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tv   News 6 at Noon  CBS  March 7, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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in orange county family says they are extremely thankful to be alive after someone shot up her home. we'll have that story in just a minute. first, avenues, we are following breaking news out of volusia county with daytona beach police say they stole a car.
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car on weight quote . there's another child picked up for school. the 12-year-old daughter woke up and that is when they ran off. they are searching for the suspect and we will let you know when we get more information. the drive is causing big problems in downtown orlando. parts are close to drivers and it will stay that way for a long time. we are talking about for the next 14 months. fernandez told us about the new entrance ramp from colonial drive >> the big drive claims big closures to the downtown area. for the next 14 months, drivers in the area with road barricades in place as crew star on the creation of the new eastbound entrance ramp from colonial drive. the sides the new entrance ramp, today marks the start of the realignment for garland avenue. way, there's ways to get around it >> take a look at the map . drainage and bridgework in the area with your way around the area through orange avenue
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there is drainage pipes between garland and orange avenue during the same time as the i-4 project . the city tells me that the work done here by the city will be divided into different phases. for more information, all you have to do is head to the website. we have you covered. we have sunshine today with highs in the 70s. troy is here pinpointing it for us. see the wind kicked up out of the east end bringing onshore little bit of moisture. there is cloud cover with a good bit of sun. we will show you the view of downtown orlando. right now that 77b0. like 78. it's near 25 miles per hour.
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cocoa beach is at 73 in ocala ha has an update for the villages at 75b0. we want up to 80 at 4:00 and 81 at five. we will pinpoint the rain chances in the forecast. ra rain chances are pretty low for the next few days. by the next weekend, we see a chance of showers and how it could impact your plans for bike week. >> don't forget, you can get all the latest weather alerts on your phone by downloading the free app. just search wk mg in the app store. >> a deadly crash is still being investigated today. person has died. this happened on central florida parkway near 1030 last night. have calls into the highway patrol with information on what happen and will bring you any new developments on air and online. it's on the but in brevard county, troopers
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this bad crash and met island. the the driver slammed into a light pole and a parked car on lucas road. it sent car parts all over the road. one person was thrown from the car and their condition is not known at this time. let's move to volusia county. da daytona police only says that one person was killed in the crash at the intersection of brentwood road at 7:00 last night. we'll let you know when we have more information. an emergency meeting to discuss cost. it all comes after a long dispute between counties in the state for who pays to detain juvenile defenders. do it equally between the state department justice and the county government? the bill would replace a current formula that has counties being 57% and they would pay 33% out of 22
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holdout fighting out with the state over juvenile detention cost. there's a big boost for downtown campuses. it it's usd20 million set aside for the project. it's part of a pledge by legislators to spend more than 700 million on school construction projects around the state. part of the money is borrowed and that something rick scott has opposed in the past. just last week, you remember the story. the florida board of governors approved the plan for the acres piece of land that used to be part of the amway arena. they are expected to go up closer and memorial day weekend. kiersten o'connor has more on what to expect here in central florida. >> the national average for gas is 181 per gallon and it will get a little bit higher. it's bad news for prices at the pump . it's a jump of usd.11 and the
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the prices will climb 30 b usd.50 higher by memorial day weekend >> the recent spike is not stopping anyone for making plans but florida is averaging hi higher than around the country at 24. drivers are looking for the best bargain. >> most are above 180. this one still at 179. many are planning spring vacations >> it will not be something i like that it's something that i will deal with. >> why the price hike? fuel supplies during seasonable maintenance. it's continued to bring up oil prices in the last e weeks. wh while the demand for gas has only increased 5%. >> the good news is prices at the pump are better than they were. last year we paid usd.62 more and we paid usd24 more to fill
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>> you need to hurry up and fill up . >> they will return to the citrus bowl. there is a wrapup of the big win. they kicked off their second season. a florida golf course becomes a runway when a plane makes an emergency landing. we'll show you what the democratic candidates had to say last night during the debate in flint michigan. you are watching news 6 at noon .
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we are one week away. coming off of a rough super saturday, marco rubio is coming off of a push for boaters. he will make appearances in tampa and sanford. fresh off of his big win, the attention shifted from the republicans to the democrats after hillary clinton and bernie sanders hit the stage in flint michigan. cbs has more color and he has the story >> donald trump and ted cruz are hoping tuesday's election help squeeze out marco rubio >> i need your help. it's crunch time >> rubio says he is not going anywhere after a big win . we don't have to be more moderate to win the elections. we have to be authentically conservative >> cruise one the most delegates this weekend with egg victories in kansas and maine. now he trails trump by 81.
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donald trump. i would love to take on ted one-on-one. that would be fun >> hillary clinton bernie sanders held a heated debate in flint >> i voted to save the auto industry. he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry >> you're talking about the wall street bailout and some of your friends destroy the economy. there's a lot of money and mental health and when you watch these republicans debate , you know why. >> clinton has an 11 point lead in the latest battleground poll. there is a plane with an emergency landing. you could see it there. two-seater landed safely at the
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the pilot says the plane lost power and he knew he could not make it to the airport. the pilot and another teenager said they were both okay. the crews are now investigating. the orlando science kicked off their second season. in the first game of the season, it went down to the finals. showed up to show the orlano city. they played with the star player who set off in salt lake. they took advantage of the goals. we now had to the 93rd minutes of soccer . in the back of the net . it's in the top right corner at the beautiful shot there. >> the lions are down one.
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its way to adrian winter. he scored the equalizer and the game sends them into a frenzy. they secured a drawing last year's home opener against new york city. they like to see the drama >> they will be back next friday when he took off again 7:00. i've been saying it all morning. i am upset that i left early and i did not get to see the final two goals. >> i wanted to be traffic >> that game was crazy. look out there now. noon hour shaping up . it's much like we saw the weekend. the rain is not a big factor. we will work on the moisture as we head into the afternoon. it's mainly in the form of cloud cover. that's what we will see now. high pressure does dominate but around the high you can see the clockwise flow and when moving onshore.
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gusting their 20. it's pretty breezy but it's a warm afternoon as temperatures are climbing near 80. it's even above 80 in some areas. will deal with the allergens. we're talking about babe really and grass in. that will continue for the rest of the week. it's even next weekend with rain chances minimal. we started out with a range and temperatures in ocala. daytona beach started out at 48 and orlando's 51. in the mid-60s for brevard county this morning because of the wind. it's off the ocean water bringing onshore a few additional clouds. they held the temperatures up overnight and acted as a blanket. we rebounded and warmed up to 77b0. 73 at daytona beach and 70 49. it's a one noon hour and here's
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forecasts. were 81b0 and te temperatures cool into the 70s. at around 6:00 and is mild tonight. you're making some evening plans and 9:00 and 66b0. 63b0 at 10:00 and we do stay dry. forecast ebenezer today. you will see the white indicating cloud cover moving onshore with a dot of green here and they are showing some rain. we will not see that and most of the moisture goes through the evening in the form of cloud cover. it's just long the coast and some of the clouds are moving inland . we do have the breeze that will stick around for tonight. wind is gusting to the
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than 20 miles per hour. early morning temperatures tomorrow look like this b 52b0 in ocala and it's cool enough for a light jacket . 56b0 in orlando and 56 in daytona beach. it's a little bit more mild in the 60s taking you through the next few days at 80b0. we are giving away tickets for the entire event .
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app starting for the country st store f the day. had to the website on for runaway country to get your chance to win. when we country goes march 18 b march 20 at osceola heritage park. there is a recall alert for an item found. chicken nuggets that you are being told to throw away. up , how stocks are doing on this monday afternoon on wall street. looking good! dow jones is in the green and 58 points with nasdaq gaining four points in the s&p 500 on its way up . it's around a point and some change. we'll be right back.
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welcome back . a home is shot at more than 20 times and one of the bullets hit a rep wall near a baby swing. mark lehman says the shooter might have been a teenager. >> it's been bad. it's been terrible. been shaking and looking out the window. >> speaking to us this morning as the homeowner and she says her family has been able to sleep since the sound of gunfire over the weekend >> we were screaming because we heard gunshots. everyone was on the floor. >> the chaotic scene came minutes after her son came home saying he was in a fist fight.
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convinced the same kids came knocking on the door and opened fire. they flew into the garage and hit a wall near a baby swing >> it's right where my baby sponsor is that . baby could have been there >> today, gunman is on the loose. that's despite a witness spotting a license plate number as is bed away >> they could do something worse than what they did the teens are students at the same school that her son. debbie's only said the case is active and open. so far, they are not releasing information about suspects >> they could come back and they could do something worse then what they did is a recall or for item that is in your freezer. recalling 9000 chicken nuggets. they have small plastic pieces in the product . applegate is urging you to check your boxes of chicken
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the nuggets were made in september of last year and ship to retells centers and several st states and this includes here in florida. the miami heat mascot is trying to set a record but failed miserably. you will see the viral video
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peyton manning goes out on top. he will formally announce his retirement in 30 minutes or so. manning, you might remember, led the broncos in the big super bowl victory. here on news 6. he is the nfl talk which are earning usd12 million per year and endorsement deals. he is seen in commercials at papa john's and things of that nature. the nfl leader and touchdown
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qucbec when with 100 and 56. i wonder what he will do next. >> the miami heatmascot set a record but instead he had an epic fail. check it out >> that made us cringe on set >> that had to hurt! why would you try to do something like this. there goes the dynamite! he tried to set the record for the longest mascot jump but as you can see, he did not quite make it. he took out three others in the process. full speed! that's about 100 times landing on that >> today's a good day to get outdoors. we will warm up and get into
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days. the rain is not in the forecast. here's today's forecast. we take you hour-by-hour up to 81b0 and by 5:00 we will cool as we head into the evening hours. we have evening plans and there is the planning forecast. we will go into the 80s with an average high at 76b0. we are up to 80b0 tomorrow. 84 for thursday and friday. before you go to bed on saturday night, we will spring forward. we will set our clocks ahead one hour. it happens at 2:00 a.m. >> it will be a little bit darker later. >> join us for the next newscast at 4:00. join us on you will see us tomorrow :00
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get started with prism essential tv plus up to 40 megs of internet speed. just $ 75 a month for a year with autopay. speed may not be available in your area. only from centurylink. call and switch today. >> victoria: with dad in jail, it' s been so chaotic here. the media won' t let up. the business pages are nailing newman. and the department heads are bombarding me with questions. i' m sorry, but i don' t have the answers. >> nikki: listen to me. i know you can handle this, okay? you just stay strong, keep your focus, let the world know that even though victor has fallen, the company will not. >> victoria: yeah, well, we both know it won' t be that easy. and i keep expecting adam to show up and stake his claim. >> victor: getting ahead of yourself? >> nikki: victor. >> victoria: you made bail.


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