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tv   News 6 at 11pm  CBS  February 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> reporter: live, getting results, this is news 6 at 11:00 >> tom: breaking no further questions gridlock on 95 near i have era, troopers say two cars collided. here's a look at one of the cars just crushed on its side. we're hearing at least one person was seriously hurt, we'll bring you any updates during this newscast. also developing tonight, the trump stump. the front-runner in florida and taking shots at former governor jeb bush. good evening, i'm matt austin. >> lisa: and i'm lisa bell. sashelle has more. >> reporter: you know, donald
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works, he knows his base, and he sticks to his message, and his message usually includes a few insults at others. >> jeb. he's asleep. he's asleep at the wheel, folks. >> reporter: it didn't take long before trump started firing at his opponent. >> he's a gutless guy. he's got a vicious streak. he's taking ads $20 million worth of negative ads. what the hell i did do to him? >> reporter: it's that frank shoot it from the hip style that brought thousands out to see trump at tampa's sun dome. so, hundreds were turned from the door. >> it as impressive how many enthusiasm he has garnered. >> reporter: on the other side, dozens of angry protestors who >> donald trump represents everything that's wrong with this country. crass materialism, racism, sexism. job.
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wall! who? >> reporter: supporters say he's energizing, confirming their support of his ideals it. >> really did validate seeing live. it was an experience. truly an experience. >> reporter: but trump couldn't sway some undecided republicans who feel he's tearing apart the party. >> this isn't southern, this isn't northern, it's isn't american, it's not even republican. this is an extreme 5% of the party that's angry, it's mad at the situation we have in the government and it's taking out in the wrong ways. >> reporter: hundreds of people were turned from the door, but that was after they paid $20 for parking. despite them being out of that cash, and not being able to see trump, many were still smiling, still happy because they said there were so people supporting trump.
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had a little bit more momentum. >> lisa: jeb bush didn't hold back punches today either. campaigning in south carolina, bush criticized trump's demeanor, which he compared to bullying. >> he also pushes people down to make himself look better. he pushes down women to make himself feel like he's strong. he pushes down hispanics. i have no idea why he feels compelled to do that. >> lisa: bush and marco rubio also spent part of the day at a family and faith conference in south carolina. rubio told the audience he does not think the u.s. needs a draft anymore and does not agree with drafting women. you can hear from all the gop candidates tomorrow night on noig. cbs news is hosting the next republican debate in south carolina. it starts at 9:00. >> anchor: just n. our first look at an escaped inmate tracked down after weeks on the run. this is gary bullock's new mug shot from kentucky.
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girlfriend natasha quigley earlier today. detectives say bullock vanished from his work release program three weeks ago with quigley and her 3-year-old son. the boy was also found safe. new tonight, a show of support for the family of a teen killed in an accidental shooting. tonight his friends gathered to remember the 13-year-old and raise money in his memory. jennifer ortega is leave in ococee. >> reporter: yes, a lot of his friends and teammates were out here earlier holding back those tears, remembering lavardo fisher just three days after he passed away. >> he was like funny, he was, always happy. he was our best friend. >> he always had a smile. o his face, no matter what. >> reporter: people in the ococee bulldog football community mourning the loss of 13-year-old lavardo fisher. he was accidentally shot by a
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craig craford was shocked when he found out what happened. >> it was hard to get a grip on, hard to grasp. because the bulldogs are like one big family. >> reporter: degrees say lavardo was at a relative's house with two other teens when one found a gun in the bedroom and started playing with it. while the teen was holding the gun, he got on a hoverboard, lost his balance and accidentally shot lavardo. investigators say the gun belonged to walter mirame, a convicted felon. he was arrested shortly after the shooting. >> i love my neveee. >> reporter: back on the field, the community came out to donate to lavardo's family. his friends tell us they'll always remember his upbeat personality. >> we used to crack on each other, make funny jokes. >> track season is coming up, so i didn't have any classes with
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we'll dedicate the season to him. >> reporter: organizers tell me they are going to retire lavardo's jersey, number 21, from all football teams starting next season. jennifer ortega, news 6. >> anchor: tonight noig investigates a local mechanic some say has cost them thousands. >> lisa: we found victim after victim who say they lost a lot of money to the same man. investigator luis golden asked the state if it is doing enough to protect consumers. >> reporter: florida does in the have a state certification for mechanics, so you can literally go online, fill out this application, pay the hundred bucks and consider yourself a registered mechanic. but some people we spoke to say you should be very careful who you allow under your hood. l &m mobile mechanics has no problem advertising on social media. in fact, it was on the company's facebook page where david says
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volkswagen completely dismantled. >> i'm out a $7,000 car. he vandalized it to the point it's totaled. >> reporter: he says also owner was supposed to charge $85 to fix a raid rater hose. but then texted him this picture saying he had taken the car apart and it would be $800 to put it back together. when they refused, they say it took months to get the car back, and eventually had to have it towed from the shop in orlando to their home in tampa, where it has sat satin operable for months. >> he should go to jail. he should go to jail for what he's doing to -- especially because he's doing this to college kids. >> reporter: 19-year-old david may found him on google and says he paid him over $6500 to fix his ford f250. he too had to have his truck towed away after he says it was never repaired. >> i think he's a scam. i think he's just looking for >> reporter: in florida, mechanics are registered and
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agriculture and consumer services. the state investigated him in 2013, and in july of 2015, after a noig investigation. both cases were closed. because, quote -- they couldn't find proof the company was open and operating. two months later, may says he ripped him off for thousands. is the department doing enough to protect consumers? >> i believe we are. last year we took more than 600 actions against motor vehicle repair companies in florida. and recovered nearly 200,000 dollars for consumers. >> reporter: there have been numerous complaints filed, but no action taken against him. do you feel any responsibility to those people? >> you know, again, my heart goes out to those consumers. >> reporter: do you think the state doing enough? >> absolutely not. this is criminal. it's criminal. he should be shut down at the least. >> reporter: we tried on multiple occasions to contact matrenga.
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the state says they'll have to have more victims, new victims to come forward before they will investigate him again. matt and lisa. >> lisa: you wonder how many more they will need. louis golden, thank you. >> anchor: that story will make your blood boil. >> lisa: now to a labor of love. it took the nation by storm. >> anchor: this proms held all across the country to bring joy to the lives of people with special needs. an effort put together by volunteers including one we are all familiar with, florida gators legend tim tebow. sean hit the -- shaun chaiyabhat hit the red carpet for a night to shine. >> reporter: a familiar song and dance from the corsage to the red carpet entrance, prom memories we all share. the only thing different at this prom all 200 guests are kings and queens. >> it's amazing.
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>> reporter: 17-year-old sid might never go to his prom but tonight he's a star. >> have fun. >> reporter: are you a good dancer? >> yes. >> reporter: i'm not a good dancer. you're better than i am. >> yes, i am. >> reporter: at 200 churches around the world, it's one night to shine. thanks in part to the tim tebow foundation. >> i hope you are having the best night! >> can't put it in words. she always wanted to go to prom. >> reporter: when torry's mom heard about it, she rushed to get a dress and make alterations, all in just a few days. >> it's all about them tonight. and about no one else but them. i have a special needs daughter myself, and just to see what this does for everybody that's here, it's incredible. >> reporter: as a dad, pastor justin miller knows how hard it can be. that's why tonight it's also for parents, for dads taking it day by day and for moms who scramble to make nights like this happen. >> it's just amazing. i really appreciate all those involved.
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their kids be happy. and just shake it off. at real life church in clairmont, shaun chaiyabhat, noig. >> lisa: what an incredible story. tying see the joy on their faces. pretty good stuff. >> lisa: i can guarantee you they're much better chancers than shaun chaiyabhat. >> anchor: tonight a bizarre ending in the search for a missing man. >> lisa: found after 30 years, how the missing man himself helped crack his own case. >> anchor: plus a florida mayor takes the law into his own hands. wait until you see why he confronted a fedex driver and take taped the whole thing. >> tom: here comes a cold front. it's right there, i'll be back to pinpoint exactly when it rolls through here, and what it all means temperaturewise to your valentines weekend. >> lisa: first, looking for true love. built in part on a love of disney. it is called mouse mingle, how
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to help people find their micky
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local >> reporter: live with matt austin, lisa bell, chief meteorologist tom sorrells, and sports with pink. this is noig. >> matt: the saying goes there's someone out there for everyone. the tramp got the lady, even the beast found his beauty. >> lisa: and finding your match isn't always simple, but now for
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disney park. noig's candace campos explains. >> reporter: there seems to be dating sites for just about everyone. you've got christian mingle, and even farmers but there's one new dating site that caters to a particular kind of central floridan looking for their happily of after. >> when you is the my favorite character i'll probably do a top 10 list. >> reporter: she first visited disney world 16 years ago. >> i cried when i left. >> reporter: and it's that reason 10 years later she decided to call orlando her home. >> i have to move down here because then i can be a florida resident and i going all the time. >> reporter: because walt disney world holds such a special place in her heart. >> there's so much more to it than just a little park. >> reporter: she's looking for that same kind of magic in a relationship. >> someone that knows it's more than just a place. it's more than just a theme park. there's history, all the little back stories. >> reporter: it's that kind of
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that the founder says is the reason he started the site for disney die-hards. >> i had been on a lot of other dating sites, and none of them had a check box that said "i have an annual pass" or "i like going to disneyland." >> reporter: since its launch december 1st, thousands of mousketeers sign up every week. >> there's a shocking number of people that are across the world. >> reporter: that's exactly why beatrice says she signed up for mouse mingle. in hopes of finding her prince charming. even though her friends disagreed. >> they were like, you're kind after disney freak. maybe we should help you find a normal person. >> reporter: and mouse mingle might not be the answer. but if you're looking for true love, you first have to fill out a questionnaire. >> one of my favorite ones is, what type of pet person are you? are you a chesh ire cat person, are you a yago person who likes birds.
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have an annual expas other non-disney questions. but of course the character ones are beatrice's favorites. >> my personality was most like tinkerbell, so it was like the little pixie, all cute and feisty, but watch out. >> reporter: do you find yourself getting giddy about it? >> it feels like high school all over again. >> reporter: she she's she hasn't found her prince charming just yet, but in case you're taking notes, she definitely has a type. >> my weakness is probably guys from the gym. that's my -- >> reporter: if you're watching us at home. however her story ends -- >> never lose sight with the fact it all started with a mouse. >> lisa: if our mouseketeer, the price for membership is $12.55 a month and even the price has special meaning to fans. the 55 is an honor of disneyland's opening year. >> matt: if you don't get it like us, just forget about it. they don't want you anyway. >> tom: you're a nerd, you don't
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>> matt: it's not going to work. >> lisa: tom sorrells is joining us now. this weather has been beautiful. >> tom: how did you not find your soul mate with weather like this. we're going to cool it down just in time for valentine's day. not cold. cuddle alerts don't come out -- >> matt: you don't need an excuse to cuddle. >> tom: you're such a romantic. radar tonight is dry. that's good, because a cold front is lingering just to our north. normally a cold front is coming in i'm like oh, my gosh, look at the rain. not tonight. tonight's cold front is cool, not going to do a lot. by this time of the evening we don't normally stress what the high was, but we may get all the way back to 76 degrees today for the daytime high in orlando, 77 in sanford, that's awesome considering earlier, one night ago we were down to 35. we've done the turnaround really rapidly, and we did it without blowing anything up, no big thunderstorms.
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in lan toe it's 53 degrees, medical borne 59, a nice shot of the eye there in the distance. beautiful night, you can see long way. temperature readings right now, still 55 in the villages, we have 60 in lease berg, and 59 from daytona beach to palm coast and melbourne were you at 59 degrees. winds are way down from what they were earlier in the week as well, that has been part of the deal today. still really breezy over in bush county, but now everyone has it calm or five to 10 mile-per-hour wind. so it's all good. big ridge of high pressure was in control so we warmed up nicely today, our cold front was here and slides on in now. you seat dry air check out and the cold front gradually rolling all the way into the state of florida. there's the leading edge, and has crossed the state line. during the day today we warmed up, during the night the front comes through.
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morning, tomorrow morning, it will be a little cooler, but it won't be cold. the dryer air is going to stick around trout the weekend. this is what we have at 5:00 a.m. any moisture associated with it is going south, and throughout day tomorrow, sun beams should be a great day. on sunday, onshore flow coming in from the east will bring in a little more moisture, i think it's mostly monumenthumidity. i don't see any big rain coming. i think you have to wait until monday evening to get the rain. temperatures tonight, 50, 50 in sanford, 48 ocala, 50 in the villages and 52 for you in titusville, in orlando also 52. nice night. here's tomorrow. >> your forecast brought to you by dell air heating and air conditioning. >> tom: by lunchtime tomorrow back to 60, daytime highs, 68. today we were up to 76, tomorrow, only 68. but it's not bad.
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valentine's day on sunday, cool, 65, and there's the rain coming back in late monday, a high of 74, have a great weekend, gang. i'll see you back here on monday. sleep tight, neighbors. >> lisa: thank you, tom. a fidgety baby surprises his soon-to-be parents during an ultrasound. >> matt: this story is kind of weird. what he did that even caught him off guard. plus a missing man cracks his own 30-year-old cold case. hear how he did it in two minutes. here are tonight's winning lottery numbers. cash three 997, 5305, fantasy 5, 33, and 21. lucky money, 33, 45, 25, 47, and that lucky ball is one. and here are your megamillions. 68, 44, 1, 7, 73, and the megaball is 1. hope you got all that.
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>> lisa: a 30-year-old missing persons case is now solved. police say the man forgot his true identity and just recently remembered who he is. so this is the missing persons poster that circulated 30 years ago. that's when 21-year-old edgar latulip disappeared. the report notes a developmental delay. police in canada say they have had several sightings over the years but never found him until january of this year, when latulip told a social worker herememberred his name.
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injury, shortly after arriving in st. catherines, so effectively he forgot who he was. >> lisa: today police say a dna test confirmed he is edgar latulip. his mom says she's absolutely overwhelmed by the news. >> matt: a florida mayor is taking on the role of enforcer. he confronted a delivery driver after he double parked on a city street and caught the whole thing on his cell phone. >> the reason why you have your fedex truck parked in the middle of the road? explain to me again? [indiscernible] >> matt: miami beach mayor philip levine posted the video on yiewbtd. the driver told him he had to deliver a package but the explanation wasn't good enough-to- the mayor got the license plate, the driver was later ticketed by police. a fedex spokesperson issued a statement saying in part they take these matters very seriously and will address it with those involved. bad luck running across the mayor.
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lot of attention, and we're not talking about the doritos commercial. >> lisa: this one shows an unborn baby hitting himself. watch as edward james watson punches himself in the face. the hit is so hard, he's knocked backwards. mom says she couldn't believe her eyes. the baby is perfectly healthy. the video was posted online to show family and friends and has been viewed by people around the world. >> matt: he's going to have a black eye, ping. >> david: i'm not laughing, the commercial just looked like that picture. it's photo shop, i'm that cynical guy. we're going old school, back to 2007 with shaq daddy, shaq diesel, whatever you want to call him, he's making news in
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>> david: it's friday! magic has time to get things together. whet grammys here on noig monday night. 8:00 it starts. i think rebecca black, that song that's been gone viral a few years ago, it's friday, friday that should be the grammys. love that song. so the magic get another week off of rest as the all-star break is in high gear. the game is set for sunday night in toronto the slam dunk contest is tomorrow night with magic
11:30 pm
as for the team it's been a rough go of lately, they've lost 18-21 games. the gm needs to be proactive and make a trade. i think he deals harris, and championing frye. i'm on record guaranteeing it. not those two but a trade. so with that said despite a bad running game, hey, i still believe in the magic. why not tommy. believe in the magic! they're still on the hunt for the playoffs. i do have a feeling my good buddy gene similar smons off the bandwagon, are you? he's off. gene, have a great weekend. i know you're going out to los angeles for the weekend, rising stars challenge in toronto tonight, first and second your players, mario, way out. 19 points, played 16 minutes, zero points, three assists, usa wins 157 the world team, 154. no defense. but the all-star break here, i
11:31 pm
cliche of the night, this year's all-star cliche goes to aaron gordon, it may be recent but man, it's the best. >> it's time for mat ick cliche of the night. >> we're moving in the right direction. >> wow. another rivetting magic cliche of the night. >> david: in 1992 mat ick made shaquille o'neal the first overall pick in the nash, leading the team to the finals in '95, in '96 he ticked off the magic and the fans for los angeles. both have forglif expwren forgotten. today he was named a finalist for induction into the basketball hall of fame. he's done incredible things off the court living here since he was drafted. i got to know shaq when i came here, nine years ago. this summer. in fact, he was one of the first ever central florida q and a craze participants. enjoy. >> best thing about being tall, not because you're a basketball player, though. >> all the girls look at me first. >> david: best player in the nba
11:32 pm
>> probably d-wade. >> david: sitting on a beach or by a pool? >> pool. >> david: you don't like the saltwater? >> you didn't say what type of pool. being that i'm a gentleman, i'm going with the gentleman pool. you know what i'm talking about. >> david: best thing about being a deputy. >> i get to run your license plates. >> david: who played ping-pong shaq. how do you feel? >> i feel good. >> david: that was like nine years ago. what a sight. finally sprint cup racing, the first practice of the year in daytona tomorrow night, the sprint unlimited race, the 500 is a week from sunday. the 14-car normally driven by tony stewart, brian vickers will
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