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tv   News 6 at 11pm  CBS  February 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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brand in the south.
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>> tonight we have an estimated jackpot worth $265 million. get your tickets out. good luck. first number tonight is 22. and right after that, america, we have the number 11. from nebraska, matching all 5 white ball numbers, she won $1
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next, fever tiny, 41. now your winning powerball numbers. good luck. it is 18 tonight. your multiplier is three. >> charged with felonies for pouring pepper into a teacher's drink. how long three middle schoolers will be locked up. plus, prices at disney world are going up. when to go so you can still save. first, new pictures of a missing two-month-old in central florida. a person of interest is in custody. investigators are figuring out how the girl kidnapped from south florida ended up here. thanks for joining us.
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today on your cell phone. tonight investigators are telling us the baby is at a local hospital. live in the sheriff's office, just the past few minutes, you found out which hospital. >> reporter: that's right. i just got off the phone with the sheriff's office. the baby is at the arnold palmer hospital, she is going to stay overnight for evaluation. she is expected to be ok. she is in the care of child protective services until reunion with mother and father can be coordinated. she was found alive but abandoned in unincorporated orange county tonight. deputies at the sheriff's office helped find her. they haven't told us where she was found or how she got here in central florida. this after armed intruders kidnapped her from her south florida home. found abandoned, alive, unincorporated orange county saturday night. investigators now trying to figure out how she ended up in central florida.
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in the middle of the night from her ft. lauderdale home. broward county investigators say armed suspects broke in friday night 11:00. they took the infant while she was sleeping with her mother. a search was issued. amber alerts pipinged on smart phones to find the missing baby. >> that's scary. because you don't know the motive or what is going to happen to them. >> reporter: investigators say the suspects drove off in a nissan, they named her as a person of interest. a family member tell us she is a cousin of the mother. investigators found augustin and the car saturday afternoon in fort pierce. they say she is talking to detectives. then they found the baby, left alone in unincorporate other than. investigators are not telling us where and don't know how she got here. she was sent to a local hospital ending a 17 hour state search.
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beginning. the past few minutes we found out she is at arnold palmer, staying for evaluation, but is expected to be fine. the broward county sheriff's office is not expected to file charges, there are still a lot of questions, chug any intruders. we are working to get those answers for you and will bring you updates tomorrow morning during the news. >> as well overnight. we made a map to give you perspective on how far this stretched across the street. she was taken from her home in faub last night, then north two hours to fort pierce, then the search ended in orlando 17 hours after the infant was kidnapped. updates all night as they come in. the three deltona middle school girls accused of spiking a
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pepper faced a judge, staying in custody at the detention center the next 21 days. deputies charged them with felonies. investigators say this incident happened monday after a teacher red cross one of the students to the principal's office upset about being disciplined, the student came up with the idea of pouring is there entry the drink. crime alert alert, wind chill park police on the hunt for a suspect who robed two businesses the last two days. police are trying to identify who this man is here. they say in both cases a man walked in wearing a dark green jacket. the pictures are fuzzy. you can see that gray hoodie has ears sewn in. the suspect hilt a store friday afternoon on south park, and today lunch time, the suspect robbed the mcdonald's on ahome.
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are asked to call police. starting next month, how much you will pay to get into disney world will depend on when you go. a spokesperson confirmed the rate hike and seasonal pricing today saying the company is going to soon charge more for one day visits, up to $124 during the busiest time of the year, they will divide into value, regular, and peak. the three other parks will cost $114 during peak times, $10 less than the magic kingdom. we spoke with an economics professor with why. >> i think disney is sore of catching up with what has been going on for a long time in the hotel industry or airlines, recognizing a ticket to the park in december is not the same thing as a tick to the park in august. >> anchor: we have posted a full
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you at we have learned space x is going to try again tomorrow to launch a satellite from the cape, then try to land off our coast. they tried two times this week to launch but had problems with their super cold liquid oxygen and had to scrub. they are targeting the window that opens at 6:47. we will carry it for you live tomorrow night, and will be watching to see if they can land on a barge out in the atlantic. remember they had not done that before. the weather looks perfect for the launch tomorrow. and actually really all week. very nice sunday, first a chilly night. >> anchor: in fact we are going to see patchy frost north and west of the metro. high pressure in control,
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through the day today. that has led to dry conditions. that will persist the second half of the weekend. we topped our at 68 in orlando. normal for this time of the year is 76, so we were running 8 below average in most locations, 66 the high in ocala, 62 palm coast, chilly at the coast, 63 in deltona. we are down to 50 in orlando as well as leesburg, 48 in the villages, ocala not reporting with a temperature at the top of the hour. 42 in palm coast and 46 in deltona. we are going to have the winds backing down. they were pretty brisk through the afternoon. as they become calm, you can see some of that along the coast already. we will get patchy frost developing, with overnight lows, mid 40's through central orange county, numbers to the north and west chilliest, 35 sunrise in ocala. 80's are back in the forecast. i will be back to talk more
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marion county deputies searching for a man who disappeared this afternoon. we are told he was last sean walking away from his home near silver springs shores 1:00 p.m. they say he has several medical issues and doesn't have his medication on him. so if you see him, meteorologist call 911. tonight hillary clinton has won big in south carolina, she now has taken three out of the four primaries and caucuses, but her opponent, bernie sanders, is not throwing in the towel. >> reporter: hillary clinton ran away with the south carolina presidential primary. cbs news projects she beat senator bernie sanders by a wide margin. >> thank you so much, south carolina. >> hillary, hillary. >> reporter: polls showed 84% of black voters went with clinton. she also dominated among women,
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she hopes americans give her a chance. >> the main thing is to see americans have what they need to have translate with more than 800 up for grab next tuesday, bernie sanders looked past south carolina, and the next three days is focusing on vermont, minnesota, massachusetts, oklahoma, and colorado. he was in texas earlier saturday where he is fighting an uphill battle. >> if all of you come out to vote and you bring your friends and your neighbors and your co-workers, we are going to win here in texas. >> thank you, alabama. >> reporter: clinton campaigned in alabama before returning to south carolina for her victory celebration. >> we are going to compete for every vote in every state. we are not taking anything and we are not taking anyone for granted. >> reporter: voters told cbs
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them, and that helps clinton pick up a decisive win in south carolina. >> anchor: this just in, one officer is dead, two others are until the hospital after a shooting in virginia. we are told they were hurt working a domestic-relate call. police say there is a suspect in custody. look for updates overnight on this story on orange county deputies say they believe they found the body of a missing boater ending a four day search. line. deputies say they found the boat going in circles on the headache but nobody was on board. family members were able to recovered. crews from orange county, headache county, and fish and wildlife all assisted in the recovery efforts. firefighters in brevard county
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that spread fast, 1 torched 100 acres this afternoon. at least two of those helicopters were called in to drop water on the fire as it burned in the woods near mico. firefighters say as of tonight the fire is 95% contained. no homes are in danger. we are asking how this fire start. also in apprehend county a family of eight has hostage their home after a fire ripped through it. this happened on carolyn lane west of i-95 and north of the 520. we are told tonight the red cross is helping that family of two adults and six children with somewhere to stay and then getting them back on their feet. new video showing a chain reaction crash that could have been a near disaster. next, why experts say these horses started running out of control with children in those wagons. plus, rethinking homelessness, and how you got results tonight and a surprise from news 6.
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we have zealous more hours to go before temperatures bottom out. 42 in palm coast, 48 in the villages and 50 in orlando. how hoe the temperatures go, and when we are in the 80's. >> more intense video caught on camera. an officer involved shoot-out. weeds. nature' s boomerang. at roundup , we know they keep coming back. you never invited this stubborn little rascal to your patio. so, draw the line. one spray of roundup max control 365 kills to the root and keeps weeds away for up to 12 months. because patios should be for cooking out and kicking back.
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>> >> those are gunshots, this is video showing a shoot-out in texas. deputies say the officer fired on a suspect after he led them on a chase in a stolen vehicle. report he shot the owner and drove off. the suspect died in the hospital. no word of any injuries from those officers. a trail rider recovering after a nasty crash and near disaster when the animal was spooked and started a terrible chain reaction. here's the video. the trail riders were making their way up the street as people gathered to watch in houston, texas. all of a sudden you see what happens. wow, one of the mules pulling a wagon got spooked, veered, and a horse and rider next to the wagon was hit and web to the ground.
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>> either a construction barrel blew over or something and spooked one of the animals. the kids in the wagon started screaming, spooked the second horse, then all they could do was hang on. >> anchor: the horse got up with an injured leg. the rider was taken to the hospital with at least one broken bone. the police car didn't do so well the kids are ok. tonight we are proud to say we put our money where our mouths are. check it out, at the orlando game, you watched it live all ni. our sport director presented this $5,000 check to bailey, the c.e.o. of the commission on homelessness. we asked all of you tonight to post on social media using the hash tag rethink homelessness, and every time you did, the bears donated $1 to the commission. they are working as quickly as
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off the streets and by -- into homes. we will have highlights of the game. between twitter and facebook, i posted four times. we have to say thank you for all the folks that did as well. you brought in good cash. >> progress. >> anchor: that's why we are doing it, exactly. >> we have to get through one more cold night. everything will be fantastic the next 7 days. radar tonight, just as it has been all day, quiet. all around central florida. guess what, tomorrow, quiet. next day, quiet the middle of the week, a slight chance of showers, but overall a dry and warming forecast. today, not that warm. high pressure in control, back to our north and west. this is generally a good thing as it pumps down some dryer and cooler air.
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some of us started in the upper 30's early today. we only made it to the upper 60's as we saw earlier in the show. that high pressure will start shifting east, allowing us to warm up as winds come in off the atlantic during the day tomorrow and we will have the benefit of staying dry a couple more days. we are 50 in orlando. already 45 in sanford. 46 in deltona. 41 palm coast, 48 in the villages. 50 in leesburg, 57 in cocoa beach. the afternoon. it wasn't that warm with temperatures in the 60's. with the winds between 10 and 20 miles per hour, made it feel that much chillier. they have backed down and will be calm tonight, which had help to aid development of patchy frost, inland volusia, flagler, northern lake and marion county, where your air temperatures will
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we are looking for 40 in the villages sunrise. so we are actually not too far off of the overnight lows where we sit. we will drop several more degrees through the overnight. the clouds and rain forecast, not a lot to talk about here the remainder of the evening. we start chilly and completely clear as you can barely pick a cloud out on this forecast. as we head toward noon, still lots of sunshine, we start to see a few clouds developing over the atlantic, trying to rotate toward the space coast. as far as the weather goes, there will be no interruptions with the shuttle launch tomorrow. weather should be fantastic if you want to watch the launch. sunday evening, we will see a few more clouds starting to filter our way. lucky you, heading to the downtown food and wipe festival, after a cool start, upper 60's
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high of 75, nice and warm, pretty. all the way through 7:00 tomorrow night. monday, we warm up, certainly much warmer start with temperatures mid 50's. up to a high of 77. 80 on tuesday. then there's that slight chance of a quick shower wednesday. we keep it warm, then cooler thursday, friday, and saturday with highs in the 70's. lots of sunshine, hoe humidity. >> again, that rocket launch during the newscast tomorrow night. we will be here with you star at 6:their. we will bring it to you live if it goes up. you say it should. >> anchor: weather is not an issue. >> thanks a lot. tonight's lottery drawing, good luck. >> saturday, february 27, toments jackpot is $4 million. the multiplier is 5. this evening, 12. followed by 43.
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1 is up next, followed by 51. the final number is 25. now fantasy 5, where you could win hundreds of thousands of dollars. tonight's numbers are, 12, 34, 14, 11. and the final number is 23. good luck, once again, winning numbers are, 12, 43, 44, 1, 5 is >> what a night it was. we had hockey and prime time, of course, it was a special night. you have been talking about it. raising money to help fight
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that's what the solar bears were doing. also a very entertaining game at the amway center. they took on kalamazoo.
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>> i just got a text back from the c.e.o. for the commission on
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he says tonight with all the re2003 retweeting, we raised office 5,000. that is awesome. i spent half of the night watching, and tweeting. every tweet is $1. we were proud to partner with the solar bears to broadcast tonight's game with kalamazoo live and number two, help raise money to help fight homelessness in central florida. thanks to many of you, hash tag rethink homelessness was trending in orlando on social media. the solar bears donated $1 every time the hash tag was used. news 6 chipped in $5,000. all in all, 10 grand donated. thank you. we should all be pumped up like that guy too. maybe not take off our shirt. solar bears have great fans.
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the power play goal, cutting the lead to 2-1. no third period comeback from the guys tonight. kalamazoo would notch a bear of big goals in the third. they go on to win. pretty soon that ice at the amway had come up for the hardwood for the basketball court of the magic hosting sixers tomorrow at 6:00. down the road from the amway center tonight, orlando city played and romped in its final preseason test, 6-1, a team from brazil, scoring four tonight am the lions are a week away from season opener. media day, they talked about expectations, which once again which you the playoffs. orlando city missed the post season in year one, team captain says he expects more. >> i need to be better, and i need to do more, so i want to
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i want to be much better than what happened last season. >> orlando city kick off one week from tomorrow, 2:00 at the citrus bowl. two more sundays, it will be selection sunday in college basketball. you can watch the program live on news 6 on march 13. gator nation, will the team make the big dance? gators are not trending the right way at the moment. florida tried to avoid a three game losing streak tonight against hsu. down double digits most of the way. you rebound, score, he finishes with 22. gators stormed back. they would get as close as 2 down the stretch. but simmons, from oak ridge high school, could be be stopped, he scored 32.
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knights freshman had hips a game. he finishes with 13. 14 rebounds, 5 blocked shots. he was dominate today. this was a tie game with seconds left. temple, though, would win on the jumper. so close to upset. the knights fall on the road. couple other florida teams could make the ncaa tournament. seminoles, quality win over notre dame. miami knocks off another top 15 team in louisville. it is hard to believe, february comes to an end tomorrow. >> monday. >> leap year. then march, march madness. >> crazy.
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>> burr. cold in the morning, mid 40 in orlando. mid and upper 30 north and west of town with patchy frost across parts of marion, northern lake, western volusia and sections of flagler county. after that, fantastic day, lots of sunshine, high of 75, warmer monday. we get to 80 tuesday and wednesday. slight chance of showers, and then we are dry and cooler next week. >> anchor: the rocket launch right after sunset tomorrow evening, so the best place to


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