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tv   Local 12 at Noon  CBS  January 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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accumulation of snow. temperatures rising into the teens. we briefly make a un to 25 with partial clearing late in the day. clouds thicken, even more this evening. no snow at 8:00, 10:00. temperatures rising nearing the midnight hour. right now on live precision doppler 12 hd we have some returning radars, these are flurries, they will provide no additional accumulation but there may be some production as flurries come through. it is 13 down at the cincinnati northern kentucky international airport. zero. the wind chill now at wilmington three below zero. we're mainly quiet this evening clouds. snow showers are a possibility
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the first half of tomorrow. we're looking at an inch to an inch and a half of accumulation. we're cold wednesday before warmer returns nearing the weekend. we'll discuss the amounts of snow, the timing of snow and another check of live precision doppler 12 hd coming up in ten minutes. >> tensions ran high on and off the stadium. at least six arrests were made at the stadium. according to court documents. 33-year-old martin cook exposed himself and then urinated on someone else. the 25-year-old threw a beer can into the stands and then hit another man in the head. 20-year-old tyler mathous
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aaron drew robles is accused of hitting a woman in a head and a showing a fake id and taking a bengals ball cap. we're bring you the latest information when it becomes available. to just disbelief. there are plenty of questions about head coach's marvin lewis's future after the team self-destructed. there are conflicting thoughts over what lost the game. >> obviously it was disappointing to fight our way back into the football game and then to lose the game there at the end. our guys fought their tails off all year and fought their tail off and got back and went ahead and we destructed on ourself
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together. things happen. even the penalties at the end, they don't lose us that game. we had opportunities and just didn't happen. >> facing a possible suspension for the hit to the head. bengals coach lewis will talk about the game today at paul brown stadium. >> 22-year-old elijah johnson died in the shooting. the suspect reportedly walked p to the car and just started shooting. another person was hit. police are looking for a young
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last seen wearing a hoodie and pants. briefing commissioners about the cameras. the mother will provide for more than 200 cameras. the sheriff says he wants to be the standard when it comes to using body cameras. local 12's jeff hirsh will be there right now. >> a ceremonial swearing in for the newest member of the commission. dennis deeters will finish out the term. he's a former colerain township trustee. both expected to be at a community forum on republican street. city leaders say they want to hear from people who have concerns about crime and dedicate resources to fixing the problem.
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way, there's still a lot more to go. we can be that national example on how police and community and city government work as a whole to address the issues in our community. >> more meetings are scheduled in cincinnati's five police districts over the next couple of months. >> cincinnati police are looking women. if you're interested in wearing the badge, you can find out more information about the application process tonight at district 3 headquarters on ferguson road and westwood. there's another session tomorrow at the pleasant ridge library and again on thursday at the police academy. >> a crash at i-75 southbound down to just a couple of lanes from the exit at mitchell avenue. if you're heading out you might want to jump out at the lateral. crash at i-75 southbound down to just one lane right now at mitchell avenue. two lanes, we understand.
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situation improves. shawn penn and el chapo, an odd meeting that could have led to the recapture of a my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis made a simple trip to the grocery store
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>> a maryland appeals court has delayed the trial of the police
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of freddie gray. jury trial was scheduled in the trial of goodson. goodson's case has been complicated after a judge ruled last week that another police officer has to testify against goodson despite his claim that he has a right to not incriminate himself. freddie gray died in april from a broken neck he suffered during a police van ride. the notorious drug lord known as joaquin "el chapo" guzman could be headed to the united states. mexican authorities have notified guzman that he is wanted in the u.s. guzman's defense now has three days to present arguments against extradition and twenty days beyond the numerous other appeals they have already
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mourning the death of david bowie. the british pop star died after an 18-month battle with cancer. he was 69 years old. reports from london. >> reporter: david bowie was one of a kind from his first hit space odyssey to his jazz album released just last week. the ever-changing artist kept his audience guessing. from his ziggy stardust persona bowie kept changing. >> we have lost somebody who rewrote the rules who actually redefined what a pop star could be. >> he was david jones in london in 1947. he told cbs in 2002, he always knew he was an artist. >> i didn't know if i was going to be in music or if i was going
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i opted for music eventually. >> it was a decision that performers. there would be no madonna and no lady gaga without david bowie. >> this morning fans left candles and flowers on his car fame. >> some of the most powerful london. >> you can listen to music at any age and still pick up from what it meant in the 70s. it is timeless. it is like the lights have gone out in the world since he's not here. >> reporter: the testament to bowie's broad appeal fans like madonna to kanye west and the head of the vatican culture council tweeted their condolences.
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>> harrowing pictures to show you. live window washers in houston. they are stranded around six floors on the top of the 37th story chase tower on texas street. these are live pictures. the scaffolding is dangling at a very sharp angle. crews are on top of the building as they try to figure out how to get to the people on the scaffolding. there's no word on any injuries so far, but we're watching this rescue.
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>> we have a quick correction that we want to make about this rescue operation that's underway in houston right now. you're looking at live pictures. this is a rescue crew on top of a 75-story building. not a 37-story building, but a 75-story building, there are two window washers who are on scaffolding approximately five stories below where these men are right there. that scaffolding that they are on is listing at a very, very sharp angle. the men may be in some danger of falling. crews are trying to figure out how to get them back to safe.
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closely and we'll keep you posted on the rescue. >> the latest numbers from wall street. the dow jones is up 44 points. the nasdaq is up 9 points. the s&p 500 is up 1 point. you can catch the closing numbers on local 12 news, first at 4:00. >> gas prices averaging 1.97 a gallon nationwide. it will likely go even lower. a global oversupply of oil is sending prices down. prices could jump as refineries do maintenance. the vehicle to vehicle or v to v communication. this technology could dramatically reduce the number of crashes nationwide.
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>> a little bit of snow. morning. quite cold today and we're going to get another shot of snow. tomorrow. snow that will start and stop and you'll be in the thick on it on good morning cincinnati. we'll have lingering snow
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the afternoon. some flurries for the next couple of hours, partial clearing late this afternoon. any clearing we get later today will be temporary because clouds will fill back in and thicken this evening before flurries and snow showers develop. starting around midnight. especially for areas northwest to cincinnati. the coverage and intensity of flurries and snow showers will commute tomorrow. we'll go through our hour by hour timing in a moment. temperatures slowly rise through the teens and twenties, we're up to 25 by 4:00 this afternoon. any clearing that we get late in the day get covered up with more cloud tonight. you can track flurries that we have in the tri-state this afternoon and flurries and snow showers as they match into and through the tri-state late tonight and early tomorrow on app.
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out and about early tomorrow morning or late tonight. stay with our team of meteorologists as we update the forecast and you can track clouds and precipitation as it moves through the tri-state in the coming hours and coming days. wkrc is what you search for in the app store or google play. we have a cloudy sky in the atrium weather center weather cam. temperature now 15 in college hill, the wind chill is down between 10 and 15 there. some have a wind chill below zero right now. clouds will increase and thicken this afternoon. snow showers will develop late tonight and early tomorrow and will also be windy late tonight and especially early on tuesday. at this point, i'm expecting one to two inches of new know accumulation late tonight and especially early tomorrow. right now, we have a cloudy sky at the international airport. 15 the temperature, the wind out
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wind chill 3. 15 is the current temperature at the international airport. we'll that up gradually into the low and mid 20s. late this afternoon the temperature falls a degree or two and then the temperature will rise back up into the mid 20s nearing midnight. the cold air is in place. all of the precipitation that we have this afternoon late tonight and tomorrow will fall in the form of snow. disturbance inbound from the west. rapid cooling in the mid-levels of the atmosphere. flurries have developed and clouds have thickened up. some breaks in the clouds to the west. the disturbance is still taking shape well to our northwest. these are all flurries on live precision doppler 12 hd. some flurries, especially in the western part of hamilton county and extending back into southeastern indiana. some flurries around early this afternoon and then partial clearing. clouds increase this evening,
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with bringing in snow tonight. i suspect that will wait until after midnight, snow showers are likely late tonight, early tomorrow. accumulating one to two inches for most. snow showers and flurries diminish once we get into the afternoon and then clouds decrease tomorrow night setting the stage for a cold start to wednesday, the threat level now is be aware. this is especially for early tomorrow. visibilities will be reduced as snow comes through. the heaviest snow likely to fall between 5:00 a.m. an 10:00 a.m. slightly lower totals in the far southern part of the tri-state. just flurries early this afternoon. cloudy to mostly cloudy for much of the afternoon. some clearing coming in late and temperatures rising gradually.
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around 7:00 p.m. snow showers comes through. cold air wraps around it. wind chills well down into the single digits. we have rain and snow showers coming for the weekend. ishl initially rain and snow. i just updated at
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>> be sure to join local 12 tonight. back-to-back episodes of the big bang theory at 8:00. stay tuned for the top stories on local 12 news live at 11. :00. >> one last look at weather. >> some flurries around. around roughly until 3:00 p.m. the clouds fill back in tonight. snow showers and flurries are likely, especially after midnight. temperatures inch up through the teens and the twenties through this afternoon. >> all right. the next newscast, first at
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