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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 430  CBS  January 12, 2016 4:25am-5:00am EST

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3 3 good morning cincinnati. (ad lib to weather) 3
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3 new this morning... there's a new college college football national champion. alabama beat clemson 45-40 last night in glendale, arizona. it was a frantic fourth quarter with the lead going back and forth. but the crimson tide sealed the deal for the team's fourth national title in seven years. clemson was seeking its first national championship
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3 time/temp ...ahead at four-30 ...the bengals-steelers playoff game left many of us with a sour taste ... and unanswered questions ...and now, there's an online effort calling to clear the air ... plus ...officers open fire on a man ...what we know so far about a double-robbery turned deadly shooting're watching good morning cincinnati. 3
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3 now at four-30 ...deadly police shooting ...what led to two officer drawing their weapons on a man ... 3 a community in shock ...hear from neighbors who tried to help after a deadly explosion at an ohio home. 3 and as much as we'd all like to put the bengals-steelers playoff game behind us ... problems on the field are already impacting next year's season. 3 good morning cincinnati.thanks for joining us on this tuesday. i'm john lomax.and i'm sheila gray.we have school delays again today.. so check your screen or the website.first a check of the weather. here's meterologist john gumm.
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3 we expect to learn more today about a deadly officer- involved-shooting in west price hill.police say a man robbed the walgreens on glenway avenue around eight last night, then went across the street and robbed the deals store.two officers spotted the man at rapid run and sunset a short time later. they say he went to pull what appeared to be a weapon, and one or both officers opened fire, killing the man.the names of the suspect or the officers have not been
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more at a news conference set for 11 this morning. 3 new this morning -- 17 are dead after isis attacks a shopping mall in baghdad last night. the neighborhood turned into an urban war zone at rush hour with helicopters overhead and snipers taking positions on rooftops.a gun battle raged for almost two hours. officials say that most of the deaths happened because of a car bomb that iniitiated the attack.more than 40 people were hurt. 3 in more local news ...the state of ohio may address a spike in the number of women going to prison by focusing on alternatives to time behind bars.that number is increasing at nearly double the rate of men according to a prison advocacy group.a state budget provision now allows ohio's prison director to move nonviolent, low level offenders out of prison... they can go into community programs or on house arrest if they have less than a year left on their sentence.both men and women are eligible for the program... but women will get first priority. 3 an ohio coalition of health and human service organizations says a new
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needs changes.the proposal would cut the number of weeks a person can get jobless benefits..advocates for ohio's future says that would dismantle an effective poverty prevention program.but the bill's supporters say it helps companies meet their long-term financial obligations so ohio is better prepared for recession.there's a hearing on the bill today in columbus. 3 a new living space is open in a historic building in over- the- rhine.there's a ribbon cutting today for the hogan building on republic street near and- two bedroom units start at 995-dollars per month, and 40 percent of them are leased. developers spent two million dollars on the project. 3 the powerball jackpot is already up to one point four billion dollars... and we still have more than a day to go before the drawing.lottery officials say they expect about 80 percent of the possible combinations to be purchased before tomorrow night's drawing.about 75 percent of them were bought before saturday night's drawing.
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an online petition calling for an investigation into this weekend's bengals-steelers game now has more than 35- thousand supporters.the person who started the petition admits he's bitter... but writes any real fan has to admit a lot of shadiness surrounded the game.complaints range from why a steelers coach was not flagged for being on the field after a player appeared to be injured... to why the hit on bengals running back gio bernard was not penalized. 3 saturday's game is already leading to a suspension ...the penalty that helped turn a surefire win into a crushing playoff defeat is going to cost vontaze burfict.he was penalized after he leveled steelers wide receiver antonio brown.the n-f-l handed him a three-game suspension without pay for the start of next season, citing repeated violations of player-safety rules.meanwhile, the league is still deciding whether steelers linebackers coach joey porter should be fined for coming into the field, and getting into a scuffle with adam jones. 3 time/temp ...addressing the nation ...we have a preview of president obama's final state of the union ...
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explosion leaves three people dead, including a people dead, including a young girl.what we know so far about the investigation, on good morning cincinnati. 3
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3 new this morning ... investigators are trying to figure out what triggered a deadly explosion at a home in northeast ohio.a family of four was killed ...the explosion shook other homes around eight-30 last night in northfield center.. south of cleveland.flames were shooting from the house when fire crews got there.neighbors risked their safety trying to help the people who lived there. 3 "a couple of us went into the house. i looked on the left hand side when you go into the main door, i went to the left and into the kitchen and of course there was debris and a lot of insulation all over the ground. lot of smoke, started screaming asking of anybody was in there and nobody responded. we couldn't get upstairs because that was engulfed in flames." firefighters eventually found the bodies of the mother and her two daughters, ages eight and 12, on the first floor.the father's body was found near the back of the house. investigators are looking for what caused the explosion. 3
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so-called affluenza teen ethan couch, is expected to be released from jail today.she posted bond and will be fitted with a g-p-s monitor, though the time of her release is unclear.tonya couch was brought back to texas last week after she and her 18-year- old son, ethan, were caught in puerto vallarta mexico.she's charged for helping ethan flee the country to avoid a probation violation hearing that could have led to jail time.tonya will undergo a mental exam because her lawyers say she is not competent to stand trial due to mental illness. 3 house lawmakers are scheduled to vote on legislation today that aims to punish north korea for its latest nuclear's called the north korea sanctions enforcement act, and would deny north korea money it needs for weapons programs.north korea announced last week that it had conducted a fourth nuclear test.the announcement was met with scepticism and doubt that the country had set off a hydrogen bomb, but lawmakers are pushing the bill ahead anyway. 3 president barack obama addresses the nation tonight -- in his seventh and final state of the union speech. as
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year's address will be unlike any the president has delivered before. 3 -nats-applause 2015 sotuin his seventh and final state of the union address tonight -- president obama will talk the american people about the nation's challenges and opportunities ahead:(josh earnest/ wh press secretary) what's critical are the kinds of decisions we make now will have a significant impact on not just the next generation of americans but future generations of americans -nat/sot-this address will be for youthe president is expected to highlight executive actions he plans to take to tackle gun violence without congressional approval...but the white house says he'll also also discuss issues where both parties can work together:(sot josh earnest/ wh press secretary) we see that there is strong bipartisan support for criminal justice reform on capitol hill.(standup: weijia jiang/ cbs news/ washington, d.c.) this year president obama has invited 23 guests to the house chamber to hear his speech, including a syrian refugee and american hero. 23-year-old spencer stone and
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down a heavily armed gunman on a paris-bound train last year. white house staffers called him last week during his commute to work:(sot spencer stone/ american hero) they called me right as i pulled into my parking spot and they told me i would be sitting in the first lady's box and obviously i had a great day after that.the white house is also using social media to spread the president's message by providing a behind-the- scenes look at tonight's event on snapchat.weijia jiang cbs news washington. 3 a chair in first lady michelle obama's box will be left empty to honor victims of gun violence. south carolina governor nikki haley will response. 3 time/temp're going to want to leave plenty of extra time on your morning commute today ...meteorologist john gumm will let you know when snow will make a mess of the roads out-of-this-world tribute to david bowie one astronaut is remembering the music legend, on good
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3 good morning... (ad lib) 3 patience is being forced to live up to her may recall that patience larson is the 4-year-old girl with autism we told you about a few weeks ago.a service dog would
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for one for christmas.her family was unable to come up with the thousands of dollars needed.we have a link to a go-fund-me page to try and help her and her family at local-12-dot-com. 3 cincinnati public plans to open its first new school in's because of the popularity of the "cincinnati gifted academy east." classrooms are full at the hyde park location and there's a waiting list to get the district's rushing to open the "cincinnati gifted academy west" in time for the start of next school year in will be at a renovated cheviot elementary on harrison avenue. 3 being a teacher is a demanding job ... well, a supply retail store is celebrating their hard work by sponsoring a teacher of the year contest. students of any age are encouraged to write a short essay in 250 words or less, explaining why their teacher is outstanding.the winning teacher will get a 250-dollar gift card to the company sponsoring the contest ... united art and education. entries will be accepted at any of its locations through
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announced during teacher appreciation week in may.we have a link to the entry form 3 the kenton country library has new programs startingthis month.whether your student needs assistance with homework, or you need a hand managing bills, the library's three branches have you covered.there are also classes to help adults learn how to use social media and how to cook with herbal remedies.we have the full list at local12-dot-com. 3 allegiant airlines is expected to announce a route expansion at c-v-g today.the company is also opening a new base of'll bring more than 100 new jobs to the area.. including pilots, flight attendants, and ground support staff.allegiant's having a news conference and ribbon cutting at ten this morning. 3 now here's bob with a local 12 traffic alert.
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3 if you thought david bowie was out of this world.. did you know his music was... literally, sung in space.cnn's jeanne moos reports on one astronaut's unique tribute to the late legend. 3 the illustrator who created this calls it 29 "career- spanning" faces of david bowie. his most recent face, from his new song lazarus, is haunting....(bowie song)"look up here i'm in heaven."with bowie in a hospital bed,
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released mere days before his death.(jeanne moos/cnn correspondent) "do you have a favorite david bowie song?" (woman) "let's dance. let's dance."(two women) "ch- ch-ch-changes."(woman) "the astronaut."(nats david bowie) "this is ground control to major tom."space oddity was bowie's first big hit. and then it hit again more than 40 years later...(chris hadfield video) "this is ground control to major tom."when a real astronaut sang it in space. upon hearing of bowie's death, commander chris hadfield tweeted "ashes to ashes, dust to stardust."(voice of cmdr. chris hadfield/astronaut) "it was like a slap in the face to wake up and realize that he is no more."(chris hadfield video) "though i've flown 100- thousand miles."(jeanne moos/cnn correspondent) "with bowie's approval, the astronaut did change the lyrics a little to give the song a happier ending."(voice of cmdr. chris hadfield/astronaut) "the astronaut dies at the end, which of course i didn't want to be singing that living onboard a spaceship."so commander hadfield left out
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bowie) "your circuit's dead, there's something wrong." people seem to connect with bowie's connection to space. lyrics from the song ended up on tributes...(nats david bowie) "and the stars look very different."even a vatican cardinal quoted the song. as for bowie, he called the of cmdr. chris hadfield/astronaut) "the most poignant version of the song ever done."(chris hadfield video) "here i am floating in my tin can."and in at least one cartoonist's imagination, bowie is floating in his high heeled platform shoes eternally in space.(nats david bowie) "and i'm floating in the most peculiar way."jeanne moos, c-n-n, new york. 3 (ad lib) 3
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3 3 "pure romance" is buying one of its top competitors.the cincinnati based company is now the largest and fastest- growing direct seller of intimacy products in the nation.the purchase of "passion parties" will add new markets including canada.. bringing the number of consultants to more than 25- thousand.more than eight- million women are expected to attend "pure romance" sales events this year. 3 right now.. the tri-state is starting to see some more snow ...local12's brandon orr is live in lawrenceburg where the snow is just starting to come down ...
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3 continuing coverage. 3 3 first.. we're tracking breaking news this morning. first in columbus.three children were killed in a stabbing early this morning at an apartment in north columbus. that's according to c- b- s affiliate w- b- n- s.*a reporter there tells us the three children are elementary- age.*columbus police were called out around 1:30 a.m. to atlantic avenue near busch boulevard.two other people were taken to the hospital. their conditions are unknown. 3 .. and in cleveland. investigators are trying to figure out what triggered a deadly explosion at a home. three people were killed and a child is still missing.the explosion shook other homes around eight-30 last night. flames were shooting from the
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there.firefighters eventually
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