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tv   News 6 at 5.30 pm  CBS  February 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> searching for thieves, caught on camera. right next to a police station. >> what burglars stole after
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thank you for joining us tonight. i'm matt austin. >> and i'm ginger gadsden. we're going to get to that story and surveillance video for you in just a moment. but first, an all around beautiful day after this morning's fog burned off. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is here with your pinpoint weather first at 5:30. everybody is loving this weather. >> we promised you a 10. >> yeah, we got it. >> we delivered. >> you never know. >> some people say it's coming and we told you. the water vapor looks good. it's dark out there. the dark color means dry air aloft. what it means for you is a clear sky tonight and tomorrow. as long as the dry air stays in place we really have living easy. we have no radar echoes to track and we're not going to for days on end. what we do have is beautiful weather. we had a daytime high today of 76 degrees in sanford. we tagged 71 in daytona beach where everyone is getting ready for the big race weekend. we hit 74 in leesburg and 73 in
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beautiful out at o.i.a. do you have on the town plans for tonight? 8:00, still perfect. 63 degrees at 8 p.m. 9:00, 61. come the 11:00 hour, we're down to 58. we will keep dropping. i'll be back to pinpoint your overnight lows and look ahead to the weekend and check out the next chance for stormy weather. see you in a few. >> thank you, tom. >> if you're on the road and app, you can now get updates through one of our three radio chief meteorologist tom sorrells are pinpointing your weather on 105.9 sunny fm, 101.9 amp radio, and mix 105.1. >> new at 5:30, we're learning more about a bold break-in at a repair shop in lake county in front of the cameras and down the road from the police station. >> they took two motorcycles and tonight the owner is so bad, he's posting this all over facebook. we're helping him out, too. this happened at the elite power sports store in eustis on bay road, just two blocks away from the police department. news 6's erik von ancken is trying to get him some results tonight. places like this are usually locked down pretty well.
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>> this one was, matt. first, though, through that gate and then through this garage. you see this board here. it's actually covering a hole big enough for somebody to crawl through. somebody did crawl through that and this is how they broke in. >> i don't know what to make of it. how do you not hear a metal hammer going -- that's my finger for an hour and a half. imagine a metal hammer going against that. >> the owner's business partner says the way the burglar got in, it should have woke up everyone around, including eustis police at the police department up the street. >> surveillance cameras caught the thieves inspecting the door, deciding how to break through it. eventually they noticed the camera and used a broom to knock it over, but not before, look, one gets close enough to reveal his face. the beard and the tattoos and
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the owner of elite power sports posted the video on facebook, hoping to get results and get his bikes back. together these are worth $3,000. he was holding them here at a shop on scene -- consignment. he has to work harder to get things done to pay his bills. >> he's always a hard-working man. always busy. >> customers also tell us the owner pours his heart and soul into this business. the reason he's not here today is because he tells me he's installng a starter motor to make up some of the cash he's lost from this break-in and the one last month. >> the first one they went through that window or tried to go through that window and got stuck in the window. >> stuck? >> stuck in the window. >> well, eventually and unfortunately they did get in through that other door. they vandalized an atv and the owner has since boarded up the window where the guys got stuck.
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enough to leave that close-up glamour shot there. what about in this latest case? any leads in that? >> i checked with police and when you described how close that police department is, you weren't kidding. it is really over that fence there. i can see it two blocks away. they tell me they have leads on possible suspects. that's all they would say. it's an open and ongoing investigation. soon. eustis. thank you. >> a college party turned deadly at bethune-cookman university. a student was shot and killed. >> now the school is honoring his memory and also addressing a recent string of similar incidents near that campus. loren korn joins us from daytona beach where the changes the school says it's planning to make. >> students and faculty wore white ribbons today as a sign of peace. the school is working on ways to keep their students safe both on
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>> from gospel music to prayers. bethune-cookman university delivered a strong message in today's memorial service. >> we are understand what the odds are and the challenges. >> this, as they honored the 23-year-old and prayed for the two other students wounded in saturday night's shooting. at the indigo lakes country club. >> still going, staying strong. it's just very hard. one minute you're with somebody and the next minute they're gone. >> because the students are victims of the shootings, bethune-cookman university wants students to have parties on campus and will also regulate who will be able to attend. >> if you're not involved in bethune-cookman university, you cannot come on campus. >> some students say that's a good idea. >> this is the first tragedy i've experienced.
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resolve doing it, keeping it on campus. >> the school says while plans are not finalized yet, they'll continue doing their best to keep students safe. >> we're saddened but serious. precious life. >> in daytona beach, loren korn, news 6. >> now, this latest shooting marks the 13th involving bcu students, including one in september where two students were killed and another lost his eye when a man opened fire on them inside the carolina club apartments. >> breaking right now at 5:30 -- >> all lanes of i-4 westbound are blocked because of a serious crash near world drive. f.h.p. is rerouting drivers off at exit 62. you can see how serious that crash is right there. scene. julie broughton joins us now with a look at all the back-ups this is causing. >> i've got the same shot up for you again. this is sky 6 over that crash. this is i-4 westbound. you can see a serious crash.
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this happened about 15, 20 minutes ago. so we are talking about traffic backed up. again, drivers are being routed and rerouted and told to get off at world drive there. this is a different perspective for us again, showing the crash involving the vehicles. firefighters there on scene working on the situation with all lanes blocked. also talking about a slow go eastbound. the camera just dropped out on us. but a slow go eastbound as well because of this. where you see the areas of red, it shows us where traffic is again backed up at this point past u.s. 192. a very slow go. if you're heading out in this area, you will be routed off at world drive. now, the drive times for you, elsewhere we're in pretty good shape today. i-4 westbound, lake mary boulevard, down to colonial, you have a yellow light. it takes you 22 minutes. i-4 eastbound from the turnpike to state road 408, that is slow right now.
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state road 417 northbound boggy creek road to colonial takes 24 minutes. all lanes of i-4 westbound blocked at world drive. >> thank you, julie. >> orange county deputies arrested the guy accused of shooting an employee while robbing the gators dock side on john young parkway. >> it took investigators hours to piece together the crime scene inside the restaurant. we're told the suspect, 23-year-old craig carrie, forced his way in an office and demanded cash. the assistant manager who was inside the office got shot in the shoulder, once near his rib cage. the employee was actually cooperating with the request before he got shot. this all happened while customers were inside the restaurant. the manager says he can't believe this. >> pretty brazen in my opinion that it happened while guests and employees were inside. we're shocked it happened. just was praying that everybody was okay. >> at this point, we know there are several surveillance cameras
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we're working to get that video right now in fact. >> orlando police make a drug bust during a traffic stop in front of an elementary school. this guy right here, antonio johnson was pulled over in front of washington shores elementary yesterday. when he got out of the car, police say he pushed an officer and was arrested for battery on law enforcement. then as investigators searched his car, they found about a half a pound of pot, right there in his back seat, along with $1300 in cash. >> we're just days away from the daytona 500 at the newly finished daytona international speedway. >> we could not ask for any better weather so far this weekend. meteorologist candace campos joins us live from the speedway. >> speed week, well underway. it looks like it's just gorgeous out there. perfect racing weather. >> perfect, perfect racing weather. i love it. yeah, it is loud out here.
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here at daytona international speedway when the cars were actually on the tracks. and, yes, they're very loud. temperatures, though, for the next couple of days are going to look spectacular. so if you're coming out here enjoying the weather and enjoying some racing, let's pinpoint your forecast right down to speedway level. it's very loud. i can barely hear myself. temperatures are going to be in the mid-60's. we're forecasting for saturday for this. you can see temperatures about 66 degrees or so by 10 a.m. throughout the overnight, temperatures by 6, 8, even 10:00, only cooling down into the low 60's. it will be a very nice, mild evening. the good news is the weather is going to stay nice and dry and plenty of sunshine with nice, clear skies. >> the sound is putting us there with you. >> we're so jealous right now. >> just tell me, does it smell like a mix of exhaust and barbecue? are you getting that? >> a little bit. >> a little mix of it? all right. it will get more throughout the day.
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car companies are constantly revealing new texts for their latest models. when we come back, we take you inside the unique approach taken by one carmaker. plus we just met the brevard county couple who became florida's newest millionaires. now we're taking you to the neighborhood where they and their neighbors are in shock. >> then two of the largest phone manufacturers are upping the ante. see what samsung has in store to try to one up apple.
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>> just a few weeks ago, we all had a ticket and a prayer. powerball fans snatching up tickets for the $1.5 billion lottery drawing. shortly after that, we found out one of the winning tickets was bought right here in central florida. >> then we learned it wasn't one of us. still, we had no idea who the lucky winners were until today. >> we didn't believe it.
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going online and rechecking and rechecking. >> then they announced the publix, in melbourne beach. we said uh-oh. >> uh-oh is right. >> david and maureen smith are florida's newest millionaires. but they did not tell anyone, i mean a single soul until last week. they didn't even tell people at the store where they bought the ticket. they didn't say a peep to their neighbors. news 6 reporter amanda castro joins us now from brevard county. >> the big powerball jackpot winner say they shop at this publix all the time. in fact, it's seven miles down the road from where they live in melbourne beach. some neighbors say they had their suspicions while others are completely shocked to find out they're now living next door to new multi-millionaires. >> this is something that doesn't happen to many people. >> but bill can say it happened to their neighbors.
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who bought their ticket at this publix in melbourne beach a month ago. >> it was a big deal for melbourne beach obviously and to happen right here, it's amazing. >> some neighbors tell news 6 they had their suspicions and thought david and maureen were hiding a multi-million dollar secret. >> i said hi to them in the yards and they were taking walks like they normally do. other than that, i haven't seen any change in them. >> they're hoping their luck will rub off on them. >> it gives me hope. >> as for bill, he's not sure if he'll be neighbors with the powerball jackpot winners for very much longer. >> i'm sure they're going to probably move someplace else, but you never know. >> all right.
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the lump sum payment of $327 million before taxes. >> big dream. >> i know. but i want to be their friend. coming up at 6:00, hear more from the couple on what they plan to do with all that money. >> they're planning to stay in the neighborhood. >> coming up tonight at 11:00, stranded on the side of the road. you call for a tow truck but what happens when that tow truck damages your car. one woman says that's exactly what happened to her. >> the car scraped going down right out of the parking lot. i told them, i believe the car has scrapes. he said, no ma'am. there's something on the truck. i said you're tearing up my truck. he said, no, ma'am, your truck will be fine. >> hear the warning and the steps to make sure this doesn't happen to you, coming up tonight at 11:00. >> nissan is showing off a whole new set of tech today. >> oh, my gosh. have you seen this thing? not on a test track. in their office.
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from the automaker shows off their self-driving car technology with a chair or chairs that can park themselves. the chairs respond to hand clapping kind of like the -- yeah. and can return themselves to the fixed position when the meeting wraps up. i saw this and i thought, is this like something from the onion or paranormal activity? >> or from dr. evil and it goes into a pit. >> it would be handy to do that after a meeting. after a meeting, people just scattered and the chairs are everywhere. >> nissan is not the only company revealing new gadgets today. samsung is really upping its game, taking on apple here even more. the all new galaxy s 7 and the edge are supposed to be water resistant. according to the company, the new phones will have wireless charging capabilities out of the box. samsung is expected to
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phones next week. >> no. >> why are you saying no? >> did you just get the s -- >> my phone died monday. >> what do you have now? >> that one's on the way. the new 6 is on the way. >> water resistant and wireless charging. >> tom, you know the technology is updated by the hour. >> if i had heard the story yesterday, i would have waited a week to get that. >> then they'll announce something else. >> not for another year. >> and the one you bought will be cheaper. >> no, it's not. >> look at the radar tonight. we're dry on radar. no worries there. we have nothing to track. here's the deal. we did all right today. now they're saying the daytime high has been pushed to 75. it's 1 degree above the normal average of 74. it's 75 for the daytime high, beating the average by 1. i love showing off this shot.
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that. joe's crab shack, sun setting low, it's all good. winds from the northeast at 7. in orlando, 74. melbourne, 68. in ocala tonight you're also at 68 degrees. just above you in gainesville. 71. palm coast, 74. a bunch of 74's across the central part of the viewing area. we're going to sit like this for a few days. which is all good. what you're seeing now is the water vapor loop. when you're trying to interpret this, the bright white and blues, that's all the moisture. the dark colors, the oranges and rust color, that's the dry air. another big patch of dry air swinging our way over the gulf at 30,000 feet, getting ready to provide you clear skies tonight and clear skies through the day tomorrow as well. this is what satellite and radar will look like tomorrow at noon. it will be a few clouds out here over the atlantic. but nothing of any significant note.
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wind shifts direction around on friday to an onshore flow. we build up a little more cloud cover. but this always looks like it's going to try to rain whenever we get an onshore flow. i don't see that happening on friday. i don't believe we see rain until next tuesday. overnight low tonight, 43 for you in ocala. 46 in the villages. going to call it 49 tonight in sanford. the overnight low in orlando will drop to 50. wind will be from the west 5 to 10 miles per hour, keeping the fog from becoming such an issue. the sky will be mostly clear. here's tomorrow. >> first thing tomorrow morning, 53 degrees. by noon, 68. daytime high tomorrow, 72 with loads of sunshine. friday, sunny, and 71. saturday and sunday both look amazing like book end days for your weekend. sunshine, dry, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, 74. >> i love it. >> love it.
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>> all right. we want to take you back out to this scene. it's a live look over sky 6 and a crash on i-4.
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down on i-4 westbound at world drive. it's a nasty crash out there. >> terrible. >> emergency crews are rerouting drivers on to world drive to get around all this. of course, we're keeping a close eye on this. we'll bring you the latest on this crash coming up at 6:00. but right now, you can see the back-up just goes on and on for miles. it is getting to be the height of rush hour right now. just a bad scene all around. >> well, today is national random acts of kindness day. while some people go around giving out hugs or handing out flowers, matt's still waiting -- someone took out a different approach. >> they're handing out a tickets. take a look. >> today we're doing random acts of kindness in kissimmee. today instead of traffic tickets, we're giving out
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>> these are two or three tickets to medieval times, all for not blocking the intersection. >> that's really nice. those aren't cheap, either. >> yeah, yeah. >> those are expensive tickets. >> i had no idea that today was random act of kindness day. >> lisa bell is here with what we're working on for the news at 6:00. >> if you plan on renting soon in orlando, you might want to think twice. how much a one bedroom is now going for. >> and we're learning more about the night an elderly man was killed inside his taft home. what court documents reveal about the man now charged with his murder. >> and the desperate search for baby willow continues. detectives haul away two dumpsters in their investigation.
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>> now at 6:00, new details about the stabbing death of an elderly man inside his own home. what documents reveal about his murder. >> first, though, dumpsters hauled away as police continue to search for a missing newborn. investigators say they want to take a closer look inside the dumpsters. this is news 6 at 6:00. i'm matt austin. >> i'm lisa bell. orlando police say they are still holding out hope that baby willow is alive. her mom, 30-year-old susan richardson, made her first appearance from jail this afternoon on charges of child neglect and desertion. she appeared groggy and at one point the judge had to ask if she's away. >> eric sandoval spent the day with searchers. you've been talking to investigators about those dumpsters. what are they telling you? >> well, you know, within the last few hours, we've actually watched orlando police haul away two dumpsters. we asked them how many they'd be


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