain pushing to the east and north of seminole counties. i know you can't get a break in marion county. it's been quite heavy at times. it's arrived in the villages right here. we pinpointed it down to delmar drive there and cherry lake. decent scattered showers. not as heavy as those to eustis and umatilla. look at the lightning over here
4:30 pm
it will continue to push to the northeast, better than 20 to 25 miles per hour. future radar takes the biggest slug of moisture and pushes it just north into volusia county and flagler by the time we're still talking together between 6 and 6:30. later tonight, we clear up and we really cool down. i'll be back to pinpoint the chilly overnight lows and look at your weekend, in minutes. >> all right. thank you, tom. video just in of the storms moving through the heart of the tourist district. this is along i-drive around 3:00 this afternoon. send your pictures to storm pins by certaining wkmg in the app store. chief meteorologist tom sorrells will join us in minutes with more on that. >> the rain is intense. we're staying on top of breaking news along the turnpike in orange county. a crash involving a semi is causing big delays which is affecting traffic along the northbound ramp near the 441 and the turnpike. that is not far from florida mall. orange county fire/rescue tells news 6 a pickup with a trailer collided with another vehicle.
4:31 pm
left behind. two people were taken to the hospital. right now, the extent of their injuries is not known. >> a new warning tonight from police. >> they're out with new pictures of suspects who they believe are at the center of a major shoplifting ring. >> the latest target, a woman who lost her wallet only to find out it was busy on a 24-hour shopping spree. justin warmoth is live at the wal-mart in cocoa. you spoke with the victim today. what did she have to say? >> she is, as you can imagine, very shaken up by all this. in her wallet was her credit cards, debit cards, driver's license and even some insurance cards. what happened was she was headed to the gas station, had her wallet on her lap like this. when she got out of the car, it apparently fell to the ground without her knowing it. first, she thought she may have left her cards and wallet at home. but then about an hour and a half later, charges started to rack up on those cards here at this wal-mart.
4:32 pm
knowing that people will, you know, just take your items and just use them for they personal gains. >> roxanne kyle says the crooks racked up almost $2,000 on her credit card at two different wal-marts after finding her wallet at this gas station in rockledge. >> i read about it and i go to the internet and look at things like this. most of time when people get your information, i don't know why, but they always go to wal-mart. >> rockledge police gave us this video from inside both of the stores, one in cocoa and one in vierra. in the video, four suspects, one man and three women, are seen buying tvs, video game consoles, even bedding, before driving off in their white suv. >> i hope you enjoy the things that you have taken >> i hope you get caught soon. >> they were very calm and cool. they had the story down. >> because of the way they carried themselves, the attorney
4:33 pm
suspects could be part of a larger theft ring in central florida. he points out the male suspect's tattoos that could ultimately catch someone's eyes. >> i hope someone can i.d. the tattoos and we can get them off the streets. >> the bank and wal-mart are working to get the money back on her card. she wishes wal-mart would have checked for an i.d. when the suspects were making the large purchases. >> great illustration on how she actually dropped her wallet. we've all done something similar to that before. but hopefully she can get the help she needs. thank you. police want to help get results. you can catch the suspects. if you have any information, call crime line. it's 1-800-423-tips. >> developing right now, news 6 is working to find out the condition of a man hit by a car earlier today.
4:34 pm
airlifted to the hospital after being hit on east merit avenue in brevard county. the driver did not stop after hitting the man. we'll keep you posted. >> there are now two recent scares involving flights coming from the orlando area. >> this morning, an american airlines flight from orlando to charlotte made an emergency landing in jacksonville. >> yeah, we're told there were reports of smoke in the cockpit on flight 608. 136 people were on board. they were safely evacuated and led inside the terminal. fire crews were waiting on the tarmac for the plane. so far there is no word on what caused this emergency landing, but it comes after major problems on another plane, flight 624 was traveling from sanford to pennsylvania yesterday when two tires deflated as the plane touched down. no one was hurt but passengers had to be bused to the terminal and their return flight was postponed.
4:35 pm
emergency landings in just the past few months. the cause of yesterday's problem still has not been released. >> this afternoon, a law allowing licensed gun owners to openly carry on college campuses is now one step closer to becoming a reality. the florida house passed two bills that would allow open carry on campuses. >> one bill would also allow lawmakers to carry concealed weapons on the house's chamber floors during committee meeting. the senate judiciary chairman says he does not plan to put the proposal on his committee's agenda. >> we're getting a lot of feedback on our facebook page. we asked do you think students should be allowed to have guns on campus?
4:36 pm
>> chime in on 6. >> one person is dead and six people injured, including several kids, after a school bus crashed in new jersey. officials say the bus collided with an suv in cumberland county this morning. the crash caused the bus to flip on its side. authorities say the driver of the suv died and four students along with the bus driver were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. an adult passenger was also taken to the hospital with serious injuries. the crash is still under investigation. >> now to a four-legged hero. it's a story we brought you last night at 11:00. >> i love this story. the family dog credited with saving a woman as she was being attacked and her attacker is still on the run today. >> that's right. now that woman admits this could have been much worse if it
4:37 pm
see her here, lucy, a purebred corgie who is not your typical guard dog. >> she's absolutely precious. lucy's owner who wanted to remain anonymous said she went out on her porch for a smoke when suddenly there was a man standing right on her doorstep. she says he was frantic, agitated and asking for one thing. >> give me your cell phone. i need your cell phone. i need to make a call. i need your cell phone. grabbed me by the back of my hair and pulled me around and face. >> the victim's husband tried rushing down the stairs with a broken leg but lucy got there first and lunged at the man, startling him enough the victim was able to kick him off and push him out the door. >> police came out searching for the man and canine dogs were able to track his scent but never found him. lucy is a hero. >> she is a hero. >> she doesn't have the typical build of, say, a guard dog or something like that. >> she doesn't know that,
4:38 pm
>> no, she doesn't. she knows she loves her mama. that's the most important thing. i love that story. >> you don't know what's coming behind lucy. >> exactly. >> a lot of people are giving lucy, of course, a big thumbs up on facebook. you can as well. we posted the story on 6. join in the conversation right now. >> super bowl 50 is on its way to becoming the most expensive sporting event in u.s. history. >> and how a car, that car, ended up on someone's roof. >> oh, my. >> plus the reaction from the homeowner sitting inside when it all happened. >> if you have not had rain on you just yet, stand by. you will. here comes the cold front from gainesville to ocala to the villages. all the way over into lake and volusia and flagler counties. we're all getting the rain as this stuff pushes in pretty quickly.
4:39 pm
arrival of the rain for you, when it all clears up and then the cold air. >> but first, a new company recalling airbags and it affects some 5 million cars. what you need to know to make sure you're safe on the road. getting results in sanford, ocoee and all of central florida
4:40 pm
i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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>> this just in now, more fallout for the auto industry as it tries to keep up with a massive recall. >> turns out, takata isn't the only airbag maker in the hot seat. another company is issuing a recall as well. >> german-based continental automotive system says moisture can get in the airbag control computers which could prevent it from inflating in a crash. they're recalling 5 million vehicles, including those made by honda and fiat chrysler. it's another setback for honda as it recalls another 2.2 million vehicles because of the faulty takata airbags. the japanese manufactured devices can explode with too much force. federal officials say there have
4:43 pm
100 injuries in the u.s. related to takata's airbag ruptures. one of the deaths was a central florida woman. investigators believe hen tran died in east orange county in september of 2014 when her airbag exploded. the extended recall for honda includes older models since 2005 and newer vehicles from the 2015 and 2016 model years. what you need to know to stay safe on the roads, we posted it on, powered by news 6. >> just a couple of hours, local leaders will meet to try and get results when it comes to some serious concerns facing our kids. leaders of several children's advocate groups will join orange county public school chair to discuss bullying, abuse and sex trafficking. tonight's meeting will also focus on current legislation in tallahassee that affects kids statewide. the meeting starts at 6:45 at park lake presbyterian church in
4:44 pm
>> well, excitement is building as we count down to super bowl 50, now just three days until kickoff and the match-up >> and one hour and 44 minutes, by the way. >> the big match-up is between the denver broncos and the carolina panthers. >> the prices are already going up for what is the most expensive sporting event in the world. >> let's get straight over to matt austin with the new numbers. i have one question for you, where is my ticket? >> i tell you what. i'm not going to get you a ticket this year, but if we were friends back in 1967, i would have bought you a ticket to the first super bowl, if you were really good that year, $12 is what it used to cost kansas city at green bay back in 1967. i want to show you how things sort of jumped here. you go up to super bowl 10 and it jumps to 20 bucks, still fairly reasonable, pittsburgh at dallas, in 1976. then we go up to super bowl 25
4:45 pm
from the $20 to the $150 to watch buffalo take on the giants back in '91. ready for the crazy one? okay, we're talking about spending money. this year's super bowl, if i did want to take ginger, the average price for a ticket, $5,217. we went from $150, 25 years later, to $5200. that was the average. >> the lowest price on seat geek is in the $3500 range. if you want to go on the 50 yard lean, that's $16,000. some hotels in the area have jacked up the prices to six times the normal rate. if you have ever, you know, felt bad for the nfl, i would stop. on that one day they're expected to make $620 million, just on that one sunday alone.
4:46 pm
>> i have never felt bad for the nfl. >> me neither. >> and we'd have to be way more than friends to spend $5,000 on a ticket for me. >> yes, people would have questions. >> thank you, matt. great job. how interesting. you can watch all the action right here for free, right here on news 6. >> and that includes a special edition of the morning news at 8 a.m. look how happy we all look there. justin, candace, ginger and i have everything you need to get ready for the big game and we've got you covered on our website at just click on sports social under the sports tab. >> they took those pictures when they said, hey guys, you're going to cover the super bowl. we were all smiling. and then at 6 a.m. >> i was a little curious about inflation. so $20, according to this site,
4:47 pm
the prices have gone up. >> the $12 back in '67, that was real money. but, man, 5 grand? >> that's crazy. >> just stay inside. >> save your money and watch us here on news 6 and stay dry. look at the big rain coming through central florida right now. the cold front is knocking on the door. compared to cold fronts we've battled in the last few weekends, this is not causing as much of a ruckus. the rainfall rates outside of sanford in the last hour was an inch to three-quarters of an inch per hour. oviedo had decent stuff going on. down to goldenrod to the area around the 426, it was raining heavily. all that, almost three inches per hour have moved on top of you. in oviedo it's racing quickly to the north and the east in volusia county in the next 30 minutes or so. see the red line to 41 and down to the south? in that boxed in zone, i've had 31 lightning strikes in the last hour. it's not nothing. any one lightning strike can
4:48 pm
start a fire, but 31 lightning strikes is nothing severe either. ocala, i know, it just continues to rain on top of you. we'll talk more about that in a moment. on highway 27 and fellowship, raining hard. bellevue, raining hard in the south side of your zone. here's the villages. minutes. all the way down the county line between sumter and lake counties, it's still pouring and even into orange county, around the apopka area, still getting some decent rain. real quick, i want to show you future radar and so you can figure out what goes on in the next two hours. >> this stuff pushes to the east from flagler county to the volusia and lingering lighter rain will hang around until at least 8:30, 9:00, maybe 10. standing by with an update what's going on throughout the day so far is meteorologist candace campos. what's going on? >> well, we were just pinpointing the last half-hour all the locations further to the north in marion and lake county.
4:49 pm
of that rain accumulate further to the south. as we look at the rainfall estimates today, mascot has over a half-inch of rain and palm coast under a half-inch and orlando has half-inch as well. it looks like celebration is now coming in with .3 of an inch. more rain as you can see there by tom's radar. more rain is to come. we'll continue to pinpoint how much rain will continue to fall and by the 7:00 show, how much has fallen throughout the entire afternoon. >> let's talk about temperatures. they're going to become the star of what happens next. our daytime high today was 81 in orlando. 80 in sanford. now with the arrival of the raining, look at all these 60's. 66 from ocala to 68 in the villages. 69 in leesburg. 78 in orlando and 76 still in cocoa beach. the frontal zone lingering here, pushing its way out to the east and all the rain has shot up through the carolinas, georgia, north carolina, all those zones getting the rain. the colder air is knocking on the door, it will be here by tomorrow morning.
4:50 pm
watch it all funnel in. by 7:00, the big punch of moisture is over. showers. by 10, 11, 12, it's gone, it's done. by tomorrow, wind falls in from the northeast. it will be breezy. what a change it will make. >> here are the overnight lows. 48, 48, should do it tonight in the city beautiful. here's tomorrow. we're clear. we're cooler with 49 at 8 a.m. by noon, 57. check out my high for tomorrow. wowza, 61 degrees for the high, yeah baby. overnight low, 49 tomorrow night. 67 on saturday. sunday's high is 62. look down the road to next wednesday. burr! >> a high with sound effects. thank you, tom. >> a crazy crash ends with a car on the roof of a home. >> hear the priceless reaction time. >> and ahead at 5:00, a bold
4:51 pm
the big heist this guy managed to pull off with security standing right nearby. >> and then a rare jaguar seen lurking in the wild right here
4:52 pm
>> remember, news 6 is always on, your smartphone and your tablet. take us with you. >> take a look at this. new video of the only wild known jaguar in the united states. it's been roaming the mountains just outside tucson, arizona. the people there call him the boss. how gorgeous. >> he's very pretty. it's so sad because he's solitary. >> he has to have a mate somewhere. >> he had to come from somewhere. >> i don't know. >> that video is beautiful. that's a big mystery. >> new at 4:00, one of the most wild car crashes we've seen in a while. a driver veers off a california road and lands his lexus on the roof of this home where people were inside. a medical emergency caused the driver to lose control. the homeowner, who didn't want
4:53 pm
surprised by the jolt. is. it's awful. >> cheese and crackers! her home is below the street. she says she's happy the driver was not seriously hurt in the crash and we're happy that she wasn't hurt either and had a, you know, good attitude about it. >> she sounded pleasant. >> california, there are so many hills -- >> i grew up there and something like that happened in my neighborhood. >> she didn't seem too happy. >> she sounded pleasant. >> would you be? >> break out the cheese and cream. >> that's serious. >> matt austin is joining us with the news coming up at 5:00. >> that's right. we have a lot for you. learning more about a big data breach at ucf. tens of thousands of people affected in this. coming up at 5:00, we asked how hackers managed to get into the school's computer network. and worry grows as the zika virus spreads to florida.
4:54 pm
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