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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 6  CBS  January 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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i didn't know that he had never been in the building. >> he waited until he was inducted. they call baseball players a superstitious. it's going to be not as bad as the last couple of days. john. we're on a warming trend. upper teens to upper 20s, quite a range of temperatures, the coldest of the air tends to settle into the valley location. 17 at hamilton, 19 in versailles, east peebles is at 18, you jump down to brooksville, kentucky, 30 there, but maysville at 20. you can see the huge range of readings we have, there's the view downtown, clear skies right now, and we range from 17 in hamilton to around 27 at the airport, 26 at wilmington and batavia and lufkin only at 20. there's the radar, nothing falling in the area, we don't expect anything today, but the clouds will arrive later. you can see the cloud cover to
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will start in the 20s, and the temperatures 40 at noon, and a warm day by standards, we will head into the upper 40s later this afternoon, 4 degrees warmer today than yesterday, 50s on the way but rain to track, too. if you're going to the bengals game on saturday night, it's looking wet. we will get to the forecast coming up. let get to jen with a look at >> reporter: good morning, we're looking at the roads, we're accident-free, we cleared the overnight construction that was going on in a couple of spots. volume of traffic picking up a little bit but nothing to worry about 471 starting to see more traffic between 275 and the the daniel carter bridge, here is live look at fitchle avenue, where they will shut things down until 11:00 p.m., until tomorrow friday morning. right now traffic is moving through the area just fine, seeing the volume of traffic picking up particularly northbound between 275, and the
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and accident-free. back to you. thank you, jen, the bad news is no one won that huge powerball jackpot last night. the good news is that a record jackpot could be yours on saturday night. it's the largest in history worth $675 million right now, it will keep growing. this time you may not want to buy the lucky numbers, up to 80% of all jackpots are picked bit computer. nobody from independent, indiana, ohio or kentucky won the match 5, either. a little girl is alive after her father rescued her from the home. it started at mccoy in covington. chasety and her boyfriend were watching a movie last night when she heard something kind of strange. that is when he went upstairs to he can when on her. he could feel the flames from
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>> because i'm sleeping, my dad bee took me downstairs, and i heard my mommy say the house is on fire. kaitlyn's room ended up badly damaged but the family including the dog is safe. an explosion at a cross way church on the west side. service techs were working on the boiler, when the gas and blast metal. five people are hurt including the church pastor. there's damage to the buildings, some of the windows are destroyed. the members hope to have service this weekend. macy's is planning to close doors, and slash jobs. they are announcing cutting moves because of disappointing christmas sales. 76 of the 470 stores, and cut 4,000 jobs in spring and none of the stores are scheduled to close here in the tri-state.
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opens a new store a new square near the school campus, perry shibley is live with a look at normally when we're talking about amazon, it's a warehouse, this is different. >> reporter: that is fulfillment, center, that is in hebron and that is huge. what better place to put it than across from college campus, this is on calhoun street, literally across from uc. one of the things that makes it neat, is how much easier and quickly you can get items. student, they can place an order in a matter of minutes and they will get it pretty quickly. with me, now, john alexander, you are going to take us through the process. how easy is it this. >> this is the first pick up location in the state of ohio. customers whether they're student or any customer in the area can order their items, ship them here and come pick them up
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amazon student members and all amazon prime members get free same day pickup, and all items, order by noon and they will be here in the evening. >> reporter: what they do is come in and have a bar scan on their phone, and then they just put it under here and fully staffed, somebody is always here to get it. >> it's super simple. if you placed your order here, you will get an e-mail from us. once that e-mail comes, you can come and pick up your package. you click on the e-mail and say you are ready to pick up, within less than a minute we will have the package ready for you. we will show you how it works right now. >> reporter: all right,let see it. he will scan t and somebody will come out with a package. >> no, we will handle it, at whole thing works with the phone. >> reporter: very quickly, and very easy, and this is isn't only for college students. >> had no, any customer, but it will be located at university of cincinnati to make it convenient
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>> reporter: they do have a ribbon cutting ceremony at 11:00, i'm hearing that the uc president will be here for that, but the store opens at 9:00 this morning. thank you, santa onu will be there, he will be tweeting about it. the dude tweets like crazy. amazon end on the first student store at the campus of purdue. who did not get in the hall of fame, the one who is getting in. our own ken griffey junior, only the best can dream up. the kid got an invitation to join the hall of fame with 93.3% of the vote, he was left off the ballot by only those three, griffey went to on molar high school to the pros. in that time 630 homes, more than 1800rbis and voted to the
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>> happy and shocked! happy for, you know, that i get to be in such an elite club, you know, i want to thank the writers for putting my name down. i have played in the hall of fame game three times and i've never set foot in the building. i've never even seen the front of it. i've got from the field to the hotel, and the hotel to the bus, and never looked at front of it, because the one time that i wanted to go in there i wanted to be a member of it. how cool is that. >> the other person voted in pie as a who mike piazzao who played for the mets. i heard one analysts how some writers won't put a shoe in on their ballot, because they want to vote for somebody else. they want to give support to somebody who may be marginal. >> okay. >> but that is it. when you know that this guy can
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think he is deserving, why not make that happen. >> yeah. >> that is a rational why some don't put, some guys on their ballot, they know they're going to get so they want to give support to somebody who is a bit more marginal. >> i want their name. delicious is good for you, why nut butter is becoming a
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6:10, this morning in cincinnati refine, want super powers, assembly market defendsers say eat nut butter. it's a distributor of these products along with pure ohio honey, hand sap and specialty nuts. she is connected with a cincinnati native that produces life of riley food, things like cashews, walnut, and sunbury butter. they're sold online. if you don't know what to do with butter, pair with chocolate or bananas. can you read why they're so delicious and good for you along at cincinnati 27 degrees, clear skies it's
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spots, not as cold as yesterday. we are going to get into the upper 40s, about 4 degrees warmer than yesterday, we will head to 40 at noon, 47 late day with partly cloudy skies, is on the way, but rain goes along with that, we will have more on the timing of that rain and how it might impact a bengals game on saturday night, that is coming up on the weather authority forecast. jen. >> reporter: we're accident-free as we take a look at the roads you're not going to see any issues, volume of traffic is still looking good. we're picking up a little bit as far as volume is concerned in areas of 471, and 471 near kyle's accident-free at this time. learning to be a gentleman, how mom is teaching a 6-year-old through dates. >> i noticed i was hearing
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welcome back, everyone, developing this morning, the texas state trooper who arrest aid woman last summer is now facing charges. sandra committed suicide in jail. a grand jury says it did not happen as trooper insignificant na claims it did. lance family's has filed a
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him. the international community is planning to punish, korea, this after claims that the country completed a hydrogen test. they say a blast of that type, would have produced a far more powerful outcome. if confirmed this, would be north korea's 4th nuclear test. more houses of congress are sending legislation that would repeal the healthcare act. it would ban any money for planned parent hood, but don't expect it to get far, because president barack obama is expected to veto it. former cia director, petraeus, is testifying on the house select committee on benghazi. is the 56 person interviewed by the committee, and this is the attack which has taken up to a year and a half and cost more than 5 1/2 million dollars.
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writing its final report in a knew months. all of that time you spend on your computer could be causing a problem. something like eye strain. blurred vision, headaches or neck and back pain. to avoid this, use a 20/20 room. for every 20 mines you are working up close, take a 20 second break to look at something 20 feet away. 6:17, 27 degrees, daddy-daughter time, and mommy-son time. 3 important and how memorable they can be. one 6-year-old boy, and his mom have a date time. you can see him pulling out his money from the wallet to pay for it. there's no electronic policy at the sable. table. and he opens the door, and pulls
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she want him to learn how to treat women even when he is young. >> i have heard it argued now that men aren't supposed to do that anymore. >> why? >> here is the thing i do it for people? >> gummer is shaking his head. >> like you're not supposed. >> correct. >> i hold it for men, women. >> how offensive if i do that. >> no. >> i read -- >> it's microaggression. >> it's not true. i say it's common courtesy to anybody. >> we do it for family. >> yeah. >> gumm always holds the door open for all of us. >> he are does. >> and do things that are bad. if jen and sheila tell me it's okay, it's okay. >> it's okay. >> i feel better now. >> yeah, we were great out there this morning, no problems, i don't have a whole lot to talk about, which is always good for you guys if you're headed out on the roads this morning.
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different spot on towns. 275 at colerain, in about 20 to 30 minutes or so we will start to see congestion, but right now you are looking just fine. 75 at the ronald reagan county highway, northbound looks heavier than southbound, but no a unusual delays, i-71/i-75 kyle's lane, starting to traffic, and nothing to worry, so far 471 is not seeing any major back-ups, so we're looking clear, overnight ton instruction out of the way, accident-free,. we are going to see temperatures start cold but turn warm in the afternoon. >> reporter: a roller coaster. >> wait until you see the forecast, talk about a roller coaster. today the warm part of the coaster, we are talking temperatures in the upper 40s, there's the view from down cincinnati from the atrium weather center, even warmer today than yesterday. yesterday we got out of the big cold with highs in the low
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temperatures about 4 degrees warmer today as we reach the mid-to upper 40s, things stay dry today, showers will be on the way tomorrow. some of these in the predawn hours early tomorrow morning, the best chance will come early tomorrow and in the afternoon, the rain chance wills drop. saturday it's the complete office. opposite, the rain chances start low early saturday but later in the afternoon and especially the evening, we begin to see the rain chances going up. that could mean wet conditions for the bengals game on saturday night. it's 27 at the airport, clear skies, a light breeze from the southeast at 5, and a windchill at 22 degrees, we will start in the 20s, make our way to around 40 at noon, sunshine early, some clouds arrive this afternoon, those clouds will thicken up by this evening and there's the high temperature right around 47 by 4:00 this afternoon. now quite a range of temperatures with winds fairly light this morning, valleys are colder, 17 degrees in hamilton,
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kentucky, harrison checks in at 19 degrees, so it's cold still but notice to the west, warmer weather, 40s from st. louis to memphis, part of a storm system in the nation's midsection which is pushing warmer air our way. eventually it's going to push rain our way, rain from missouri down to the sections of arkansas, and louisiana, some of that will get in here late morning. expect rain chances to increase, all is quiet on radar now. we're looking at sunshine, clouds arrive later this afternoon, and look at these highs mid-40s north hamilton, 46, 47 downtown, some areas south of cincinnati could be close to 50 by late this afternoon. clouds increase tonight, look at this, after midnight we begin to see rain developing, now the leading edge of this where you see some pink in butler county could briefly begin with sleet late tonight and early tomorrow morning and tomorrow morning for the morning drive a little wet with some showers working on through, temperatures will be in
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out by tomorrow afternoon, while i can't rule out a hit or miss shower in the afternoon, the trend dries things out. look at that, we're up to 51 tomorrow, take me through tomorrow night, mainly cloudy, a shower possible, but not a lot of rain, upper 40s saturday morning, now the rain chances will increase late in the day saturday, and this is 4:00, a couple of hit or miss showers around, temperatures in the mid-50s, and then we begin to see that rain moving in saturday night, this is around kickoff saturday night, you can see some showers, and as we take you through around 11:30 saturday night. rain pushing on through, the cincinnati area, so prepare for rain at the bengals game. upper 40s tailgate time. down to 43 by the final he play, and then we turn colder with rain and snow showers on the way on sunday. 47 today, near 40 this evening, with clouds increasing. there's the planning forecast. colder weather next week, wet showers, transitioning to wet
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20s by late day and we won't make it out of the 20s on monday. snow flurries and snow showers on tuesday and even colder by wednesday with highs only in the low 20s, lows in the teens. guys be, back do you. 6:22, a new year's cleans. it involves tacos. how it works. >> ahead at 6:30, full blown
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no, sir, no, sir, security. trending now, a random guy tries to steal the show from a daytime show, the talk showroom stage. they were accepting an award, and you can sharyl underwood push the guy away. sharons on bourne give gave him a couple of kids. you got to check this out. even princes have to get up and go to school. checkout prince george on his way to school.
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pictures of prince's pictures. who is your favorite cincinnati athlete, whether they were born here or just played here, right, bob. we continue to get a mix, people who this is their hometown and people who made some memories, and a few responses greg to zero because he played the game with all his heart. he loved the red. he may not be in the baseball hall of fame. joe morgan. because of the way he stood when he was bat. going to get that album going. >> yeah, got a chicken wing going. >> going to check in. >> carlos dunlap are because he seems like he never quits. >> threat what he seems like. >> he is out there on every play playing. and romundo says ian sanders, the ultimate definition of athlete, wish he had been a bengal. remember he was a reds fan.
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>> and then lisa, he taught me football watching kenny. he took us to super bowl. doing 14 justice. >> this is my mom's favorite. ed, he says, terry we have the biggest guns in baseball. >> that's a big man. >> yes, it was. >> threat a big man? i wonder who adam clements favorite is?
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let the powerball madness remain. saturday's drawing and nobody
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at fairfield, enter intermediate school, we will tell you what they are doing coming up. who dey! who dey! whew day! with a twist. the new song that tailgates this year, and how the steelers influence could be. >> oh, that sounded really food. >> influence the beats in a good way or a bad way. >> it's got to be good, right? >> it's the steeler influence. good morning, everybody, we get the stories in just a moment, but another chilly start to the day. again. >> and john is keeping track of it for us. we're starting in the teens and upper 20s, they asked me to lay down some tracks on that but i didn't have time. i wish i would have this. 27 right now. clear skies, southeast breeze at times, the windchill at 22, and we have teens and upper 20s,
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18 atport william. 19 maysville, and 29 at places like union, kentucky. ed bundle the kids up, we will become partly cloudy as we head into the afternoon, warmer today than yesterday, we head to 46, 47 by late day with a blend of sunshine and clouds. the temperatures will get warmer in the next couple of days, i'm tracking rain, and that rain could impact the big bengals game on saturday nievment more night. more in minutes, right now here is jen with the traffic conditions. >> reporter: we heard of a broken down at i-75 northbound at the norwood lateral. the camera at the lateral not functioning. it's there, and over to the shoulder and not blocking traffic at all, because traffic in the area seems to be moving along just fine.
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and let you know if it becomes an issue. i have a broken down reported on columbia parkway, near taft. as we look at the interstates, bottle of traffic picking up in areas in colerain, 75 doesn't look bad in either direction near the lock land split, but 71-75 is heavy from kyle's lane to the ohio river in the northbound direction, back to you. thank you, jen. sorry, you got to go to work today. nobody won the huge power ball jackpot. >> no, they did not, that means you could still win saturday's record jackpot. it will be the largest ever in history worth an estimated $675 million. statistically speaking you may not want to choose your own lucky numbers. 80% of all jackpots are picked by the computer. no one from indiana, ohio or kentucky won the match five jackpot, either. developing this morning, demcontract tin martin o'malley
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for ohio's primary. >> this is after he fell short of getting enough signatures, to be a write in candidate, contenders were supposed to file a declaration of intent by 4:00. the paperwork came in at 8:00 a.m. on tuesday, too late. a part of anish 95 has stud -- an initiative has students taking part. >> this morning, student will get to hear from an antibullying speaker in the rye state. good the tri-state. good morning, megan. >> reporter: some of you are wondering what up standard week is? an standarder is somebody who recognizes when something is wrong and act to make it right. that is what student here at the fairfield intermediate school have been learning about all week. they have been doing activities
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in the past parent and students had said that bullying was an issue at the middle school and they wanted the district to do something. a student who committed suicide in 2014. they filed a lawsuit, and her parents said she was bullying and that led her to take her own life. the fairfield school said it will defend itself appropriately and had no further comment. this morning, student around 8:30 will attend an hour long assembly to get to hear from ashley renowned, antibullying speaker, from here artist, and she plans to be at that assembly and plans to talk to administrators, and students about what they have been learning about, get an idea of what the activities were that they took part in the classes this week. they did something everyday. for now we're live at fairfield, megan.
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sembly. megan is out there. we will have a chance to talk to administrators and student about what they have been learning in classes this week. we will learn more about that later on. a toddler died after swallowing a lithium battery. the tiny batteries are in watches, hearing aids and electronics, and they get stuck along, the little one's digestive tract, they can burn and that is when it gets dangerous. experts say you need to do your best to keep these batteries away from babies and kids. 300,000 customers may have had their e-mail stolen. the company doesn't know how somebody got that information, but there's no indication that time-warner systems were hacked. they are asking customers to update their e-mail password as a precaution. a local brawr reis
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expanding. the brewery has been a big hit since it debuted in 1916. that meant it was time to expand. the new place will have everything that matry has now, just a little bigger, a lot bigger. there will be a beer garden and an event center when that facility opens later this year. 170 truckloads will dump 3,000 tons of dirt on to the floor this morning. this weekend, soil arena cross race is the first round this season for arena cross. for ticket information if you're into motocross, head to, and click the get it link under the news tab. whether it's the who dey song or some other hit, the bengals have been celebrated in song. this season the latest bengal's rap is coming from lincoln heights. rolando covington wrote the lyrics, the inspiration was the last playoff visit by the
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that tailgate, they saw a but load of fans singing the who dey song and he thought he could do it better. >> it's our time. it's our time, the song i want definitely wanted to make something for the players. >> i hope it hall toly touches hall it actually touches the bengal players like it touches us. they are playing the song at stadium and producing a video season. you know, success breeds this kind of following. >> i got to listen all the way through. >> me, too i want to because i thought it sound good on that little bit we heard. kevin fox and his buddy came up with the song. and you know with of them is going to catch. >> we had one. >> getting another chance, keeping the chances on
6:32 am
where the can welcome back. a former bengal player could be get being back in the game. >> this season devon was let go from the bengals, but he tweeted good news.
6:33 am
a future contract next season. he still didn't play in the league because he was released. leah is still in remission, and devon says her last treatment is tomorrow. >> excellent, excellent. >> this is the second part of that was the best part of the news. >> a young woman. >> absolutely. >> a new year, a new fad, how you can plan with tacos. >> also. >> drive along, and drive right into it. and all of a sudden you're up to your window shield here.
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6:45 o'clock, new this morning, sunshine a suspended all stock trading today after another plunge and investor pan oict market. panic on the market. all trading was suspended after shares tumbled more than 7% and the kicker breaker kicked in. the stock exchange declined for a 4th straight day. we are following breaking news in new york. verge crews are -- emergency crews are trying to free 14 miners, at lansing, new york.
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on this on "good morning cincinnati" as we move to star 64 starting at 7:00. happening right now, it's been a week of intense el nio driven storms. >> strong winds and heavy rains are causing mudslides and forcing people out of their homes. a lot of drivers had to be rescued from vehicles when roads were transformed into rivers, the day lunge saturated hillsides, triggering mudslides spilling on to highways, trees are down, el 9 wro el nino is bringing more rain this morning. for two days, i hope that my hopes didn't go off with and me with it. >> that system has brought a foot of snow to the mountains, building up the region's snowpack. happening right now, there's a state of emergency in southern california because of a major gas leak in los angeles county. that leak is at el iso county storage facility. the board estimate that it's sending 1200 tons of methane
6:38 am
thousands of people have been evacuated because of the fumes that are making them sick. cutting the sugar content on sweetened drinks by 40% could prevent 1 1/2 million cases in four years. reducing the sugar in drinking you including fruit juices would prevent cases of diabetes. it's time to try new diets, many of you have jumped on board, cat tins, atkins. >> this is a fad diet, i might will already be on it. it's the taco cleans. it involves eating tacos all day everyday, it's from the self proclaimed taco scientists, who cleans. the scientists ate tacos for lunch and dinner, and they give five recipes for tortillas
6:39 am
plan doesn't promise weight loss, no, but other benefits. the spicy taco consumed prior to sleep stimulates the nocturnal imagination. [ laughter ] >> to induce prophetic dreams. >> is this a joke? >> i saw it the other day, and i thought it was a big joke. >> they made a book, but it's all in fun. >> oh, my gosh. >> it doesn't mean i won't do it. >> i would like to see what they had before they came up with the taco diet. >> right. >> the payote diet. >> given, some of you might know, on tuesdays, on my facebook page, we have taco -- >> and this seems to be the next natural step. >> got to get the book. >> in taco tuesday. >> sheila and i are doing cleanses right now. >> we should now. >> you have found yours. >> gummer.
6:40 am
cleans is sponsored by gastroenterologists. [ laughter ] >> yuck! off to the roads, jen. >> reporter: we're looking good out there this morning. we do have a few new incidents that have popped up, given an accident report out of miami avenue at scott street. watch for that this morning. we have a broken down in the westbound direction that could be slowing traffic down and lion at moore avenue, an accident that is new reported there. as we look at the interstates, we're starting to see typical heavy traffic out there. there's a live look at 275 near loveland be madeira. we have heavy traffic, 75 southbound, and heavy to the lock land split, seeing heavy traffic from ohio to heading northbound, none of those are unusual delays, if you're headed out the door got some congestion. still cold this morning. think about it, teens and 20s right now, but we're going to
6:41 am
the next couple of days. you can pack a big storm system in the nation's midsection for that. let's show you the big view. notice the rain down to missouri, again through arkansas, and louisiana. this is some of the moisture that will arrive here late tonight, and early tomorrow morning as we start to see the push of warmer air coming in from the south and west. clear skies this morning in the ohio valley. we will see a few clouds later on, nothing showing up on predecision doppler hd. a few into downtown. it's clear, from the weather cam, we can see the warmer weather coming today, we're back in the upper 40s today. showers arrive tomorrow, it won't be a wash out tomorrow. the best chance will happen early in the day, and saturday it's completely opposite. the best chance for rain saturday happens later in the afternoon, and into the evening, and that could mean a wet bengals game. if you're going out to paul brown stadium, going to have that rain gear ready much 27 degrees, clear skies,
6:42 am
next 12 hours in cincinnati starting in the 20s with sunny skies this morning. we will head to 40 degrees by noon and by late day up to 47 with a blend of sunshine and clouds. the clouds will thicken up as we get into the evening hours, and we are down to 42 at 7:00 tonight. we look at the next 57 hours, sunshine today, clouds late it this afternoon, we are in the mid-40s north of cincinnati. mason around 46, 47 downtown, area south of cincinnati, falmouth, and owenton could touch give degrees by late this afternoon. clouds thicken and notice after midnight we begin to see a few showers arrive, this is around 3:00 in the morning, could be a little sleet that mixes in on the showers on the leading edge, could see a pink color on the butler county after 3:00 a.m. shouldn't cause any issues, showers across the area, this is tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m., temperatures will be in the 30s, so it's a cold rain we see. that moves out, although i can't rule out a shower into the afternoon tomorrow.
6:43 am
in the day, and look at the temperatures getting warmer. upper 40s north, low 50s across downtown sin, and well, even some low and mid-50s as you travel south of sin cincinnati. tomorrow, we will take you a chance of a passing shower not a lot of rain, upper 40s and much of saturday looking dry, but later in the day we begin to see a few showers showing up. temperatures in the low to mid-50s on saturday. it's saturday night that that rain begins to increase. this is around 8:14 saturday night, showers approaching the area, and you can see some rain over us, saturday evening, this is around 11:30. temperatures not bad. upper 40s tailgate time. mid-40s at kick time. fairly steady through the game. we do expect rain to push through the area, during the game on saturday night. 54 the high saturday. and sunday it start to get colder. 35 that will be a morning high, probably around when the sun
6:44 am
through the day, rainshowers transitioning to some snow showers and flurries and early next week, we get a colder blast of air moving in. by monday, highs are only going to be in the 20s, 47 the high temperature today. partly cloudy, near 40 this evening, skies become mostly cloudy and there's the planning forecast after the weekend photographed saturday. we turn tolder on sunday. -- colder on sunday, lows in the teens and 40s by tuesday, and by next weck we week we could get colder with temperatures in the high 20s.
6:45 am
6:56, 27 degrees, nobody won the powerball jackpot. >> we all have a chance to win saturday's largest powerball jackpot in history. it's worth an estimated $675 million. statistically speaking you may not want to choose your own lucky numbers because up to 80% of all jackpots have been picked by a computer, nobody from ohio, indiana, or kentucky chose the
6:46 am
800,000 customers may have had their e-mail password stolen. so far the company doesn't know how they got that information, but there's no indication that the him time-warner systems have been hacked. they are telling customers to update their password information. how exercise can help them heal faster. we have two more hours of local news here on local 12. two stars of the kinky boots will be with us it in the studio. saw them last night. >> and the boots are tremendous. >> most of us have taken down the decorations. a few of us have, a few of us might be having a few still linger, maybe the tree. this man was put it all away in his australian home when something happened. he found a snake in the tree. see, just pulls it out, just a little deal there, but still, he
6:47 am
first time any snake was lurking in his christmas tree. that tree is now outside. >> you know, i don't know that i would pull it out. you know australia, it seems
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