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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 6  CBS  January 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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he needs another coaching opportunity. >> he is a good guy. good morning, we are going to get to the top stories this afternoon. >> first off, it's a little warmer out there. >> it's 20 degrees warmer. >> 20 degrees warmer, it indicate the 24 hour temperature change, in many cases it's over 20 degrees warmer than what it was this time yesterday. quiet weather across the city of cincinnati where we're at 28 degrees at southwest at 8 miles hour, yes, it's still cold, but it doesn't feel as cold as yesterday. ver ailes verse versailles, and the cold spots. and these temperatures are going to rise through the morning. nothing moving across the area, partly cloudy skies, clouds are coming in from the west, but all in all, beautiful day, we will
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low 40s at noon, and upper 40s later today about 10 degrees above-normal for this time of the year with a blend of sunshine and clouds. we stay warm tomorrow, but rain returns, and then the cold returns for the weekend. a little bit of snow coming this weekend, too, more in a few minutes, butlet check on traffic with jen dalton. >> reporter: good morning, today looking so much better than than in the past couple of days when we started at this time. we're accident-free. maybe you're getting ready to head out the door. here is a live look near i-75, and you can see traffic pretty quiet, and the roads, on the sides the interstate, the interstate themselves are great, and we have no problems, 275, near 32, and we are quiet there, even down 75, near the cut in the hill, we are seeing major congestion, we will let you know when that starts to happen or if
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to the desk. there's 3 power ballwiners in, winning tickets were sold in california, florida and tennessee. one of those ticket was sold at the spot you are seeing. the store sold thousands of dollars worth of ticket and the 7-eleven owner will get $1 million for selling that winning ticket. >> how do you feel that the winning ticket was sold here. >> it's my pleasure, and i'm very excited, too. california state lottery officials plan to go to that 7-eleven today hoping that the winner comes forward, stay hidden if you're the winner. double check your ticket as well, because you could have won at least some money.
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and p.o.w. ball of 10. there were five winners in ohio, indiana, and kentucky. we just don't know the. >> we share story after story about the devastating effect that heroin is having on local families. >> it must be hard to understand, until you go through it yourself, a father who lost his son to an overdose is using the experience to, he spends an hour teaching religion to 8th graders, he read a student's letter. >> if there's a chance that i can save one of your lives and spare your family, the unbearable pain of burying their child, then it's important for you to hear my son's full story. city council approved a plan for over-the-rhine, but mayor
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last year. >> the mayor said it it's not over-the-rhine. it would have reserved spaces. the school district has come up with a unique way for students in need of staying healthy. they created the full suburban, healthcare, and integrated center in the country. threat a mouthful. what does that mean. >> reporter: it's vision care, dental services and an area for behavioral need. and the purpose is to keep children studevents in student, and to keep them healthy. it's a way to give the care they need without requiring the parent to leave and lose money. when an organization like one site goes into the school to perform vision tests, the students who don't pass the tests can foe to the health center for exams.
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the students haven't had their vaccines yet, they will be referred to the medical side, if some problem with their teeth, the dental side. it's important at fairfield where 50% the student are on free or reduced lunch. one of the major benefits, continued care. there's 10,000 kids and we have identified close to half of those children living under the federal poverty guide lines so they have benefits that will allow them to come here, but certainly children that don't have benefits are allowed to come here as well. it is a community health we are opening up to them. >> reporter: there's a lot of organizations helping out with this, that is going to make this happen. everybody excited for this. there's a dedication ceremony at 5:00. doctors will start seeing patients, and it officially opens in early february. we're just starting to get
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>> are we? >> another ding. >> are we? >> and everybody kind of expected it, the official leaving to be the new head coach of the cleveland browns. we didn't know it would be the browns, but he will be the browns 6th head coach. jack joined the bengals in 2012. this year the offense averaged 375 yards a game, and close to 28 point a game as well. a lot of credit goes to hugh jackson for the offensive success, and the development of andy dalton and that sort of thing, he was head in oakland. they changed ownership, so they changed the management team, that had nothing to do with him. >> i say cleveland's offense will be looking up without him. >> what is interesting, think about the card nate or the bengals have had over the last five years, they certainly have gotten coaching opportunities, zimmer, gruden, and we have been
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few years. better get somebody good in there for the next year. a cincinnati girl has made
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this morning in cincinnati refine, the city's own it girl, she made it to vogue. she shows off the dining hotspots and everything that is hip around downtown, but she is the creation of a pr guru. her role is the ultimate product placement. she convoys what products intersect with her life, what trend she likes and we go buy it. it's pretty interesting. you can find all of the information at cincinnati it's warmer as we start the day, and 20 to start right now, in many cases we're 20 degrees warmer than yesterday. 27 in westchester, and 21 in hamilton. at the airport 27 degrees, we get into the 40s, later low 40s at noon, upper 40s at 4:00, that is going to feel nice, expect a blend of sun and clouds. we are going to stay warm
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and colder weather. moving back for the weekend. here is jen. pretty quiet, and i changed from the past few days, i did get report of an accident, it hasn't even made it our map. morning view or near morning view, an accident reported there, as we look at the interstate, you can see that traffic all around the tri-state from northern kentucky over to the eastside, all the way up to butler county, we are quiet on the interstate, no major delays starting to occur now. we will let you know if we see any other problems bark to john. is it safe to eat yet in is it an update on chipotle e. coli
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new this morning, at least 7 people are dead including 5 attacks as an explosion in indonesia. two gunmen attacked a police post. people could be seen running for safety on the streets. cbs claims no one has claimed responsibility for those attacks.
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the e. coli crisis will be over soon. they were checked bit cdc and chipotle is taking new measures to make sure that its food is safe including having its ingredients going back to centralized kitchens, it will launch a new campaign to lure back customers. girls who live in high poverty hispanics communities are to receive more than one dose of the hpv vaccine compared to other groups. they recommend that girls get three doses of the vaccine. one of the most common eaten foods may put pregnant women at risk. eating potatoes, may lead to gestational possibilities. eating vegetables and whole grains helps to lower that risk. 6:15, it's the moment that i lot of people have been
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late, late night show host, james cordin, rides around with celebrities singing. late last night he kicked it up a notch with adele. check it out. tell me what you want what you really, really tell me what you really, really if you want my future or my past the spice girls there. >> that's cool, they did hello by adele, but i love the spice girls? didn't she say that the spice girls inspire her. >> i can't wait to watch this whole video, when i'm off the air. >> i post it had on my facebook. >> it's awesome. >> i mean, it really are is, and when they talk to each other, she is such an engaging person. she is down to earth. i feel like a pr agent here. >> i think there's something
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people, who a, have incredible talent out the -- you know, and then on top of that they seem, anyway, to come across like regular people. >> yeah. >> they seem unapproachable. when you hear her sing, she is unapproachable. >> when you see her like that, you. >> you want to ask her for money. >> maybe you do. >> it's really fun video. you got to check it out. how are the roads this morning. >> reporter: we are great, i changed from the past few days on the roads. also, we only have a problem, morning view in that area, at lunes lunsford that is it. as we look at the interstates, i-71/i-75, picking up a little bit both directions near the cut-in-the-hill, no issues reported on the eastside near 32, going up to butler county, 75 near liberty way at 129, you look great. we are quiet so far this morning. >> yeah.
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past couple of days. >> everything is relative, if you let these temperatures in december, and you're oh, it's so cold, but we were in the single digit yesterday. this is significantly warmer. 20s feeling great this morning. >> still need a big coat. >> you do need the coat, but not quite as bad as it was yesterday. >> 20 degrees warmer in cincinnati now comparing to just 24 hours ago. this is my favorite map to use in the winter. if it's warm colors, it's increase in temperatures that we're seeing. 20 degrees in fort wayne, 22 degrees warmer in columbus. you get the picture, everyone across the region is warming up. louisville at 35 degrees, we're at 27 here in cincinnati. mid-20s in indianapolis, and 24 degrees currently in columbus. you will notice things are quiet around here. we are starting to see clouds pushing in from the north and west, and a few low clouds downtown cincinnati. this warmer air is being pushed our way by developing storm
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dakotas, this thing is going to push a cold front tomorrow and as that happens, we will see rain move in tomorrow. our atrium weather cam is looking at downtown, a few clouds at this point, but warmer, it's going to turn out to be a nice day, tomorrow warm again, we're in the mid-and upper 40s, things will turn wet again tomorrow with rain pushing in especially by late morning and spot early afternoon. the then bit weekend, things are going to get colder again.
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tomorrow that puts us b as the cold front pushes into the area, even a few flurries and showers possible on saturday with a high of 34, but another front arrives on sunday with snow showers in the forecast. there could be minor accumulations on sunday, highs in the 20s on sunday. today expect temperatures to make it into the upper 40s under a sudden cloud blend. 40 degrees in batavia, across northern kentucky we will hit a high of 47 in handle it mouth and
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40s this evening, clouds increasing. another warm day tomorrow, 46 with rain developing during the day tomorrow, and ending in flurries and snow showers on saturday, 34 saturday, 20 sunday, with more snow showers, and then behind that front sunday, the bitter cold arrives, look at that, lower single digits monday morning, and single digits again tuesday morning. monday's highs may not get out of the teens, 20s back tuesdays, 30s by wednesday, and we will see a warming trend by the middle of next week. track the wet showers with the free weather authority app. never thought that the 20s would feel so great. it was feeling good outside, guys. the best and worst of hollywood. we're checking out the movies you should skip on dvd.
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it or trending now, we recently told that you legos are a better investment than gold. what is better, fashion, a bag, burken, they recommend investing in gold stocks and burken bags. the value of hermes berken has increased more than 500% during that time. >> wow! >> also trending now, if you need a pick me up, all you need to do is see this dog. he smiles on command if you tell him to say cheese. he is a rescue and he is going up for adoption soon. >> he is so cute.
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more than 12 million views on facebook. >> it's awesome. >> i don't think he will have any trouble getting adopted. and speaking of this, it's national dress up your pet day. >> we want to see your pictures on facebook. >> you imagine dressing up that little guy with a smile on something. >> we're getting great pictures, and it's an excellent one because you can go ahead and send in your picture. bullet he is a handsome man. let take a look at bullet. a lumber jack kind of classic. i think adam clements owns that jacket, let's see what else we got here. deedee says blue was not happy at halloween. rocking the sombrero action, though. happy halloween. >> pretty. >> this is action jackson. [ laughter ] >> cute. >> look out, here comes action jackson.
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love this one, michelle says simply, you serious. [ laughter ] >> you know it. >> that cat, i can't wait to kill you. >> you go to sleep, and i will see you -- [ laughter ] >> we want to you join the conversation, too. show us a picture of your pet all dressed up. all you have to so like the local 12 page on facebook. might have better luck getting the dogs to go outside this morning. we are not as cold as we were, we're in the 20s, 20 degrees plus warmer than we were
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it's going t it's the luckiest machine on the planet. make sure everybody comes here to play. [ laughter ] >> that lucky machine is not in the tri-state. at 6:30, don't throw your powerball ticket away, because you still could be a pretty big winner. >> marijuana could be back on ohio ballot. the next step is happening today. we're get ago i sneak peek of a rare hiss historical document here at the freedom center that you will get to see starting tomorrow. we will tell you about it coming up. i that i is incredible. >> me, too. >> yeah, yeah. >> also incredible that guy whose machine sold the winning ticket. this is the one. >> they get $1 million. >> i know. pretty lucky for him. good morning, everybody, i got good news for you. it's at least 20 degrees warmer than it was yesterday at this time. >> and it's going even higher. >> we do have a school delay. >> i don't know if it's weather related or not. john, it certainly won't be because of the cold?
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we're warming up outside. guys over 20 degrees warmer in many cases than what we were at this time yesterday. that the view 37 currently with a southwest breeze at 8 and a windchill of 19 degrees. a lot warmer than yesterday, 18 in versailles, that is one of the cold spots, vevay at 16, and 21 at hamilton. and as warm as 31 down in williams town, 20 degrees warmer in cincinnati now than this time yesterday, weather quiet around here, a few clouds coming from the west, nothing on precision doppler 12hd showing up and for the kid going to the bus stop, we will continue to warm through the 20s or the 30s this morning. going at 22 at the lunch hour, on the way home, upper 40s a much warmer day, going to melt away what is left of that snow with a blend of sunshine and clouds. rain on the way tomorrow. the cold makes it come back for the weekend.
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coming up,let checkout traffic with jen. >> reporter: it's been quiet on roads this morning. we have a problem i have been telling you about, made it on the maps. on lungsford. and watch out for lights in that area. we have had no other problems to report. at i-75 at the cut in the hill, we have started to see increase in volume and folks are starting to slow around the bend, but nothing terribly unusual on the interstates so far this morning. of course, if we do, seek any problems across the tri-state, we let you know about it. for now back to the news desk. 6:31, and 27 degrees. you are grabbing your coffee, and looking at the powerball ticket, time to let the dream die. >> there's three powerball
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up but the winners are in florida. one of those ticket was sold from this stop. the clerk says the store sold thousands of dollars worth of ticket over the last few days, and now officials in california are hoping the winner comes forward. >> double check your ticket, though, because you could have won pretty big numbers, those numbers, are 4, 8, 19, 27, 34, the powerball is 10, and we do know there's some match 5 winners who won $1 million, in ohio, kentucky and indiana. we don't know the winning stores or towns yet, keep checking. we will let you know when we find out. an 18-year-old westchester man is fighting for his life this morning. police are searching for three people involved in a shooting. it happened at westchester at 3:00 in the afternoon yesterday. police believe those involved
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with tinted windows. a task force will take a look at medical in marijuana in ohio. they are looking at taking steps to make it legal. ohio voters could see a legalization question on the ballot this fall. in you this morning, if you're making plans for the cincinnati parade, there are changes to the route this year. route will start at merry way in central avenue, and will go to around the bank to the park. they want the parade to capitalize in all of the new developments. the parade is set for saturday. there's a copy of a 112 year old document that you will be able to see. the national under ground railroad freedom center, where the 13 amendment will be on tis play. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, john, that is right, we're getting a sneak peek of this, this is a rare opportunity, very fortunate to have this
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to think that we're in the same room as the 13th amendment. it's a rare, handwritten copy of it. and i'm here at the cooper he is the director of the freedom, here at the freedom center. you have been here since the beginning, and this is amazing center. absolutely, if you work in the field of the african-american history, this document, and emancipation the crop. >> reporter: and a rare opportunity to see the emancipation proclamation which you have had here for a while, and the 13 amendment here. you will get to see them side by side, and that is the actual copy of the document. >> starting tomorrow we will have both document on display in the same room, where visitors can come to see the proclamation of emancipation, and the 13th amendment. >> reporter: if we can talk about the history, sometime people get them confused as to which each of them did. the proclamation
6:29 am
january first of 1863 that allowed for anyone that was not free. technically, that didn't free anyone until the 13 amendment was passed two years later, and most people got that confused thinking that the emancipation proclamation freed them and it was the 13th amendment. >> it document belongs to. >> this document belongs to ruben ruben steen. >> reporter: if we can talk about the newspaper that you also have. >> the newest acquisition in the freedom center collection is a frank leslie's newspaper from february 18, 1865, and it actually shows the celebration of the passage of the 13th amendment, the incredible thing is that this is a wood carving that is pressed on to the paper. >> reporter: very cool stuff here, you got to see abraham lin
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lincoln's signature there. and it's exciting for us to be able to see it in the tri-state. we will be back. megan, thank you. if you enjoy history, even if you don't, you need to get a chance to see this. march tip luther king junior day is monday, and the to celebrate at the freedom center it will be open to the public. and that day you can see the emancipation and the 13th amendment at a discounted rate of $5. a local family decided to accept that decision, and one. he he needs the drug for his rare and aggressive cancer. he was a part of the clinical trial at the columbus. and the rare sarcoma was working on the tumors, they started a rally for brad, and last year the pharmaceutical company gave in. >> we are beyond excited and beyond grateful. to everybody that helped us get to this point, and to more, and
6:31 am
didn't have to. >> we continue to spend time with my kids, and give me that much longer, and i really appreciate it. >> now, a total of three patients in the trial who showed positive result from the drug, and we will keep you posted on brad's cancer battle. now if i understand this correctly, they had the study going on, and they canceled it because so few people were responding to the drug. >> right. >> but there were these three, and brad is you know wft 3. was one of the three. he was saying it's helping me. >> not helping the tumors that were pretty good size. >> right. >> so i think at first they said, well, we will continue to help you until we exhaust the supply that we have, but now i think they're going to continue for as long as they need it. just a wonderful ending to the story. >> and great that so many people rallied around that kind of cause.
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day on edge.
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our own local 12 sixes 40:00, trending now, it's 6:40,.
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levy has been getting requests for interviews from all kind of places after a period and a series. it was a reporter at the time for wfrv in green bay, wisconsin during the stephen of a vie murder trial. she thinks the documentary portrayed the immediate coverage is making stephen avery look bad. now her role in the show has gotten her a lot of love including a marriage proposal and interviews with fox news, el magazine, and rolling stones. >> i had somebody ask me today, do you think that -- did you leave thinking evidence was planted? i'm not going to answer that question. the jury made that decision, and i wasn't at the crime scene. i don't know what happened. i was reporting on to and what they found. >> now, when asked if stephen of
6:35 am
she said that the answer doesn't jury. >> when you see a clip of the documentary, you're watching on the news, you're not seeing every second of what a jury saw. >> you know -- everything. depending on the rules of the trial, and that sort of thing. we just report on what we see, and we try to give you best day. >> and that is what she was doing then, that is what she does now. >> still asking the tough questions. >> absolutely. >> celebrating hollywood. the oscar nominations are coming out, two hours the movie that could be on the list. also the very bad of the
6:36 am
the movies welcome back, everyone, new this morning, isis is now being blamed for attacks outside of starbucks in indonesia. police say at least 7 people including five attackers are dead. surveillance video those the deadly explosion in jackard a. witnesses say there were at least three suicide bombers, while three gun anyone attacked the police posts. there were reports that islamic militant could be planning something. chinese stocks rebounded
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the shanghai composite index dropped below the lowest mark. it caused the government to put emergency rescue measures, but the index gained 2% to reverse that loss tonight. seven presidential candidate square off in south carolina and the 6th debate in the campaign season. ted cruz is ahead of donald trump, and marco rub yoz rubio in 6th place. two hours away from hearing this year's oscar nominations. leonard di caprio could finally win his first oscar for the revenant we will hear the nominations and bring them to you at 7:00 and 8:00. and when the oscars nods come out, we know some of the nominations for the worst movies of the year.
6:38 am
out for worst picture, actor and actress, at the top of the list in every single category is "50 shades of gray," actor, actress, director, screen play, everything, pixels, jupiter ascending, and mall park 2, also got several mom nations for razzies with six a piece, more dah chi, and the fantastic 4 were also nominated. that along with pixels, that is two kevin james who i enjoy. >> the 50 shades. is it that bad, i haven't seen it. >> i saw pixels. >> i didn't like it. >> my kids liked it. >> adam sandalser. >> i liked it. >> the whole idea, i haven't seen it. >> i know that 50 shades of 48 must have, they had problems
6:39 am
brothers has made a parody, i saw that. >> i love those guys. >> they're laughing all the way to the bank. [ laughter ] >> razzie, i will take them, give them a check. speak of checks, let's check on the roads. >> reporter: >> a professional. >> give bob his check. >> reporter: all right taking a look at roads this morning, we cleared the accident down near rock pinier, so now it's out of the way. let's give a look at a couple of spots out of the town. near loveland madeira but no reports of problems in the area as you jump over 71 near the ronald reagan county cross way. starting to see a volume of traffic are on the roads there. this gives you a look at how long it's going to take you. i-75, sharon road, if you take, anywhere between sharon state
6:40 am
minutes up to 60 and 675. look ago the dayton where we're getting the usual delays, kyle that is not unusual. and near the carol cropper, the right. 75 at newman way no problems to report there, so off to a good start this morning. and a warm start compared to yesterday. it's still cold. make no mistake about that. but it's up in the single digit. we will make it to the 40s today. right now teens and 20s range from 18 in versailles to around 31 at williams town, most of us are running in the 20s, wilmington at 25, middletown at 22, 28 at maysville, and 28 out at the big oaks and wildlife refuge there. than we were at this time yesterday, it's been quite a turn around for us, and the upper 20s even 30s at louisville, 35 down there.
6:41 am
duck a, kentucky, this thing is going to push a cold front toward us as we move through tomorrow afternoon. that is going to bring some rain into the mix. you can see a whole lot of rain and snow through the montana and the dakotas. as the low moves through the great lakes, we get a shot of rain tomorrow and colder air will work back in as we work in the upcoming weekend. today warmer, tomorrow warmer 40s on the way, but the rain arrives on friday especially late morning, and bit weekend, we're expecting highs in the 30s saturday, 20s on sunday, and some snow showers also return for the weekend. airport. winds out of the south, southwest at 8 and a windchill at 19 degrees. here are the next 12 hours in cincinnati, we are warming to the low 30s by later this morning, 42 by noon today, and look at that, today definitely the next 7. we are going to be in the upper 40s late this afternoon with a blend of sunshine and clouds.
6:42 am
we don't expect any rain today. we will see a few clouds from time to time throughout the day, especially later in the afternoon when those clouds will tend to thicken up. upper 40s downtown, close to 50, as you get to mount olivet, and mid-40s from wilmington to connorsville, clouds start to increase quite a bit especially into tomorrow morning. temperatures tomorrow morning stay above freezing, upper 30s, but then rain begins to move in tomorrow. could be a shower or two early in the morning, but late morning into the early afternoon is when some rain begins to push on through the area. we will see scattered showers through late tomorrow afternoon. temperatures about where they are today, mid-to upper 40s, maybe slightly cooler, and then that rain starts to transition over to some snow showers as we get into saturday, especially in the morning, a flurry, a snow shower, doesn't look to be a big deal. temperatures saturday morning in the lower 30s, and we won't go up much at all on saturday with
6:43 am
scattered snow shower. highs will only make it up to 34 on saturday. on sunday there's another front coming through. this one an arctic front. it's going to bring snow showers, windy sunday with falling temperatures and some of those snow showers could stick a little bit. so some minor accumulations are possible especially for the second half of the weekend. 47 today with a blend of sunshine, and clouds, and mid-40s going down into the low 40s by midnight. skies become mostly cloudy overnight, 38 the low, 46 tomorrow, wet tomorrow, colder saturday, 34 with a few flurries and snow showers, and even colder into early next week, 27 snow showers on sunday, look at monday, and tuesday morning. for monday morning, 8 on tuesday morning. bitter cold depend, teens for highs on -- again, teens on monday, and even actually in the 30s as we get into wednesday. we have a great interactive
6:44 am
if you haven't checked it, check it out, and it's available on the app store and google play. it's 6:52, and impressing
6:45 am
>> a little boy shows us man is fighting for his life police police are searching for shooting. this happened at 3:00 in the ache yesterday. police believe that those involved drove away in a mazda
6:46 am
if you know anything, call the phone number. city council approved a plan for over-the-rhine, but mayor john cranially vetoed it just like he did last year. it's not fair to visitors and taxpayers. double check your powerball ticket this morning, because you could have won something. those numbers are 4, 8, 19, 27, 34, the powerball is 10. now, we know that the winning ticket for the $1.5 billion jackpot were sold in california, florida and tennessee, but there were match five winners in ohio, kentucky, and indiana. don't know the winning stores yet, so check your 6th. a new strain of dog flu is spreading across 25 states. what pet owners need to know. we also have two more hours of local news on "good morning cincinnati" on star 64. elvis is in the building.
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have a preview to the a weekend preview show. friends, there's a lot of work involved in impressing the ladies. every young man knows that and it starts at a young age. >> yeah. >> my pet friend. >> yeah. >> you a guy has to do what a guy has to do. >> yes, you do. >> this little guy, broadie lee smith, believes that a little time at the gym will get him in with the ladies even if they're rude all day. he is adorable. >> a guy has got to what a phi has a guyhas to do.
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broadie. >> he has time. >> go over to star 64.
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