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tv   News 6 at 4p  CBS  February 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> just in, an arrest and more mass shooting. >> and for 16 years, this school has gotten an a grade. but its letter today won't mean much. we're live with why. >> good friday afternoon, everyone. results. i'm ginger gadsden. >> i'm lisa bell. thanks for joining us. >> and i'm julie broughton. also ahead, valentine's day confessions reveal we're in line for something big when it comes
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what 25% of people say they wish happened. the numbers coming up in 20 minutes. that's a tease if i've ever heard one. >> yeah, but it's kind of true, though. but first, we're following breaking news right now. nearly one week after the mass shooting at the glitz ultra lounge, orlando police are going on the record revealing new information about that deadly night and an arrest in the case. justin warmoth just stepped out of their news conference, justin, what are they telling you? >> the sheriff said they arrested a 23-year-old in connection with the shooting. right now, he's only being charged with carrying a concealed weapon and tampering with evidence. chief john mina said more arrests will be made soon. this is the scene outside the
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early sunday morning. a fight broke out between two groups. 10 people were shot, two died and five were innocent bystanders enjoying a night out. both of the people who died were on opposite sides of the altercation. now, the person arrested was jose lopez, 23 years old, and taken into custody right after the shooting. it's unclear at this point whether he shot and killed anyone. chief john mina said more arrests are coming. >> when a senseless and violent act like this occurs, we do not arrest until those people are brought to justice. trust me, they will be behind bars. >> now, i've been going through the arrest affidavit all day. in here, there are a lot of new pieces of evidence that we did not know until today. i'll share those with you when i
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for now, we're live at orlando police headquarters. news 6. >> in just about an hour or so, the republican presidential frontrunner is making a stop here in florida and news 6 will be there live. university of south florida are expecting thousands of people to pack into the sun dome tonight. donald trump is making another stop in the sunshine state. trump still seems to have a lot of fans here in florida and a most recent poll has trump in the lead by 19% over his closest competitors, ted cruz. doors open tonight at 5:00 with a 7:00 rally. sachelle saunders will be talking with us ahead of the big event. >> changes are happening this weekend in the weather. it's a beautiful friday. as we take you out live over downtown orlando. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing when things will
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>> i like to live in the now, julie. >> me too. >> it's friday, can we just live in the friday? >> oh, yeah. >> the daytime high has been spectacular. 76 degrees in sanford and 75 in orlando and right now, still 75 in orlando. melbourne, 74. ocala 72 degrees right now, 75 in orlando and 75 -- we said that already. here's where we stand for the on-the-town forecast. 5 p.m., 7. 6 p.m., down to 70. 7:00 tonight, takes us down to 68 degrees. overall, clear and mild. i don't know what to call it except perfect. it's a magnificent evening. standing outside to give us the pinpoint update is meteorologist candace campos. where are you, candace? are you stalking the perfect merlot? >> well, cheers. we're here at the lake ridge winery in clermont and, yes, perfection is exactly the word. it is a gorgeous day.
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today and runs through saturday as well as sunday and most of the vendors are practically local. the food sounds great and the bands that have been playing sound awesome and you've got to enjoy the wine as well. we spoke to jennifer who works at lake ridge and she says although the weather is normally pretty good this time of year, this time around it's just perfect for this weekend. >> the winefest is a celebration of all that is good every year. our bread and butter is in our harvest. it's all in mother nature's hands when it's out in the field. we've got a lot of blessing to be thankful for. that's what winefest is all about. >> all right. let's pinpoint the forecast out here in the winery. no whining about that. about the weather forecast. bad pun, my apologies. it is friday. temperatures, though, check it out. perfection. mid-60's, plenty of sunshine.
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saturday and most of your sunday. but a little bit on the breezy side. expect to be blowing around a little bit. no rain to speak of and temperatures are looking nice and mild. >> thank you. after a long wait, florida department of education released report cards for schools and districts today. >> the grades were based on how students performed on the state's new standardized test. >> the test was plagued with problems during the first year. how much is this grade really going to count? news 6's eric sandoval went to get answers today. what have you been able to find out about this? >> well, i'm outside rainbow elementary school in winter springs, ginger. this is a school known for its high-performance. i checked with the department of education. this has gotten an a rating since 1999. it got an a rating today, too.
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>> the grades are a part of our rigged accountability system that mean nothing to me. >> she's with the group opt out orlando and she says she's had a beef with florida standardized testing for years. that's not the only reason she's not putting much weight on the grades given out today. they were based on fsa's plagued with technical problems during the first go 'round last year. >> this year, it's based on a flawed test and it does not include all the information we would normally see. >> you can see all nine school districts in it central florida scored nothing lower than a b. though the formula to get the grades were flawed, state leaders say they were forced to release them under state law. orange county school superintendent, barbara jenkins agrees with parents and says the grades don't mean much.
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don't mean much and told schools not to brag about their grades on school marquees. instead she told them to celebrate teachers, like these schools did. hamilton applauded that move. >> tell me about the teachers who struggled to reach kids who need them the most and principals who stand up for the kids. >> that's eric sandoval reporting. this is frustrating to so many parents and teachers because the teachers were teaching for the test as opposed to the student. >> right. >> we'll see. >> you can find all the grades county by county to see where your student ranks. we posted the information on, powered by news 6 and you'll find the link inside the story at the top of the home page. >> thousands of drivers are heading to and from o.i.a. and are finally seeing relief on the roads. work on the $71 million project has been going on for years and now the new ramps are finally open, getting drivers easy
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having to stop at any lights. expressway authority crews cut the ribbon and opened up brand-new flyover ramps at the 417 and boggy creek road. every day, 124,000 drivers use the access roads in and out of o.i.a. of those drivers, thousands rely on that stretch of boggy creek road to get to o.i.a. this will not only have a huge upside for commuters and local travelers but tourists benefit, too. >> this is great for the tourism industry. you just avoid getting in any of the downtown business traffic. you get right in and out of the airport to your destination. it opens up osceola county far more for tourists. >> drivers started using the ramps this afternoon. >> well, love, money and
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we have the survey you'll want to hear. >> what most women lie about when it comes to getting a gift. >> then, 115 guns returned to local deputies and today, the buyback program isn't over yet. how they're trying to get results until the very last minute. >> but first, a bizarre crash on the tarmac. how a runaway van forced this florida-bound flight to evacuate. >> getting results on the news 6 at 4:00 and the news 6 app. we'll be right back. >> and join us on facebook during the break. just search for lisa bell at bell news.
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>> >> well, a big whoops on a boston runway, minutes before take-off to tampa. >> passengers were told to get off their jetblue plane this morning because it was damaged
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>> turns out, a runaway fuel van struck the plane's wing just as they were about to depart. this is what the logan airport worker told travelers over the intercom. >> went underneath the airplane. we have an aircraft damaged and we are going to deplane. this plane is not going anywhere for a while. >> did you hear that? the runaway van almost hit another plane. the driver got out and the van was not in park. luckily no one was hurt. >> with colder weather we turn to comfort foods. what's more yummy than a comforting plate full of wolves waffles. even better if they're with maple syrup. >> plate fulls of waffles on a weekend morning are a treat for many families. they're easy, fun to make and delicious. if you feel like you're missing out, consumer reports tried out
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popular waffle makers on the market. the machines were tested on their high and low settings, scored on whether both sides browned the same. some took a lot of practice. this cooks on the stovetop and makes a nice waffle. it isn't always evenly cooked. consumer reports found the waring belgian waffle maker is $59. the best of the bunch is the $100 >> it beeps when your waffle is ready so you don't have to keep an eye on it. but, wait, your waffle isn't complete without a dose of maple syrup. the real stuff that comes from trees. consumer reports tested 14
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her team found all were pretty good. which should you buy? >> our suggestion is to buy by price. >> some good suggestions here. >> pancake syrup is far less expensive than maple syrup. >> you have us all hungry now, so we'll thank you for that. >> i had a waffle maker that i used it once. >> i had a girlfriend who bought one and it made heart-shaped waffles and she made one and was done with it. >> i'm going to switch to pure maple syrup now because of that. >> far north of us, date night is going to be downright freezing. >> a cold blast is settling in along the east coast. don't let the pretty fountain fool you. temperatures in the big apple are starting to plunge. it could be pretty tough to do
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detroit all the way to buffalo. >> in fact, it's already frozen over in scranton pennsylvania in this neighborhood. a water main break turned into an icy problem today. you can see trees frozen along with power lines. it's not going to thaw out anytime soon either. i checked the temperature there and it's a whopping 19 degrees, not including the windchill factor. >> 19 degrees is arctic. >> but it wasn't here. that's the good part. >> high 5 on that, everybody. >> ping used to live in scranton. >> ping has lived everywhere. >> look at what's going on here locally. we've got beautiful weather
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we're going to cool it down just a bit going into the weekend. the radar is all good. not worried about that. lows this morning, not nearly as arctic as the last few mornings. >> 46 did it in ocala and 45 in gainesville and 40 in orlando and 45 in kissimmee. across the southeast, all of these areas from atlanta to nashville to charlotte, not really myrtle beach but some folks in myrtle beach picked up flakes for a while. last weekend, it was just nasty. tonight it's 43 degrees in nashville. 62 in atlanta. here at home, we're holding at 72 for you in the villages. palm coast, 73. 73 from new smyrna beach down the coast. you get to brevard county, out at the cape, 75 degrees. 74 does it right now in cocoa beach and 74 in melbourne. take a look at my visible satellite tonight. you see the leading edge of the cold front that's on the way right there. that's a frontal boundary. just looking at that, you kind of get the vibe it's not a big
4:19 pm
it's going to come through here with very little fanfare and won't turn out to be much of anything. to the north, you can see how much grayness is there. dry air is virtually in place for you as we roll through the evening. the cold front comes through during the overnight tonight and during the day tomorrow, cool air returns. most important factor is the sun will be shining and we'll stay dry throughout the entire weekend. clouds and rain forecast shows you what i mean. by 10:00 tonight, the clouds are encroaching upon us. by 2, 3:00 in the morning, it pulls on through. by tomorrow morning at 7 a.m., no worries. no real problems with cloud cover either. a lot of sunshine through the day tomorrow. on sunday, we get winds coming in from the east. futurecast always likes to throw in rain chances when the winds are from the east. i don't think too much is going to happen. overnight low tonight is 48 degrees for you way up there in ocala. 50 in the villages. 51 in leesburg. in orlando tonight, i want to call it a nice night. the sky is clear. we're dropping back to 52
4:20 pm
here is tomorrow. >> first thing in the morning, sunny and nice. 56 degrees by noon. sunny, 60. daytime high tomorrow, 68. some of you may tag 70. i'll go 68 in orlando. a cooler day than what we had today. it's not cold, mind you. just a little cooler. overnight low, 45. sunday, primo for valentine's day. sunday's high is 65. monday, 74. tuesday, the high is 72 degrees. rain chances at their best monday night into tuesday. >> what are you doing for valentine's day? >> watching a lot of water polo this weekend, the wife and i. we'll sit in the stands and talk about, oh, look, she scored, yea. >> that's love, that's love. >> thank you, tom. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store.
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now the governor is launching a new program to keep you protected. >> then getting results by getting guns off our streets. 115 and counting from just today. what local deputies say they will do with all these returns. >> but first, valentine's day confessions. what 25% of people lie about when it comes to romantic gifts for their loved ones. you are watching news 6, getting results.
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>> remember, news 6 is always on, your smartphone and your tablet. take us with you. >> okay. so if this is news to you, you're either single or going to be very soon. valentine's day is sunday. >> yes. and that means tens of millions of americans are finalizing their plans. >> as you can imagine between dinner dates and flowers, the price adds up. matt austin is here with all the numbers that will have some lovebirds seeing red. >> imagine if you have four valentine's like i do, it's a big day. more than half of men in relationships say they'll buy
4:25 pm
someone. financial website bank rate claims the price for red roses goes up anywhere from 3 fold to 5 fold. that's fair, right? a typical celebration between roses, chocolates, nice dinner, setting you back around $512. >> what? >> the question is, is it worth it? maybe not. >> men hate it because they feel obligated to top themselves. women hate it because they hate the gifts they get. or it somehow doesn't live up to their expectations. so nobody is happy. >> that reporter seemed kind of upset about the whole situation. >> couples aside, companies sure don't seem too upset about this, though. it's a multi-billion dollar day. the fourth most lucrative event on the retail calendar behind only christmas, back to school and mother's day. it doesn't mean you can skip
4:26 pm
>> 75% of people said they don't want anything for valentine's day. 20% of them admitted they lied. if your wife says she doesn't want anything for valentine's day, don't believe it. buy it anyway. >> i learned that the hard way, long time ago. it's like a sick test you women have. if i say i don't want anything, it's absolutely true. >> it's not a good trap to fall into. >> if i say i don't want it for my wife -- >> just always get a gift, matt. >> cover all your bases. >> i have learned that. >> the general rule. >> thank you. >> speaking of spending, they look exactly like diamonds. mined from the ground. but these diamonds are made in a lab and they're much cheaper. how this all works ahead at 4:30. >> every single gun you see here is now off the street after a big push by deputies. i'm mark lehman in orange county. coming up after the break, the event happening right now in an
4:27 pm
>> plus the coast guard discovers a major issue today with the already storm battered cruise ship. now its fate at sea is on standby because of it. getting results in kissimmee, longwood and all of central
4:28 pm
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>> vacationing for the first time as a family of three. these new parents recount their terror at sea. >> and then all of a sudden water started gushing into our room through a vent under a closet. at that point we knew this was not normal. >> what they say about the damage that just became much more complex following today's inspection. >> then, new zika cases here in florida and what we've learned about the first pregnant woman in australia to contract the virus. >> plus 100% real diamonds, just with a different up-bringing and much better price tag. the dazzling deal in 15 minutes. >> but first, tonight, guns for gift cards seem to be working
4:31 pm
>> they've received more than 100 unwanted weapons during today's buyback and the event isn't even over yet. mark lehman stopped by to show us how law enforcement is getting results. >> deputies have been busy out here today along orange blossom trail. the sheriff's office says their efforts here are getting results and getting dangerous weapons off the streets. >> it's like an antique. >> if it was made before 1898, it would be. >> a black powder revolver and antique shotgun were some of many weapons handed over today. some people are getting rid of their guns because they're afraid of what could happen. >> in the long run, i'm not going to be using it and i don't want anyone else to have it. >> deputies say nearly 80% of stolen guns are taken out of unlocked cars. >> that's four out of five cars where weapons are being taken are being taken out of unlocked cars. >> and that's exactly what led up to a tragic two years ago this week.
4:32 pm
shot and killed in the line of duty. the man who pulled the trigger did so with a stolen gun before taking his own life. as someone who says he's a responsible gun owner, ron reed turned in a .22 caliber rifle for a $50 gift card. he's hoping more people will follow suit. >> we need the guns off the streets. people don't want them, they shouldn't have them. >> any reported guns as stolen, they'll be returned to their owners. >> deputies collected 115 guns, 3 of which were stolen, 31 pellet guns were turned in as well. the buyback event goes on until 7:00 this evening. >> a picture-perfect day across central florida. >> yes, such a nice friday. let's take you live over downtown orlando. get outside today while you can. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing another cool-down heading our way. >> i was just looking over at the camera.
4:33 pm
cloud cover trying to work its way in. even though clouds are going to come back, there's to rain on radar tonight. we're doing great. we're not nearly as problematic as previous mornings. daytime highs today rocketed all the way back to 76 in sanford. 75 in orlando to kissimmee to daytona beach, even gainesville got in on it. 75 degrees in gainesville. 74 maxed it out today in melbourne. the on-the-town forecast this evening, we slowly slide down to 68 by 7 p.m. tonight. clear and mild. it is all good stuff. standing by out on the town tonight herself is meteorologist candace campos. where are you, girl? frjts >> >> the traffic is moving
4:34 pm
we hope to get in touch with her shortly. >> tonight the australian health record is going on the record announcing the first case of the zika virus in a pregnant woman, from the town of victoria. the virus can cause deformity in newborns but has only a mild impact on 80% of those who get it. the woman recently returned from a trip to a country where the virus is prevalent. her obstetrician diagnosed the disease after she complained of a fever and a rash. >> it's a possibility of adverse effects on the unborn child in this case, but we don't know what that possibility looks like. >> for privacy reasons, the state government will not release any details about the woman, including the name of the country she recently traveled to where, once again, the virus is active. in the meantime, closer to home, the number of zika cases jumped to 20 since yesterday in the state of florida. the two new cases in broward and alachua county.
4:35 pm
directed the state's surgeon general to activate a zika virus information hotline. here's the number. 855-622-6735. we posted it on as well, powered by news 6. >> tonight help in the form of water is heading north to flint, michigan. >> the city of cocoa posted these pictures on their facebook page. they came together to donate 10 pallets of water to the city in crisis. it's more than 17,000 bottles weighing more than 13,000 pounds. a high level of lead in flint's water supply has lawmakers demanding answers about long-term solutions and why it went unnoticed for so long. >> well, new details about the major scare at sea. >> the powerful storm that battered the anthem of the seas cruise ship causing damage to the ship's propulsion system. >> the coast guard says the ship's left propeller stopped operating during the storm.
4:36 pm
30-foot waves also causing damage to the ship, including broke glass, china and damage to the balcony doors. matt austin is joining us now. there was a baby on board when all this chaos was going down. >> it would have been miserable if it were just you and your loved one. imagine having a baby in the mix here. amy and david wiggins say they've been on many cruises. this was the first time they set sail with their 9 month old baby, sophia. family vacation to the bahamas quickly became memorable for all the wrong reasons. the couple says the waves got stronger and stronger. the royal caribbean ship sailing into a storm much worse than they had ever experienced. wiggins staying in their 11th floor stateroom -- i bet that thing was moving -- they say it resembled a puddle. they say they knew they were in trouble when water came rushing into their room. >> it was crazy. we had to hang on to the bed, the wall and each other.
4:37 pm
i said we need to pray because i was definitely scared. >> the couple says they're grateful to have just gotten home safely. they also say they're planning their next vacation. good luck with that. i'm sure it will go better. as for baby sophia, she slept through the entire ordeal. >> wow. >> none of my babies would have slept through that. >> no kidding. but as a parent. >> that's a blessing. >> as a parent, can you imagine you're on the ship in the middle of the ocean and you're not thinking about yourself. you're thinking about how you're going to keep this tiny baby safe. >> it's so scary. >> and if it went down, you're planning how to keep the baby afloat, too. >> i have to imagine it was pretty noisy when all this was happening on the ship as well. if your 9-month-old was sleeping, that's a good thing. >> just all the rocking, oh, my gosh. >> it's outrageous when we see that video for all of those people. >> it's crazy. >> i can't imagine.
4:38 pm
>> anyone who has ever traveled through orlando international airport knows it can get very busy. this past year saw a record number of passengers. o.i.a. says 38.4 million passengers traveled through its doors last year. that beats the previous record in 2007 by 2 million travelers. airport officials say the record-breaking number is good for development. they say it's going to help them get started on the $1.8 billion construction plan for the southern terminal building. >> f.w.c. is warning brevard county pet owners to keep an eye on their animals since coyotes are here to stay. they're educating residents now living with the animals. residents in indian harbor beach and satellite beach have been complaining about missing pets and spotting coyotes in their neighborhoods. because it's a residential neighborhood, f.w.c. says you can't shoot a coyote unless it's attacking you or your pets.
4:39 pm
>> one day after telling you about a big detour along the 1792, we are hearing of some issues. >> news 6's amanda castro went to check out why the changes are causing big delays. >> construction under the railroad bridge is causing major traffic issues here on u 1792. i want to show you cars backed up for as far as the eyes can see. state transportation officials say you can expect delays like this all weekend long. >> major back-up on u.s. 1792. drivers sitting through traffic relying only on this light to turn off the road on to park avenue. he got stuck in congestion while running errands this afternoon. >> i'm a mile away. >> how long did it take? >> like 15 minutes. >> is that frustrating? >> it sucks. >> crews are removing concrete slabs and are replacing the road with asphalt. the construction is not only causing headaches for drivers, some stores say it's bad for business. >> it's killed my business today.
4:40 pm
because we didn't have the customers here to support their being here. >> the southbound lanes between park avenue is closed this weekend. you're urged to take a detour around the construction to avoid the back-up. fdot hopes to have the work done so the roadway opens monday morning at 6:00. >> thank you. the google searchs state by state for valentine's day. how florida compares to, let's say, montana. >> and speaking of valentine's day, 100% diamonds but at a deep discount. how the stones cut costs, yet look the same. >> would you want that? hold that thought. >> look at the visible satellite cold front coming in tonight. i'll tell you about the weekend to pinpoint your highs for saturday and valentine's day sunday. >> and just in, a health update about barry manilow this afternoon. how his emergency surgery went
4:41 pm
to do for the next 48 hours. getting results on news 6 at 4:00 and the news 6 app.
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>> this just in, legendary musician barry manilow is now out of surgery and doing well, but not allowed to talk, sing or rap for the next 48 hours, according to a facebook page following a health scare. he suffered complications from emergency oral surgery. upcoming concerts have been cancelled. the 72-year-old is currently traveling the country on his one last time, one last tour event. it's unclear if he'll be able to attend monday's grammy awards in los angeles. we'll keep you posted once we learn anything new. >> popping the question on valentine's day, here's a proposal for you. >> what if we said there's a new type of diamond on the market that is 100% real, but costs significantly less? seems too good to be true, but justin warmoth explains why there's such a dazzling
4:45 pm
>> when jordan hill proposed to his girlfriend, he popped the question with this diamond ring. >> oh, i love it. >> it looks just like a diamond mined from the ground but it's actually man made. >> i knew they were creating diamonds in the lab. i didn't know they were making them look like gem quality. >> it came from the company pure grown diamonds, instead of mining diamonds from the earth, the gems are developed in a singapore lab. it uses carbon and other gases to create diamonds in a high pressure chamber in 12 weeks. the c.e.o. says the gems are eco-friendly, conflict-free and 30 to 40% cheaper. >> i know when i first heard about manmade diamonds, i'm thinking cubic zirconia, costume jewelry. that's not what we have at all? >> no, these are diamonds, physically, chemically and optimally the same as mined
4:46 pm
>> one start-up, diamond foundry, has the backing of leonardo decaprio. >> i would not be able to tell the difference. >> you can't tell the difference under magnification. the only way to be certain is to put it under infrared light. >> the size and the quality of the diamonds being produced in the laboratory today are really quite good. >> some may hesitate to buy a nontraditional stone for their bride to be, but kim loves her. >> he couldn't have picked out a better diamond for me. >> the couple is now making plans for their wedding this fall. justin warmoth, news 6. >> the typical mine diamond engagement ring costs $5,000. the lab grown diamond would cost around $3500. >> i don't -- >> they look happy. >> i'm okay with it. i love saving money. >> yes, i know. i know. but i love the tradition of it. if you don't want to wait the time, hand me a lump of coal,
4:47 pm
>> i love they're guaranteed conflict-free and eco-friendly. >> we've all been married and have diamonds, and you hear about blood diamonds. we don't like that. >> no, no, of course not. >> i just like my diamonds the old-fashioned way. >> if i ever get married again, give me a puppy, how about that? >> on all of the fingers on her hands. >> there you go. >> i have beautiful storm pins to show you this evening. barbara mudge gets out and walks and talks to the lord every morning. >> that's why i love her. >> franny does good work, too. >> that's very pretty. >> i love it. and this is the last shot from elliot in orlando. the sun was rising high today. it turned out to be a >> download storm pins right now in your app store. we'd like to see what you're seeing in central florida. >> radar, nothing, no echoes, no rain to talk about. no hits, no runs, no errors, it's all good.
4:48 pm
were with us earlier, we were talking about how cold it is up north. i want to give you a national perspective quickly. it's 14 in bismarck, 10 in minneapolis and 22 in chicago and 21 in detroit city. 21. i don't miss that. not at all. take a look -- oh, my camera died on me. the background is not there anymore. 75 in orlando, 74 in melbourne and 71 in leesburg and 72 from ocala to the villages. 72 as far north as gainesville right now and a bunch of 75's, from sanford to orlando to kissimmee, out to the cape. daytona beach all 75 degrees here at news time. we're starting the downward slide for most of you. a big ridge of high pressure has been throughout the day here. a cold front is going to roll its way through here. today we warmed up. during the night tonight, the cold front comes through. we'll be chilly tonight but not
4:49 pm
today we went to 75 or 76. tomorrow will be off that mark by about 7, maybe 8 degrees in spots. here's the way it happened. tonight at 10:00, we start to gray over. i don't really think much rain is going to come from this cold front. i really believe it comes through dry. tomorrow morning when you wake up, it's all good. the front will be done. it will pass through your backyard sometime between 1:00 in the morning and 3:00 in the morning and it's gone. by the time you wake up, the sunshine should have returned. say that three times fast. sunshine should have returned. sunday looks pretty good, too. just a little on the cooler side. for tonight, here are the overnight lows. we're tumbling to 52 in daytona beach. 50 in de land. and 52 out at new smyrna beach. sanford, 50. oviedo, 50. over in ocala tonight, 48.
4:50 pm
here's my forecast for orlando proper. i'm going to call it a nice night. clouds begin to show up late but early on, it's beautiful. 52 is the low. here's tomorrow. first thing in the morning, 56. by noon, 60. the daytime high, 68. so today's high, 75, 76. that's about, you know, 6 to 7 degrees cooler than we were today. but check out the weekend. it really is all good. 68 tomorrow. 65 on valentine's day sunday and back to work on monday, much of that rain chance is late in the day on monday. so monday is a pretty good day. we jump back to 74. all the rain happens during the late-day or the evening and tuesday we start to dry it back out as the day wears on tuesday. next week, everything looks great. >> nothing wrong with that. >> it all looks great. >> thank you, tom. >> if you're on the road and can't check your news 6 weather app, you can now get updates through one of our three radio partners all day long. chief meteorologist tom sorrells and meteorologist troy bridges are pinpointing your weather on
4:51 pm
and mix 105.1. >> we're following some breaking news right now in the search for an escaped inmate in volusia county. news 6 has just learned gary buck -- gary bullock, jr. was found on the run in kentucky. he's been on the run for three weeks now. he did not return to work last month. volusia county deputies say he cut off his g.p.s. monitor and disappeared with his girlfriend, natasha quigley, and her 3-year-old son. volusia county deputies tell us all three have been found safe. >> a driver is killed when a manhole cover goes flying into her car. it happened in downtown boston during rush hour this morning. the massachusetts state police say the manhole cover became loose and went airborne before slamming into the woman's windshield. it's not clear how the manhole
4:52 pm
>> at&t announcing it will be ready to conduct field tries on its 5g network before the end of this year. verizon made a similar announcement last year. 5g stands for 5th generation. it's not clear how much of a power boost it will give our current download speeds. i bet you'll see a little something there. >> always nice to boost that. >> new tonight, silk sheets and couples kayaking. see what states are googling those gifts for valentine's day. >> and what florida has for its title. >> and a big day for drivers at o.i.a. how the new ramps could relieve traffic around the airport. >> and the wife asks for something small and her husband gets her a billboard. her reaction after the break. getting results in titusville
4:53 pm
florida on news 6 at 4:00 and own pizzas. they chose the ingredients they wanted. i like the fresh dough. what's bha? pi'm gonna go with the one thatpdoesn't have the acronyms. pget that one without fillers. what are fillers? you guys just made your pizza the way i make my pizza. no ingredients that you can't pronounce
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>> remember, news 6 is always on, your smartphone and your tablet. take us with you.
4:56 pm
just about chocolate and roses. it should be. the real estate blog estately looked at some of the more popular and unique gifts googled in each state. believe it or not, florida is not that weird at all. the top search is pandora jewelry and barry white songs. california search for couples and pajamas. montana was lobster tail. louisiana was silk sheets. i just wanted to see where other people live -- lisa, you're from idaho. we couldn't even put some of the things on tv they googled there. the top search was adam and eve and in parentheses, it says, "not biblical." >> it's a store. >> what about south carolina? >> let's go.
4:57 pm
>> i think he really went overboard. i have the biggest card i guess i could say. >> most men might pick the flowers, but one husband in indiana is thinking big. he surprised his wife with a billboard devoted to their love. >> it says, "pat and patty forever, 27 years and counting." he says his wife is always asking for modest gifts like a simple card so he went the opposite route. i wouldn't want to be tagged on facebook, i think it would horrify me if someone put up a billboard. >> i don't think we should say much because they're going to get mad. >> matt austin is here with the news at 5:00. >> rushing us along, a leading candidate for the white house makes his way to central florida. next at 5:00, we're live in tampa ahead of donald trump's campaign rally. we're staying on top of breaking news. new details in last week's deadly nightclub shooting. police have arrested a suspect. what we're now learning abou february is huge for us.
4:58 pm
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february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs for just $6 each. [real-time closed captioning company.] >> now at 5:00, a presidential frontrunner sets his sights in florida. we're live with donald trump. >> and what we just learned in the last couple of hours about an investigation at a nightclub.


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