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tv   News 6 at 11pm  CBS  February 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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breaking tonight, a weather alert, a killer storm system making its way to central florida it just ripped a pensacola apartment apart. this picture just posted by the news journal. three buildings damage lid. at least six hurt. we're also hearing several condos near by destroyed. it's just as bad to the west where the storms destroyed a trailer park near new orleans. at least two people dead. 30 more are hurt. and we are up next. chief meteorologist tom sorrells has the new time line of when the storms will strike and how
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we're on the clock. it's already on radar. look at the warnings that are going on right now near the panhandle. from panama city back to the west. all all the way to alabama. the asked tough run tonight. this is what the system looks like. much of the energy escaping to the north. it's extending all the way to the gulf of mexico. it's a long way from this to that. about 281 miles. but it's going to come marching across cross the gulf during the overnight. while you're sleeping, things are fine. it's tomorrow during the day you have to watch. this is 6 o'clock in the morning. not too bad yet. by 8:00 a.m., a few prefrontal things are starting. and by 10:00 a.m., the front is there and all the action filling in all across the area. by noon, heavy scattered showers all over the heart of the metro and a large part of central florida. i'll be right back. we'll pinpoint the rest of the day tomorrow and talk about the big cool down on the backside of
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tom, thank you, stay ahead of the storm, tonight by downloading our pinpoint weather app. live radar and weather alerts sent to your phone. search wkmg. a look at the local sun murdered in the shower and a new look at his mom charged with killing him. she is now in jail and in just the last hour, police took her son's body away. they are still searching for clues inside the home on post
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try to piece together what may have happened. >> what a tragedy. i can't believe that's him. >> reporter: suzy says she knew blake howard. we found on on his facebook page, he just started studying at state seminal college in january. >> i liked him very much. he was talented and creative. he was just a very nice person. she was like a lunatic. >> reporter: news 6 also found out tonight that ortega is a medical transcriptionist. she works for orlando health.
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years and pretty much kept to themselves. >> it's a tragedy. i don't feel any less safe here. this is a wonderful play place to live. >> reporter: we did check, police have never been call ed to this house before. tonight, ortega ask at the seminal county jail on no bond. she'll make her first appearance before a judge tomorrow. and we will be there. we're live tonight, news 6. thank you. new at 11:00, a passionate fight for equal protection in brevard county schools. it surroundses a proposal to form a formal band of harassment. not everyone is in favor of this. sashell saunders is live outside the school board. sash shell, why are some against this plan? >> reporter: well there's a lot of reasons. they're just now getting out of this meeting after some dozens, maybe about 50 or so people spoke out against this. the whole controversy centered
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gender identity and sexual orientation. and parents were dead set on not having them as part of the antidiscrimination policy. >> if i want this thing to go away, i want it to be so far buried down a deep well that your grandchild won't even be looking at it when they're siting in your seats. >> reporter: passion was not hard to come by as patients debated a change in the antidrimths policy. >> are you willing to let someone's life be ruined by your decision. >> reporter: those strong feelings were other overwhelmingly -- against adding those words. a call primarily by lgbt da danielle walls. >> it's the same thing that protects race, national origin. >> it serves the living god. >> reporter: religious convictions fuelled most arguments.
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policy amounts to reverse discrimination of christian children. >> i still stand on the word of god and what it says we are created male and female. >> reporter: threats to leave the school district and fights to the end brought cheers and demands while they say people are misinterpreting the intent. >> i hope the board will do the right thing. i think with with this out pouring of response on the other side, i don't know how they'll move tonight. >> reporter: and i'm telling you this meeting is just letting ow. you can see people filing out behind me. this didn't go in the favor of danielle wall. the assistant tonight. the board has decided to not send this to a public policy hearing. they want to work out a few kinks and possibly bring it back later. but for now, they will not send to public hearing. reporting live sashell saunders
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now at 11:00, a sly thief caught on camera stealing from a restaurant. those are tips meant for the staff. that is on i drive just south of fun spot. jennifer ortega walks us through the rip off. >> reporter: employees say the woman looked a tea the menu, got up towards the register and took the cash right out of the jar. you see her casually scouting the area. minutes later she swipes the money out of the tip box and puts it in her back pocket and sits down. >> she took the scamin anyone looking? she take the money and she just going. >> reporter: workers say it happened so fast they didn't know it was missing until hours later. >> i was in the kitchen. then someone say hey, we're missing money here. >> reporter: this worker says the box is always open and the money inside goes to the whole crew at the end of each day. but on monday afternoon, there
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>> it's not because the money for us. it's nothing. what (indiscernible) that, if she's like money (indiscernible) ten bucks, (indiscernible). >> reporter: the owner tells us, it was an employee helping customers near the front of the restaurant, but the woman swiftly slid by him. >> i remember the girl and i look at her and say maybe she ask for something. but i be back soon. [!speaker2]: they replace ed the tip box with this one that has a lid. if you recognize the woman in that video, you're asked to call police. in orlando, jennifer ortega news 6. tonight news 6 investigates hoa nightmares. families say they are fed up and want results. we've heard all sorts of complaints from open gates to sleeping security guards and investigators mic holl felled has been looking into this carefully. he's live outside a gaited community in seminal county.
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gates, hoa mismanagement just a few complaints we're hearing from from our viewers. viewers are telling us they want to feel safe and accountability. they want their money's worth. we talked to one woman who says her association failed, putting her at risk. the teens you're watching on this home security camera don't live in this gated community. one of them had a handgun. marry was their target. >> all i could think about was my kids. was i going to get shot? was i going to die because i was standing in front of my car? >> reporter: the teens drove off. the gate wide open. in the blur of seconds, she had been carjacked in front of her own home. >> the whole time i was standing there, the gun was pointed at me. >> reporter: that happened in november. we met marry on monday. she says the security gates had been broken for weeks. the teen driver, slammed into a police cruiser. her car totalled.
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association. >> they let you down? >> i feel like they did. >> reporter: the arne i can twist, that gate is broken again. >> i can't get this woman to give me a bank statement. >> reporter: at a hoa board certification meeting. and hoas, shared tails of alleged mismanagement and board conspiracy. >> you're using hoa money to find money? >>yes, exactly. and only a two year period, we went through five different management companies. >> reporter: if you teach the board how to do the right thing so the stories from hell happen less and less. >> reporter: 144 board members were in orlando to get it right and understand the law. >> hoa owners, you're on your own. >> reporter: eric and hoa homeowners have rights. but don't have the assistance of department of business and professional regulation. something condo associations have right now. >> they provide arbitrators to hear cases and question and
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they provide free online forms. >> reporter: in his latest blog, they blasted the double standard that forces them to pay attorneys to fight for them. the legislation would have cost hoas $2 a home. it was rejected this year. >> for whatever reason, the florida legislature thinks it's a bad deal to charge hoa owners a lousy two bucks a year to get the same help. >> reporter: got your attention? good. he said he's going to continue to push for that legislation and too. call your lawmakers. i know a lot of you have issues. we set up links at good to know. thank you. caught on camera, a brave move as a pilot slams oh into a hand full of cars. why that was the best place to crash. >> plus a puppy. what he was hit with that left him scarred and the x-ray that
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we have dig problems brewing in the gulf of mexico. the low is moving to the northeast. and the front is racing towards central florida. i'll be back to pinpoint the arrival of the big storm and tell us about what kind of day you're staring at for your wednesday. first the new target for hackers. your phone. how they're tricking people and what you can do to protect
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just in, new video of the damage from tonight's strong storms. this is at a town home complex in pensacola. it's dark, you can see what appears to be tree limbs down and maybe a wall torn down. now a near by apartment complex
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you can see a rubble from that wall there. this is the system that is headed our way. the time line on what we can expect in just three minutes. tonight, an alert about the new target for hackers smart phones. figuring out if your phone is effected is not always easy. how it's happening and what you can do. >> can you tell the difference between these two smart phones? this one is infected with malware. just like your computer, the problem is, you can't see that the malware is there. stealing your information. any kind of software like that that can install on a laptop or desktop system can make it onto a portable device also. >> reporter: how does malware get there? eric ceo and founder of i cloak says you're letting it in. >> the weak link is always the human being. >> reporter: he said much like on your computer, fishing attacks are the number one attack. >> if they can trick a user on
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shouldn't click on, it's the most common way for people to be infected. >> reporter: but what you may not know, even listening to a song or viewing a picture can let in malware. >> what really brilliant hackers have done is written software that will be included in something that is normally safe. so like an mp3 file or a song. >> reporter: new phones come with restriction that is only let you use their approved apps. they do that to keep you safe. but those that are tech savvy, there's a way around that. jail breaking. that process open s the door to 100s of third party apps. but lisle says it's the app that maybe infected. >> those places don't necessarily have to be vetting it for security and quite frankly, a lot of them are the bad guys themselves giving you the software. >> reporter: he raises the argues that jail breaking her phone actually makes it more secure. >> the main reason i jail broke
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not only would you need a password to get in my phone but the appses as well. >> reporter: still, it's better to be safe than sorry. how can we protect our phones. step one, avoid suspicious links. >> go to the legitimate store that should vet all these tools. so if it's on android, go to google play and look for the app there. if you don't find it there, there's a problem. >> reporter: step two, lock your screen. a consumer report study reveals 39% of smart phone users don't like their screens. step three, turn on ingroupings on your phone. if you have an iphone, encryption is on by default. if you have an android, you have to turn it on manually. we have posted step by step instructions on our website. you can find this right now by going to slash news 6. i'm louis. news 6. if you notice your phone is extra slow eating through the battery or dropping calls, you
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if you get a pop up window saying your phone's been infected, don't click anything. simply restart the phone and have that checked out at the dealer as soon as you can. chief meteorologist tom sorrells getting a lot of nasty reports out of northwest florida. >> it's ugly. hopefully this thing can calm down a bunch. dry air will have a chance to get ut. our daytime heating and tomorrow afternoon, i don't hold that much hope. i'm afraid it's going to pop. we have a calm before the storm. at least that's what steve said when he submitted this. isn't that a nice one? the ominous clouds are already starting to arrive just as the sun is setting low. look at this one. hicks from the beach, capture it is moon and jupiter. good work there. i like it. download storm strake tracker if you could. because tonight is a very active storm here in central florida. a cold front coming and it's
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we talked about this early in the newscast. there's already a confirmed touchdown tornados. way to the north and west. there are currently tornado warnings in alabama, severe storms just to the west of panama city. and tornado warning in alabama. it's ugly. marching its way at a really rapid rate. so it's going to arrive during the first part of the morning tomorrow. and punch through here by midday. here's a close upshot. it's absolute worse. just to the west of la goon nah beach. and just off the screen if you don't have a wide screen. this is just west of panama city. all the way up to the north. it's really pounding the panhandle right now and across the state line is alabama and mississippi. for us thrix the way it breaks out. by 8 o'clock in the morning, the approach of the action will be here. it's all going to push through during the early part of the day. by 10:00 a.m. it's here.
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central part of the viewing area. by noon, i'll be here for hours by then. and some of these scattered showers, while they don't like a solid line, there's possibility there will be more of a solid line with the daytime heating. if you wake up in the morning and the sun is shining, that's not good. that spells doom for later. here's the set up by 2 o'clock. some of the heavier rain pushing in belusha county. it's going to be a good long run through the day tomorrow. and by 2, 3, 4:00 it should wrap up. and by tomorrow night, we're cooling down. overnight lows, 64 ocala.
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. tonight a puppy stealing 100s of hearts online. the online attention online are just horrible. he was shot 18 times with a beebe gun. all 18 pelts still inside. you can see them on his x-ray.
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police found him on sunday. veterinarians say he's a lucky dog. and this isn't something most puppies would be able to survive. so police have arrested the two teams who shot the puppies. there's 17 and 14-year-old. some incredible new videos tonight playing crashes on a road slamming into a car. and you can watch it skid to a stop right there with a busted wing. watch as the single engine plane hit s the ground in los angeles. later in the video, you can see the pilot emerge from the plane a. news chopper pilot says he heard the plane's engine sputtering. and he watched it at low altitude before veering down and the pilot dodged homes, train tracks and crashed that small plane damaged five cars. los angeles police say the pilot was alone and not hurt. incredibly. that worked out all right. >> jim, today in for ping tonight. >> they are in a must win. we're talking imagine and i can college basketball.
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most amazing buzzer beeters you will ever seat. it happens at the florida gator belt game tonight. illinois show you the rest of the shot coming up. plus as lisa mentioned, beautiful basketball for the
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it is. she's talking it up.
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college basketball for a very, very long time. this is one of the most unbelievable shots. so i need everyone's attention right now. for the craziest most unbelievable basketball shots from the florida vaneder belt game tonight. unfortunately for the gators, it is at their expense. fojly for us, we get to see it. >> are you kidding? did you see that. vanderbilt blocks it on one and a full court chest pass for a three in the first down buzzard. that's crazy. it was like 80 fite feet. josh henderson was the guy that made the shot. vandy, the team that made the game, 87-74 over the gators. >> he just through out up it was a time out. i said hay listen, when you make the rebound, make it three about 85-feet. we'll be good.


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