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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 5  CBS  January 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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3 morning.we'll get to those top stories in just a moment but first we want to start with a first check of your forecast. here's meterologist john gumm.
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3 we're tracking down details about the case of fallen firefighter patrick wolterman...he was killed last week in a hamilton house fire. now we've learned police had been called to the house on pater avenue four times since 2011. once for a residential alarm.. and once a car was damaged. last july the people who live there filed a report saying they were threatened. .. then things were stolen from the home in november.the initial call to the house for last week's fire came after the burglar alarm was tripped. and investigators call the fire an arson. hamilton police are offering a 10- thousand dollar reward for information that leads to an arrest in the case. 3 a nice surprise for a little girl whose home was destroyed by a fire - along with her dolls. cailyn willoughby's home in covington caught fire tuesday night. the fire destroyed the house on mackoy street and all of cailyn's six
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ray heard about the dolls being destroyed so she decided to give one to cailyn. they met last night and kailey gave cailyn a doll named saige. 3 kailey ray: "it feels really good. it was a good thing to do for someone who you know lost something." cailyn willoughby: "i like her and she's fun to play with and i don't want to mess up her hair because i messed all the others ones up." kailey ray has 3 kailey ray has a project called kai's love hats. she and her family knit hats and sell them to raise money to buy american girl dolls. those dolls are given to girls at children's hospital. 3 the past 3 meets the present at a new exhibit celebrating cincinnati's history."look
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of over-the-rhine.70 black and white photos are strategically placed around the neighborhood. . so you can compare what the buildings looked like decades ago to how they look today.the woman behind the exhibit is a grad student at u- c.she wanted to share her love of o-t-r with the public. 3 *anne delano steinertorganizer 01:42 i'm from cincinnati, i've loved over-the-rhine pretty much my entire life :45 and as i see this neighborhood sort of grow and change there are sort of these echoes of the past that are getting lost 01:53 and so i wanted to do something to kind of call people's attention to the history of over-the-rhine 1:58 the exhibit runs through march. there's a map of the photo locations on our website.. local-12 dot-com. 3 amsoil arenacross is back in cincinnati and they're kicking off their season at us bank arena this weekend.local 12's brandon orr is on top of 170 truck loads of dirt with a preview.
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3 tickets are still available for both shows this weekend and start at only ten dollars. 3 where's rey? 3 that's what one little girl is asking a toy company.we'll tell you about the powerful social media trend.taking home a guinness world record.we'll introduce you to an ohio woman who is making the trip of a're watching good
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sadness? it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. brintellix (vortioxetine) is a prescription medicine for depression. brintellix may start to untangle or help improve the multiple symptoms of depression. "for me, brintellix made a difference." tell your doctor right away if your depression worsens, or you have unusual changes in mood, behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. brintellix has not been
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do not take with maois. tell your doctor about your medications, including migraine, psychiatric and depression medications, to avoid a potentially life-threatening condition. increased risk of bleeding or bruising may occur, especially if taken with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners. manic episodes or vision problems may occur in some people. may cause low sodium levels. the most common side effects are nausea, constipation and vomiting. brintellix did not have significant impact on weight. ask your doctor if brintellix could make a difference for you. 3 even the most rabid n- f- l fans tend to stay in their own town to root for their home teams.but one ohio woman is showing some love to every team in the league.. and taking the trip of a lifetime. local 12's adam clements reports.. it's landing her in the guinness book of world records. 3
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view.." "sure is.."alicia barnhart took in 32 different views this n-f-l season.. and she did it in record breaking fashion.."the record was 107 days.." "all 32 stadiums?" "107 days.." "and you did it in?" "86".having already conquered every major league baseball stadium in one season.. alicia thoght.. hey.. let's try this with football.. "did people think you were crazy?" "yes!""i like a challenge.. so i got excited and started planning it right when the schedules came out.." "i printed out calendars.. i printed out the team logos and i printed out all the schedules for every team, and then i placed the logo when i thought i would go to each stadium.."she worked three jobs and dipped into her savings to fund the voyage herself..alicia also made sure to cut corners wherever she could.."i was on a lot of public buses.. i hit up all my friends.. i was like, hey guys.. remember me from college? high school?"she's
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i'm a sucker for classics.." and her not so favorites.."it would have to be my last one.. washington.. redskins fans were not friendly.."as for her visit to paul brown stadium? "the bengals organization.. was by far the best one to work with.. they actually gave me a pair of tickets to the game.. which was more than anyone else gave me.. and i was so impressed.. being from cleveland..""to give everybody the courtesy of knowing they're interested.. they're fans.. we want to respond respectfully and respond when we can.." "even though she's a cleveland fan?" "even though she's a cleveland fan.. and i don't like the browns.. i'll tell you that right now.." alicia says conquoring this goal.. is just the beginning.. "i'd like to be a member of club 122.. it's an exclusive club for people who have been to all the professional stadiums.. and i mean.. i'm
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incidentally, 3 alicia's mom wasn't thrilled with the stadium tour "saying you're 30! what are you doing with your life." 3 taking on the taking on the star wars empire.we'll tell you about a daring eight year old girl.. and her big request that's making, the new cool kids in school.we'll tell you why they are riding unicycles to're watching good morning
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3 town hall event in 20- 16, the president debated the second amendment.. and the gun violence gripping the nation. the town hall was at george
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front of supporters -- critics -- and some familiar faces.his current position -- expanding background checks for gun buyers and narrowing the so-called "gun show loophole," that leaves most small and private sellers exempt from keeping formal sales records. not everyone agrees. 3 (president obama): (:00) "the way it is described, is that we are trying to take away everybody's guns." (:05) (:50) "our position is consistently mischaracterized."(:53)(taya kyle/wife of chris kyle):(1:05) "the thing is that the laws that we create don't stop these horrific things from happening."(1:11)a c- n- n poll finds that a majority of the public supports the measures that obama outlined this week, but less than half of americans think they would actually limit gun violence. 3 17 miners are home and safe this morning with quite a story to tell. crews rescued the miners from an elevator 900 feet below ground. they got stuck at the start of their shift at a salt mine about 40 miles outside syracuse.they huddled together to survive the frigid temperatures as crews lowered them blankets and supplies.
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rescuers brought up the last miner yesterday morning. (shawn wilczynski, mine manager - from cargill)i'm moved and inspired by how well they dealt with this, how they worked together.operations at the mine are on hold while safety inspectors try to find out what caused the eleavtor to malfunciton.the mine's floor is the deepest in the western hemisphere. 3 an 8-year old girl, and the power of social media prompt a toy maker to make a change to the monopoly game based on star wars.some fans were disappointed that no female characters were in toys and games based on the mega-hit movie.a young girl wrote to hasbro because rey wasn't included.her letter took off with the hashtag *where's rey*. now hasbro says rey will be added to new versions of the board game.the company says she was left out to avoid giving away the plot line before star wars was released in theaters. 3
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take part in a pilot program.. with started in a texas gym class.. and the kids showed off their skills at another school that's getting the program next year. 3 lilia leblanc: (:09)"i want to show them because i loved it. and maybe they will to."(:13) alice preslet: (:46)"some of them fell and some it took them two years to try to do it. it's really cool." (:51) luke mcgrath: (1:20)"if you haven't fell you haven't learned." (1:22)members of the kids club carry their unicycles to school with them every day.. and they're eager to pass on their skills to kids at the other school.some of these kids had never even seen a unicycle say the wheel gives them freedom...the program was started through the non-profit.. "one wheel, many children".. which gives away unicycle.its goal is to help kids overcome obstacles and discover their own paths. 3 3
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3 3 an extremely close call.we'll show you the trending video of a swordfish taking on a fisherman.and an adorable proposal is trending this morning.we'll tell you how one guy caught the moment from
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3 a fresh catch turns into a close call.and the video is trending this as a moment of victory for a deepwater fisherman turns very dangerous very quickly.the video shows an ensnared marlin being reeled in.. but at the last moment it flies onto the
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the fishermen.the fish was nearly 200 pounds.the marlin hit the fisherman.. but he says he left the boat without a scratch... and the marlin lived to swim another day. 3 an 3 interesting marriage proposal is also trending this morning. some people work hard to capture the moment forever.but one guy had a team of ten photographers capture hundreds of moments.he stitched them together into an awesome stop motion video.he took his girlfriend on a date to the lincoln memorial and popped the question surrounded by the photographers... resulting in this sweet 360- degree video. she said yes. 3
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3 love of the gridiron.coming up at five thirty.. local 12's perry schaible has the story of the duo who doesn't miss a
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holds a firm grip on the tri state.we have the latest details after an overdose in a child's hospital room. 3 3 plus.. girl scouts are getting even more business- savvy. we'll tell you how you can start buying cookies today.. almost two months early! 3 good 3 morning.we'll get to 3 those top stories in just a start with a first check of your's meterologist john gumm.
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jen dalton looking at tri-state roadsi-75 is clear in the cut-in-the-hill
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an alabama mother is dead and a father is behind bars after they overdosed on heroin inside children's hospital. even more shocking.. the parents were in their baby girl's room.court records show wesley landers was unconscious in the bathroom with a needle in his arm.he was revived with narcan.. this morning he's in jail.. he'll be arraigned today.. while an autopsy is performed on the baby's mother. we'll have even more details coming up at 6 o' clock in a live report. 3 police in louisville say they received a vague, non-specific threat against schools there. now -- every institution in kentucky's jefferson county will be taking action.about 155 schools will be on level three heightened security today.the district says the tip came through the police department's tip line. 3 girl scout cookies go on sale today.. and you can get them online through "digital cookie."a girl scout you know can invite you.. via email.. to buy cookies online.girl scouts of america says the
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into the 21st'll start seeing girls at their cookie booths in march. 3 if you haven't already.. you might want to pick up a powerball ticket.the current jackpot is now at seven hundred million dollars.that's a record!if you won.. you could take home more than 428 million dollars in cash.the drawing is tomorrow night. 3 a brother 3 and sister share a special bond over their love for the bengals. for the last two seasons they've been at almost every home game cheering on their team. local 12's perry schaible is *live* outside paul brown stadium to introduce us to the pair. 3 jay and melissa jacoby couldn't be more different and yet, very much the same. jay, now 41, has downs syndrome. melissa, his younger sister by two years is a nurse. the pair have suffered a lot of
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their mother in 2008 and father in 2014. those tragedies have made their bond even tighter....these siblings have always had one thing in common -- their love for the cincinnati bengals. their passion for the team started young, spurred by their parents. after losing them, melissa moved back to the tri-state to be closer to her brother. and, decided it was time for a change. 3 "so, i said, we're going to live life, we're going to live it to the fullest extend. you don't know when you're going to die, you don't if today is your day, tomorrow is your day. so, we're going to live it. that's what it's meant for. so, we've always love the bengals, we just didn't have the ability to be season ticket holders before and we do now."last year melissa became a season ticket holder, taking jay to every game possible. she uses it as a reward for good behavior. earlier this season melissa
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passes. he met a few of his favorite players. she says he told them we're going to the superbowl....i think an entire town can get behind that. like almost every home game, jay and melissa will be at paul brown on saturday night.... hopefully cheering their team to victory. bob...back to you. 3 the bengals play the steelers at 8-15 saturday night. you can see the game right here on local 12. 3 now it's time for our facebook question of the's almost this morning -- we want to know, what's your favorite bengals moment
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3 we want you to join the conversation -- just *like* the local 12 page on facebook to share your thoughts. 3 a new high tech pregnancy test. we'll tell you why one company is adding a blue tooth feature
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check out *hundreds* of classic cars today.we'll have all the details for "cavalcade
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3 the cavalcade of customs car show starts today at the duke energy convention center.w- w- e superstar daniel bryan and dukes of hazzard stars catherine bach and tom wopat will be there
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customs runs from three to ten today.. and starts up again at ten tomorrow. 3 if you're 3 crossing the bridge into kentucky, you'll notice something different on the signs which welcome you to the bluegrass.crews worked wednesday night to remove the name of former governor steve beshear and install new plaques bearing the name of new governor - matt bevin.the three bridges closed briefly overnight to allow crews to compelte the work. 3 you're going to want to stick party friday is coming up!.. and today's party features a dancer from "kinky boots."plus, not everyone is a fan of winter.we'll show you the epic snowfall tantrum that's going viral this're watching good
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3 all eyes will be on wall street when the market opens today as investors brace what could be a fourth straight day of triple digit lossesasian markets are mixed today as china shares turn higher.all of the concern also has to do with its currency. china is in the process of trying to stimulate its own slowing economy, devaluing its yuan to try to make its exports cheaper. 3 as el nino brings more rain to the west coast, heavy flooding opened up a sink hole on a california street.this road in la jolla reportedly dropped two feet.the latest storm generated strong winds.guts were up to 63 miles-an-hour in the palomar mountains. 3 for the first time, a bill
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on its way to the president's speaker paul ryan held what he called an "enrollment ceremony" when he signed the bill yesterday. republican lawmakers have tried more than 60 times to roll back at least parts of the affordable care act. president obama is promising to veto the bill. 3 a manufacturer has a new high tech way to deliver pregnancy test results.first response has developed a test with bluetooth works with an app designed to make the process of getting results less stressful.the app offers information and suggestions for remaining calm while you wait.the cost of these bluetooth connected tests range from 15 to 25 dollars. 3
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good morning, everyone, big weekend. oh, yeah, who dey? we are getting ready for the bengals and steelers game. and it's a few times you might not want to have rain. ted headrick mentioned this, for the morning rush, we have day, rain continues it push through, a lot of rain out there, a lot little bit of a hole here, but more rain coming from the south
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just going to be wet, give
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