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tv   News 6 at 11pm  CBS  February 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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two shootings at two popular shopping centers. one at the florida mall. another at the pub licks. and i'm lisa bell. it is a very active scene with very few answers. shaun chaiyabhat is live. what do we know at this point? >> reporter: deputies just told me they believe the shooting happened in the parking lot. you can see behind me they have focused their attention around a car. after the shooting, deputies say one of the victims ran to the left over to that front entrance of the jc penny.
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had been shot and called 911. >> two shot, one dead. and another man ran for his life towards this entrance. now covered with a security gate. deputies say after the shooting in the florida mall parking lot, the 19-year-old victim collapsed in front of the west side entrance. they found another man dead beside a car. >> we're trying to find out if this was self-contained or somebody else we should be looking for. >> reporter: they believe it was near a car. but not sure. nobody heard any gunshots or saw any problems before finding the deadly scene. >> no one seemed to see anything, we're asking anyone that may have been in this area and saw some sort of altercation and didn't think twice that this is critical to us to please call crime line or slavers. shoppers were never told anything was wrong. until they walked outside. >> i did not hear anything. i just got out of jc penny.
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happened. and apparently there was shooting. i only (indiscernible) a secured place. >> reporter: investigators are not saying if they found any weapons here at this scene. but, homicide detectives are looking over some security video, possibly directed at the parking lot that might shed light on what exactly happened here. mat, lisa. thank you. to that other shooting in a parking lot in a publics in lake county. it's in claire mont. jennifer ortega is there live. what happened. >> reporter: well lisa, police have confirmed a man has died in this publics parking lot. let me get out of the way so you can see. they taped up a lot of that parking lot to gather evidence and questioned witnesses. they tell me they're actively looking for that shooter. here's what we've learned. police say someone saw the man in the parking lot with a gunshot wound and called 911. they say they saw a white car
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police are still unsure if that white car is involved in the shooting or just witnessed the shooting. the police are telling me it's very early in the investigation and they're trying to find out exactly what happened. the man was pronounced dead on the scene. and they're actively looking for that chart. that's the latest from claire mont. jennifer ortega news 6. also breaking, an arrest in the n a shooting in a cocoa tax office. brevard deputies arrested nora fisher today. they say fisher shot the office owner over a tax refund on wednesday. the owner fought back to try to get the gun. that's when fisher was shot several times. another bullet went through a wall and hit a man inside a neighboring business. everyone is expected to survive. fisher now faces several charges including second degree murder. the brave men that saved an elderly couple as their houseboats slammed against a seawall. the boat broke apart in the water tonight.
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those two men. sashell saunders talked to those hee res. she's live at the sea wall tonight. pretty incredible how they were able to pull this off. >> reporter: yeah matt, absolutely incredible. this is debris from the boat. all of this here. if we walk a little bit here, there's glass from the window that had to be broken sxevenlt let's look right over that is the boat. the houseboat they lived in is capsized, turned upside down here at the wall. those two heros that you talk about they stopped to check on what they thought was an empty boat. if they hasn't had stopped, we'd be telling a much different story tonight. >> holy cow, somebody's actually in there. >> reporter: strong winds push add houseboat violently into the seawall in melbourne. waves crashing as the door rips off the deck. inside, an elderly couple.
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come out from the back of the boat and fall. >> reporter: call it luck or incredible timing, but jason wood and joe were driving by at one in the morning stop today check out the boat, ended up risking their own lives to try to save the man and woman inside. >> it was tough to time and jumped on. i poked my head in the doorway to see if we could coax them out. they weren't moving. >> reporter: quickly, they called 911, took joe's jeep and tie add rope to help stabilize the boat. officers arrived, broke a window first pulling tout man. he falls and rushed to the side. his wife is saved next. all while that boat is sinking. >> i'm just happy they got off in time. >> reporter: they look back on the wreck, grateful they were able to help, but too humble to take on the title hero. >> i'm not a hero. i don't think -- we're just in the right place at at the right time.
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>> reporter: we're told that couple are in their 70s and 80s and expected to be okay. as you see here, their home is a total loss. we don't know what cause that had houseboat to come loose. but we talked to meteorologist tom sorrells he tells us that wind gusts last night, and as you can see here, were up to 20 miles per hour. definitely scary and lucky to be alive. reporting live in melbourne, sashell saunders, news 6. helping out your fellow man sounds like hero to me. thank you sashell saunders. you can watch more of this incredible video. right now on click you'll find it and the story right on the home page. new tonight, an inmate on the run after escaping from work release. his name is james booth. deputyties say he van-ished from his job in virginia. they believe booth and two others crashed a car tonight in flagler county and ran off. they tracked down a woman believed to have been in the car, they are still looking for
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new tonight, another big endorse ment for florida senator marco rubio. er louisiana governor bobby announced he'll campaign for the contender. he expressed his excitement on social media, tweeting he's one of the smartest people in politic. and ooh a new poll tonight has rubio closing in on donald trump in new hampshire. the boston globe pole has him second with 19%. and form florida governor juno beach is fourth. the 10% of the primary is next tuesday. five people are dead after a major earth quake in tae wan. it caused buildings to collapse. so far rescuers have saved 220 people. including dozens from at least two high-rises. tonight , the zika fight in central florida hits social media. they're taking action after reporting its first case of the mosquito born virus. they tweeted out this flier usualing everybody to keep calm
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mosquito bites. including using repellant and draining standing water. 's's osceola county -- safety concern for ford owners, car doors that could fly open while you're driving. >> they have recalled 100s of thousands of vehicles for the same issue. it's happening in vehicles that are not part of the recall. louis has been digging into this for us. and what have you uncovered? >> we're talking about the ford focus. more and more complaints are coming in about these door latches. the problem is right in here. now the federal government has launched an investigation and a local family says it comes not a moment too soon. it took hooks and straps to keep it closed. shannon says one day the doors
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>> our purses have detachable purse straps and we ended up wrapping that around the door handle. and me in the passenger sea holding it closed. then she and her mom created the bungee systems. the problem is a faulty door latch. ford has already recalled over half a million vehicles in north america because of door latches. the company admits, doors could unlatch while driving. but when they took shannon's car to the dealership. >> it goes into put in the vin numbers and finds out it's not one of the ones that's under recalls. so it would cost almost $500 to fix it. >> my daughter can't afford to do it. how many other people cannot afford to do it. and how many are driving around with bungee cords. >> reporter: turns out there are many. the safety administration hads opened an investigation after getting 73 reports from other focus owners from around the country.
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physically tie down doors to keep them shut and ford wouldn't fix it. >> i would think if you go in there with the same issue that they're having with other vehicles that they would at least take care of it. >> reporter: consumer advocate agrees. >> it is the same issue, and the fact that it's not including in the recall is absurd. >> reporter: news 6 reached out they said we take the safety of our customers seriously. when data indicates a safety recall is needed. we move quickly on behalf of our customers. he says in this case, not quickly enough. they have to get vocal. first by filing a complaint and then posting, tweeting and talking about their experience on social media. >> fords a big company, they should be taking care of this instead of keeping customers in a an unsafe situation. >> reporter: now, if you're a
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problem, you can go to safer it's important to do this because it's if the agency determines they don't meet federal safety standards, they can force the manufacturer to recall the vehicle. mat and lisa. very interesting. thank you. new tonight, a model's deadly mystery. >> a super model suddenly dies. what happened during a photo shoot that may have caused it. plus a costume controversy. a disney character this boy was not allow ed to dress as. tom? the temperatures are already on the way down. we stopped at 50 in orlando. 46 in ocala. and 44 in gainsvill. bill right back to pinpoint the exact overnight low of where you live and break out the rain chances for your saturday. first a bright idea and it could end the battle between you
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some local guides have set up shop in the orlando area to create a club. they say it'll give the ultimate sunglass experience. think wine club meets shade club. if you have it, shades as michael found out, more than 3,000 people have already signed up for this. >> shades club, who came up with that? >> i think we both said it at the same time. >> reporter: they're 230 something marketing grads with sunglasses in their dn harks and a innovative business model. capture ed the nation of the kick starter universe.
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and more than 3,000 members. so what are we getting for our membership. >> a new pair of sunglasses every month deliver today your door. >> reporter: aarrive in a bright yellow box. designed in this tiny park office by founders rich and t j. as you can see, they come complete with folder case. and a bevy of designs that recall the look of the stuff on the high end circuit. >> a lot of them are made at the very same factories of the world's largest. >> reporter: they boast quality materials to hinges that actually tighten for a custom fit. and then there's that acon. >> the stick man symbolizes the simple things in life. >> reporter: that philosophy is what drive it is duo. making sure the designs that arrive don't disappoint. >> when you sign up, you fill out a style guide so you can get to know a little bit more about you. we're going to use that to grow with you. >> reporter: they continue to offer premarketed discounted
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the deals range from one month to a year. as you can see, the styles change. month-month. basically a collection for fans of glasses. >> it's going to be fun. you're going to really love the shades you get. and umm, you know, we're may to take it all away. >> reporter: and it looks like the adventure is about to begin. the new line has just shipped in. weaver one of these destined for someone's front door. the shipments begin next month. put on the glasses and enjoy. mic holl felled, news 6. i like the yellow shades. >> in just two days cold play will take the stage during the halftime show of superbowl 50. >> they will have more than one superbowl halftime alum on the stage too. this is the guy the kids call bruno mars in 2014. during his show stopping halftime performance.
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play. no word on what song mars will be singing. that fizz a pretty good show. beyonce perform with cold play this sunday. the only place to watch it live is right here on news 6. starting at 6:30. show. and join us here at news 6 at 11:00. we'll working on a sunday. so please watch. i don't get out much, but bruno mars is one person i'd love to see in concert. >> that was killer. he's really good. looking forward to it this sunday. >> chief meteorologist tom sorrells. saturday could get complicated if you're planning something outside. >> it is complicated. because the rain's going to come back. but not for everyone all the time. let's start outside. a beautiful shot of what's the most important thing that's happening this weekend? the superbowl. >> the solar bears. >> not that we can go. but here's the forecast. sunday, 6:30, be there aloe ha.
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pulling for peyton manning so he can win sgloufrjts going to get hate mail. >> i'm going fort panthers. >> take a look at radar tonight. it's cleaned up nicely. still scattered showers way down south earlier tonight. none of those will affect us. that's not what we're watching. what we're watching is a gradual return to cloud cover. right now it's 50 in the city of beautiful melbourne. yo or at 51. 47 already in leesburg. other temperatures 44 gainsvill. 52 in palm coast. you didn't warm up much today and you haven't dropped off much tonight. clouds going to bail us out as the night wears on. 64 in cocoa beach. 24 hour temperature change now. earlier this evening, during the 6 and 7 o'clock newscast. this number was huge. 22 difference between yesterday and this hour. right now, we were only 9 warmer than we are now. so we're starting to get to that point where the difference is
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wind speed and directions, okay, 14 miles per hour wind in the sanford area. 12 in orlando. 17 miles per hour wind out at the beach. it's still breezy. but not as crazy as it was earlier in the day today. during the night tonight, the real feel is going to start to kick in. the windchill back up here will take over. windchill currently. 42 in ocala. the windchill to the north and west of i four is a huge factor tomorrow morning. here's the satellite and radar together. you get a little vibe of the cloud cover coming in. that's just enough to save us as we go through the night tonight. one cold front passed ut to the south and east. second building to the west over the course of the weekend. this is the water vapor that tell it is story better. dry air in place today. cloud cover and moisture coming tomorrow. this is the futurecast. it's bringing in moisture anytime the wind is coming from the south or the east.
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but during the day tomorrow, the echoes you just saw, those are the real deal. those are scattered showers throughout the afternoon tomorrow. and by sunday, midday, most of the rain is out of here. what does that mean for you tonight? for tonight, the overnight lows in the forties and 50s everywhere. calling the low in ocala the 40s. and in orlando , the low is t low is 48. here's tomorrow. by noon, we're back to 59. the daytime high tomorrow 64. rain chances build into the afternoon tomorrow. and continues through the early day sunday. look how much cooler we are on sunday after the colder air settles in. the low sunday night is 39 . danny trainer will be in at 5:00 a.m. i'll see you sunday night. caught on camera, a drive less a t v goes rogue. plus a medical school student in trouble for what he
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an instae graham and playboy model is dead because she suffered from a stroke.
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week about injuring her neck after a fall during a photo shoot. nerve. but goes accept website said her family believes she tore the core rodded artery in her neck. she was taken off life support stroke. she leaves behind a seven-year-old daughter. a frozen movie costume has stirred up controversy in a medical school in california. the students were encouraged to wear disney costumes for spirit day. so austin lay sis chose this el sahh dress and a wig. the 13-year-old said follow students loved it. and posed for selfies. but he said his school principle was not a fan saying it was inappropriate. the school official took his dress and wig. the school district release ed a statement saying the principle's action was based upon the need to stop a general disruption to the school environment. caught on camera now, a wild ride.
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a t v went on a joyride there's no driver on that thing. you can see it barrelling down an empty parking lot. and crashing into a ball. later slams into the side of a building over and over again. it's crazy. it's unclear what happened to cause the a t v to take off on its own. but it certainly was on a mission. they're lucky no one was hurt. looks like the throaten jams. >> this is our mechanic. >> that's my diagnosis guys. throttle jam. it happens. the magic were not full throttle tonight. the brutal schedule before the al star goes against the clippers. magic tonight at a.m. victor depot's el bow, not his
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and former guard jj dished out the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf. craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer!
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. the magic's jj grayplayed great tonight. >> the only problem is, he's not a magic anymore. and hasn't been for years. you know, whenever the magics play the clippers, it is a reminder of the magic's past. the jj having his best season
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hurt the magic typed. and this game did in fact draw blood. he leaves the jeer -- chris paul's a red i can. magic fell behind early. they fight back. second quarter, watched force to turn over. even, the mario, magic down just one at that point. but they trailed the whole way. it's the rookie. knocking in the three. magic down two. but a momentum killer early in the fourth quarter. victor driving hard bumping bodies. and on his way down, accidentally nailed harris in the head. harris is bloody. he has to get seven stitches. gosh that hurt. jj returns to the am way center. drops in 20 points as the clippers pull away to win. 107-93. magic announced 21-28. they're 2-15 in 2016. here's scott. >> we've got to fight that urge
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and right now, we -- we're not doing that successfully. >> reporter: tom said it perfectly. you can't leave jj open. 1 o'clock start on sunday. they will be done before the big game. the superbowl. a milestone superbowl. the big 5-0. watched? i think i've watched 33. yeah, something like that. this sunday on news 6, you'll see the bronchos and the panthers from levi stadium from 6:30 kick off. watch for the halftime show. watch the game. just watch. panthers are the favorite. if they win sunday and win decisively, cam newton could explode. the 26-year-old dynamic quarter back is popular now. he's got everybody dabbing from seniors right there to snow men. but if he has a big superbowl,
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>> you know, half of me tries to be as professional as possible. but the human in me, you know, it just wants to take it all in. i got to see this, it's a dream come true. hopefully we get, we are prepared come sunday. in a competition with stakes nearly as high, gatt son puts the peddle to the meddle at the go cart race. he's driving for the bronchos. ginger for the panthers. who win this is race? we'll find out sunday morning on news 6 8:00 a.m. in a professional superbowl edition of the morning show. tomorrow night, hockey night on news 6's cozy net work. we're bringing that game live. >> a lot of action.
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