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tv   News 6 at 5.30 pm  CBS  February 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> a man arrested. police say he was naked on a public jogging trail. >> now the call made to dispatch after one woman's shock and why she may not be the only victim. thank you for joining us tonight. i'm matt austin. >> i'm lisa bell in for ginger tonight. we'll have that story for you in just a minute. but first, the cold temperatures are here to stay, at least for a little while longer. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is here with your pinpoint weather first at 5:30. how cold is it going to be tonight? >> it depends on where you are.
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30's before it's over. the good news is we only have four nights to get through, not four months. it could be a whole lot worse. a freeze warning is in effect until 9:00 tomorrow morning. below the flagler county line, all over volusia, lake, seminole, osceola and southern brevard, we have a windchill advisory in effect until 9 a.m. also. satellite and radar together showing the clouds pretty much at their thickest south of here. here's the on-the-town forecast for tonight. we're talking 50 degrees by 8 p.m. 49 by 9:00. still very windy into the night. by 10:00 tonight we're down to 48. news 6 meteorologist candace campos is joining us now from the newsroom. she continues our team coverage for tonight's cold, pinpoint the forecast for flagler county. >> certainly cold. i like how you said it, we only have four days to deal with it instead of four months. it put a smile on my face thinking about that.
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of the chilly spots under the freeze warning is bunnell. temperatures tonight are dropping very quickly. you factor in the windchill and it feels possibly like the upper 20's in some spots, especially in bunnell. you can see as you head out to work and school in the morning, you'll be waking up to 37-degree temperatures, plenty of sunshine but don't let the sun fool you as temperatures are only topping out in bunnell about 52 degrees. temperatures will quickly drop back into the 30's. a gradual warm-up is ahead. tom will be back in a few minutes with more details on the extended outlook. back to you guys. >> thank you, candace. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. >> well, a man gets reported to police, accused of being on a neighborhood jogging trail in volusia county with nothing but his sneakers. >> now the 28-year-old is facing charges and police say there could be some more victims out there. news 6 reporter loren korn is in
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made to dispatch from the woman who spotted him. >> the incident happened here early in the morning. police say the jogger came down this bridge when she saw the man exposed. a jog through the trails neighborhood last monday morning caught one woman by surprise. >> there's a man standing on the bridge, completely naked except for running shoes. >> ormand beach police say it was this man, 28-year-old brandon smith, standing on the bridge before running away. the jogger immediately called for help. >> i was just going to see if maybe somebody could parole around to see. he's completely naked except for socks and running shoes. >> investigators say this is the second time he's been charged with the same crime. smith served six months' probation in 2014 for exposing himself in front of a woman walking her dog. in 2012, police say he exposed himself in front of his neighbor while in his own backyard but
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we went to smith's home, less than a mile from the bridge, but no one was home. meanwhile, police are investigating whether smith might have exposed himself to more people. >> now to another big story. a lot of people are talking about cold and flu season is here. it is starting to hit hard. >> we're seeing it in our own newsroom. local health experts tell us it's going to get worse. still, if you haven't gotten your flu shot yet, it's not too late. amanda castro has what you need to know to stay healthy. >> flu's peak season is just getting started. sentra care is reporting hundreds of patients coming to their offices across central florida with the symptoms. doctors tell us it's not too late to get vaccinated so you don't get sick this year. >> this year's cold snap has central florida bundling up and fighting off the flu. >> we're just getting started and i would predict it's going to get worse in the next couple of weeks. >> the doctor with sentra care
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increased in the past two months. from 80 in january to 400 in the last few weeks. in cases of the common cold are high. a thousand a week. health officials are expecting the season will get worse. >> when we see that rapid rise, it usually means we've probably got another two to three weeks before we get to topping out on the number of cases and we've got another six weeks of very busy flu season even after that as things start to drop back off, but still a lot of sick people out there. >> most patients coming in to sentra care he says didn't get a flu shot. he tells news 6 the vaccine is better this year and it's not too late to get one. >> we're looking at several weeks of flu activity ahead of us, perhaps even a couple of months of flu activity. it's still your chance to protect yourself if you haven't already gotten infected. >> he says the cold and flu season is not as bad as it was this time last year. to protect yourself from getting
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anyone who has the flu. wash your hands. use hand sanitizer and wipe down surfaces like doorknobs and keyboards. small steps you can take to stay healthy as the cold and flu season in central florida gets underway. >> good advice. no one wants the flu. for more information on fighting the flu and the recent rise in cases in central florida, head to, powered by news 6. >> don't go to work if you have it, please. >> thank you. >> a port orange woman has died in a bizarre and tragic accident in arkansas. state police there say the 55-year-old carol sheffield was trying to secure the door on a semi on the interstate when we're told she fell out of the truck and got run over by the trailer. we're told an investigation into sheffield's death is underway now. >> covering orange county now, this woman you're about to see is facing charges over a cell phone.
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a home yesterday after a fight between a mom and a daughter. we're told the mother accused the daughter of stealing when the mom tried to take away her cell phone as punishment. deputies say the woman slapped and bit her mom during the charges. >> that's a bizarre story. a brevard county woman is in handcuffs tonight because deputies say she served her estranged husband with falsified divorce papers. investigators say jonathan elsner went to a county courthouse to verify what appeared to be a valid court document his wife had given him. it had all the appropriate signatures and the clerk of courts could not find a case number. the clerk of court reported the judge's signatures on the documents did not match others signed by the same judge. judges say she was employed as a legal aide for the county when she gave her husband the false paperwork. the county says she's since been fired. >> it's time to get a check on the roads right now with julie broughton.
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this is what it looks like for you right now. this is i-4 at kaley. the cars driving away from me are heading eastbound. there you see the line of folks trying to get on the 408 through the downtown area. as we go in closer for you, we're watching a crash, getting reports of a crash with delays on orange blossom trail at wetherbee road. keep that in mind. it might take extra time through that area. i-4 eastbound from about orange blossom trail up through winter park, that's where it's really slow. looking at. average speeds drop as low as 15 miles per hour at times through that area. the drive times, i-4 westbound from lake mary boulevard down to colonial, this typically takes about 14 minutes when traffic is up to speed. slowdowns. i'm giving you a yellow light. it takes about 20 minutes. i-4 eastbound from the turnpike to state road 408, that's a
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back to you guys. >> thank you, julie. ahead at 5:30, what anheuser-busch has to say about broncos quarterback peyton manning's post-super bowl comments. >> plus, it's been three long months of recovery. we take you to a special awards ceremony for a police canine, shot in the neck while on duty. >> take a look at the freeze warnings for tonight from flagler county to marion county. then a windchill advisory for everyone else. i'll be back in a few minutes and pinpoint the overnight lows for tonight and talk about how chilly things are going to be for tomorrow. >> plus, honda issues a new
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>> a volusia county police dog wounded in the line of duty is getting a special honor today. >> yeah, endo has been awarded a purple heart for stepping up and chasing down a dangerous suspect. just three months ago, the 4-year-old german shepherd took a bullet to the neck after a man just shot his wife. police sent endo in to apprehend the suspect. even after getting shot, he followed through and brought the man to the ground, determined to protect his fellow deputies. >> he definitely saved lives. had we not located him then, another canine team, whether it was myself or somebody else, we guy. >> do not mess with the canines. endo's handler was also awarded for the way he handled the situation. we're told the volusia county
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outstanding citizenship award for helping endo make a full recovery. he's now back on the force right where he belongs. >> well, already embattled automaker honda is having more problems, this time on a brand-new model. >> now they've had to issue a recall and a stop sale until they can fix the issue here. 45,000 of the 2016 honda civics are the latest to be impacted by the recall notices here. the engines can stall while the car is in motion. in addition in the u.s., drivers are not allowed to pull the cars until the device is fixed. >> ikea is recalling 800,000 ceiling lights sold as late as last month. there are some plastic clips that can break. when that happens, it can send the glass cover for the light
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200 incidents worldwide have been posted and 11 injuries. return the light to the store for a full refund if you have one. >> nothing says valentine's day quite like chocolate, right? >> who doesn't love chocolate, right? come on. that's how starbucks is celebrating the holiday. the coffee chain is brewing up three special chocolate drinks in honor of valentine's day. starting today, pick up any one of the three at most stores through february 14th. you can choose from a molten chocolate latte or molten chocolate frappacino. if chocolate isn't your thing, check out some of their pink specialty order drinks for valentine's day. >> they're going to be busy all year. anheuser-busch has officially announced it did not pay peyton manning to say that he would be drinking a lot of budweiser after the big game this past sunday.
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they're, quote, "delighted that he did." the unscripted mention is estimated to be worth millions in free advertising. manning reportedly owns shares in two anheuser-busch distributors in louisiana. >> he knew what he was doing. >> he owns papa john's, too. he mentioned that in another area of super bowl interviews. >> he was very careful with everything he was saying after the super bowl. >> he always has been. >> it's very calculated. a smart man. >> chief meteorologist tom sorrells is very careful with the words you speak. >> not always. >> sometimes, right. >> when he's on camera. >> you catch me after the super bowl, there's no telling what i'll say. i want to thank my mom. take a look at what's going on tonight in central florida. we've got trouble. we've got freeze warnings in effect for marion, for putnam and flagler counties. for volusia county, lake county, seminole, orange, all the rest of us, the areas in lighter blue, darker blue from palm
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from here to the south, that's all windchill worries. it's been so blustery and breezy. i'm afraid that does continue into the night tonight. on radar, no echoes. nothing to check out. temperatures are going to be the star of the show. today we hit a daytime high of 59 degrees so far at o.i.a. i kept thinking they might bump that up to 60 but they didn't. normals are 51 and 73. records on the date, 87 and 28. tonight we crash a lot lower than the norms. we're already talking about overnight lows that will be lower than this. we dropped to 49 in orlando this morning. 39 in gainesville and 45 in ocala. tonight, obviously, we're going to be colder than that. temperature reading right now, holding in daytona beach at 56 degrees. winds are from the west-southwest at 18 miles per hour. in melbourne, we're holding at 59 with wind again from the west-southwest. all across the area, it is 54 in gainesville. 58 in sanford. 56 in daytona beach. 59 from the cape to cocoa beach to melbourne. here's the wind. the other half of the show.
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wind is another. man is it pushing. 16-mile-an-hour wind right now in leesburg. 13, ocala. 18 there in daytona beach. 21-mile-an-hour wind in palm i can't get new smyrna beach to slow down. i'm starting to think it's not right. 31-mile-an-hour wind in new smyrna beach? is that for real? feels like 55 in new smyrna beach and 54 in gainesville. once everyone drops into the 40's and the windchill does become more of a factor. satellite and radar together, they're not showing much in the way of any big activity. this is what i'll have for you tonight at 11:00. might as well shut the radar off for a while. i don't see us tracking rain for days. the cloud cover will be here, there and yonder. kind of hit-and-miss. the farther south you go in the state of florida, the better your chances for clouds. through the day tomorrow, a lot of sunshine and still breezy. tomorrow night looks to be even chillier than tonight. let's go overnight lows. 33 in ocala. 34 in palm coast.
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marion county to flagler county, freeze warning in effect. overnight lows in some spots could go to freezing, even below. 34 does it in the villages. 37 in leesburg. 41 in melbourne. overnight low tonight in the city beautiful is 39. partly cloudy and windy. the wind tonight from the west 10 to 15. the wind gusts are up to 20 miles per hour. here's tomorrow. >> 41 degrees at 8 a.m. should be really clear and cool. sunny, by noon. 52. daytime high, 57 degrees, check it out. overnight low tomorrow night, 36. by thursday, the daytime high is 61. friday, we do so much better. friday's daytime high is 71. saturday, 70. and valentine's day is sunday. >> warming up for valentine's day. >> be careful now, gentlemen. >> ladies, too. >> ladies as well.
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>> not really. >> i didn't. thanks for reminding me. if you're on the road, you can get updates through one of our three partnering radio stations. chief meteorologist tom sorrells and morning meteorologist troy bridges will pinpoint the weather for you throughout the day. >> with temperatures dropping, help mix 105.1 get results and keep people warm. they're holding a blanket drive tomorrow. drop-off locations will be set up at dunkin' donuts in turkey lake and winter park on aloma. if you donate, you get a free cup of coffee and a pair of tickets to the downtown food and wine fest while supplies last. so head on down there. >> ucf hosts a special event during a basketball game over the weekend. this is cuteness overload. you will not want to miss it, when we come back. >> plus a state trooper spends two years recovering from a
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up next, we take you inside his first day back on the job. and he explains what got him through a long recovery. his mom is not so happy he's back, though. >> then at 6:00, we're getting answers about why a cruise ship sailed right into a powerful storm. what we found out about a possible investigation into that incident. we're getting results for maitland, cape canaveral and all of central florida on news 6 at 5:30 and the news 6 app. >> remember, news 6 is always on
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5-toppings pfor just $9.99. online only. at >> >> here's a live look outside from our fdot camera. this is i-4 and kaley avenue. not a lot of brake lights there. you can see the cars getting along the 408 along the right side of the screen. a long back-up there. not moving along right now.
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along okay in that area for now. >> coming up tonight at 11:00, for many of us our pets are like members of our family. but what happens when we get them home from the pet store and something goes very wrong? >> this whole time, i'm hoping for the best and then the nightmare happens and i'm trying not to hate myself for it. >> this mom says she thought the pet store warranty would help save her dog, but it didn't. mike holfeld investigates to find out what's happening. the warning you need to hear before you head to a pet shop. that's coming up tonight at 11:00. >> a state trooper who lost part of his leg while being hit by a car while on the job more than two years ago is back. >> today he's back out patrolling the highways and keeping people safe. the wisconsin trooper was responding to a crash two years ago. he was hit by a car and then pinned between two cars. both of his legs were badly injured. he had to have part of his right leg amputated.
5:55 pm
about him being back at it, but he couldn't wait to get back out there. justin hanson says his sons keep him motivated. >> prosthetic issues with the fit. the residual limb takes different shapes throughout the first couple of years throughout the recovery. there's been a lot of challenges and hardships and setbacks. >> tough two years but good for him. trooper hanson says drivers across the country should do a much better job at moving over. drivers must move over or slow down significantly if emergency crews are on the side of the road. very important. >> ucf men's basketball gave a group of families in central florida a chance to win $100. >> all they had to do was to get their little baby to crawl across a gym floor. but the second annual baby race over the weekend didn't go quite as planned. it never does. >> like where do you want me to go? >> we know that with small children. as most parents can vouch for,
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to crawl, it's hard to get them to stay still. but apparently putting them in front of thousands of fans, cures their desire to move around. they were starstruck, i guess, by all the people looking at them. >> it's like ring bearer syndrome. you get them out there and they won't go down the aisle. >> still, their parents tried everything from bribery with food to tickling to get their little ones to cross the court. the first one to cross the court won $100. i'm wondering if that baby won right there. >> each of them gets a little line thing. >> babies are not quite old enough. >> i would have gotten my 10-year-old out there for 100 bucks, though. come on, kid. do your thing. >> very adorable. >> at 6:00, the up and down weather is not just affecting the way we feel. it's also affecting a favorite fruit. how the wacky weather could now also affect valentine's day. also at 6:00, who was involved
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