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tv   News 6 at 730 pm  CBS  February 27, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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live, this is news 6. >> tonight a news 6 special event. thousands of chronically homeless people are living on our streets. now central florida has a plan to end homelessness. and tonight, starting in just half an hour, you can help get results just by posting on social media. thanks for joining us.
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you'll hear this term a few times tonight, to put the homeless in to homes. there are 2100 people who are chronically homeless in orange, osiola. 40% of households in florida find it difficult to afford necessities such as housing. florida ranks the third largest in the nation behind california and new york. >> we're showing the game live in half an hour because it is faith and family night. >> yeah, eric. it's an exciting night here. this is our third and final game that we partnered up this year with the solar bears. the last game, the solar bears coming away with a win. kind of a little bit of fighting going on. but tonight should be an
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it is faith and family night. you can hashtag. the solar bears will donate for each hashtag. right now outside looking in to the playoff but only four points behind. they still have 21 games to go. a long way to go in this season. right here on news 6. we'll preview the game. very excited. an 8 o'clock puck drop right here inside amway center. solar bears against, i love saying this, kalamazoo. >> you're calling the game, ping. hashtag was rethink homelessness. when you post that on facebook, instagram or twitter, the solar
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rethink homelessness is used. and every dollar matters. they're urging you to get results because if they don't, some of these folks will die. housing first. this is rethinking homelessness. already it is getting results. >> hey. >> hey, david. >> david lunsford is happy to answer his door. for almost a decade, he didn't have one. all he had was a tent. >> off lake murray boulevard. >> in the woods? >> yes. three different places i lived in the woods. >> you spent seven years in a tent? >> in a tent. >> he also has a fridge full of food, a steady stream of . >> every day i wake up, i have a purpose. i have my pride back.
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>> warren foster is helping david keep his home. >> what's going on with utilities? >> warren is a case worker based in orlando. one of the places around town using the model. >> we are identifying housing and moving them in to housing first. it takes a lot of stress off case management and off the client in that they're housing while we're working on their issues. >> they're mainly focused on those folks as the most . >> their agency alone has put 45 former homeless in to permanent homes. and they're staying there. >> it just reached out and just grabbed me. >> last year volunteers went in to the woods and found and housed almost all chronically homeless veterans. an effort known as the surge. now they're going after the rest of the conically homeless.
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streets for a year. folks like david. >> are you going to stay here? are you going to make it? >> yes. there's no doubt. >> why do you know this? >> because i am so much stronger in my heart and spirit that there's no way anything can stop it. nothing can stop it. >> i think david will make it. money is needed to pay for housing like that apartment david is living in. the idea is for david to eventually help pay that rent. either through getting a job or . >> the commission on homelessness. andre, you and i talked about this. still got a long way to go there. >> eric, tonight's so exciting because everyone out there watching or those here at the amway center can get involved in
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to rethink homelessness. tonight and tonight alone, if people put the hashtag rethink homelessness in to social media, instagram, facebook, twitter, the solar bears will donate $1. >> you're talking about that dollar for the hashtag on social media. but what about tonight after the game? what can we all do? >> so again, homelessness is a problem here in central florida like it is in every major community in america. but we've seen leaders come together like no one before. leaders, officials, and the faith community. we're rethinking homelessness and we're also looking to get people involved with this hashtag rethink homelessness. we have to start with rethinking differently. >> i should point out, andre, that you put your money where
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we had a push-up contest you and i a few weeks back. i think you might have lost that but you did end up donating a few hundred dollars to the commission. they were happy about that. >> what's interesting, eric, that if you watch the video on, you were pausing at times during your push-ups. i still made the donation but you were a cheater. >> we'll let the viewers decide. either way, the commission won and homeless. one more time. stick with us through the news. you can watch that game live immediately following this news cast. and then use that hashtag rethink homelessness. now to breaking news on that amber alert that many of you heard about on your alarm on your cell phones. they have found that two-month
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amanda, what can you tell us? >> reporter: eric, orange county deputies helped find her safe and alive. 17 hours after the infant was kidnapped from her home. she's at a local hospital. they're waiting to positively id the infant. this all started last night around 11 o'clock. the two-month old was armed intruders broke in to the house and took taraji. those suspects drove off in a nissan with 24-year-old stephanie augustine. augustine and the car were found in fort pierce.
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no charges were filed. it's unclear her relationship to the infant. i want to show you how far. a a search ending here in orlando 17 hours after taraji was kidnapped. they haven't identified those suspects involved in last night's armed robbery. we are in touch with deputies here in orange county and broward county. we'll have an update tonight at 11. eric. >> anchor: we'll see you then. also breaking. we just learned hillary clinton has won the south carolina . disney world, ticket prices could go up as early as next
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a spokesperson said disney will charge more for one day visits. this is known as seasonal pricing. peak season will include spring break, late december. disney parks will cost $114. we'll have a full breakdown for you of this new tiered pricing system. the three daltonia middle school girls accused of spiking a teacher's soda with crushed red pepper. new tonight, news 6 justin has learned that these students could be in jail for a while. >> reporter: our cameras were not allowed inside. the judge ordered them to remain in custody here at the juvenile
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the next 21 days. >> reporter: deputies charged with the two students with felonies. investigators say the incident happened on monday after a teacher referred one of the students to the principal's office for dumping glue in to another student's backpack and for suspicion of stealing a laptop. upset, the student retaliated. coming up with the idea of pouring something in to her teacher's drink. deputies say this is how it all went down. the student who got in trouble brought in the crushed red pepper to school on tuesday. while another student distracted the teacher, the other poured the pepper in to the mountain dew. we're told she continued to suffer from a sore throat and stomach pains throughout the evening. and a few days later, deputies were at the middle school investigating. the three girls were arrested
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tampering with consumer products. while the third is being charged with being a principle to the crime. in volusia county, justin, news 6. >> anchor: deputies believe they found the body of a missing boater, ending the four-day search. deputies say they found william robbels boat going in circles with nobody on board. crews from orange county, lake county and official wild life all assisted in those recovery efforts. south carolina voters are having a say. hillary clinton has won that primary. more on this coming up. >> eric, our good friend high pressure is controlling our
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lots of beautiful sunshine. also a nice warm-up on the way. i'll let you know when we hit 80. >> anchor: space x could have a launch. why things could be better this time you wouldn't waste money buying a snow blower in miami. so why waste your money on overpriced lunches? instead, for just three dollars at subway, you can get one of our best 6-inch subs, every day of the week. it's the three-dollar sub of the day.
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you wouldn't waste money buying a snow blower in miami. so why waste your money on overpriced lunches? instead, for just three dollars at subway, you can get one of our best 6-inch subs, every day of the week. it's the three-dollar sub of the day. subway. fresh is what we do. another live look from the amway center. the puck is about to drop at the
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bears take on the kalamazoo. we want to remind you to use that hashtag rethink homelessness. the solar bears are going to donate $1 for each time rethink homelessness is used tonight on social media. we just learned that space x is going to try again tomorrow to launch a satellite in to deep space from the cape. and then land just off our coast. the x tried a few times to launch but they had trouble with their liquid oxygen they had to scrub. space x is targeting a window. we're going to air it live. and we'll be watching to see if the company can land that rocket back on a floating barge out in the atlantic. they have not been successful on that barge. tonight the nation is watching as hillary clinton and bernie sanders square off.
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defeated sanders. political pundits say that clinton relied on her advantage with african american voters. >> i voted for hillary mostly because of her experience and her background. and i feel she may lead us to us. >> mass incarceration and needing jobs. with him bringing this positive energy, i voted for him. >> anchor: what lies ahead for super tuesday. meteorologist elizabeth is back. very popular lately. >> oh, wow. thank you. >> anchor: i think you always are. but especially lately. we have this rocket launch tomorrow. if it doesn't go, it's certainly not to do with the weather. >> no. the weather is going to be perfect. not just for launching but for watching. >> anchor: get out there and enjoy it.
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we've had a beautiful, kind of coolish day today. tomorrow we're going to warm things up to just about where they should be for late february. radar has been quiet all day long. it will stay that way tonight and in to the day tomorrow courtesy of high pressure. today it was driving in a north-northwest wind. tomorrow as it starts easing off to the east, we'll get more of an on shore flow. we'll probably be getting in to at least the mid 70s. we will also be staying dry not just tomorrow but the early part of the work week. we top out at
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time. 74. the high temperature in orlando should be very pleasant as we get to the start of the work week. we'll hit it on tuesday and wednesday. we do see a slight chance of a few showers wednesday. but then just more great weather. a little cooler for the close of the work week with mid 70s back. but awesome. just awesome stuff. >> anchor: cooling off now, head to the amway for the hockey game. >> sports is all about being in competition. raised $10,000 for the rethink homelessness. let's beat that tonight. the solar bears want you to join the fight. not this one. but the fight against
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instagram, facebook, whatever. the solar bears will donate $1 each time hash tag rethink homelessness is posted on social media. i meet the 59-year-old army vet this week. he invited me in to take a look at his home. cowboy was homeless for 16 years. >> fabulous. mmm-mmm-mmm. i never expected anything like that.
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>> i didn't ask him if he was a sports fan but i think he is. you will hear more of cowboy's story during tonight's broadcast. be sure to tune in. amway will be turned back in to a basketball court. double digit loss to the knicks a going through the motions kind of night. that was one they should have won. just like tomorrow's game. the magics host the sixers. college hoops today. coach donnie jones visiting temple. nice freshman had himself a game. the 7' 6" center, 14 rebounds, five blocks. it was a tie game with seconds left. ucf is just so close to the upset but it didn't happen.
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needed the win. >> anchor: yes, that game again starts four minutes from now. >> four and a half, three and a half. >> anchor: right here on news 6, we'll be back (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president
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keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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