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tv   News 6 at 6 pm  CBS  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> now at 6:00, not too wild out there right now, but you'll want to prepare for possibly severe weather. it's going to be a wet wednesday. first, though, a breaking news alert. a mom arrested accused of shooting her son to death. police say the mom shot her son while he was in the shower. this is news 6 at 6:00, i'm matt austin. >> i'm lisa bell. she is now charged with premeditated murder. this happened at a home on post oak circle in altamonte springs. that is near maitland avenue and east altamonte drive where news 6 reporter troy campbell joins us now live. have police been out to that home before? >> reporter: actually altamonte springs police say they've never been to this house before and never came in contact with the suspect or the victim. the townhome where the murder took place is behind me. this all started when a relative
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mother might have killed her son. altamonte springs police charging 59-year-old virginia ortega in the premeditated murder of her 29-year-old son blake howard in their townhouse. >> the son was shot multiple times in the shower. one of the family members knew there was some type of disturbance called to respond to the residence for his well-being. >> a relative spoke to ortega over the phone and something she said alerted her to call police. >> the mother said something to her which is part of the investigation that led her to believe that, hey, something is not right. blake is in danger or not okay. >> police not saying what the ongoing conflict between the mother and son was, a neighbor saying for the past few months, she's been concerned with the behavior of the woman who's lived inside the home for about a decade.
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saw her, but she lost about 50 pounds. she was a sturdy built woman but she looked very thin. >> reporter: again, investigators still say that it's unclear when the man was actually killed inside the house. 59-year-old virginia ortega is in the seminole county jail tonight, charged with premeditated murder. live in altamonte springs, troy campbell, news 6. >> thank you, troy. new information about the wildfire burning in volusia county. news 6 learned the fire is not connected to a controlled burn. florida forest service says they do not know how this fire was started. they are investigating. right now, no homes or businesses are in danger. firefighters are out there working to put it out. check in with for updates. >> the fire is certainly proof that central florida needs some rain. >> we could use it. and tomorrow we will get just that. let's get you over to chief meteorologist tom sorrells, pinpointing the storms heading
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>> here's hoping the lightning strikes tomorrow don't cause more of those kind of fires. right now, we're tracking a few little pockets of rain. for the most part, we've wrapped it up with the very little fanfare. still raining in marion county, the southwest corner of the county. marion county has turned the corner and has dried out. even the showers are rolling through southern osceola, don't appear to be generating much in the way of any new rain. future radar likes to bring in a few more pockets of rain in the next couple of hours. overall, the on-the-town forecast for tonight, two thumbs up for now. we do have some clouds and a few showers, but compared to what we're going through tomorrow, smooth sailing. 10:00 tonight, we're down to 71. the 11:00 hour takes us to 70. standing by now in the news 6 newsroom is meteorologist candace campos. >> reporter: well, two thumbs up for tonight. temperatures are cooling down into the mid-60's. a mild and drive evening. two thumbs down heading into wednesday.
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with the cloud cover building in by 8 a.m. that is when we'll start to see the chance of some showers and a few thunderstorms, could be rotating by noon, and even about 4 p.m. for areas in taft and most of central florida. do expect a stormy afternoon. because we are anticipating the storms, i went out earlier today in the afternoon and talked to some people who were actually enjoying lunch, a pb and j sandwich and talked to them about their severe weather and what we're expecting heading into the evening hours and into tomorrow. all you need to do is search wkmg in the app store. of course, i gave them some free news 6 swag. don't forget, rain or shine, our news 6 weather team is on your side. you can get all the latest weather alerts and updates directly on your phone by downloading our new news 6 free app. just search wkmg in your app store. the notifications, the alerts, day or night, whenever weather threatens, we'll be there to
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very easy to do and just a few seconds could save your life someday. >> thank you, candace. she walked into the courtroom on crutches, facing the teen accused of running her down with a car. sergeant marcy pierce wanted to be in court when the 15-year-old faced a judge for the first time. news 6 reporter amanda castro spoke with the sergeant today and joins us live. first, what happened with ortiz today? >> reporter: well, ortiz will spend at least 30 days in jail. during that time, the state is supposed to look over all of the evidence to see if it could charge him as an adult. sergeant pierce had nothing to say to the teen who she saw for the first time today since investigators say he ran her over last week. >> i was on the car and he was going fast. >> reporter: sergeant marcy pierce, walking into court on crutches, some stitches just removed but still in a lot of pain.
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accused of running her over in court this afternoon. >> reporter: the 15-year-old is charged with attempted murder and aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer. the orange county sheriff's office says pierce was serving a warrant friday morning. that's when investigators say ortiz deliberately ran a deputy over in a stolen car. he was on the run for days. until he turned himself in to authorities on monday. >> he tried to kill me. >> reporter: ortiz's mother also in court. she refused to talk to us. >> no comment. >> reporter: do you have anything to say to sergeant pierce? the sergeant in tears while walking out of the courtroom. thanking her fellow deputies and the community for its support. ortiz is back in court next month. the state attorney's office says we should get an update then on those charges and could find out
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as an adult. >> thank you. >> a former isleworth millionaire could be getting a new trial. that means bob ward could be getting a new trial soon. here's more with louis bolden >> reporter: today is definitely a victory for the 67-year-old bob ward. his attorneys say their next step is to try to get a bond for ward as he, once again, prepares for trial. bob ward was fingerprinted and handcuffed after being convicted of second-degree murder in 2011. prosecutors hoped ward would be locked up for life. instead, almost five years later, his 30-year sentence for overturned. >> it wasn't just one isolated incident. trial. >> reporter: ward has been happened.
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attorneys should have objected when prosecutors used evidence that violated his right to remain silent. >> we need to bring the lawyer in here before doing anything. but i'm really concerned about my wife, my kids right now. >> reporter: the judge agreed there were eight references to ward in custody where prosecutors commented to ward about asking for an attorney. >> we need to get an attorney in here. >> we'll do that. i can't talk to you. >> i know. >> reporter: in her order, the judge wrote all post-arrests are protected with or without an attorney during interrogation. >> reporter: this was not an open and shut case for the jury. it took them 14 hours, over two days to actually agree.
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do it again. >> louis bolden reporting live tonight. thank you. a teen who brutally murdered her ex-boyfriend learned her new sentence today in court. amber wright will still serve life in prison but her sentence will be subject to review after 25 years. wright killed her 15-year-old ex-boyfriend back in 2011. police say she and others lured seth jackson to a home in somerfield, beat him, killed him, and burned his remains. wright and three other teens were sentenced to life in prison in 2012, but she got a new trial because the u.s. appeals court ruled that wright was not read her miranda rights before her interview with investigators. >> a 22-year-old man shot at his mother's doorstep. now his mom is pleading for someone to turn in the gunman. orlando police say they found roderick brown on the front step of an apartment with a bloody towel over his gut. he was shot three times by three armed men at the apartment.
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door and heard someone say "give it up" and gunshots. >> i was in my bed asleep. lightly sleeping. all i heard was gunshots in my living room. >> my brother was sitting on the ground. he kept saying he okay. just get an ambulance. that's all he could say. >> brown had surgery last night and is expected to survive. police say they do not consider this a random crime. it's possibly linked to drugs. if you have any info about this shooting, call the crime line at 1-800-423-tips. >> a volusia county man is accused of trying to run down his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend with his car. ashley gould told deputies kenneth taylor hit christian adams with his car on stillwater avenue in deltona. she says she used to date taylor. gould says adams saw them, drove up and striking adams on the right side and running over his foot and then rammed his car into the front of her car. taylor is charged with aggravated battery, leaving the scene of a crash and child abuse.
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his car at the time. >> well, it's a chance for the ladies to check out how they can get involved in law enforcement. >> coming up, which local police department wants to add more women to their force and, speaking of law enforcement, one sea turtle is probably grateful for this officer. more on this turtle rescue, ahead. >> big turtle, too. first, though, new details tonight about a massage therapist accused of touching his clients in a way he shouldn't have. what the state just did.
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>> new details tonight about the massage therapist accused of touching clients inappropriately. we've learned he is no longer allowed to practice in the state of florida. >> his license is now on emergency restrictions. caesar guerrero worked at the massage envy spa in winter garden. in december he was arrested
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her inappropriately during a massage. police in clermont say guerrero also worked at a massage parlor on highway 27. after his arrest, more people came forward accusing him of similar assaults. guerrero is charged with felony sexual battery. >> calling all women who are interested in law enforcement. the orlando police department is looking to hire women. in about two weeks, the police department will hold a women's law enforcement career forum. it is wednesday, march 9th, from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m. at valencia college. for more info, go to we posted the address and contact information. >> not something you see every day. a giant sea turtle rescued by deputies. >> an old leather bag turtle. he's got the crab buoy wrapped around his neck. he's alive still. very tired. big turtle, about 9 feet long, 8, 9 feet long.
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the jacksonville sheriff's office posted this video to their facebook page yesterday. the sea turtle, one of the most endangered sea turtles was stuck in a crab trap. the deputy was able to cut the line and get that big guy free. so he's out there and all right now. good job, fellows. >> i love that. a local sheriff's office is under fire from prosecutors. >> coming up tonight at 7:00, we're digging deeper into why two deputies quit over questions about illegal drugs and from the same department, happening in the same month. >> do you know why i'm stopping you, sir? >> no, sir. >> windows tinted, sir. >> what is spotted odd dash-cam video could set some criminals free. why prosecutors are asking if there are deep problems at one county's sheriff's office. >> it makes me a little sad that there's all that trash. >> yeah, but this local boy didn't just get sad, he got fired up and is doing something about it. how he has pressed others to
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the word. that's at 7:00. you're going to love this kid. >> thank you, ginger. computer viruses are not just for computers anymore. hackers are tricking their victims into giving them what they want through their cell phones. >> you know, the average computer user and average cell phone user has no idea about this technology and that is what makes it so dangerous. >> so we will show you the best ways to protect yourself mobile devices against a malware infection and keep your files safe. that's coming up tonight at 11:00. >> speaking of that mobile device, now is a good time to download the storm tracker app. tom sorrells is going to be giving us alerts tomorrow, let us know what's going on with the storms. >> he's going to be active. >> it's a great picture with my big yellow tie on. >> i love pushing on your face on my cell phone. >> the best thing candace was telling us about earlier is the push alerts.
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radar, it follows you wherever you go. please download it right now. this is what the radar looks like. we've got scattered showers we've been following throughout the day today. much of the action has really slowed down. this is lake county, the villages over there. leesburg getting a touch of rain right now, into marion county from outside of dunnellon. it barely missed you in dunnellon. now it's up to fellowship, marching to the north. these are just little pockets of rain. this is not. the big rain and the big storms we've been talking about. this is just us, loading up on some humidity and ekeing out some rain. zooming out to the gulf of mexico and way across to louisiana and mississippi, you see the red boxes? there's one, two, three, four tornado warnings going on right now from louisiana all the way to mississippi. the yellow boxes here are the severe thunderstorm warnings. that's what radar looks like tonight. it is some kind of ugly over there around interstate 59 and 10. for us, a touch of light rain that really seems to have calmed down.
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at 74 degrees here at news time. in orlando, 74. melbourne 72, and leesburg 75. way up in ocala tonight, 77 with the rain right around you. gainesville, 77. and 72 does it in cocoa beach. wind speeds tonight are kind of all over the board. 13-mile-an-hour in cocoa beach. 5 in leesburg and only 5 in sanford, too. we've dialed the wind down quite a bit into the evening hours. here's the satellite and radar together. i want you to see the last six hours. you see how rapidly this is marching on over. it hits the panhandle tonight and first thing in the morning, troy bridges will be here tracking it. the cooler air comes in behind this and makes a huge difference for the weekend. tonight, by midnight, there's not much to look at. watch this clock, by 7:00 in the morning, here comes the action. by 9:00, it's in ocala. by 11:00, it's approaching the metro, from the villages all the way to sanford. by 12 to 1:00, it passes through
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2:00, it's pushed all the way through volusia county. by 3:00 in the afternoon, getting on out of here. that cooler air we just talked about will be pushing on in. the lows tonight are in the 60's across the area. i'll call it, oh, 65 in the villages. 66 in sanford and 68 will do it in orlando. here's tomorrow. >> here come the storms. by noon, we're up to 78 degrees with showers on radar that could really be severe in spots. 80 is the high tomorrow. 67 is the high on thursday. so it's a big time turn around. as we go toward the weekend. friday's high is 64. saturday, 65. >> thank you, tom. >> we appreciate it. jayme is in for ping tonight. what should be a very winnable game for the magic tonight. >> it should be. but the one last month was winnable, too. and it didn't work out.
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the magic have to win 19 of the next 28 games to win the playoffs. he says tonight's game is one they cannot lose, because they take on the 76ers, the worst team in the league. we know that means nothing.
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76ers were in town, it was a low point for the magic. point. they lose to the worst team in the league and mired in an eight-game losing streak during that stretch. tonight they're in philadelphia taking on the last place 76ers. this is a game so important to scott skiles that the head coach slapped the must win label on it. you must remember what happened the last time the guys took on philly a month ago. skiles says it was awful, embarrassing and the magic were pushed around. it lost 96-87, giving philly a 6th win of the season at the time. it was part of the magic's eight-game losing streak, a slide that hurt their playoff chances. but somehow there's still a
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after shooter round in philly this morning, skiles said this. shooter round. we went around and talked to the guys about how many games they played in their career and things like that. this is a must-win. we have to apply pressure to ourselves and see who can scenario. this is a must-win. that's it. >> he said must win like four times. it's a must-win. after tonight the magic go from the worst to the first. they host the warriors on thursday. golden state became the fastest team to have 50 games in nba history last night. >> the cavaliers guard was not feeling good when the team played the thunder in oklahoma city. the cavs took him out of the game early. said he had the flu. turns out it was bedbugs from the oklahoma city hotel the cavaliers stayed at. he own showed reporters a bite on his head and said he was,
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he feels better now. the hotel -- >> i stayed there. >> -- they back up his claims, saying his room did have bedbugs, isolated to his room and they're taking care of it. that hotel, which is historic, as you know, is also rumored to be haunted. sometimes there really is no place like home. for detroit tigers pitcher shayne green, home is central florida. the 27-year-old turned pro coming out of clermont east ridge high school. he returned to the area this week for the tigers and spring training. he missed half of last season during spring training. he stays at the home he bought in winter garden and his parents who still live in clermont are close by. >> it make the season feel shorter and makes the training go by faster.
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being close to home is a perk, no doubt. >> the tigers first spring training game is next tuesday in lakeland. coming up this weekend on news 6, we team up with the solar bears to rethink homelessness. this saturday we're broadcasting their game live from the amway at 8:00. our pre-game coverage starts at 7:30. use the #rethink homelessness on social media. the bears will donate a dollar to fight homelessness. >> kalamazoo will not get
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>> the cbs evening news with scott pelley starts right now. >> remember, you can always get the latest headlines at we will see you back here tonight at 7:00 and 11:00. goodnight. >> pelley: dangerous weather hit the south. millions of people in five states are on alert for tornadoes. also tonight, more cases of zika in the u.s., spread by sexual transmission. apple's lawyers say unlocking the iphone of a terrorist is a slippery slope. >> apple knows how to do lots of things, buof but it is not an employee of the united states. >> pelley: and who let the dogs out?


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