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tv   News 6 at 5 pm  CBS  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs for just $6 each. [real-time closed captioning company.] >> now at 5:00, a presidential frontrunner sets his sights in florida. we're live with donald trump. >> and what we just learned in the last couple of hours about an investigation at a nightclub.
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news on the escaped inmate from volusia county. we just learned gary bullock, jr. has been caught. his girlfriend and her 3-year-old son were also found. the volusia county sheriff's office says they were all found safe in kentucky. bullock was on the run for three weeks and he did not return from a work release last month. the boy will be turned over to family members once arrangements are made. we'll continue to follow this for you and bring you more as soon as we get it. now to the breaking news in orlando. we're learning more about the shooting that left two people dead, eight others hurt at a nightclub. one suspect is behind bars. police say more arrests could come soon. this is news 6 at 5:00, getting results. i'm lisa bell. >> i'm matt austin. new at 5:00, news 6 uncovers new details about what police say happened before the shots were
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officers arrested jose lopez. >> they have one person in custody who is arrested. he has since bonded out of jail. >> the safety and security of our residents and our visitors is the top priority of the orlando police department. >> orlando police chief john mina says more than 300 people were inside the glitz you will ultra lounge early sunday morning when a fight broke out. 10 people were shot and two died. >> inside the club at the time, jose lopez, a 23-year-old, ran to the back of the nightclub
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officers say they saw him with a gun standing next to a man who had just been shot. he then allegedly threw his gun on to the roof of the club and was quickly arrested. >> all right. sir, you are charged in division 11 with carrying a concealed firearm and tampering with physical evidence. >> records show at first, he denied even having a gun on him because he obtained it illegally. he eventually changed his story but said he never fired any shots. right now, it's unclear whether he shot and killed anyone inside the club. the chief john mina said the investigation continues and more arrests are forth coming. >> when a senseless and violent act like this occurs, we do not rest until those people are brought to justice. and, trust me, they will be behind bars. >> and chief mina went on to say glitz is closed right now and
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if he changes his mind, though, and plans on reopening, there is a long list of changes the chief wants him to make. what the changes are when i see you again at 6:00. >> justin, thank you. now to a big campaign stop here in florida. right now, republican frontrunner donald trump is campaigning in the sunshine state. his visit comes weeks ahead of florida's primary. >> trump's stop has also led to back and forth threats between supporters and people who plan to protest. news 6 reporter sachelle saunders is at the usf sun dome in tampa tonight. crowds are filing in there behind you. they're expecting a big turn-out tonight. >> oh, yeah, probably a few hundred people in line right now. trump brings out passionate
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they're filing in to support the man they say should be the next president of the united states. he has a good chance in the sunshine state. polls show him leading amongst g.o.p. voters despite having two florida counties, andidates, marco rubio and jeb bush in the race. trump's frank and controversial comments is what catapulted him to the top. some likening him to hate speech and others love how he sticks it to candidates. >> he's going to put obama and hillary in jail and he's going to clean out washington, d.c. and kick isis' you know what. and he's going to build a wall between us and mexico, a beautiful wall. >> now, the event is expected to start at 7:00. only those with a ticket. and coming up at 6:00, we talk to a few supporters who want him
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rhetoric to get more supporters. >> thank you. the remaining g.o.p. candidates, including donald trump, will face off tomorrow night in south carolina. you can see that debate live starting at 9 p.m. tomorrow here on news 6. >> more controversy tonight for congressman alan grayson and it comes from his own party. senate minority leader harry reid says he wants grayson to quit the race for marco rubio's senate seat. he said grayson has, quote, "no moral compass" and that grayson used his office to promote a hedge fund until recently was based in the cayman islands. reed plans to retire at the end of his term.
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>> grayson running against congressman patrick murphy in south florida in the democratic primary. >> tragedy on a high school campus. two teen girls are shot and killed. police in arizona are working to learn what led up to this. it happened in glendale. the 15-year-old girls were shot near a patio-covered area on school grounds. we're told both girls were in the 10th grade. they were each shot once and died at the scene. now, police say this was an isolated incident and they're not looking for a suspect. >> breaking news on wall street and some good news, well needed here. good end to the week for stocks here. the dow erased yesterday's big losses. it gained more than 300 points. the s&p and nasdaq also saw gains.
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reason for this day. the dow is still down 1500 points, though, since the beginning of the year. >> a nice warm-up to kick off your weekend. this is a live look outside over downtown orlando. this is a beautiful day in the neighborhood. >> thank you, mr. rogers. >> there you go. will it stay this nice through this valentine's day weekend? >> chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing all of this for us. give us some good news. >> would you be my, could you be my -- >> neighbor? >> it was great, but look at this front. tonight i'm going, hey, look at this front. it's not a big deal. it's right there, broken cloud cover along the state line, ready to roll in here. the good news is it's not producing any rain. no rain with this front of any significance at all. daytime high today really jumped. 76 in sanford. 75 in daytona beach and the same in orlando and kissimmee, the villages and the cape. on-the-town forecast tonight,
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we'll fall into the 60's in the evening. it will be cool for you. not bad. a light jacket will do it for you. tomorrow we won't warm up as much as we did today. we're going to have a very fine weekend. the daytime high on valentine's day and look down the road to when the real rain chances come back. >> thank you, tom. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. >> a big drug bust in marion county. deputies are calling it their largest heroin bust ever. look at all that money. the sheriff's office posted these pictures showing what they found earlier this week. the big haul includes a pound and a half of heroin and they also found several guns. more than 21 grand in cash. two people, felipe and stephanie rodriguez, face several felony charges. >> this is the second major heroin bust in central florida this week. we told you on wednesday about the arrest of 10 people, including a 74-year-old woman
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orange county. we're told the group made hundreds of thousands of dollars every month selling the drug. >> a crime tracker alert in orlando. store clerks robbed at gunpoint. orlando police want to track down the guy in this surveillance video. you can see the masked man pull out a gun after walking into a chevron on south kirkman road. it happened on sunday. the robber demanded money in a shopping bag and got away with cash. if you know who this guy is, call 1-800-423-tips. >> in marion county, detectives say this guy took $2600 worth of video games. it comes from two wal-mart stores where he took games from. if you know who this guy is, call the sheriff's office. >> some long-awaited relief to a big traffic problem in orlando is now a reality. >> yeah, next at 5:00, the new ramps that will make it much easier, especially if you're
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deadly plane crash. the latest on the search for victims off florida's coast. you are watching news 6, getting results. this is a live look at i-4 and the 436 in altamonte springs. traffic is building up. moving.
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>> we made it here to winter garden on our next stop in the pinpoint weather road trip, valentine's day style. we're here at the downtown pavilion where it will be full of blues and barbecue for tomorrow. the big time festival starting at 4:00 and ending at 10:00. let's break down the forecast and the overall weather is looking fantastic for the event. starting off in the mid-60's and dropping down into the upper 40's. the good news is we're staying mostly dry. our next stop lowe's presents: how to plan for the future.
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>> right now, the search continues for the bodies of two people killed in a plane crash. it happened late last night off the coast of north florida. a man and woman are believed to be the only people on board.
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registered in texas. no word yet on what caused the plane to go down. >> thousands of drivers heading to and from o.i.a. are getting a big relief tonight. >> work on a $71 million project has been going on for years. the new ramps mean you can go to and from the airport without having to stop at any lights. >> it's nice, right, flyover ramps open today around the 417 and boggy creek. locals and tourists will see big benefits. >> this morning, at 10:24, the central florida expressway officially cut the ribbon to open the new 417 flyover interchange ramp at boggy creek road to drivers. >> 3, 2, 1. [applause] >> this new flyover was designed to greatly improve access for the more than 22,000 cars that drive to and from the airport every day, who previously had to rely on the slow and stoplight-heavy local roads in
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orange and osceola counties. and that number is expected to grow rapidly. >> 2015, 124,000 vehicles when the new terminal opens. >> this is the second and final phase of the $71 million project that began in january of 2014. the project designers were also proud of the fact that the unique concrete u beams, used to build the ramp were manufactured locally saving time and money and can now be put into other road projects. >> right now, a historic trip for pope francis. his five-day trip is underway with a stop in cuba. >> the pope is said to hit to mexico in the next few hours. he's talking with cuban president raul castro and religious leaders. after arriving in mexico, the holy father will celebrate mass on the country's southern and northern borders. extra u.s. border agents will be
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half a million people are expected in juarez next week. >> it is the 58th annual grammy awards, the biggest names in music will be there. taylor swift, adele, justin bieber, demi la -- lovato will grace the stage in los angeles and it begins at 8 p.m. here on news 6. >> i love the grammys. it's always a great show. >> you never really know what's going to happen at the grammys. >> for me, i hear the songs on the radio and i never know who sings them until i watch the grammys. >> you sound like an old person like me. >> lady gaga is going to do a david bowie song. >> she's part of the tribute for him. >> she's also fabulous. >> let's talk about the
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i want to start out the weather story tonight with a beautiful couple of storm pins. that's a good one, right? >> wow. >> cocoa beach is always the place to be. >> it was like a 100 on the sorrells scale today. >> it only goes to 10. >> but it should be 100. >> this is a storm pin of cocoa beach. it doesn't get any better. ship me a picture of your storm pins. tonight on radar, i don't have anything going on, but let's talk about the day today. the daytime high has been bumped up from 75 to 76 officially at o.i.a. overnight low this morning was 40. look at the averages there. obviously we were cooler than average but warmer than average, too. by the time the afternoon sunshine got done with us. records are 88 and 29. we won't be record anything over the weekend, either. it's valentine's day this weekend and daytime highs today of 76 is nice, heading into a holiday weekend.
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73 did it in palm coast for the high today. out at the cape, you also hit 75 for the daytime high. here are regional temperatures across the entire southeast. 62 in little rock. 41 in nashville, charlotte, 37. myrtle beach, 45. the temperatures here at home, these are right now, they're off the mark a little bit. right there in orlando, we've dropped 3 degrees in the last couple of hours. we're down to 70 in a large part to gainesville. 72s from palm coast, daytona beach, new smyrna beach and 74 at the cape. satellite and radar showing you the location of the big ridge of high pressure, this high slowly came from the gulf of mexico and rolled over top of us in the last 48 hours. for that reason, the wind speeds finally calmed down. they're starting to ramp it back up, just a little bit today but no more than the 35-mile-an-hour gusts we had earlier in the workweek. the cold front lingers to the north. it's not an impressive cold front at all. you can barely see it.
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it's not like a big old line coming through. the dry air is beginning to erode, move down to the south and out of the way. over the course of the weekend, tonight. it will be breezy, when it does, and the cooler, dry air settles in. weekend. when i paint it blue and say cool air returns, i do mean cool. i don't mean cold. check out the next 48 hours. the front comes through with little fanfare there. on sunday, the winds come through the east a little more. overnight tonight, 40's and 50's, that's not cold. the official low in orlando is 52. here's tomorrow. first thing in the morning, 56. by noon, 60. daytime high tomorrow, some of you will tag 70. most of you about 68. that's what i'm going to call it at o.i.a. then valentine's day is sunday. sunday's daytime high is 65. back to work on monday, a high of 74 with rain coming back to us on monday night. >> all right. i love it.
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>> the fight for mandatory recess in florida schools could come to a grinding halt. >> next at 5:00, why one lawmaker says he does not plan to take up this bill and celebrating valentine's day together. we'll take you to the ceremony that saw hundreds tie the knot. >> and ahead at 5:30, find out the next step governor rick scott is taking to help fight the zika virus here in florida. >> remember, news 6 is always on, your
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>> you find yourself getting giddy about it. it feels like high school all over again. it's like someone winked at me. i'm in high school again. do i want to accept it or ignore it? >> are you still looking for a soulmate? you've tried it all. you've been wishing upon a star? now there's a new option to help you find the magic in a relationship. tonight at 11:00, candace campos tells us about a new site that
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with a happily ever after. >> florida parents have been talking about the battle over recess in elementary schools. >> a bill mandating 20 minutes of daily recess made its way to the state house. it does not look like it will get a vote in the senate. john leg told the tampa bay times he has no plans to put the bill on his agenda. he says it does not merit a tallahassee solution. many moms have been pushing for the change. they say students need to release energy and it gives them a break from school work. leaders say they're not giving up and they plan to continue lobbying the senator's office to consider the bill. >> time is running out in the latest effort to control florida's python population. >> now, more than 100 snakes have been killed in the everglades. a thousand licensed hunters spent weeks taking on this challenge. they're competing for thousands
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wildlife officials say cooler temperatures making things a little easier for hunters. f.w.c. says there could be tens of thousands of pythons out there. the hunt ends this week. guys, alarms should be going off in your head. sunday is valentine's day. >> and love is in the air. some aren't afraid to share that love in public. >> even if it means sharing their wedding, 350 couples spent the day getting married together in the philippines. mass weddings like this one have become popular in that country. they see it as a way for couples who can't afford a ceremony to tie the knot. it takes the pressure off everyone, no planning. >> and everyone is a beautiful bride that day, you know? >> that rehearsal dinner must have been a bear. ginger gadsden is joining us with what comes up at 5:30. >> still ahead, the state has
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but news 6 is digging deeper. find out why those grades might mean very little. >> plus, two people including a pregnant woman were killed in a freak accident. today their family and friends are talking about what happened. you are watching news 6, getting results. here's a live look over downtown orlando. this is a beautiful friday. don't you just love it when the weekend starts out this way? will it stay nice for your valentine's day? chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing your weekend. he is the man with the plan and
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>> grades are out for local schools and districts. >> now news 6 investigates and finds out the grades might not mean a whole lot this year. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm ginger gadsden. >> glad you're with us. i'm matt austin. first the warm-up is finally here. those of you who like the cold, don't worry, it won't be long. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is here with your pinpoint weather first at 5:30. how long is the warm-up going to last, tom?


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