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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 6  CBS  January 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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of those spot, this batch of snow showers is going to move over the next hour, and then we get a break and another batch will follow that at 8:00. it's going to come in waves with the arctic cold front back in illinois. that will push temperatures much lower by the end of the day and you can see more snow showers back in illinois and independent, indiana,some areas will see less than an inch of accumulation, others less than an inch avenue coum lation. -- of accumulation, and usually they don't issue one. 31 at the airport, we're down a degree. 28 by 8:00, 24 at noon, snow showers continue and we taper to flurries late day to 19 as it becomes windy and it gets bitterly cold. we are talking some spots with a half an inch, and other spots with an inch and a half to two inches, the amounts will be scattered and random due to the
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showers. i've got more coming up in a bit but right now we are going to check the road conditions with jen. >> reporter: as the snow starts to move in, we want you took ware and cautious out there. we do have a problem right now that has turned into a bit more of just nuisance, before it wasn't causing any issues. i-74-75, now it's cleared we were showing you issues that at the donaldson highway, but it cleared, it must have been seconds ago, because they were there seconds before, we cleared one problem. that is good news. we have an accident at ash tree, you may see accident at the north side area. we also see the -- a broken down at the jeremiah bridge. we are seeing snow at areas around 71, near phi pfeiffer, you canny the flakes blowing around,
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are being treated at the interstates and let's go to adam hamilton. >> reporter: the snow is falling in hamilton. we are at a parking lot. you can see how much snow has fallen here, covering so far, and most the roads here in the north have been treated, but the snow, depend continues to fall. haven't run into any slick spots yet, i would imagine down a lot of side streets looking down a side road and that is covered, just has one snow-covered, it hasn't been plowed or treated. the main roads here in hamilton where john told us there was going to be a significant portion of the snow this morning, falling, and it's falling right now, again, just be careful if you're heading out, leave yourself extra time, because the snow fall is going to occur during the morning commute into work. i see a salt truck ahead of us, they're busy here in hamilton,
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with the temperature, we will keep checking with adam throughout the morning even as we move to star 64 for two more hours, start ago the serve, more news, more traffic, the next round of snow coming up at 8:00. important you go over there. you can go to, and get the app and watch us. a marin a man is shot at price hill. >> what we know so far, good morning, perry. >> reporter: good morning, bob. there's several still key pieces of information this investigation, that have not yet been released. the next up the in this process is a press conference at 11:00 this morning. and we're hoping to know the name of the officers involved and the name of the person that was shot and killed. it's up clear at this point whether one or both officers
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they went across the street and robbed the deal store. the officers eventually spotted him at rapid run and sunset. the man reached into his waistband and pulled what appeared to be a weapon. that is when they opened fire. both officers are now on administrative leave which is standard procedure in this type of situation, we're told the officers have been with year. they both came from other local departments, bob, back to you. all right, perry, thank you. local 12 will have a crew at that news conference and we will bring you the latest information as it becomes available. developing this morning, more than 35,000 people are calling into an investigation bengals-steelers game. >> the person who started the petition drive admits he is bitter. he it's why the steeler's coach was not flagged for being on the
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the nfl handing down a three game suspension without pay for the start of the next season. it's all for antonio brown. nfl cited him for repeated violation of player safety rules. cincinnati public plans opened its first new school in years, because of the popularity of cincinnati gifted academy east. classes are full and there's a waiting list to get in, so the district will open the gifted academy west next year in august. it will be at a renovate elementary at harrison avenue. sheriff jim neil wants to buy more than 200 body cams one for each patrol deputy plus cameras for specialized units. they tested several body cameras and video from a lincoln heights spot was shown to commissioners.
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lot of thank you this morning. she slipped while taking out the crash. she called 911 and stayed with lucas until help got there. >> we are for my sister's, they were the beyond belief, this nice young man came up and helped my mom and probably saved her life, i don't think that i did anything special. i think anybody would have done the same thing. >> when carol got to the hospital, she did get that pizza she ordered. she broke her leg and is going days. you know, tom did everything. he could have not done anything, maybe even left, but he heard something, he investigated, and carol is doing much better because of that. >> thank goodness. >> we have more to come, a trip made for local fashionistas, where you can find channel and
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good morning it's 6:09, today at cincinnati refine, a trip to fashion heaven, it's not just what we wear, but it's art form.
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from the brooklyn museum costume collections. the gorgeous dresses and shoes on loan, show the fashion in the last century. we are talking big names, halton, channel and dior. you can set your eyes on the fabulous, the perfect gown and more. read more at cincinnati what is happening right now is snow. >> reporter: your fashion should include the biggest coat you have. it's going to turn bitterly cold through the late afternoon and evening. that is precision doppler 12hd, and this is going to put a little bit of a dusting of covering, we get a break but more snow showers on are the way, temperatures are in the low fall. we will be in the teens by late day, with winds picking up. it's going to feel bitterly cold, snow showers taper down to flurries from a half an inch to two inches of snow for most of the tri-state. more coming up in minutes,let get a check on traffic with jen.
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on the roads this morning as we look at speeds of people on i-71, it says the current speed is 55 miles per hour, so it looks like people are doing okay despite the fact that snow is coming down i-71 near the reagan cross county highway. as we look at a couple of accidents, this one cleared, the central parkway we do have an accident reported at sycamore, that's a new accident is reported. we had one with injuries. the interstates so far, don't look bad at all, they have all been treated. look at salt crews going through the area, and daniel beard, we will let you know when we see issues, bob,. changing up a classic a look at the new family minivan.
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6:14:31 degrees, developing this morning, we're getting a look at the violent raid that led to the arrest of el chapo. federal authorities are pushing for his extradition back to the u.s. the mexican government's marines were in the shootout with the security team last friday and el
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fight, 5 of his men were killed, and he was able to escape through the intricate tunnels, and a chase on a car led to his arrest. guzman's extradition to the u.s. could take months. he is facing murder and drug trafficking charges in at least six states. there's a lot of debate about breast cancer screening for women and this morning a national task force is releasing the national recommendations. the task force is recommending mammograms every other year for women who are 50 to 74 years old. the task force is calling for more research on newer technologies to diagnose breast cancer including 3d mammograms. there's a new minivan coming for parent on the go. chrysler says the new pacifica will replace the town ask country and the donnell grand car van. a v6 model and the high dried
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hybrid willgo up on for sale. another features, 20 inches wheels, and panoramic sun roop, and self parks. the jackpot is up to $1.4 billion. a number of places is having trouble putting that number on billboards. the numbers have never been that high before. they put a sticky note letter b over the m on a highway sign. >> that is awesome. the snow is falling, might be awesome for some of the kids that are out there, we want to get to brandon orr who is live where the snow has started to pick up. hi, brandon. >> reporter: hi, bob, it's falling lightly, it was moderately before, and now it's light, and pretty much flurries. checkout the difference between treated and untreated roads. we're at the parking lot at the secondary road that goes back there. it's completely covered with about a quarter of an inch of snow.
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at the intersection of 50 and route 1 here at lawrenceburg, so the salt is working and they're doing a good job, and that is what they're expecting when you go outside, the main roads are in good shape that are treated. the secondary roads are slick and as though covered at times. and this is where the snow moved in first, but now we're g about to get a break. it could be about an hour or so before we see the nectd round of snow move through. guys. all right, guys, this is wave one. it's not going to be different waves like that new movie. >> it's not going to be nearly as bad. >> no extra terrestrials involved. >> they were ready for, they're salting the down the roads. we're lucky because yesterday was so much colder than might not have worked. >> snow is going to fall today. more snow showers into the late morning to early afternoon. that could bring issues later.
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morning. it has not been bad yet. we want you to be cautious out there, but with the salt on the pretty normal. we have a couple of issues, central park at sycamore had an accident reported. i'm hearing about a possible flipped over vehicle in oxford on brookville road. we will follow-up on that. hamilton road ash tree with injuries, in the north side area, but that is it, on the interstates, an earlier problem, i-74-75 on donaldson highway. you can see a salt truck going through that area right now. on bridges and overpasses, that is where you're going to want to use caution this morning, we have had no problems reported on the daniel carter beer bridging reported. it looks good as well. here is a camera where you can see the flakes coming down there. again, they're saying the travel time there, people are driving 5 miles an hour, so it hasn't slowed the traffic considerably on the interstates. just wet.
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to get on the heavier snow showers, jen even with the road salted, that is when you have to be careful, because a lot of times it can stick before it melts. adam robins was out there taking those pictures out there this morning. that is a gorgeous shot of the snow falling in down this in cincinnati this morning. you can see it's fairly light, nothing terribly heavy. now there's exceptions for. that what we have done on the color table on the red, we have shaded that when you get to the blue color, that is where the snow is coming down heavier. that extends to forest park on the north side of the i-275 loop. this is how it's going to be for the day. light snow showers here and there with embedded heavier snow showers, and we don't know exactly where these heavier snow showers will set up. they are pretty random, if you get in heavier snow showers, that is where you're going to pick up more snow than the places that stay on the lighter snow showers through the day.
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wood lawn, heavier know showers making its way toward the sharonville area, those will drop toward wyoming. out to the east, we take you now, you can see snow showers around new vienna. more enhanced snow showers, light snow continues as well, and down to georgetown, ripley maysville over the dry ridge. and here is the place where brandon, franklin county to dearborn county that will come into the cincinnati area. we get a break over next hour, but at 8:00 on, we see more snow showers working on in. this is timed out really well it the morning rush hour. this is playing out really well for us as we get the break coming in when we get the peak number of vehicles on the road. however, again as we go beyond 7:30, 8:00, another round of snow showers will move in, that
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usually they do not issue these for this little snow. usually they save that for bigger snows, however, because the timing is so bad here, they wanted to make sure that everyone was aware that we were going to have snow this morning, and get the salt trucks on the road to help us out. morning snow showers, some will stick around in the afternoon. falling temperatures as we turn windy today. that is the other thing, and bitter cold air returns for tonight. 31 degrees, light snow at the airport, a windchill at the 21, windchill southwest, so the front has not passed. once the front passes temperatures will fall from the 20s into the teens by late day, winds pick up, and the scattered snow showers l taper down to flurries late afternoon and into this evening. now. 7:00, here comes more snow showers starting to push in through 11:00. not everyone sees the snow showers, where you see the darker shades of blue, that is where the snow comes down at a heavier rate. we don't know where the snow showers will set up, but where
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is where you're going to get more coum more accumulation, everything moves on out of here by later today. how much snow are we talking? some places will see a covering and other places will see an inch and a half to two inches of snow out of this. the amounts will scattered and random. look at teens up through chick go. that is the arctic front. that moves on through. after that moves through, temperatures plummet tonight. we are talking single digit tomorrow morning. windchill below zero, warmer weather returns as we move into thursday, might catch a few flurries late wednesday night into thursday morning as warmer air pushes in from the south. 32 and falling today. we have hit the high, we will fall down to the teens late today with scattered snow showers, and teens tonight. flurries in becoming partly cloudy down to 8:00 tomorrow morning. flurries tomorrow night to thursday morning, nothing that is going to stick, 44 on thursday, we're going to melt
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rain, 48 on friday, and then temperatures falling to be the weekend, and snow showers on sunday and colder into monday, could be more accumulations as we get into the saturday, sunday timeframe. we will continue to keep an eye on this morning's snow, and again, guys i want to point out the break in the snow, looking at the clock here coming at 7:00, 7:30, we are going to have a break. fingers crossed. watch on star 64 for the updates there. 6:23, and 31 degrees, a drastic wake-up call. a special alarm for those of us who need a little motivation. here is a live look at roads, you need motivation to
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we want to know on facebook who is the hardest work are you know. my father is one of them. >> a lot of people, dad and gand grandpa showing up a lot on the fees. a lot of other folks making the list as well. great that they're going to check on a day like this. there's a lot of people out there. ryan says my closest friend,
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studying to be an rn. >> lauren, keep after it. >> my sister julie. she has always worked so hard for hardly any money. very dedicated any money she has ever had. should bends over backwards to help her employer. i wish she would be paid what she truly is worth. rogellio loppers, works harders, in summer, he works 7 days a week, and his work ethic is stronger than anyone i know. when it comes to working as hard, everybody wants to make more money, right? >> but it's not having pride in your job, no matter what you're being paid that is so -- >> and hoge up showing up everyday. >> if i'm going to do this, by gosh, nobody is going to do it better. >> it's when i mop the floors. [ laughter ] >> we want you to joint conversation, too. tell us about the hardest working person you know. the local 12 page on facebook, just like it and share your
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there this morning, we're going to get a break in the action for a while, that break coming just
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we're starting with breaking news out of columbus, two children and their mother is apartment. a third child is at the hospital this morning. it is after reports of a fight and they do have a suspect in custody. what a horrific story. you can follow-up on the details, through the morning keeping a close eye on the weather conditions. john gumm was telling us earlier. we're starting a little break in the snow this morning. and john, what does it look like now? >> that's exactly right, guys, there's a break coming to the
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of the day has been light. lighter snow with imimpedded embedded showers, those run from sharonville to wood lawn. you can see the heavier showers, indicating the snow is coming down a little better, along loveland, out to the east, light snow stretching from wilmington to the hillsborough toward adams county, along maizeville across northern kentucky. you get coming into the break that. over the next few hours, waive -- wave number one of the snow showers moves east, wave number two begins to arrive after 8:00, a well timed break coming in as we move toward the morning peak morning rush. they issue this little snow, because of the timing of it coming in the morning, they went ahead and did it. they gave everybody a heads up. there's a look at down. 31, this is as warm as it will be all day. temperatures will fall in the
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24 by the lunch hour, more snow showers, windy conditions, and we get colder as the kids come home this afternoon with temperatures in the low 20s, and even teens, snow showers will taper off to flurries very evening. we're not talking a great deal of snow at all. some areas may see as little as a half an inch. others may see from an inch and a half to two inches of snow. randomly throughout the tri-state. we have a chance of seeing a bit cincinnati. we will have more coming up in minutes, but we will check on road conditions, the road crews were readily, weren't they, jen. >> reporter: they were definitely ready, and they're still out there, we will take a look at cams ra and they're out on the roads. this is a new one. out 122 at elk creek road. we have an accident reported with injuries. i'm hearing involved there, so you will see flashing lights and delays in that area. hamilton avenue at ashtary thrk happened earlier. it may possibly be clear, but there was an injury involved as
6:27 am
central parkway at sycamore, an accident reported as well. as we look the at interstates, i-71--75 in donald, you can see traffic is cleared, they're saying that travel time is 55 miles per hour. i don't think so far people need to slow down on the roads yet too much. you obviously, want to use some caution out there. there's a live look at ronald reagan i highway. you can see a salt truck on the shoulder and people are moving through the area. you definitely want to use caution particularly on side streets, and adam clements is out on the roads headed up to middletown on i-34. how do things look, adam. >> reporter: you know what, jen, we talked to city officials in cincinnati yesterday about being prepared. they were ready. they were ready here in butler county, we have seen a ton of salt trucks out work the road. it's made a big difference. john talked about the break we were going to see. we are are in that break right now. no snow is falling. roads seem to be okay, and in
6:28 am
once the snow falls, it's melting. things are looking good here right now. the involve traffic is not as high as it will be in the next hour or so. we are going to stick around in this area. we may head farther south and wait for the next wave, we're going to stay in the kind of i-75 area north of 275, we will keep you posted so far so good here in butler county. for now we will send it to the studio. be sure to stay with "good morning cincinnati," we will check in with adam, as with move to star 64, starting at 7:00, with two more hours of news, weather, and traffic. you can watch us on cincinnati app, and the crews have been out all night pretreating the roads getting a jump-start on clean up. the city of cincinnati started an entire fleet on a two hour shift. unlike sunday morning, this snow was not precede by rain. after the snow starts, the
6:29 am
operations says the key is to be able to switch gears and respond to trouble spots. >> we have to be flexible, ask it has to depend on how the snow comes in. if it comes down quickly, at the time, that is going to do, so we're just waiting to see how it happens, and we will get out and pretreat a little bit tonight at 7:00 and go from there. you can report troubles on the city's website through their app. a familiar face will be missing from 2016 first republican presidential debate. >> kentucky senator rand paul was booted from the main stage. the bee debate will be smaller as they visit in charleston, south carolina tuesday night. paul's says his exclusion from the main stage is a mistake and he won't attend the under card delay. allegiant is expanding its operations at the cincinnati airport. it's adding more than 100 new
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support. there's a ribbon cutting at 8:00 this morning. you need the boots, and i don't mean for the snow. they are to bring new or gently used boots. it supports them with professional attire, and developmental alyou can also donate high heels. many of you might be throwing money in office pools trying to win the powerball. we're involved in none here. some warn office pools can go really bad really quickly. get this, attorneys, scott mon tray represented a group of hair dressers, they sued their co-workers over $9.5 million. they claim they went in a pool that got a winning ticket, but the co-worker said, well, that ticket was one that she bought
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>> they felt betrayed. they were disappointed. they were saddened that someone that they had an arrangement with would depart from the path. >> mon tray says make sure that everyone knows the rules and expectations and have the buyer send a picture of the tickets to the entire pool before the drawing so everyone has the numbers. who was our official buyer? >> i don't know. i don't know. it's out of the assignment desk. is it devon or zack. >> i don't know. >> follow them wherever they go. >> i need to know who to threaten. >> it's eric. >> it's eric. >> eric -- >> he won't take our money. >> we will be fine. >> i will still threaten eric. >> i like eric a lot. he is one of my favorite people. [ laughter ] 6:37, new national champion.
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good morning, 20 minutes until 7:00, we will see snow moving from cincinnati to points east right now. most of it is of the light variety. there's a heavier burst of snow around loveland right now. to west of cincinnati, there's a break in the snow. however, he with will see more snow showers arrive after 8:00 this morning, and we will see the snow showers continue
6:33 am
snow will be embedded heavier snow showers will be around. 31 now, we call into the upper teens. things become windy and colder today with the scattered snow showers coming to an end this afternoon, you can pick up a half an inch to maybe as much as two inches of snow? some communities. i will have more on that coming up in minutes. jen. >> reporter: only a few problems out there right now. we obviously want you to use some caution as the snow continues to come down. so far so good on the roads. we only have a couple of issues central parkway at sycamore, heard of a broke down, we don't have a camera, if you look at the camera 74 right at 275, heading that back there, i don't see a problem. look being at interstates, so far so good, snow falling out there, and salt crews are prevalent on the roads. we will let you know if we see any delays or problems. john. it seems to be more difficult on cold snowy days. >> it definitely is in the winter.
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there's a new way you can get up. the ruggy alarm clock. this, thing won't stop beeping until you actually get out of bed and stand on it for at least three seconds. you can program it to beep longer than three seconds in that is not long enough to wake you up. it's made with padding to make it nice and comfy on your feet. >> is it talking to the guy? >> i don't know. >> i do not want anything talking to me. >> what about reward customizable speech. >> i would like to be the annoying thing that wakes you up. >> by then i been up an shower [ laughter ] >> can you imagine, i mean, from there are mornings where i would get up, and just to shut it up, i would lay on top of it. [ laughter ] it would not work for me. >> right. coming up the last to address. what you can expect from the president's last state of the union tonight.
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straight from tower cam.
6:36 am
s. we're covering breaking news from east price hill. avenue. we will have a live update coming up on star 64.
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i don't believe that is terribly far from where the shootings happened yesterday. president barack obama will address the nation this evening in the 7 and final state of the union. this year's address is expected to be unlike any the president has ever delivered. the white house is says he will talk about executive action he plans to take on the final year on gun violence. a chair near michelle obama will be left empty to honor victims of violence. it will have a significant impact on not just the next generation of americans, but future generations of americans. the white house is using social media to spread the president's message by providing a behind the scenes look on tonight's event on snap chat. nikki haley will offer this year's republican response. no more sugar jolts, researchers believe they have
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stop sugar's toxic events on your body's organs, that can lead to new drugs to fight diabetes, and the obesity. the crimson tied are the new champions. you can see the team and fans arizona. this is alabama coach, nick saban's 5th national championship. 4th for the crimson tied in the last 7 years, and 45-4, you can't ask for a better game, after the blowouts in the semifinal games, they needed it. the fist one with the playoff situation, they asked. since it's changed, people say this is the first real national championship. >> they need to get a grip. >> alabama is phenomenal program. >> i heard, it's all elementary. it's abc, another alabama championship. this thing did not play the way everybody expected. it took a couple of unusual
6:39 am
>> yeah. >> it's just -- for alabama to win, and guys, who did he don't depend on ordinarily, like the tight end. clemson, i know they don't feel very good right now. >> but god for -- good tor them, they played a strong game. >> all right, guys, we're between waves right now. the first wave gone, a little bit of a break coming downtown cincinnati. and the next wave will come after 8:00 this morning. >> okay. >> not a major snowstorm, just a little snow and the salt on the roads, so it's okay. >> the roads have been salted. travel times are on the interstates are being reported as 55 miles an hour or more, so we're doing okay, but we do have a couple of issues like we would any morning. route 237, tanner road, that one just popped up, 275 at blue
6:40 am
a left lane blocked due to a broken down vehicle, maybe way. there's isn't a camera at blue rock. 274 at 275 melt down, i don't see any back-ups, there's a lane blocked there at this time. i heard about an accident on i-71/i-75 southbound, somewhere near the split, and as i took a look at all of the cameras through the area, not seeing any major back-ups, so i will keep a close eye on that and let you know if i see any back-ups down i-75 near walton. right now, okay around the tri-state. we saw snow come down on i-75 reagan, we got a salt truck on the shoulder waiting for some reports of icy patches, but right now we're doing okay. it's, again going to come back again after 8:00, we're going to keep a close eye on things. use caution out there. with the roads are salted. we are coming around 7:00, or 8:00, is when we see the most
6:41 am
we are getting a break. how about that? take a look at precision doppler 12hd, there's the break coming into downtown cincinnati, snow showers have moved to the east, surround the 2 i-75 sloop, a little bit of 75 loop, alittle bit of light snow. this couldn't be timed better. southern parts of warren county. around butlerville, pleasant plain where you see the blue chaidz shades pushing off to the east. a burst of heavier snow might pick up light covering, light snow continues to hillsboro. we have snow continuing where it's brighter to highland county toward sardinia. brinkley. there's the flakes to places like cled crittenton. liberty.
6:42 am
to loop things into the future. wave number one pushing through, and here comes wave number two after 8:00, it's going to move into the area, we will see more 8:00 through the remainder of the morning. a winter weather advisory goes until 7:00 this evening for the snow showers, they typically don't issue one of these for this little snow fall, but because of the timing was so bad, they went ahead and issued it, to give everyone a heads up, here is the atrium weather camera, snow has ended at least the heavier stuff. we still have a few flakes flying out there. we will see the snow showers around through the morning, tapering off this afternoon, temperatures fall today into the teens by late day, winds pick up, that will blow what little snow we get around, and bitter cold air on the way tonight. 30 at the airport. we're down a degree. light know continues out there with a windchill of 21 degrees. we will be down to 28 by 8:00. into the low 20s by early afternoon, with scattered snow showers in the forecast, by late day, snow showers taper to
6:43 am
late this afternoon, and into this evening. there's a look at the break. here is a look at the additional snow showers coming in late this morning. from 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, we get a batch of snow showers moving through the area. some of those could come down heavy at times. the heavier snow showers will be scattered. by late day, those snow showers move out of the picture and we're talking anywhere from a half an inch of snow upwards of an inch, inch and a half, some isolated spots, could pick up closer to two inches of snow snow showers. 30 here, 27, 12 in chicago, the arctic front poised to the north and west producing more snow, it's starting to fill in back at indiana, and illinois. look at that, that is what we have coming later this morning into early this afternoon, we're not done with this yet, bitter cold air coming in behind the this system. there goes the front pushing through. windy, lows tonight in the single digits, windchills well
6:44 am
warm things up on thursday as a warm front pushes in, temperatures return to the 40s. 30 and falling today, snow showers continuing, we will be down into the teens tonight. snow showers taper to flurries and then we become partly cloudy overnight. if we get enough clearing, widespread single digits in the morning. 27 tomorrow, clouds thicken up, a flurry possible tomorrow night and early thursday, nothing that is going to stick, though, and then the snow begins to melt for the end of the week. we are in the 40s, upper 40s friday with rain in the forecast friday, that rain changes over to snow showers on saturday with falling temperatures and we're colder for the weekend and early next weekend, 20s on sunday and monday with more snow showers on monday, could be minor a calm lations there, reminder, you can track it all
6:45 am
barry manilow, is, and caller 12 gets to see the show. coming up on cbs this morning, never before seen footage from a 60 minute interview with david bowie, plus what you need to know before check income into a hospital. the secrets they won't tell you.
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local news on star 64. john gumm will watch more snow come in. and we will keep you posted on the latest road conditions across the tri-state. we have all used the old my car door is frozen from time to time, maybe it's even happened to you. but for one driver, the ice scraper definitely not going to get it done. take a look at this car after icy water from lake erie, along with snow, and rain, and even heavier snow, lake-effect snow dumping two inches of snow an hour in this area of new york at the time -- what we honestly, what would you do? what could you do? >> nothing, you couldn't do anything. >> what are you going to do. >> wow! >> what are you going to do. >> i seen that lake-effect snow, and it comes, i in a heartbeat. you get boom, covered. >> you pay somebody, the lake is right there to kind of give it
6:47 am
>> get rid of it. >> i can't find t. >> i wonder if the car will be damaged once they thaw it out. >> not too many cars damaged from the snow, but another round coming.
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