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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  March 16, 2016 3:07am-4:30am EDT

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the night president obama made fun of donald trump. >> donald trump is here tonight. >> insulted, shamed. >> we all know about your credentials and breadth of experience. >> was this the moment trump vowed to run for president? the wrath of trump. >> then, o.j. simpson's life of prief lang bars. >> he has a float screened tv. kardashians. >> the shocking death of an extreme weight loss contestant. he lost 180 pounds. >> found dead in his hotel room. >> then, what you should do if someone is tailgating you. >> you look in the rearview
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butt like the person behind you, what do you do? >> the jennifer garner miracle movie. >> it healed her? that's impossible. >> the girl behind the story. >> and will you marry me. >> bachelor mania. >> is it for real? now "inside edition" with deborah norville. deborah: hello, everybody, and thank you for joining us. five states are casting primary ballots today and the outcome could determine if donald trump truly is on track to capture the republican nomination for president. is it possible that president obama actually spurred mr. trump to run? some political observers contend there is a moment that pushed the businessman to throw his hat in the ring. >> is this the moment donald trump decided to run for president. >> donald trump is here tonight.
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the place the white house correspondent's dinner. trump and his wife were guests for the washington elite. it started pleasantly enough. he got a friendly greeting from scarlet johansson. but inside, it was another story. president obama started mocking trump mainly for the role trump was playing in the birther movement that questioned whether obama was really born in america. >> no one is happier. no one is prouder to put this birth certificate matter to rest than the donald. and that's because he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter like did we fake the moon landing. roswell?
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>> obviously we know about your credentials and breadth of experience. for example, seriously, rescently in an episode of celebrity apprentice, you, mr. trump, recognized that the real problem was a lack of leadership. you fired gary busey. >> and these are the kind of decisions that would keep me up at night. >> the insults didn't stop with the president. listen to seth meyers the evening's guest host. >> donald trump has been saying that he would run for president as a republican which is surprising since i just assumed he was running as a joke. >> trump's reaction says it all. if looks could kill. now the "new york times" says that evening of public abs -- abasement in the political world. >> how did donald trump look? was he upset.
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he bolted for the exits before the other people could leave the washington hilton. >> music mogul russell simmons was sitting at a table near trump. >> i'm sure he was hurt by it. i'm sure he kept a good face on. he didn't act like a child. he is capable of acting like a child. he didn't act like a child. >> now donald trump may be that year's correspondent dinner was notable because the nation had no idea while the president was roasting donald trump, he had given approval for the raid that killed osama bin laden the next day. deborah: television viewers are reliving the oj simpson murder trial in the people versus o.j. simpson. he remains in prison in nevada for kidnapping and robbery charges. but according to a former guard of his, he is hardly roughing it. >> simpson is living the life of ease and privilege behind bearings.
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he has a float screen tv in his cell. >> he is o.j. simpson, the juice. he does his thing. >> jeffrey felix became his buddy in nevada. the tv is made from clear plastic designed so prisoners can't hide contraband inside. it has a 13-inch screen. you won't believe what simpson loves to watch. >> he likes to keep up with the kardashians, all the gossip with them. >> simpson can't watch the hit series the people versus o.j. doesn't get the fx network. felix said behind bars the 68- celebrity. front of lines. he can go in front of the line for chow, for canteen. he goes to the front of the line for the clinic, pill call. >> his life of ease includes playing poker and umpiring softball game and coaches a prison softball team.
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until he is eligible for parole which won't come for at least another two years. >> he is a model inmate in there. and most of the inmates responsible him. >> that's what sim -- respect him. >> that's what simpson told the parole board. >> they told me what was expected here. i gave them my word that i would try to be or would be the best prisoner they had here. i think for the most part i kept my word on that. i have not had any instances despite the stories in the tabloids and everything, i haven't had one incident since i have been here. >> felix wrote a book about simpson's life behind bars, guarding the juice. how o.j. simpson became my bff. his obsession with the caches is because of his close friendship with robert cache. he asked simpson about to be
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claims that he is chloe's biological father. >> i said, be straight with me. are you khloe's dad. >> he said my best friend was bob kardashian. i wouldn't do that to him. that was o.j.'s exact words. >> later in the broadcast, we will speck to the woman that some say was the real secret weapon for the defense team. deborah: on the contestants on extreme weight loss was found dead. rod durham who lost 180 pounds on the show was discovered dead in a florida motel where the vacation. steven fabian has details. >> he wowed viewers on extreme weight loss. >> now, rod durham, a popular 52-year-old high school drama diabetic shock. durham went on the tv show in
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>> i am about 210 pounds overweight. >> when he left the show, he was 180 pounds lighter. durham was vacationing in fort lauderdale when he was found dead by a motel maid sunday morning. reportedly he died in his sleep. rocky hannah is the former principal of the high school. >> i was on my way to work yesterday and had to pull the car over and pull myself together. rod was a wonderful man and be loved by everyone i came in -- he came in contact with. >> we spoke to dr. rage. >> losing 180 pounds in one year is wrapped weight loss. you want people very overweight to lose weight it can be quickly. high school where he taught. monday. the last time we told you about the driver in wisconsin that touched the brakes being followed by a tailgater.
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every driver had to deal with tailgaters. les trent has important safety information all of us should know. >> we have all been tempted to do it, hitting the brakes when someone is tailgating behind you. but jennifer stockberger of "consumer reports" magazine says be warned. don't even think about it. >> you saw how dramatic that video is. what that person in front did is what a lot of people do when they are tail gated, slam on the brakes. tell us what was wrong by that? >> the tailgating is wrong. very risky. but you should never really use your motor vehicle for any sort of retaliation. he could just as easily taken out the car next to him, the guy filming. it would be horrible to find out that you were responsible for hurting someone else. >> never brake check. >> never brake check. >> at the auto center in
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against slowing down to annoy tailgaters. >> that drives them to want to make an evasive maneuver around you. >> if you shouldn't hit the brakes or slow down, what should you do in this dangerous situation? >> so, you look in the rearview mirror. someone is right on your butt like the person behind us, what do you do? >> don't let them push you to go faster than you want to be going. let them ride there. they are not going to ram into you. they will push you and flash high beams, perhaps, to tell you to get out of the way. when you have an opportunity, a safe opportunity to move over, you signal and you just get out of their way and let them go. >> go advice so this doesn't happen to you. >> more than a half a million people die from rear end collisions every year in this country. it was a bachelor with a real cliff hanger ending. two women looked like they would get the rose then bachelor ben made the final decision.
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>> why is this guy going bonkers? it's the wild reaction to the finale of tv's the bachelor. this girl can't even speak and she is upset. >> i am in love with two women. >> bachelor ben was caught between jo jo and lauren. oh, the drama. jo jo was a fan favorite. she was certain ben was about to get down on bended knee, then this. >> i found it with you but i found it with somebody else more. >> you told me you were in love with me, that i was your best without me. where did it go wrong? >> jenny mccarthy and her >> no. come on, ben, you -- [ bleep ].
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who play cops on tv can get swept up by bachelor mania. in the end, ben went with the blond, lauren. >> lauren, will you marry me. >> she lives in california and works as a flight attendant. that rock, it's $95,000 paid for by the show. alas, jo jo's heart may be broken but she may live happily ever after anyway. >> i would like to welcome our new bachelorette, jo jo. [ applause ] >> that's right. jo jo is the new bachelorette. life goes on and so does reality tv. >> oh. >> no. deborah: the bachelorette featuring jo jo will debut may 23rd on abc. >> next, she was oj simpson's secret weapon. how she helped pick the jurors who found him not guilty. >> when you got the jury you
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just won the case? >> and the new jennifer gardner miracle movie. >> it healed her. >> yes. >> that's impossible. >> the girl behind the story. >> "inside edition" with
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broadway donnie trump. next "inside edition." the untold story of donald trump's first job out of college. can you believe he was a broadway producer. >> then, the hulk hogan trial. the husband who actually encouraged hulk to have an affair with his wife. watch the next "inside edition." deborah: the blockbuster series the people versus o.j. simpson brought renewed attention to the double murder case and not everyone says the producers got it right. but the woman called the dream team secret weapon says the
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>> she was the dream team secret weapon. jo ellen demetrius, the jury consultant that told the attorneys who should be on the jury. >> does this bring back memories for you? >> it does. >> she said the producers of the people versus o.j. simpson got it right in their portrayal of her. >> among black women, o.j. got 9s and 10s. >> she is giving the lawyers the results. >> i'm surprised black ladies liked o.j. so much. >> they call o.j. handsome, masculine and charming. >> what in your view was the perfect juror? >> the perfect juror was a female african-american with a high school education or less. >> the dream team followed her advice all the way. she said lead prosecutor marcia clark used a jury consultant and got the same analysis. unlike the defense, clark
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>> i think it would be wise to limit the number of african- american women on your jury. information. she had been a very successful prosecutor and she just felt like why do i need this group of people coming in to tell me what i already know. >> the result was the selection of the jury inclined to be sympathetic to simpson. eight black women, one black man, one hispanic man and two white women. >> when you got the jury you wanted, did you think you had just won the case? >> it's accurate to say that there was a big high five that went back at johnny's office at the end of that day. >> during the historic 1995 trial, joe ellen observed how the jury reacted to every witness and gave advice about the defense team's line of questioning, especially when it came to detective mark fuhrman
3:28 am
>> how do you believe the jurors saw mark fuhrman? >> as a dishonest individual, that he couldn't even be honest enough to say, yeah, i used that word, i'm not proud of it. think about how different this trial might have been if he sat in that chair in the witness stand and said, you know, i did say that, those are my words, it's accurate. >> we know what happened in the end. the jury that joe ellen helped pick acquitted simpson of murder. murder. deborah: also today, authorities revealed that they found no dna evidence on that from simpson's property. they say the case on that matter is now closed. coming up, before you see the new jennifer garner movie about miracles, meet the family that inspired it. >> closed caption sponsorship for "inside edition" is brought
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>> stay tuned, there is more
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it's the jennifer garner movie about a miracle and it's a life story. >> the movie about the girl that fell head first out of a tree and went to heaven. jennifer garner. >> i am not leaving the hospital until i know what is wrong with my daughter. >> when i fell in the tree i went to heaven. >> she was diagnosed with an incurable disorder when she was 6 years old. she was unable to properly di guest food. as a result, her body was always distended. in december of 2011 she was climbing a tree with her sister
3:32 am
>> she ended up falling 30 feet head first and landed inside the trunk of a hallowed out cottonwood tree. >> she was trapped inside the tree for five hours. >> what happened in that tree. >> inside the tree i went to heaven. i sat on jesus' lap. he told me, when the firefighters get you out, there will be nothing wrong with you. >> he told me i would be fine. >> who told you you would be fine? >> annabell suffered only a few scratches from the accident. but her mother noticed something more remarkable. >> i noticed right away that she wasn't asking for pain medication as often. >> you went back to the doctor. he said what to you. >> she is released from his care. >> she was cured. >> she was cured. >> you are telling me when this baby girl fell 30 feet it didn't kill her, it didn't paralyze her, it healed her. >> yes. >> that's impossible. >> do you consider it a miracle? >> absolutely i believe it's a
3:33 am
>> today annabell has no trouble eating and digesting food as she digs into a chocolate brown any. >> what is it like to -- brown any. >> what is it like to eat whatever you want. >> tastes good. >> now the miracle of her cure is being played out for all to see. deborah: when we come back, unforgettable wedding dance. >> closed caption sponsorship for "inside edition" is brought to you by:
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>> it's a wedding show stopper next.
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deborah: finally today some really cool moves. >> two groomsmen took to the dance floor to surprise the happy couple at their wedding. >> nice moves, guys.
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>> hi, everyone. welcome to the overnight news. i'm demarco morgan. anti-donald trump forces within the republican party had another unsuccessful primary day. trying to derail his quest for the nomination. trump's opponents spent more than $24 million on attack ads over the past two weeks. more than half of all of the money spent on gop ads over that time. jeff glor reports. >> reporter: it is the newest attempt by republican candidates and super pacs supporting them
3:41 am
one conservative group is raising millions with the sole promise of spending it to attack the front-runner. >> bimbo. dog. fat pig. real quotes from donald trump about women. >> donald trump campaign violence. >> donald trump will always put himself ahead of us. >> reporter: voters from ohio to florida are bombarded by ads like these. >> he gets the nomination. they're going to sue his [ bleep ]. >> attacking everything from donald trump's off color campaign style to his failed business ventures. >> my job was to sell people on trump university. >> reporter: since late february, 23,000 commercials attacking donald trump have run nationwide. according to ad tracking group. >> two out of every five tv spots on the republican side for the last week attacked donald trump in some way. >> reporter: are they working? >> every time you attack donald trump, trump goes up. attack him again, he goes up further. >> reporter: yet watching all
3:42 am
>> it's crazy. hypocrisy. foolishness. american democracy. >> reporter: cbs news contributor, republican ads this cycle. one of least effective attacks on trump. >> trump entrusted convicts to help him run his company. >> pathetic. it is pathetic, it is not, it is not authentic. show me the real evidence rather than just making claims. it's very hard to do. another thing. >> reporter: how much evidence can you show in 30 seconds? >> you can't. these should be 60 second ad. >> you can't kill some one, who the public has come to have faith in. >> luntz says effective ads, negative ones have to be credible. >> if there is one anti-trump ad that might work. this one is it. >> we used to have made in the usa.
3:43 am
principles pac, this uses interview with david letterman to go after trump's record of >> ties are made in where, >> taking things donald trump has said. and giving them a mega phone. strategist, katie packer. >> there isn't any one silver bullet. it take is a lot of information to convince people that they have been duped. >> florida is the first state where our principle's pac has tried to replicate the strategy that stopped trump from winning the iowa caucuses. luntz says it is likely too late. >> if you wanted to defeat donald trump, you should have done this 90 days ago. >> all negative ads flooding the airways this season has a lot of parents wondering how to talk about the election with their children. turns out the kids may know more than you think. chip reid has that part of the story from middleburg, virginia. >> reporter: we are at middleburg charter school and 5th graders are holding their own presidential debates. they told me that their debates are more focused on the issues
3:44 am
what they're seeing on tv. who really enjoys watching the debates? >> a little. >> little bit. >> what do you like watching about the debates, max? >> they make us laugh. >> reporter: make you laugh? >> any body in particular? >> donald trump. >> reporter: donald trump makes you laugh. all laugh. >> yes. >> reporter: why does donald trump make you laugh, ella? >> i agree with some of his platforms. it's just, he has never been in politics, but some how he is winning. >> reporter: max, ella, brin, alanya are middle schoolers. >> if you were old enough to vote, what is the main reason you would not vote for donald trump? >> nobody. what is the main reason you wouldn't vote for donald trump? >> i don't think he ever answers the questions. >> reporter: he doesn't answer the questions? max? why would you not vote for him? >> how mean he is. >> because of how mean he is. >> a policy question.
3:45 am
>> don't worry, little marco. don't worry about it, little marco. >> donald trump is a pathologic liar. >> hey, bernie get your people in line, bernie. >> excuse me. i'm talking. >> first of all this guy is a choke artist and liar. >> mean, unruly, uncivil, or unhinged. >> it is a disgrace, get him out. get him out. >> the 2016 election cycle has been tough for some adults to watch. these students feel the same way. >> are you tired of them being mean to each other? >> yes. >> tired of them talking over each other? >> yes. >> are you tired of them making fun of each mother? >> yeah. >> where do you think all that started? >> donald trump. >> donald trump. >> that's not good for your reputation. i have to tell you. >> do you think a lot of people like donald trump because of the issues? or because he is entertaining? or both? >> because he is entertaining. >> does it surprise you that people support him?
3:46 am
>> he says he is going to make am great again? >> do you believe him? >> no. >> you do? >> yeah. >> reporter: they pay close attention to a range of issues, immigration, gun control. terrorism. >> donald trump said one way you deal with terrorism is keep all muslims out of country from coming into the country? >> not all muslims are bad. >> yeah. >> say that again, max? >> not all muslims are bad. >> not all muslims are bad. >> some muslims are probably super nice. >> reporter: they may disagree for trump but aren't exactly rooting for the other candidates either. >> personally i wouldn't vote for like -- hillary clinton. but, what i most am worried about, even if a woman was president, would all of the women's rights like, issues be, solved? >> i think the barrier needs to be broken for a woman to be president. would she do a better job? nos necessarily?
3:47 am
promises. >> reporter: do you look forward to being able to vote? >> yes. >> reporter: do you think people your age should be able to vote? >> yes. >> reporter: you do? >> uh-huh. >> the "cbs overnight news" will be right back. (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. r it's what you do. where are you?r it's very loud there. are you taking at zumba class? there's moving... and there's moving with move free ultra. it has triple-action support for your joints, cartilage and bones. and unlike the big osteo-bi flex pills, it's all in one tiny pill. move free ultra. get your move on. when heartburn hits fight back fast tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches
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even in death michael jackson continues to make headlines. his estate is selling his extensive music catalog to sony for 3/4 billion dollars and
3:50 am
beatles song. >> michael jackson at the height of his fame in the 1980s when he began purchasing the rights to songs including much of the beatles catalog. that upset sir paul mccartney at the time. the two collaborated previously. the king of pop became the owner of three million of the world's most iconic songs including classics from the rolling stones, carol king and bob dylan. this is thriller >> reporter: michael jackson was famous for owning the spotlight. showcasing his original style of musical genius. but off the stage, the late king of pop ruled over a treasure trove of music and melanies written and performed by other legends. hey jude >> reporter: including the beatles.
3:51 am
>> the rolling stones. hey mr. tambourine man >> reporter: and bob dyalan. jackson purchased atv publishing for $41.5 million. and included the beatles catalog and many lennon/mccartney classics. in 1995 jackson sold half interest at sony to create atv publishing. the deal gave jackson, now his estate, 50% control of some of the newest generation of stars. including taylor swift. ed sheeran, and farrell. it don't matter if you are black or white >> proved to be the pop star's most lucrative investment in a business career riddled with failures and debt. you've been hit by a smooth criminal >> jackson's estate agreed to sell its stake in the company to sony for $750 million. the sale is expected to finalize
3:52 am
and more than 17,000% increase on what jackson paid for atv originally. overseas, china's communist government is moving to combat the terrible air pollution around beijing with pedal power. seth doan is there. >> reporter: we have seen plenty of pollution busting gimmicks and cans of fresh air. this was a publicity stunt. now beijing is looking at another way to combat smog and bad traffic. and about as low tech as you can get. early each morning, he prepares or well braces for his commute. the 39-year-old zig-zags through beijing traffic on his 30-minute journey through the city of more than 5.5 million cars. it is dangerous he admits. cars and bikes are fighting for space on the road. what can you do? 28,000 new cars came on to beijing streets last year.
3:53 am
smog and snarled traffic, city planners are looking to the past. riding bikes is a good way to avoid being stuck in terrible traffic. adding, bikes are totally green and have zero emissions. he is with beijing's transportation department across the city it installed nearly 1900 racks filled with rental bicycles. they're free for the first hour and less than $2 for a day. >> seems like there is an awful long we to go before the bikes are really a way to cut down on pollution and any significant manner. >> it takes time, he acknowledged. we now have more than half a million users in beijing. and we figure every new bike will attract 11 new users. beijing plans to add 10,000 more bikes this year. there was a time of course when
3:54 am
of bicycles. in 1980, more than 60% of commuters rode bikes. by 2000 that number dropped to 38%. and by 2013. fewer than 12% of chinese commuters rode bicycles. the communist party aims to get the numbers back up to 18% by 2020. beijing was inspired by the success of bike sharing programs in paris and amsterdam and looked to new york city for tips on adding bicycle lanes. special lanes are already being built in china's capital to improve safety. he would welcome anything that would make his commute a tad less hair-raising. >> translator: my fantasy is more bike riders will join me, he said, and fight for space on the road. urban planners across china are looking at a number of ways to
3:55 am
here in beijing they're looking to develop a network of ventilation corridors which would beat smog by linking parks, rivers, and low rise buildings to try to improve airflow. the cbs overnight news will
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this is the "cbs overnight news." half the states have now voted in primaries and caucuses this year and democratic insider, hillary clinton, and republican outcider donald trump appear to be unstoppable. have a look. clinton beat bernie sanders in florida, ohio, north carolina essentially tide ed in missouri. >> we are moving closer to nomination and winning this election in november.
4:01 am
able to defend our country not embarrass it. engage our allies not alienate them. defeat our adversaries, not embolden them. when we hear a candidate call for rounding up 12 million immigrants. banning all muslims from entering the united states, when he embraces torture, that doesn't make him strong, it makes him wrong. billionaires running our economy?
4:02 am
to the right place. we started this campaign at 3% in the national polls, we have come a long way in ten months. and the reason that we have done as well as we have, the reason that we have defied all expectations, is that we are doing something very radical in american politics, we are telling the truth. >> on the republican side, trump won florida forcing marco rubio out of the race. trump also won north carolina and illinois. trump and cruz essentially tied in missouri and will split those
4:03 am
but in ohio, john kasich kept his hopes alive with a big win in his home state. >> number one, i want to congratulate marco rubio on having run a really tough campaign. he is tough. he is smart. and he has a great future. he has the got a great future. but i have to say, and -- nobody has ever, ever, in the history of politics received the kind of negative advertising that i have. record, record, record. by the way, mostly false. i wouldn't say 100%. about 90%. mostly false, vicious, horrible, they say it was $1 million the first week, last week, $25 million. added up to over $40 million. and you explain it to me because i can't. my numbers went up. i don't understand it. nobody understands it. my numbers went up.
4:04 am
this is a really interesting process. it is an amazing process. it is very tough. but it is -- by the end if you get to the end, you can handle a lot of things including pressure. that i can tell you. because the there is nothing like. lies, deceit, viciousness, disgusting reporters, horrible people. some are nice. some are nice. some really disgusting people back there. and, i just want to say we are going to go forward and we are going to win. but more importantly we are going to win for the country. we are going to win, win, win. we are not stopping. we are going to have great victories for our country. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. thank you. >> i haven't had a chance to speak to him. i've want to congratulate donald trump on his victory. big victory in florida. no, no, no, no. no, no, no. no, guys. we live in a republic. our voters make these decisions. we respect that very much.
4:05 am
i want to begin by thanking all of you here today. the politics of resentment against other people will not just leave us a fractured party, they're going to leave us a fractured nation. they're going to leave us as a nation where people literally hate each other. because they have different political opinions. we find ourselves at this point its not surprising. for the warning signs have been here close to a decade. in 2010, a tea party wave carried me and others into happening. that tea party wave gave house. nothing changed. the same voters gave republicans a majority in the senate. still nothing changed. and i blame some of that on the conservative movement. a movement that is supposed to be about our principles and our ideas. but i blame most on our political establishment. but after tonight it is clear that while we are on the right side, this year, we will not be
4:06 am
i take great comfort in the in a schent word which teaches us -- that in their hearts, humans plan their course. but the lord establishes their steps. while it is not god's plan that i be president in 2016, or maybe ever, and while today my campaign is suspended. the fact that i have even come this far is evidence of how special america truly is. and all the reason more why we must do all that we can to ensure that this nation remains a special place. >> to those who supported marco. who worked so hard, we welcome you with open arms. only two campaigns have a plausible path to the nomination. ours and donald trump's. nobody else has any mathematical
4:07 am
only one campaign has beaten donald trump over and over and over again. not once, not twice, not three times, but nine times all across the country from alaska to maine. tonight, tonight we arrived in cleveland. and we went to a restaurant. we thought we could kind of sneak in and grab a quick meal. and when we walked through the restaurant people started to cheer. my reaction i said please don't do that because you are going to
4:08 am
but to have -- to have people believe in you, and to belief that you can bring people together and strengthen our country, i have to thank the people off the great state of ohio the i love you is all i can
4:09 am
4:10 am
in north carolina, about 1,000 voters cast provisional ballots because they didn't have enough identification to meet law. the law was passed even though voter fraud is almost unknown there. opponents say the law is meant to silence minority voters and here is mark strassmann. >> reporter: as north carolina voted this morning, maria desanchez thorpe woke up >> i ned ed to present a valid
4:11 am
>> you are anxious? >> yes, if i'm anxious. how many may not show up. >> reporter: she is 58, u.s. sit ten born in cuba. all her photo ids, passport, driver's license say sanchez her maiden name. >> that is a problem. voter registration has married name. >> reporter: sanchez-thorpe says latinos use multiple last names with sometimes conflicting ids. north carolina estimates 225,000 of its registered voters may not have a valid driver's license. of the 11 states with record black voter turnout in 2008, seven have enacted stricter voter id laws including north carolina. wendy wiser studies elections at nyu law school. >> these laws are a backlash against increasing participation process. >> but republican state ports
4:12 am
laws. >> how many documented incidences of voter fraud in the last five years do you know about? >> we don't know how if, how widespread that may be or may not be. isn't the integrity of our republic worth maintaining that somebody is who they say they are when they present themselves off to vote. >> sanchez-thorpe did get to vote. but by mid afternoon. roughly 1,000 voters without valid ids had to cast provisional bal lots provision provisional ballots they need to be verified before the votes scan be counted. president obama today was critical of the rhetoric of the campaign. he was speaking at what was billed as a unity luncheon at the capitol. he had some kind word to speak about the speaker of the house. >> i suspect that all of us can recall some intemperate words that we regret. certainly i can. and while some may be more to
4:13 am
current climate, all of us are responsible for reversing it. for it is a cycle that is not an accurate reflection of america. and it has to stop. speaker ryan, you and i don't agree on a lot of policy, but i know you are a great father and a great husband. and i know you want what's best for america. and we may fiercely disagree on policy and nfc north. and i don't have a bad word to say about you as a man. >> the president today on civility. in another important story, floodwaters are getting deeper and no place has been hit harder than deweyville texas on the louisiana border. david begnaud is there. >> reporter: this is the worst flooding deweyville has seen in
4:14 am
department, post office, church, school, and the town's only grocery store is underwater. deweyville, town of 1,100 sits west of the sabine river, a funnel for tributaries carrying walter downstream from three larger bodies of water. 20 inches of rain over the last week. and 45 billion gallons of water release from an overflowing reservoir left deweyville flooded in four feet of water. >> lack at ook at the dog. >> rescuers spotted animals in need of help. this dog had to be coaxed into the boat. >> oh. >> downriver is christa's home with two feet of water inside. >> it's horrific. i never would have in all my 26 years thought i would see what i'm seeing right now. >> heading with the rescuers who check on a guy. refused to leave his flooded home. one of the rescuers thought it was pitiful. >> no one responded.
4:15 am
shore, we spotted ray holden. >> do you plan on leaving? >> no. >> why not? >> i have guns, food, water. >> guns, food, water?% >> yeah. i got everything i need. >> reporter: here in deweyville, the sabine river is cresting through tomorrow morning. when it is all said and done, scott, the river is expected to crest at 33.2 feet. 9 feet above flood stage. >> david begnaud, thank you. vladamir putin appears to be making good on his pledge to begin withdrawing russian forces from syria. today several war planes flew home to a hero's welcome. the russians have launched more than 9,000 bombing missions in syria since september. and turned the tide of the civil war to the assad dictatorship. tonight, cbs news has learned that the american who defected to, from isis, and then
4:16 am
december. three months with isis was apparently enough for him. elizabeth palmer has more from irbil in northern iraq. here is the moment kurdish soldiers find out they have detained an american. >> where are you from? >> the united states. >> reporter: minutes earlier the kurds grabbed him when he walked out of the scrubland at dawn and right into their front line. in broken arabic and english he told them he wanted to surrender. one of the kurds who arrested him, but didn't want his face shown, said, he confirmed he had been fighting for isis. how did you make sure that he wasn't a suicide bomber that he had no explosives on him? we got him to lift his shirt up and drop his pants to prove it he said. that standard procedure all along the kurd, front line.
4:17 am
show they're not wearing a bomb. 26-year-old mohamed kweis had his driver's license, two credit card and three cell phones with $4,000. he gave himself up here at the village of gaulat near talafar. kurds say it was a mistake. he had been aiming for the turkish border but was double take him there. back in virginia, reporters showed up at the family home to ask questions. but a scene that started out as merely chaotic turned hostile when kweis' father turned the hose on them. kweis' parents say they lost touch with their son and they have no idea how he ended up where he is tonight in the custody of kurdish intelligence. and it is not clear, scott, how long before he returns to the u.s. but the department of justice is already planning to file charges against him. >> liz palmer in northern iraq
4:18 am
liz, thank you. today, the vatican said that mother teresa will become a saint on september 4th. pope francis cleared the way by attributing two miracles to her work. mother teresa devoted her live to working with the sick and the homeless in calcutta, india. she died 19 years ago at age 87. >> the cdc is urging drastic action to stop an epidemic of prescription painkiller overdoses. and, he talks constantly about china. now, what china says about trump. discover new magnum double raspberry. made with the perfect balance of raspberry ice cream, luscious raspberry sauce, and belgian chocolate. discover magnum chocolate pleasure. enough pressure in here for ya? i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max. too late, we're about to take off. these dissolve fast. they're new liquid gels. and you're coming with me... you realize i have gold status?
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today the cdc urged doctors true stop overprescribing painkillers that includes vicodin and oxycontin. each day more than 40 people die from overdoses of these drugs. here is dr. jon lapook. >> 60-year-old executive recruiter, steven diamond was prescribed opioids. >> i was out of control. whatever the doctor gave me wasn't enough. so i got more. >> reporter: it wasn't long before he became addicted and moved on to heroin.
4:22 am
easy for you. they give you the pain scale. one to ten. tell me what you are feeling. >> reporter: today the cdc said enough is enough. dr. tom friedman. >> it is driven by doctor prescribing. but because doctor prescribing drove this, doctor prescribing can also help stop it. >> reporter: the cdc recommendations include patients and doctors should kid pain management that doesn't include opioids, physical therapy, exercise and medications like ibuprofen. before prescribing opio ds. outline addiction, and they should be low dose and short acting. >> a lot of people who get into problems with opiates, start with acute pain. for most episodes. three days will be enough. it is very rare that more than seven days will be needed.
4:23 am
check an online database to see if the patient has been going to doctors to get the drugs. >> they scan be a gateway to heroin as well. jon, thank you very much. >> in a moment, what the chinese say about trump. donald trump never passes up a chance to mention china. as recently as six months ago, seth doan found that few chinese had ever heard of him. they know him now and have plenty of opinions. china's global times calls trump a racist and compares him to hitler. here is seth in beijing. >> do you know this man? >> trump. it is trump. >> reporter: just his picture triggers opinions. >> little bit crazy. >> reporter: you think trump
4:24 am
>> yeah, much tougher. >> china, taking our jobs, taking our money. >> how much more are people talking about donald trump than say, the other candidates? >> much more. much more. >> reporter: he takes clips from the campaign trail and translates them into chinese. then he posts them on line with subtitles for his 370,000 followers on webo, china's twitter. >> reporter: what is the range of opinions you hear abut donald trump? >> from, a total liar and bigot. to the only truth telling candidate. >> i know him. >> reporter: we have seen trump's name recognition here increase compared to last fall. no, this is not jeb bush. >> china has taken millions of jobs. >> reporter: after he took so many high-profile jabs at china. >> the greatest theft in the history of the world. >> i think his business need china.
4:25 am
something very mean. >> reporter: 7,000 miles away. >> i think this is kind of a strategy. >> the politics of it all are pretty clear. >> so he can win. maybe get more attention.
4:26 am
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captioning funded by cbs it's wednesday, march 16th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." a three-man race. donald trump stacks up victories in the republican chase for the white house, knocking marco rubio out, but john kasich's win in ohio puts a new obstacle in the billionaire's path to the nomination. while hillary clinton made


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