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tv   News 6 at 5.30 pm  CBS  February 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> grades are out for local schools and districts. >> now news 6 investigates and finds out the grades might not mean a whole lot this year. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm ginger gadsden. >> glad you're with us. i'm matt austin. first the warm-up is finally here. those of you who like the cold, don't worry, it won't be long. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is here with your pinpoint weather first at 5:30. how long is the warm-up going to last, tom?
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>> until tonight. >> great. >> where do you want to be? >> right there. >> right there. >> daytona beach, of course you do. 72 degrees beach side. wind is from the west-southwest at 22. daytime highs today were awesome. 76 from sanford to orlando to 75 at the cape. right now, we're at 73 in orlando, 70's in the villages all the way up to gainesville. on-the-town forecast for tonight, it's good. it's going to be great out tonight. we'll fall in the 60's. down to 59 degrees by 11 p.m. tonight. and then the cool front comes through and tomorrow we won't be nearly as warm. coming up, we'll pinpoint the overnight lows for tonight and the daytime highs for tomorrow and look at your valentine's day forecast and the next big chance for rain. >> thank you, tom. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. >> state leaders released grades for public schools today. and the good news is all of the school districts in central
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>> that is good news. but news 6 found out the grades might not mean much at all. and it all has to do with the state's new standardized tests. news 6 reporter eric sandoval is getting answers on why the grades will not mean a whole lot. what have you been able to find out? >> we found out under state law, the grades need to be the result of two years of testing. the new standardized test has only been around one year. educators say they don't really mean much. educators throughout seminole county are trying to use that for their advantage. >> what could be the first time a school superintendent and group of parents against standardized testing may seem eye to eye about something. >> this year it's based on a flawed test and it does not include all the information we would normally see. >> cindy hamilton says she
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county public schools superintendent barbara jenkins who sent a note to principals this week saying not to brag on the schools's grades like they did today. >> tell me about my incredible drama teacher that stays here for a good percentage of the year on her own dime until 7:00 every night. tell me about the teachers that work overtime to produce a yearbook. >> some teachers with the seminole county school district, though, are not working any of that overtime right now. even though the schools like this one are getting good grades, some are choosing just to work during normal school hours. they're at an impasse with school leaders over contracts right now and they're hoping to drive home the point that they work more hours than they're paid for. hamilton says that is part of the point. she says the grades are a letter. when education should be more. >> we want to know what's really happening in our classrooms, not
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>> we checked all around central florida and we actually found some districts like lake county actually improved one letter grade. even they admit they know the formula. they know this year really isn't going to count that much and lake county among those says they're ready to tackle next year. we're live in winter springs tonight, eric sandoval, news 6. >> when are the next rounds of the fsa's? >> actually, i checked and this year's round of fsa's begin this morning, the writing portion. they're going to take the results of this year's fsa's, combine them with last year and next year by this time we may be talking about letter grades that may mean something. >> thank you, eric. to check out the breakdown of all the district school grades around the state, just head to powered by news 6 >> two people have died after a
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man free his truck. >> yeah, we've also learned one of the people killed was just five weeks away from giving birth. terrible story here. this happened late last night near palm coast and forest grove drive and palm harbor parkway just off i-95. loren korn is live in flagler county now with how the victim's family members are coping with that loss. >> obviously very distraught, just a terrible accident that happened last night. it happened right behind me, behind the road closed sign in the dirt. family and friends have been out here all day, giving flowers and paying respects. >> grieving family and friends placed flowers and said their goodbyes to 29-year-old kevin walsh and 22-year-old girl. >> state troopers say walsh
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a construction zone around 10:30 thursday night but got stuck in the dirt. walsh called some friends, including darby, to give them a hand. but say the truck still didn't budge. a construction worker at the site offered to help but was also unsuccessful. as the man began to leave, officials say he backed the truck over walsh and darby, killing them both. >> i can't imagine how this happened. i really can't. he did everything right. >> he and his wife says walsh used to work at their landscaping business before starting his own. >> one of our best workers ever, just ever. you can't imagine. loyalty, there every day whenever you needed him. >> the family declined to go on camera but wanted to share this picture of their daughter. as for the truck driver, he was taken to the hospital, complaining of chest pains. >> now, we learned darby's fiance was also at the scene when it happened. as far as the dump truck driver,
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facing any charges. >> such an awful story. thank you for the live report. >> orlando police say they arrested a man accused of murder. he's been on the run for months. he's now behind bars accused of killing devon littles back in august of last year. they say he broke into the home on lighthouse circle and since then they thought he was living in the timber scan area but were unable to find him. police credit the fugitive investigative unit with the arrest. >> deputies in polk county say they made a big pot bust while investigating another crime. they were looking into a report of a person stealing electricity. but when they went inside the barn, they found more than 100 marijuana plants in two grow rooms. they also found several pieces of equipment, including a drying screen with harvested marijuana buds on it. we're told a loaded shotgun was also found on the property. tampa electric says the suspect,
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more than $3,000 in electricity and deputies arrested a second suspect in this case. >> let's get a check on the roads now with julie broughton. how's it looking? >> we're seeing a busy friday afternoon drive. this is what it looks like for you right now. this is i-4 west of state road 434. those cars driving away from me, that's eastbound traffic. we're still talking about the shoulder there blocked because of an earlier crash. still slow in both directions through that area. that is in the altamonte area. we've also been watching slowdowns on the turnpike. it looks like it's reopened. previously an exit ramp was closed due to a crash on the turnpike southbound at the turkey lake crossing.
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>> thank you, julie. the warm temperatures, they are here. but they're not sticking around for very long. >> that's good news for people who are in the run for love this weekend. news 6 meteorologist candace campos is pinpointing your race forecast in winter park. >> our next stop for our valentine's-themed pinpoint forecast. getting ready for the run for love 5k bright and early tomorrow morning hosted by florida hospital. what better way to start your valentine's day weekend than burning off a few calories before you start eating all those chocolates on sunday. let's break down your forecast for right here for the run for love 5k. temperatures are starting off not too chilly, in the mid-50's. by 10 a.m., as the race and the run finish, about 10:00,
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finally creeping into the 60's. the good news is across the board, we should be staying nice and dry for the event, come saturday morning. our next stop, at lou gardens for folks who like love and music, coming up at 6:00. i'm candace campos, news 6. >> she has our attention. when we come back, find out why uber could be paying out millions in a class-action lawsuit. >> plus the spread of zika virus isn't showing any signs of slowing down right now. up next, see how florida's governor is taking the next step fighting the illness, right here in the sunshine state. >> and is 4g on your phone too
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sense. state police say that projectile was a manhole cover that somehow came loose. boston investigators say it somehow went flying through the air and through the windshield here and out the back of the car. it did a lot of damage and killed the driver. state police there say they're still trying to figure out how that heavy metal manhole cover got loose and then went airborne. i've never heard of such a thing. >> we're learning more about the cruise ship battered by a bad atlantic storm last week. >> part of the propulsion of the ship was damaged and had stopped working. the damaged part has been repaired but the coast guard has to give the go ahead after inspecting the ship this afternoon. crews had to spend the last few days repairing broken glass and doors and replacing deck chairs and china and they had to repair
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the storm. it was packing near hurricane-force winds. >> governor rick scott is taking another step toward battling the zika virus here in florida. we know this afternoon, two more cases have been found in the sunshine state including a new case in broward county and the first case has been reported in alachua county. venezuela is reporting some of the first deaths related to the virus. scientists say many people who have zika never see any symptoms but it can cause serious birth defects in pregnant women. >> for everything you need to know about zika, including more information about the new hotline, just head to our website at, powered by news 6. >> uber is looking to settle two class action lawsuits pretty quickly.
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cause the ride-share company $28.5 million. uber says the money is used to cover background checks on their drivers but the lawsuit says it's not true because uber didn't actually perform thorough background checks on the people behind the wheel. a judge still has to approve the deal, though. >> the next generation of cell phone coverage could be on the way. at&t says it's getting ready to conduct field trials on its new york 5g network. it hopes these are finished by the end of the year. verizon made a similar announcement last year. the cell phone carrier says 5 g stands for 5th generation and an upgrade to the current 4g lge network.
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some people find love on websites. >> smartphones can be changing how people find friends. a recent study of 200 college students found 73% of them ranked tinder as their favorite dating app. instead, they're using it to find friends. i'm using air quotes here. >> that's cute. >> the survey does not say what kind of friends these students are looking for, however. >> my daughters can't leave the house anymore. that's the end of it. >> they're in the basement. >> they're revamping their special k nourish line. it focuses on using healthier ingredients like quinoa and they're planning to add new
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like pop-tarts and root beer and orange crush soda flavors. news flash, not breakfast. >> you know what? i would maybe throw that one through some -- i would do some research on that orange crush pop-tart. >> america is turning on you. >> chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us now. what a day. it doesn't get any better than this. it's perfect. >> this was a 10. >> it was. >> 9.5 tomorrow? >> maybe so. >> okay. >> i have yet to determine the numbers. >> we're ahead of you. >> you're like influencing me. >> we're throwing poles out there for you. >> lobbying hard, my homeys here at the desk. overnight low this morning, 40 in orlando and 50 in the villages and 46 in ocala and 46 in daytona beach.
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this is why today was a 10. it was some kind of wonderful. >> just a beautiful, beautiful day overall. tonight there will be changes but they're not going to be severe, wild or wacky. temperatures are on the way down. we're holding at 73 degrees. it's almost 6:00. it's not going to be a bad temperature reading the next time we talk, either. >> wind speeds tonight, still up there. none of that 25 to 30-mile-an-hour stuff except here on the coast. notice it's all from the west or the southwest throughout the day. we got really, really warm. satellite and radar together here showing you the location of our frontal boundary on the way to push on through in the next 24 hours. this is what it looks like on the water vapor. the front is here, ready to slide through during the night
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when it does, it's going to change everything as far as the temperature is concerned and not change hardly anything as far as the amount of sunshine you get. during the weekend, here's what happens. we've warmed up during the day but tonight the frontal boundary comes right through and the chilly air comes back. it will not be downright cold. as a matter of fact, overnight lows tonight are fine, only in the 50's. watch what happens with the cloud cover. tonight by 11:00, increased cloud cover. futurecast keeps trying to squeeze out rain but i don't believe rain comes through. i really think it comes through dry. during the day tomorrow when you wake up, i believe it's all good. loads of sunshine. futurecast always like to throw more rain in there than we get when rain is coming from the east. for lows tonight, i'm going 52 in daytona beach and 50 in sanford and 50 in oviedo. in marion county tonight, 48 in ocala. titusville, you drop to 52. in orlando, 52.
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here's tomorrow. >> 56 degrees at 8 a.m. by noon, 60. the daytime high is 68 degrees tomorrow. so not 76 but 68, isn't shabby. overnight low tomorrow night, 45. valentine's sunday, 66. back to work on monday, daytime high is 74 with a pretty good chance for rain on monday evening. >> we have to soak this in, tom. that looks fantastic. >> before you know it, the daytime highs will be back to 90. >> thank you. >> if you're on the road and can't check your news 6 weather app, you can now get updates through one of our three radio partners all day long. chief meteorologist tom sorrells and meteorologist troy bridges are pinpointing your weather on 105.9 sunny fm, 101.9 amp radio, and mix 105.1. >> well, coming up next, an emotional day for one man who says his service dog has been missing for more than a month. >> then ahead at 6:00, donald trump is rallying supporters in florida tonight. we're live at his campaign event
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>> we're getting results for maitland, cape canaveral and all of central florida on this beautiful friday evening on news 6 at 5:30 and the news 6 app. we'll be right back. >> remember, news 6 is always on
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>> here's a live look outside from our fdot camera. this is i-4 just west of state road 436. you can see a lot of cars out there in both directions, but the good news is it looks like everything is moving along pretty nicely on this friday evening. >> well, a tennessee man is behind bars tonight after a rather unusual crime. >> police say he relieved himself on the floor of a wal-mart trying to hide a package of trout in his pants. >> why? >> i don't know how the two go together but they tell me to read these things. 56-year-old david wiley is facing a bunch of charges. investigators say he wasn't worried about the charges because they were just misdemeanors. a worker said he was trying to behind $130 worth of stuff in his pants.
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>> what do president obama, bill gates and brad pitt have in common? >> they all met their significant others at work. a rein a recent valentine's day survey says one-third of workers had a romance in their career. the survey reported 5% of workers say they left a job because their office romance went terribly wrong. >> news 6 does not condone office romances, either. >> a very special reunion for a man and his service dog. >> kevin young is a quadriplegic who lives in new smyrna beach. his dog ran away from home. he's been wandering the streets in holly hill for the past month. young posted a facebook message
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it went viral and caught the attention of holly hill police and city employees spotted the dog after a half-hour chase, they caught him. they took him to the groomer and young got his buddy back. >> that's awesome. apparently he has some glasses, too. that's pretty cute. this is now in new smyrna beach. they have come back together. >> love that story. >> there's some great people out there in holly hill. >> he was probably nervous. you know? >> i'm sure. >> and probably looking for his owner. >> speaking of meeting your man at work, you met your husband at work, didn't you? >> i did, a long, long time ago. >> that worked out well. >> so it can work. >> that was -- i have to do the math -- 15 years ago. >> oh, my gosh. was that even legal. >> he proposed on the day after valentine's day. >> she was only 3 years old. >> right. >> lisa bell is here with what we're working on for the news at 6:00. >> the i-4 ultimate project is going to take years and lots of people to complete and women are helping to complete the project.
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women of the big drive. and we're learning more about what happened outside a central florida nightclub when gunfire erupted.
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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> now at 6:00, a fight breaks out. 10 people are shot. two killed. one more arrested. tonight a central florida nightclub is closing its doors. >> first, though, the g.o.p. tonight. a rally for donald trump. right now, thousands of people are getting ready to cheer on trump. this is news 6 at 6:00. i'm matt austin. >> i'm lisa bell. his visit comes just one month ahead of the florida primary and in an hour he'll talk with his supporters. news 6 reporter sachelle saunders is joining us live outside where trump will speak at the usf sun dome in tampa tonight. not everyone is thrilled about


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