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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 5  CBS  January 7, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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3 the numbers are in -- and you didn't winning tickets were sold for last night's 524- million dollar powerball jackpot.check your numbers .. maybe you got something...they
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powerball is 17.the jackpot was one of the biggest in u.s. history.and now it'll keep growing .. right now saturday's prize is 675 million dollars. 3 a family is safe after fire destroyed their home. the fire broke out tuesday night at a vacant house on mackoy street. but it spread to chasity willoughby's house. she heard a popping noise and her boyfriend went upstairs to check on their five-year-old daughter. he could feel the heat from the fire but did not see flames. he pulled cailyn (kay-linn) out of her bed and the entire family made it outside. 3 chasity willoughby: "i guess something told him to just go check and i'm glad he did because the stairs was the first thing to burn and we probably would have had a hard time getting to her if he hadn't gone up there." cailyn willoughby: "because i was sleeping my daddy just took me downstairs and i heard my mommy say 'the house is on fire' and it scared me." the family is staying in a hotel. the cause of the fire is under
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several people are recovering after a boiler explosion at a west side church.medics rushed the pastor of crossroads church and four others to the hospital yesterday. service techs were working on the boiler when something went wrong. one of them is seriously hurt... but the others have minor injuries. the explosion blew out some windows at the church.. and now a team from the state fire marshal's office is investigating. 3 10:05 on arrival, there are several large plate glass windows in the boiler room, those were all blown out and to be honest, i focused mostly on the victims. once the paramedics and all the other units were on the scene, then we were able to start making sure that the gas was shut off so we didn't have any further issues :23 the electric was at least isolated to the area and some of those things 10:28 the building was inspected and found to be safe. crossroads church members tweeted a statement saying they hope to have regular services this weekend. 3 ohio is planting hybrid
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state forests and parks in an attempt to bring back the tree that was decimated by a fungal blight.the ohio department of natural resources last month planted one thousand american chestnut hybrids in three state forests and parks and plans to plant an additional two thousand in march. biologists estimate about 4 billion chestnuts grew along the appalachian mountains before the blight. they say only about 11 percent survived. 3 kentucky lawmakers want to protect you from drone harassment.a bill introduced in the general assembly would make is a misdemeansor to hover over someone's property without permission.the measure comes several months after a man outside of louisville used a shotgun to shoot down a drone that was hovering over his property.the f-a-a has expanded registration requirements for drones to cover all drones, even the small ones used by the public, and says 181-thousand drones have been registered since the rules went into effect in late 3 community leaders and cincinnati's new police chief begin an effort to reduce violent crime.they met
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was billed "a community roundtable."it's one of a series of meetings planned.the group talked about the collaborative agreement made 15 years ago-- after the riots. city leaders say they'll continue to listen to people who have concerns about crime and dedicate resources to 3 i think we've come a long way and there's still a lot more to go, we can be that national example of how police and community and city government as a whole works together to really address the issues in our community."yesterday's meeting was just for community leaders.the first *public meeting will take place at the over-the-rhine recreation pm. 3 one of the tri-state's most beloved breweries is getting bigger. madtree is moving to the old rock- tenn company paper mill in oakley.. the brewery has been a hit since it debuted back in 2013. .. and that popularity means it's time to expand. their new place will have everything they have now -- just a lot bigger. 3
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anticipated and we're up against the wall in production. we want to produce enough beer to satisfy our home market and some of the surrounding states." there will also be a beer garden and an events center when the new facility opens later this year.. 3 meanwhile.. a couple other tri-state breweries are getting some big praise. taft's ale house and braxton brewing company were named two of the best new craft beer breweries in the u-s by beer opened this year.. taft's is in an old church in o-t-r.. braxton brewery is in covington. it launched after being the most funded brewery project ever on kickstarter. 3 it looks like former bengal devon still is returning to the n-f-l.just a short time ago on twitter, still says the texans signed him to a future contract for next season.still hasn't played in the league this season since being released by the bengals.of course, we all followed devon's fight with his daughter leah as she battled cancer.leah is in remission
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treatment is tomorrow. 3 the kid is in the hall of fame. we'll tell you what ken griffey junior is saying about the honor this officer lends a helping hand. we'll tell you how a reckless driving call led to a busy day on the're watching
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3 cincinnati's own ken griffy junior is now in baseball's hall of fame. the kid.. as he was known.. grew up in the reds clubhouse while his dad was a mainstay for the big red machine. the 13 time allstar receiving a record 99 point 3 percent of the vote. he was left off the ballot by only 3 baseball writers.junior went from moeller high school to the pros.and he's one of only 3 players in history to have over 500 homers and 10 gold gloves. 3 (:00) "happy and shocked (..)
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3 member of it." (:30) the kid surpasses tom seaver for the highest percentage in hall of fame history... and while he fell 3 votes shy of 100 percent.. it will do nothing to take away from the honor come july 24th in cooperstown. 3 more bad news for chipotle. we'll tell you what's next for the mexican food chain.macy's is starting out 20- 16 by handing out thousands of pink slips.we'll tell you about possible job cuts in the tri state. 3 3
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3 if north korea actually tested a hydrogen bomb.. no one really believes them. experts do think the siesmic activity last night was consistent with some type of an atomic detonation.. but intelligence agencies don't
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claims that it was an advanced hydrogen bomb. no matter what it was.. the u-n security council is condemning it.. and may pursue new sanctions against the country. 3 "get out of the car! i will light you up! get out of the car, now!" the trooper who pulled over sandra bland last summer is now in trouble. a texas grand jury indicted brian encinia on a perjury charge. it's because of a traffic stop that got out of hand.the trooper pulled bland out of her car and threatened her with a taser. bland was found hanging in her jail cell three days later.. police say it was suicide. her death.. and the dashcam video.. sparked national protests. 3 ammon bundy/"there is a time to go home. we don't feel it's quite that time yet. we feel we need to make sure the hammonds are out of prison." the drama that has lasted for five days shows no signs of ending this morning.members of the militia group say they aren't leaving the wildlife refuge.a local sheriff in
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government activists are going to face federal charges with the seige is over. 3 chipotle is hit with a subpoena over the norovirus outbreak in california.the subpoena is part of an investigation by the u- s food and drug administration's office of criminal requires chipotle to hand over several documents related to the simi valley restaurant where about 100 people were sickened by the norovirus in august. chipotle said it will cooperate fully with the federal investigation. 3 macy's says it plans to close stores and slash jobs because of a disappointing holiday season.the locally- based retail giant announced major cost cutting moves because of disappointing christmas sales. makes will close 36 of its 770 stores and cut 4-thousand jobs this spring.none of the stores scheduled to be closed are in the tri-state. 3 when a north carolina officer received a call about a reckless driver, he had no idea what he was getting into. 3 officer joshua schultz/helped deliver baby(:00) climbed in and asked the dad for a towel
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car to maybe to wrap the baby up...he gave me his sweatshirt so we wrapped it up in a sweatshirt...and i asked him for any type of string - for like a shoe string - and he took his shoe string off and gave me his shoe string, tied off the umbilical cord and about that time i heard fire coming out. (:17)it all started when someone called the police department and reported a car speeding and running red through lights. officer joshua schultz found the car.. and that the woman inside had given birth.chelyse watkins gave birth after her car broke down on her way to the hospital.schultz used some macgyver- like skills to help out.this morning.. baby kaelyn and mom are doing fine. 3 3
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3 a photobomb you just have to see.we'll show you the best animal photo of 20-16 so far plus.. the nae nae is trending this morning.we'll show the awesome way one dad is
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3 photobomb-style pranks have become a cultural pehnomenon and everyone wants in on the action.. even horses!take a look at the best animal photobomb of 20-'s going to be a tough one to top.this photo made it's way to reddit on monday.. and it quickly became one of the most popular posts on the entire site.the clydesdale just wanted to get in on the photo opportunity
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3 and even though we have hits like "hotline bling" and "style" the "nae nae" continues to be a popular dance move in the new year. check out this viral video!it shows a dad sneaking in and nae nae-bombing his unsuspecting fact, he pretty much out- nae naes i saying nae nae too much?anyway, the girls eventually catch the dancing dad and, of course, freak out. for a kid, there is nothing worse than your parent
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3 it's going to be a hit with college students.coming up at 5- 30 we'll tell you about a new amazon store set to open
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3 now at five's the biggest jackpot in u.s. history.we'll tell you how you could win 675 million dollars. 3 a democrat won't be on the ballot.we'll tell you why you won't be able to write in a presidential candidate in ohio. 3 students here at fairfield intermediate school are learning what it means to be an upstander this week. i'll tell you all about it coming up. 3 good morning.we'll get to those top stories in just a moment.but first we want to start with a first check of your's meterologist john gumm.
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3 the numbers are in -- and you didn't win.lottery officials say the 524-million dollar powerball jackpot had no winning tickets sold last night.the numbers are: 47, 2, 63, 62, 11 and the powerball the biggest in u.s. history. with no winners, the pot will keep growing and the next drawing will be saturday.right now.. the grand total is at 675 million dollars. 3 democrat martin o'malley has failed to qualify as a write-in candidate for ohio's presidential primary .. after he previously fell short of the signatures needed for his
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swing state's ballot. to be a write-in candidate for the march 15 primary, contenders were required to file a declaration of intent with ohio's elections chief by 4 o'clock on monday.o'malley missed the deadline. the former maryland governor's paperwork came in at about 8 a.m. tuesday. there is no appeals process under ohio law. 3 this week fairfield intermediate school students have been taking part in upstander week.. an anti- bullying initiative developed by the school's anti-bullying committee. this morning students will get to hear from an anti-bullying speaker. local 12's megan moore joins us *live* in fairfield with the details. 3 as you said students here at fairfield intermediate school are taking part in upstander week which will run through the end of this week. an upstander is described as someone who recognizes when something is wrong and acts to make it right. all week students have been taking part in various activities in each
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learning about what it means to be an upstander. school administrators say the students will also learn how to be upstanders and they will be setting personal and school community goals. this morning starting around 8:30, students will be attending an hour long assembly where they will get to hear from nationally- renowned anti-bullying speaker and recording artist keenan west who is from cincinnati. one of the goals in mind is for students to learn to relate to one another.we will be attending that assembly and will also have the chance to talk with principaltodd hartman and students about what this week means and what they have been learning in their classes this week. live in fairfield megan moore, local 12 news. 3 school administrators say components of upstander week will continue through the rest of the school year. 3 the cincinnati police department is hosting public forums as it gets ready to select a new recruit class. applications are due at the
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will give candidates a chance to learn more about the department and the recruitment process. tonight's forum runs from six-30 to eight at the forest park library. 3 amazon is opening a new location in the tri state.a brick and mortar store opens at the u- c campus today. students will be able to pick up and return amazon orders. they will also get same- day pickup for orders placed by noon on over two million items. local 12's perry schaible will give us a look inside coming up at six. 3 three thousand tons of dirt will be dumped on the floor of u.s. bank arena's for the amsoil arena cross.the opening round of the 20- 16 season starts at seven o'clock on range from 10 to fifty dollars... and an amateur performance will be on sunday at noon. 3 now it's time for our facebook question of the day.we want to
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cincinnati athlete? and why?
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3 we want you 3 to join the conversation -- just *like* the local 12 page on facebook to share your thoughts. 3 merging two local schools together.we'll show you how amjor construction project is moving along in clermont, concerns about local murals.we'll tell you why sunlight could be their biggest're watching
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october twenty-seventh, 2014. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. we are farmers. bum-pa-dum,
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3 progress is being made on a new school going up in clermont county.west clermont high school will combine the students from amelia and glen este.they're doing the work on the site at the corner of clough pike and bach- buxton road in union township.storm drainage work is almost complete and base pavement has been installed in critical construction areas so work can continue if the weather gets bad.they will also build a medical office building and health plex will on the site. 3 famous murals from the airport were saved from the wrecking ball, but a fight has broken out of their future.the images will be moved to the duke energy center.the plan was to put them on the western exterior of the duke energy center -- but there are concerns that explosure to
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damage the murals.yesterday.. city council asked for a report on the questions about the murals. 3 a slowdown in china.up next, low oil prices and the h- bomb are weighing heavily on asian stock markets this morning. there's man's best friend... and then there's a 5- year- old girl's best friend.we'll tell you about the duo's unbreakable're watching good morning
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3 trading on chinese stock markets has been halted for the day the halt is the second this week for china's stock market.their economy is the second biggest in the world.. to the u.s.chinese stock exchanges closed early after the c- s- i index dropped more than seven percent.the slide came after china's central bank lowered the yuan's daily reference rate by the most since last summer. 3 we have breaking news from new york state. that's where 17 miners are trapped underground. this happening in the town of lansing.our sinclair sister station has a crew in route and will be bringing us pictures later in the morning. 3 the n- r- a says its will not send representatives to a nationally televised town hall with president obama on gun violence tonight.the decision comes as the president reignited a discussion about the controversial topic.a spokesperson called it a public relations spectacle.
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tuesday he will take executive action creating more gun regulations, including expanded background checks for purchases. 3 the thousand- mile coast of california is covered in warnings, watches and advisories for rain, flooding and high surf as another el nino storm moves in from the pacific.the system packs colder temperatures, stronger winds and heavier rainfall than the two previous storms that battered the state since the weekend. 3 man's best friend has a different meaning for a little girl and her pet in freeport, maine. 3 (:18) jana: how did snowflake get his name?um, when he was like zero year's old 3 i named him. (:26)5- year- old kylie brown has a pet duck named snowflake.her mom, ashley, says she's never seen an animal love somebody back like snowflake loves kylie. snowflake the duck follows kylie everywhere.over the past six months -- kylie and snowflake have played at the
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swingset.on halloween -- he rounded out their "frozen" costumes.snowflake dressed as "olaf" the snowman.snowflake waits for kylie at the bus stop to get home from school. .. and she makes sure he gets in his nap in the afternoon. 3 3 3
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3 the story is being shared thousands of times.coming up at six.. we'll tell you why one mother is making her son take her on, a downtown igloo.we'll tell you the weird reason why one man made this're
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3 how would you react if this were the scene in your backyard during a rainstorm?a california family's backyard got the kind of makeover no family wants.a mudflow from storms that hit the area flooded the backyard as the homeowners watched.
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rescue from a burning home. mom shares how dad saves her little girl. >> reporter: i'm perry shibley and i will show you how to shop online, and it might have something to do with amazon. to go in like that is special. highest vote ever, that is special. going to cooper's town, why ken griffey junior has to say
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i didn't know that he had
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