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tv   News 6 at 5.30a  CBS  February 24, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> a line of storms heads this way and the storms already turned deadly in the south. >> we are live working to get you answers from police on if a dangerous gunman could be object run. >> breaking overnight, in election 2016, the results are in from the nevada caucuses. it is another big win for donald trump. our big story right now, the weather. good morning. it is 5:30. i'm bridgett ellison. >> i'm david hall. within a few hours, this line of showers and storms could actually be in central florida. some of it could be severe. let's get the latest from troy bridges in the pinpoint weather center with the latest and also a timeline. >> it will be in central florida within the next two hours.
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on top of central florida. that watch in effect for marion through 10:00 this morning. this line really picking up speed and moving in. you can see the red shading indicating that tornado watch. that means conditions are favorable, not that there is tornado yet. that is not on land yet. once it moves in, we have the risk for rotating storms. the main threat will be strong winds greater than 50 miles an hour. damage. here is the breakdown with temperatures and timing of the storms. lots of clouds in place. the real time for it to be on a large part of central florida along i-4 would be the noon hour, where it is 78 then. plenty of warm humid air in place to set the stage once this drastically changing front moves in. we'll drop temperatures dramatically tonight. as that happens, we see an 80% coverage of storms at noon. 50% coverage at 4:00 with a high of 81 degrees. coming up, we'll talk more about
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of course, download the pinpoint weather app. i sent out a new push alert so you know when and where these storms will strike. let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the traffic center. >> troy, thank you so much. as far as roads go, we are moving along very, very nicely. no accidents to report. a live look outside, showing osceola parkway. some eastbound cars moving away from you. not too many of them in either direction. as far as your drive times go, 417 as an example here, no issues. so far so good. that is your check on traffic. back to you. >> this morning, we are getting a new look at the damage in the panhandle after a tornado carved a path of destruction. >> emergency workers trying to find anyone who could be in trouble out there. that tornado ripped a two-mile path through the city last night, destroying several homes and apartments, cars were flipped over, trees knocked down. things so bad out there, shelters have opened up to help
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of their homes. there are no reports of injuries in pensacola. but there are worries that could change. >> the storm system has been deadly. three people are dead after nearly a dozen other twists touched down in louisiana and mississippi. at least 30 others had to be rushed to the hospital with injuries. many more people watched as entire sections of their neighborhoods were destroyed. >> i was locked in the bathroom when it came over. it was almost like it takes your breath away. it is an indescribable feeling. it was scary. >> as troy has been telling us, storms from the same system are set to roll through later this morning. we have a threat for severe weather. that's why we keep saying, now is a time to make sure you have your pinpoint weather app on our phone. view live radar any time. you will you have to do is search wkmg in your store. >> we are following breaking news from volusia county, where
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investigating two reported shootings at two different scenes. everything happened in the past few hours on sheridan street and nearby ingram boulevard. that's where we find johnny live. what are police saying so far? >> police, they are not saying much at this time. after repeated e-mails, we have not heard back from them this morning. according to those reports, at least two people shot in two different locations. i want to show you video from overnight. we know at least multiple police cruisers and officers swarmed both of those scenes. blocked off roads at that point. one victim was shot near the police as lettic league center. we don't have any information on their conditions or if a dangerous gunman could be on the loose in this neighborhood right now. we have been trying to get answers from the police.
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pass that information onto you guys. guys. >> i don't know overnight in orange county, parts of a neighborhood left under water after a crash. we were there where firefighters say a car hit a hydrant on the road and kept going. you can see the mess it left behind. parts of the road under water. we are working to figure out if the car was found and if the driver could if as charges. >> more breaking news, this time in election 2016. >> the nevada caucus results came in overnight. it is another win for donald mark? >> reporter: no business surprise as trump was expected to win. he took that victory in a big way. the gop front runner brought in
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was nearly double of his next closest competitor. these results are bringing cheers and smiles to trump head quarters quarters. >> you are going to be prouder of your president and you are going to be prouder of your country. >> donald trump wins big in nevada. polls there showing many leaning away from those perceived as establishment candidates. >> a lot of politicians say a lot of things but they haven't gone out and made it happen. he has done that. >> who weeks from tonight, your state will get to weigh in. >> marco rubio spent the evening campaigning in michigan while ted cruz greeted caucus goers and took aim at the republican front runner. >> the only campaign that has
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campaign that can beat donald trump is this campaign. >> ben carson and john kasich finished in the bottom of the voting last night in nevada. many have been calling on them to get out of the race because of the raept low poll numbers. it appears both are staying in this campaign race. >> we are working to find out what caused this wildfire yesterday. sky 6 flew over that scene. you can see all of that smoke that crews had to deal with. we are told the fire was connected to a controlled burn but crews later cede they don't know how the fire started. fortunately, no homes or businesses were damaged. >> in a few hours, the man accused of trying to kill george zimmerman is expected back in court. another pretrial hearing is is set in the case for matthew apperson. prosecutors say he shot at george zimmerman last year during a confrontation.
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the case has been in the news. the judge ruled apperson indigent indigent. >> despite the forecast of rain, crews say there is a 60% chance of an ontime liftoff. it will be carrying a satellite into space. but after leftoff, they will attempt to land it in sea. the launch window opening at 6:40. if it happens, you can see it at >> the power ball jackpot is on the rise again. >> tonight's drawing is estimated to be a whopping $236 million because no one matched all the numbers and the power ball in saturday's jackpot. if you are feeling luck ke, it is the time to play t. only place to see the drawing for the power ball is tonight on news 6.
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right before our news at 11:00. >> i still can't get over my loss from the last jackpot so i might have to play. it is a weather alert day. >> pinpointing storms. there is that line moving through the gulf of mexico. the red box, the tornado watch in effect until 10:00. here's the timeline of the severe threat that we have today. northwestern zones, marion county, sumter county, lake county. from 8:00 this morning until 10:00. then from 10:00 until 2:00 in the afternoon, along i-4 we'll have strong winds and the possibilities of tornado. into 2:00 this afternoon through 5:00 this afternoon, eastern areas pushing out after that. brevard county, volusia county, sections of osceola county. witness it moves out, we'll see a drastic change in temperatures. really the noon hour along i-4 for a large part of central florida is under the gun. the bus stop at 3:00, pushes off
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make sure the kids have the rain gear or maybe pick them up from school today. an 80% coverage of storms. more on the timeline straight ahead. let's check on the roads with amy in the napleton traffic center. amy? >> thank you so much. we are doing just fine, a couple of accidents reported. they are not looking too impactful. on 408 west -- i should say the 408 expressway, by good holmes road, reports of an accident but it does not look like major delays. also a report at curry ford at frederica drive. keep that in mind this morning. i want to take you outside. this is right in that area in which that expressway crash is reported. it is not impacting your roads. your major roadway are in the clear so far. that is your check on traffic. back to you. >> a major airline pushing for flights to cuba. >> what polar carrier cut off
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>> a woman caught stealing from an idrive restaurant. what police say she took as workers stood by. >> we are following breaking news for you after a tornado touches down overnight leaving behind a trail of damage. an update on what is left behind next.
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just waking up with us, following breaking news overnight in the panhandle. several homes, parts of an apartment complex have been destroyed after a tornado touched down. it is all part of a strong storm system heading this way right now to central florida. right now, parts of the area are under a tornado watch. troy bridges will have another update on the severe weather threat. you can get updates any time on the storm and all the information, downloading our free app on our website. and you can look right on the home page,, powered by news 6. >> this teen accused of running down a deputy came face to face with his victim as he faced a judge for the first time. sergeant marcy pierce walked in on crutches determined to be there as john carlos ortiz made his first appearance yesterday. deputies say sergeant was trying to arrest ortiz when he hit the gas in a stolen car,s toing her to the hood.
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as for sergeant pierce, she is still trying to deal with what happened. >> that's a strong woman. prosecutors have 30 days to decide if this teenager will be charminged as an adult. >> new fears over zika virus as there is a fifth confirmed case in this area in seminole county. that brings the state-wide total to 29. seminole is the 11th to have a confirmed case -- 11th county to have a confirmed case. health officials say all the cases are travel related and do not involve pregnant women. ? a crime tracker alert after a woman steals money from a restaurant tip jar. this happened inside jarapa grill.
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camera. the woman looks down at the menu. she walks towards the register, snatches that tip jar money. puts it in her pocket and goes to sit back down. police asking anyone who may know about this, recognize that woman, call the crimeline -- 1-800-423-tips. >> the largest airline at the international airport could be flying in and out of cuba. southwest is expected to file paperwork to compete for newly opened routes to this country. during a meeting with employees. the ceo of southwest says he hopes to start flying to cuba. reps for other carriers say they plan on submitting applications to provide air travel to cuba. >> this is a reunion more than seven decades in the making. >> a man who thought his wallet was lost for good gets a big surprise. >> i thought at first, it must be a joke.
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>> a crew was working to renovate this theatre when they found macintosh's wallet. it turns out it was in the floor boards of the theatre since 1944. the head of the construction crew tracked down the rightful owner 71 years after he lost that wallet. macintosh says he remembers losing the wallet when he was a teen but never expected to get it back. >> that's a crazy wonderful story. >> fun to go through wallet from high school. all those years later, you may find things you forgot you had. >> we are talking about a severe alert day. be aware of as you head off to work, download the pinpoint weather app. you are sick of hearing us say that. you get the radar on your phone. we are pushing out alerts immediately. let's show you before you head out the door, what to expect. a tornado watch in effect until 10:00 this morning, for marion
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favorable for a tornado in that region. it will likely be expanded as this line moves closer. it looks like i-4 impacted around lunchtime. as folks are out and about, we will likely have big storms with strong winds, lightning. look at this, you can see the line beginning to move into the big bend area, pushing into our area within the next couple of hours. once it does, it will likely firm up more. we had severe weather to the north of us. that continues with some strong wind gusts, lightning and heavy downpours up through georgia. the panhandle earlier had that tornado warning. here is the risk, here's what we are in for. likely the worst of it, strong wind gusts, greater than 50 miles an hour. we cannot rule out rotating storms that could lead to tornadoes. the timeline around 8:00, starting off in northwestern zones, right around noon, along i-4 and then continuing on into eastern areas like brevard
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then it is over with in time for 6:00 tonight. we are at 69 in orlando. 71, cocoa beach. plenty of warm weather setting the stage for this front to move in. the warm muggy air in place as that front approaches. up to 78 at noon. 81 at 4:00. the greatest coverage of rain at 80%. we are at 50% coverage by 4:00 this afternoon. let's break it down. the model data painting the picture of what to expect. marion county, all the way up to sumter county. back down to sumter county, flagler county as well as northern sections of lake county. through 10:00 this morning, right along i-4 at 11:00, noon through 1:00. continuing to the east. 2:00 in the afternoon -- by 5:00 in the afternoon, still in sections of brevard county before it pushes out.
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we begin to see cooler air building in. today ahead of that, low 80's in most spots. plenty of warm air. we get up to 81 today with an 80% chance of rain. 68 with tons of fun. we stay in the 80's through the weekend. let's check on the roads with amy in the traffic center. >> thank you very much. good morning to you watching at home. things unfolding nicely as we wait for the weather. drive times along i-4, so far no major disruptions. we have a couple of accidents to report. not causing a huge delay. over on the 408 west expressway, traveling eastbound by good holmes road, reports of a crash working. on curry ford road by fredca, we have a crash reported. it looks like we are getting past a-ok.
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that's your check on traffic. >> it is 5:51. a major international recall involving a popular line of candy. >> at 6:00, why mars and snicker bars being pulled off store shelves. >> next, a check of big stories, including breaking news in the panhandle. several homes damage after a tornado touched down. an update is next. >> we are giving you a chance to go to universal's biggest party of the year. four tickets to mardi gras. head to 6. it ends friday night at midnight.
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>> just heading out the door, following several big stories including a breaking weather alert. parts of our area are under a tornado watch right now as a
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close to central florida, marion and sumter county are under advisories. troy bridges is pin pointing the worst of the weather and when it will arrive. the full forecast is coming up at the top of the hour. >> the same system caused damage in the panhandle. three people are dead because of the severe storms that swept across the gulf coast. reports of a two mile stretch of damage in pensacola. workers are searching for more workers. >> in a matter of hours, a seminole county mother accused of shooting and killing her son will appear before a judge. she has been charged with premeditated murder for the death of blake howard. they discovered his body in the shower of his condo. >> staying on top of more breaking news from volusia county. >> police there are investigating a shooting in daytona beach. still ahead, twa details we are learning from that scene. >> we have more breaking news and it is involving election news from overnight as donald trump gets a win in nevada. the battle rages on for second place. coming up a full break down of
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>> tempers flare at a local school board meeting. the issue at the center of a proposed policy change that has parents fired up. (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza.
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>> good morning on this wednesday. i'm david hall. >> i'm bridgett ellison with troy bridges. troy, we have this threat for severe weather that will last for several hours. >> we are talking about 8:00 this morning on through the afternoon drive, even 5:00. by 5:00, most of it is moving over into brevard county and out of the way. let's show you what we are in for as we show you this line developing through the gulf of mexico. we had severe weather overnight. in the panhandle through georgia, severe weather. that's the tornado watch in effect until 10:00 this morning for marion and for sumter county.


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