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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 5  CBS  January 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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there.firefighters eventually found the bodies of a man, woman, and young girl inside. another daughter is still missing. now let's go to john gumm with a check on your forecast.
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3 we expect to learn more today about a deadly officer- involved shooting in west price hill.a news conference is set for 11 o'clock this morning.local 12's perry schaible joins us *live* in the newsroom with the latest details. 3 we do know both officers involved in this deadly shooting are part of the cincinnati police department. their names have not yet been released. both are on administrative leave this morning, which is standard procedure in situations like this one. we also expect to
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killed. police say the man robbed the walgreens on glenway avenue around eight last night, then went across the street and robbed the deals store.two officers spotted him a short time later at rapid run and sunset. the man allegedly reached into his wasteband and pulled what appeared to be a weapon. that's when one or both of the officers opened fire. that's a piece of this puzzle investigators are trying to figure out. sheila...back to you. 3 local 12 will be at the press conference. we'll bring you the latest information as soon as it becomes available. 3 local sheriff's deputies could be wearing body cameras by the end of march.hamilton county sheriff jim neil wants to buy more than 200 body cams.. one for each patrol deputy, plus cameras for special units. deputies tested a couple of body cameras in lincoln heights last year.the department says body cam video usually shows officers doing the right thing.. and could help them in court. 3
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the benefits you'll see from this. ovi is truly a he said, she said thing, so now we'll see the person performing the test,how they're talking, what they actually look like with we evaluate them at the stop." the cameras and a cloud- based storage system will cost one-point-three million dollars over the next five years. no decision from county commissioners right now. .. but they did appear in 3 a pizza delivery driver is getting a big thank you for helping a customer he found in the cold.. after she fell and hurt herself.alex murray works for the larosa's in bridgetown. he was delivering a pizza sunday night in green township when he found carol lucas yelling for help on her garage floor.she fell on ice while she was taking out the trash .. and was outside without a coat for nearly an hour.murray called 9-1-1 and stayed with lucas until help arrived. 3 scott lucas: "we are so grateful. my sisters are beyond belief they were beyond
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man came up to help my mom and probably saved her life." carol lucas finally got her pizza at the hospital. she had surgery yesterday for a broken leg. 3 more than half of middle and high school students are exposed to secondhand smoke. that's according to a new study by the c- d- c.exposure can harm their lung and cardiovascular health, and it is completely preventable. children who are exposed to secondhand smoke are at increased risk of asthma and lung infections.and kids could be more likely to have a nicotine addiction when they're exposed to it. 3 pretty soon.. your car could start talking to other cars on the road."v- 2- v" is vehicle uses technology.. like wifi.. to link cars near each other on the road.that allows them to share info like speed and direction several times a if a vehicle several cars ahead stops abruptly, your car would know almost instantly and warn you to slow down.the secretary of transportation says he wants
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3 secretary of transportation anthony foxx(:29) "over the years we've had about 33,000 fatalities a year on our highways. if the technology can substitute for human judgment and help us avoid these crashes we think we can get as much as an 80% reduction. that is a huge change." (:46)the cars may also be able to talk to stop lights...telling the driver how long until a light changes. the newly proposed regulation will require "v- 2- v" to be standard in all new
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3 coping with a disability.we'll tell you how you can make a local girl's christmas wish come, apple is helping people sleep.we'll tell you about "night shift"
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3 the company that created the minivan is coming out with a says its new pacifica will replace both the chrysler "town and country" and the dodge "grand caravan". a v-6 powered model and a hybrid model will go on sale later this year.the hybrid can travel up to 30 miles on a charge before using the gas engine.other features include 20- inch wheels, a panoramic sunroof and self parking. 3 a local girl is still waiting to get a service dog.we introduced you to patience larson a few weeks ago.the four- year- old has autism.a service dog would help her and she asked for one for christmas.her family was unable to come up with the thousands of dollars needed.we have a link to a go- fund- me page to try and help her and
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3 a circus staple is leaving the lineup.we'll tell you what's leaving barnum and bailey's. and a presidential candidate is gaining momentum.we'll give you an update on governor john kasich's campaign. >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, please listen carefully. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. it's a rate lock for your life insurance that guarantees your rate can never go up at any time, for any reason. many policies don't have one but you can get a lifetime rate lock through the colonial penn program. this plan was designed for people on a fixed income with coverage options for just $9.95 a month. that's less than 35 cents a day. your rate is locked in for life and coverage can never be cancelled.
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3 mexico plans 3 mexico plans to send mexican drug lord joaquin guzman to the u- s to face charges. "el chapo" was recaptured friday, about six months after escaping from prison.this video shows the police raid at el chapo's hideout.police say he was hiding in the house in the video.. but managed to get away during a shootout with the mexican navy.he was later
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3 republican presidential candidate john kasich says he's confident he'll do well in the critical new hampshire primary.a new poll says the ohio governor is tied with senator ted cruz for second among likely new hampshire g- o- p primary voters.kasich and cruz both polled at 14 percent. donald trump is at 32 percent. kasich says he thinks new hampshire will be the latest example of him beating the odds. 3 (john kasich/(r) presidential candidate)(:00) "if i come out of new hampshire as a big story, i think i will be the nominee and i think i have an excellent chance to be president. and the reason is is that ... you know, what's interesting is that people never thought i'd get in the race, never thought i would raise the money, never thought i'd get on the debate stage, all these things.(:16)kasich is refusing to comment on the controversy over whether the canadian- born cruz is eligible to be president.the ohio governor says such talk lowers the debate.. scheduled for thursday. 3 ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus plans to stop using circus elephants. the circus planned to phase out elephants by 2018 but now
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in may. ringling brothers has been criticized by animal rights groups for its treatment of the elephants.the elephants will retire to a 200- acre sanctuary in florida. 3 apple is adding a "night shift" mode in its next update. the company added the option based on a study that says exposure to blue light from screens in the evening can make it harder for you to fall asleep.night shift mode automatically shifts the colors on your iphone or ipad display to warmer colors, making things easier on your eyes at night. 3 3 3
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3 3 3 now brandon orr joins us live in lawrenceburg.what's it like
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3 the powerball is trending again this morning.we'll tell you what the jackpot is now. plus, new facial recognition technology.we'll tell you about the app that's helping
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3 a new app is helping families find their four- legged friends."finding rover" is a facial recognition app.once you download it to your smart phone or tablet, you take a picture of your pet and it's scanned into the system.using facial recognition technology, the app searches through thousands of images of old and recently added pictures to try and find your dog or cat.the app will send alerts to be on the lookout for your dog to anyone who also uses finding
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3 the powerball jackpot is climbing .. and right now it's a staggering 1- point -4 billion dollars!but lottery billboards don't go up that georgia.. lottery officials came up with a solution.they placed a sticky- note letter "b" over the "m" on a sign in atlanta.the next powerball drawing will be tomorrow night at 11 p- m.if you choose the cash payout, you'll take home about 868 million dollars.the odds of winning are one in 292 million.
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3 3 good morning.we have school delays again today.. so check your screen or the website.but first we want to start with a first check of your forecast.
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3 let's take a *live* look at roads in the tri state.local 12's adam clements joins us now.he's on 75 north just past 2- 75 right do the roads look?
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3 snow crews could get a workout this morning . the city of cincinnati had a whole fleet report at seven last night. they'll work in 12- hour shifts and leave at seven this morning. the superintendent of traffic and road operations for the city says their approach is tpo remain flexible and watch how the snow falls when it starts. he also says pre- treating is key. 3 "it gives you a foundation, the difference between yesterday's event, we had a rain that precluded that, this one, it's cold and we're still cleaning up the ice we had from yesterday. it's very important, it gives you a foundation and something to start fighting the snow as soon as it falls down"the city of cincinnati will take calls for road condition reports.we have that contact info on our website.just head to local 12 dot com.. and click on "get it now." 3 rand paul gets booted off the main stage of 20- 16's first
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will be noticeably smaller when the candidates gather in charleston, south carolina, on thursday night.senator paul said tonight his exclusion from the main stage is quote "a mistake," and that he won't attend the undercard debate. 3 a historic building is transformed into new places to live in over-the-rhine.the ribbon will be cut on the hogan building on republic street near 13th today.the hogan building will include two-bedroom and one-bedroom units with rents starting at $995 per month, and 40- percent of them are leased.. developers spent two million dollars on the project. 3 the bengals season *just* ended.. and the reds are already making big news.m- l- b dot com reports the reds have signed 21- year- old cuban shortstop alfredo rodriguez to a 6 million dollar deal. because they've already used their international signing allotment they will also have to pay a $6 million dollar penalty. 3 there's a new college football playoff champion.number 2
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clemson 45 to 40 late last night.that means the crimson tide wins its fourth college football national title in seven seasons.crimson tide tight end o.j. howard had 208 yards receiving and two touchdowns.heisman trophy winner derrick henry scored three times. 3 now it's time for our facebook question of the's "work harder" day.we want to know -- who is the hardest working person you know?
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3 we want you to join the conversation -- just *like* the local 12 page on facebook to share your thoughts. 3 an airline is expanding.we'll tell you about the ribbon cutting today at c- v- g
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prices.we'll tell you how much ohio riders will be saving. you're watching good morning
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if your 3 if your student needs help with homework.. or you need help managing bills.. you can go to the kenton county library.they are adding new programs this month.. ranging from magic tricks to acupuncture.they also have a class for people who want to learn how to use social media. a teen homework club is on mondays and wednesdays... there's a cooking class this friday.for a full list.. go to 3 allegiant is expanding its route at c- v- g.the company is opening its new base of operations.. added more than one hundred new jobs.the new base will take on new pilots.. flights attendants and ground support.a news conference and ribbon cutting starts at ten this morning in the main lobby 3 another look at your forecast.. and road conditions
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costs a lot.we'll tell you how much the treasury is paying to make pennies and nickels. you're watching good morning cincinnati. 3
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antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. brintellix has not been studied in children. do not take with maois. tell your doctor about your medications, including migraine, psychiatric and depression medications, to avoid a potentially life-threatening condition. increased risk of bleeding or bruising may occur, especially if taken with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners. manic episodes or vision problems may occur in some people. may cause low sodium levels. the most common side effects are nausea, constipation and vomiting. brintellix did not have significant impact on weight. ask your doctor if brintellix could make a difference for you. 3 this is a live look at butler county highway.. heading
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3 it was a heart- stopping day at work for window washers in houston, texas yesterday morning.a scaffolding partially collapsed at the j- p morgan appeared one half of the scaffolding's support lines gave way due to a motor failure. it happened near the 71st floor of the 75- floor building. fortunately.. no one was injured. 3 the president's final state of the union address is today. political experts say his goal is to set the table for a successor from his own party. and president obama is likely to skip a laundry list of legislative items and paint a bigger can watch his address right here on local 12.we will also stream it at local 12 dot com. 3 riding-sharing company uber is cutting fare prices in more than 100's a bid to stimulate business, as it tries to beat the "winter slump" in people ordering rides.the amount of the discount will vary city by
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are now 25 percent less in cincinnati. 3 it costs the federal government a pretty penny to make nickels and pennies.the government accountability office says it costs about one- point- seven cents to make the one- cent penny.and the cost to make the five- cent nickel? about eight cents.the government blames rising metal prices for the costs to mint the change.the u- s mint has yet to make any recommendations to congress. 3
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3 now brandon orr joins us live in lawrenceburg.what's it like
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3 high fashion in cincinnati. coming up at six.. we'll tell you where you can see big names like dior and chanel in the queen, taking advantage of the produce aisle. we'll tell you what the cold weather is doing for salads. you're watching good morning
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cincinnati, we have school closings, that list gets longer, and we have it running at the bottom of our screen. and that also is also at the our website. and john gumm said after 5:00 that is when it's going to hit. the roadsters are ready. and light snow continues to fall around the i-275 loop, there's some embedded areas where the snow showers are heavier, get up
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