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tv   Local 12 at Noon  CBS  January 12, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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we had bursts of moderate to heavy snow, along 275. along 71/75 within the last hour. now the heaviest snow is moving away from cincinnati to the east at roughly 40 miles an hour. in addition to moderate to heavy snow that will reduce the visibility at times under a quarter of a mile or basically down to zero. we have had reports of 45 mile an hour wind gusts in the bursts of snow. the heaviest snow that we have right now is near wilmington, winchester, areas north of bethel extending down passed the clermont county airport. visibility under a quarter of a mile at the clermont county airport near batavia. this is all white to moderate snow in white.
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south of alexander and clariville. 75. very simple, if you get inside one of these snow squall, you need to slowdown, get to the nearest exit and get off the road. wait until the snow squalls exit your area. i would recommend just staying at home, especially if you're in northern kentucky or southwestern ohio out ahead of the snow squalls, wait until you have flurries like from dillsboro up to hamilton and visibilities trend up. if you live to the east or to the south, or southeast of cincinnati. snow squalls are coming through your area now or they will likely come through your area, wait until they come through. give it another hour or so and i think we're seeing rapid improvement for conditions. temperatures will fall into the 20s this afternoon. we'll actually see some sun flurries and snow showers come to an end this afternoon, the sky will become clear to mostly clear this evening with
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the larger loop shows snow squalls and snow showers coming through now. we see sun from chicago to st. louis the snow is done, the clouds have broken up. down into the 0 20s are for some. visibility was zero in harrison. no more than 15, 20 minutes ago. the visibility is coming up there, still a quarter mile visibility at wilmington. visibility around a mile and at times a mile and a quarter in georgetown, the wind chills are down into the teens. so we have bursts of snow coming through now. gradually in the next 24 hours, snow showers and snow squalls move out. rain showers in the forecast for the weekend. more next week.
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precision doppler hd coming up. >> a huge traffic problem with dozens of vehicles on i-74. brandon orr is there right now. >> we arrived about 15 minutes ago, during the 10:00 hour, we had a snow squall move through with white-out conditions making the roads go from wet to snow covered in less than a minute. you can see what the result was behind me. there's multiple tractor-trailers count. not too far from the indiana-ohio border. throughout much of the day this interstate is going to be closed. right now it is closed in both directions, i'm hearing secondhand that it could be closed even up until midnight. when we got here about 15 minutes ago, they had the jaws
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extracting people from these tractor-trailers and then they are going to bus them right off the exit here and that's going to be the staging area where families can come and make sure everyone is okay. injuries. this is still an active scene. as we learn more we'll let you know on air and on for now, back to you, john. >> thank you so much for that. our very own jen dawson is checking the area on the map and she's going to tell us what it looks like in terms of trying to get around that mess. >> reporter: here is what i know about the situation at this point in time. it happened around the 168 mile marker. i'm using google maps right now. you can see that red right near 52 is where this accident occurred.
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actually occurred this afternoon and this morning. so what they are doing, they are closing it between st. leon and harrison, it is actually closed between st. leon and harrison. we're recommending that you avoid the area if you can at this time. apparently the red cross has been called out because they are trying to help people who are injured and cold. there are four wreckers, people are still trapped in their vehicles as brandon said, as we look at ways to get around this. first of all, i would just avoid it if you can. taking new haven to broadway. broadway up to old u.s. 52, that road. that's really one of the only now. you would avoid the area at this point in time if you can. folks who live in west harrison
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to get around that. this is a 20 plus car pileup. there's the video showing you exactly what's going on. i would avoid it, possibly you could go through west harrison to get over to the st. leon area. avoid the area and stay safe out there. >> all right, jen, thank you so much for that update. >> we'll continue to follow this, and we'll have the very latest coming up on our later newscast and also on >> a local father shoots his 14-year-old son this morning mistaking him for an intruder. local 12's perry schaible with what the authorities say happened this morning. >> good morning, perry. john. >> police are saying that this is just a sad, tragic accident. the only remnants left of what happened here earlier at this house on branchard avenue was just some police tape, that's
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family members who have been in and out of the house, and some stuffed animals left by neighbors. those neighbors told me that mack or de de was a happy fun loving teenager who attended east academy last year. when the 14-year-old left his home in east price hill for the bus stop and police say the boy's father, whose name they have not yet released watched as his son walked to the end of the street. a short time later a father heard something in the basement, startled, he fired one shot hitting the teen in the neck. >> he was real close to him. >> he always went out of his way to take care of his boy. he always made sure de de wasn't out here hanging out with everybody else. i know his dad is really heartbroken. i pray for the family and hope
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>> investigators plan to spend the day talking to his father trying to determine the next steps. we're told there could be charges depending on what happens and what he tells them. john, back to you. >> all right. perry schaible reporting live from east price hill. thank you so much. >> we want to get back to that accident that happened on i-74 that shutdown the interstate there. we have a sergeant with the indiana state police. we have sergeant steven wheels with the indiana state police. sergeant wheels thank you for joining us. >> sure, no problem. >> it is pretty clear that snow squall made the roads slippery. >> right, we believe due to that squall coming through and along with visibility possibly caused this initial chain reaction to
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which is in northern dearborn county there. >> any injuries, is anyone hurt? >> the initial report that came in, there were people trapped in their vehicle, it was not clear whether those people were just trapped because of the amount of vehicles wasn't letting them exit their vehicles, or if there were injuries in those vehicles. that's still to be determined at this time. >> this is a huge scene that you have to deal with there. and you have shutdown the interstate to deal with it. have you been able to get a final count on how many vehicles were involved? >> i'm hearing there's 20 to 30 vehicles probably involved. so it is going to take some time obviously to clean a crash of that size up.
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we've shutdown eastbound i-74 at the 164 mile marker. westbound is just basically shutdown, the crash is blocking westbound, so the traffic is shutdown at that location. >> would it be fair, sergeant wheels, to say that the interstate will be shutdown for hours. this time. i'll know more when i get on the scene here shortly. initial reports is that it would be numerous hours before this was cleaned up. >> one final question for you there. i understand that this is near the indiana ohio border. are there any easy places where motorists can exit the interstate and maybe find >> right. traffic is exiting at the 164 mile marker eastbound. they have a couple of alternate
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i-74, they can exit at 164 and go to 62 which kind of parallels i-74. or they can go down to 275 at that location. >> westbound if traffic can make it to the 169 mile marker, they can exit on u.s. 52 and go westbound and the 164 mile marker, which is state road 1. >> john: that's excellent information thank you for joining us and explaining what to expect. sergeant steven wheels with the indiana state police. we're learning more about the deadly officer involved shooting in west price hill. local 12's jeff hirsh to tell us what police are saying. >> reporter: good afternoon, john. chief elliott isaac and mayor
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briefing for reporters. run. about 8:00 last night an armed man identified as 45-year-old robert timbrink went into the walgreens and demandnd money. the clerk didn't give him any money. he went across the street where he showed the gun and got $400 and walked away on foot. within three or four minutes two police officers responded. they told him to put his hands up, keep his hands up, don't put your hands in your waist and he pulled out this gun. you'll see it on the video when you see it later. he pulled this weapon and started to point it at police and that's when the two police officers shot and fired and he went down and he was killed. mayor john cranley said at this
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the shooting appears to be justified. >> we're hearing the citizens who wants us to chase the bad guys, and two, this is a message to anybody out there who may be engaged in criminal activity. we're coming after you, if you point a gun at a cop, they are going to shoot, we're going to go after all of the bad guys, until we reduce the violence as much as we want. >> reporter: now, it turned out that the weapon was a bb pistol. of course, it is dark, you're telling some guy to keep your hands up and don't do anything, and he goes like this, the police are going to shoot. that's what police isaac said, they responded based on their training. they both came over in 2014 when the department was recruiting from other departments. one came from the v.a., one came from u.c. leave. at this point there are several
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the preliminary sense, at least, is that this was a justified police. to you. >> local 12 will of course stay on top of the story and bring you any new information immediately on beginning first at 4:00.
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>> we're continuing our coverage of that big pileup. dozen of vehicles involved in a pileup. the highway shutdown right now. adam clements is there and he's joining us live to tell us what he has seen. >> we're in the parking lot of shelton's fireworks, it is right near the scene of the accident, about a stone's throw away. i want to show you the backup that we were seeing on i-74. you can see all of those tractor-trailers backed up. it is like that for a few miles. they are not even letting anybody close to this. this is something that's severe, they are going to bring people involved in the accident here to shelton's fireworks.
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going by right now, presumably transferring people who were involved in the accident scene. they are still pulling people out of the cars there, cars, tractor-trailers, moving vans, suvs. close to three dozen vehicles involved in that. we're waiting to hear from more officials who are supposed to be coming here from the indiana patrol. they will be coming here. this is the media staging area, hopefully we can learn more information as we were driving to the scene they were coming from the east of town. it was intense, visibility was low. you can understand how something like this could have possibly happened. we're going to stay on the scene here and hopefully we can learn more before our show is over here. as always, go to for
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>> good afternoon. i'm local 12 meteorologist scott dimmich, we have been promising that we have bursts of snow. afternoon we have snow. continuing for areas for areas in and around the 275 loop.
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we're mainly concerned with bursts of snows. what we call snow squalls. in this line of snow, it is moderate to heavy at times. it will drop as low as a mile and maybe a quarter of a mile or less. visibility went from ten miles in less than three minutes. we've had reports of wind gusts up to 45 miles an hour in these bursts of snow. moderate to heavy snow. reducing the visibility well under a mile. plus you have wind gusts in excess of 40 miles an hour. the central eastern part of highland county. mainly light to moderate snow from southern clermont county
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this is much lighter snow from cincinnati back to the west. so the worst is over for areas along interstate 75 and to the west, this is the heaviest snow for the rest of the day, extending from foster kentucky up to hillsboro. there will be snow showers and flurries through the afternoon, visibilities will be trending up and we'll get some sun before the day is done. it will be filtered. here is video of snow squalls coming through mount auburn. people struggling to get around. sidewalks are slick. roads were snow covered, the visibility was down. take it easy. if you're in one of these snow squalls down, you're saying that's what i'm seeing outside of my window. oxford an inch of snow, those totals will go up and we'll bring you the latest totals
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behind the round of snow, we actually have sun breaking out on the atrium center weather cam. the wind is going to stay strong through the afternoon. as temperatures fall, wind chills will fall. we'll settle down through the 20s for temperatures this afternoon and eventually into the teens. wind chills will be in the teens and single digits for the rest of the business day and this evening. we're very cold tonight, with air temperatures in the mid to upper single digits. wind chills around zero. perhaps below zero. we'll get rid of the snow and we'll gradually push warmer back into the tri-state late in the week. temperatures range from the upper 20s, lower 30s, but factor in the wind, the wind chills are already down in the teens for some. temperatures and wind chills will be dropping through the day. it is now 30 at the international airport. down to 15 in indianapolis. 10 in peoria.
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west today. that's a welcomed bit of information, because snow showers, snow squalls are moving from west to east, we see more in the way of sun to the west and that will come in this afternoon. a quick look at the forecast model shows decreasing clouds, snow flurries coming to an end. it will be clear tonight, that starts the stage for a cold start to wednesday. most will pick up one to two. some have seen less and some have seen more. a wide range on totals because of the random nature of the bursts of snow that we have. temperatures fall through the afternoon, we'll pick up some sun later today. more clearing comes this evening teens. planning forecast shows if you're sick of the cold and snow, we have some warmer air as we get close to the weekend. >> but we're windy with
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to the east of cincinnati for the next couple of hours. the worst is behind us, we still have bursts of snow in our eastern, southeastern counties. conditions will improve through the day. we'll revisit all of this information later today on, and local 12's weather authority app. >> one result of that weather that has come through is that big pile up on i-74. brandon is there and we get an update from him right now. >> what we saw when we went out there, we were first on the scene not too long ago. i would say 30, 45 minutes ago, they were still extracting people. we came down here to shelton fireworks, this is where they will bring anybody, they can meet up with their families. when we left, maybe, five, six, seven minutes ago, they were still extracting people from the tractor-trailers. the fire crews were down there with the jaws of life trying to
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there are injuries, i don't know if there are any casualties or fatalities. this is still an active scene and we're trying to get more information. the interstate will likely be closed through the night. >> it is going to take hours to clean that up. we have two crews there right now. we have two more on the way. we're going to keep track of this, because that's a major artery going both east and west. we're going to go out there and see what has happened and there's still a lot that has to be determined about injuries and that sort of thing as well. our next newscast first at 4:00. meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and as you can see, we need an internet that can do more. we do more games, and more streaming. so we need more speed. that's why we switched to time warner cable. you can too.
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