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tv   News 6 at 5.30 pm  CBS  February 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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online only. at >> a woman breastfeeding at a local flea market says she was denied the booth she wanted to rent. >> why she says management is discriminating against her rights as a mom. thank you for joining us
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>> i'm ginger gadsden. we're going to get to that story for you coming up in just a moment. but first, beautiful out there right now. >> oh, yeah. >> but you know it's not going to stick around very long. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is here with your pinpoint accurate weather forecast at 5:30. >> the times are a changin'. we're watching a smoke plume up in marion county because it's the only echo i have anywhere in central florida. and it's not rain, it's just smoke. now, where do we go from here? look at the visible satellite. we've got big problems building over in the gulf of mexico around houston and dallas, texas. the low is going to form and come sweeping across the gulf. the timing of it makes for a very, very dangerous day on wednesday. so far today, our daytime high is listed as 81 degrees in orlando. 78 in leesburg and 77 in ocala. on-the-town forecast, we should end up tracking a few little scattered showers into the night. by 11:00, we'll be at 68.
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we'll be at 68 and by 11:00, 67 with an outside shot of rain. i'll be back to pinpoint the overnight lows and the rain chances and break out the dangerous day on wednesday for you. >> thank you, tom. now to an ormand beach area mom who's outraged tonight, told she wouldn't rent the booth she wanted because she was breastfeeding. >> management told her other renters were complaining and now she's calling it discrimination and she wants answers. >> loren korn is joining us now live from daytona beach. people from inside the flea market were offended by this? >> oh, absolutely. even shocked by it. mothers are allowed to breastfeed in public. the mom tells me she was even discrete about it, but she's mostly distressed over the situation because she couldn't get the booth she wanted because of it. >> it's been a fun weekend event for our family for two years now. >> but jolene gregory says not anymore. >> i felt ashamed. i felt hurt. >> gregory says she rented a
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flea and farmers' market with her 6month-old daughter in tow, only later to get approached by management. >> he said we're getting complaints about you breastfeeding. i said well, it's the law, i can breastfeed anywhere i want. >> and he turned around and walked right away. >> she returned on saturday to get the same booth because of the prime location but was denied. >> when we asked the lady if we could rent booth 247, she said i was informed this morning when i came in that i cannot rent you the booth due to conflict? i said conflict? she said yes, we're avoiding conflict. >> we spoke with shoppers who say they support gregory and she shouldn't have to be hidden. >> it's part of nature. there's nothing wrong with it. >> everything about it was wrong. i felt really wronged by the flea market, never have i felt ashamed for feeding my child.
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filed a complaint with the flea market and also talking to lawyers about this. we called and e-mailed both the g.m. and the rental booth office. we have not heard back from them as of yet. >> loren korn live for us in daytona beach. thank you. >> now to south florida where a woman was beaten and nearly stabbed to death on valentine's day. >> yeah, miami police say the primary suspect is her roommate. a man she met on craigslist. now, this man, brian mitchell, was arrested last sunday. now facing attempted murder charges. police say he originally made the 911 call for help and claimed the victim, 23-year-old danielle jones, had attacked him. jones opened her eyes for the first time today, a week after that attack. doctors say she may have permanent brain damage. here's the latest from miami. >> it was a horrific act of violence. investigators accusing
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nearly killing his 23-year-old roommate danielle jones. he met the young woman on craigslist and stayed at her apartment for a week before he attacked her, attempting to cut off her lips and eyelids. >> it took 300 stitches to put her back together. >> tonight we're hearing from friends of the alleged attacker. complete strangers are coming forward. everyone we talked with using the same word to describe him. >> he was always kind of creepy. >> i knew he was a creep. >> the way he would look at you was a little creepy. >> creepy. and at times extremely weird. but never violent. that's how this man remembers his friend. >> we hit it off from the very first second. he would ask my advice. >> the two grabbed drinks together while mitchell lived in mississippi. stephen told us about the time mitchell made odd comments to women he would meet them at a bar. >> he would ask them weird questions. he would make a sexual comment
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>> we know two days before the vicious valentine's day attack in this apartment, stephen got his friend an invite to a networking event on a yacht in miami beach. here he is chatting and shipping champagne, talking about his supplement company. >> i thought that was his personality type. now after everything happened, i'm putting the pieces together. it's a little crazy. >> danielle still remains in the hospital. family and friends fear she has severe brain damage but still hopeful she will wake up. we're in miami, news 6. >> danielle jones' family and friends created a gofundme page to raise money and awareness about the dangers of finding a roommate on craigslist. >> new smyrna beach says they got to the 500 block of washington street just before 3:00 this morning. that's where they tell us they found one of the victims lying
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wound to his thigh and buttocks. we're told a homeless man was shot in the arm during the incident but a third man was unhurt. right now, investigators say all three men were meeting to trade pot for crack cocaine when a gun was pulled and went off during the struggle. if you have any information about the shooting, call crime line at 1-800-423-tips. >> a man nicknamed noodles is in trouble tonight. police say he got angry at a man in a wheelchair. the victim told daytona beach police that this man got angry with him, started beating him in the face with a wooden cane. that victim is in a wheelchair, had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. police say this guy was hiding out in the house where the beating happened. they were able to get around to the back porch where they arrested him. >> covering brevard county tonight, fire/rescue is trying to figure out how a pickup truck ended up inside a store. take a look at this video. firefighters called for a trauma alert after this pickup truck
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north u.s. 1 and north melbourne. we do know at least one pedestrian was involved in this. we're working to get more details on the case and we'll bring that information to you as soon as we get it. >> coming up tonight at 11:00 -- >> you're sitting in a conference room at work or in a classroom, even a movie theater and you hear gunfire. what do you do? >> after recent mass shootings, the sale of guns has skyrocketed as people try to protect themselves. tonight at 11:00, we'll take you inside a unique class where gun owners are put through simulations of mass shootings. here they learn how to take down an active shooter while trying to avoid injury to themselves and others. >> you have to decide right then and there am i going to get involved? >> see what it takes to stop an active shooter tonight at 11:00. >> mike deforest for us there. thanks to el nino, this year's severe weather awareness week takes on new meaning because there's actually threat for tornadoes. >> seems a little early for
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down what this week means for central florida. >> florida has seen its fair share of tornadoes and other severe weather this year. as of now, 13 tornadoes have been reported in the last two months, but none in our viewing area. i spoke with officials today who say even though winter is almost over, this is not the time to let your guard down when it comes to severe weather outbreaks. >> el nino, it's the same weather pattern that kept us hurricane hurricane-free over the summer. this year's el nino is one of the strongest ever on record. in the same league as 1998, when 42 people were killed in central florida on one day by three tornadoes. >> it gives us the potential for more storms, more severe storms and the potential for tornado outbreaks. this year, because of the strength of el nino, it was looked at as being so much more important to get that word out. >> to get the word out, orange
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naming this week severe weather awareness week. >> it's time for us to emphasize awareness for severe weather threats we have in central florida and a time to emphasize preparedness on behalf of the public. >> each day, they'll focus on a specific weather hazard in florida, including rip currents, flooding, hurricanes and tornadoes. >> and normally the concern, though, when it comes to tornado drills, during the severe weather awareness week, falls on wednesday. but because there's a chance for severe weather during that time, they decided to move it to >> thank you, candace. >> don't forget, you can get radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. >> well, they tell you to pay up or you're going to jail. >> still ahead here at 5:30, how some scam artists are trying to
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that's next in "schemes and rip-offs". >> take a look at the temperatures right now across the southeast. it's really warm. 46 in memphis. 61 in atlanta. still 79 right now in orlando. big problems brewing in the gulf come rolling this way. i'll be back to pinpoint a very active day for you wednesday. see you in a few. >> plus it may take less time to pay for your favorite cup of coffee or latte.
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>> the i.r.s. telephone threats are back and they're bigger than ever. >> imposters posing as agents, not only calling news 6 viewers but calling our producers, too.
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this week's edition of "schemes and rip-offs". >> and there's all kinds of -- >> news 6 news producer knows a scam when he hears one. >> there was no indication he knew who i was. it seemed like a formulated script. >> the call came from a washington, d.c. area code, fitting the profile of the i.r.s. cell phone threats hitting central florida since the start of tax season. >> they overtly threaten jail time. >> before we file a case against you and before you get arrested, kindly call us back. >> ken says the call actually came in on his personal cell phone. he immediately put the number on the national do-not-call list. news 6 has been tracking the area codes for these i.r.s. imposter calls since the beginning. now, as you can see, they're all spread out, but so far, the bulk appear to be coming from washington, d.c. >> we want to get results for people and make sure they're not taken by scammers like these people. to me, it's obvious, but to a lot of our people it may not be obvious this is a fake. >> this is the internal revenue service.
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>> last week, news 6 viewers from orlando to daytona beach have been reporting similar i.r.s. threats. in some cases, the con men will leave a number. if you call, they'll pressure you to pay over the phone. don't fall for it. it's a scam. and if they call, let me know. we'll report it to the i.r.s. mike holfeld, news 6. >> you can check out all of mike's "schemes and rip-offs" reports or to report a scheme to news 6, head to, powered by news 6. >> lumber liquidators stock sent crashing again today. >> it happened after the c.d.c. says it underestimated the health risk of its flooring. 60 minutes reported last year lumber liquidators sold flooring beyond u.s. health and safety limits for the formaldehyde, three times more likely to get
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>> and volvo is recalling more than 60,000 cars. there's a software glitch that causes some engines to stop and restart while you're driving it. no accidents have been reported. the recall includes several of the 2016 models. the software update to fix the problem is free at dealerships. >> starbucks is making changes to its rewards program. >> it's supposed to make checking out faster under the old program. a lot of customers would ask to have their stuff running up individually so they could get more points. the new program based on how much a customer spends, not on the number of transactions. so it doesn't slow the rest of us down. >> big problem there. >> you'll soon be able to create and share your own virtual reality 360-degree videos and photos. samsung announcing the gear 360 camera in spain. you look like that when you're doing it. you look really cool. the gear 360 has two cameras,
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it can also transmit a realtime view of what it's seeing to be compatible with iphones. >> it's all crazy. >> i know. >> you just have to do that in the privacy of your own home, though. you don't want to be out -- >> you don't want to be at a bus station and look at where ginger is today. >> have you ever tried that oculus oculus risk stuff? it was awesome. i was on a speed bike trying to race through -- they're like go ahead and race. i saw the video of myself after. you look goofy but it's an experience. >> i'm afraid i'd never show up for work again. >> we don't know that. >> right in front of your fake eye. >> look at this shot from our man ziggy. >> i love the water ripples there. >> look at the rainbow. >> i love the rainbow shots.
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rainbow shots in the coming >> download storm pins right now in your app store. we'd like to see what you're seeing in central florida. >> right now, i know, it's kind of cloudy. there's not much to talk about. got the one smoke plume up here in marion county. i keep going back to it because it's all i have right now. eventually we'll get scattered showers across the area as early as tonight. right now, there's just not much happening. visible satellite fading fast. i want you to see the cloud cover from louisiana to dallas, texas. there's a low forming out there sending a cold front marching across the gulf of mexico and it's going to be a rocking wednesday for us all. 77 was the daytime high in ocala. 81 from the villages to kissimmee to orlando. tonight's on-the-town forecast has the temperatures dropping through the 70's and the 60's. the daytime high in orlando was 81. the overnight low this morning was 54. it's well above the norms for this time of year. the normal high would be 75. we crushed that today. we're going to crush it again
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getting even warmer tomorrow before rain takes out the heat. 79, the current reading in orlando. 75 in melbourne and 77 in leesburg. other temperatures, 68, palm coast. 73 in gainesville and brevard county. the cape, 75. 73 in cocoa beach and right now in melbourne, 75. compared to yesterday, we're 3 degrees above where we were yesterday at this time. in kissimmee, we're 7 degrees hotter than yesterday. clouds and rain forecast for tonight, there will be scattered showers tonight, not many of them. rain chances are at 30%. this is what it looks like at 6 a.m. tomorrow. 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, we're tracking rain across the central part of the viewing area. i want you to know that tomorrow's showers are not nearly as rough as what's packing in here on wednesday. here's wednesday morning, 8 a.m. troy will be in here tracking this stuff. here it comes. by wednesday, big rain, from ocala to the villages to sumpter county. by noon, into the afternoon from orlando down to the south and east is where the rain will be
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tonight's lows in the 60's. the overnight low in orlando will be 64. here's tomorrow. >> 75 by noon. 82 to 83 will be the daytime high. wednesday is the dangerous day. anywhere after about 9 or 10:00 in the morning on wednesday, things could really pound. it's going to be a rough midday run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the afternoon. look how much cooler we are on thursday. >> serious transition there. >> it really is. >> you can't get that cold that quick without tough weather. >> thank you, tom. >> if you're on the road and can't check your news 6 weather app, you can now get updates through one of our three radio partners all day long. chief meteorologist tom sorrells and meteorologist troy bridges are pinpointing your weather on 105.9 sunny fm, 101.9 amp radio, and mix 105.1. >> well, beating the winter blues and getting outdoors. >> some northerners are not waiting until spring to play softball.
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own version of the game on snowmobiles. >> that looks just miserable. i hate when the snow gets all brown like that. >> and then at 6:00, a major road closing for 40 days. the headaches expected to cause for businesses in brevard county. we'll tell you about that.
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>> a woman called the fire department when she realized the puppies were stuck in a drain. firefighters rescued each of the puppies. they're now safe and sound. they're rescuing pets, people. >> cats, giving them oxygen and everything. >> bringing them back to life. >> it's pretty awesome. sometimes when the weather is not great, you have to get a little creative in order to have some fun. >> we're not so used to this but that's what some guys are doing in wisconsin. they're playing softballs on their snowmobiles. snow and slush flying. it's a good mix of dirt and snow right there.
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>> it's in greenville wisconsin if you ever want to visit there in the wintertime. it's called snowmobile softball. there are rules to the sport. fielders have to keep their sleds turned off. the batter stands in a circle and you can't start up until the ball is hit. you crank it really quick and then you get to moving. plus players have to be very careful not to damage their expensive expensive snowmobiles. >> some of these guys have $10,000 sleds out here. you do that, you're in trouble. >> how about that fellow? >> i know. >> the players -- hopefully you can't throw punches. they say it's a great way to beat the wintertime blues. they look like they're having a good time. >> a better way to beat the blues is not to live there in the first place, just live right here. >> move on down to central florida. >> exactly. if you have some kids' books
5:57 pm
can clean up your space and donate them to a good cause. >> goodwill is holding a donation program for kids. they're hoping this will help kids develop a love for reading. volunteers will read to kids and give each student a book to take home. you can donate at any goodwill store or donation express center. >> that's a great program and great idea. >> once your kids get older, you have these things laying around that you never use anymore. >> going back to the snowmobiles, how they don't want to damage their snowmobiles. >> lisa bell is here with some of the stories we're working on for the news at is 6:00. >> this is severe weather awareness week. el nino has not been as active here compared to the rest of the state. being informed is still important. candace campos explains why. and armed security guards
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know you can keep your financial big picture under control. know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape.
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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> now at 6:00, a dad and his 13-year-old daughter found dead inside a home. tonight their family talks to local 6. >> first, though, a new way to fight crime. armed security guards are now patrolling two central florida neighborhoods. those security guards coming up with a big price tag, up to $150 grand. >> this is news 6 at 6:00. i'm matt austin. >> i'm lisa bell. the orange county sheriff's office hopes the investment will be positive. troy campbell spoke with sheriff demings today. did he say why they chose to use a private company? >> that's because homeowners in this area are very involved in their community. up until now, the streets in azalea park have only been patrolled by the orange county sheriff's office. however, that's all changing today. private armed security guards


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