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tv   News 6 at 5.30 pm  CBS  February 29, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> ginger: a robber, caught on camera, several times wearing superhero masks. >> matt: now the villain has been unmarked, we're told. how police say they found him. first, though, breaking right now at 5:30, here's a live look over a brushfire that has expanded to nearly 10 acres, this is in oak hill. look at all that smoke. at first volusia county firefighters say it was about a half acre. it's gotten much bigger. we just checked with the florida forest service. they say it's now between 5 and 10 acres across. photojournalist dave sprung is above this in news 6. >> reporter: a little bit of bad news. the wind was blowing out of the south to the north. so it was on a more northerly path. but now the winds have shifted a little bit to the northwest. that is actually putting this house or farm right in the reach of the fire as well another property right here. as you can see that's air one,
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air, communicating with the air, communicating with the firefighters on the ground, telling them exactly where the fire is heading to. as you can see now, that house is in the path of the fire. the good news is it seems like they're getting a hand on it. i have seen they do have four different fire brush trucks out fire. there's a lot of dry brush out here. it's going to fuel the flames. we'll all be keeping an eye on it and i'll let you know exactly what's going on with the flames. >> matt: you can see the flames with plenty of fuel in front of them. thank you. it's happening near highlander avenue and brooks circle in oak hill. make sure to stay away from the area as crews work the flames to get them under control. we'll bring you any updates as we get them. thank you for joining us at 5:30, i'm matt austin. >> ginger: i'm ginger gadsden. it's been a spectacular leap day to start the workweek. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is here with your pinpoint weather at 5:30. i hope we don't have to wait another four years for a
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>> tom: this is so good, who knew, man? every february 29th could be like this, we have to bottle it or something. looking at the radar tonight, nothing happening here. we'd love to throw a few showers into volusia county to help out with the fire, that's not happening. here's the daytime highs today. 73 in palm coast and in ocala today you maxed-out at 73. 74 did it in melbourne. where are we now? on the way down but we stopped at 75 in orlando. 73 in ocala. melbourne. on-the-town forecast, we slide tonight. p.m. coming up, i'll pinpoint the daytime high tomorrow. we're going to be even warmer tomorrow than we were today and ahead. the next cold front is getting closer all the time. i'll show you what happens with that. >> ginger: tom, thank you. a serial burglar hiding his
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tonight he's finally unmasked. >> matt: investigators say he was behind two burglaries dating back two months. but the batman robber has been unveiled. loren korn is live outside the orange county sheriff's office this evening. do deputies know why he was committing all these crimes? >> reporter: oh, yes, they do. he was feeding a very expensive habit, heroin. >> this caped criminal's string of violent armed robberies has come to an end. >> reporter: the 26-year-old is the man behind the batman mask, known for aggressively robbing eight stores in east orange county from january 22nd until february 21st. but it's the last one that put him behind bars, happening on friday night at i love new york pizza on east colonial, thanks to some employees. >> we had some witnesses who
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in an attempt to apprehend him or at least see which way he was going. our detectives followed up which way they had gone and recovered a phone. >> reporter: that phone, investigators say, belonged to morales and they soon learned the motive behind the crimes. >> he appears to be a heroin addict with probably a thousand dollars a day addiction happening. >> reporter: something the sheriff's office says is a widespread and dangerous problem in the area. >> we have a significant issue in this community with heroin addicts. this is just one way, even though we're working on the prevention, the intervention side, enforcement has to be part of the overall strategy for reducing the prevalence of heroin here in this community. >> reporter: right now, he's charged with one count of armed robbery. we're told he will be charged with four more counts by the end of tonight. >> matt: loren korn live for us.
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epidemic right now in orange county. >> ginger: a task force says the number of heroin-related deaths has skyrocketed over the past four years. news 6 anchor lisa bell is breaking down the numbers and what leaders hope to do about it. >> lisa: the numbers are really surprising. the task force broke down their data over the last four years, starting with the number of heroin related deaths in 2010. 10 people died that year. in 2014, the task force says 69 people in orange county died from heroin. and that is an increase of 590%. according to their report today the largest percentage of heroin users who died or had to be treated at a hospital are high school graduates who had not gone to college. second was people who had gone to college but didn't have a degree. and coming in a close third was high school students. in terms of people who had to seek medical attention, 62% of
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the highest number of deaths occurred in the east orange county conway area. the next highest is the south orlando area, tying for third is the south orange county area near the airport. and east orange county between full sail university and ucf. these are all statistics. county leaders say they must be turned around. >> this is a huge problem. it's not just here in orange county but it's growing across the nation. and we're going to come up with some very strong recommendations that will help our community understand how great the risk is, how life-threatening this is. >> lisa: one of the recommendations will likely affect people already in the justice system already for heroin related crimes, a pilot program to be put in use with the orange county corrections. around 350 current inmates self-identify as heroin users. this program would give them two treatment options to help them overcome their drug addiction in
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>> matt: thank you, lisa. an officer uses his knee to stop a knife-wielding man in downtown orlando. this 33-year-old man was arrested. he was holding a knife during an argument with a group of men. it happened just before 1:00 a.m. on saturday. one of the officers noticed the knife by the man's side. that's when the officer grabbed him by the head and right arm and hit him with his right knee, knocked him right to the ground. that officer was then able to snatch the knife away and make >> ginger: incredible. in orange county deputies are hoping to catch a man accused of investigators released this surveillance video shortly after the robbery on february 15th. they say this guy in the dark shirt and khaki pants went into the restaurant on university boulevard around 9 a.m. he yelled at an employee and then demanded cash. detectives are releasing this composite sketch of the subject. he's described as a white man in his mid-20's with an average
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he's around 5-10 with medium-length dark hair. call the crime line right away at 1-800-423-tips if you can help. you can remain anonymous and you may be eligible for a reward. coming up tonight at 11:00, you need to hear this story about a dog trainer. this family needed a service dog for their daughter with down syndrome. they found a trainer they thought they could trust. instead of a service dog, they got this. they say their doberman puppy was locked up in a cage and abused. >> apparently he told her i can do this anywhere. i can restart my kennel club and my dog training business anywhere. we need this to get out there. he can't. he just can't do this to somebody else. >> ginger: and they're not the only one making this claim. they say this guy -- this is the guy and what he's accused of and what he need to know before you
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mike deforest investigates this story tonight at 11:00. let's get a check on the roads now with julie broughton. >> julie: we're seeing some slowdowns. this is what it looks like through the fairbanks avenue area in winter park. this is i-4. westbound traffic moving along very smoothly there. i-4 eastbound, you see much heavier there through the winter park area. here's how it looks as we check out the traffic flows on the map and taking a wide look out i-95 in brevard county, looking good. i-4 really from about the turnpike on up through the winter park area, that's where we're seeing the slowdowns. i-4 westbound right around the turnpike, that's where the average speed drops to around 34 miles per hour. i-4 eastbound moving along nicely from the turnpike until the time you hit the state road 408, where we always see the slowdowns. the average speed has dropped to 14 miles per hour and it stays slow north of state road 50 on up to the fairbanks area we were
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up heading into seminole county. otherwise we're not talking about any major delays out there. as we go in closer for you, beach line is also seeing congestion. i'll be tweeting drive times for you at julie at news 6. >> matt: thank you, julie. the i.r.s. has been busy this month, not only because of tax season but because of criminals. first the hack that was much worse than originally thought. >> ginger: how i.r.s. imposters are getting their hands on central florida homeowners' hard-earned cash in "schemes and rip-offs". >> tom: right now, we're at 75 in orlando and 73 in the villages and 72 in cocoa beach. coming up, i'll pinpoint the overnight low for you and talk about the fog for tomorrow morning and look ahead to warm days ahead. >> matt: plus stopping the squeeze.
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>> matt: so we just checked with emergency crews on the scene of this fire at oak hill in volusia county. the fire is estimated at eight acres across, currently threatening two homes and two shed-like buildings. part of the fire is burning in a marsh which makes it really difficult to fight and move around with their trucks. these are some of the places we're talking about that are affected there. the i.r.s. says phone calls from imposters are costing taxpayers millions. we've been following the story for you for a while now. >> ginger: and now, 5,000 people have been duped to the tune of
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here's news 6 investigator mike holfeld with this week's "schemes and rip-offs". >> reporter: news 6 has been tracking i.r.s. imposter phone calls through viewer cell phones, recordings. >> the reason of this call is to inform you the i.r.s. is filing a lawsuit against you. >> reporter: and experiences since the start of the tax season. >> my first thought was, oh, my gosh, they're filing a lawsuit. why in the world is this going on? it almost seems like an auto dial thing and they're going and going and going until they get a response. >> reporter: both the attorney around accountant for the maitland builders received eight bogus i.r.s. calls between them last week alone. >> they don't use your name. >> reporter: the i.r.s. spokesman contacted me via skype just days after our report last week on the i.r.s. phone scam. he says the con men keep calling
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>> we've seen since october of 2013, about 245 victims in florida that have paid out close to $1.500-0000. they've -- million. they've been duped and paid over to these scammers. >> it's terrible. it's crazy that many people have not heard about this scam going on. >> matt: taxpayers lost nearly $27 million in the same time frame. >> a lot of the calls originate from outside the united states, some from inside the united states. they're difficult to track. >> matt: what we can do is get results by passing the word. if someone claiming to be with the i.r.s. is asking for money to be paid right now, just hang up. we've set up two links for you with more information at mike holfeld, news 6. >> ginger: to check out all of mike's "schemes and rip-offs" reports, or to report a scam yourself, just head to, powered by
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in addition to those scammers, the i.r.s. is battling hackers. >> matt: we've learned a cyber attack into their databases is much worse than originally thought. scammers have gained access to more than 700,000 accounts, more than double what was previously estimated. the stolen info includes data that could be used to file a false tax return and even collect the refund. the i.r.s. says it's mailing letters to anyone affected by this hack. >> matt: a new york senator has a plan to stop the airline squeeze. charles schumer is adding an amendment to the f.a.a. bill to determine the seating size. my 8-year-old draws much better than that. one company announced plans to install the benches instead of the individual seating.
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>> ginger: it's just horrific. >> matt: they'll figure out another way to smash us in there. we know samsung is getting ready to release its newest phone with all kinds of new features. >> ginger: but it sounds like apple may be taking its next model a step backward. now the company is expected to release its newest iphone at the end of next month. early reports are saying it will have a smaller, 4-inch screen and curved edges. otherwise it will look identical to the 5s. it will not include the 3-d touch feature. the move could satisfy people who like apple's smaller phones with longer battery life. i have not met anyone who likes the smaller size. >> tom: no. >> matt: the next version is going to look something like this.
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>> matt: we'll have to wait a few more years. chief meteorologist tom sorrells, man, you dealt us a good one, sir. >> tom: we lucked out. the weekend was primo. it was all good stuff. i want to start out with storm pins tonight. it's low tide, obviously. this is from richard. the sunset last night. richard takes all his photos on his samsung s. >> ginger: an android. >> tom: download storm pins on your android or iphone. it's free. widen the view out, is there any rain coming anywhere in central florida? no. no, there's not. there's not much to scream and shout about rain-wise. temperature is the big star of the day. we made it back to 77 degrees
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the overnight low this morning was 52. we'll be back down warmer than that tonight. records on this date are 89 and 33. so records are fine. they're safe. 75 was the high today in the villages. 73 in cocoa beach. maxed it out there. we hit 75 also in daytona beach. currently we're still at 75 in orlando. a bunch of 74's scattered in there. 74 in gainesville and 72 in ocala and 71 in melbourne. wind in daytona beach from 7. from palm coast from the west at 5. calm in leesburg with a 3-mile-an-hour wind in the villages. satellite and radar tell the same story that radar by itself told. there's a cold front here, marching across the nation. has it does, it will eventually end up here. we have a cold front coming on wednesday. but, watch this, it's basically nothing. some fog tomorrow morning. that'll do it. the sun beams most of the day and we'll get back to 80.
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here's wednesday morning, 8 a.m. there's the front. villages. here it is by noon. thunderstorms. no big rain showers. no lightning strikes. nothing to worry about. degrees. that's it. 50's in most spots. 54 in sanford. i'm going 58 for the overnight low in orlando. here's your tuesday. patchy fog does greet you in the morning at 61 degrees at 8 a.m. by noon, that's gone. 77. the daytime high is 80. 61. come wednesday, 80. and 75 for the high on thursday after the front pushes through with very little of anything. >> ginger: like it never happened. >> tom: 5 degrees, ah, no big deal. >> ginger:
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stores to downtown disney. >> matt: and a little boy was tempted by the treats inside a vending machine. you know how this goes. how crews were able to get him out, get him unstuck. >> ginger: and disney is changing its if your family outing is magical for all the wrong reasons. you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec is different than claritin .
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>> >> ginger: a 4-year-old lands himself in a sticky situation. >> matt: this little guy was tempted by treats inside a vending machine and ended up getting stuck. this happened in australia. it took crews six hours to get him out. he reached so far in the machine he got caught in the anti-theft device. there's a good moral to the story, young man. emergency crews had to give the child painkillers three times to calm him down. the boy a dad said his son had never seen a vending machine before, was curious about everything on the inside. he's expected to be just fine. but you can understand there's fun stuff in there. >> ginger: there's something in between him and what he wants.
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anti-theft thing that traps you in there for six hours. and there's a whole new collection of stores coming to the disney springs area. >> ginger: several high-profile tenants may be moving in in the coming months, like anthropology, la cost, underarmer, kate spade and lucky brands. >> matt: that whole gourmet burger caught my attention. >> ginger: lisa bell is here with the stories we're working on for you coming up at 6:00. >> lisa: it's only a few hundred feet from an old stop but it makes all the difference. news 6 and a local mom got results for students. and troopers arrested a woman
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credits credits [real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> matt: tonight disney world is just days away from a big price hike. this is news 6 at 6:00. i'm matt austin >> lisa: i'm lisa bell. it will change the way most people plan for a disney vacation. what does it mean for central florida? erik von ancken is live at disney world tonight getting answers about this for us. >> reporter: yeah, i know you've done this. i bet lots of folks at home have done this as well. they say let's wait to go to disney until the kids are back in school or until the holidays are over. the thing is, yes, it's less


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