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tv   News 6 at 6 AM  CBS  February 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> the unanswered questions that have some on edge. >> it is 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday. i'm david hall. >> thank you for joining all of us. troy and amy are here, waking up to wet roads. >> so far, it is improved over yesterday. not doing too bad overall. >> we had rain. a lot of that is coming to an end. another round this afternoon. and then another round on into the day tomorrow. let's get you to it and show you what we are pin pointing across central florida. you can see most of the rain has gainesville. the green you are seeing, just some sprinkles. some of this not reaching the ground. back to 75. watch out on some of those roadways. there will be wet spots. a 40% coverage of afternoon showers and storms. up to 80 at noon. 4:00, 83 degrees. coming up, we'll talk about the storms.
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strong they will be. let's head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. >> still enjoying a gradual wake-up and a little bit of improvement. about 20 minutes ago, a foggy area. fog rolling through. now over the expressway, it is nice and clear. no major issues. you can see construction hanging out. you look at your average speeds through the area, no issues. that is your check on traffic. back over to you. >> a man answers his door and three home invaders standing outside shoot him. >> the victim is in the hospital. the suspects who did it are still on the run. it happened late last night at pine view apartments south of clarcona road. do police have any idea what these three guys were after?
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to figure out if the three men who shot that victim at his own doorstep were looking for anything inside or took anything from inside the apartment. our cameras were rolling last night as those police officers came into the pine view apartments and started rolling the crime team out. police showed up just before midnight, knocked on this man's door. as the 22-year-old victim answered, one man told him to give it up and then shot the victim in the stomach. police say the stomach, he is expected to be ok. police are still not letting us know if the victim knew those three armed men or how they arrived at his apartment. we are continuing to press them for answers and asked if they have any information on anything that was discovered inside that apartment. we'll continue to update you on
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>> three dogs dead after a fire at a home. the flames broke out at the home on marcos avenue near lancaster road. check out the scene. firefighters tell us seven people and six dogs were in the home at the time. everyone made it out safely. crews think the fire may have started in the kitchen. >> johnny is getting information as we speak. he'll have a live report coming up at the bottom of the hour. >> breaking in volusia county, two people dead after a motorcycle crashed. deputies say a pickup truck pulled out in front of the motorcycle last night. this was near the oak hill flea market. both the driver and passenger on the motorcycle were killed. >> also developing this morning, imagine seeing this happening in your neighborhood. that is the scene of a battering ram. this morning, neighbors are worried about what was going on
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that wild scene played out last night on orange avenue, a block from longwood elementary. mark lehman is there live. lots of unanswered questions, mark. >> >> the only thing they'll tell us at this point is it was an armed robbery that brought them to the home. >> pieces of shattered fence, that spot is marking where the swat team moved in. neighbors are fearful over what could have prompted this response. >> i thought there would be bullets flying. >> fearing for her own safety, this video was captured. a heavily armored vehicle storms the street. a swat team comes in, knocking down a fence. >> i opened the garage door and
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swat teams, men and women, battering rams. >> as an investigation unfolds police reveal it was an armed robbery that brought them to the home. home. >> this is a tiny neighborhood and for this to happen, it was incredible. >> neighbors say they are unsure what is going on inside and have suspected something strange as of late. >> when people moved in, there is something going on in here. >> police say they seized items from the home but they are not saying what was in the home or if anyone was placed under arrest. we are working to get answers to those questions. we are looking into the people who live here and how many times police have been called to the home before. before. >> new this morning, osceola county deputies are asking for help to get results and find the men they say robbed the publix.
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a beanie and sunglasses with another man with a leather jacket hoodie. they handed a worker a note demanding money. they took off with cash and walked out. here's a closer look. no one was hurt in all this. if you have information on this crime, call the crimeline -- 1-800-423-tips. >> a woman who police say held up a taxi driver at gun point will face a judge in hours. police posted this video last night of divine leavitt being hauled to jail. she is now charged with armed robbery. >> meanwhile, the driver tooers say caused the deadly crash in orange county is expected in court, we brought you this story as breaking news yesterday after investigators say 30-year-old valentine rammed into several
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drivers say cece took off but was arrested not far away. they also say he didn't even have a license. >> a tragic update to a story we brought you as breaking news last week. news 6 learned a 146-year-old hospitalized after a helicopter crashed into the water has died. we showed you video of the helicopter slamming into the water. john morgan happened to be in the area witnessing the crash with his tour guide. the guide dove in to help the victims. >> i regret you get them out fast. >> we are told it took about three minutes to pull people out of the water. so far investigators haven't said what caused the crash. >> new this morning, president obama will make another trip to the sunshine state.
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visit jacksonville this friday. obama will tour a lithium ion battery plant. it is part of the white house push to show what he calls the success of the stimulus package that passed during obama's first weeks in office. the company behind the plant won a 459.5 million dollar grant from the government. >> we have interesting weather on the way. let's go to troy bridges in the pinpoint weather center. >> pinpointing stronger storms tomorrow because of this area of low pressure through texas. it will be moving in. most of the energy will move to our north. we'll have the chance for a couple of stronger storms with strong winds and a couple of rotating storms, again from noon until 3:00 tomorrow. today's weather setup really is all about these south winds, bringing in plenty of warm air, today getting into the 80's and then we'll see a chance for a few showers. there will be some rain, even a few thunderstorms this afternoon, but the real push for stronger storms is tomorrow, we
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62 in ocala. daytona beach at 64. some of the roads are wet. let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. >> not sure if we can blame wet roads or not, we have one accident to report. it looks like fortunately no lanes are blocked. but it is going on way over on epcot center drive over by i-4. passing without any kind of delays. we saw fog earlier. that seems to have lifted off for the most part part. i-95 past fisk, just fine. northbound and southbound travel, fine to head out the door. no travel time needed. back to you at the desk.
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sayng about this video ahead. plus --. >> never have i made so shamed for feeding my child. >> a woman says a flea market violated her civil rights. but workers say there is more to the story. >> a man shot during a robbery attempt. what police are saying about the gunmen. you are watching news 6 getting results for etonville and all of central florida on the air and
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>> good morning. 6:13. just joining us, breaking news from orlando where police are searching for three men after a home invasion ends with a man shot. the victim answered a knock at the door at pine view apartments last night. one of the suspects shot. kirsten is at the scene getting updates. she'll have another live report at the bottom of the hour. >> dozens of firefighters battle a warehouse fire. this fire ripped through near los angeles earlier this morning. look at the scene.
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were set to fight that inferno. we are told several vehicles inside a warehouse were charred. fortunately, no one was injured. the cause of the fire are being investigated. >> a woman says the flea market kept her from renting a booth because she was breast-feeding in public. she says she was renting a booth at the flea and farmers market when management told her they got complaintses about her breast-feeding her 6-month-old. when she returned to get the same booth. she was denied. >> everything about it was wrong. i felt wronged by the flea market. the last friday i ever get to go. >> the daytona flea market tells news 6 other vendors were complaining about gregory's loud behavior and graphic language. they say they offered gregory a different location but she refused. >> a volusia county man accused of killing his girlfriend whose
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water won't be getting out any time soon. he was arrested back in october for crystal piper's death. detectives say the 248-year-old was strangled and dumped in the halifax river. river. >> more problems from central florida representative allen grayson as we learned an investigation into the congressman is being extended. grayson running for senate has been under fire for also managing an offshore hedge fund. grayson has said he is confident he'll be cleared of any wrongdoing. >> news of the extended investigation came just hours after grayson's divorce drama was back in a courtroom. grayson is asking his former partner to return some of his items. their marriage was declared void after it was discovered lolita
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the two married in # 90. >> a woman is speaking out. >> put your hands mind your back. >> in this footage, you can hear the police yelling at tiffany to put her hands behind her back. when she does not, she is pushed up against the wall and taken down. she ended up getting staples in her head and marks around her neck. >> he could have just put handcuffs on me. there was no reason to throw me down. i have a head injury prior. he could have put me back in a coma or killed me. >> the sheriff stands by the deputy's actions and says none of this would have happened if he would have just listened. >> scott kelly is approaching the end of the year long mission in space. >> apparently all that time in orbit can make even the most experienced astronaut go bananas. >> kelly's twin brother posted the video on his twitter account
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bag. there won't be a lot of time for monkey busy left on the iss because scott finishes up his year in space in eight days. it is hard to believe it is coming to a close. >> we love those photos. >> he did a great job. >> that is scary. you are in a spaceship. all of a sudden this gorilla jumps out. >> that is cool to see. we'll pib point some transitional weather today, clouds and even some rain. rain overnight. led to a few welt spots tomorrow is when we pinpoint the stronger storms that. comes from noon through 3:00 in the afternoon tomorrow. the good news about tomorrow's risk, it won't be at night or early in the morning when a lot
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at least there is a silver lining. you can see the big area of low pressure moving through texas and as it continues to spin, it is bringing snow back to the west up into the panhandle of oklahoma. this is a strong system that will be moving in our direction. most of the severe threat, most of the severe energy is going to be to our north. we cannot rule out the chance for rotating storms that could lead to tornadoes as well as strong wind. today south winds working in warm air. you can expect the low it's a for afternoon highs. tomorrow, the timeline for the severe weather threat will be from noon until 34k. there's the main threat. strong wind gusts. there will be lightning. we can't rule out a tornado or two. we want you to be prepared tomorrow through the afternoon. here's the radar this morning. notice most of the rain has moved to our north. still pinpointing a sprinkle or
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one or two sprinkles sprinkles, in marion counties of flagler county as you see more moderate rain to move over. here's a look at temperatures. it is mild. temperatures department cool off quickly. 64 in ocala. 66 in cocoa beach. here's a look at your pinpoint accurate forecast. >> notice the sky as we take you into windows of time. at noon, we continue with more and more cloud cover. a 30% chance for rain. rain chances at 40% through 4:00 with a high today of 83. rain chances only at 240% tonight with low 70's. there you go, by 3:00 this afternoon, bus stop time, the kids will need the rain gear because we'll pinpoint rainshowers, embedded thunderstorms. that pushes to the north. a break into late tonight and then there's that next round coming into the afternoon.
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the brand new model painting it along i-4 and continuing the heavier showers through 14k, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00. by 6:00, most of it is out of here altogether. that timeline from noon through 3:00. a few lingering showers. tomorrow, 82 for the high with a 70% chance for rain. look at the cool doub behind that storm system. this is a potent front. 467 for thursday. let's check on the roads with amy in the napele top traffic center. >> we have an accident in orlando. it looks like no lanes are blocked. take note over john young parkway, right by south park cigle, we have reports of an accident. it looks like the major arteries, roads are cleared. here's a live look, i-4 past saxson boulevard. everything eastbound and westbound, zero complaints. four right now and your drive times lining right with that as well.
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example, nothing but on time still. that's your check on traffic. traffic. >> why the controversial prison has to go. >> changes coming to amazon. why shipping could cost you more money that. story is next. >> we are giving away four tickets to florida's biggest party. we are talking about mardi gras at universal. go to our facebook page. and
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>> free shipping just got more expensive to come by for amazon users. >> company execs announce they are raising the price for non-prime users. if you spend enough money you can get free shipping but you'll have to shell out $49 before an order ships for free. amazon prime members won't be affected by the change. >> the wait is over for a world war ii vet. >> 70 years after his service, the florida vet is finally a high school graduate. when 149-year-old thomas cummings returned from the second world war, he didn't have time to get a diploma. last week he found out his hometown was issuing honorary
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roll discharge from the service. thomas says he couldn't wait to get his degree. >> why was it such an emotional moment for you? >> i didn't think i would ever get one. >> but he did. the honorary diploma is the sixth one to be handed out by thomas's home county. he says he plans to take it with him to church on sunday. >> if you need another smile this morning, here's another story for you. relove pandas. especially happy pandas from the snow. according to the zoo, he woke up, saw the snow, got excited, rolled down the snowy hill, decided he liked it so much he climbed back up and did it all
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>> now to check in with troy. we are not talking about snow but wet roads. >> if we got snow, we couldn't roll around. that was cool to see, a kid at heart. let's show more of that, can we? as we show you the rain from the afternoon hours on, a chance for scattered showers and moving to the north. there's 5:00 in the afternoon. the real push for the stronger storms comes through the day tomorrow. the risk of severe weather from noon to the early afternoon. even as early as 7:00 in the morning tomorrow, we'll see storms knocking on our doob step. there's the afternoon, it pushes through by 34k. by 5:00, lingering storms tomorrow afternoon in brevard county. the main threat will be strong damaging winds. we can't rule out a tornado or two.
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we'll keep you up to date with new model data. as gop presidential candidate set their sights on nevada, one hopeful gets a boost. >> breaking overnight, a man shot after three men stormed into his apartment what we are learning about the victim coming up. >> following more breaking news after a fire rips through this family's home. the latest is next in a live report. we are back in february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs
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>> a man rushed to the hospital after being shot during a home invasion. what we have libraried about the suspect police are trying to track down. >> firefighters working to figure out what caused a fire. >> good morning. it is 6:30 central florida. thank you for joining us. i'm bridgett ellison. >> i'm david hall. troy and amy are joining us on this tuesday morning. >> monday is gone. >> the focus on wednesday. i like what we are dealing with on tuesday. we are going to be dealing with showers, a few light showers. the push for stronger storms comes tomorrow through the afternoon, even as early as lunchtime. let's show you the radar. on the live view, most of us are dry. a sprinkle or two in spots. you can see marion county, ocala where we have heavier rain earlier. that stuff has weakened considerably.
6:31 am
in ocala will be wet. a line, very light rain pushing through palm coast. it is trying to die out. not a lot of rain. through the day, we'll see a lot of cloud cover, even though we have the clouds, we'll warm quickly to 80 at noon. 83 at 4:00. a 40% coverage of rain through the afternoon. coming up, tomorrow's round of storms and the timing so you know what to expect. amy, a little fog earlier and most of it is gone. >> thank you very much. as far as the roads go, a nice light pace. no extra travel time needed. rolling along on those major roadway. an accident on john young parkway, by south park circle.
6:32 am
we'll take you outside to take a live peek at i-95 in the melbourne area. that's your check on traffic. back to you. >> now to breaking news from overnight in orange county, a home goes up in flames, leaving a family of seven displaced and two of their family dogs dead. johnny fernandez is out there live. have firefighters said how this started? >> firefighters, they believe this fire may have started in the kitchen and then it spread throughout the house. all seven people inside of the house, they are ok. no one was hurt. that was not the case for their pets. i want to show you video from when we first got here on the scene. you can see firefighters, fire trucks, as fire crews try to fight this fire. firefighters tell me they got
6:33 am
at 12:45 this morning. a spoke to a woman inside the house. she said she woke up to smoke in the house. that's when everyone headed outside. firefighters tell me when they got here, they brought all seven people to safety. the big concern was for the six dogs inside the house. i found out the family came out with two of the dogs. fire crews were able to pull out two of the other dogs, unfortunately, fire crews were not able to save the last two dogs inside the house. we are coming back live. i did speak with family members. as you can imagine, they are heartbroken because they considered these dogs part of their family. the red cross is helping the family find a place to stay. on the condition. once i get updates, i'll pass the information along to you
6:34 am
also breaking overnight, a shooting in orlando. a man is shot in the stomach after police say three men tried to rob him in his own apartment. it happened after the victim answered a knock at his door. that's where we find kirsten o'connor this tuesday morning. kirsten, how is that victim doing this morning? >> police tell us he was shot in the stomach and rushed to ormc with injuries. he is doing ok. he was conscious when police arrived. the search is on for the three men they they say came up to his doorstep and shot him at his doorstep. let's take a look at the scene from a few hours ago. the three men showed up before midnight, knocked on the door. one man told him to give it up and then shot him. police are not telling us if the victim knew the suspect or if
6:35 am
in the apartment. they have cleared the scene t. apartment complex is waking up. a lot of people starting to drive out. we'll continue to ask police about the relationship between the victim and the suspect. and if they have any idea of the missing items from inside the apartment. we'll post any updates we get from police on our website, >> happening today, the teenager accused of running down and injuring a deputy is set to face a judge for the first time since his latest arrest. the 145-year-old turned himself in yesterday after calling deposition from his mother's home. he had been on the run friday when deputies say he ran down the sheriff marcy pierce when she tried to serve a warrant. that impact left pierce with a fractured foot but she is expected to be ok? meanwhile, the man at the center of another high profile case is also due back in court today. the hearing is planned in the attempted murder case against
6:36 am
prosecutors say he shot at zimmerman last year during a confrontation. apperson maintains he fired the shot in self-defense after zimmerman pointed a gun at him first. >> grief counselors expected to return to a school this morning to confident students after a 13-year-old girl found dead inside her home with her father. deputies aren't saying how she died. only that it appears her dad killed himself. police say they have not heard from iam for days. detectives found the man with his daughter dead. iam's sister said a busy workload could have played a role in their deaths. >> he had to work a lot, like seven days a week. >> investigators say an autopsy is needed to figure out how anonia died. the results could take a week or more to come back.
6:37 am
out what led to a deadly crash in apopka. a driver was killed after losing control of his vehicle. you can see from the video the only thing left behind is a crumbled up car. it happened on orange blossom trail. officers say 20-year-old brian potter was weaving in and out of traffic before the crash. he was taken to the hospital but did not make it. police say they don't believe drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash. >> police say finished searching a pond but haven't found signs of newborn. sky 6 flew over the area yesterday. crews spent the entire weekend draining this pond and searching for this baby. the newborn's mother is believed to have given birth in the parking lot of the apartments more than a week ago. the woman, here's her picture, will not say what she did with the baby. she is charged with aggravated neglect. she is still in the orange county jail. >> a lake county teacher accused of having sex with a 1-year-old former student is now officially off the jb.
6:38 am
he was arrested friday and has since bonded out of jail. the teen says she had sex with the former teacher in the classroom in the middle of the night. young rice denied the claims. >> space x is set to blast off another rocket later this week. crews test fired the rocket main engine yesterday and is now set to lift off with the european communication satellite. there is a 406% chance of favorable weather. when that lift off happens, we'll stream it live. >> the wonderful world of disney is expanding its galactic expire. some concept art shown opt tv tribute. the new land will have a marketplace where guests can
6:39 am
no word on when the star wars land will open up. >> time to check with troy bridges. >> that looks like fun. as we talk about the storm system. that will move closer to us. most of the energy will be to our north. we'll still see the chance for stronger storms with strong wind, lightning, rotating storms. today, it is all about the south winds working in plenty of warm air. the low 80's for afternoon highs. the temperatures this morning mild in many spots. we are at 66 at cocoa beach. a warm up getting us up to 83 because of the south winds. a 40% coverage of rain. coming up, hour by hour through
6:40 am
how strong and severe they will be. be. amy, what is happening? >> we have a trio of accidents in the same kind of clustered area. one will foegs in closer, on obt roorth at ginger mill, a crash not too far on kirkman. this is the one i want to focus our attention on. we have emergency vehicles on the scene over at john young parkway. we can see a tiny delay forming. general traffic onto the main arteries, interstates look fine. you can see the expressway this morning, haze by good holmes road but travel is under way. >> new developments surrounding the firing of a ceo. >> who carol wick hired and what she is asking them to do.
6:41 am
will pick their choice for president. coming up we'll show you about a key endorsement before tonight's key caucuses. >> a man shot in the stomach.
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>> just waking up with us, following two stories breaking overnight. first, police are searching for three suspects, accused of shooting a man during a home invasion. it happened after the victim answered a knock on the door on north pine hills road. the victim was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. in orange county, a fire damaging a home and kills two dogs inside. the family of seven who lives there there. >> republican voters will choose their pick for president. 340 delegates are up for grabs. that has a five remaining candidates rallying for last minute support. nearly all of the candidates
6:45 am
to get more support before these caucuses. donald trump leading in the polls with 45%. tonight's caucus comes after marco rubio got a big endorsement from senator doel. he supported rubio after learning his good friend jeb bush was no longer in the running. bush meanwhile has yet to say who he is backing since dropping out of the race. >> on sat, voters will head to the polls for the democratic primary. right now, hillary clinton is winning in the delegates race. she holds a 2-1 lead over rival per ber in that state. >> president obama is expected to present his plans to congress today for shutting down the prison in cuba. the current proposal includes transferring most detainees. the president has long vowed to close the prison saying that it
6:46 am
congress has opposed previous plans to shut down the facility. >> we have learned the ousted ceo is now hired a lawyer. we told you last week when the board of harbor house fired long time ceo carol wick without explanation. wick was with the organization nearly a decade. her lawyer says the firing may have violated wick's account contract and the bylaws of harbor house. he is working on a severance deal. he says he wants to resolve everything without going to court but didn't give any other details. >> a security guard is becoming an internet hit, not for his crime fighting skills but rather his looks. >> he seems to resemble a hollywood heart throb. they call him leo's megame because as you can see, he is
6:47 am
he has been cast in a reality tv show called romance with dicaprio. in the show he does things like take voice lessons in hopes of becoming like the real leonardo. >> kind of looks like his cousin. >> i can see it in the ideas a little bit. >> rain through the afternoon. tomorrow another round of storms. tomorrow's round could be strong to severe on through the afternoon hours. we'll keep you up to date on changes. this is not so much for today but tomorrow from noon on, a chance for strong wind gusts. see the red bar, indicating winds up to 50 miles an hour or greater. we can't rule out one or two rotating storms. we'll watch that tomorrow
6:48 am
early in the day, a chance of storms from this area of low pressure moving through texas. it is a potent system. in the panhandle of texas and the panhandle of oklahoma as that moves closer to us, most of the energy will go to the north of florida which is good news. we'll see a chance of stronger storms from noon through the early afternoon. there's the warm air with south winds working in. that will continue through the afternoon. this morning, starting off with light sprinkles earlier overnight rain that was moderate. you see a drop or two coming down in marion county and this area moving over to palm coast, trying to weaken. you can see most of it is moving out to sea as it comes to an end. we can't rule out light areas of drizzle for the next couple of hours. look it is mild out there this morning. temperatures didn't drop much overnight with clouds in place. we are at 62 right now in orlando. 64 in sanford.
6:49 am
63 in ocala. 63 in melbourne. here's a look at your pinpoint accurate forecast for today, warming to 80 at noon. 83 degrees at 4:00 with rain chances at 40% into the afternoon. rain chances taper off a bit, from 8:00 through 141:00 to 20%. we get a break tonight. we see the next round of rain coming in tomorrow morning through the day, we are at 70 degrees by 11:00 tonight. here's the clouds and rain forecast. notice the green, indicating the rain across the screen as early as 1:00, 2:00 this afternoon, heavier downpours, embedded thunderstorms moving through 45k there along coastal zones, even into inland areas, including i-4. most of the heavier stuff pulls out into tonight. then again, the next round moves in tomorrow morning as early as 7:00. then it pushes through. we see more lingering through the afternoon hours.
6:50 am
into brevard county. by 5:00, most of it comes to an end. that's for tomorrow. 248 in leesburg. 80 in daytona beach. 248 in sanford. tomorrow up to 82. 70% coverage of showers and storms and then look at the drastic change in temperatures. drpg down to 54. thursday's high, 67. let's check on the roads with amy in the napleton traffic center. >> it seemed like there was a delay. it seems to be lightning up. we are dealing with this over on young parkway right by south park circle. it looks like we have emergency vehicles remaining on the scene. we have a little bit of delay. it was here before kind of crowding around the area. traveling that stretch of john young, a couple of extra minutes is probably a good idea. our major states and through roads looking beautiful. as we look at i-4 out by 4528, beautiful conditions.
6:51 am
back to you. >> it is a big weekend ahead for the orlando solar bears. not only is the team looking to win on the ice but to beat homelessness. you can help them get results. >> this saturday is faith and family night at the amway center. the solar bears will donate a dollar for every single post for twitter or insta dpram using the hash tag rethink homelessness. coverage begins at 7:30. >> up next, a check of the big stories including breaking news overnight in orlando. >> a man opened his apartment door only to be shot.
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6:55 am
the victim says he was shot by three men who told him to give it up. before that man had a chance to do anything, police say he was shot in the stomach. that victim was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. the three suspects ran off before officers arrived. now police are searching for them. now to johnny live in orange county. >> a family here just devastated after two dogs are killed in an overnight fire. now firefighters rush to this house early this morning. all seven people inside made it out. the family and firefighters were able to rescue the dogs to the side. two didn't make it out. firefighters believe the fire may have started in the kitchen. the exact cause is under investigation. investigation. >> we are working to get answers
6:56 am
team and a battering ram to this house. what has neighborhood worried is they don't know what was going on inside the house that brought out the big response from law enforcement. police will only say it starts with armed robbery. we'll post updates as we get them on >> we are in for a few afternoon showers and embedded storms. 80 at noon. 83 at 4:00. the coverage of rain at 80%. >> we have had a couple of accidents. nothing major. everything is moving along fine. finding fog out there. taking a live look outside. damp on parts of i-4, not bad. >> in case you missed it, we are still laughing at this story. monkeying around on the
6:57 am
you see that, somebody in a gorilla suit going bananas on board. have no fear. that's actually astronaut scott kelly. paerment his twin brother sent him that suit as a joke. now he should note scott kelly is about to wrap up his record breaking year in orbit on the iss in eight days. >> he has done incredible stuff. >> thank you for joining us. chec (vo) making the most out of every mile.
6:58 am
impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it is tuesday, february 23rd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." ted cruz fires his spokesman over a video involving marco rubio. donald trump intensifies his attacks ahead of today's nevada caucuses. an uber driver admits to the shooting spree that killed six in michigan.


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