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tv   Local 12 First Four  CBS  January 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> we begin with breaking news alert. fugitive drug lord el chappo guzman recaptured from a national security. and the mexican marines apprehended in the shoot-out. the navy put out a statement. the marines, someone fired open fire on the marine and who ended up shooting and fired at other good afternoon.
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the mother is dead and the father appeared in court. >> it comes a day after the husband and wife from alabama overdosed from heroin in their daughter's room at cincinnati children's hospital. westly landers faced a judge and she has the story. >> it was here at children's hospital yesterday, police say westly landers was found inside the bathroom of the 7-month old daughter's hospital room with a syringe in his hand having to be revived with narcan. police say they had a loaded gun on him. >> today, we learned about the 33-year-old father of two. he held a job as railroad supervisor operator for a chemical company and was a security member.
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grandmother in alabama while the 7-month old was here at children's while the doctors were working on the trachea. the state prosecutor requested a high bond because he's from alabama and doesn't have contact here. he admitted to overdosing and is at risk of overdosing again. the judge address how devastating the case and also discuss the circumstances surrounding his bond amount. >> your child is still here receiving medical treatment and the other child is at home. the bond -- as to what bond is appropriate, certain exchange over the next few days, the next week prior to, this matter to you. and of willing to review the
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>> his bond stands at $400 thousand. we since learned his wife who died yesterday is 31-year-old marylanders. outside the hospital, local 12 news. >> he faces charges of drug possession, carrying a concealed weapon and having a weapon under disability. at 5:00, larry davis looks at security concerns raised oen what happened as well. we can see a little rain and some snow this weekend. >> rain-slick roads led to a lot of problems. they are to blame for a truck crashing in the house. luckily no one was hurt. inspectors are making sure the house is stable. and officers closed 122 until salt could be put on the road and the road is now open. the question, what are we dealing with tonight. what are we dealing with tomorrow? the answer, erica collura with the no wake weather center.
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we're going to see a gloomy, 24-36 hours. even on sunday, it starts to get gloomier and it got gloomier in the weekend and we have temperatures that are fairly mild for the gloomy conditions we're sitting around the upper 40s and 50s. dew points is pretty much right there and that's why we have fog and drizzle. we have seen the showers developed in the last hour or so. light rain around camp springs, northwest of highland heights, fort thomas, downtown cincinnati, where we're tracking drizzle and light showers. raindrops, drizzle, to dry ridge, and brown in corner. mckiniesberg, down to mount olive. and this is moving to the northeast.
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where it has the rain, kind of scoot its way up north and east around 71. we'll continue to have a cloudy forecast, a mild forecast. visibilities are lower down to 2 miles at the airport with the drizzle and light rain. 5 miles in batavia. not too bad. two miles in wilmington. temperatures around 50. wind will continue to stay out of the southerly and southwest direction between 5-10 miles an hour. in the next 12 hours, you could expect mild temperatures but it's going to stay gloomy. watch for slow traffic throughout the evening. even through the day. mainly light tomorrow, looking at mild conditions and slow traffic because of the areas of drizzle and fog and lowered visibilities and such. we will talk about the rain for saturday and snow chances on sunday and more snow chances on the way in the seven-day forecast. that's coming in a few minutes. >> plenty to talk about. bengals firing up against
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taking the staff tomorrow night at paul brown stadium, the bengals announced dalton is officially out. and we will bring the special coverage. rob braun, will broadcast live from paul brown stadium. and then the bengals play-off special starting at 7:00. the nfl takes over at 7:30. then it's time for the big game on local 12. thomas dudam is now in custody for a fatal hit 57d run. he faces a number of charges include ing aggravated homicide. she was on the sidewalk on dorchester avenue when a car jumped the curb and hit her. she died from her injuries. the driver ripped license plate
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and police arrested him today on rod avenue and bon hill. witnesses say he tried to escape from a basement window. police say after they used a taser twice, they were able to get him under arrest. he went to the hospital first because he received some cuts and head during the effort to in getting out of the window. a charge of resisting arrest will be added. a company he worked for and two managers faced charges connected to his death. 20-year-old zachary hillinger was treating in hazardous waste and incorporated back in 2012. that's the facility then caught fire. prosecutors indicted on nine counts sh involuntary manslaughter, violating terms of a solid waste license. supervisor kyle dufman faces
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failure to use precautions to prevent a failure. . truck and school bus caught on fire. this is what the bus looked like after the collision. the police were able to catch up with the bus without firing away. two students were still on the bus. and all right. bus going on this weekend including cattlecade customs. >> kicking up a new year of arena cross.
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this customer is running to get her deposit in today. too late. branch is already closed. but she could make the atm. still won't beat the cutoff time. really? at huntington, with atm and mobile deposits, you have up till midnight. we call it all day deposit. midnight? what are you, a bank or a convenience store? i've got to make a deposit! you go, girl! she's got no chance. that make sense for you, not the bank. welcome to huntington,
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>> powerball jackpot. more than two quarter of a billion. that drawing is tomorrow night. >> custom show kicks off. it's in downtown cincinnati. wwe, and dukes of hazards star and tom wolfpack. and they run until 10:00 tonight.
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>> and rita cross is back in cincinnati. they are kicking off the season. >> and local 12, brandon orr is on top of 170 truckloads of dirt. >> and will get started. usa arena, and it is the professional and on monday, the amateur show, come out before the bengals game. what could people expect when they come out here. the kids. they have fireworks. t-shirt, cannons and you name it. and it's always exciting. >> this is the first round, the first time i get to run. and super excited about that >> when you look down on the crowd, what do you get excited about. >> the kids get excited -- even
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get into -- it's a battle excited. they like it, too bike >> and pretending i'm one of the cool guys. >> local 12 news. >> tickets are available for both shows this weekend and they start at $10. two terror suspects head to court today. >> also ahead, first at 4:00,
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>> two men arrested on support of terrorism. they were arrested in sacramento and in houston following a multi-terror probe. they accuse a north sacramento suspect of travelling to syria from the u.s. and then back again after fighting alongside a terror organization and lying to investigators about it. law enforcement officials accused the houston suspect omar faraj ahead with material to support isis. probably got wet.
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this morning for the commute, that was not great. the evening commute is not ideal but it will be better for the morning. we will continue to see steady rain to move in for not an ideal time tomorrow. the rain looks to head out tomorrow. and now it looks like later on saturday evening. so we may be dealing with some spotty to scattered stuff early through most of the game. by 11:00, steady stuff moving in. >> and slight improvement for the forecast for saturday, but that's about it. right now, we have cloudy skies. we have gloomy conditions. this is the day you need to put your positive attitude on and wear it all day. we're starting to see gloomy weather through the weekend as well with the cloudy skies and the winds are starting to pick up on sunday and we're starting to track shower activity as well. right now we have some light rains and drizzle across the area.
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those areas included. 50 right now at the airport. dew points, close to the 50 degree mark. that's why it looks so soupy. southwest 6 miles an hour. showers. i don't expect anything steady this evening. it's just what you see here and spotty areas of drizzle and foggy areas as well. watch for lower visibilities as you head out this evening. and this is heading northeast. owensville, you will get light wind. and this will go past amellia as well. we have spotty showers, areas of drizzle, ashwell grove and as well as areas west of boston. some light rain for brooksville and down through brown and corridor. we're going to get what is called a warm sector. that's where we have the balmy
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little breezy at times. we'll keep the chance of spotty showers, and that's what you see moving in southern indiana and into western kentucky. in northern texas, the low pressure system. the one that's in the same place, that's up here. we have another system that's eastward. that's going to bring us the cold front, that brings us rain. changes to snow on sunday. the last 24 hours, anywhere from a quarter of an inch to almost a half an inch and isolated locations. we will tackle on 500th an inch through the evening. we're not looking at heavier and moderate rain really. 50 in georgetown. 50 from the airport. upper 40s for brookville and liberty indiana. i expect to stay in the mid to upper 40s throughout the evening. while it may be mild, you will still need the jacket, especially the rain gear as we're still going to track some areas of drizzle, some light shower activity.
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what it looks like. i'll keep the chances throughout the evening overnight and keep the chances throughout the day tomorrow. a lot of saturday, it will be dry. you could get out and do your grocery shopping, probably without taking the rain gear at all. saturday, it probably is the better day through sunday. by 5:00, you could see the model, no rain. chance of shower, spotty at best and scattered. they will be widespread once we hit the evening hours. better chances for showers moving in the area. so tailgate time, even during the first part of the game, it looks to be okay. we may track a couple of showers. you could see it turns a lot more widespread after 10:00 or 11:00 tomorrow night. and through tomorrow morning, stop the clock at 5:00. i wanted to show you this. we are still looking at rain that may be steady early sunday morning. as temperatures fall in the back
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to change over from rain showers to some snow showers. we're also going to see maybe the potential of isolated slick spots to the northern tier. a lot of this is not going to accumulate on the ground or on the roads. it's going to be on grassy surfaces or colder enough areas where it could accumulate. very little accumulations, less than an inch. temperatures will start at 47. get to 56. it will be pretty mild. 36 and falling on sunday with the mainly snow showers throughout the day kind of tapering down in the afternoon and we're a lot, lot colder for next week. tuesday, we're around 33, with snow showers. some light snow, that could accumulate up to an inch. that's probably the best day where we can see the better chances for slick spots on the road. some accumulations on the road. then we're around 24 for wednesday afternoon and 30s for wednesday and friday. >> in the teens. >> at some point. >> erica, thanks.
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also ahead, first at 4:00.
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>> we were going through a box
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came upon a green jacket. i seek this would be something. >> you typically see these jackets in augusta national. one made its way in the form of a surprise donation. great condition. seals on it as you see and all. store hopes they can auction the jacket and put some money back to the houston committee, like they have had for more than 50 years. there's probably some people who know those jackets are made in hamilton. >> oh, neat >> by a tailor here. they don't like to talk about it, but they are made here. the money here is going back to houston. >> may have heard a dime of dozen. sold in auction in tampa convention center almost two million. >> and courtney robinson introduces you to the rare coin
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sitting on millions. >> coin after coin. each sold for tens and thousands. at the annual florida coin convention, one is shown brighter. this is a 1954 s barbara dime. to the untrained eye, you may not know, but this is worth millions >> it's an extremely rare coin. a coin that's been a forklor. >> and because the company was in a recession, only 24 barbara dimes were minted in san francisco in 1884. >> this particular dime is one of eight or nine known to exist. >> there could be 13 other dimes somewhere. they will give you $10 thousand just to see it. >> here's what you will want to check for.
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look for the letter s. on the front, check for the dates 1894. while you're at it, check the dates on your other coins. >> any silver coins or silver-looking coins dated 1964 or earlier. that's when we stop making coins with silver content. >> who knows? your spare change could be worth more than face value. >> i don't have any. i guarantee you. >> i will go looking though. >> i know i'm a rich man. you know? someone tomorrow night may be rich. for bengals fans, it could be all that you wear. you could never have too many shoes. the shoes and boots you want, could help in helping women get a new job. first at 4:00.
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>> welcome back at 4:30 on a friday. a gunman pledging allegiance to islamic state ambushed in his patrol car. the officer survived a barrage of bullets. kenneth craig has the latest, where the fbi has joined on the
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surveillance photos shows the gunman approaching jessie's vehicle with guns patrol. the other side of the vehicle, firing at point blank range. >> this shot right here is absolutely one that demonstrateings his value and courage and bravery. exits the police vehicle. starts chase >> this could have easily been a police funeral. >> he told police, he shot the officer in the name of islam. >> according to him, he believes the police defend laws that's contrary to the teachings of the karan. >> police department is now investigating. >> they are investigating search
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southwest dashy. >> and authorities say archer has the criminal history. and the gun used stolen from the philadelphia police officer stolen two weeks ago. officer heart was seriously injured and is expected to be okay. phillip craig, cbs news >>nd a suspect treated and released in police custody. the mother says the son was a devout muslim, felt targeted by police. mother of a fugitive teen, after killing four people in a drunken crash, told the lawyer she was eager to have her day in court. couch was charged for hindering the apprehension of a felon. authorities believe couch and her son fled texas from new mexico as prosecutor, ethan couch violated the probation. bond was set for million dollar. couch's attorney asking for bail
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couch will be back in court on monday for a bond hearing. also in court, murder suspect. police say albert mccamp killed carson last month. carson's body was found in the debris at a fire in an apartment in 8th street. and it's not clear if the fire was used to cover up the alleged murder. this week's full measure with cheryl atkinson, shares new information about a possible rescue that could have been taken place during a benghazi attacks. >> we're building a piece that talks about executive orders, executive action, congressional laws and regulation to look at how much teeth this has and to explain the difference between this action that the president is taking and others and how
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>> full measure with cheryl atkinson. do you think president obama exceeded his constitutional powers with his executive orders on guns? we would like to hear your vote. you could vote on the local 12 facebook page. i don't think where it matters where you are this weekend. at some point, you will get wet. that probably means in paul brown's stadium as well. erica collura? >> i have slight improvement. the rain has been back and for the between late evening. it looks like it's pushing more towards late evening. i think most of the game should look at least dryer. right now, definitely not dry. this is kennedy avenue. 71 at kennedy avenue. we will have to deal with lower visibilities, due to the light showers, due to the drizzle.
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right now we're tracking some light rain to owensville. that will move northeast and county. a couple of light showers near blue ash and madera. we have light rain near brookfield, german town, old washington and murphy'sville. and this is moving northeast. it's going to pushover the river ohio. we'll continue with a cloudy forecast throughout the evening. i expect a pretty gloomy night on tap. temperatures are pretty mild. 50 in cincinnati. 50 in hamilton. 47 in wilmington. a big change in the 30s this morning. throughout the evening, you could expect the mid to upper 40s. we'll keep a chance for a spotty shower. areas of drizzle and areas of fog overnight. we'll track more rain on the way coming in 10 minutes. back to you.
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show in the airnuf. it's getting a boost to women getting back in the job market. >> they look like a good group of volunteers. in the nation's center, dress for success. >> by giving them free clothing to wear in a job interview and offer them the support they thed to be successful. to get the job and keep the job. >> this group here well, they look a little different by night. they are the cast and crew of pinky nights. they make up some lead characters and fancy looking boots. they are guaranteeing a dress for success because they realize -- >> this world we live in is a visual world. this gives the umpf to help people. to get by and by their jobs. >> it's the name of the show that's drawing attention to what they need here. if you could attend a show, you could actually bring your own
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they want you to actually bring in the ones you're not wearing this winter. hopefully ones we can use for dress for success. the items we have so far, and items, are big hits. >> for dress for success. >> takes a village of people to go through the donations and separate everything, from the suiting boutique or to the boutique called toreta luckca, where everything else is for sale. hit, too. you could sort of see why. >> lot of fun. the boot drive continues through 17th. tickets are at the local box
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>> managers at target trying to get back the store's fuel factor. they have a limited addition factor, tank tops as well. someplaces, prices will be half in some cycle locations. >> the u.s. stock market closed the worst week since 2011. it was rattled by concerns on the slowdown on the economy and plunging oil prices. the dow jones industrial jumped. and nasdaq fell 45 points. the s&p 500 dropped 21 points. bengals fans are dressing for success. hopes of play-off victory. >> local 12, news reporter, jeff hirsh takes a look on how your favorite strikes a tire, could make the fans. . bengal fans.
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>> tyler eyeford. >> the numbers don't change but the players wearing them do. some don't have any sleeves. >> 28 corn, you bought it because. >> i got permission at the time for the nfl shirt. >> you don't want to trade it for aj green. >> i'm better he went to new england and walked away with a super bowl ring. who they. >> tell me what the shirt's number. >> and 84. because it was not in the closet. i have not bought a new one yet. >> how long have you had it. >> since he played it. >> christian sada. >> i can't do that. >> it starts with an h. i will give you that. >> what it says on your shirt is not exactly a bengal number. >> i will give it to my name on it. 10 years ago, i went ahead and
4:35 pm
>> and there's another famous football player with the name. is there a connection? >> may ab slight one, but they live in chicago. >> is he a relative? >> second cousin. >> that's his number; right?. >> uniform shirts help connect fans with players and players with their careers. >> when i came in the league as a 9th round pick, i don't care they gave me negative numbers. >> bruce wore number 64, in the 80s and 90s, including the 88 season super ball loss. >> when i see the jersey, it brings back tremendous memories of the time in my life. when i think how long ago it was. when i talk about the play-off game, 25 years between wins. that's my era. >> the football coach in holy cross, said baseball jerseys had to be buttoned in the bottom.
4:36 pm
if not, you could be fined. >> even as tight as this one, they used to take the little bit and twist it and tape it so they couldn't get pulled. >> uniform shirts add color to the football experience. some fans even add hair color. >> and because i do it all the time. >> do it all the time so andy dalton got his idea from you, right? >> yeah. >> am in 14th. is that pete rose? >> kid thinks i'm nuts. >> who is number 14? >> andy dalton. >> all right. that's right. >> that's awesome. >> jeff hirsh, local 12 news. >> nice to see those little fans. local 12 will give you special coverage. they will be broadcasting from paul brown's stadium. the nfl takes over at 7:30. then it's time for the big game right here on local 12. >> on part of the special, i
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st. paul's catholic elementary in florence, kentucky. talked with ben, keegan, audrey and aisla. >> you like football? do you like the bengals? you know the bengals are doing. >> football. >> yeah, they are football. they are in the play-offs. did you know they are in the play-offs. >> who are the bengals playing? >> steelers. >> you like the steelers? you didn't know that, did you? >> you don't care, do you. >> i don't even know what football is. >> esqueeze me. >> i don't like football. >> wow. >> you know what? tomorrow he
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>> especially after the if you need a reason to start celebrating super bowl 50 early - i'll give you two. get a large,1-topping pizza for only 50 cents when you order any large pizza at regular menu price. better ingredients. x better pizza. better football.
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record jackpot of $ 894 million. if you take the cash pay out $496 million, you could still top the list. trying to -- what we're working on this evening. mother is found dead from an overdose from her room. father has provided with narcan founded with a loaded gun. some are questioning the hospital situation. ahead at 5:00, larry davis, what is being done to insure the safety of hospital patients. their visitors and employees there. preparations under way for tomorrow night's play-off game. we sat rich jaffe to see what eating. at 5:30, we're taking a look what's on the menu. >> family and friends of kyly bradley. after months of treatment. and that's the same type of incurable brain tumor that lauryn hill had.
4:40 pm
and friends helped welcome him to his home. debra dixon, talks to the family about his family that lies ahead. >> wet and maybe a little bit break in the clouds tomorrow at a good time >> breaking of rain. not exactly clouds. that's still a good thing. we're going to see mild weather tonight and tomorrow. we're not going to be worrying about slick roads. most of the day tomorrow will be dry. other than spotty shower. we're going to wait for steady rain to kick in. probably after 9:00. i think a lot of the game will be pretty good. right now, we have gloomy conditions. cloudy skies across the entire tri-state with the system moving out and another one moving in. i will show you oxford as well. a little bit better visibility as well but still cloudy.
4:41 pm
star 64 tower cam here. usually you'll see trees bare. you can't see a lot of stuff across the area. lower visibilities to maybe two miles in the worst cases. you'll watch for the foggy areas continuing. watch for that, if you are heading out to that. and some moderate rain moving into northern brown county. that's what we're tracking moving to owensville, continuing to move northeast to southern clinton county. that will continue to move through fayette, north of town and we have rain, down to center point. ripley, minerva. scattered stuff around mount washington. brooksville some light rain. something you will probably need
4:42 pm
rain jackets, because the drizzle is annoying. tomorrow we dry things out gradually but more steady rain is on the way for tomorrow night. we are going to be what's called the warm sector. we have spotty chances for light showers, areas of drizzle, fog and that's what we will see tonight. we will see mild, temperatures are around 50. lower 50s for owington. and upper 40s for hillsborough and lebanon. harrison, 48 right now. we're at 58 at the airport. we're under this southerly flow. we will continue to see the southerly flow throughout the evening. winds out of the south around 5-10 miles an hour. it could be expected throughout the night. temperatures will be mild. we'll be around 48. upper 40s to mid 40s. and spotty showers, areas of drizzle and also some foggy areas as well.
4:43 pm
of spotty showers. here's 11:00. i'm keeping the chance for a spotty shower, drizzle, all night long into tomorrow morning. 8:00 tomorrow, couple of isolated showers possible. but again, most of the day will be pretty dry. it will be cloudy but at least most of saturday looks pretty dry. if you have to run errands, saturday is the day to do it. saturday evening, here's 5:00. rains are to the west and southwest. i expect a chance of showers during dinner time, but it's going to arrive closer to 9:00. take a look at this. we're looking at more rain around 9:00. i stop the clock at 11:00 as well. we're looking at steddier rain moving in. it may be in cincinnati, this model is still dry at 11:00 in cincinnati. i expect et abouter chances by 11:00, 12:00, widespread rain moving in for the overnight period. early sunday morning, we're looking at showers to change
4:44 pm
blue indicates snow. look at the heaviest. skims in the northern tier of the area. that's where, if we have any problems, we may have isolated slick spots. otherwise, we're still above freezing sunday morning. we will see the transition to snow showers. a lot of us will remain wet on the roadways. we will continue to watch it closely throughout the weekend. brandon and scott will be in here throughout saturday and sunday, to be tracking that kind of nailing that forecast. meantime, you could download the free wkrc weather app. if you have not downloaded it yet, it's free and it's a good time to do it. temperatures will be starting in the 40s tomorrow morning. 50-51 by noon. and we're looking at the chance of a couple of spotty showers, during most of the day, all the way through you saw on the model at 5:00, 6:00, 7:00. better chances for rain by 9:00. better chances of steady rain by
4:45 pm
tailgate time, we're in the 50s. scattered showers during kick-off possible. and steddier rain will be moving in by 12:00, 11:00 hour. seven-day forecast will be a lot colder. falling in the 30s on sunday again. rain showers early, to snow showers. we're pretty cold on monday. temperatures around 31, under partly cloudy skies. temperatures dropping to the teens for later next week, mid to late next week. some snow showers on tuesday, with light accumulations. wednesday we're dry with highs near 24 and lows near 12 and friday. >> 12. 12:00.
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. >> ryan shares their emotional story >> and ben and emily thought monday night was like any other. >> and i go out and help her. >> and it turned out to be a living nightmare. >> emily fought back.
4:48 pm
>> as hard as she could. >> and then i have this here. >> now she's got the bruises to prove it. >> sprayed my eyes. >> he being the two masked robbers attacking her with bare spray, similar to pepper spray. . >> attacker sprayed her husband, 1-year-old noah on the floor. >> and first instinct was to protect my son. >> noah still got sprayed. >> he was bubbling from the mouth. >> and been over three days, since the incident. you could still see bear spray in the wall. my nose and my eyes, i am not -- they are burning. >> if you look at emily, eyes still burn and are red: she says
4:49 pm
what makes matters worst, she believes the main attacker is something she knows. >> to those attackers, she has the message. >> i don't know how you could deal with yourself right now. for what they have done to the poor little baby and our family. i hope, if they catch you, i hope you rot in jail >> that's it for us. now here's rob for local 12 news. and two parents overdosed in their child's hospital room. one was found with a loaded gun. tonight, what we are learning about hospital security. >> they are in their final stages. the decision on whether the regular starter could make an appearance. >> he escaped. six months later, she's back behind bars. details on the raid that led to
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this is local 12 news, live at
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