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tv   News 6 at 6 pm  CBS  February 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> now at 6:00, a hack at ucf puts thousands of people's personal info at risk. >> first, though, the heavy rain is here. the wet weather lighting up our pinpoint radar. right now, parts of central florida getting pounded by the rain. this is news 6 at 6:00. i'm matt austin. >> i'm lisa bell. it will be sticking around a little longer. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing your evening forecast. when is this going to let up? >> i believe two more hours for the rain to get through, maybe three. we have a lot to get to. let's do it right now. here's apopka and 441. just on the south side there, across 429 going down to the southwest, it's raining at better than an inch and a half per hour. just to the north of ocoee and south of apopka, all racing this way.
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rain will be in wekiva in 18 minutes. 25 minutes. the showers, while they're not going this way quick, they're racing up to the northeast very fast. see the heavy rain right here around gillham road, south apopka, peeling out there. here's what i want you to see. future radar, in the next hour and a half to two hours, much of east. so that by the time i'm standing here at 7:30, getting ready for the 8:00 hour, most of the big heavy rain is over. i'll be back to pinpoint an end to the rain and then the cold 40's. >> thank you, tom. remember, anytime storms hit, you can stay up to date with our free pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store to get one-touch radar that drills down to your neighborhood. you'll also get personalized
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>> we're following breaking news alert right now. a fire truck crashes. this is at curry ford road and bahia avenue. the orlando fire department and police are investigating this. two people were hurt. they're at the hospital right now. we'll keep you posted and let you know when we learn more. >> also breaking, we've learned a child is now at the hospital after being hit by a car. this happened on north carpenter road in titusville about an hour ago. we're told the child's injuries are serious. right now, we have calls out to titusville police to learn some more. >> a major hack at a major university and now thousands of current and former ucf students and staff are trying to make sure no one has stolen their identities. >> this comes after news 6 uncovered a massive computer hack that targeted more than 60,000 people. eric sandoval spent the day getting answers on this. you found out the university waited a month before they said anything. >> that's exactly right.
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and at that time they found out it affected a lot of students. we're talking about student athletes here on the ucf football field, any student who has actually worked for the university. so why did it take them a month to come forward with this information? we went out today to get answers. >> we found out today they knew about this january 8th. >> student shaun casey says he can't believe ucf would wait a month to deliver such important news. >> that's absolutely ridiculous, that my entire identity could have been stolen a month ago. >> ucf spokesman tells us the university used that month to investigate exactly who was affected and who was behind the hacking. >> thank you for calling the university of central florida response line. >> ucf set up a hotline for students to see if their information was stolen. we found out wait times today are now more than an hour. they also set up this website to answer questions. we asked why the school didn't alert victims earlier.
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that window open for possible identity theft and theft of more information with these students and faculty? >> well, we're moving as quickly as we can with the process in terms of the investigation, in terms of getting into notifications. we're not aware at this point of any misuse of information. >> what can you say to students and faculty to regain their trust in holding their personal information? >> well, we certainly regret what happened, and our first step again is to notify everyone. we want to make sure that everyone involved hopefully takes advantage of our offer of one year of credit monitoring. >> it's coming in the form of this letter which every student and faculty and staff member who is targeted by the hackers will be getting over the next week. they're going out in the mail tomorrow. now, ucf is also conducting a system-wide check right now. their trying to find out who hacked into their system. and they're also trying to ratchet up security.
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>> thank you. a man shot by marion county deputies is dead and the sergeant he shot is now out of the hospital at home recovering. deputies say the 31-year-old christian dubrino died at the hospital from his injuries. the cell phone video shows the perspective across the street as a crowd watched it. dozens of officers in a standoff at the gas station. he pointed a gun at deputies and pulled the trigger. people in the area say they're >> it's pretty scary. you know, it's very close to home. this typically we don't have a lot of this stuff happening around here. >> i don't understand why things like this happen. you know, it's hard to soak in. >> the florida department of law enforcement is now leading that investigation. >> 12 cases in five florida counties. the zika virus continues to spread both in the u.s. and abroad. the mosquito-borne virus is not in our area yet, but with all
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case soon. news 6 reporter amanda castro joins us live along i drive. you got a chance to talk to some visitors today about the zika fears. what did they tell you? >> well, the zika virus may seem like it's a half a world away, but i spoke with a brazilian visitor who says it's hit already too close to home for her. >> it's really bad in my country. >> she was visiting central florida from brazil. she says the zika virus is a big problem in her hometown of rio de janeiro. that's where her sister contracted the mosquito-borne illness. >> when my sister got here, got that, she was like sleeping the whole day. she was red, her face. and she just went to the hospital. >> but she's not worried about the virus here in central florida. concerns of the illness are spreading, especially as tourists from countries affected by it visit the sunshine state. governor rick scott says they're preparing for the worst but hoping for the best. >> we will continue to be in
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local hospitals, county health offices and the c.d.c. to ensure we're prepared to prevent the spread of the zika virus in florida. >> the major theme parks in central florida say they're also in contact with health officials. operations at orlando international airport are normal at this time. proactive steps to get ahead of the zika virus. the visitors are not letting concerns ruin their visit. >> i don't think it will happen here. >> scott did confirm there are now 12 cases of the zika virus here in florida. they're all travel-related. he also upgraded the health emergencies now include five counties. if you want to learn more about the zika virus, we have it on our website at, powered by news 6. >> thank you, amanda. >> a tax collector employee and an interpreter are both facing fraud charges tonight, accused of helping people get their driver's licenses without taking proper tests.
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arrested the woman and after an undercover investigation with the department of homeland security. investigators discovered she was helping people of middle eastern illegally. this is in palm bay. she would say they took the test when they really did not. they also arrested an arabic interpreter who helped in that license scam. he's accused of giving the answers to those test takers. both bonded out of jail and the woman has been fired from the office. >> in less than an hour, palm bay city councilmembers will meet to debate about a proposed human rights ordinance. it's the first of its kind in brevard county. the ordinance would protect people from discrimination due to age, race, religion, sexual orientation and more. it would affect workplaces, public accommodations and housing in palm bay. but businesses with 15 or fewer employees would not be affected. our news partner florida today spoke with a transgender woman who will speak at tonight's meeting.
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>> cities that embrace full diversity and inclusion such as orlando are areas that are growing and booming and attracting jobs. >> the meeting starts at 7:00 tonight. we'll keep you posted. >> well, bring your lucky jersey, face paint and team spirit. but that's it. >> yeah, which new high-tech gadget is being banned from the super bowl. >> and he's turning trees and branches into custom canes. how this woodwork is getting results for veterans in need. you do not want to miss this
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>> get ready to fall in love with someone. he's a veteran helping other veterans. his story is a lesson in the power of social media. >> when oscar morris offered to
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make custom canes for those in need, the requests came pouring in. so many, in fact, he wasn't sure if he would be able to get it all done. and then a holiday blessing. morris is our getting results award winner for this week. >> christmas was more than a month ago, but oscar morris, he's still celebrating. >> this is enough timber to carry us through the 500 orders that we have. >> and with nature's holiday bounty at his door step, he goes to work. >> this is pretty much like my own chapel. i've done a lot of praying in here. >> he's turn christmas castoffs. >> you decorate them, proudly display them and unfortunately most of them are just pushed to the side, pushed to the curb. >> into life-changing works of art. >> our veterans are just like christmas trees. i've been working with wood my
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>> trees and branches become canes for veterans. >> i let them know you're not a christmas tree and to prove it, we're taking a christmas tree and decorating it again, giving it an honor. >> what started on a whim has turned into a sense of duty. >> the yellow lines are actually complete orders. >> he's gotten requests from around the country. >> i challenged myself to complete this list and i will. >> patriotism. >> that's my anchor and that's my eagle. it says u.s.a. on the bottom. >> honor and obligation. >> that's something else. >> it's why he's this week's getting results award winner. >> i wish i was there to hand it to them. >> wow. kind of speechless. >> air force veteran admits he's a man of few words. and when he saw his cane for the first time, words were not needed. >> it's beautiful.
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with that person for the rest of his life. i'm giving them a piece of me and i'm walking alongside of him. >> it's perfect. >> could have hung out with that guy all day. morris is about halfway through his commitment of 500 canes. he says when that's done, he wants to concentrate on making them for vets with special needs. he says he doesn't need any more trees, but shipping costs, especially for a big cane, they do add up. if you'd like to help out, we've included a link on our website to his gofundme page and while you're there, nominate someone you know getting results like oscar. just click the getting results award tab at the top, the banner. it will take you to the nomination form. one thing that's amazing about him, it's not just a stick. he gets all of their measurements and it's the exact same size of what a medical cane would be. >> i was going to ask if they fit. >> it fits them like a glove. one guy was 6-9 and the cane was perfect.
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>> he's also doing this in his free time. he works. he has a job. >> he spends about six hours on each cane, too. >> incredible. thank you. >> well, for this next story, leave your drone at home. that is the message from the federal aviation administration. it says the super bowl stadium in santa clara, california will be a no drone zone on sunday. >> bring your team spirit but leave your drone at home. be a responsible pilot and make the game safe for all of us. the stadium is a no drone zone. >> something we probably haven't heard before when talking about the super bowl. the restrictions cover anywhere within 32 miles of the stadium. the f.a.a. says the ban is for safety reasons. on sunday, the carolina panthers will square off against the denver broncos. our coverage starts at 6:00 in the morning and at 8:00, news 6 will bring you an hour of pre-game coverage with ginger, julie, justin and candace.
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followed by "the late show with 11:00. isn't that nice? >> we hope you'll stick with us for that. one of the most powerful super ads will not air for the big game. >> coming up tonight at 7:00, a group of female filmmakers have a powerful message for the nfl. >> wearing pink for breast cancer awareness was awesome. of us. >> how they're pressing the nfl to do something about domestic violence and what local shelter leaders say the league can do to help protect women. that's coming up at 7:00. thank you. >> chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us now, tracking a lot of rain that's moving across central florida. >> oh, yeah. got a lot to show you. let's jump in head first and falling. we have a flood advisory going on for volusia county. i'll address that next. here we go. big rain falling right now on top of wekiva springs. how heavy is the rain? better than an inch and a half per hour.
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it's peeling this way to the west of you in lake mary. this is daytona beach included in that aerial flood advisory that goes -- how long does it go, another 45 minutes? i think it's -- rainfall rates in there are better than an inch per hour. daytona beach to the open water, pounding rain in an aerial flood advisory for now. farther to the south from titusville to merritt island, it is still pouring rain, but only in pockets. this is rockledge, this is cocoa beach, pushing this way, crossing the 520 and heading into the open waters. from gotha to windemere south of oakland along highway 50, big rain is still funneling in. those of you in the villages in marion county, i know it seems like you can't get a break, but you're about to. see how it's clearing up from ocala to williston? that's the cold front. when it gets through, it will start to cool on down. here's future radar. see what i mean? give it another two hours, hour
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marion county. east. evening. in orlando, the high was 81. you put that versus the normal high of 73. we crushed it. we were 18 degrees above normal. the record was 87 in 2014. we did not get near that. overnight low this morning was 67. we crushed the norms. melbourne, still 79 degrees. 67. it depends on how much rain you're getting and where the cold front is as to whether or not you're chilling out. it's 54 in gainesville and 79 right now in melbourne and kissimmee. that's my split. the wind is already from the northwest at 8 there. 14 in ocala and from the west in the villages. frontal boundaries right here, pre-frontal boundary explosive rain, look at all the big action. there's the drier air on the way. it gets here late night tonight and tomorrow morning we'll be so much cooler and drier. by 10 p.m., we're just about
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wee clear it up nicely. the clouds go away. just before sunrise in the morning, the cold air really takes over. saturday we get another system coming through. we get another shot at rain late on saturday. sunday is much drier. overnight lows tonight, 40 in ocala. 45 in daytona beach. the low right here in the city beautiful is 48. here's tomorrow. >> first thing in the morning, 49. by noon, 57. daytime high tomorrow, about 60 to 61 degrees. saturday's high, 67. rain again late saturday. sunday, dry. with a daytime high of 62. back to work on monday, a high of 65. down the road, one week from now, wednesday looks really chilly. >> yeah, it does. >> thank you, tom. >> ping is here and he's not aalone tonight. >> special guest in the house, two time super bowl camp with the denver broncos back in super
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going to commercial break, 4th and 6th, super bowl 32, that's
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>> normally ping just brings inanimate objects in here to talk to. you've got the real deal tonight. >> it's thursday, super bowl week. this is the start of the hoopla. if you were out in san francisco, this is when it's all getting going. they're all coming in to town. it's carolina and the broncos, super bowl 50. we'll bring you the game sunday evening. we've got you covered all weekend long with super bowl 50! get excited! tom, are you ready? >> ready. >> matt, are you ready? >> go. >> lisa is ready as well, right? >> woo-hoo. >> let me take you back to super bowl 32. >> the broncos are celebrating on the sidelines. >> all right. wow, 18 years ago.
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4th and 6th, beating brett favre and the green bay packers 31-24. he joins us in the studio live with the bling. he's two time super bowl champ. you also beat the falcons when you were in miami. athlete. this is what they dream of as young men, young children actually since the days of pop warner football to make it to this one game. >> what about this play we just saw there, 4th and 6th. you were 14-point underdogs in the game and you won. is this similar to what it is now for the broncos? >> no one has them winning. >> you're right. it's the same feel we had in super bowl 32. nobody is giving them a chance. what you feel like when nobody is giving you a chance, think about it, nobody is talking about you. who is everybody talking about right now? they're not talking about the broncos. they're talking about the carolina panthers, cam newton. >> what is it like for the
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the game? you were just coming out of college from cooks town universities, just a young kid 18 years ago. not saying you're an old dude. >> i was a sophomore. i'm a young kid coming from a division 2 school, second year in the league. i don't think i was prepared for what i was about to encounter walking through that stadium, walking through a tunnel, 100,000-plus fans screaming, yelling, cheering for you. you walk out there and you're kind of lost. you get lost in the moment. >> i want to touch quickly peyton manning, gary kubiak was the coach back in your day playing, he's the head coach of the broncos. can peyton manning pull this one off at the age he is right now? >> he's a savvy bet. he's a savvy bet. his leadership i think is going to pull him through, if nothing else. he's been there for. he understands that platform. i think he has all the tools. he doesn't have the physical skills, but he definitely has the smarts to make it happen. >> you want to show the bling
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>> we'll do the double bling. we'll go double fists. >> i know you're not taking carolina. >> i'm biased. i've got the broncos winning by 4. >> by 4, 24-20. >> man, book it. >> much more with the two-time super bowl champ tonight at 11:00. sunday morning, we have a super bowl special, 8:00. >> you'll be there. >> we're back right after this. news 6, your hom i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing
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made me happy made my day share your story.
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