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tv   News 6 at 7 pm  CBS  February 23, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> know why i'm stopping you, sir? >> no, sir. >> windows tinted, sir. >> what was spotted on that deputy's dash-cam video could end up setting criminals free. why prosecutors are asking if there's deep problems at one county's sheriff's office. >> and just in to news 6, our first look at the mom charged with murdering her own son while he showered. what police are doing right now
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and why this happened. >> ginger: good evening, everyone. this is news 6 at 7:00, getting results. i'm ginger gadsden. >> lisa: i'm lisa bell. >> julie: and i'm julie broughton. a local boy is gets results in his neighborhood. sad. he's fired up and doing something about it. out. that's coming up. >> ginger: is my favorite story right now. such a great kid. we'll talk about him in just a moment. but first, new at 7:00, we learned the marion county sheriff's office is making changes to get results. a dozen deputies got in trouble over the past year, including three in the past few days, one done in by his own dash-cam video. news 6's erik von ancken is finding out how deputies are going to be policing themselves. >> reporter: the sheriff said in a press release to us today if people don't come forward to make a complaint, he says it's
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down and catch misconduct by his deputies. that's why things here the sheriff's office says are changing. >> deputy bustamonte, marion county sheriff's office. you know what i'm stopping you, sir? >> no, sir. >> window tints, sir. >> reporter: the state looked at a dozen of these stops by the deputy, saying he used excessive force and illegally forced confessions by people and simply lied repeatedly. state attorney brad king says he's so disturbed he on throwing out all cases involving buft a bustamonte. he says the following. >> reporter: is there a bigger problem here? >> i don't believe so. i believe this agency is full of outstanding employees who work hard every single day. >> reporter: four former deputies are in serious trouble after this video surfaced, showing them punching and kicking a man who couldn't fight back. they pled guilty in federal
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years in prison. most recently, two female deputies quit after this internal affairs report included one tried to buy cocaine at a party hosted by beth billings. sheriff blair said he took swift action but only when he found out. he writes the following. >> reporter: some people might interpret that as blaming the victims. >> well, i think the intention of that statement is the sooner someone comes forward and files a complaint about an officer, it's easier for us to conduct an investigation and find out the truth. >> reporter: so going forward, the sheriff's office will randomly audit its deputies. they say every month a district commander will pluck a video and watch it of a traffic stop, the dash-cam video to see if there was misconduct. at the marion county sheriff's office, erik von ancken, news 6. >> ginger: the state attorney also said its office will not
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deputy bustamonte's testimony is required. >> lisa: we're also following breaking news in altamonte springs where police have just gotten a search warrant to go into the condo where they say a mother shot and killed her adult son in the shower. whatever evidence they find could shed new light on what happened in their home on post oak circle in altamonte springs, near maitland avenue and east altamonte drive. news 6 reporter troy campbell is there. >> reporter: police first responded to the townhouse this afternoon on a wellness check. a relative calling detectives saying a mother might have killed her son. the officers found a male's body in the bathroom. residents inside the gated altamonte springs community reacting to the shooting death of 29-year-old blake howard. charged with his murder, his own mother, 59-year-old virginia ortega. >> she planned the murder of her son, blake howard, and shot him multiple times while he was in the shower.
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was concerned for howard's safety and talking to the police on the phone this morning. >> the caller spoke directly to the mother who said some things to her, which is part of the investigation, that led her to believe, hey, something is not right. blake is in danger or is not okay. >> reporter: police saying there was an ongoing conflict between mother and son. the only two who lived inside the home. when police arrived, ortega refused to answer the door. after officers knocked down the door, ortega standing in the home holding a gun. >> it's pretty sad. you never know the details of what's going on in people's lives >> reporter: a neighbor saying in recent months, she's been concerned about the woman who lived in the home about a decade. >> she waved at me when i was getting the male and she was taking her dog back in the house. i thought she does not look well. >> reporter: the mother remains in the seminole county jail charged with premeditated
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troy campbell, news 6. >> lisa: eric sandoval is also dig into this story. it's on the home page of, powered by news 6. >> ginger: we've been talking about this all day but big changes are coming to central florida's weather in the next 12 hours or so. >> lisa: right now, the same storm system is striking louisiana and it's now turned deadly. >> ginger: this is the video of assumption parish louisiana where a tornado barrelled through late today, damaging homes and rv's. there are reports of at least one death in the area. eight people we're told have been taken to the hospital. >> lisa: you can see light rain on our city cam in downtown orlando as we take a live look. but a lot worse could be on the way. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing the storms for us. >> tom: what we're going through tonight doesn't bear a lot of worries for tonight. if you have to go to bed now, you don't need one of those weather radios going. you don't need an alarm. we're going to be just fine
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most of our light rain has dissolved into nothing here in the last hour or so. light rain to the north and west of redick. these are just pockets of activity, nothing heavy, nothing severe, not packing a wallop at all. future radar has it dissolving in the next hour or two. as you look to the west, outside of new orleans and mississippi, all of the red are tornado warnings happening right now. this is a rough system, a lot of torque and a lot of shear going on. eventually the system will march across the gulf of mexico and come to see you tomorrow morning. on-the-town forecast for this night, though, smooth. 72 within the hour. down to 70 at 11 p.m. i'll be back in a few minutes and pinpoint overnight lows, of course, but more importantly, we'll break out the exact arrival time of the big rain starting at 10 or 10:30 to the west and how long it takes it to march all the way through where you live. see you in a few minutes. >> ginger: thank you, tom. we'll definitely keep you apprised of the situation all
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tomorrow, news 6 will be there for you. >> julie: on air if we need to break in and this is the perfect time to download our pinpoint weather app. >> lisa: candace campos took the pinpoint weather patrol all over central florida. >> reporter: as we continue to pinpoint your forecast around town for this evening, the next spot is palm showers, down south along the coastline. for tonight, temperatures are cooling down into the mid to upper 60's. staying mostly dry. only a few isolated showers. but for tomorrow, we will see showers and thunderstorms roll in come lunchtime hour and continuing until 4 p.m. as temperatures warm up to the upper 70's. but anticipation of the severe thunderstorms, we went out earlier today with my photographer and we talked to some families who were out enjoying the nice afternoon, spending time together with lunch outside. we talked to them about downloading our weather app. they love the idea. they love the interactive radar. they even got their kids involved and got them to also download it on their phones.
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them some news 6 swag to thank them for downloading it. but the app will be extremely useful, though, as we head into tonight and tomorrow. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. you'll note the news 6 weather team will be working around the clock especially ahead of the next cold front, sending out any alerts you need to know about, whether it's a tornado or severe thunderstorm warnings. >> julie: thank you, candace. light rain will be welcome for firefighters still trying to put out this large brushfire. they now have it under control near state road 415 and ashby cove lane between deltona and new smyrna beach. it is about 10 acres but no homes are in danger. tonight we're still waiting to learn if a teen accused of running down a deputy on purpose will be tried as an adult. >> lisa: as the teen faced the judge for the first time, sergeant marcy pearce was also
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>> he tried to take my life. he was going fast. >> lisa: the 15-year-old jancarlos ortiz is charged with attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. she was trying to arrest ortiz on a burglary warrant when he hit the gas in a stolen car. he turned himself in yesterday at his mom's house. >> no comment. >> reporter: do you have pearce? >> i strive really hard to take care of those people every day. >> lisa: the sergeant thanked fellow deputies and the community and their support as she left the courtroom. ortiz is back in court next month. >> julie: a former isleworth millionaire convicted of killing his wife is getting a new trial. that means 67-year-old bob ward could get out of prison soon. bob ward was fingerprinted and custody after being convicted of
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almost five years later his 30-year sentence for killing his wife was overturned. an appeals court agreed his attorney should have objected when prosecutors showed video of ward refusing to talk to police, noting he has a constitutional right to remain silent. no word on when the new trial will take place. >> ginger: the countdown is on at the cape. what spacex hopes to do for the first time in less than 24 hours. >> lisa: and speaking of space, this video of a gorilla chase on the international space station is going viral. many are asking what is going on? new information from the gorilla himself, in minutes. >> julie: that's exciting. but first -- >> if you see a bunch of trash, don't just stay there and wait until you see more trash the next day. just do something about it. >> julie: that is good advice. that boy got fed up when he saw trash dumped in his new neighborhood. next, how he's getting results
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we're getting results in palm coast, and central florida here on news 6 at 7:00 and our news 6 app. >> and join us on facebook during the break. just search for me at broughton
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>> lisa: the brevard zoo is getting results for an endangered sea turtle named steve. our floor director steve is waving. he was rescued in november near port canaveral with fishing hooks embedded in his flippers. after a few months ever rest and relaxation, at the zoo's healing center, steve was ready for his big release. >> ginger: that steve is way more active than the steve we have here. >> lisa: and much cuter, too. >> julie: i'm on your side, steve. loren korn shows us how a young boy took action when he saw trash in the neighborhood.
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along the roads in the area. 10-year-old caleb knew something had to be done. >> it makes me sad that there's all that trash. >> reporter: which is why the 10-year-old and his family clean up trash in his neighborhood at least once a week. >> sometimes i just find coke bottles and a lot of foam cups. >> reporter: on sunday the family says they collected at least two bags full of trash just along their street on high banks road and posted to facebook to get other residents involved. what they didn't expect were these pictures of caleb to go viral. >> the response has been amazing. we've had over 250 likes for young caleb, and i'm hoping this will get the word out for those that i see throughout the mornings taking a stroll. >> reporter: residents also gave the family an idea. >> there will be a sign that's
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>> reporter: caleb is going to be in charge of keeping it clean but caleb says you don't need a street named after you to do the right thing. >> if you see a bunch of trash, don't just stay there and wait until you see more trash the next day. do something about it. >> julie: i love him. >> lisa: if all the 10 years old went out there and cleaned up their street, we'd live in a pretty pristine area. >> ginger: how about we get some adults involved, too. caleb is just amazing. he's going to get more likes from this story. when you hear astronaut scott kelly sent out a tweet, you expect a view like this incredible sunrise from last week. but his latest post was a bit different. a nasa camera captured kelly dressed in a gorilla suit popping out of a white box and chasing fellow astronauts and cosmonauts around the space station to the tune of the music
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he went all out. why this stunt? kelly tweeted this message. "need a little humor to lighten year in space. go big or go home. i think i'll do both." he's set to return to earth march 1st. >> lisa: that gorilla suit, will it stay at the international space station or go somewhere else? >> ginger: it will stay in a museum somewhere. he will set the nasa record for the most total time in space at 520 days. >> lisa: that's incredible. >> julie: by this time tomorrow night, we may know if spacex will finally succeed in landing a rocket at sea. this is video from the last attempt last month off the california coast. it ended in a fiery failure when a latch failed to grab on to the rocket's legs. spacex plans to launch a communications satellite tomorrow night at the cape and
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on a barge. the 90-minute launch window opens tomorrow night at 6:46. the weather is 60% go for lift-off. if it happens, we'll bring you the launch live on >> lisa: they're already saying the chances for a successful landing don't look good because of the flight pattern and weather and all that. >> ginger: but they'll try. >> tom: i used to be able to tell you without fail whether they're going to launch or not because nasa is so careful. but elon will just shoot the rocket. >> ginger: it's his rocket. >> tom: i've got great storm pins to tell the story before we dive into all the big rain for tomorrow. it's a beautiful shot from the villages. >> ginger: that is pretty. it looks so serene. >> tom: steve in melbourne saw
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what about this one? good work, >> download storm pins right now in your app store. we'd like to see what you're seeing in central florida. now, here at home, much of our rain has been light, kind of like this stuff around leesburg and eustis here in the last hour or two. redick picked up a touch of rain to the west. from palm coast down to daytona beach, we've gone another hour, maybe even two now without any rain at all. not looking for much tonight until this thing comes rolling across the gulf of mexico. panama city will probably have rain within the hour. we'll have to wait until tomorrow morning. daytime high in orlando hit 81. overnight low was 60. you look at that versus our normals, we're way ahead of normal by a good 6 degrees. in daytona beach, it's obviously really dark now. 71 degrees. it is also 71 in orlando. 70 in melbourne and 73 does it in leesburg. gainesville, 70. palm coast, 71. 70 in cocoa beach.
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the south. take note, the wind speed in orlando has died. from about 10 or 20 miles per hour earlier today. we're now down to about only 6 miles per hour. still breezy in cocoa beach and melbourne but everywhere else, it's really calmed down. >> tomorrow, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being awesome, tomorrow's about a 4. i don't like the stormy days when it's going to rock and roll. look at the big low in the front pushing through. here's the set-up. big cold front comes in tomorrow, storminess ensues and the colder air funnels in the rest of the week. here's the breakout. by tomorrow morning, 8 a.m., it's there. by 10:00, it's from the villages back to the west. by 1:00 in the afternoon, a large part of the viewing area is covered up including orange county. the front swings through by 2 or 3:00 and by 3 or 4:00, it's game over. tonight's lows will all be in the 60's. going to call the overnight low tonight in orlando down to 68. here's tomorrow.
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thunderstorms by noon. the daytime high should tag 80. but it's really dangerous between 10 a.m. and 2:30. 80 is the high tomorrow with the storms midday. some could be severe or it could be the possibility of an isolated tornado. thursday's high, 67. friday, 64. chilly on saturday, too. i'll be back tonight at 11:00 with a new update and a new model on the storms. >> ginger: i just downloaded again my storm pins app. >> tom: thank you. >> julie: she's prepared. >> lisa: thank you, tom. >> julie: i'll be getting up early tomorrow as i hang out with the morning team at mix, 1 os
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>> matt: tonight at 11:00, we'll be looking at h.o.a. and condo association nightmares. imagine this you're in your car in a gated community and you're held at gunpoint. >> all i could think about was my kids, was i going to die? someone is standing in front of my car. >> matt: we have dozens of complaints from h.o.a. and condo associations. what rights do you have and who
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if you live in an h.o.a. or condo association, you don't want to miss this story. we'll see you tonight at 11:00 on news 6. >> and after the news at 11:00, it's "the late show with stephen colbert" >> jeb bush described the race with a proper metaphor. >> tonight i'm suspending my campaign. i congratulate my competitors who are remaining on the island. >> that's right. this election is like survivor. but sadly jeb did not run an amazing race. he didn't have the "x factor" and nothing short of an extreme make-over could make voters forget his big brother. his sponsor gave him $150 million. his campaign cost as much as inception. only the ending of jeb's
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>> i will always respect him for trudging on despite sinking poll numbers, dubbing himself the joyful tortoise and handing out toy turtles to anyone who would take them. but now, the turtle is dead. joyful no more. and what does one do with a dead tortoise? >> lisa: wow, i laughed.
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