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tv   News 6 at 4p  CBS  February 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs for just $6 each. >> straight to breaking news tonight at 4:00, sky 6 just flew over a wild sight in an orlando neighborhood. a car smashes right into a home along south rio grande avenue and south michigan street. hospital. our crew just arrived to the scene on the ground. we will have an update for you coming up. good evening, this is news 6 at 4:00, getting results. i'm lisa bell. >> i'm julie broughton. thank you for being with us. >> i'm ginger gadsden. we have more breaking news to
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a bust outside a busy auto parts store in orange county. these two women beat a 74-year-old man to steal his pain medication. news 6's justin warmoth joins us live in apopka with the arrest. they caught the suspects pretty quickly, didn't they? >> yes. it only took them 13 hours to find and place these women under arrest. in fact, it appears they were selling some of the drugs they stole from the victim when they were caught up the road here. the victim's son says it was sweet justice seeing them in handcuffs. >> just hours after a 74-year-old ronald hollingsworth was brutally beaten with a cutting board over his prescription medication, orange county deputies arrested the two women who they say was behind the attack. >> i didn't think it was going to happen this quick. i'm very happy that everyone helped us find these people.
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the night inside his dad's mobile home. the two women basically tricked the 74-year-old, saying they were locked out of their home and didn't want to wait in the cold. instead, they began hitting him in the face and head before stealing his pain pills. >> my heart is broken that somebody would do something like this, not that it's my father, but that it could happen to anybody. >> from the start, hollingsworth knew who was behind the attack. in fact, earlier this week he bought them milk for their kids. >> he's always been kind to these people, elderly, fixing to go on dialysis. he needs his medication and for somebody to do that because they need a drug fix, it's ridiculous. >> i had a chance to talk to mr. hollingsworth today. as you can imagine, he's still pretty shaken by what happened. he's going to be okay. as far as the women who allegedly beat him, we just got
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they were both arrested and in the process of being booked into the orange county jail. for now, reporting in south apopka, justin warmoth, news 6. >> thank you, justin. sad story. >> also developing, a weather alert right now as we pinpoint another night of freeze watches and warnings. you can see some of the pictures we're getting in of all the frost on our news 6 facebook page. keep the pictures coming. but first, we want to get over to meteorologist tom sorrells who is pinpointing how low it will get tonight. >> it's going to get even colder in most spots. look at our freeze warnings and frost advisory page. all of these areas, all of northern lake and volusia, that's what we calling the freeze warning area. below that, all this color is the frost advisory. both go until 9:00 tomorrow morning. it's going to be some kind of cold when you wake up tomorrow. now we're doing okay. we're back to 58 in orlando, 54
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to gainesville right now. 62 in cocoa beach. wind speeds are still on the ridiculous side. a 20-mile-an-hour wind in orlando. 18 in leesburg and 14 in the villages. the upside to tonight is that the wind will start to calm. the only problem is the calmer the wind, the quicker the temperature drops. the overnight low tonight in ocala, 28, 31 in the villages. 32 in leesburg and 38 in orlando. coming up, i'll take you hour by hour through a little bit of a warm-up tomorrow. i'll show you all the way into the weekend to show you how much warmer things are going to finally be. >> we have a breaking traffic alert for you at 4:00. all lanes of the 408 just reopened after a brushfire on the side of the road. you can see some of the smoke from our transportation camera from just about an hour ago. this was causing some delays along the westbound lanes right near good holmes road. this is a live look outside for you, what's going on right now. this is i-4 east of parr avenue.
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the screen are going westbound and traffic is already stop and go this afternoon as more people are heading out the door. eastbound is also slowing, so do give yourself some extra time. here are your drive times now. >> in orange county, the feds say they have taken down a large heroin network, led by a 74-year-old woman. >> they say the drugs were being sold out her house in the middle of a residential area in east orlando. news 6 reporter eric sandoval spent the afternoon getting answers from investigators. you also found out her neighbors had no idea this was going on. >> yeah, they had no idea at all. not only was the 74-year-old woman arrested, nine other
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county jail. we found out they're accused of trafficking kilos of heroin and raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> drug enforcement agents say 74 74-year-old ruth lopez was one of the main sellers of heroin. she sold the drugs in east orlando. >> it's very unsettling. it's an elderly lady. i'm sure if you met her, she would seem very nice and all, but she was in the house with loaded guns and wheelchair-bound and unsuspected but a major player in this. >> investigators say lopez got help from these two men who lived with her inside this home. they say they had guns, ammo and a high-tech security system. the three of them would sell heroin to users and other dealers who would sell it to
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the three of them averaged two kilos of heroin a month and made upwards of $300,000 a month, some of which is right in this bag, under the noses of their neighbors, who tell us they had no idea what was happening. >> it's scary. it was scary to the neighbors, i mean, because you just don't -- you just don't know what's going on next door. i mean, i think they had their suspicions. >> now, i just checked. that woman, perez lopez, is being held at the orange county jail on nearly 3 quarters of a million dollars bond. if she somehow comes up with that money, she has to prove to the judge the money didn't come from selling drugs. a big question tonight is what kind of dent did this put in the heroin problem in orange county? we'll address that issue coming up at 6:00. for now, we're live at the orange county jail. >> thank you, eric. >> breaking news on the political front tonight. carly fiorina announces she is exiting the republican
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the former hewlett packer c.e.o. an announced the suspension on facebook. the news comes after ending in last place in the new hampshire primary. she said, "always remember that a leader is not born but made. choose leadership." >> new information at 4:00 about two of the victims following this weekend's deadly shooting at an orlando nightclub. the medical examiner's office has identified the two victims in the shooting. 10 others were hurt in the gunfire at the glitz ultra-lounge on international drive. there are no arrests or information on possible suspects. >> a royal caribbean cruise ship damaged after sailing in a storm, passengers say the storm started mid-afternoon sunday and the captain of the anthem of the seas ordered them to their state rooms for safety.
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u.s. east coast when it met up with the storms winds, gusting more than 100 miles per hour. four passengers ended up with minor injuries and everyone will get a full refund and 50% off on a future cruise. >> and the state has suggested $19,000 in civil penalties for the sheriff and public censure and reprimand from the governor for ethics violations. he violated state ethics laws when he used sheriff's office vehicles for out of town trips and accepted gifts without properly reporting them. the attorney says he relied on legal counsel and unaware he was violating any laws. >> snake snitches. wanted in brevard county. sounds bizarre, but florida fish and wildlife commissioners are
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this after two huge an con -- anacondas were found slithering around town. florida today reports wildlife officers want to know if they're privately owned and how they escaped so they can better deal with the situation in the future. >> that is scary. >> very scary. >> they're so fat. >> yeah, usually after they've eaten something. i wouldn't want someone to snitch and say where they came from. >> it's really dangerous. we all have pets and children. >> that they would love to get their hands on. >> i can't even stand to look at them. >> news 6 want you to get results and know what is living on your street. we've put together an interactive map where you can see if an exotic pet has escaped in your neighborhood. go to right now. it's on the home page, click orlando is powered by news 6. all the purple dots indicates
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i'm sure there are people out there who don't have the proper paperwork. >> a lot of purple dots on that page, that's for sure. >> spoiler alert. coming up at 4:00, who "people" magazine names the sexiest dad alive and what he says about the new title. >> and we warned you, deputies crack down at crosswalks. hear from the drivers they caught breaking the law. >> that sexy dad thing is not me, right? >> no, not this time. >> maybe next year. >> okay. 58 degrees right now in orlando. 54 in leesburg. 54 in gainesville. we're crashing on down. we've got freeze warnings and a frost advisory. i'll break it all down and pinpoint just how low we're going to go where you live and look ahead to some warmer days that are just around the corner. >> to find somebody who loves you and you love them, the message is real love, it would rather be special, wouldn't it? >> yeah, it would, and is for
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separated by a war, ocean and 70 years. their incredible union decades in the making next at 4:00. >> and join us on facebook during the break. just search for lisa bell at bell news. we'd love to chat with you. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something,
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>> tonight, a special love story just in time for valentine's day. >> okay. a 93-year-old world war ii veteran from virginia finally reunites with his wartime girlfriend in australia yesterday. >> this story is so incredible. >> yes. >> after dating and losing touch, the internet helped bring the two together. as kirstin o'connor explains, the love wasn't lost despite the decades spent apart. >> if love is truly patient, the 93-year-old norwood thomas and 88-year-old joyce morris could be the definition of true love. >> they embraced each other for the first time in more than 70 years tuesday. they first met in london shortly before d-day. when the war ended, he returned to the u.s. she moved to australia. the flame never died, though.
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he was full of fun. he's a tricky fellow. >> somewhere between mailed love letters and botched marriage proposal, they lost touch and then technology rekindled the flame. >> joyce? >> yes, i'm here. >> they connected over skype late last year after one of joyce's sons found norwood in an online article about d-day. hundreds of people donated money to make sure the couple reunited in person. >> it's the most wonderful thing that could have happened to me. >> if the giggles in australia yesterday are any indication, the couple will now enjoy a special valentine's day together. >> you know, to find somebody who loves you and you love them, it would rather be special, wouldn't it? >> proof, true love overcomes space and time. >> you're crying.
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>> he had a nice, crisp shirt on, ready for a date. how adorable was that? >> by the way, joyce is now divorced. norwood is a widower. norwood and his son will be in australia for two weeks. no word if they have plans beyond that. >> it's happening, it's happy. >> i love chemistry. >> love is love. the way she was giggling like a girl, giddy -- you know how you feel when you meet that special someone. age doesn't mean anything. >> no, it doesn't. >> it makes my heart so happy for her, this is another chance for her. >> so you can read more -- tom's laughing at me. >> we are. it's sweet. >> if you want to read more about the love story and sharing it with your friends, go to our facebook page at 6. i hope they have a happy valentine's day. >> those are some very good-looking people, too. >> they were beautiful. >> they've taken care of themselves years ago. >> tom and i have often said here on the news that ginger is
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and she just continues to prove it. you don't see any of us crying. >> he ironed his pants and had on a nice shirt. >> what do you want him to wear, a holy t-shirt? >> no, but some people give up after a certain age. but he's a gentleman and i wanted to dress up for his girlfriend. >> let's talk about the cold. >> yeah, let's. >> you dab your eyes there and you pull yourself together. beautiful pictures though it's cold. the sunrise this morning in daytona beach. isn't that nice? >> that's beautiful. >> gorgeous stuff. what about this one? daytona beach also, same person, same thing. >> very pretty. >> this is one shot from barbara. her comment today was "the cold really brings out the color." i think she's right. it makes it crisp and clears
4:19 pm
it's beautiful out there >> download storm pins right now in your app store. we'd like to see what you're seeing in central florida. >> freeze warning up north. all this blue zone, i'm talking volusia, flagler, putnam, marion, sumter, you're under a freeze warning until tomorrow morning. to the south, we have a frost advisory for everyone else. all this area, freezing. everyone else so cold, you think you're going to freeze and you will wake up to scattered frost, if not a heavy frost tomorrow morning. it's time to take care of the tender plants, not the palm trees or oak trees, but tender plants, tonight is the night that could bite them with the frost. >> temperature it readings across the southeast tonight, it's 30 in nashville. in atlanta, georgia right now, it's pretty far south, 38. 50 in jacksonville. 54 in pensacola. here at home, the wind is still
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coming from the west-northwest at 20 in orlando, 58. melbourne is holding at 51. other temperatures, there are a lot of 54's, from leesburg to the villages to ocala and gainesville. 55 in palm coast and 58 again in orlando. compared to where we were yesterday at the same time, orlando. you can see the blue colder air coming in from the northwest. 4-degree differential from gainesville to ocala. we talked about the wind earlier. it's crazy, still coming in here from the west at 20 in orlando. you see how cleared out we are? the wind is going to calm down. with no cloud cover, we're going to pay the price. tomorrow, about 7:00, a few smat ergs of cloud cover heading into friday. it's going to get cold. 28 for the overnight low tonight in ocala. 31 in the villages.
4:21 pm
i'm calling the overnight low in orlando 38 with a frost advisory. here's tomorrow. first thing in the morning, 48 degrees at 8 a.m. by noon, 56. daytime high tomorrow, 4 degrees better than we were today. it is warmer. it's the beginning of the return. overnight low tomorrow night is 46. by friday, we're really warming up, 73. saturday, 72. for valentine's day on sunday, 71 degrees on monday. >> even if you're 90, you can still snuggle, right? >> yes, just not as long. >> tears all dried up? >> yes, i'm good. thank you, tom. >> checking out traffic for you and kaley. cars on the right side of the screen are traveling eastbound and left side are westbound. if you're about to head out the door or waiting for someone to this afternoon.
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>> coming up, "people" magazine names ryan reynolds the sexiest dad alive. what the star says about the new title. >> and one by one orange county deputies crack down at several crosswalks. hear from drivers caught breaking the law. >> and lift-off of the united launch alliance rocket. >> look at that. but first, while you were sleeping, we replay the beautiful early morning lift-off and reveal the new plans at the space coast. getting results on news 6 at
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>> 3, 2, 1, and lift-off of the united launch alliance delta rocket. >> this is is a fiery pre-dawn lift-off in california. united launch alliance carried out the successful mission just
4:25 pm
closer to home, we have a lot going on on the space coast. >> florida today reports the private space agency backed by amazon's c.e.o. jeff bezos wants to once again build it's rocket manufacturing facility before summer. the goal is to launch by 2019 at the cape. >> on the health watch tonight, new findings suggest people who smoke a lot of pot in their teens seem to remember fewer words as they get older. now, according to a new study by the journal of the american medical association, researchers tracked 5,000 young adults for 25 years. someone is like they need a study on this? they tested them during that time using standardized test. current marijuana use affected both verbal memory and processing time. but also smoking pot earlier in life was even worse when it came to remembering words in middle-age.
4:26 pm
find the right word, we can maybe accuse them of something. is that what you're saying, ginger? >> i'm not saying that at all. i'm just presenting a study. >> all right. >> well, sorry matt austin. "people" magazine named ryan reynolds this year's sexiest dad alive. it comes six years after he was declared the sexiest man alive. >> the 39-year-old told people having a daughter was a dream come true for him. >> what a fabulous looking couple there. >> of course we bring up matt's name because a year or two ago -- i think it was a year ago. >> he was the top 5 for sexiest news anchor. >> and we'll never let him forget that. >> tom sorrells would definitely get it if they were doing weather weathermen category for meteorologists. >> still ahead, big relief for one neighborhood claiming they were held hostage by hoarders.
4:27 pm
changed after we got results. >> some drivers in orange county today. coming up after the break, the crashdown that police say is aimed at saving lives. >> plus an alert to neighbors dealing with a big water main break. what the county is doing today
4:28 pm
>> this is news 6 at 4:30. we want to get straight to breaking news for you. a huge development just in surrounding this car that slammed into a home. troopers tell us the driver, a 27-year-old, lost control before hitting the home along rio grande in orange county. investigators say he was taken into custody by orlando police for a previous hit-and-run crash. no one here was hurt. >> developing now, another chilly night ahead for central florida. >> yeah, let's get straight over to chief meteorologist tom sorrells, pinpointing the watches and warnings. >> kind of crazy. it's getting cold. a freeze warning is in effect for the northern parts of our viewing area all over. i'm talking marion county, alachua county, sumpter county, all the way around here. new smyrna beach, volusia county under it, too. you come on down farther south in the viewing area, we've got a frost advisory for everyone else >> it's the same deal we had
4:29 pm
a freeze to the north, a windchill advisory tonight, a frost advisory because the wind is going to start to slow down. right now, temperatures are not going down. we're holding in the 50's in most spots. still in the 60's in brevard county but 58 in orlando. from here, the wind speeds are pretty wicked still. about a 20-mile-an-hour wind in orlando and 23 in new smyrna beach and 17 in cocoa beach. the overnight lows tonight, they're way down there. we're dropping back down in the upper 20's in ocala. 32 in leesburg and 37 in sanford and 38 for the overnight low in orlando. i'll be right back to pinpoint a slight warm-up for tomorrow and look ahead to a much, much improved weekend. >> all right. sounds good, thank you, tom. we have a breaking traffic alert along i-4. it's impacting the eastbound drivers there near sand lake road. the two left eastbound lanes are blocked, causing traffic to back up. it is slowly getting by in the right lanes. if you're about to head in that direction, keep in mind, you'll
4:30 pm
the drive times for you right now, i-4 westbound, st. johns river bridge to colonial, it takes 20 minutes. another traffic alert now, this time in eatonville. that's where crews are working right now to fix a really messy water main break. you can see it spilled all over the road there. they're making progress, though. a stretch of the road is blocked off. but people are still able to get by. in the meantime, town officials issued a boil water alert for the area as they try to clean up that mess. we'll let you know as soon as that alert is lifted. >> a crosswalk crackdown in orange county. news 6 followed law enforcement as they went to busy intersections in search of drivers cutting people off on the street. news 6's mark lehman shows us how they got results today in order to keep your family safe. >> police say their actions today are all about increasing
4:31 pm
it can be a costly but important message for those stopped here today but in its fourth year, police say operation best foot forward is getting results for pedestrian safety. >> there's a guy in a silver bmw coming to you. nobody in the intersection, not looking at me. >> police are engaging in a crosswalk crackdown. a recent study shows orlando as ranking one of the most dangerous cities for pedestrians and that's where operation best foot forward comes in. the campaign aims to increase driver awareness through enforcement. >> i think there's too many distractions in the vehicles today and people are not alert crosswalk. >> not a good day to get a ticket, i know that. >> he found himself on the wrong yielding. >> with nearly 600 pedestrians injured or killed in crashes
4:32 pm
lesson could save lives and one lopez says he will now take to heart. >> stay happy, man. stay positive. things like this happen every day. you've got to be aware. >> law enforcement is one part of best foot forward strategy, it can be seen as the most effective. police say they have two more crackdowns scheduled for later this year. >> in all, nine intersections were targeted during today's crackdown. since the campaign began in 2012, police say yield rates have improved at the intersections by as much as 20%. >> i remember the story you did -- >> with the bright yellow stroller. >> clearly not with a baby in it. that would have been so dangerous. >> this frustrates me so much. so many of us love to walk around our neighborhoods and go out of our way to where there is a crosswalk and everyone i talk to have the same complaint, no one stopping at the intersection.
4:33 pm
like they're doing you a favor. >> school drop-off zones are always scary, too. >> in seminole county a pest control worker arrested and charged. detectives say he stole jewelry from one of his clients. deputies arrested this man, matthew blake after a woman said he took several pieces of her jewelry during a termite inspection. he pawned the jewelry over the last few months and is now facing 17 counts in connection with this. >> zika fears ramping up across the globe. the c.d.c. confirming the link between abnormalities and eye infections in babies. they took part in a hearing on capitol hill, the world health organization has declared a public health emergency over the zika virus and the declaration came amid increased reports of birth defects and a serious neurological condition that could be linked to the zika virus.
4:34 pm
get more information. we elevated our level of response on monday of this week to level 1 after the activation of the emergency operation center last month. >> the world health organization says as many as 3 to 4 million people across the americas will be affected by the virus in the next year. >> tonight, news 6 is getting results for one orange county neighborhood. >> people were upset because they felt like they were being held hostage by hoarder neighbors. >> we first broke the story last night on the news at 11:00. you can see there was everything on this property from appliances to a boat, all sorts of junk. neighbors say the piles kept growing, infested with roaches, rats and flies. but this could be changing. eryka washington joins you see now. >> we stopped by the property today to see if any clean-up was being done. sure enough, in an unexpected twist, the homeowner himself with the help of other folks
4:35 pm
that's the homeowner right here, as you can see, who greeted us with an obscene gesture. he yelled vulgar and racist remarks saying he didn't have time to clean his property because he works and he's tired. it appeared today a woman was doing most of the cleaning and straightening up. neighbors say this has been going on since 2008. after the story aired last night, it looks like his tune may have changed slightly. make no mistake, they were not happy to see us. >> he took the day off to get the property cleaned up. >> we're trying to clean it up and it will be cleaned up by tomorrow. when you come you won't see any junk in the yard. >> he picked up a fluorescent light bulb and threw it at our crew. orange county was originally resistant to spending the tax
4:36 pm
still have to do it because there's still a lot of stuff out and around that property that has to go. >> you certainly feel for the neighbors. >> i just hate that you guys had to suffer some of that as well. what if this happens again? is there anything people can do if something like that happens if they're the next-door neighbor? >> they have to keep calling code enforcement until clean-up happens. keep in mind, not every county has the same ordinances. in some cases, the county may have its hands ties as to what they're legally allowed to do. in orange county, they could clean it up. they haven't ruled it out. we're going to wait and see. they say if they spend that money to clean it up, he's just going to make a mess again and they feel like it's going to be a waste. >> from yesterday to today, big changes? >> i wouldn't say big changes. i would say slightly some changes, but that's a huge task. they can't do it themselves.
4:37 pm
help them remove that. >> and we're reporters, so we've heard it all. whatever you say or the gestures you make, we're not going to take offense to it. >> not at all. >> thank you, erika. for more information on how to contact your county's code enforcement, we put links up on, powered by news 6 >> today grief counselors were at ocoee middle school to help students cope with the loss of one of their classmates. according to the sheriff's report, a 13-year-old died after an 18-year-old found a gun under a bed and started playing with it. the report mentions the older teen was riding on a hoverboard when he lost his balanced and the gun went off, shooting fisher in the back of the head. police say at first people in the home told investigators someone else shot fisher and took off running. however, news 6 has learned they later changed their story.
4:38 pm
love isn't cheap, especially on valentine's day. >> how much money men are set to spend on their significant other. >> and then a new harry potter book coming to store shelves soon. what to expect with the 8th installment. >> but first, a new alert for pet owners. what 40% of people reveal about sharing sleep space with their four-legged friends. the findings, next.
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>> i started to cry and wimper and i put him on my bed and he there ever since. >> is it really that bad a thing to share your bed with a four-legged friend? >> conventional wisdom would tell you animals in the bedroom can certainly mess with your sleep, but new research is suggesting otherwise. >> as a dog owner, i certainly understand the struggle to say no to those puppy eyes. now it may not be a bad thing. 41% of sleep patients who share
4:41 pm
beneficial. 20% of respondents admitted their pets interrupted their sleep. there are things pet owners should consider. >> if having a pet nearby helps them feel relaxed and gives them a sense of security, which permits them to fall asleep with less difficulty, then i think it's something that does deserve attention. >> the doctor says it's important to consider the size of your bed, the number of pets and how well you both sleep. they also hope to focus future studies on whether different types of pets were more disruptive than others. >> my dog piglet sleeps with me and he snores and he's disruptive. he's older. so my daughter doesn't like when he sleeps with her, but she loves to sleep with our fat, snuggly cat. so we're divided in our house. >> i have one cat that snores and another one that likes to go like this when you're sleeping. it's not uncomfortable at all. >> no, not at all.
4:42 pm
sleep. >> it's nice if your dog is little, but when they take up most of the bed when they suddenly turn into an 800-pound beast and they end up in the corner, not so much. >> another big milestone for the daytona rising project in volusia county. today developers cut the ribbon on the new billboards outside the entrance of the renovated speedway. florida hospital partnered with the $400 million daytona rising redevelopment project. it's represented at one of five of the special entrances called fan injectors. >> and there will be a reuniting of the creative team from the 2013 movie "frozen". it's the highest grossing animated film in history,
4:43 pm
i have to imagine it's already probably sold out before it's finished. >> i think you can sign us all up in advance to go see the thing. >> we posted all the information on 6. >> this valentine's day, americans are getting ready to spend big, especially millennials. >> millennial men are planning to spend $371 on everything from gift to meals and more than half of americans think men should valentine's day date. >> what do you think? >> was that a question? you think men should pay on a valentine's day date? >> did he ask her out? >> does it matter? >> if my -- >> oh, my gosh. >> in my life, if some woman had asked me out -- >> you would still pay. >> i probably would. but i don't think you would expect it. if you ask someone, you want to go out with me.
4:44 pm
>> whoever asks someone out should pay. >> pretty much, but i always pay. >> as a woman, you offer to pay and you hope to pay, but sometimes the don't let you. >> that's when you know. we're done here. >> oh, no, no. the gentleman that he is, chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us. >> ginger says we have a cuddle alert for valentine's day night. >> take a look at what's going on, freeze warning to the north and frost advisory all over the southland. where you see the dark blew up there, we're talking about a freeze warning, that's you, volusia county, flagler county, marion, sumter, seminole, orange, southern lake, brevard, osceola, polk, we all have the frost advisory. either way, it's doggone cold
4:45 pm
tomorrow will be the day when we turn this around. not tonight. tonight we bottom out one more time. temperature readings right now, 52 in the villages. 54 in ocala. 54 in leesburg. that one just updated. i'm waiting for them all to update. waiting for orlando to drop off the reading at 58. our high today was 60. dropped back down to 58 degrees. i'm waiting for it to crash even further. 61 currently at the cape. 62 in cocoa beach. 57 in daytona beach. where we sit now compared to where we were yesterday, we're four degrees colder in leesburg. 5 degrees colder in the villages. 2 in gainesville. daytona beach is flat, dead on. the same right now as you were 24 hours ago. in orlando, only 1 degree differential. wind speeds, i keep waiting for them to slow down. they haven't stopped much. an 18-mile-an-hour wind right now in leesburg. 24 in sanford. 20 in orlando. 17 in cocoa beach and a 23-mile-an-hour wind right now in new smyrna beach.
4:46 pm
on the clouds and rain forecast, i think you know where we're going. i don't have any cloud cover to show you. futurecast doesn't see it either until about friday. then we start to cloud up a little bit for the next cold front that comes in saturday night. in the meantime, know that the overnight low tonight is 28 degrees in ocala. 32 in leesburg and 37 in sanford and 32 in palm coast and 37 will be the overnight low tonight in cocoa beach. the official forecast in orlando, i'm calling it 38. winds will slow down to 5 to 15 miles per hour, just enough to let the frost begin to develop. the frost advisory goes until 9 a.m. tomorrow morning. here's tomorrow. first thing in the morning, it will be clear. but it will be cold. we warm up nicely. 40 at 8 a.m. 56 by noon. daytime high tomorrow is 64. that is still 9 degrees below normal. 64 is the high tomorrow. the low tomorrow night, you can live with. it won't be great but it won't
4:47 pm
we'll be down to 46. on friday, we finally warm it up to 73. saturday, no chance for rain. the daytime high is 72. the low, 45. come sunday for valentine's day, the cold front comes through saturday night. our high is 65. a low of 52. monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week, all look good with daytime high of 70, 71. standing by now is meteorologist candace campos with a look at how chilly it was this morning. >> well, you're talking about all the freeze and frost warnings, we had several pictures coming in from our viewers who saw frost already earlier this morning as we look here in melbourne, even along the coastline, it's kind of hard to see. you can see the frost is pretty much covering the top of the car out here. it looks like we're in store for another -- good evening to melbourne beach. temperatures by midnight, dropping down to 41 degrees. look by tomorrow, temperatures only warming up to about 40 by
4:48 pm
school and topping off by the afternoon to a high of about 61 degrees. >> thank you, candace. >> here's a live look outside on i-4 at the state road 408 ramp. cars on the right side of the screen are heading eastbound. it's bumper-to-bumper this afternoon. westbound is moving more smoothly. here are the drive times for you. >> we didn't just cut candace off. her mic was having difficulties so we wanted to get back to the news. >> next, a new harry potter book hits the shelves. why the release date is extra special. >> and ahead at 5:00, new details coming in on the attack of a 74-year-old man. we were there as two women were arrested for this. what deputies say led to the brutal beating. >> but first, a near disaster
4:49 pm
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>> new tonight, workers in houston were caught off guard when the parking garage collapsed coming down with an excavator with an employee inside. >> and harry potter is having an 8th installment. it's a hard back version for the play harry potter and the cursed child. london. the script will be released the following day which happens to be harry potter's birthday.
4:52 pm
>> when you think of man's best friend, a dog typically comes to mind. but for one polish man, it's his pet squirrel. >> here's a look at the little guy crawling on the man's shoulders. the man rescued him after he if he will out of a tree. when he was a baby. he was only the size of a shoestring. >> look at him. >> it shows how animals remember. that's so sweet. >> i've never seen a squirrel that color before. >> it's a ginger squirrel, an irish squirrel. >> has that squirrel been working out? did you notice the pecks on that thing? >> he lives with a human. >> a lot of bench presses there. >> he didn't seem more muscular than regular squirrels. >> matt austin is here with what's coming up on the news at 6:00.
4:53 pm
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