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tv   News 6 at 6 pm  CBS  February 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> now at 6:00, a push for answers. tonight news 6 is asking questions about the major computer hack that put thousands of people's personal info at risk. first, though, the zika virus is here. central florida is dealing with its first case of the mosquito-borne virus just this evening we've learned someone in osceola county tested positive for zika. this is news 6 at 6:00. i'm matt austin. >> i'm lisa bell. right now, there are 14 cases in florida. this map shows where all those cases are right now across the state. the one case in osceola is the only confirmed case in our area so far. news 6 reporter justin warmoth is there following this new zika virus alert. >> state health officials say this case, like the others in florida, is travel associated and not in a pregnant woman. within the last 40 minutes or so. we heard from the health department here in osceola county. here's more. >> obviously if you're concerned, you should follow up with your provider.
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if you are positive. anyone who has any concern should contact their provider with this and any other type of situation. >> she went on to say the county is planning to set up traps that attract the type of mosquito that carries the zika virus and they're keeping an eye on the mosquito population in the county. the confirmed cases of zika cases in florida at 14 and the first in central florida. >> people travel back and forth and it's where people travel and traveling to other countries and coming back, obviously there's a potential there could be other cases. again, it's not -- has not been acquired here in florida. but we do have a lot of travel. >> we have not been told whether or not this person is a male or female, but, again, we are told that they weren't pregnant. that is the good news. we have much more on this story on our website at, powered by news 6. for now, reporting in osceola county. >> thank you. to read more about the symptoms and treatment for the zika virus, go to, powered by news 6 and look on
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we have links inside the story with more facts about zika and how to protect yourself. >> right now, thousands of people are trying to figure out if hackers stole their personal info from ucf. news 6 first reported yesterday 63,000 names and social security numbers were compromised when the school's computer system was hacked. tonight we found out even more colleges and universities may have been targeted. news 6 reporter eric sandoval is getting answers about this investigation and is live for us at ucf tonight. what have you found out? >> i talked to the f.b.i. today and they said they're investigating similar instances at colleges and universities all over the country tonight. they won't say how many names and social security numbers have been breached in those cases. here at ucf, we know the number. and students here say they're having a hard time finding out if they're victims. >> ever since ucf set up a hotline for students to find out if their personal information was hacked, the university's communications office has been
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>> the no. 1 thing we're hearing is the wait times have been too long. that's our priority. we've been working to get the wait times reduced. we want people to get through to the call center quickly. >> news 6 found out the call center is in oregon and many students and staff members are waiting an hour or longer to get someone on the phone. after that, they complain the operator was rude or their problems weren't resolved. ucf says they're conducting a system-wide check to make sure what needs to be done to make sure the hack doesn't happen again. news 6 has found out cyber security has been an ongoing internal argument here for years. >> the tech team here at the university has come forward saying there needs to be tougher authentication to get into the systems. and nothing's been done over the last five years. >> we're going to look at everything as part of this thorough review. that will be part of that review. >> did it take this to push the hand to do it? >> anytime you have an incident like this, you want to be as vigilant as possible all the time, but an incident like this
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everything. >> we wanted to talk to ucf's award-winning hack club to get their take on what's happened here at the university. but they told us ucf has asked them not to speak to the media about this. we went around and asked the university why they didn't want the club speaking. they told us they want the club's help to find out what went wrong. we're live at ucf tonight, eric sandoval, news 6. >> thank you. the winter weather is here. it is cool and crisp out there. >> it will be sticking around for the weekend. even longer than that. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing the temperatures for us. how low will it get this weekend? >> just about back to where we were this morning and maybe even lower by sunday night. i know it's crazy. we've been so hot for so long. radar tonight is clear. all the rain we were getting rid of yesterday is long since gone. daytime highs today rebounded pretty well, back to 61 in ocala and 61 in the villages and same
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nowhere near normal. it was a good comeuppance after the lows in the 30's. we've dropped quickly already. 55 from ocala to leesburg and 60 right now in cocoa beach. if you have outdoor plans tonight, you best bundle up. it's going to be chilly. temperatures down to 52 by 11 p.m. the only thing that's going do save us from crashing all the way down are the clouds. i'll be back to talk about cloud cover and then rain showers on your saturday. >> thank you, tom. news 6 is pinpointing your forecast down to street level with meteorologist candace she's traveling around central florida today pinpointing the weather for this weekend. candace joins us now live from festival park where the 7th place tomorrow. i'd like to warm up with some nice chili. candace, my theory is standing strong here. you go where the food is on these live shots. that.
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but you know what? there's no chili here yet. gates open up at noon. so hah, matt, but it's certainly a chilly, chilly evening as people are preparing for this festive event at festival park. gates open up at noon and tickets are still available. make sure to have your rain gear and something warm. you may have to dodge a few rain drops out there, especially here in the chili cook-off. but what you want to do to make sure you're prepared is have our pinpoint weather app handy, no matter where you're going. if it's the chili cook-off, the mount dora art festival, whatever you do, make sure to have it. it has the interactive radar and pinpoints it down to your street level. you can really find out, specially if you see any of those scattered showers. let's talk about what you can expect as we head out here to the chili cook-off for tomorrow. gates open up at noon.
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a mix of sun and clouds for the first half and again the clouds start rolling in. we'll have the decent chance for rain for tomorrow. what sounds better on a cool, cloudy, rainy afternoon, than some chili? so why not come out here, brave the elements at least and enjoy plenty, plenty of chili samples. >> hey, nobody likes soggy chili or soggy art for that matter in mount dora, candace. thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> that's true. sure. >> keep track of the cooler temperatures or if you want to check the live radar anytime, download our free pinpoint weather app. search wkmg in your app store. >> the teen accused of beating his 21-month-old sister to death is now charged as an adult. riley mullins was found unresponsive last month after she was left in the care of her 15-year-old brother, noah walls. walls intentionally hit the girl says deputies causing severe injuries that killed her. walls is now charged with second-degree murder and he's at
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>> she's accused of hitting a kid with a closed fist, 10 to 12 times. tonight a local woman is charged with child abuse. sanford police arrested the woman yesterday. they came out to the andrew cummings laundromat in sanford after someone called police to report the abuse. police say they spoke to witnesses and reviewed some surveillance video. it showed the young boy walking up to her, asking to be picked up. that's when they say this woman hit him, throws him to the ground. police say they will not release that video. it's not known how the woman was related to that particular boy. >> now to a crime tracker alert. deputies say they need help finding a crook. they say a man walked into a local 7-eleven armed with a gun. the orange county sheriff's office released this surveillance video today. it shows the man walking into the store, covering his face with his hand there. another camera shows him behind the counter taking cash from a clerk. the robbery happened two weeks ago at the 7-eleven on lake
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if you know who this guy is, call crime line. >> a health alert tonight parents in lake county urged to make sure their kids are vaccinated for whooping cough after a teen caught the disease. the health department says it happened at lake minneola high school. the student went to school while sick on january 21st. the disease is very contagious. so it's important for students to be up to date on their vaccines. some of the symptoms of this, fast coughs that make a whoop sound, low-grade fever and runny nose after those coughing fits. make sure to wash your hands and cover your mouth whenever you do cough. >> people at the cape got a show today. the year's first rocket blasted into space this morning. ahead the helpful technology it carried up there with it. >> plus pothole testing. it seems like it would be obvious, right? but it might not be all that you think. a big drive update, next at 6:00. >> remember, news 6 is always on, your
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work.
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can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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>> this is kind of hard to believe. we're already one year down with the i-4 ultimate project. news 6 has brought you coverage of all the lane shifts and big projects over the past 52 weeks. >> one 6th of the way down. here we go. >> there you go. >> tonight we're looking at some of the work you might not be familiar with, though. news 6 anchor julie broughton joins us with more. >> by now, we're getting used to the traffic shifts and lane closures, but some of the work that happens overnight might surprise you. >> this week officially marks one year of the big drive. >> we're happy to hear the slowdowns have been minimal. we obviously want drivers to drive responsibly through the work zones, drive carefully,
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and the drivers can get home safe as well. >> david parks estimates 30 to 40% of construction happens overnight. and that's when crews shut down lanes and exits for everything from paving to building barrier walls and even something you may never have heard of, pothole testing. >> you dig down, soft dig into certain areas, and see exactly are the utilities where they're supposed to be and are there things there that maybe you weren't anticipating. >> during the day, and peak drive times, parks says you'll continue to see the same number of lanes open although it may to. >> some of the lanes may be here today and the next month you're over here and a year later you're back over here. again, that's our goal, to keep the same number of lanes open, shifted. >> i was just talking with dave parks today. he tells me the next big traffic
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you can keep up with all of my big drive reports on a special section of our website. just head to big drive, powered by news 6. >> thank you, julie. there is a new g.p.s. satellite orbiting the globe. today the atlas 5 rocket carrying the communication satellite lifted off from the space coast. >> and we have lift-off of the united launch alliance atlas 5 rocket. >> unfamiliar voice there. today's launch is the first in 2016 and what promises to be an active year on the space coast. as many as 30 launches are expected. that number easily eclipsing last year's mark of 18. there should be another launch sometime this week. spacex has not set an exact date just yet, though. >> great to see the crystal-clear skies this morning, though. >> i love it. >> a reminder of our breaking story. the zika virus has come to central florida. >> yeah, coming up on news 6 at 7:00, we will bring you new information on this first local case of the mosquito-borne
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from florida's senior senator. also, calling it a fight over civil rights, a strip club is suing one local city. why it says rules aimed at protecting women is really just a way to harass one business. >> he was just fun to be around. he was a great player. >> they knew him when. hear from coaches and fellow players who knew a super bowl player from his time at a local high school. it's a story you don't want to miss. we love these. it's coming up at 7:00. >> thank you, ginger. if you like sunglasses, we have a story for you. tonight at 11:00, we look at a local company with a new idea and a whole lot of shades. news 6 investigator mike holfeld has a preview. >> tonight i'm going to take you to the headquarters of the coolest club from town. guess what members get. sunglasses. so what are we getting for our membership? >> you'll get a new pair of sunglasses every month, delivered to your door. >> i think we both said it at the same time. >> the styles are cool, designs
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how do you get involved? check out my story tonight at 11:00 on news 6. >> certainly could use some sunglasses today. >> a lot of sunlight out there today. >> do you go through a pair in a month? >> at least. my child scratches them. >> one a month? that's a bunch. >> i don't pay much for them. but that's okay. >> you just talked about the rocket launch. >> yeah. >> matt, i know you slept through it. but lisa, you saw it, right? >> i just saw pictures. >> she cheated. >> i don't know what to say about you people who sleep until noon. >> i slept until 9. >> it's like the crack of noon at my house. >> it was too cold to go outside for me. >> oh, heavens. look at this beautiful shot on storm pins. isn't that a beautiful one? it came from geneva. this is new smyrna beach. a good shot there. one more awesome shot.
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lens or something going. and then just the beach before -- you know, daytona beach is always worth looking at. we'll look at it again in a moment. in kissimmee right now, they say the sun is going down. it's a beautiful shot but it's burr. i think they're on team lisa. >> download storm pins right now in your app store. we'd like to see what you're seeing in central florida. >> radar is cleaned up. we've got nothing to look at. here's daytona beach right now, joe's crab shack. right there. eat at joe's. looks good but it's cold. temperature reading right now, 54 degrees. winds from the north at 15 miles per hour. other temperatures, 52 in gainesville. 55 in ocala, the villages, to leesburg and all the way out to o.i.a., it's warmer than that in kissimmee at 57. 59 in melbourne and 54 in daytona beach. wind speeds, that's been a big part of the problem today. even though we made it back to 60, 61, it never really felt
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wind whipping in here at 14, 15, and even 17 to 12 miles per hour. all the winds have a northerly component to them. so the real feel, the chill factor, that has not kicked in yet. once we get into the 40's, that's when it really starts to make a difference. so you hang with me into the night tonight. we'll have the windchills up in here in the 30s before it's over. if you have outdoor plans, bundle up. if you're camping out, i'd say you can cancel that. stay home, it's super bowl sunday. >> here's the water vapor. moisture is still coming in the next 24 hours. all the orange is the dry air that's brought us the beautiful blue sky today. tonight, clouds begin to come back. moisture returns, too. this is what radar will look like by tomorrow afternoon at 5:00. little pockets of rain out there. not amounting to much. you will be dodging showers by 5 p.m. sunday we clean it up nicely. and we start to cool it back down. 51 does it for the low tonight in daytona beach.
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40 in ocala. 56 in titusville and 49 in kenansville. in the city beautiful, i'm going 48. here's tomorrow. >> okay. it's important that you know it's not a wash-out. we will be dodging showers anytime after about 1 or 2 in the afternoon. the daytime high makes it to 64 degrees. low tomorrow night, 46. then on sunday, get ready to bundle up again. 59 degrees for the daytime high. 39 is the low. back to work on monday. 66. and then another cold front for tuesday. tuesday night's overnight low is back to 39. burr! cold weather lovers, unite. it's your week, baby. >> it's ping's birthday today. >> no, it's not. >> what are you, 70 -- >> oh, my goodness, it's not my birthday. it's my mom's birthday. happy birthday, mom.
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>> all right.
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magic here. >> happy birthday, mom. >> just tell everybody it's your birthday. >> it's not my birthday. >> you're getting older. it's all right. >> the magic are back at it again tonight, hosting the los angeles clippers. the magic have lost 14 of their last 16 games. it's been a tough stretch. what can be done to turn things around. maybe team g.m. rob hennigan is considering a trade. >> >> man, in the studio right now, what do you got for us, victor? >> ping, you don't have a clue what you're talking about.
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>> you think he's right? go over to amway center and play tonight. super bowl 50 sunday evening here on news 6. are you excited? because i'm excited to help you get you to the game. if you're not going out to the west coast to watch the game, we've got you covered. our friends from cbs sports will bring you that contest here on sunday night. the broncos against carolina. broncos win the game. i'm on record saying it. i don't mind saying it. you know what? in case you fell asleep last night or you're just flying in out of town today and you're coming back into town, you missed this at 11:00, this is worth watching again. >> it's now time for sasha's super bowl 50 pick. >> all right, sasha. this is your big moment right here. there's food in both, right? >> yes. >> there's food in both. wherever sasha goes to eat. easy girl. easy girl. let's go right over here. don't be camera shy now. wait a minute, wait a minute. go ahead.
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wherever you're going to eat. there you go. wherever you're going to go. >> denver, baby. >> sasha takes the broncos. are you kidding me? >> that was sasha's best attempt at her super bowl 50 pick. >> tom, who is going to win the super bowl? >> peyton manning. >> lisa? >> go peyton. >> no, cam newton. >> can i borrow sasha for a day sasha is a big hit. before. >> this is her second time. i'm going to bring her back once a quarter. we're going to get a contract signed for her. >> get out of here. move along.
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>> a lot of surprises in that sportscast. >> what do you say? do i go to church? >> holy water might blister you. >> we're not judging you. >> i mean, come on. i'm out of here.
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