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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 6  CBS  January 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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it's 12 out at fayetteville, 10 at brooks burg, hamill tossen ton checking in at 10. 8 degrees over at the airport where skies have cleared out, a little bit of a breeze and it's been reporting at below zero, wilmington at 6 below, not a whole lot on raid, we are seeing a few flurries, and still some showing up in the warren, clinton, and highland, and some east of the cincinnati. bitter cold, sunshine, 22 at noon, and we will see increasing clouds today heading for a high temperature in the upper 20s, and those clouds are increasing ahead of a storm system, another one that is going to drop into the area tomorrow morning. that is going to bring more snow showers, some breaking up, iowa, back through the dakotas, we are
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morning's drives, could bring more slick conditions, let's check on the morning conditions, alert. >> reporter: i just heard about an accident, it's at shepherd creek at west ford. that is not far from an area where we had earlier reports of icy conditions, tar the for the most there. i want you to head use caution on bridges and overpasses, and particularly walking out in parking lots and walking out the front door you need to use some caution. we can look at i-75, headed in the downtown area, and adam clements is giving us a look. adam, what are you seen so far this morning. >> reporter: jen, things are moving along okay, especially on
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no real slick spots, you mentioned bridges and overpasses, we've seen a few slick spots but nothing too alarming. there's a road closed we're headed in that direction, we are going to check that out and see how much of an issue that is, the side streets, may run into a problem here or there. for the most part things are spotty, everything looks good, we are going to head in the cummingsville direction and see what we can find. we will check back with you in just a bit and see if we can find anything. for now, back to you the studio. thank you, and we will keep checking in with adam throughout the morning even as we go through star 64 as we start at 7:00, two hours of news and traffic. >> we can watch the traffic
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8 degrees, there's not too many words to discuss the beng else melt down. >> not many that you may want to say in public. there's plenty of concern about head coach marvin lewis' future, that is as the team self destructed in the last minute and a half. the bengals have no plans to get rid of lewis. he is 0-3 in the season since he took over. >> i feel like he has had it, because he won't let the same mistake happen twice, bengals be bengals again. he is facing suspension next season for his head on stephen antonio brown who suffered a concussion on the play. the bengals will hold a news conference at 3:00 this afternoon and talk about all of this. more local news now, one man is dead, another hurt after a double shooting yesterday
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witness and surville advance surveillance video to help lead them to the man. a third man was not hurt and was questioned by police. pleas think that the suspect is not a threat to the public, and the man in the car were targeted. if you know anything that can help call crime stoppers, 352-3040. a northern kentucky guard unit is inactive. the support battalion was inactivated during a ceremony at the national guard readiness center in burlington. more than 300 soldiers gathered as a unit, the unit was deployed to iraq, but is no longer needed due to new rea alignment. cincinnati activists will be
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the supreme court decided same sex couples nationwide had the constitutional right to marry. the guests represent the progress made since the years ago. all right, no one won the powerball, the big money this weekend, and there's a billion-dollar powerball going, $1.3 billion to be precise still to come on wednesday. >> i'm going to win it. >> there you go. >> there were winners in saturday's drawing, and here in the tri-state $21 million, two, $1 million apart. >> i hope the person comes in and wants that i sold him, that would be awesome. >> if they don't hit i will play again until somebody does it. you never know. if you give up you win. >> no one $1 million tickets were sold in kentucky, but four tickets for $50,000 a piece were
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go a vacation. >> $1.3 billion. >> and with the cash option what is it? almost a billion, right? >> basically. >> i want to buy glory. >> only 6 or $700 million. >> we will buy the island, tattoo, and learn to dah that, when it's sorry. >> i hope you win so i can see that. >> i may do that anyway. >> coming up playing in the snow
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almost 9 minutes after 6:00, it's 8 degrees, a windchill of zero, cold this morning we have seen around here all season. we are going to be in the low 20s, upper 20s later today, we won't get above freezing. expect a gradual increase in clouds. that increase in clouds is a sign that another system is moving in. it's going to bring snow as early as tomorrow morning. we will have details tomorrow, but let's check on traffic conditions. here is jen. >> reporter: most of the interstates have been treated with salt, a lot of side streets have but not all of them. we have a couple of accidents that have popped up. we read some of the our accidents, because they have not
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anderson ferry and two of them, and shepherd creek, and west port could be slick this morning, watch out for that interstates, though look just fine so far. guys, back to you. all right, it's finally starting to look like winter around the tri-state. >> we still don't have any snow to build elaborate igloos. they are collecting money for charity. last year a sea turtle two years ago a snow shark. it took hem 500 hours to make this beautiful skid out of snow. the brothers want to raise $500,000 to bring clean water to haiti. >>that is cool. i haven't spent a lot of time in minnesota and i haven't been in the winter. i always imagined if you spent a winter in minnesota you would do things like that.
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out, oh, man! the poor vikings fan, they feel like that. >> laces out. coming up double checking your kitchen. new ice cream concern this morning.
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sick 13:00 the school closing and reminder and the ticker. el chapo is back behind bars. >> he could be coming back to the u.s. in a few weeks, authorities have identified him that he is wanted in the u.s., that is one of the first steps of the extradition process. while on the run, he had a secret meeting actor sean penn, which police say played a role in his capture. a u.s. 52 bomber flying over south korea. that was a show in strength after an announcement that it carried a nuclear test. the bomber was escorted by f16 fightingers based in south korea. the bomber is armed with bombs capable of destroying the north
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bacteria was found in one of its production plants. the company says it's testing every batch of ice cream produced, listeria was found on ice cream last year, the company is under federal investigation for the handle of that contamination. campbell soup will become one of the first company to start gmo labeling. it supports mandatory labeling standards for problems with genetically modified ingredients. it's also withdrawing supports from groups who support the transparency. many industry groups have sought to make the labeling voluntary. a famous house is for sale. you probably will recognize the play boy mansion, home to hugh heffner. it can be yours if you want the entertain,. >>tia it's a big property.
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it's an entertainers home. >> you are putting it very g-rated. >> it's for somebody who entertains a lot. >> they are asking $200 million, you have to agree to live with hugh hef heffner. >> yuck. >> he gets to stay in the home until he passes away. >> he bought the mansion for $1.1 million. >> how old is heffner now. >> he is in his 80s. >> but i'm scared, you're in your kitchen one morning and out walks hef in his bathrobe. >> as big as that house is, he could be in one wing. >> i know, but you might see him. >> i might more than you want. >> that is what i'm saying. >> a lot more people have seeing. >> hugh heffner. >> i would pay, i would charge people to come in and see the house and see if you can get a
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millions for the pangs. >> let's get a look at the roads, how are we doing, jen. interstates look good. we have a couple of accidents that do pop up, one anderson harry, and clefable clev and warsaw. we may see some conditions along westward at shepherd creek, an accident reported there, and west work near montana i'm hearing it's close to, watch for that, we have a broken down, they're saying two lane blocks, and that is on hopple, on to i-75, that is on hopple, not on i-75. hopple streets watch out for that, look at the interstates again, it looks okay, we are seeing volume of traffic pick up for most of the usual spots, i-71-75, no delays reported on the interstates, they have been treated. a lot of side streets have been treated but not all of them.
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before you try to head out. >> yes, those mocks. >> semi's, i passed four semis between my house. >> i wasn't prepared for how cold it is. >> single digits in many locations windchills running at zero or subzero, in is the view over downtown, cloud cover has cleared out, and you take away that blanket of clouds and with snow on the ground it starts to get cold. this is the atrium weather camera. 8 degrees at the international airport with clear skies, a light breeze from the south,-southwest, zero the windchill at international airport, three below lufkin, two your windchill at lufkin, and 7 below at clinton county, we are looking at bitter cold weather this morning, we will stay below freezing today with highs in the upper 20s, and more snow on the way as early as this time tomorrow morning. it won't be much, but perhaps
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conditions, another cold blast of air on the way for the mid the of middleof the week. 10 loveland, sardinia at 10, and lawful indiana has dipped to 5 degrees. port union, and 9 degrees in falmouth. and we have jack close to 7 degrees at 8:00. clear skies to start the day. you will notice clouds increase throughout the afternoon. by midday we're at 27, skies becoming mostly cloudy late this afternoon into this evening, ahead of the next weather maker. nothing showing up on radar now. there are flurries still flying east of town not really being picked up by radar all that well. you can see cloud cover starting to push away, more clouds coming into illinois, western indiana, snow flakes flying back here. this is the beginning of the next weather system that will drop our way tomorrow. that will bring a touch of snow back in the forecast.
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of zero. look at chicago, 15 below in the windchill in the windy city. our temperature 26 degrees lower than what it was this time yesterday. high pressure over us for now, but that scoots south, here comes a clipper system in parts of minnesota right on through michigan tomorrow, pushing a wold front, we will hit our high tomorrow morning, it gets windy, snow showers around for first part of the day tomorrow, and bitter cold air sets up shop as we get into the middle of the week. here is things as we art at 4:00. snow showers tomorrow morning, and 7:00, and some of these may come down at a good clip and reducing visibility and putting snow on the roads. we will watch for that. they will start to move late tomorrow morning, and early tomorrow afternoon, lingering flurries through the remainder of the day tomorrow, and not a great deal of snow. this is one model assessment,
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area, we have some guidance we could see upwards of two itches again in some communities. we officially saw two inches yesterday at the international airport. 27 the high today. expect a gradual increase in clouds, a cold day, and temperatures may actually rise a little bit tonight. steady or rising as the weather system moves from west. snow showers tomorrow, falling temperatures, windy, and we turn a lot colder tomorrow, down to 9, wednesday morning, your high wednesday afternoon, 24 with a blend of sun and clouds. we do see a warmup by the end of the week. a flurry tomorrow night, but by thursday morning we are up to 42, friday rain develops, 45 the high on friday, and that rain turns over to snow showers on saturday with falling temperatures on saturday, we start in the 40s in the morning, falling through the 30s, more snow showers saturday night into sunday morning, sunday's high will make it out of the upper 20s, track the snow, and track the cold conditions with the free weather
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>> reporter: 6:22, what would you do with $1 billion? the record jackpot keeps growing and growing, plus -- >> we are live and we are driving on the roads giving you
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the winner is straight out of conscience. [applause] i'm sorry folks, i made a mistake. it's right here on the card -- trending now, the stars are out for the golden globes last night. hear jamie fox poking fun at steve harvey. the marsh an for martian, and inside out for best animated film. i love jamie foxx. david bowie has died at the age of 59 after a battle with cancer. we want to know the best song memorabilia of david bowie. >> i love "let's dance," the thing for him for a lot of
6:21 am
them, but resonate or not, iconic. >> he is a pioneer. >> one of those artists, no question about it. i remember the first time i heard let's dance. i thought it was one of those mazing songs, rest in peace, david, you will surely be missed. rob thanks for checking in. i'm pretty sure and you are here if you did this song. >> unless i was drunk, that is my favorite. >> they covered, and they covered dancing in the streets, too. >> yeah. >> that might be what you're thinking about. >> bros says space odyssey. >> ground breaking stuff and he says, it depends on the decade. "china girl" is the best, but then "again under pressure." >> yeah. >> the critical thing that angie points out, it depends on the decade. >> that's true. >> how many new artists that come out now will resonate like that 40 years from now. >> i want to check the cuts on his new album that came out.
6:22 am
>> i heard a little bit on satellite radio, but not enough to peek my interest, and he gets to sing, lad laze russ, and lazarus, and he want you to join the conversation, just like the local 12 page on facebook and share your thoughts. single digit readings, subzero windchills and we have
6:23 am
>> reporter: now at 6:30, we're live and trying out on the roads all offer the tri-state giving you a live look blakeing
6:24 am
and some rowdy bengal fans find themselves in some trouble, where they're headed today. i will tell you the details. it's not over yet, powerball mania is cranking up the shots, and this time the stakes are worth more than $1 billion. that's with a b, folks. >> how do you think, it's going to go, because people are going to be driving it in droves. it will be crazy. >> i'm so happy, you guys are here. i'm sorry you didn't win, and i didn't get in the office pool. >> you would have been. >> i got to get my dollars off of here. >> it would have come up quick for me. >> good morning, everybody, thanks for joining us on a chilly monday. lots of school closings delays this morning. >> part of it is because of the cold, i think, there may be an icy patch or two on the roads. maybe the sidewalks. bitter cold is the story this morning with temperatures which are in many spots running in the single digits, making it the coldest morning we have seen yet, 8 over at the airport, 9 wilmington and batavia,
6:25 am
of wind with that, windchills have been in the lower single digit and even below zero, over at the airport, at zero, 7 blow at the wilmington. find the biggest coast you have. not much on radar. are seeing a couple of flurries, other than that, we're starting to clear skies out, we will be sunny and cold as the kids head off to the bus stop, layer them up, we are talking single digit to start. we're in the upper 20s with the clouds starting to thicken up. the clouds will be thickening ahead of the another system that is going to bring snow back in here as early as tomorrow morning, now we're not talking much, maybe an inch or two, but you can see that thing starting to produce some clouds through iowa, illinois and snow flakes coming up in here. coming up in weather, the detailed time line of what you can expect, tomorrow morning, it may impact the morning drive tomorrow. for more on the drive let's go to jen dalton with the traffic alert. >> reporter: we will be ready for tomorrow, john.
6:26 am
the enter sates, we don't have reports on the interstates, they have all been treated. west fork, near montana, there's an accident to watch for there, and then shepherd creek at west fork or near west fork, watch for an accident there, there could be slick conditions in the area of west fork and montana, an accident reported and then we got an accident reported on hopple street, not on 75, on hopple near 75 where apparently there are a couple of lanes blocked there, as we look at the interstates right in that area. you can see the interstates moving along just fine, on hopple is where the issue is. interstates no problem, they have all been treated. areas like brings and overpasses, and similarly the side streets this morning. we will let you know if we see any other issues, for now over to john. singer and actor david bowie
6:27 am
according to a short statement, bowie died peaceful surrounded by his family and friends. he had just released a 25th album on friday, he was 59 years old. emotion right side still running from anger, to grief to slot disbelief. >> disbelief is really high on the list. most of you know how it went down on the wild card game. just because you have seen them it doesn't mean it's over. it's going to have a lasting impact. plenty of concern about head coach marvin lewis' future. the team self self destructed, the bengals have no plans to get rid of head coach right now. they're all over conflicting thoughts over what lost the game. and he wants to take some of that blame. >> everything that we have been through, all the add vees tier, everything through the whole season and all of the years, we weren't going to go out like. that you do everything you are
6:28 am
yourself where you can and fumble the ball, and the game away with everything on the line, it's rough, man, it's, i don't know. he is facing suspension next season for his hit on steelers wide either antonio brown who suffered a concussion after that hit right there. almost saw it again. i don't know if that was a gnats, you're hitting one earlier in the game. >> and that kind of points to it. that was from a tippy game from the opening kickoff, from the very beginning, people were at each other the entire game. >> and the tensions not high just on the field as the two teams went head-to-head. >> arrests were made at paul brown stadium. perry shibley is live downtown and she has details on that. good morning, perry. >> reporter: those are court records involving all six of those arrest, it's assault, after assault, after assault. six assault in all, three
6:29 am
women, and all of those people who are -- were arrested on saturday night here at paul brown stadium are expected to be in court at 12:30 this afternoon. now according to these court documents 33-year-old martin cook exposed himself and urinated on someone else while in the stands. a 25-year-old man from pennsylvania, david allegedly threw a beer can hitting another man in the head, and 29-year-old phillip ross of town coal ship, is a accused of head-butting a person during the game. and 25-year-old tyler mathis. indiana is accuse of hitting a woman in the head. and andres robles is accused of hitting a woman in the head. and officers were escorting him out of the stadium at the time of the incident. and 19-year-old jared mccarthy of redding facing a number of charges, including under anal drinking, showing police a fake
6:30 am
face and taking her bengals cap. all of that happened inside of the stadium on saturday night. it's a conscientious rivalry. you know things like that happen, but unfortunately inside of the stands it's all about one thing, it should only be about football. guys, back to you. all right, thank you, perry. local 12 will be in court this afternoon, and we will bring you the latest information when it becomes available to us. just want to mention that we just got a report that ken ton county schools changed from delayed to closed today. take note and make your plans. it's 6:36 and 8 degrees, the newest member of the hamilton county commission and they will finish the hart, deeters is the younger brother of the hamilton county joe dieters and he is a former colerain trustee. you can give on how to stop violence in cincinnati. police isaac will be at a forum
6:31 am
center. there will be nor forums in the next few weeks. a new church is opening in the tri-state, passion community church is on creek road behind the state how building in blue ash, it's in a renovated inc. factory. they celebrated the grand opening with food from aj gumble food truck. you need a football pickny pick me up this morning. it's part of the super bowl sunday and this year a local puppy is a part of team. rugby is a 17-year-old terrier mix, from the humane society. a local family adopted him, but he will get to compete for team spock in the competition. >> i heard that one of the coaches from the other team was going to try nick on the field sneak on the field and get their -- >> fluff is an old puppy, 17 months. >> that's pretty big thought.
6:32 am
8 degrees, playing for the title what is at stake, clemson and alabama duke it out in championship tonight.
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increase in clouds, low 20s at noon and only in the upper 20s late this afternoon with clouds increasing ahead of another weather system that is going to bring more snow in here, tomorrow. we will have details on that and a time line coming up in minutes. here is jen dalton. >> reporter: we have problems and they're all on the west side. an accident reported there, and west fork near montana an accident reported there, anderson ferry at cliff war warsaw and a broke endown on hopple near the broken lane down near i-75. watch for the slick spots on the side streets. and i-75-71 have been treated up can down. and they look okay. the college football national championship trophy is
6:36 am
>> uc alabama and clemson head coach are resisting the urge to grab it. they won a 4th national championship in only 7 years. >> wow. >> for the clemson tigers this is the first title game under the current head coach. clemson's last national championship in the program came in 1971. kickoff begins tonight at 8:00 p.m. the coach clem ton played in alabama. he played on the championship team. won a scholarship. >> that could be the fair 4th their4th in 7 years. >> that could be a heck of a run. >> it's almost a pro program. another week of powerball mania with the record powerball drawing. >> reporter: we're hitting
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trade-assist cash. only at your local ford dealer. 6:45, a reminder check school closings and delays. developing this morning, philadelphia police are looking into a tip that says that threats are not over for police officer. dave archer is facing an attempted murder charge because of the ambush of officer. archer shot at him, and
6:39 am
islam and isis. the jury selection starts in the trial of cesar goodson, he drove the van carrying gray after his arrest. he was arrived critically hurt after he was driven 45 minutes, hand shacked. >> the first book of pope francis will be released. the name of god is mercy is a 100 page conversation with an italian journalist. the pope says that gay members should be treated with respect. they have made modifications on divorce, whether divorced for sievely married catholics can receive communion. how much would you do with $1 million.
6:40 am
counting that is $806 million for the cash option, and getting the combination numbers, is like flipping a coin 8 times in a row and hitting heads in a row, it's hard arer than choosing the right numbers. 75% of all number combinations had been issued on powerball tickets on saturday night. >> so you would think that with this many millions. >> somebody has got to win it, right? >> a person is more likely to be struck by lightning orbit 10 by a shark than win the p.o.w. ball. powerball, i would be willing to be bitten by a shark and take the lightning strike to win the $1 billion.
6:41 am
>> yeah. >> and tomorrow you have $800 million. >> i'm running for the hills. >> can you imagine all the people that would be bugging you. >> and you're getting in the office pool this time. >> i won't forget this time snirvetion waiting to -- you would have been the only guy that -- >> you didn't get in. >> you don't want to be the only guy. bucks. >> i got you. >> i will spot you $2 now, so i i can ask you for a $1 million later. >> you have until wednesday, right. we have all of these school delays, i almost can't answer the road conditions. >> it must for the cold. >> it must be for the cold out. we do have problems out there this morning. we had earlier problems along west fork. they are clear, but we had a couple of other issues, 71 northbound we have a couple of problems, one of which is starting to slow traffic, here
6:42 am
kenwood road. you can see traffic starting to slow there near stewart because kenwood. so be aware that 71 northbound has got about a a 5 minute-delay as you pass stewart and up to kenwood road. accident reported 275, near mineola, and one in warsaw, hopple at 75, report of a broken down blocking a couple of lanes, as we look at the interstates, typical, i-71-75, starting to see heavy traffic near kyle. use caution on bridges and overpasses this morning of as you do look at the daniel carter bridge, you canny traffic moving along okay, though. let's go out and get a live look on the roads. adam clements on spring road avenue, adam how are things looking in the north side area or wherever you are? >> i think we're making our way toward saint bernard, things are
6:43 am
dry roads, no real slick spots. you did mention bridges and overpasses, of course, you want to be careful of those, whatever fell last night, not last night yesterday morning that may have created a little wetness, and if it wasn't clear or salted it could have frozen over. those are the spots that you want to watch out for. really the big issue you are dealing with is the cold. that is where you want to be prepared this morning. make sure your car is prepared, bottle of water, blankets, just in case, you never know. dead battery, flat tire, you always want to be prepared because it's bitterly cold. you don't even have to step out to feel it. you can just look at it, it just looks cold. we saw several kids out waiting for the bus this morning and you kind of, kind of had to feel bad for them. i was very glad and fortunate to be in the warm con fines of our live truck here, bitterly cold, roads look good. that's the bottom line. there was a small road closure
6:44 am
cummingsville area, that led to a tiny access road of very little significance, though, everything looks good for now, we will send it back to you in the studio. all right, thank you very much adam. cold is the big story. no doubt about that this morning. maybe a little black ice here and there, but adam mentioned the kids standing outside. got to deal with it. got to get them to put the coat on. a lot of kids don't want to wear coats these days. >> i know. >> and make sure that you take time to warmup your cars. >> i saw a lot of broken down semi and single digit readings, the airport at 8, 12 in the maysville, 9 wilmington, the cold spot i could find laurel at 5 degrees, had a report from college corner, where we were down to 4 degrees, there's some serious cold out there, here is the few downtown from the atrium weathered in summer, 8 8 at the
6:45 am
a whole lot of wind, the windchill at the airport zero, and those windchills had been subzero at times, 3 below, lufkin, two hamilton, and 2 below at batavia and we're going to see a bitter cold morning throughout the tri-state. won't get above freezing today with temperatures expected in the upper 20s, quiet weather today, you're going to notice cloud cover increasing later this afternoon, and that's ahead of another storm system that will bring more snow into the picture tomorrow. no, we're not talking much, maybe an inch or two, but the timing could be bad with some of the snow coming tomorrow morning. another cold blast will follow that as we get into the middle of the week. 7 degrees at 8:00, sunshine to start the day. the low 20s at noon with a gradual increase in clouds and by late day, we're up around 27 degrees. skies will become mostly cloudy late this afternoon into this evening, 8 here in cincinnati, add a little wind into the mix,
6:46 am
15 below at the windchill at chicago. there's bitter cold air across the region. clouds overnight moving out but more clouds on our heels coming back into illinois, indiana, and iowa. this is a part of the next weather system a low pressure center that will move through the midwest come tomorrow bringing us more snow. nothing on precision doppler 12hd. we make it into the upper 20s, but let me step you back through tomorrow morning, clouds continue to increase after midnight, flurries develop, through tomorrow morning, here examine snow showers, some of these may come down pretty heavy at times tomorrow morning reducing visibility, making the roads slick. temperatures in the mid-20s tomorrow morning, we're going to fall tomorrow into the low 20s late day. notice the snow showers start to move out tomorrow afternoon, some flurries will linger so the morning drive worse than what the afternoon will be, but the
6:47 am
fall is going to glow around tomorrow, and notice it's not a lot of snow, it might pick up an inch, maybe a little less in some spots, a couple of locations could get more inches of snow with late day in the 20s, cold air coming, single digit, wednesday afternoon, expect high temperatures only in the mid-20s. 27 today increasing clouds, we will see temperatures steady if not rising tonight through the mid and upper 20s, and falling temperatures, snow showers, windy tomorrow, there's a bitter cold again wednesday morning but a warm up late week could be a flurry are early thursday up to 42. mid-40s friday, showers in the forecast friday, and into next weekend, we see falling temperatures again, 40s saturday morning, falling into the 30s, rainshowers over to snow showers, and some of those snow showers linger as we turn colder into sunday, a high of
6:48 am
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welcome back, everyone, sometimes you got to venture no matter what it takes, like this guy in the netherlands. he is determined to take the trash out. he is crawling on his hands and
6:51 am
>> i just want to get it in the garbage can, please. >> it's just and keep my seat clean. [ laughter ] >> go back inside. forget it.
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