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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati Sunday  CBS  January 10, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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as snow continues to fall in parts of the tri-state we're keeping an eye on travel conditions for you.local 12's megan moore and photographer matt lawrence are out driving this morning checking out the roads. 3 {ad-lib about 3
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>> in the morning that caused the problem and much down.
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have been on the road right now, we have not seen a lot of that where we are, but i would imagine that they are going to have to get out here and do something, about it pretty quickly, because with the temperature, dropping it is only going to get worse. >> anchor: a lot of work ahead. bengals, fans, disappointed yet, again, they fail to win another playoff game, after fighting back in the fourth quarter, it looks like they had it and the costly penalties set up a steelers field goal, and snatched the victory from the bengals and the local 12, and brad, and richard, break down exactly what went wrong. >> on a rainy night in cincinnati it looked like the bengals, playoff drought was over, but that was not the case because they could not finish out the case against the steelers as they lose for a skoel of 18-16, so many, twist and turns in this game, the bengals did a remarkable job, no offense, all game long and
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and they had the interceptions fumbled and they had that final drive and they go up and it looks like the game was wrapped up. and he gets the interception, and end of story. >> wrapped up. i mean with the interception and that is it, and a first down, and maybe have to take a field goal and play the defense one more time and you look up and before you can blink, jeremy with the football back, and back from the field and here comes reid and then, off of the sidelines, and then with that last drive and then the two knuckle head, players at the end, gave them the opportunity in the game. >> so incredible, in the sense that had the bengals, won this game it would have been one of the greatest games in the franchise history and i think that it could be the lowest point. >> i just don't know. you know, the game and talk about that a little bit. you know, you are a big boy, and we have done it in the last few years, and come back and made the playoffs and that should say, something about it. and then, it keeps coming back, time and time, again, but how do you come back from this, and this is as tough as you can
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>> the locker room and hear what the guys had to say about the heart breaking loss to the steelers. >> obviously the disappointing to fight our way back into the football game and then to, to lose the game there at the end. and you know, a lot of things not break our way and made some things break our way at the end and don't get to stop and we had to fumble and do get the interception and don't put the game away and it is disappointing. >> i am not here to say it to anybody. you know, we win, together and we loss, together. and as simple as that. it doesn't, matter, if someone, lost hair pose and someone, didn't and what happened, we win together and we lose together. and, and we need to each other's back during the process and that is the best way to, take the next step, leading into the next year to be in the best team that
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>> reporter: an somber mood, we covered them all season, they started doing the right thing and marvin had the group of guys, going from week to week. they didn't care if they were 8-0, or 0-8, and when andy, goes down there was deflation in the locker room, and tiler for two and a half games and then they rallied and to see a season that could have been so special, end like this, it is really, quite tragic. >> you think about the resiliency, of the quarterback, and you come in, and gives you a couple of wins, and almost, with the huge win in denver and then it is going to come back in the fourth quarter, and you have it there and it the back up at the very least. the fans, and on the side to, and i think that he comes back, but if you are him, you know that is hard to keep coming back, time and time, again when you put your heart and soul to this. >> and to lose tole steelers on top of that.
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are not going to let the chippiness of the series and the emotion and the passion, and it happened a lot and it was costly. >> that is what was disappointing. and his coaching staff, the four and but it was to even, get to the northern and the baltimore game, they knew whatnot to say. and all week long, certain, guys, smartly so, and didn't want to talk about pittsburgh and knew that they put their foot in their mouth. and the other guys, no we can't do it, no we can't do and some of the guys were saying that we can't do this stuff to win that exact thing at the wrong time. >> i covered him at arizona state and he had a lot of opportunities for bad penalties and off of the field issues. for every, good play that he gives you, it seems like at the crucial time, he goes beyond the whistle and an extra, twist and a nudge here and it was certainly the case tonight. i think that it is the hard, coach, and you know, in the intersection, and the coach. and it was a clean hit and
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it seems like it was the thing that sparked of the football team and makes the plays like this but then you make it and against the plays and you know, we are not talking now, to say, and the one game situation, and the fact that i would say, east, and he would just keep it out. and he does, and it is going to be a hard fight. and final question, all week long, they were saying that we are not worried about the last four games and going back 25 years. but now that you have lost, four straight times in the first crowd, and then in five, different ways, this is the most heart breaking. how do you step forward? >> i think that it is a great part about the ports team is resil ans, and you play it and you know it and you lose and nobody feels worse than you do and the fans on the outside, they take it to heart. the players take it as a job chl it is a job to them and it is also a pass and it is a job to them and i think that for those guys, i think that the only thing that you can do is next year, you have to shoot back up and you have to play it and you have to keep moving forward and
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someone else is going to replace you and you are not going to play, it is the only way to do it and it is not mean that it is not a hard row to hoe. >> there will be more on local, 12 and from a rainy and a wet, and a certainly disappointed paul brown stadium, we will sent it back to you. >> adam: thank you so much and we will have more coverage coming up later in the show. no power ball, winner how the big jack pot is expected to get even bigger for the next drawing, that is just ahead. plus, a shawn penn connection to
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>> adam: snow has fallen, brandon orr is going to have your forecast which does have bit. first, el chopo will be extradited to theness and it could take up to 6 months, that is according to a mexican identified. they want him brought to the u.s. because he has ties to several crimes here and the reason for the hold up, the lawyers can file a series of appeals to keep him in mexico and also, the reports that the
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with actor, sean penn helped to locate him. they are working on a movie about the drug ring leader. the power ball, jack pot will continue to grow, no ticket matched the numbers, following a record, jack pot, $950 million, and in case you have not heard those numbers, yet, 16, 19, 32, 24, and 57. the power ball, number, 13. so you expect to pay out now for this wednesday's drawing. the whopping, 1.3 billion dollars, we hit a billion dollar, jack pot and it has been growing since november fourth that is when the first drawing happened. >> we will have rep tiles with us this morning in the house, and we will tell you where you can see them and buy them just ahead. plus, another wild, card weekend, another loss for the bengals. this one right up there with the most heart breaking losses in franchise history. how who day, nation is coping,
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>> brandon: and the snow continues to fall and the traffic is becoming a mess in spots, and we will have an up date on road conditions and plus
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>> adam: this is a live look from photographer matt's vehicle. he is drive, megan, moore is riding shot gun, and you can see the snow has fallen and the snow continues to fall and we are going to see more snow fall in the coming days. meteorologist brandon orr and i just had a friend text me and say, are you feeling blue, you the blue tie and the blue shirt and i think that in reference to the ben gal's loss and i think that we can refer to the temperature loss and what we are seeing falling from the sky. >> at midnight, we were near 50 degrees. >> adam: i walked out from the car a couple of years ago and it was still a little balmy and it is colder now >> brandon: no the so much any more, and it is going to get colder, and so the wet roadways that we have now are going to
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>> adam: that is going to get dangerous. you will see what we mean here, this is i275, at u.s., 50 and that is in indiana and you can see how the snow has mostly tapered off to just the flurries here in the roadway and it looks, just west, but the temperatures are falling fast and the road temperatures take a long time to cool off compared to the air temperatures, so they are still falling but most of them are at or above, freezing but they are not going to be that way for long and they are going below freezing so any untreated roadways will be slick as we go into the afternoon, i, 71, and 75, and the on-ramps are snow, covered and very, slick and at least there are tire tracks there that i can see on the main interstates and again, the temperature is going to continue to drop and it is going to continue to get icy and this is the overpass at least, it looks like the salt was put down here, at kellogg avenue and some of the lanes are completely snow covered if they are not treated and that is what we are seeing across the area, we have not been able to get outside much, but i know when i checked before we came on, about a half hour
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and we are approaching two inches that is what we are seeing across the area, is one to three, most of us falling underneath, the one to two category, but the isolated amounts up to three inches, possible underneath the had he havy banz and this is the back edge of the moderate snow and the light snow, starting to push into downtown, cincinnati and they have got, about 15 more minutes of snow before it tapers off to the light snow and flurries and off in northern kentucky and we are seeing the ban, over the counsel and the ohio river, and over to womening ing the snow, and you can see the green areas, the heavy snow, down to bethel, and george town ready to get a batch of snow here shortly and the rest of us are looking okay in south east, indiana and this is really, looking at a few hour's period of some of this snow moving on through, but mainly one to two inch and sma areas up to three, and that is why we have one to
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the rest of northern kentucky, around one inch and make it up to an inch and a half, and some may be lower than that and it is going to vary a little bit and over all, this is a light snow for this time of year, 28 degrees and it is the temperature, at the international airport and again it was in the 40s near 50, at midnight and so it will continue to fall, very quickly. and the wind is coming out of the west, 26 and that is the sustained winds and so it is very gusty and the snow is blowing around, and 31, and you can see how it is still warmer out ahead, of a lot of the heavier snow in fayetteville and west of downtown and we are well into the 20s, 28, and carrollton and 28, now at the airport. the road temperatures are lagging behind, below freeze and that is why the snow is melting on them, right at the freezing mark and so it is not going to that long for long. the temperatures in the 20s and the rooted temperatures are going to fall and we have the black ice, even after the snow
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sustained winds, coming in decently, around, 40 miles an hour and that is pr ety gusty and the snow off around, 11 a.m. and then we are dry, as we go into the afternoon and the temperatures in the 20s and then the teens later on tonight and so there is the sno snow that is starting to push on out and we will show you the snow that is pushing in, even as we go into the day on tuesday and you can see how we clear out on sunday and even on to monday, and later sunday and then we will see the snow, pushing in on tuesday, and the tuesday storm system could be between, one to two inches but the thing with that one, adam, the road temperatures will be below freezing so whatever, fall sticks and so it could be a messy morning commute. make sure that you stay, with the local 12 for all of the school closings that we might see. cats and dog are ready for adoption? the good friend, harry is in the house and a couple of animals that you can take home from the spca cincinnati just ahead. but the price for your daily paper will be going up.
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>> adam: good morning, 8:25, the temperature continues to drop and you are looking at a live, tower cam, over the beautiful campus in miami, university and you can see that the snow has fallen there as it has in many parts of the tri state and we
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the road and megan moore is patrolling. first off, dogs and cats, ready for adoption today, the dates is here to show us a couple of animals that you can take home. >> good morning, i have got a little, pete with me this morning, and he is about a year old and an male, and he will make an excellent, animal and he has the microchip and he a nice, young fellow, and we have a two-month-old cat and very nice, and again, a female, and spayed and microchipped and ready to go, and it will be available at noon. 114900, 541-6100 for information. >> adam: all right, thank you. and they had it and it was there for the taking and they blew it. and the bengals, losing the final minutes of last night's wild card, playoff match up against the steelers and
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plus, the winter werlth arriving here, and this is a live look and matt, lawrence and megan moore, patrolling and giving you
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>> adam: the curse continues, for the bengals, is it a curse?
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could call it a curse, a costly mistake that led to another, first round, playoff for the bengals. >> we are crossing the bridge from kentucky, and back to ohio. and still, all over the roadways. and we will have a look for you, in just a moment. >> adam: and good morning, cincinnati, thank you so much for joining us, here on a blustery, snowy sunday morning. we don't want to talk about it, about you we are going to, and we will get to all of the bengals stuff in just a bit. you saw, the snow fall and megan out there on the road and it is going to be challenging let's get right to meteorologist, brandon orr for the forecast >> brandon: not a good day to be out and about on the roo $and especially in the afternoon, and even though the snow is stopping, the temperatures are falling and we are expecting the ice, though a lot of the water on the roadways and it is not treated and it will froo ez and the black ice, later and you can see the view, over the river and looking downtown and the snow covering the area, hey, at least
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snow is letting up a little bit. this is north and you can see that the road is snow covered and the interstate at least, has the tire tracks, but the car is going faster on there and that is the same case on i71, and 75, near the dixie highway and a lot of the rains are completely snow covered and icy and we are seeing the tire tracks on the main roads. about you again, with we are going to see more black ice as we get the road temperatures below freezing. here is the band of snow, and it has been an 80, mile, wide, band that is just now pushing in to hilsboro and up to cincinnati and up to blue, ash and getting the last push of snow and it is not a wide band and just a few hour opportunity that we have this morning for the sno snow and we got it. down to williams town, i should say, i75, and still getting in on the last bit of light snow, and that is what we have at the international airport, 28
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fast into the 20s, the wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour in some locations, all of us about, 25 to 40 miles per hour in terms of wind gusts and so it is a wind, driven type of snow, that will end at ten or eleven and we are looking okay in the afternoon, and we are keeping the clouds around and the temperatures in the middle 20 and into the teens by 8:00 and so that is why we are expecting the more road slick ways and any water, left on the roads will freeze, if it is not treated so we are dryer tomorrow and we get one day to dry out and more snow on is on the way, and more snow as we get to tuesday, morning and that is going to impact, the tuesday morning commute and we will talk about how much that will expect then and m koing up here in 15 minutes. >> adam: as the snow continues to fall, and especially if you are hitting the road, megan moore, and matt, law ens did hit the road and driving around and keeping an eye on things and we want to check in megan we were
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you went out for good and that snow is kind of coming down and are you seeing the snow fall where you are. >> definitely, we are on i275, east in anderson, town ship right now, before we were driving around, northern, and i will say that when we first crossed the bridge in northern kentucky, and it was, quite still heavy, but the further south, we went, it was less of an issue and for now, we just saw it not too long ago and heading for claire mont county and so we are definitely seeing more snow on the roads and not much of an issue where we are right now. but, earlier we were in the crest view, hillsa irand that is where the snow, seems to be less of an issue and also, we noted when we first saw the bridge and we were at the roads, south and the further south we saw a lot of snow, and before it starts out on the roads and they are trying to get this under control and as we were talking about this earlier this morning and yesterday, and over night, we had rain, and so, with the temperatures, dropping so quickly that is going to be an issue and especially in terms of
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have been seeing, so far, the, pretty much the fast lane, and in part, are completely snow covered and the people are trying to keep it easy today in the slower lanes, and the ramps are more, snow covered and keep that in mind as well. about you from what we are seeing, the snow is not too much of an issue right now, earlier this morning and definitely when we talked out, it was coming down hard, where we were and through the downtown, cincinnati and it was heavy there as well. but like i said, we are heading to claire mont county and is seems like there is just a lot of snow, and definitely you can see it covering the streets, and it looks, pretty, but the roadways, you are going to want to take it easy as the temperatures continue to drop. and i know that there are pockets of heavy slush that some of the people are hitting and given that too many issues as far as slipping and sliding on the roadways, but they are definitely covered. if you have anywhere to go this morning, just prepare for that. adam, ba back to you.
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if you have seen any of the cars and experienced any sort of a slide off, and the crews did not have a chance to lay anything down, as well as it would, and i imagine that they are busy for the next few days. >> i haven't seen any issues with the cars off to the sides of the road and hon 50ly the ones in front of us are handling the roads pretty well and fortunately that is not a problem, but unfortunately, the temperatures are going to be continuing to dip, and just, going to watch out for that and especially under the bridges and stuff in terms of the black ice and with that later on this morning. >> all right, thanks, be safe out there and we will keep an eye on things with you and matt as you continue to head out on to the road and of course, brandon will have more details of what we can expect for the rest of the day coming up. on to the other big story of the morning, another play off melt down for the bengals and this one hurt, and it could be considered the toughest loss in franchise history. ben gal's office, came off flat and could not get much going, but the defense, and holding the
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deep in the third quarter, and bryant, with a touch down pass and puts them up, 15-nothing, and the failed two point, conversion, kept the score there and here comes the bengals and jeremy, punches it in for a drive and the mike, sfeeld goal brings them within, five points and then with just under 2 minutes to go, it is aj to aj, 25 yards, and a score, that will take the lead, and the next, drive perfect, with the p i can pick and that should seal it right? wrong all the that they have to do is hold on to the ball and, that is when he fumbles and commits a pair of self-destructive personal foulz and bangs it through the up right, and is 18-15, steelers and move on and the bengals go home, again. >> you know our guys have fought their tails off all year. and fought their tail off today and got back, and went ahead,
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offense and defense together. and so that is disappointing. sgl disappointing all around, the 25, year, playoff drought continues, that is the 6th longest drought in nfl history and also, the five straight, wild card losses for the bengals that is an nfl record. fall brown stadium was rocking and the stale gaters out in full force, and not a lot to cheer about after the devastating loss, though, the fans say, this one, well it stings quite a bit. >> it is a terrible, way to lose a game. i mean that they just gave them the yards. they did not earn them. they just gave them to them, there is no worse way to lose a game, ever. than on personal foulz. >> adam: the bengals finish the season, 20-4, that the most victories for the coached team and the steelers will move on to play the broncos next sunday in denver.
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commissioner will be sworn in this week, he will take the office, and previously served, and he is the younger brother of the prosecutor, joe, and he was appointed to the position to fill out the greg, heart man's term, after he resigned, last month. >> and a new report will be presented to a cincinnati city, council committee tomorrow to find the way to improve the lives of the youth in the city, the youth commission has been looking at health and crime and poverty and work opportunities and will present it to the committee at ten, tomorrow morning and the public is welcome to attend. the change when you pick up your knew newspaper, raising the price, to $1.5, only for the monday through saturday, edition, the price for the sunday will remain at $2. coming up on cbs sunday morning,
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become an occupation specialpily the children of sperm dow ors. >> what they they turned out to be change and shy, and anti-social, or something. >> mark takes us to a reunion, and talks to the parties, before and after, at the head, just at 9:00. >> but, first, keeping an eye on the winter weather in the tri state and here is another live look on the road, brandon orr is going to let you know what to
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>> adam: good morning, cincinnati, i guess that you would call it, 19, minutes math is hard, and until, 9:00, and 28 degrees outside, and it is cold and the snow is falling and it has fallen and we have megan moore on the roads and giving you live looks all morning long on how the conditions are and we will check back with her in just a bit. first, though. that is right hsin city, going on today and barber joining us once again, welcome back, guys. and i am holding what is this? >> a western, hog nose. >> adam: okay. >> exactly have the dad to have little baby here. >> adam: oh, my goodness, a family affair. >> so today we are ready to head to the show ourselves and so that is why we brought the display of something that you would see if you would go to the show. >> adam: so you have, what? a dozen,?
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can take home. you can buy. when the kids come up and say i want to hold this, do you let them hold it? >> of course, yes, we got to start young and we got to get them in there and loving the reptiles and not being afraid of them, if they want to hold, something as long as the attitude is good for the animal. >> adam: and the attitude is good for the kids and you have to make sure that the kid is not going to freak out a little. >> this is a sand, boa and this is another one of the snakes that we usually let the kids hold and they are laid back and easy going. and a good, pet to have. >> adam: give me the misconceptions that the people have about the snakes or the reptiles that you have. >> they think that everything around them is poisonous. you can't touch that, it is poisonous, and a big thing for us is to start young with the education and help kids, and adults, understand that snakes, are really good pets to have and not everything, is dangerous and
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>> adam: i come to the show and bring my boy. >> you will see a locality of the different frogs and tarantula and it is all kinds of animals and it is not just reptiles and turtles too and supplies, because we want you to come prepared and think of what you want and everything that you need to get an animal. >> you don't just get a snake, it is a pet and a commitment. >> reach your pets. >> the last time that you brought one, it choked me out and this one has a gentle temperament. here. >> look at its cute, nose. >> adam: tell me about the show, today at ten? >> and it goes to 4:00 p.m. and at one, there is a $250, show bucks drawing which is $250 you that have you have to spend at the reptile, show and 1:00 is a popular time, >> anchor: and at the fair field, convention, center and 1:00, come and check them out. thank you so much. >> you you are welcome. do you want a snake? >> you know, i thought that they
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and said that they have a whole variety. >> they do. >> they do. >> it is the small amounts too. a plethera of pythons. >> that is okay, you are welcome to keep them over there >> brandon: we have the snow to talk about and the snow photos to talk about and getting a lot of these in facebook and twitter. and we are looking and starting to get the snow fall in, and some amounts that look like they are on the upper range, and this is near, cross plains, indiana and nancy sent this to us, and just estimating more than two inches, and that is what we are seeing, one to three and most of us between, one to two inches of snow fall, but the isolated amounts are a little bit higher than two inches and that is what we see out here, i71, and 75, at kyle's lane and it looks, wet and i know that they have been out treating this, heavily and that is helping out too, and you can see a lot of the snow on the rooed ways and a lot of the on-ramps is what you have to watch out for. and i71, and 75, dixie highway and you can see that it is
8:35 am
but you know, the actual, interester state has tire tracks and it is tracks, because they are treating it. the problem is that the temperatures fall so fast, we are falling into the 20s and the low 20s this afternoon, and for the teens, by 8:00 and 9:00, and so any water, on any untreated roadways will freeze to black ice, around midday, as the pavement temperatures are crossing that 32, groo he mark, and this is at kellogg avenue, and any untreated like this lane here has the tire tracks and snow covered and so keep that in mind that it is icy sxts not going to get too much better, and i think that later on this evening, once you get out and you could get a handle on the roads they will be better. >> this is the medical center weather, camera looking across the center, you can actually see the buildings this time and so we are improving the visibility and so the back end of the snow is finally starting to push across downtown, and this is the camera, and this is the last push of the light snow, before
8:36 am
is it, from you are down, over towards, lawrenceburg and all of those areas are starting to dry on out, a little bit. in northern kentucky we will have some, over to the county, and the campbell, county and braken county, and over to owensville and in the green and blue, and when you see the greens and blues show up, that is the heavy snow and that moves for the downtown, earlier and getting in on the heavy snow, if you are in the brown, county, expect another burst of snow, and before it moves out to the 35 minutes or so, and we will finally start to dry out a little bit later on today. and the wind is going to help, out of the west at 26 miles per hour sustained and that will help to dry the roads out a little bit. and they will continue to fall, but here are the wind gusts and we saw the winds, and 26 at the airport and nearing 40 and so it is breezy and seeing the wind
8:37 am
across the area and so the snow, begins to taper off by ten or eleven and then we will dry out a little bit and especially with the wind, like i was talking about earlier and we are going to stick with the clouds and we may see the peaks of sunshine as we get towards, late in the afternoon and in the early evening and we will become, mostly cloudy and get the breaks from time-to-time and you can't rule out a flurry, and i think that for the most part we are doing okay, here is what we are looking at for the next couple of days, there is that patch of snow off to the east and we will still stick with the clouds and we can't rule out these flurries to the east of downtown, and brown county, and especially the portions of pretty much, everywhere from the east of downtown is a chance of flurries and we will clear out by 8:00 and, " and we are looking out, and we are looking dry, and late on the day on monday, focus on the left side of i don't you are screen, up towards, indianapolis and another, batch of light snow starts to push in and especially for the tuesday, morning commute and it is going to move in over night, monday night into tuesday
8:38 am
spotty and heavy at times and the squalls embedded in some of this, early estimates one to two inches and we have a couple of days to look at it, but the thing is with the temperatures, so cold, and not above freezing from here on out, all the way to thursday, and the pavement, temperatures are going to be below freezing and any of the snow that falls will stick to the roads and create the slick commute for tuesday and there is another storm system by next weekend and don't have it in the planning forecast. >> i tell you what, we do have the eye on the roads. >> just to get that real quick. >> our friend, at the desk, brought it in. check that out, this is the good, packing sno he and so for all of it. >> it was the wet snow. >> for all of the kids that have been longing for this, it is here. >> it is snow man. >> adam: go he and make a snow man. and how about it >> i really want to throw this at somebody, but i am not going to do that. instead i am going to toss it to megan moore and she is on the road, with matt lawrence and they have been out there all morning long and giving us a
8:39 am
are out, east megan. >> we are on 23 west in newtown, right now. and i will say depending on where you are, it is, quite varyed in terms of snow coverage on the roadways and really right now it looks like the snow has died down where we are. and kind of take you there you where we were earlier. we went through the union town ship and the snow is going to be on the back that way. and then, also, ramps are, kind of more of an issue there than the roads, and it was noticing a lot of people, avoiding the fast lanes there and the people trying to stay in the slow lanes, and also, on the shoulders there is a lot of snow coverage there. and also, we have been noticing, too, we were mentioning the wind, gusts and a lot of the signs are covered up and some of the digital mess, and so it was kind of hard to see the signs if you are driving but like i said we are on 32 west and we went through the claire mont, county and for the most part, that was really the worst of it that we saw. a lot of snow and slush on the
8:40 am
that we drove through, just looked like they had not even been touched but we do see the road crews out, trying to basically put a dent or make a dent, in the snow, on the roadways. and again, the snow seems to have stopped where we are right now, for the most part, claire mont, county roads seem to have and that is what we have seen the worst of and hamilton county not looking too bad and as we have been driving and we are seeing a lot more salt, trucks and the snowplows on the roads and trying to clear some of the slush off of the roads but if it does, and if you need to dip, in the dumpsters and the ice is going to be more of a concern. and i know that we have hit some of the pockets of the hard slush on the roads and so just, take it easy out there. and that is for the most part, where we are right now, not looking too bad. >> all right, megan, thank you so much, and be safe and coming back and everything is okay, and brandon it is going to get colder and one thing that the
8:41 am
when the temperatures drop and wetness on the roads. >> brandon: it is slushy and it could be icy later in the 20s.
8:42 am
>> adam: good morning, cincinnati it is 8:54 this is a camera look from across the
8:43 am
and you can see that the snow has covered the portion of the tri state and we have had megan out on the roads and so far the conditions are just wet and you want to be careful as the temperature is dropping coming up later this morning on local 12, on full measure, a dramatic new film, soon, debuts about the benghazi, terrorist attacks and tells the story of the cia officers who say that they were told to stand down when they try to go to the rescues of the americans a mile away, more information has been unearthed about the incident. >> we do have new information about a rescue interrupted there were so-called, special forces, we now know who are available, ready, and as the military says, prepared to go to benghazi, while the attacks were under way and yet we now know that the united states did not bother to ask for permission for the mra enz to enter the air space and so it raises the question as to who was calling the shots and made the decision not to let them go and not even ask for
8:44 am
case we wanted to and that is what we drive into. >> adam: full measure, starts at 11 right here on local 12, here now a look at the stop stories. ben gals fans in the dumps after a playoff loss and it was a disappointing one. overcoming a 15-nothing, deficit, the ben gals were up, with just a minute 50 to go with just some costly mistakes and some devastating, penalties and person fouls and the steelers with the game winning field goal, and 14 seconds left, and end up winning, 18-16, heart breaking. no power ball jack pot winner, no tickets, that matched all six numbers for a record jack pot of $950 million, and the expected billion. yes, billion dollars. well, that rain is start last night has turned into snow,
8:45 am
this is a live look out on the roo $right now, the snow has fallen all over the tri state and different portions and so far, though, no incidents to report in terms of any trouble out on the roads and it looks like things are just wet and that is not going to be case when the temperature, continues to drop, and we might see the ice, brandon? >> yeah, we have the slush on the roads right now and we will freeze as the temperatures continue to fall throughout the 20 and that is the end of the snow and we are done, for downtown, and east, and the flurries this afternoon and you can see the snow covered roads and we will have a lot more, including the road conditions and the snow reports at 11:30. >> we will see you then, thanks for joining us. real-time closed captioning
8:46 am
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